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Thursday 7 July, 2011

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New mum shot in amok drama

Internet lucky draw ‘winner’ loses RM66,270

Bersih’s Ambiga: ‘We hope police will cooperate’

Chermaine Poo packs a big gun

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What sports hub?


Keeping out trouble

Temporary excellence centre ‘not fit’ for the purpose, say officials and parents. It does not even have a field! By HARESH DEOL A SPORTS excellence centre without a field for students to train on? As mind-boggling as it seems, this is the predicament facing students of the former Pusat Kecemerlangan Sukan Cochrane. Kuala Lumpur’s future sportsmen, so long used to training at the country’s largest State-level training facility at its former site in Jalan Cochrane, are set to move into their temporary home at the former Seri Kota Teacher’s Training College in Jalan Maran, near Titiwangsa. However, they are in for a

rude shock. Not only do they not have a football field, it only has one outdoor sepak takraw court, an outdoor multipurpose court and basketball court, and an indoor badminton court. This has raised the ire of KL Schools Sports Council (MSSKL) officials, who feel their athletes have been given a raw deal. “Due to the lack of our own football pitch, the footballers have to use the nearby SMK Seri Titiwangsa field for training, and that is subject to approval from the latter school. “Even if priority is given

Letters & Opinions ON PG10

to our footballers, this will leave students from the other school in the cold, which doesn’t exactly reflect the government’s 1Student 1Sport vision,” said one official, who declined to be named. The official also questioned how they would manage the logistics. “With only one badminton court, a maximum of only four players can train at one time. What about the singles players then? The same also applies for the sepak takraw, netball and even hockey players.” The lack of facilities have

Seat belts in buses (July 4)

Strap up reckless drivers!

also earned the wrath of the students’ parents. A parent, who requested anonymity, said although their stay at the Jalan Maran centre would only be for three years, the poor training facilities could jeopardise their children’s progress. “They are at the ages when skill development is crucial. My son, for example, is in Form Three. He has two years left in school to hone his sporting skills. With these sort of facilities, there is little way he can fulfill his true potential.” • Continued on pg4


AS the city steels itself in the run-up to the Bersih 2.0 rally this Saturday, roadblocks have mushroomed throughout the Klang Valley early this morning as these police checkpoint (from top) at Jalan Kuari in Cheras and Jalan AU3 in Keramat can attest. City police said these security measures were necessary to prevent any elements from smuggling weapons into the city. Police have urged the public to bear with them as the move is to protect them from harm and maintain safety. — Pix: ARIF KARTONO

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Desa Petaling bus ‘hold-ups’ >> pg9



'Transformers' treat for 130 special kids RESORTS World Genting yesterday treated 130 special children and their minders to a special screening of Transformers: Dark of the Moon at First World Cineplex in Times Square, First World Plaza. The children were from Rumah Kanak-Kanak Ini Disayangi Klang, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam Malaysia Sungai Besar, SMK Bukit Rahman Putra Sungai Buloh and Badan Amal Nur Zaharah, Janda Baik. Also present was Genting Malaysia Berhad Public Relations and Communications senior vice-president Datuk Anthony Yeo.

Former Inland Revenue Board chief executive officer and director-general Tan Sri Hasmah Abdullah joins PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as tax advisor — PwC Malaysia KUALA LUMPUR

BACK TO BASICS: The newly painted sports excellence centre in Jalan Maran. The signage is still not up yet — Pic: SHARUL HAFIZ ZAM

Your move, minister Education Ministry steps into sports excellence centre controversy By HARESH DEOL

THE Education Ministry has pledged to get to the bottom of the KL Schools

Sports Council (MSSKL)

Jalan Maran temporary sports excellence centre controversy. Deputy Education Minister Datuk Wee Ka Siong said he would get t he det ai ls from his officials on the situation before deciding on the next move. "I will obtain the progress repor t from the section head. Until then, I can't comment." H o w e v e r, i n April, Wee told The Malay Mail his ministry would

not be intervening in the proposed demolition of the Cochrane Sports Excellence Centre. He had said the redevelopment of Jalan Cochrane was already planned and it could

not be avoided, and urged all parties to "accommodate". He had also assured the new excellence centre would be of "equivalent standard" of the previous one, "if not better". The Paper That Cares had

in March highlighted sports experts saying the role of the excellence centre would be redundant due to the lack of playing space and facilities at the former Seri Kota

Teacher’s Training College in

Shocking Sunday visit ANYTHING but excellence. That's the general concensus when The Malay Mail and several parents visited the former Seri Kota Teacher’s Training College in Jalan Maran on Sunday. Our observations showed the walls were recently painted and new piping and electrical works done. However, work had yet to be completed as several doors were not mounted and contractors were seen

painting the indoor badminton hall. Even the signage was not up and the basins on the cement slabs yet to be fitted. No f ur niture items, including beds, were seen for the hostel. There was also no safety grills, no exercise room and inadequate water storage tanks at the temporary centre. Sources also claimed

the building had not been issued a Certificate of Fitness. “It’s sad the ministry has asked us to move out to a place which is not even complete. So much of money has been wasted and if our athletes don’t do well, the KL Schools Sports Council will be blamed,” said a sports school official. “You just take a look for yourself and be the judge.”

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The Malay Mail Thursday 7 JULY, 2011

PARENTS are not amused with the apparent lack of thought put into the temporary Pusat Kecemerlangan Sukan in Jalan Maran. “This would be fine if it’s for a primary school but certainly not for a State sports excellence centre. Where is the field?” questioned Khalid Jamaluddin (pic), 52. Khalid, a bank officer, said his son was a State athlete and studied at SMK Seri Titiwangsa but admitted time would be wasted when they travel to their training venue. “Where are they going to train? I’m sure it’s not going to be anywhere nearby. And the students will waste precious time when they can be doing their homework instead. “Life was much easier at Jalan Cochrane. If there is a need to shift, then make sure everything is in order.” Another parent, Faizol Ismail, echoed similar sentiments.

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“The centre should be prepared earlier. The centre is not 100 per cent complete and there is no field. How can this be an excellence centre with no basic facilities?” Faizol, an entrepreneur, said it was immaterial if the centre was

EDITORIAL Tel : 03-74951288 Fax : 03-74951229 Email :

temporary. “So what if it is temporary? Does this mean the athletes are allowed to perform badly since it’s just temporary?” Aiman Khalid, whose sibling stays and trains at the Jalan Cochrane centre, said the temporary place at Jalan Maran lacked basic facilities. “The Education Ministry speaks of the 1Student 1Sport concept but I don’t see it being conceptualised through such facilities. This is supposed to be a State centre. Other States boast better facilities than this,” said the sports management graduate. The city has seen many fields sacrificed in the name of development. They include SMK Maxwell, SMK Bandar Baru Sentul, SMP Jalan Ipoh, the public field at Bandar Baru Sentul, Jalan Ipoh, Brickfields and the Seri Kota Teacher’s Training football field which now houses SK Jalan Kuantan 2.

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Jalan Maran, which is about 0.8 hectares in size compared to the previous Cochrane hub which is five hectares in size with two football fields, two basketball courts, three sepak takraw courts, a hall, dining area, gymnasium and a hostel for 400 students. The upcoming centre, also in Jalan Cochrane, dubbed "Plot C", is only 3.2ha. Work has yet to start and is projected to take between 18 and 24 months to complete. Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek had in March admitted he was "disappointed" to hear two football fields would be sacrificed in the name of development. He had said it was not the location of the excellence centre that mattered but the new institution must get better facilities than what they had.

RM5m renovation ● From pg1 It is learnt about RM5 million was allocated by the government towards the upgrading of the centre. The matter was discussed during a meeting between MSSKL and Education Ministry representatives. A letter from the ministry, dated April 5, 2010, revealed the cost of operation, refurbishment and construction of a temporary hostel will be provided by the Treasury. MSSKL has yet to receive any instructions to move into their new premises. However, it is understood they have been given till the end of the month to do so. It is learnt the developers handed over the keys to the temporary centre to the ministry last week but MSSKL refused to accept them, claiming the place is not yet fit for moving in. Ironically, the centre in Jalan Cochrane underwent an RM5 million renovation less than two years ago. This was approved by the Treasury in 2009 to upgrade its facilities such as installing a drainage system for the football fields, upgrading the dining hall and building a warden’s room.

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The Malay Mail Thursday 7 JUly, 2011

WWF-Malaysia has asked the Malacca government to gazette Pulau Upeh as a turtle sanctuary as the island's beaches are popular nesting sites for the Hawksbill turtle — WWF-Malaysia

Jolie, Parker tie for top-earning actress Sarah Jessica Parker tied Angelina Jolie for top honours on Forbes’ 2010 Highest Paid Actresses List. Jolie and Parker each took in US$30 million (RM90mil) in last year, but for very different reasons, reports Entertainment Weekly. The magazine credited Jolie’s success to her viability as an action star in films like Salt and The Tourist. On the other hand, Parker kept things decidedly girly, not only making bank on her leading role in the Sex and the City sequel but also with a designing gig at high-fashion house Halston and through her line of signature fragrances. Angelina Jolie

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Fools rush in Gullible victims losing big bucks after being declared competition 'winners'

● ONE victim lost RM66,270 to a man she got to know through the Internet. He had called her and claimed he helped her take part in a lucky draw and that she needed to bank in the amount into four different local accounts. After the victim banked in the money, the conman disappeared.

By Thasha Jayamanogaran

DESPITE not taking part in telephony and SMS competitions, many people are still parting with their money to claim their socalled "prize". MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chief Datuk Michael Chong expressed his concern to The Malay Mail as more fall trap to these conmen. His records showed at least seven people had lost RM122,668 to such scams this year. Last year, eight people lost RM506,610 after receiving "winning" messages through phone calls and SMSes.

Out of the 15 cases reported to the bureau, 10 victims attempted to claim the winning money out of sheer greed even though they did not take part in such competitions. However, in the end, they parted with a hefty sum. Chong said most of the victims banked in a sum of money into a given account of the conman to retrieve their prize money. Victims were duped into transferring their money to pay for stamp duties, legal fees, bank taxes and other payments if it involved conmen who were foreigners. "After settling all the fees, the

How they were cheated

conman would 'disappear' and only then would the victim realise they had lost a hefty sum of money," Chong said. "I urge the public to use common sense. If they have never taken part in any competitions, they should think twice about how they could have won." Chong said companies, event and online sites should not sell people's personal details to third parties, adding Internet users should also filter details they shared online to ensure it did not fall into the hands of unscrupulous parties.

● The victim paid RM35,840 to retrieve RM4.2 million from a lucky draw he did not even attend. He received an SMS saying he won first prize and ended up losing money. ● The victim received a call from someone claiming to be from a bank in Hong Kong. She was given a code to claim a HK$380,000 (RM146,922) prize. She lost RM77,939 in "administration fees" in a bid to claim her prize.


RM5bil to upgrade garbage trucks could spell trouble By Marhalim Abas

Sarah Jessica Parker

THE planned implementation of the Key Performance Index (KPI) on three companies awarded concessions to manage solid waste disposal in the peninsula could turn out to be a fiasco, says an industry source. "Such a move is overly optimistic and without consideration for the huge financial costs," a source, who requested anonymity, told

The Malay Mail. "For example, to comply with the KPI, the concessionaires and their sub-contractors need to buy new garbage trucks that do not leak leachate and are equipped for automated garbage bins collection. These trucks cost more than RM500,000 each and to change all trucks in use now would cost more than RM5 billion. SHAH ALAM

What happened that night IN the Tuesday night incident at Block E of the Valencia apartments in Taman Sri Muda, Section 25, Shah Alam, the parang-wielding Sabahan had attacked his housemate on the second floor of the apartments during an argument, as well as three police officers who arrived to defuse the situation. While trying to avoid the attack, a police officer accidentally knocked down a crime analyst who tumbled in the corridor. The amok then slashed the crime analyst, who suffered injuries to a finger and his right knee. The crime analyst, who had a valid firearms licence, then whipped out his German-made Heckler & Koch HK P30 pistol and fired several shots at the Sabahan, killing him. It is learnt the crime analyst had followed the three policemen to the scene as one of them was his friend. Police had classified the fatal shooting as attempted murder under Section 307 of the Penal Code. Shah Alam district police chief ACP Zahedi Ayob said they had taken statements from the crime analyst, the Sabahan's housemate and Indonesian housewife Rosita Mohamad Rafie.

Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung told The Malay Mail yesterday he was confident of the smooth implementation of the full privatisation programme. When told about the cost of the new trucks, Chor said: "I know but I am confident there will be no problem." He had earlier announced the full privatisation of solid

waste disposal and public cleansing management will take effect on Sept 1, the day the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act 2007 will be enforced. However, the three concessionaires — Alam Flora Sdn Bhd, responsible for Putrajaya, Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan; SWM Management Sdn Bhd in Johor, Malacca and Negri Sembilan; and En-

vironment Idaman Sdn Bhd for Kedah and Perlis — would be given a year's grace period before the KPI is enforced. "In the second year, they will need to abide by the KPI, supply 30 per cent of the areas under their control with 120-litre garbage bins and new trucks, and this goes up to 75 per cent for the third year and 100 per cent by the fourth year," said Chor.

Young mum escapes death by stray bullets By AIZAT SHARIF

AN Indonesian housewife who gave birth to her first child last week was almost killed by ricocheting bullets on Tuesday night when a 21-year-old man from Sabah al-

CLOSE CALL: Rosita's right hand and thigh were grazed by the bullets — Pic: Samsul Said

legedly ran amok. Rosita Mohamad Rafie, 24, from eastern Java, was in confinement and under the care of her sisters and other relatives in their unit at Block E of the Valencia apartments at Taman Seri Muda in Section 25, when her right hand and right thigh were grazed by stray bullets that penetrated her room door. "It was 9.30pm and I was taking some clothes from a wardrobe in the living room when I heard several bangs. At first, I thought the neighbour's children were playing with firecrackers," she told The Malay Mail yesterday. "When some bullets went through the door and hit the wall, I realised something bad was happening outside. Suddenly, I felt pain

on my right hand and saw blood oozing when another bullet hit my right thigh. I screamed for help." At the time, six other people were in the apartment and all rushed out of their rooms. "When my relatives opened the door, they found a man lying on the floor in a pool of blood and policemen standing around the body," said Rosita, who has been living in the apartment for a year with her 28-year-old Indonesian husband Rudy, a construction worker. "Police checked my apartment for spent bullets before taking me to the hospital for treatment. "I feel fortunate the bullets did not cause any serious injuries and that my baby, my sisters and relatives are all safe."




