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Emergency Ser vices College

Unique possibilities for customized training within fire & rescue, emergency medical and emergency response ser vices

The Emergency Services College is a highly regarded national college providing education for firefighters, sub-officers, fire officers and emergency response centre operators in Kuopio, Finland. We also offer a wide variety of specially tailored further training and in-service training for national and international professionals in the rescue and emergency field. Our educational facilities, training simulators, and the training ground are modern and equipped with state of the art equipment and appliances.

We can offer you the whole package: • a large training ground for practical and hands-on training • a wide variety of other educational facilities: lecture theatre, classrooms, simulators etc. • research, development and innovation services • accommodation on campus • catering • leisure and sports activities

As easy as it gets! Accommodation and catering are provided on campus

Training We provide exceptional and real live experiences combining simulations with practical fire and rescue training meeting your exact specified needs. We provide training packages from basic to highly specialized skills training and from crew skills to leadership skills as well as any combination of these. Training packages include, for example: • • • • • • • •

hazardous materials: practical training with real chemicals hot training with live flames incident command and leadership skills various crew skills at rescue operations emergency medical services emergency response services protection, prevention and risk assessment several simulation programs that can be combined with practical training • research activities, e.g., burn tests and experiments The safety of any training session is of primary importance to us. Every practical training session is planned emphasizing the safety of the training, and we have specified safety instructions for each type of training session.

The Training Ground Our unique training ground is an area of 38 hectares with numerous training simulators providing excellent possibilities for training from small to large scale accident scenarios, including incident command and emergency medical services.

From simulation to practise.

Simulators • multi-purpose fire extinguishing simulator • aircraft extinguishing simulator • simulators for extinguishing different types of structural fires: industrial buildings, apartment houses, row houses • gas tank extinguishing simulator • training field for hazardous materials missions and rescue work with chemical substances • extinguishing water basin with a wreck simulator • fire theatre for demonstrating fire behaviour and testing • laboratory for fire cause investigation • concrete slab for extinguishing liquid fires on the ground and in an oil container • highway and electrified railway simulator • gas station simulator • ruins and training and test course for rescue and search dogs • driving test courses: for training driving of rescue vehicles and ATVs • pre-hospital care simulator • emergency response centre simulator • incident command simulator

Rescue and Emergency Vehicles With the help of our modern and extensive fleet of rescue vehicles and ambulances the simulated training sessions can be carried out in a realistic way. • fire engines • pumpers • ladder trucks • vehicles for damage suppression • vehicles for rescue diving equipment • gear trucks • maintenance vehicles • ambulances • incident command vehicles • crew vehicles • boats • cars

The Environment Preserving the environment and the beautiful nature around the college and the training ground is essential for us at the Emergency Services College. That is why the environmental aspects for each training session are carefully considered. At the training ground we have developed a special drainage system that collects the extinguishing water or any chemicals used, and which are then processed safely and according to the environmental regulations and laws in Finland and the EU. Also, when training with live flames the materials used are low emission and environmentally safe. As a result the environment at the training ground is also as safe as possible for our instructors, students and any other participants

Research Development and Innovation Services The RDI services at the Emergency Services College may also provide research services for your specific needs. It is possible to conduct both field tests outdoors at the training ground and tests in the fire laboratory. The services include, e.g: • burn tests and experiments • testing of firefighting techniques or methods • testing of firefighting appliances or tools • testing of products Test facilities • testing in the fire theatre with the possibility to measure and observe the test • testing in the fire theatre with automatic sprinkler systems • testing outdoors, large scale burn tests possible • testing in different types of buildings with the possibility to simulate several types of structural fires • training field for testing with real hazardous substances, e.g. ammonia and acids • containers for testing of confined fires etc.

Location The Emergency Services College is located in Kuopio in the heart of the beautiful Lake District in Eastern Finland. Kuopio is easily accessible by road, rail and air. From Rissala Airport it is a 30-minute trip to the College. Further information on Kuopio and the Lake District: https://www.kuopio.fi/web/visiting-kuopio

Contact Information Emergency Services College P.O. Box 1122, FI-70821 Kuopio, Finland Tel. +358 295 450 201 www.pelastusopisto.fi We would be happy to offer you training on fire, rescue and emergency services at the Emergency Services College. Please contact pelastusopisto@pelastusopisto.fi. A request for quotation form is available on our webpage.

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