The Malaysian Chinese Women Entrepreneurs Foundation will offer a micro-credit scheme to as many as 30,000 people in the next 10 years — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak

The Malay Mail Thursday 7 July, 2011

Meeting halfway KUALA LUMPUR

Ambiga hopes Bersih’s compromise to hold rally in stadium will gain police cooperation By JOSEPH KAOS JR

MM: What did Bersih present to the King at the palace last Tuesday? Ambiga: A delegation comprising myself, A. Samad Said and Zaid Kamaruddin put forward to the King the following: Firstly, Bersih 2.0 agrees to hold the July 9 rally in a stadium. We hope the police will cooperate with us to ensure the rally goes on smoothly. Ten representatives will submit a memorandum to the Agong on July 9, after the rally. Secondly, the government should, as an act of good faith, release all individuals who have been arrested in relation with Bersih 2.0 and stop all forms of harassment against Bersih 2.0 supporters. This means, supporters should be allowed to wear their yellow T-shirts. Thirdly, we are asking for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to be set up to improve the electoral system and processes. We have accepted the government’s offer to hold the rally in the stadium, in the spirit of conciliation. As a matter of good faith, it is proper the authorities stand down on everything that has occurred today. Top-most priority is the release of all those who have been arrested under the Emergency Ordinance (EO). MM: What if the government refuses to release those arrested before July 9? Ambiga: The rally will go on KUALA LUMPUR

FOLLOWING an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, the Coaliton for Free and Fair Elections (Bersih) has agreed to hold their planned July 9 rally in a stadium instead of marching on the streets as initially planned. Bersih 2.0 chairperson Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan (pic) said they took the government’s offer “in the spirit of conciliation” and has laid out a few demands in the hope the government will comply, as an act of good faith. The following is an excerpt of the post-audience Press conference by Bersih that was held at the Kuala Lumpur Chinese Assembly Hall yesterday. regardless. I’m sure Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj (Parti Sosialis Malaysia member and Sungai Siput MP, who was detained under the EO) would want us to go on. I would like to assume good faith on the part of everybody, and that this is taken as an exercise in reconciliation. We are peace-loving. We have taken a step back in accepting a stadium, so we hope they will stand down further action. MM: Since the rally will be held in a stadium, have you applied for a permit? Ambiga: We are trying to get the permit. Do we need a permit, in my view? Once the government has said “you can have your rally in a stadium”, what other permit do you need? But

we agree that we have to work with the police on traffic control and other issues. We will be writing to them. MM: What has Bersih done to ensure safety on that day? Will Bersih assume responsibility if things get out of control? Ambiga: On our part, we already have 5,000 people who will act as marshals on that day for crowd control. But ultimately, public order in the country is not the responsibility of Bersih, but the police. We truly believe we have competent policemen, and if they work with us, we believe we can enjoy a peaceful rally. Anyone who causes disruption on the day will smear the image of our country. But

I do think it is not in anyone’s interest for something to go wrong on that day. It is in everyone’s interest, particularly the government, that this Saturday will go on peacefully. We have our guidelines and we have strictly told our supporters not to bring weapons. We have asked them to bring the Malaysian flag, a Bersih T-shirt and a camera. MM: Do you think by accepting the government’s offer to hold the rally in a stadium, it will affect future street rallies? Ambiga: Our situation is special. But most importantly, the freedom of assembly is provided for in the Federal Constitution. We have had street

rallies before, if you remember the Lynas walk and when people marched towards the US embassy here for Palestine. It’s been done. I don’t think this is the end of street rallies. MM: What do you think about Pakatan Rakyat (PR) trying to steal the limelight and making statements on behalf of Bersih, as if this was a PR plan? Ambiga: I do think many are getting the impression that it is a PR plan. But we can’t control what anyone says, so I think people should just judge us by our conduct. It is difficult to keep politicians’ mouths shut. We won’t advise PR what to say. But all this demonising of PR, let me say this, opposition parties are citizens of Malaysia. Every citizen has a right to support Bersih. We’ve made it clear that all political parties cannot wear their shirts or carry party flags. The rally should be entirely Bersih's. Wong Chin Huat (Bersih 2.0 steering commitee member): I think we are seen as pro-PR because we don’t have Barisan Nasional politicians who come up and say, “We want to go to the rally and support Bersih”. If they did so, the picture would have looked nicer. We are nonpartisan, we want election reforms to be multi-partisan. What people should question is why some parties choose to stay out of the agenda of clean and fair elections.

Roadblocks in selected areas only By G. Prakash

POLICE roadblocks in the Klang Valley will continue for security reasons, following the discovery of weapon caches hidden at several locations in KL and Selangor on Monday, but city police have assured the checks will only be conducted at selected locations. Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar announced at a Press conference yesterday: "We will reanalyse the roadblocks and try to minimise them so as not to cause inconvenience to the public. "The roadblocks are neces-

sary following the discovery of weapons linked to the Bersih rally. District police chiefs have all been instructed to conduct roadblocks and patrolling but only in certain areas that we will determine." Complaints poured into social networking websites yesterday morning that the roadblocks were causing massive traffic jams around the Klang Valley. Among the areas affected were the Federal Highway near Subang Parade, Subang Jaya near Segi College, Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong

(LDP) and KL-Seremban Highway. "We are doing this to ensure the safety of the people and we hope the public will work with us on this," said Khalid, adding an SMS was being circulated urging people to join the rally. On another note, police have yet to receive any application from the Bersih 2.0 organisers for a permit to hold the rally. He said although the government had allowed Bersih to have it's rally in a stadium, they would still have to obtain

a police permit. "We have not received any application and it usually takes a week for us to process it but in this case we will try to process it more quickly so that they can have the rally this Saturday." As for the weapons found, Khalid said the police had “some leads” on the matter but declined to comment further. He said since yesterday, police had arrested 235 people in connection with the rally. “Of this, 29 have been charged in court under

Section 47 of the Societies Act and Section 29(1) of the Internal Security Act.” Meanwhile, a total of 3,256 police reports have been lodged against Bersih 2.0 so far.

KHALID: Bersih should apply for police permit as soon as possible

Q: Why an RCI? Ambiga: We want an RCI to be set up to do a holistic study on the weaknesses and provide suggestions to improve the election system. The RCI should consist of experts with calibre and must represent all parties with interest. Let them give suggestions, and when they have done so, no one will complain about the 13th general election. MM: Do you feel relieved that the King has intervened? Ambiga: Yes, I do. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t! This was because of the heightening tension which was not caused by us. We increasingly felt the focus was diverting from our true cause. It seemed the focus was on everything else, like personal attacks, and not electoral reforms. MM: What are your comments on the discovery of weapons in the city centre and its links to Bersih? Wong: We categorically deny that the weapons found by the police have anything to do with Bersih. We think the police should investigate the case more professionally and not jump to conclusions just because the weapons were found along with Bersih T-shirts. If police uniforms were found among robbers, should we conclude that police are involved in the crime? I don’t think so.

ThursDay 7 JuLY, 2011

the malay mail


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Thursday 7 JULY, 2011 the malay mail

your right to be heard

tel:03-7495 1000/1001/1002 tel:019-261 4948 (after 9pm)

Complainants have to submit their personal particulars and provide a detailed account of their complaint. Complainants have to first file their complaints with the respective parties before contacting Hotline. Complaints referred by Hotline to the relevant parties would be published if there is no response in seven days. After a complaint has been resolved, the complainant cannot demand non-publication of the matter.


Parking nightmare City Hall issuing summonses in Brickfields as late as 10pm

THE lack of parking space is driving Brickfields business owners and office workers up the wall. Adding to this 'nightmare' are the parking summonses issued by City Hall in Jalan Vivekananda and Jalan Berhala. S. PATHAVACHALAM, a real estate agent, says finding a parking spot there is next to impossible, be it early morning or throughout the day. "Despite the yellow line, we

can only park along the road as there is no ample parking. We don’t have a choice but City Hall enforcement officers are still issuing summonses. What surprises me is that the officers are issuing summonses even after office hours, sometimes as late as 10pm," he tells Hotline. Entrepreneur ZAHWAN SABRI, who works in the printing industry, says many parking lots there are taken up by KL Sentral office

workers who refuse to park at their office buildings because of the high charges. LRT and Monorail commuters leave their cars in the area as well, he says. "I get about 15 parking summonses every month, even though my car does not obstruct traffic." ERNEST AZAD, who has a law firm in Jalan Vivekananda, says the lack of parking space, and the summonses issued by City Hall,

NOT SPARED: Parking on the yellow line is sure to end up in a summons on your windscreen

Should I surrender Mykad? DO you think twice before handing over your MyKad or driving licence to security personnel? Many security guards in gated communities, condominiums and offices insist that visitors leave behind their MyKad or driving licence at the guardhouse before being allowed to enter. GARY WONG of Setapak encountered a frustrating moment recently when he refused to let a condominium security guard hold his MyKad. "Are we supposed to give them our MyKad after registering? I thought it was illegal for anyone to hold another person's identification document," says the 60-year-old. GARY says visitors are confused as to whether they should surrender their MyKad or driving licence. "It may be a common practice here but what if they lose our important

documents? Condominium officials say it's 'house rules' but how can their rules override the Malaysian law?

● A NATIONAL Registra-

tion Department (NRD) spokesman says the National Registration Act 1959 (Act 78) and the National Registration Regulations 1990 (Amendment 2001) under Regulation 8A state: "It shall be an offence punishable under Regulation 25 for any person, not being an officer referred under sub-regulation 7(1), to unreasonably detain any identity card other than his own." The spokesman says under Regulation 8 of the same Act, only authorised personnel can ask visitors to produce their MyKad for verification and recording purposes and it must be returned to the visitors immediately.

"They claim they have the right to tell me this but I also have my rights as a visitor, right?" "Any person that unlawfully detains another person's identity card is liable to committing an offence and liable to be charged under Regulation 25 of Act 78 and may be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or a minimum fine of RM3,000 and a maximum fine of RM20,000, or both." The NRD advises premise owners to use another mechanism in registering visitors. Meanwhile, a Road Transport Department spokesman tells Hotline that surrendering one's driving licence to security personnel shall be at the visitor's own risk.

are scaring his clients away. "Parking is impossible here and it is affecting our business severely." A visit by the Hotline roving team confirmed the complainants' grouses. Many motorists have no choice but to park on the yellow lines along the two streets. We saw City Hall enforcement officers slip parking summonses on the windscreens of many vehicles. The complainants suggest

the authorities build a multistorey carpark there. "We don’t mind parking some distance away if there are proper parking facilities in Brickfields," says PATHAVACHALAM, who adds that the parking summonses for the past one year should be waived as well.

● KUALA LUMPUR mayor Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad Ismail says a multi-storey carpark in Brickfields is in the pipe-

line. "City Hall is planning to build a multi-level carpark in Jalan Scott. The building will be able to cater to the growing number of motorists in Brickfields. The construction will, hopefully, start next year." He is requesting those affected by the parking woes in Brickfields to be patient as City Hall is at the last stage of finalising the development.

NO CHOICE: Car owners park along a yellow line because they cannot find space elsewhere

Still waiting for concert refund IT has been more than a year since the cancellation of Beyonce Knowles' World Tour Live in Malaysia concert but DOREEN WAN has yet to receive her refund. The Petaling Jaya resident had paid RM614 for the concert tickets at Axcess Tickets in 1 Utama Shopping Centre on Oct 29, 2009. After the concert was cancelled, the event organisers had promised a full refund. "I was busy, so I didn't apply for my refund immediately. I can't remember where I placed the tickets but I have a scanned copy as proof," says the 52-yearold. She says she had been informed the company would try to sort her refund but it would be easier if she had the original tickets. On Nov 19, 2009, DO-

REEN found her tickets and resubmitted her refund request. A customer’s copy of the refund via credit card reversal was given as receipt. On Nov 24 last year, she sent an email to Axcess Tickets to check on the status but received no reply. On Dec 10, DOREEN went to the company's office but no one was able to assist her despite showing them the receipt. None-

● AXCESS TICKETS SDN BHD director John Yap explains that the company is no longer in operation since the end of 2010 and has been dormant due to financial constraints. "Our accounts and records are in a mess and we've lost our investments," he tells Hotline. However, Yap says

theless, a staff attended to her and requested she submit the scanned image of the original tickets. Three days later, DOREEN emailed the staff, attaching the image and receipt. On Dec 15, the staff replied saying she will update DOREEN by Dec 20 but that never happened. "I'm tired of the runaround. I just want my refund," says DOREEN. he is now trying to get investors to revive the business and to overcome the company's problems. On the likelihood of DOREEN's refund, Yap says he can only answer in three weeks' time. When contacted, DOREEN was shocked by the news and says she will wait for the reply.

Government Departments: • EPF Kuala Lumpur (HQ): 03-26946566 • EPF Customer Call Centre: 03-89226000 • National Registration Dept (KL): 03-26925044/5018

• National Registration Dept (Shah Alam): 03-55107255/4964 • National Registration Dept (PJ): 03-79562634 • Immigration Dept (HQ): 03-88801000

Thursday 7 JULY, 2011 the malay mail

Penalty charges not waived

NG KOK SING is displeased that a bank has refused to waive his penalty charges. The 40-year-old claims a Hong Leong Bank sales staff promised to waive the penalty charges for his home loan during the fiveyear lock-in period if he signs up a new loan with them. "My previous home loan was two months short of meeting the five-year lockin period. The sales staff

had verbally promised me the waiver and I have followed up with emails to confirm their agreement to waive the penalty." The Kota Kemuning resident says when he signed up for the new loan, the sales staff told him the senior management had disagreed to the waiver. "Instead, they offered to waive only 10 per cent of the penalty fee. The bank did not honour their promise and I have been misled

to sign up a new housing loan with them. Now, I still have to pay RM5,600 for ● HONG LEONG BANK

BERHAD quality and customer experience general manager Josephine Leong says the bank has contacted NG and explained the matter. "While reiterating the bank's decision, we had also informed the cus-

the penalty charges." NG wants the bank to address this issue.

tomer we are amenable to review his request upon receipt of documentations in relation to the waiver." When contacted, NG says the penalty charges are still not waived and he is pursuing the matter with the management.

It's not a car-stop

Delays, faulty coin machines and a banner that says all about bus hub JEFF WONG knows public transportation in the city is tough but he has never thought it would come to this. "It is bad enough that the U48 bus service from Desa Petaling to Bukit Bintang is poor but to endure this unprofessional-looking banner above my head while waiting?" On top of that, he says, the RapidKL card system is not working well and the machine does not always accept all coins. He says that at noon on June 5, he saw three buses at the Desa Petaling station. One was supposed to depart at 12.10pm but was delayed for 10 minutes be-

cause a passenger could not use the machine. Both passenger and driver tried but after some time, the driver gave up and told the passenger to board the next bus. JEFF says the hold-up explains why it is so hard for him to board a bus from Salak South, after returning from the city, to go home to Desa Petaling each day: there is no station master to coordinate the buses' movement. "Every day, I would wait for my next bus at the KTM Salak South station from 7pm. With unnecessary hold-ups, it is no wonder that sometimes a bus to Desa Petaling would only

arrive at 8.15pm." He says the 20-minute bus interval is not too bad in the mornings, but come afternoon, longer delays are a sure thing. JEFF wants Prasarana, the operator of RapidKL, to clarify all his grouses. ON the banner, SYARIKAT PRASARANA NEGARA BERHAD (Prasarana) bus division group director Datuk Mohamed Hazlan Mohamed Hussain says it was not put up by RapidKL but other parties concerned about cars parked at the bus-stop. On the card system, he says: "We have taken all necessary measures to

minimise problems due to the implementation of the new bus ticketing system. We regret any inconvenience caused to JEFF." On the June 5 incident, Mohamed Hazlan says the station master was on a break after working from 5.30am. He clarifies that U48 buses are scheduled to arrive every 20 minutes. On the delays, he says: "Buses are delayed in the afternoons because of the traffic congestion in the Golden Triangle area, especially along Jalan Pudu, as there is road construction taking place. "We plan to increase the number of buses along this route in July."


Online Hotline comments Reload not credited (July 6) THIS is a standard case of getting refund only after going to The Malay Mail. This shows that Touch 'n Go doesn't bother to entertain if there is no complaint. I think the complainant should ask for interest for holding refund for 2 months. — Anonymous WHY does the complainant get a refund only after going to The Malay Mail? I wonder what they are doing in the office. — Anonymous Boom gate ‘politics’ (July 6) THESE people think they can get away with anything and everything. If Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong is sincere, she should help the poor fellow in getting an answer and resolve it soon. Shame on Mudora. My aunt, who stays there, was equally shocked when I told her about this. — armyman WHAT right has the residents association (RA) got to stop vehicles other than those belonging to residents to pass through? These roads are public and not privately built or maintained by the RA. The authorities must come down hard on this issue, which is not new but has existed for a long time. — zeebees53 WHAT happened is quite clear. James Wong's car was damaged by the boom gate. Mudora has to take responsibility, together with the security company they hired. Shame on those residents staying in that particular part of Mutiara for washing their hands off the matter. Well done, Wong, for not taking it lying down. — jom Long wait for certificate (July 6) PLEASE help Nicole Thong to obtain her certificate as soon as possible. An institution of higher learning should be more responsible in keeping records and certificates belonging to students. — Anonymous Open invitation to danger (June 30) IF The Malay Mail can have a Hotline Roving Team that covers so many things and not just the TNB substation, why can't TNB have its own Roving Team? Why is it so difficult? — Nawawi Going postal over mail mix-up (June 30) I AM staying in a codominium at Desa Petaling and I too face similar problems with other people’s letters being put into my mailbox many times. After taking all the letters belonging to my family members, I would immediately slot the other letters into that particular mailbox, as stated on the address. I have not complained about this, but I suspect some of my letters too would have been delivered to some other person’s address as well. I don't understand why the postman is in such a hurry as to simply shove the letters into the wrong mailboxes. — shaktiman A sticky situation (July 5)

MAKING A STATEMENT: The banner at the bus-stop in Desa Petaling reminding motorists not to park there. Prasarana says it was put up by some other party

ACTUALLY, let's keep these posters. This is what defines Malaysia and tourists will love you for it. Also, double or triple-parking is quite a world-first concept only practised here in our beautiful, cultured Malaysia. Again, overseas tourists will keep gasping non-stop. — Ahmen

10 letters&opinions Thursday 7 JULY, 2011

the malay mail

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Mail: Letters To The Editor, Malay Mail Sdn Bhd, Lot 2A, Jalan 13/2, 46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

â&#x2014;? Letters to the Editor must carry your name, address and contact number. A pseudonym may be included. Email: Fax: 03-7495 1229

KL Seat belts in buses (July 4)

Stick to the real issue

IT appears this has been the style of our authorities â&#x20AC;&#x201D; trying to resolve a problem without looking at the real issue. There are several examples I can give but it would be irrelevant to the topic we are discussing here, which is about seat belts in buses. If I may be blunt and frank, the idea to introduce seat belts in buses is the worst and most unintelligent idea our transport authorities have come up with to date. Admittedly, accidents can cause deaths and injuries. For buses, the casualties are more than that of, say, a motorcycle or a car. There are a number of factors that can cause acci-

dents. What we have to do is look at these factors and try to reduce the risk. Apart from the technicalities such as road and vehicle conditions and, maybe, weather, the main causes of accidents are still driving attitude and speeding. I am a frequent traveller on the North-South Highway. All I can say about most of the express buses I have come across along these journeys is just terrible. Most, if not all, are reckless drivers. They love to speed and lack manners on the road. Coming back to the seat belts in buses, the government should just do away with the idea. It is definitely not the solution to reduce

accidents or deaths. On the contrary, it may just increase death tolls on the road. Just imagine if a bus were to be burnt or turn turtle in an accident. How many passengers will be in the right frame of mind to be able to instantly release themselves from the belt? In my opinion, the authorities have failed to tackle the reckless driving problem. Not enough is being done to tackle the problem. Perhaps they just don't know how. By making it compulsory for bus operators to fix seat belts on the seats is merely a diversion from the real issue. The authorities have no choice but to be serious

SELANGOR Alam Flora contract terminated (June 3)

Is it going to be any better? I THINK Alam Flora is still a 'reliable source' as opposed to what have been said earlier about their standard of services, that eventually led to the decision by the Selangor government to take over the job from the company altogether. Based on experience, I have seen a number of improvements in the area where I am staying, and having read quite a lot about Alam Flora in the papers of late, I am sure they are working hard to improve. It is not going to be easy

taking over a person's job, let alone something as 'massive' as this. What worries me is that the services might become worse. How assured are we that the newly-engaged contractors would be any better? William

A political move

IT makes me wonder whether the Selangor government

RECKLESSNESS: Many road accidents are caused by irresponsible bus drivers

and tough against these irresponsible bus drivers. For example, cancel their licences. But, at the same time, the Road Transport Department should conduct a special exercise to have more law-abiding bus drivers so the industry is not being held to ransom by the shortage of such drivers. Companies, too, should reward drivers who have clean driving records. This is just my humble opinion and I hope someone of authority would see the real issue and not rely on quick solutions. The focus should be to reduce accidents, not deaths due to accidents. Abdul Halim

One and the same

really has the rakyat at heart? Could it be just a case of another political move to strengthen its political fund? As I see it, the new appointment of contractors comes with big deposits of cash in the pocket for its political fund. Who actually is genuinely interested in the welfare of the rakyat here?

THE previous and current Selangor governments are one and the same. I wonder who will be getting the contracts for the clean-up job if not the cronies. The victims, in the end, will be the people or, in this case, the users. Have any of them ever thought about the consequences of their actions? What will happen to the current workers if they are forced to quit?



PJ Ambiga comes clean on Bersih 2.0 rally (June 28)

Not necessary for rally on Saturday

THE organisers have met the King and also the Prime Minister and their woes, although not presented officially, are already well known, beginning with the electoral rolls, etc. In such a situation, is it still necessary to have a rally at the Merdeka Stadium?

No w t h a t t h e P r i m e Minister is aware of what the organisers want, they should leave it to him to address the issues and reply in due course. S o the gathering on Saturday must be called off and the participants given the opportunity to spend the

weekend with their families and friends. Under the circumstances, this is the most logical decision the organisers can make to diffuse tension. It is hoped that there will never ever be a street demonstration, planned or otherwise, in Malaysia.

There are many alternative avenues to peacefully discuss and decide on conflicting issues instead of taking to the streets. In the interest of the nation, the organisers must immediately call off Saturday's rally. Anandh

One death too many

BEING a Malaysian and experiencing the Malaysian road culture, I believe our road safety system is very poor indeed. Compare it with our population of over 26 million people, the death rate should not be so high, even for a developing country. From 2000 to 2006, road deaths increased from 6,025 to 6,287. Accidents that occurred

during the same period also saw a rise from 250,429 to 341,252. I don't know how many of these deaths are from bus accidents but surely one death is already one too many. If applying seat belts can reduce the number of deaths, I am all for the implementation. Malaysian road user

Why take so long?

SEAT belts for all passengers in express and tour buses will be a compulsory feature by 2015. Why 2015 and not, say, next year? What is stopping the authorities from implementing it immediately, if the mooted idea can reduce deaths in accidents? Is it really expensive to install? How many more do we want to see being killed on our roads between now and 2015?

It seems to me this is another 'tidak apa' attitude being projected by our government. When it comes to deaths, the government should be decisive. None of us wants a repeat of the Dec 20, 2010, bus accident where two Malaysians and 25 Thai nationals were killed on board an express bus at KM15 of the Cameron HighlandsSimpang Pulai road. Anson

THE MALAY MAIL-DUTCH LADY HAMPER FOR CHARITY THE best opinion of the week as decided by the editor will win a hamper from Dutch Lady Malaysia for charitable institutions. Readers are encouraged to nominate charities deserving of this gesture. The Malay Mail will deliver the winning hamper.

We don't need the hassle I AM glad to read the planned street rallies by Bersih 2.0 and Umno/Perkasa have been called off. That is how it should be. Be mindful of what we cause to people by such acts. Please allow us to carry on with our daily lives without any hassle, troubles or set-

backs. We have chores to do, like it or not. We also have enough at hand, so do not add to it. My daughter has a test that day and I am wondering whether she will be allowed to take it without any trouble. Bulbir Singh

ThursDay 7 JuLY, 2011

the malay mail


12 news

The first 38 Electric Multiple Units of six-car trains ordered by Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad will arrive in Malaysia by September — Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha

Dancing kings


Elecoldxhot floor their Showdown 2011 competitors with sensational moves By JOE LEE

FIVE-member Elecoldx- earned prize money. superstars Justin Timberlake hot danced their way into Yin said: "We will definitely and the late Michael Jackson the hearts of the audience at have a good holiday, now to South Korean sensation 8TV's Showdown 2011 fi- that we are each richer by Rain, the Elecoldxhot quintet nale at i-City, Shah Alam, RM10,000." were clearly a cut above the last night, taking home a cool Mixing dance moves inother dance finalists, RM50,000. fluenced by American Comprising Ooi Kok Wei, Yin Zhen Huang, Yap Jin Hou, Ang Joo Yee and Lin Yit Zhou, they emerged victorious in the final battle against HMC Phlow. "We came to win, and we're glad all our efforts over the past six months paid off, so it was all worth it," said Yin. Ooi chipped in: "We are thinking of competing at international level with our target being the World Hip-Hop Dance Championship." Elecoldxhot will be taking a week off to enjoy their hard- TOP DANCERS: Elecoldxhot with their winner's trophy KUALA LUMPUR

Three restaurants shut down By IKRAM ISMAIL

RATS and cockroaches, ab- der Section 21B of the Federal sence of rubbish traps, not Territory Licensed Food Estabwearing proper apparel such lishment 1985 bylaw. as an apron and failure to ad"Most of these restaurants here to stipulated hygiene stan- had dirty kitchens, wet and slipdards, were among the offences pery floors, raw food improperencountered during a Kuala ly stored, and rat and cockroach Lumpur City Hall two-hour in- infestation, that posed a health spection of seven restaurants in hazard to their customers." Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman "From January to July 5, City yesterday. Hall inspected 675 restaurants Led by City Hall's health de- and eateries with 535 compartment director Dr Sallehudpound notices issued din Abu Bakar, the 20-member and 19 outlets shut inspection team issued eight down." compound notices with fines ranging from RM300 to RM500 and ordered three restaurants, including a popular nasi kandar outlet, to cease operations immediately. "The nasi kandar outlet was previously issued two compound notices and despite giving them the opportunity to maintain cleanliness, they failed to comply," said Dr Sallehuddin, adding the closure CLOSE CHECK: Dr Sallehuddin (right) inspecting was carried out un- a worker's fingernails for cleanliness

namely, HMC Phlow, Rokusteps and Bounce Stepperz. Elecoldxhot convincingly won with their every performance, and deliv-

ered their best choreography during songs like In For The Kill (by British duo La Roux) and Welcome To My Hood (by American trio DJ Khaled, TPain and Busta Rhymes). Rokusteps was eliminated after the first round for having the least text votes. Next to leave was Bounce Stepperz after their stellar performance failed to garner enough votes for the final faceoff. Showdown 2011 was hosted by radio channel Fly FM deejay Hafiz Hatim and also featured performances by past Showdown winners, with Floor Fever partnering Lee Lessm, and GBC teaming up with JB Breakerz.


PropertyGuru: Outstanding performance ASIA's leading property portal group, PropertyGuru, yesterday announced record results for the first half of 2011. Traffic grew 85 per cent to reach over four million visitors viewing 50 million pages, and revenue grew 70 per cent compared with the same period last year, with paying members growing almost 30 per cent to reach over 14,500 agents by end-June. During the same period, PropertyGuru increased its presence to eight Asian countries, including acquisitions of North Malaysia’s leading property site, www., Indonesia’s number one site www.Rumah. com which experienced a 53 per cent growth in traffic, and Thailand’s leading property portal In Singapore, PropertyGuru increased its dominance with becoming the 14th largest website and 2nd largest domestic website in the country (source: Alexa. com). The company also picked up the prestigious Hitwise award for "No.1 website in the property industry category" last month. According to the latest Hitwise statistics, the company’s www. and www. now

account for more page view traffic than all other property related websites combined. In addition, the company's www.LoanGuru. online mortgage business recorded double revenue growth, with close to SD60 million (RM147.1 million) of home loan approvals processed monthly. The company also overhauled and re-launched its Singapore site in May to improve the customer search experience. In Malaysia, traffic to the www. website tripled over the last six months and is now the 138th largest website in the country, according to The group also redeveloped and improved its website to provide better features and functionality for agents. They also started a multi-million dollar brand-building campaign in Q1, which includes high impact exposure on taxis in KL and Penang, full wrap-arounds on buses in KL, front page advertisements in The Malay Mail and sponsorship of Bernama News TV. Also, the company launched the ‘firstof-its-kind’ Malaysian quarterly property sentiment survey in April, which received widespread press coverage.

PropertyGuru’s other achievements included increasing its lead by 65 per cent over their nearest competitor in Indonesia (source: Google AdPlanner), and traffic to Thailand’s leading property portal, www. doubling, following the Group’s acquisition of the business recently. Steve Melhuish, PropertyGuru Group CEO said the company was bullish over what the rest of 2011 holds for them. “We've had an incredible first half. Revenue, traffic and agents all continued to grow rapidly in each country and ahead of expectations. We've established ourselves clearly as Asia's leading property portal group, with a presence in eight countries, directly and via partners. We continue to invest heavily in innovation to provide the best possible experience for our clients. "I’d like to thank our ‘gurus’ for their unwavering dedication and hard work, as well as our clients for their continued great support. We are excited about the rest of 2011 and will be announcing further new initiatives shortly.”

The Malay Mail Thursday 7 JULY, 2011

Tiger Airways chief to quit TIGER Airways Australia chief executive Crawford Rix is set to leave the embattled airline at the end of the month, the Herald Sun reports. The carrier made the announcement last night, saying the Australian chief would be leaving the company on July 31. It said Rix would be replaced by Tony Davis, chief of parent company, Tiger Airways Holdings Ltd. It comes as the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) said it would seek to extend the flight ban on Tiger Airways until Aug 1.

Liz Hurley in serious 'Gossip' SINCE meeting Shane Warne, Liz Hurley (pic) has sparked her share of gossip. The English model-actress is about to get an even bigger dose — signing for a role in Gossip Girl alongside Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, the Herald Sun reports. Heading for New York's Upper East Side, Hurley, 46, is set to take the role of Diana Payne — a "sexy, smart, self-made media mogul", executive producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran told website TV Line.

I'm no cheat: Mat Beyer of 'MasterChef' EVICTED Melbourne contestant Mat Beyer says his missing mother is the reason he smuggled a smartphone on to MasterChef, the Herald Sun reports. The 24-year-old was booted off the show for breaking house rules. Phones are forbidden on the show, with contestants allowed to make one 10minute phone call each week. Popular contestant Billy Law, who was eliminated on Monday night, has been recalled to replace Beyer.

The Malay Mail Thursday 7 JUly, 2011

New York prosecutors insisted yesterday they were still pursuing sexual assault case against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn — ­ AFP

Army to act on Chennai shooting WITH some army personnel coming under scrutiny over the killing of a 13-year-old boy in Chennai, Army Chief General V.K. Singh yesterday promised strong action against anybody found guilty but said the entire force should not be defamed if any individual is suspected, the Hindustan Times reports. "Whoever has committed any mistake in the incident - be it an officer or a soldier - strong action will be taken against him," Singh told reporters in Chennai.

Facebook's video calling feature out FACEBOOK rolled out a new video-calling feature today as part of a partnership with Skype. The feature has already been launched to millions of users, the company said at a media event in the US, the Herald Sun reports. Facebook now has 750 million users worldwide, founder Mark Zuckerberg said at the event.


Potter Mania


Wizard's fans camp out one week before final screening HUNDREDS of Harry Potter fans have been camping out for days in London's Trafalgar Square to secure a prime spot for the world premiere of the final film in the epic series. The film goes on general release in Britain and the United States next Thursday. Sheltering from the traditional British summer rain, the hardcore fans were protecting their movie character costumes under tents, umbrellas and ponchos ahead of the red carpet event for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2. Many of the campers are teenagers who have grown up with the books by J. K. Rowling and the films, chronicling the adventures of boy wizard Potter and his friends through their years at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Some of the fans were dressed in sorcerer's capes, while others waved magic wands or improvised placards.

"We thought we'd try to come early to get as good a spot as we could," said one young Londoner sheltering beneath an umbrella, near the Nelson Monument which dominates the famous square. Nearby, another young girl fixed her hat firmly on her head to stop the wind blowing it off. "I've been a fan of Harry Potter since I was eight years old and now I'm 19 so it's been something that I always wanted to do and this is the very last movie so it's probably the last chance you'll ever get to actually meet the stars. The film will be screened at three cinemas in nearby Leicester Square, but this time all the stops are being pulled out, with the red carpet extending down to Trafalgar Square. The fans will have to get used to the rain, with weather forecasters predicting thunderstorms and downpours. — AFP

New IMF chief hints at fair play CHRISTINE LAGARDE, the new head of the International Monetary Fund has hinted Ireland could get a fairer deal with her in the driving seat, the Irish Independent reports. In her maiden address as head of the IMF, she said: “For the fund to be credible, its analysis, its work, needs to be candid, needs to be credible, needs to be even-handed. There is no one category of country that deserves special treatment and another one that will receive harsh treatment." Political sources suggested this could mean an easier ride for Ireland as it negotiates a lower interest rate on IMF bailout loans. — AFP



STARVING: Newly arrived Somali refugees outside a food distribution center in Dadaab watch a woman who was finally able to get emergency food rations. Dadaab, a complex of three settlements, is the world's largest refugee camp. Built to house 90,000 people and home to more than four times that number. —AFPpic

Somali rebels lift ban on food aid ISLAMIST rebels have lifted a ban on humanitarian agencies supplying food aid to millions of Somalis after the worst drought in 60 years hit the Horn of Africa region, a spokesman for the insurgents said. Somalia is experiencing pre-famine conditions, driving more than 1,000 people over the border into Kenya and Ethiopia each day, according to the United Nations. "We have now decided

to welcome all Muslim and non-Muslim aid agencies to assist the drought-stricken Somalis in our areas," Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage, al Shabaab spokesman, told a news conference in Mogadishu on Tuesday. "All aid agencies whose objective is only humanitarian relief are free to operate in our area," Rage said, adding they should first contact al Shabaab's drought committee. Al Shabaab fighters, who

profess loyalty to al Qaeda, control central and southern parts of the country. The United Nations says 2.8 million people in Somalia need emergency aid. In the worst-hit areas, one in three children is suffering from malnutrition. In Washington, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told officials yesterday to step up cooperation with regional governments to head off a humanitarian disaster. – Reuters


Tsunami warning for New Zealand

FANATICAL: Potter fans have started to gather in Trafalgar Square in the hope of catching a glimpse of stars in the last Potter film, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows', which premieres in London next Thursday. — AFPpic

A TSUNAMI began travelling across the Pacific early today towards New Zealand and Tonga after a powerful 7.7magnitude undersea earthquake, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said. Tsunami waves were measured off Raoul Island, one of New Zealand's Kermadec Islands, up to a height of 0.84 metres above normal

sea level. "Sea level readings confirm that a tsunami was generated," the centre said. "This tsunami may have been destructive along coastlines of the region near the earthquake epicentre." The tsunami could reach Tonga by 2017 GMT and the eastern cape of New Zealand by 2052 GMT. It advised that

if there were no damaging waves for two hours after the initial warning, it could be assumed the threat had passed. The quake struck at 7.03am this morning at a depth of one kilometre the United States Geological Survey said. Its epicentre was 160km east of Raoul Island and 914km from the Tongan capital, Nuku'alofa.­ — AFP


'Mega-wombat' discovered in Australia THE fossil of a car-sized mega-wombat has been u ne ar t he d i n nor t he r n Australia, scientists said yesterday, the most complete skeleton of its kind. Weighing in at a whopping three tonnes, the herbivorous diprotodon was the largest marsupial to ever roam the

earth and lived between two million and 50,000 years ago. A relative of the modernday wombat, the diprotodon skeleton was dug up in remote Queensland last week,the most northerly specimen ever discovered, and scientists believe it could shed valuable

light on the species' demise. Along with Australia's other megafauna, which included towering kangaroos and gigantic crocodiles, diprotodon became extinct around the same time that indigenous tribes first appeared and debate has raged about the role of humans. —AFP

GIGANTIC: Illustration of a giant marsurpial.


the malay mail

Thursday 7 July, 2011

The Malay Mail Thursday 7 July, 2011

Some people ask me for some message for my birthday celebrations. I always say, the best gift to me is the practice of compassion — the Dalai Lama in Washington yesterday

Punch-up by female lawmakers TEN members of the Afghan parliament boycotted the chamber in protest at a brawl between two female parliamentarians in Kabul. The fight started when parliament was debating a recent spate of rocket attacks into Afghanistan from Pakistan. Nazifa Zaki, a former army general, threw her shoe at fellow MP Hamida Ahmadzai, who then hurled a plastic water bottle at her. The brawl dominated headlines on local TV, radio and newspapers. A video of it has been posted on the internet by -- AFP

Goldman took biggest loan GOLDMAN Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and European banks RBS and UBS were the biggest beneficiaries of very short-term Federal Reserve loans extended at the height of the financial crisis, according to data released in Washington yesterday. The details of the lending programme were disclosed after a lengthy legal battle eventually won by Bloomberg News LLP. The data, available on the Fed's website, showed Goldman took US$15 billion in exchange for securities ranging from Treasuries to mortgage bonds. -- Reuters

Saudi plane in emergency landing A JEDDAH-BOUND Saudi Airlines plane made an emergency landing at an airport in southern India after the crew detected the smell of smoke, an airport official said. The plane, carrying around 210 passengers and crew, landed safely at the Chennai airport. The plane sought permission to land from the Chennai airport traffic control tower after the crew smelled smoke, the official said. The aircraft's problem turned out to be minor, he said, without elaborating. -- AFP




Democracy derailed Greek PM warns violent bailout protest can expose nation to 'anti-democratic' elements

PRIME Minister George Papandreou (pic) warned yesterday that violent protests against spending cuts to satisfy international lenders threatened to lead to the kind of barbarism that in the past derailed democracy in Greece. The austerity required in exchange for a bailout for debtridden Greece has sparked attacks on politicians and bloody demonstrations on the streets of Athens, where hooded youths fought running battles with riot police. In reference to the installation of the military junta that ruled Greece from 1967 to 1974, Papandreou told a cabinet meeting that undermining democratic

institutions in the past had led to a 'derailment of democracy'. "We must all learn from history," he said. A government official made clear Papandreou did not mean there was a risk the military would take over. "The prime minister did not say democracy was in danger. He meant that violence would open the way to anti-democratic behaviour and reminded people of history," said the official who requested anonymity. The austerity package, that included wage cuts and tax rises, was imposed amid the deepest recession since the restoration of democracy and has been deeply


Plans to rescue exploited fish stocks THE European Union's executive will propose plans to rescue the bloc's over-exploited fish stocks next week, with the aim of achieving sustainability by 2015, draft proposals seen by Reuters show. The plan is part of proposals to reform the EU's common fisheries policy, including 615 million euros (RM2.6 billion) a year in associated EU subsidies for the sector, which are due to be adopted by the European Commission on July 13. The EU has the third largest fisheries sector in the world after China and Peru, and landed 6.4 million tonnes of fish worth 8.2 billion in 2007— the last year for which EU statistics were available. With more than 80,000 EU-registered vessels competing to land Europe's dwindling

fish stocks, rows over fishing quotas regularly break out between major fishing nations such as Spain, Denmark, France and Britain. In an echo of the so called "cod wars" of the 1950s and 1970s, Iceland's bid to join the European Union has been complicated by its decision to raise mackerel fishing quotas, putting it into conflict with Britain, Ireland and others. T h e C om m i s s i on h a s warned that three-quarters of EU fish stocks are exploited and between 30 and 40 per cent of the EU's fishing fleet is not making enough money to remain in business in the long-term. A reduction in fishing for a few years would allow stocks to recover to a level where fishermen can catch and earn more than today.

unpopular. Protesters have marched through the capital shouting slogans, banging drums and carrying banners attacking the terms of the bailout many Greeks feel imposes harsh penalties on ordinary pensioners and workers while sparing the rich. Ordinary Greeks also want to hold politicians accountable for the state of the nation's finances and protesters who gather every night before parliament chant: "Thieves, T h i e v e s ! " — Reuters

Shuttle by numbers The Thelaunch launchof of Atlantis Atlantis will willmark mark the the 135th 135thand andlast last mission missioninin the the 30-year-old 30-year-old shuttle shuttle programme programme

Shuttle travellers 355 355 Most flights by individual astronauts – record shared by Jerry Jerry Ross Ross and Franklin Franklin Chang-Diaz Chang-Diaz 7 7 Satellites and other payloads deployed/returned 179/52 179/52 Mass delivered to space 1.6m 1.6m kg kg Dockings at ISS ISS 36 36 Dockings at Mir Mir space space station station 9 9 Longest flight Nearly Nearly18 18days days Largest/smallest crew 8/2 8/2 Total time in flight 1,310 1,310days days Total distance travelled 870m 870m km km In-flight fatalities 14 14 Total programme costs $196bn $196bn Picture: Getty Images



Atlantis set for final flight

SPACE shuttle Atlantis, carrying a crew of four and fo o d and ot her supplies critical for the International Space Station, is set to vault into orbit tomorrow on the final flight in the 30-year US shuttle programme. The lift-off is expected to draw as many as 750,000 tourists to sites near Atlantis' seaside launch pad in Florida, as they jostle for a final glimpse of Nasa's workhorse spacecraft rising atop its trademark tower of smoke and flames. They may need to stick around for the weekend. Meteorologists yesterday pegged the chance for an on-time launch at just 30 per cent due to rain, clouds and thunderstorms. The 12-day mission to the space station is among the most mundane of any

of the 134 that have preceded it. It is seen largely as an insurance policy in case commercial deliveryfirms hired to resupply the station starting next year run into technical problems with their the new rockets. "Although it doesn't look very sexy, it's one of the most important fights that we've ever had come to ISS," said Mike Suffredini, programme manger for the International Space Station, also known as ISS. One company, Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, owned by Internet entrepreneur Elon Musk, successfully tested its Dragon capsule in orbit last December and hopes to make it all the way to the space station during a second test flight later this year. — Reuters


White House on collision course with Republicans over budget deal

THE White House said yesterday a budget deal that includes tax hikes can pass Congress, challenging the central argument of Republicans, who say a deficit-reduction plan must

contain only spending cuts. Ahead of a meeting between President Barack Obama and top congressional leaders today, the White House said there were enough Republicans and

Democrats in Congress who would support eliminating tax breaks. Republican leaders have repeatedly said a deal to cut the deficit and clear the way

to increase the United States' US$14.3 trilllion (RM42 trillion) debt ceiling will not pass Congress if it includes tax hikes. "We believe that there are

enough members of both parties in both houses who support the idea that a big deal has to be balanced," said White House spokesman Jay Carney." — Reuters

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Vampires don't belong

ONCE upon a time in a land not too far away, a certain famous book gave birth to a certain movie about glittering vampires that became the trending topic among the more feminine of the human race. That movie showed the world that so long as half naked men wearing glitter in daylight get enough face time on screen, you compensate for sub-par acting, a plot of parallel quality, and lacklustre fight scenes. That movie was Twilight (or the sequels, whatever!). Now, once upon a much more recent time in a land hardly foreign, a certain local producer thought of injecting Malaysia’s brand of exaggerated comedy into a motion picture about non-glittering vampires. That just-released movie, in time, will likely show the few thousands of people who watch it, that its retarded comedy and scary vampires do not trump the success by depicting Edward Cullen in all his shimmering glory.

That local production is Tolong! Awek Aku Pontianak (TAAP) Both movies shouldn’t be compared, admittedly; the only similarity is that both highlight vampires, albeit different kinds. Oh, and that they’re mediocre, albeit in different aspects. The issue here is while Twilight

and its sequels get its mediocrity overlooked by a humongous female demographic thanks to hot men, TAAP has no such luxury. Having to contend with the negative stereotype attributed to Malaysian films and a very stupid title, this Malay film is fighting an uphill battle to impress with no shiny Edward to bolster their appeal. It does, however, have a vampire Sazzy Falak, allowing Malaysian men some-

By JEREMY TAN thing to ogle over while watching this. TAAP is a comedy/horror hybrid,

though the term 'horror' is used very loosely here. Laughs are what this movie is about, not screams, so the 'scary scenes' are pretty much, well, not scary. Story-wise, the plot is a tenuous one holding everything into context. Revolving around a loser protagonist, Bob, the movie weaves satire about his pathetic life as he gets dumped by his girlfriend for a jock and endures injustice at his workplace. With his housemate/best friend in tow, he then decides to start fresh in life by moving to a horribly unkempt apartment. The floor that he occupies, just so happens to be shared by two hot neighbouring vampires. Cue romance and the com-

YOUNG STARS IN ABSURD MOVIE: Zahiril Adzim (left) and Sazzy Falak

ZANY: (From left) Sufian Mohammad

plications of dating an otherworldly creature. The story is based on the standard formula of a romance that was not meant to be but came to be anyway. You won’t be seeing any ground-breaking plot twists with this one. Though despite horrible initial impressions of this local film, it actually manages to erase some prejudice regarding its entertainment quality. In some sections, the humour is extremely well executed, managing to evoke genuine guffaws. It makes you think that Malaysian comedy truly does have a shimmer of hope. And then director James Lee decided it was a good idea to depict cartoonish and moronic acting of the very highest degree, thinking it would be worth some laughs. It’s not. It’s perfectly valid for a comedy having a handful of grown-up characters possess the intelligence and expressions

Popping like a penguin MR Popper's Penguins is hardly a truly enjoyable family-oriented comedy, which involves not one but six animated and 'humanised' penguins. If anything, the storytell-

ing style tends to go overboard and tries too hard to impress the audiences. More often than not, the hype and over-dramatic plot doesn't click as much as one would hope.

In short, it would be safe to say that the movie has a very cliche niche to it, and no, the producers do not mind recycling ideas from some of the older films in the same genre. Expect very little from the plot, as at some point of the movie, Mr Popper's Penguins looks like a cheap sequel to Jim Carrey's (no surprise here) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. While Pet Detective has its natural charm when it was first released in 1994, the penguins 'sequel' hasn't worked out its charm yet. Perhaps the story is a rather odd one out there, but if the movie is released during Christmas holiday, it might suit

perfectly well with the movie's theme. Admittedly, putting big names in a movie has very little impact on the ticket sales, but a bet is still a bet — even if it's a pretty long shot one. To be honest, the only watchable performance (if it has one) is none other than funnyman Jimmy Carrey himself. He has aged quite a bit since playing The Riddler in Batman Forever and Stanley Ipkiss from The Mask. Age notwithstanding, Carrey pretty much rescues Mr Popper's Penguins from falling further from grace. Despite being predictable from the beginning, the movie does have its enjoyable

moments that kids and even parents would love. Mr Popper's Penguins could be worse, but it's inoffensive attempt to place itself as a crowd-pleaser deserves to be

The Malay Mail Thursday 7 JULY, 2011


d, Liyana Jasmay and Rashidi Ishak

of a five-year-old, but it requires tasteful application. Instead the characters cramp so much stupidity to the point of superfluity that it’s just painful to watch. It’s a waste of acting talent. This film is a fine example of how stupid-looking characters with their stupid over-the-top

acting can single-handedly ruin an otherwise pretty decent movie. Only Bob, which blurs the lines between kindness and stupidity, and Maya, the vampire of elegance and mystique, turned out to be decent characters. Kudos to Zahiril Adzim and Sazzy Falak respectively for injecting some decency into an entire cast that acts out like idiots. TAAP had potential to be great. As it stands, the overall acting is about as retarded as seeing glitter on a vampire, that it’s difficult to recommend despite the film having some really hilarious sequences. If only wittiness was valued over too much silliness, then this film could have at least a happy ending of standing ovations and two thumbs up. Maybe.

FUNNIER ROLES: Faezah Elai (left) and Jehan Miskin

ORIGINAL FUNNYMAN: Carrey pretty much rescues Mr Popper's Penguins from falling further from grace

applauded. Do watch with an open mind and while you're at it, please lower your expectations, perhaps just a little. — By LOONG WAI TING


t h g i l t o p s e h t s n w o a Rez

“SOMETIMES,” began Reza, his words the prelude of an emotional melody, “you fall in love. And sometimes, the person you love doesn’t love you back.” In awe, the crowd responded in typical empathic fashion: “Awww!” “But it’s okay,” reassured Reza as his fingers glided across his guitar, "you write a song about it, put it in an album, make some money, and play it at the Filharmonik!” The audience responded with laughter and cheers. And off he went to melt hearts with Stracciatella. It’s the little things that create magic. Even in the pauses between songs, Reza Salleh’s dreamy disposition and cute humour were first-class entertainment. Although nervous as he undoubtedly was, being his first ever performance at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP), he and his repertoire of musical talents aiding him, didn’t fail to impress. To be frank, the night was a fine showcase of Reza Salleh; his feelings and thoughts are grafted with such surgical precision into the pieces he writes, and it's hard not to fall in love. And fall in love many of us did. If the cheering, laughter, and standing ovations were any indication, the DFP’s Spotlight series could hardly hope for a better finale this season. Admittedly, the overture, 50 Down the Way, transpired to be a mellow appetizer, but the pacing and arrange-

ment of songs throughout the approximately 90-minute show was a suitable mix of highs and lows, with a fitting climax. As expected, Reza imparted a slew of mainly cheesy love tunes from his album Realize, while — surprise, surprise! — spicing up the show with some acoustic melodies from his yet to be released album. Stracciatella’s love-lost vibe combined with Reza’s soulinfused voice would be a very heart-moving, tear-jerking experience for the more emotional audiences. Other tunes like Kasih and Sunsets With You followed a similar soothing, sosweet-to-the-point-of-diabetic melody. Speaking of sweet, Reza’s duet with Liyana Fizi, also rather popular in the independent music circuit, to the sounds of Something Tells Me may not be vocally spectacular, but the romantic, adorably palpable aura from the

two of them proved a worthy substitute. Like Liyana, Reza’s other backing singers and musicians did much to elevate the quality of the night. Az Samad complemented Reza’s For Her with astonishing finger-style. His masterful strumming was as pleasing to the ears as Reza’s feel-good voice, which in other words, is just as useful in wowing the ladies. Reza’s very own eight-piece band wielding violins, the cello, bass, drums, and guitars complemented the star act well. The song Angan-angan Permata, for instance, really showcased the talent behind the violins. Then there was a cover song, a last minute addition to the series of songs. And what a fitting addition it was; Reza performed Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make You Love Me well enough to cement the fact that, hey, at least he can make you love his voice. It was a tune that truly showcased his vocal range, which isn’t earth-shaking, but it did testify that he could sing

more than just low beat, mellow emotional tunes. As the show approached the climax, the sound waves in the vicinity truly got enticing. Inviting the Choir of the Philharmonic Society of Selangor on stage, Reza then launched into two songs, A Relic is What I Live In and Battery. The result was music that sounded wholly and rich, thanks to the backing of over 30 people contributing to resonating vocals. It was the encore, however, that was truly memorable. Reza’s famous masterpiece, Smoke City, was an excellent song to end the night. The change of pace in the bridge, the upbeat groove towards the end, all impeccably executed and elicited the standing ovation that Reza deservingly received at the end of it all. So for those who didn’t come, you sure did miss out on this heartfelt, groovy ride through the artistic mind of Reza Salleh. Cheers to him and his band for a sold-out performance, and let’s hope he’ll continue to rise in the music scene. — By JEREMY TAN

SENSUAL: Reza's duet with Liyana Fizi may not be vocally spectacular but the romantic, adorably palpable aura from the two of them proved a worthy substitute

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The Malay Mail Thursday 7 JULY, 2011

'Khurafat' goes to TV By CHE'AZ SAME name with two different stories. After making its debut on the big screen in January, Khurafat, the film that collected more than RM8 million at the box office, has been turned into a television series. The film, produced by Skop Production Sdn Bhd, was directed by Shamsul Yusof (who recently created history for being the first actor/director to be involved in a film project that managed to clock in ticket sales of RM12 million via KL Gangster), while the television series will be produced by his father Datuk Yusof Haslam (also another big name in the film and television business). As a film, Khurafat has been described as one of the best horror movies produced so far this year. Can the same be said about Khurafat the TV series, that would span over 13 episodes? Apparently, the 13 episodes

ALL GEARED UP: Yusof (second from left) with the cast and production team of Khurafat The Series

are expected to present fresh story lines although not too far off from Khurafat the movie. “This is not something new to Skop Productions. In fact, it has been done quite a few times already. When we see great success with our films, we definitely would continue with a drama series just like we did with Maria Mariana, one of our box office films in 1996,” Yusof said. Obviously, Shamsul does not mind sharing, especially with his father. After all, it is

part of their family business. Yusof said Khurafat has great potential and it did receive positive feedback and comments, not only from the viewers but also from industry players. “Shamsul has given us his blessing and he has trust in us to develop Khurafat the series. It might share the same name, but the TV series will tell different stories. Even though he is not involved in the Series, Shamsul would always share with us his ideas."

Each episode runs for one hour and it will be directed by Ismail Yaacob. The series is expected to feature popular names as part of its cast, including Zahiril Adzim as Johan and Nora Danish as Mastura. The two play a young couple who are deeply in love. Due to their ignorance about religion and weak spiritual beliefs, they decide to prove their love by taking a vow, making a pack with the devil and sacrificing their own blood. The story gets more inter-

An American Werewolf in Paris: (July 10) Sunday night brings you the all-time favourite folkloric and mythological creature in An American Werewolf in Paris. Tom Everett Scott plays Andy McDermott, a tourist seeing the sights of Paris with his friends Brad and Chris. When Andy sees Serafine Pigot leaps off the Eiffel Tower just before Andy is about to do a bungee-jump,

The First Snow

he executes a mid-air rescue and is completely smitten. He later discovers that Serafine is a werewolf and he has also become infected. The First Snow: (July 17) The First Snow tells the story of a slick salesman, Jimmy Starks (Guy Pearce), who has auto problems in a small New Mexico town. While his car is in the workshop, he visits lowrent fortune teller Vacaro (J.K. Simmons) to pass some time. The supposed seer tells him he will have good fortune provided that he does not die before the first snow of the winter. Also starring Piper Perabo and William Fichtner. This psychological thriller will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. Beauty and The Beast: (July 24) Delve into action, drama and fantasy with Beauty and The Beast, a dark twist on the morality tale of forbidden love between beautiful Belle (Estela Warren) and the feared forest Beast (Victor Parascos). As villagers are being brutally murdered and the Beast is hunted down as the one responsible for the mayhem, Belle and Beast team

Beauty and The Beast

up to defeat the real killer, the power-hungry witch's malevolent troll. Mr. Coconut: (July 30) Have a good laugh on Saturday night with a hilarious Chinese movie starring Michael Hui as the lovable Mr. Coconut, who arrives in town from Hainan, China where he lived with his coconuts. Catch his hilarious antics as he endures the Hong Kong Streets of the late 1980s, filled with stock and property gamblers, heavy mobile phones and city dwellers. Lost Colony: (July 31) The movie begins when English colonists led by Governor White settle into Fort Raleigh with hopes of creating a new life on the peaceful island of Roanoke, Virginia. Unfortunately, the horrific discovery of

POPULAR TV STAR: In the series, Nora Danish plays Mastura, a young girl madly in love

M'sian actor to star in TV musical

Have a blockbuster movie weekend! Home of Feel Good, ntv7 celebrated its 13th anniversary with the nation’s most prestigious celebrity fun run event recently. For those who missed out, fret not, as the station has a special Feel Good movie line-up for its loyal viewers, every Saturday and Sunday, at 11pm throughout its birthday month of July:

esting when Mastura meets with an accident. As she fights for her life, Johan starts seeing weird things. He also finds out that the vow she made with Mastura will cause him death if Mastura dies. To escape the ordeal, Johan has to go through many obstacles that include making more deals with roaming spirits of the dead. To survive the challenges and to keep the two of them alive, Johan has to appease the spirits to enable them to move on to the next world. Will Johan ever find a way to release himself from the curse? Khurafat The Series starts its run on July 12, and will continue every Tuesday at 10pm on Astro Ria (Astro 104).

a dangling corpse and a warning written in blood is quickly covered up by the Governor and his men and kept secret from the others. Based on the world-famous mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, this is the story that shows what really happened to those ill-fated settlers in the new world. Directed by Matt Codd, Lost Colony stars Adrian Paul, Frida Show and Rhett Giles.

If there are two things universally appreciated by all, it would be good food and good music. Malaysian TV viewers will get the best of both worlds with the upcoming premiere of The Kitchen Musical on ntv7 in October. Cooking up the musical storm, soon to be released on Asia’s TV screens is Singapore-based production powerhouse, The Group Entertainment. Headlining the 13-episode musical is multi-talented MalayEnglish actor Stephen Rahman Hughes, alongside Filipino stars Christian Bautista and Karylle Tatlonghari. Fresh from his musical showcase as part of UK vocal group, Teatro, and lead role in local major motion film Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, Stephen will star in The Kitchen Musical as a tyrannical head chef. It will be

Stephen Rahman Hughes

Lost Colony

the West End actor’s first Asian TV series. “I am proud to be representing Malaysia as the lead actor in this ground-breaking regional production. To be seen across Asia by millions in a first-of-itskind TV musical drama series is a new milestone in my career. I will do my best in The Kitchen Musical for Malaysian fans and to win over viewers beyond that.” Playing Stephen’s love-hate interest in the series is Filipino chanteuse and actress, Karylle Tatlonghari, whose role is of a rich, young Cordon Bleu-trained chef, struggling to make her mark in the restaurant world. The spectacular TV musical production also features a talented team behind the scenes such as top Australian choreographer and current judge of Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance, Jason Coleman, and wellknown Filipino music director, Gerard Salonga. International make-up artist, Massimiliano Della Maggesa, also known as Max the Joker, who has worked with Alexandra McQueen, Donna Karen and Chloé, is also part of the creative dream team. All cast members will be housed in Singapore for a threemonth filming period along with boot camp sessions starting June, to immerse them in the world of culinary arts.

ThursDay 7 JuLY, 2011

the malay mail


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The Malay Mail Thursday 7 JULY, 2011

Broadway feel to Nora's secret life By anu venugopal At least one secret is out in the open. Broadway rising star Ryan Silverman will be leading man in the highly-anticipated The Secret Life of Nora. While there is still one more character in the musical that has yet to be revealed, theatre lovers can start counting down the days to see the multi-talented Silverman take to the stage as Roger. Playing the love interest of protagonist Nora (Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina), he will also be acting alongside Nora’s confidante Khatijah (Adibah Noor) and the yet-to-be named baddie (Aznil Nawawi). Presented by Enfiniti Vision Media, the four are all set to be main casts in the musical, to take place at Istana Budaya, from Sept 29 to Oct 16. “I played Raoul in Phantom on Broadway, but I couldn’t pass on the chance to originate the role of Ryan in Secret Life of Nora,” said Silverman. No doubt the good-looking Broadway star and actor has talent, moving smoothly across various genres including opera, pop musicals, traditional musical theatre, big band and symphony concerts. Appearing in various shows like The Phantom of the Opera, Music in the Air and Most Happy Fella, he is excited about his first stint in Malaysia.

ALL-STAR CAST: (From left) Silverman, Tiara and Aznil — Pix: Ashraf Shamsul Azlan

“This is a challenge for me but I’m ready to take on something new,” said Silverman, who learnt about the company and its past productions through the Internet. Producer, actress and arts advocate Tiara admitted the search for Nora’s hero went a little hi-tech, as it comprised of several Skype sessions with her Enfiniti team. “We were looking for someone with talent who looked nice and someone we could work for the next few months,” said Tiara, who appeared composed and professional at a Press conference recently, despite the passing of her mother two days before. The multi-talented Tiara, the woman behind past successful musicals Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical and P. Ramlee The Musical, chose Aznil to be the ‘baddie’ in the musical as she believed he was the right fit for an antagonist.

We were looking for someone with talent who looked nice and someone we could work for the next few months. — Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina

“Maybe she chose me to be the baddie as my name is synonymous with bad guys after playing the role of Professor Klon in Cicak-man,” said Aznil.

Initially the versatile presenter, actor and Era FM radio announcer had doubts if he could pull off the role since it is mostly in English. However,

upon learning that it would also be in Bahasa, he decided to rise to the challenge. He expects The Secret Life of Nora to be a colourful show

and thinks the workshops will mould him into the 'baddie’ the writers and producers have in mind. The team behind the music includes musical director Roslan Aziz, Indie musician Jerome Kugan and prolific writer Alfian Sa’at, while the story is being finalised by director Steven Dexter and Enfiniti’s group vice president of strategy and content, Raymond Miranda. Set in a fantastical version of the 1960s, this is a story about a Malaysian prima donna, Nora, who unknowingly becomes a spy and saves the lives of thousands of women. Along the way, she finds her true self and even manages to fall in love with Roger, the international secret agent who is tasked with transforming Nora from drama queen to spy. Tickets start from RM30 and can be purchased from www. soon.

Contemporary is cool CREATIVITY reigned at Lex Lakshman Balakrishnan’s debut Nitya Sumangali at Pentas 2, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac) recently. The original piece, showing a different side of the controversial devadasi tradition, depicted the life and struggles of a 'devadasi' named Kalyani through simple Bharatanatyam movements, well-known music and conventional costumes. Set in the sixth century Shiva temple of Southern India, the contemporary dance drama both explains the devadasi culture and brings to light Kalyani’s perspective when she falls in love with a man, which is forbidden by the binds of the devadasi tradition, where she is thought of as God’s (and the priests') female servant. At the opening night on June 23, the audience got to see how Kalyani was willingly given to the temple by her parents in true devadasi form, in a system that exploits young women in the name of pleasing God and in doing so, serving the priests who are in charge of the temple. In Nitya Sumangali (or The Eternal Wife), the many wives were dancers and musicians not just to God, but were also obliged to entertain the priests that keep the temple going. The climax of the performance was when Kalyani and her lover were caught by the priests and was stripped of

any dignity for loving a man, a conduct out of bounds for any ‘devadasi’. The beauty of Nitya Sumangali was that it did not require the audience to be an expert in traditional Indian dance nor the ability to translate dance movements into a story. Performed simply and imaginatively, the 12 dancers conveyed the sad but inspirational tale of Kalyani with passion and professionalism throughout the performance. Credit should be given to Nitya Sumangali’s multi-racial cast, many of whom gave good performances despite coming from non-Indian backgrounds. The chemistry between the dancers, who were friends and students from ASWARA, was evident throughout the 60-minute performance. Among the dancers who stood out during the show was Hazra Ghazely, who delighted audience with her

expressions of jealousy and humour. One of the first Malay females with a degree in Bharatanatyam, Hazra’s professionalism stood out as much as the graceful movements from Noor Azlin Hamzah and Prahamma Raja Ratnam did. The tasteful performance was made even more special with the set on stage, consisting of 15 statues that formed a Gopuram (a monumental tower that usually is located at the entrance of a temple), also designed and made by Lex. Also a dancer, Lex’s deconstruction of traditional culture proved to be a hit among the audience at Pentas 2, a mix of the diverse cultures and races of Malaysia. While hardcore traditional-

TALENTED: Hazra's performance was delightful

ists may not be so keen to see dashes of contemporary and evident humour in the production, most were enthralled by the creativity composed by the choreographer in residence, whose works also include Black on Black and Adam The Musical. The sparkling execution of Nitya Sumangali once again poses as a reminder of the pool of creative talents in Malaysia. GRACEFUL: Noor Azlin (left) and Muhammad Shukri Kamal

What’sUp KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia International Jewellery Fair

It's all about the bling bling at the fair, which will be happening from July 7 to 10 from 11am to 7pm. Visit for more details or call 0358911157 for enquiries.

KUALA LUMPUR: 1Malaysia Mega Sale The 1Malaysia Mega Sale is on until Aug 31 in participating stores and malls all over Malaysia. Get your bargain shopping now! For more information, contact 03-26158188 or visit

KUALA LUMPUR: Charity Carnival

There will be a Real Community Charity Carnival at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil car park A on July 17 from 10am to 4pm, to garner donations and more for the underprivileged and orphan homes. If you like to help out, email Molly Brown at targ3t@gmail. com.

SELANGOR: Help the animals at PAWS

The PAWS Animal Welfare Society would appreciate your household throwaways for the centre.


So if you have some cash to spare, donations to be used for food, medicines, shelter repairs and more, bring them over to PAWS today! Other items needed include newspapers, canned or dry pet food, pet toys, pet milk powder, flea powder or shampoo, large plastic rubbish bags, old clothes, detergent, soap and brushes, cat litter and if you have time, do volunteer to help out to make a difference to these animals' lives. Visit PAWS at Pilmoor Estate, Subang Airport Road, Subang, Selangor. Open on Monday to Sunday (closed on Wednesdays) from 9am to 4pm. For more info, contact 03-78461087 or visit

KUALA LUMPUR: Arsenal FC Malaysia Tour 2011

Attention footballers! Arsenal Football Club will be heading down to Malaysia for a friendly match with our national football team at Bukit Jalil National Stadium on July 13 at 8.45pm. Tickets are priced at RM58, RM68, RM108 and RM388 at selected Nike stores and Ticketpro outlets. Go to or contact 03-78807999 for details.


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The Malay Mail Thursday 7 july, 2011

Tough cookie Chermaine bares it all

CHERMAINE Poo is a person who dons many hats. But signing up to be in the entertainment industry was not really part of the plan. A chartered accountant by profession, Poo has done it all. From hosting television programmes to emceeing and acting — you name it, she’s done it. Currently busy shooting a travelogue in Seoul, Poo still finds time to

do what she loves most — gun shooting and driving around the city in her Lotus Europa. “I would love to be a better and competitive driver one day, and perhaps set up an all-girl driving team that can contribute to charity,” she said. Underneath all that make-up and girly personality, Poo is one tough cookie, it seems.

By Loong Wai Ting

For me, when the opportunity does arise, I would seize every moment of it and give my best after much praying and support from my family. — Chermaine Poo “I love gun shooting! I practise whenever I have the time and my usual hangout place is at the City Square shooting gallery at Menara TKSS in Segambut. "It would be fabulous if these fun activities can be turned into a profit-making business. Well, maybe I can own a shooting gallery in the future,” she said. A familiar face on local

previously in Tudung Express. “In Bait Cinta, I played an abused wife, whose Muslim husband is a heavy gambler. My character always gets beaten by her husband and it’s emotionally challenging to play. That’s not all, I was also 'sold' to pay off my husband’s hefty debts,” she said. “However, I do believe in the saying 'opportunity knocks but once'. I think that’s true and thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ’s blessings and grace, opportunities have been knocking a lot. “For me, when the opportunity does arise, I would seize every moment of it and give my best after much praying and support from my family.” Poo manages her time well, juggling between acting, hosting and emceeing. “My schedule is terribly hectic at the moment. I don’t have extra time to spare. Every day is different, and depending on my schedule and engagement, I juggle different roles in a day. For example, I have to switch between playing a battered and abused wife by night and appear all chirpy again in the morning, while hosting a cooking show,” she said. At the same time, Poo, who loves watching mov-

how to play Sudoku X is a simple variation of Sudoku with the only difference being the squares in white (which make up the numeral X) need to tally from 1 to 9 along with the remaining coloured squares.

Yesterday'S solution

NO TIME TO SPARE: Poo is busy shooting a travel ogue in Seoul

television, Poo has appeared in many productions in Bahasa Malaysia, tackling tough and challenging roles. Now that requires demanding emotional input! She recently acted as a Muslim convert in Bait Cinta — a role that Poo admitted as very challenging. It was entirely different from the role she played

ies for both research and entertainment purposes, hopes to have a more balanced life and be able to divide her time for God, family, friends and herself. “One of my favourite movies so far would be Gladiator,” she said, adding that she might have watched the movie close to a hundred times!


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Thursday 7 July, 2011

ThursDay 7 JuLY, 2011

the malay mail




the malay mail

Thursday 7 JULY, 2011

Readers can also look out for classified ads ONLINE as early as 9.00a.m at


Houses for sale

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Car for sale

Car for sale

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Vehicles for hire




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Thursday 7 JULY, 2011 M394

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the malay mail M580





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Thursday 7 JULY, 2011 M580






03-7495 1273


Thursday 7 JULY, 2011 M580









the malay mail M580







CALL : 03-7495 1273




Malaysian golf fans will see one of the strongest fields of the season at this week’s Negri Sembilan Masters Invitational — Bernama

The Malay Mail Thursday 7 july, 2011


EPL stars to fly MAS By VIJHAY VICK

NATIONAL carrier Malaysia Airlines (MAS), known for its hospitality, will ferry some of the finest footballers from the English Premier League Having already been the official airline for football giants Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid over the last 10 years, MAS signed a deal with tour promoters ProEvents for the Chelsea Asia Tour 2011 at the MAS Complex yesterday. "Air charter is a key component of the tour as we have to ensure all our guests are well looked after by ex-

perienced airline staff," said ProEvents chief executive officer Julian Kam. "MAS are our trusted partner for bringing in world class football teams to Malaysia." Under the agreement, the airline will be advised by the club's nutritionist about the in-flight catering. MAS also promised a smooth transit in and out of the aircraft during the trips. MAS were represented by managing director Tengku Datuk Seri Azmil Zahruddin and commercial strategy executive vice-president Datuk Dr Amin Khan while

ProEvents MD San Boon Wah and FA of Malaysia general secretary Datuk Azzudin Ahmad were also present at the signing ceremony. The national carrier will be flying Chelsea from London to the Asian cities on the team's Asia tour, namely KL, Bangkok and Hong Kong. The London-based club will be arriving in KL on July 17 to begin the tour. Chelsea will take on a Malaysian selection, mostly players from the Olympic squad, at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil on July 21.

SIGNED AND SEALED: Julian (second from left) presenting the MOU to Amin (second from right) while Azzudin (third from left) and Boon Wah (third from right) look on


Super disappointment League leaves much room for improvement By Haresh Deol

KELANTAN would have certainly enjoyed the delicious seafood by the seaside after netting the Super League title in Kota Kinabalu yesterday. Norshahrul I d l a n Ta l a h a scored a brace to give Kelantan a 2-1 win over Sabah. The victor y was enough for the Red Warriors to soothe their pain after playing bridesmaid in the FA Cup not too long ago. Terengganu had then managed a 2-1 win over Kelantan to lift the Cup. The Turtles finished second in the league while Selangor had to be content with third spot after only managing a goalless draw against Perak. That aside, the season started on a promising note. With Astro committed towards pumping millions into the league and extending live coverage ever y week, it got the fans talking about local football. Even a new Super League logo was unveiled — reminding one of famous 80s cartoon "Thundercats". The official website was also updated after the end of every match. It may not be as up to speed as the

Match-fixing has reared its ugly head while past season tickets were sold by certain State FAs this year. Referees, meanwhile, have not been paid for the last three months! All this will be discussed at t he exco-me et ing on July 12 — hopefully. The promising results chalked by the national teams are slowly but surely rekindling the faith of even the most staunchest critics. Sadly, the M - L e a g u e c on tinues to disappoint many.

COMING THROUGH: Norshahrul (right) beats Sabah defender Rosdin Wasli and goalkeeper Azizon Abdul Kadir to score Kelantan's first goal — BERNAMApic


betting websites — which most journalists tend to refer to — but the effort is worth crediting. Kelantan and Selangor were clear favourites right from the start of the season but Perak surprised many after winning nine consecutive matches. Then ever ything went wrong. Teams lost their momentum as matches were often rescheduled. Most teams played nine league matches in April and it certainly took

a toll on the players. "It was tiring but we had to play. I guess it was more of a problem to the senior players, including me," admitted Perak's seasoned campaigner Chan Wing Hoong. "Perak started off really well but we just couldn't sustain our play and it showed during the later stages of the season. But I assure you we will be a team to watch in the Malaysia Cup… at least a top four finish," he added. And with the league officially over, the drama now

begins. Pahang and Perlis are placed as the bottom two teams but it remains unclear if they will be relegated. In fact, many remain unclear of the format for next season. Premier League winner PKNS and second-placed Sarawak are in the dark on whether they will be promoted to the Super League next year. Even Harimau Muda A are clueless if they will play in the Singapore League, which had been proposed earlier.

Perak 0 T-Team 2 Pahang 0 N. Sembilan 2 Harimau Muda 2 Sabah 1 Felda United 2

Selangor KL Kedah Perlis Johor FC Kelantan Terengganu

0 3 1 0 2 2 6

Standings P W D L F A Pts Kelantan 26 17 5 4 52 21 56 Terengganu 26 16 5 5 54 26 53 Selangor 26 16 4 6 42 24 52 Kedah 26 13 6 7 25 20 45 Harimau A 26 12 7 7 38 28 43 Perak 26 10 10 6 31 24 40 Johor FC 26 8 10 8 26 28 34 N. Sembilan 26 8 8 10 29 32 32 T-Team 26 9 4 13 35 40 31 Sabah 26 7 7 12 24 32 28 Felda United 26 7 7 12 22 34 28 KL 26 6 8 12 23 34 26 Pahang 26 5 7 14 19 36 22 Perlis 26 2 4 20 20 61 10


Renovations likely to limit away fans MALAYSIAN fans hoping to travel to Singapore and secure tickets for the World Cup qualifier Round 2 first-leg match on July 23 should not get their hopes up. The Lions will play their home match at Jalan Besar Stadium, which only has a capacity of 6,000, as the National Stadium is being renovated. So far, FA of Singapore (FAS) have only committed space for the Malaysian players and officials. "We have asked for 50 per cent of the tickets but don't think we'll get them. While FAS have said they can commit a certain number of tickets, they were unable to say how many," said FA of Malaysia general secretary Datuk Azzudin Ahmad. According to Azzudin, everything will be finalised with FAS in the next couple of days but admitted their request is unlikely to be met. "I hope our fans will be patient. They should turn up in numbers for the return-leg at Bukit Jalil on July 28." KUCHING: FOOTBALL

Bonus for Sarawak

THE Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) have decided to reward the players and officials of the State team which emerged Premier League runner-up with a bonus which is expected to be handed out this month. FAS s e cret ar y-genera l Abdullah Julaihi said the team management agreed to equally distribute the bonus to the team after winning RM100,000 for securing the second place in the league. — Bernama

Unfortunately, I've been advised that I should not play in the British Open — Tiger Woods

The Malay Mail Thursday 7 JULY, 2011

A sit-down with Mabbutt BANDAR UTAMA: FOOTBALL

Spurs icon looks ahead to next season By VIJHAY VICK

GARY MABBUTT has over 600 club appearances in English football. He is a legend among Tottenham Hotspur fans, having spent 16 years with the club and captaining them from 1987 till 1998. The centreback has been suffering from diabetes since his playing days and is an icon for many children with the condition. He won the Uefa Cup in 1984 and captained Spurs to their FA Cup success in 1991 and ended his career after having played 482 games for the club. The 50-year-old also earned 16 caps for England. He also played for Bristol Rovers. The Spurs legend spoke with Mailsport to discuss the club’s chances next season, player transfers and last season’s campaign. Mabbutt was in KL to launch the club’s football development programme in Malaysia. Q: Luka Modric, Aaron Lennon and Gareth Bale are subjects of transfer speculation. Considering they still have many years left in their contract, should they be allowed to move? A: If a player wants to leave then they should be allowed to do so but the club must get a good offer. These are very talented players but there is no point hanging on to them if their mind is made up. The chairman has stated the club will strive to keep the players. Hopefully, the players want to stay as well. Q: How important is it for the club to keep these players? A: They form the core of the club and it would be a big gap

to fill if even one of them leaves this summer. The club have been moving forward over the last couple of years and these players have gained valuable experience. Hopefully, they share the same ambition as the club. A team should be built around these players. Q: Spurs’ competitors for the Champions League (CL) are strengthening their squad. What area should the club improve on? A: We have been talking with a few players but nothing formal at this stage. The central defence needs to be beefed up. Ledley King has been a great servant of the club and is a very good player. But he is injury-prone and cannot play all games. It is essential to have an established pair at the back who can play consistently. Q: Is defence the only problem Harry Redknapp is facing? A: Certainly not. To match the club’s ambitions, a 20-goal-aseason striker is needed. I’m sure Harry (Redknapp) has a list of strikers who can get those goals. Q: Arsenal appear to be losing their battle to hold onto their players. Does this mean Spurs have a bet-


MCLAREN'S Jenson Button (pic) just cannot wait to end his Silverstone hoodoo. Despite 11 attempts, he has never stood on the podium in front of his home fans. The best he has managed is two fourth-place finishes in 2004 and last year. The former world champion will have his work cut out changing that statistic on Sunday with runaway leader Sebastian Vettel virtually untouchable this season in his Red Bull.

ter chance of making it into the top four? A: Yes, Arsenal are in a vulnerable position and the other contenders are strengthening their squad. Liverpool could rise under Kenny Dalglish and Manchester City have the money to attract players. Spurs will have to build on from last season. The players are more experienced now. Last season, their league form suffered from their participation in Europe. If they can juggle the domestic and European competitions well then CL qualification is a good possibility. Q: The club will miss out on the CL this season and will have to play in the Europa League. How does this affect the club, both economically and performance-wise? A: Economically, it is a setback but the club can find ways to work around this. This is the reason the club have been pushing for a new stadium. We need a 60,000-capacity stadium. At White Hart Lane, we collect only about half of what the big clubs get on matchdays. The Europa League offers us an opportunity to keep in touch with European football. The players should build on this. MABBUTT: To launch Spurs' developement school in Malaysia — Pic: RAZAK GHAZALI




Victory splash rules Levet out of British Open

FRANCE'S Thomas Levet (pic) withdrew from the British Open this morning after fracturing his right fibula when he jumped into a pond to celebrate his French Open win last weekend. After clinching his first ever French Open success, and sixth European Tour victory, on Sunday, Levet launched himself barefoot into a pond protecting the 18th green at Le Golf National but hurt himself on the rocks at the bottom. The 42-year-old will undergo surgery today and revealed

that he is likely to be sidelined for four weeks, meaning he will also miss the US PGA Championship in August. "I'm extremely disappointed to miss the British Open that takes place next week at the Royal St George's course but my doctor advised me to undergo surgery on my fractured fibula on Thursday morning," said Levet. America's Robert Garrigus will replace Levet at the British Open, which takes place at Royal St George's from July 10-17. — AFP


Mickelson family in hunt for monster prizes

AS his family went off in search of the Loch Ness monster, Phil Mickelson revealed a goal to join the select band of players to have captured golf 's Grand Slam. In the long history of the game only five men — Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods — have won all four Majors. Mickelson is halfway to achieving that goal in clinching three Masters (2004, 2006 and 2010) along with the 2005 US PGA Championship. And while the world No. 6 may have incorrectly stated the number to be six, there was no doubting the 41-yearold's enthusiasm on the eve of the Scottish Open at Castle Stuart near Inverness. "There's only six players who have won the career Grand Slam, and I look at those players in a different light," he said.

"I have not won either the US or British Open and that would be a great goal for me to set as I go on with my career. "I've had many opportunities in the US Open and I've come close and I believe that I'll ultimately win there but the biggest challenge for me has been in the British Open and there are two reasons. "The biggest reason is the greens. I have not putted the greens well. The grass is a little more coarse, more thicker, has a little more effect, and you need to putt with less break and be more aggressive is what I've come to find. "So I am going to try and do that this week and next week, and see if that doesn't combat some of the issues that I've had with putting here in the UK, because if I have a good putting week, I think I'll be in contention on Sunday." Mickelson has contested all

but one British Open since making his debut in 1994, and with a best result of third in the 2004 British Open won by countryman, Todd Hamilton at Royal Troon. And he was quizzed by reporters if not having won a British Open was a cause for embarrassment or frustration for the visiting American. "I wouldn't say either as I look at it more now as a challenge," he said. "I played well in the 2004 Open where I was a shot out of the play-off, and it's got me more determined to try to overcome this because I feel like it is exciting golf over here. "I enjoy the challenge of links golf. It's fun, and I have not performed to the level that I have played, in, say, week-in and week-out in the States, and I want to change that. "I'm planning on doing that." — AFP

Button to end Silverstone jinx On his lack of success on home soil, Button told Daily Star: "Crazy, isn't it? "It's not for want of trying. Every year I think how great it would be but it has not happened yet. "For any driver their home Grand Prix is special. You get the same points but knowing you have done it in front of a crowd where most people are cheering for you has got to be special. "This is one I would love to

win — it is something that is missing in my trophy cabinet but it's not the trophy. Even if we didn't get given trophies and champagne to stand on top of the podium, just to be in front of all the British fans would be something I'd never forget." Last month Button claimed a thrilling last-ditch win in the rain of Montreal — snatching victory from Vettel on the final lap. "That win was very special but winning the British GP

would be even more so. It is going to be tough but we will do our utmost to get the most from the car," he said. "Even to be on the podium would be great. Most races I have been up there, except for the British." Eleven years of waiting has given Button, 31, plenty of time to plan his celebration. "I will be doing doughnuts and everything — even if the team are telling me not to. I won't care at that point.

The emotions will have taken over." And he is praying for a bit of rain especially for Sunday's race. "In terms of our pace in the wet and of a result, wet weather could be good. It definitely does mix it up a little bit. Our car seems to work well in the wet. "It is going to be tough to beat the Red Bulls. We always knew that but we won't know how difficult it is until Friday and the practice sessions."



Manuel Neuer made his first competitive appearance for Bayern Munich but was given a frosty reception by some of the die-hard fans — AFP

Swede stunner

WOLFSBURG: FOOTBALL/ women's world cup

Blueyellows shock USA but both teams enter quarters

SWEDEN stunned two-time winners the United States 2-1 in their final Group C game at the women's World Cup this morning, but both teams march into the quarterfinals. Sweden took the lead when midfielder Lisa Dahlkvist netted a penalty after 15 minutes and the Swedes extended their lead on 35 minutes when captain Nilla Fischer fired in a free-kick which deflected off a US player. The Americans pulled a goal back when veteran forward Abby Wambach netted in the 67th minute for the 1991 and 1999 world champions, but it was not enough. With both sides already through to the quarterfinals, the result means Group C winners Sweden will now play Australia in Augsburg on Sunday, the same day group runners-up the United States take on Brazil in Dresden in a mouth-watering tie. "Today was just one of those days," said US striker Abby Wambach. "You couldn't really argue with the penalty. "We are just happy to be in the quarterfinals, although we would have loved to have finished top of the group." Sweden dominated the opening stages as player-ofthe-match Lotta Schelin was denied only by a brilliant save from US goalkeeper Hope

AERIAL BATTLE: Wambach (second from left) heads the ball to score the consolation goal for USA — AFPpic

Solo after just six minutes as the pair went one-on-one with the US defence well beaten. Soon after Japanese referee Etsuko Fukano pointed straight to the spot and booked US defender Amy Le Peilbet for downing striker

LEVERKUSEN: FOOTBALL/ women's world cup

Norway coach stunned by Aussie drubbing

NORWAY coach Eli Landsem (pic) admitted the former footballing giants were stunned after crashing to their worst showing at the women's World Cup here this morning. The 1995 winners fell 2-1 to Australia in their final Group D clash which had been crucial for both sides' hopes of reaching the last eight. Norway needed a win to advance as they were equal on three points with secondplaced Australia but behind on goal difference. "The disappointment is incredible," said Landsem whose side had never failed to reach the quarterfinals since the tournament began in 1991. "It all went wrong. We really

had hoped we would make it much further than we have but I think we played a good game. We'll come back strongly and do better next time." The Norwegians had looked the stronger team in the first-half and Elise Thorsnes put the 2000 Olympic champions ahead after 56 minutes. But just a minute later Kyah Simon grabbed the equaliser and the 20-year-old Sydney FC forward sealed victory with a header three minutes from time. — AFP

RESULTS GROUP C North Korea 0 Colombia 0 Sweden 2 USA 1 GROUP D Australia 2 Norway 1 E. Guinea 0 Brazil 3

Schelin in the box on 15 minutes. Sweden's Lisa Dahlkvist put her side ahead by drilling home the penalty. The goal forced the the United States into life and Wambach was only denied by Swedish goalkeeper Hedvig

Lindahl's fine save on 20 minutes in front of a crowd of 23,468. It was end-to-end stuff in the first half as Schelin's shot on 30 minutes was only snuffed out by some robust defending from US captain Christine Rampone, while

at the other end striker Amy Rodriguez hit the crossbar seconds later. Sweden went 2-0 up when midfielder Nilla Fischer drilled in a low free-kick which deflected off the luckless Le Peilbet's thigh and looped past Solo into the US goal on 35 minutes. Lindahl's busy e ve n i ng c on tinued as she denied US midfielder Cari Lloyd's fierce drive on 42 minutes as it finished 2-0 at the break, with the Americans having had 11 shots on goal in the first-half alone. After a period of sustained second-half pressure, Wambach opened her Germany 2011 account on 67 minutes when the 31-year-old rose highest from a corner. The ball went in off her shoulder for her 119th goal on her 161st appearance for the "Stars and Stripes", but still counted With less than five minutes left, substitute Kelley O'Hara wasted a golden chance to level when she fired wide from all of 10 yards with the goal at her mercy. And Schelin looked to have wrapped up the game when she slotted her shot home from a tight angle on 90 minutes, but her effort was ruled offside. — AFP

frankfurt: FOOTBALL/ women's world cup

Brazil thump E. Guinea

THREE second-half goals gave Brazil a convincing 3-0 victory over Equatorial Guinea here this morning that secured top spot in Group D for the 2007 runners-up. Erika struck in the 49th minute and Cristiane (pic) doubled the advantage at the 54-minute mark before completing a brace with a penalty in injury time. Brazil finished Group D with a perfect nine points and a goal difference of 7-0 as they booked their place in the quarterfinals in ominous fashion. The South American powers will play the secondplaced team in Group C, the United States, on July 10 in Dresden. Equatorial Guinea depart their first World Cup with zero points, having scored two goals and conceded seven. In front of 35,859 specta-

tors in Frankfurt, Brazil came close to scoring just 60 seconds in, with Marta's freekick from the right side a bit too long for Erika as it sailed just wide of the far post. Lima's side set up further forward after half-time and it paid off straight away as the Brazilians took the lead with a magnificent goal. Marta's cross from the left was batted away by Guinea keeper Miriam but only just past the penalty spot, where Erika juggled the ball to her left foot aand blasted home for her ninth goal in 17th appearances. Marta was again free on the left flank shortly afterwards and the superstar set up her side's second goal with a low cross that Cristiane flicked home at the near post. Cristiane sealed the win in the 93rd minute, converting

The Malay Mail Thursday 7 JuLY, 2011


daily mirror

Bruce raids former club

FORMER Manchester United centreback, and current Sunderland manager, Steve Bruce closed in on more transfer success as the club worked to thrash out the details of a double swoop for Manchester United duo Wes Brown and John O'Shea. The pair, and midfielder Darron Gibson, were the subject of a joint bid totalling more than £12m which was accepted by the Red Devils last month. Brown was due in the northeast today and could be closely followed by O'Shea with the Black Cats edging towards deals to secure their seventh and eighth summer transfer targets.

DAILY mirror

Liverpool finally get Adam

MANAGER Kenny Dalglish's dogged pursuit of midfielder Charlie Adam (pic) finally paid off after a new bid was accepted by Blackpool. The Reds boss twice tried to sign the Scotland international in January only to have an offer of £6.5m rejected as the Seasiders successfully held on to their prized asset. It was hoped keeping Adam would help safeguard their Premier League future but when relegation came in May, the 25-year-old, with only 12 months left on his contract, told the club Anfield was his preferred destination this summer. After several weeks of negotiations both parties have settled on an acceptable valuation — Blackpool were reportedly holding out for £9m (RM43.3m) — and the player just has to pass his medical.


Spartak sign de Zeeuw

from the spot into the lowerright corner after Bruna took down Marta in the box. It was Cristiane's 43rd goal in 59 caps. — AFP

SPARTAK MOSCOW signed Dutch international midfielder Demy de Zeeuw, 28 from Ajax on Wednesday for an undisclosed sum. De Zeeuw is already on his way with the team to their training camp in Austria. “I remember Spartak as a very strong team that beat us twice,” the midfielder told Spartak’s official website. “This partly influenced my decision to come to Russia’s most popular club,” he said, adding that Russian league was stronger that Eredivisie. Meanwhile, Spartak may lose another Brazilian in Ibson, after the player's father and agent Lais Souza announced that his son would like to follow former captain Alex to Brazil.

The Malay Mail Thursday 7 JULY, 2011


We need to have a chain marking system, ensure he is a long way from goal when he gets the ball — Colombia's Luis Amaranto Perea on Lionel Messi

Swinging 'Duck' CORDOBA: football/ copa america

Upbeat Pato feels Brazil still capable of retaining title

BRAZIL striker Alexandre Pato remained upbeat despite his side's 0-0 draw against Venezuela in their opening Group B match, and feels the team have learnt their lesson sufficiently to still be a force in the Copa America. The champions controlled much of that game but lacked the incision to convert the chances created. "Now we're not concerned about the draw against Venezuela. While we expected a different result, a victory, the other teams (in the group) also drew. So the Cup begins again," the 21-year-old told Argentinian news agency Telam. "Every game is different. We had a pretty good first half against Venezuela. The only thing missing was a goal. The game against Paraguay will be different as they will play us on equal terms. There will be more spaces." Pato, or "The Duck", also explained of his specific role within the team, and spoke of his admiration for coach Mano Menezes. "I will do what Menezes asks because I want to help the team get three points against Paraguay. My role is to secure and keep the ball for the team on the attack. Also, I have an obligation to score goals, because I am the central striker."

And Pato is confident Brazil could go on to retain their title. "We all want to do our job and bring Brazil to the top. We did not have much time to train together. But this is just the beginning. If we had won against Venezuela, we would not be talking about this," he said. "There are two more group games, we will win them and will qualify to the quarter-finals. We are all convinced we can win the Cup but the team are new, the coach is new, everything is new." Brazil face Paraguay at Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes in Cordoba on Sunday (2am). Like in the match against Venezuela, Menezes is expected to employ a three-pronged attack comprising Pato, Neymar and Robinho in his bid to see Brazil scoring for the first time in the tournament. The Paraguayan defence has to work extra hard to stop them from doing so. Brazil, after all, must win this one to advance into the

last eight and also prove they are still a force to be reckoned with in this tournament. Failure to get result here will have pressure mounting on Menezes, who took over from Dunga after the World Cup Finals in South Africa last year.

pato: We can win the Copa America for the third time — AFPpic

BUENOS AIRES: football/ copa america

Paraguay to go with guns blazing PARAGUAY coach Gerardo Martino says they will attack Copa America champions Brazil despite being underdogs when the two teams clash in a Group B match on Sunday (2am). Both opening games in the group ended in 0-0 draws, which leaves qualification to the quarterfinals up in the air. Brazil are expected to react in their second match, but Paraguay have their own ideas. "We will not give up the intention of playing, attacking and looking to win the game," said Martino. "We are not a perfect team. But we are working to maintain attention, concentration, and work-rate for 90 minutes." However, the 48-year-old is wary of Brazil's attacking threat. "Rightback Dani Alves goes on forever, outside, inside; he is almost a No. 10. Not only Alves, but Ganso, Robinho, Alexandre Pato, Neymar and many more," he said. The thing is that Paraguay also have a quality strikeforce with stalwarts like Lucas Barrios, Roque Santa Cruz and Nelson Valdez in the set-up. Barrios, also known as "The Panther", will be dangerous after playing a big role in Borussia Dortmund’s success of winning the Bundesliga last season. Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar is bound to be tested if Barrios is given the space to execute a shot. Santa Cruz (pic) may be a bit "rusty" because of lack of playing time in the English Premier League with Blackburn but he is still capable of delivering the damage to Brazil via his strong headers.

dependiente Santa Fe. Venezuela have come on strongly since being thrashed 7-0 by Brazil in their 1999 opening match, despite baseball being the national sport. They held the Brazilians to a draw away in a 2009 World Cup qualifier, while also winning a friendly against them, and on home soil four years ago they reached the Copa quarterfinals for the first time. — AFP


Inter sign 'Kaka of Velez'

GROUP C SATURDAY Uruguay v Chile (6.15am) Peru v Mexico (8.45am) SUNDAY GROUP B Brazil v Paraguay (2am) Venezuela v Ecuador (4.30am)


GROUP B P W D L 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0

F 0 0 0 0

A Pts 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1


GROUP C P W D L 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 1

F 2 1 1 1

A Pts 1 3 1 1 1 1 2 0

ARGENTINIAN midfielder Ricky Alvarez (pic) is on the verge of completing a €12m (RM51.6m) move from Argentine side Velez Sarsfield to Inter. "I leave for Milan on Thursday, I'm happy, thanks to all the Fortineros (Vélez supporters)," said the 23 year-old on Twitter. Alvarez has agreed a fiveyear deal, with Inter paying out an initial €9m plus an additional €3m in bonuses. Alvarez, nicknamed the "Kaka of Velez" is considered to be one of the great promises of the Argentinian game.

Roma close in on Lamela ROMA have agreed a deal with relegated Argentine side River Plate for midfield prodigy Erik Lamela. River Plate president Daniel Passarella is now expected to fly to Italy so a transfer can be closed. Passarella's club will get around €12m (RM51.6m) plus bonuses for the midfielder, who will sign a five-year contract. It is a major coup for Roma and their director of sport Walter Sabatini as they have beaten off interest from Inter and Napoli to secure Lamela. The teenager is the second player on the verge of a deal with the club after Roma reached an agreement to buy Bojan Krkic from Barcelona.


Fergie back in for Bastian

Ecuador tougher bet than Brazil — Venezuela And for Seijas, Ecuador will pose a bigger threat than the samba stars. "For me, this game is even more difficult than the Brazil match. We have the pressure on us to go out and win it. This time it's not just about defending and holding the line but going out to attack. "We have to get an important result to enable us to qualify," added Seijas, who plays for Colombian side In-



BUENOS AIRES: football/ copa america

ECUADOR will give Venezuela a tougher time than holders Brazil did in the Copa America when they meet on Sunday, Venezuela winger Luis Seijas said this morning. Brazil, seeking a hattrick of Copa titles, could only manage a 0-0 draw against traditional whipping boys Venezuela in their match at La Plata outside Buenos Aires and struggled to find their flair against dogged rivals.


TOUGH TIME: Venezuela's Tomas Rincon (left) and Luis Seijas in training — AFPpic

SIR ALEX FERGUSON will revive his interest in Bastian Schweinsteiger if he is outbid for Samir Nasri and Wesley Sneijder by bitter rivals Manchester City. The Scot is a long-term admirer of German star Schweinsteiger and has targeted him to replace the retired Paul Scholes. Fergie put Schweinsteiger on his wanted list six months ago but was unable to lure him from Bayern Munich. Dimitar Berbatov could be offered as a makeweight in a deal to bring Schweinsteiger to the Premier League — with Bayern keen on the Bulgarian.

Cristiane checks Brazil in

A BRACE from ace striker helped Brazil crush Equatorial Guinea 3-1 for a place in the quarterfinals in the Thursday 7 JULY, 2011 Women’s World Cup

Matildas waltz over Norway

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NORWAY coach Eli Landsem admitted the former footballing giants were stunned after crashing to Australia

Men in black see red

Petaling jaya: football

please pay us: Malaysian football referees crying for three months unpaid wages

Refs cry foul over salary owed

By Haresh Deol

REFEREES in the M-League have not been paid since April. Some even claim they’ve not been paid since 2009 for matches in Pahang and Sarawak. Others who coordinated fitness tests for two State teams in 2005 have not received their claims till today! Apparently, almost-dry coffers are the reason for the late payments. This is surpising as the FA of Malaysia (FAM) secured a lucrative sponsorship deal with Astro earlier this year. The deal is worth RM120 million for the next four years. Telekom Malaysia, meanwhile, are set to pump in RM6m for the first year followed by a 10 per cent incre-

ment for the following three years. This will be announced at Wisma FAM tomorrow. Referees are paid RM300 for a Super League match, RM250 (Malaysia Cup) and RM150 (Premier League and FA Cup). They are also entitled to claim 40 sen per kilometre when they use their own transport to travel for matches and a subsistence allowance of RM40 per day (Peninsular) and RM60 per day (Sabah/ Sarawak or vice-versa). Most referees are now owed about RM3,000. Several referees spoke with Mailsport yesterday, claiming the allowances have also been the same for more than a decade. They said new rates were proposed to FAM but


were shot down. “Referees are always on the losing end. We get brickbats from fans but the national body are not paying us our dues,” said a referee who declined to be named. “We used to receive our allowances immediately after matches before 2010. Now they want us to pay for everything first and then put in our claims.” Another referee said it was the responsibility of the home team to pay the referees in 2009. Most States paid, except for Pahang and Sarawak. “Pahang and Sarawak said their grants were slashed by FAM. “That is not our problem. If they want our services, they should pay us,” he said.

previously, Luka Modric will not be sold. That’s the end of it,” Levy told Sky Sports News. “He’s been on holiday but we’ve now had the conversation and he understands our position. I’m sure once he’s back with his teammates everything will be fine. This is not about money. We’re not selling our best players.” Meanwhile, Bayern winger Franck Ribery has insisted he is a team player, in reply to comments from new coach

Jupp Heynckes which suggested the Frenchman was too individualistic. “All the work I do is for the team. If I have to go back and defend, I’ll go back. If I have to attack, I go forward and attack. I’m never playing just for myself, I play for my team,” Ribery told Bayern’s website “I don’t score many goals, but I do lay on a lot of goals,” added Ribery, who is preparing for his fifth season with the Bavarians. — Reuters


Mabbut: Top four not impossible

FORMER Spurs captain Gary Mabbutt, in town to launch the club’s football development programme in Malaysia, believes they can qualify for the Champions League again

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Button to end home hoodoo

MCLAREN’S Jenson Button just cannot wait to end his Silverstone hoodoo and finish on the podium for the first “Some of us conducted time in front of home fitness tests for Perlis and fans Penang players in 2005. We

submitted our claims but un>> pg29 til now, we’ve not even heard from FAM.” GOLF FAM referees committee chairman Datuk Astaman Abdul Aziz could not be reached as he is abroad. FAM head of referees de- FRANCE’S Thomas partment Lt Col (R) Kamar- Levet withdrew from uddin Sakhari, however, said the British Open they were aware about the after fracturing his grouses. right fibula when he “The referees have not been jumped into a pond paid since April and we will to celebrate his bring this up when the exco French Open win last meets on July 12,” said Kama- weekend ruddin. “We should support the ref>> pg29 erees by paying them on time. I hope there is affirmative ac- PRESSTALK tion after the exco meeting.”

Modric understands he will not be sold, say Tottenham

CROATIA midfielder Luka Modric (pic) understands he will not be sold at any price, Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy said this morning after talks with the player on his return for preseason training. Modric, who signed a new six-year deal last year, was quoted by media last month as saying he wanted to leave for Premier League rivals Chelsea. “We had a very good conversation and, as I’ve said

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Celebration backfires

Inter acquire Alvarez

ARGENTINIAN midfielder Ricky Alvarez has agreed a five-year deal with the Italian giants, moving from Argentine side Velez Sarsfield

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7 July 2011  

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