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Friday 5 august, 2011



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K-pop goes West Promoters pushing Korean stars like Girls’ Generation to Europe


National Hockey Stadium

Foolproof by year-end


Full link-up for Selangor land offices, related agencies to stop title thefts

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... but not match ready until facilities for players, fans, even umpires are fixed, pending budget approval

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Raring to go

Whether in defence or midfield, Man United new boy Phil Jones just wants to play

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Stubborn! Jln Sepadu’s illegal parking persists despite 676 compounds issued so far this year

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Body parts puzzle AMPANG JAYA



master bedroom

Living Room

toilet 2 room no 2 room no 3


kitchen front door

dry area

•The body of a child stuffed in a plastic bag and crammed into a gaping hole in the ceiling. •Several body parts in plastic bags hanging from jagged plaster ceiling

•Several internal organs, intestines and stomach in toilet bowl. •Several other mutilated body parts of a woman strewn in the bathroom including: • A left leg on the floor. •Missing — head, right leg and torso.

Police baffled over murder of suspected mother and child whose remains were found at a vacant apartment

By Frankie D’Cruz and Aizat Sharif MYSTERY deepened into the grisly find of 15 highly decomposed body parts of a mutilated woman and the intact remains of a boy stuffed in a Police are trying to establish what was used plastic bag in the bathroom of an un- to dismember the woman’s body based on the occupied apartment in Taman Kosas hacking and have not ruled out more than one even as it emerged the victims may be sharp object having been utilised. mother and child. She was also thought to have been disembow-

The police are perplexed over the circumstances surrounding the horrific double murder and the eventual dumping of the body parts and the dead child in apartment 36 on the fifth floor of Block Chryssa, Astaria Apartments. While initial thoughts pointed to mother and child, DNA tests are to be conducted to determine the bond between them, said Ampang Jaya district police chief ACP Amiruddin Jamaluddin. First reports indicated the boy, aged six or seven, could have been strangled to death because there was no slash mark on his body. The child’s intact body was stuffed into a plastic bag and forced into a gaping hole in the plaster ceiling of the bathroom at the apartment. The woman was decapitated as her head was not among the body parts found in four other plastic bags that were hanging from sharp plaster ceiling splinters. Also missing were her torso and right leg.

elled as intestines and stomach were stuffed into the toilet bowl. Amiruddin said an autopsy of the chopped up body confirmed it was that of an adult woman and fingerprint analysis was underway to ascertain her identity. He said police teams were also scanning missing persons’ reports and talking to the residents of the apartment complex and the surrounding areas to get leads on the killings. Police, he said, had also begun examining the surveillance video from the security checkpoint dating back to about a week when the body parts were said to have been dumped in the apartment. Guards are also being interviewed. Amiruddin said police were also trying to trace the apartment owner and had appealed to him to come forward to assist investigations. Police made the gruesome discovery on Wednesday evening after they were alerted by residents to overpowering stench emanating from the unit. Till Press time, police were no nearer to finding out the identity of the slaughtered woman. No further body parts were also found as the search for them in nearby areas resumed this morning. ● More reports on pg2 and pg3



A total of 127,049 illegals have registered under the amnesty programme since it began on Monday — Home Affairs Ministry deputy secretary-general (immigration and policy) Datuk Alwi Ibrahim

Buka Puasa/Imsak Times Ramadan 4, 1432H



The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011


WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya



SELANGOR Zone I: Daerah Gombak, Petaling Jaya/ Shah Alam, Hulu Selangor, Hulu Langat and Sepang Zone II: Daerah Klang, Kuala Langat, Kuala Selangor, and Sabak Bernam





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Kal Penn returning to television INDIAN-American actor Kal Penn (pic), best known for his role in the Harold and Kumar movies, is ready to return to television after a couple of stints in Obama's White House. Penn, who served in the White House's Office of Public Engagement as an associate director, has taken on a major recurring role on the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother, according to TVLine. He has also played a terrorist on 24, a brilliant young doctor on House, a conflicted Indian American man in Mira Nair's The Namesake, a hilarious stoner in the Harold & Kumar franchise and lead roles in two Van Wilder comedies.


'Suddenly I remembered Mona Fandey' Foul smell, broken furniture give apartment that spooky feeling

BEING a crime journalist the last three years, I have covered many grisly crimes, including the murder of beautician millionaire Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya in Banting last year. But it never struck my mind that I would encounter a finding as horrific as this. When I went to Astaria Apartment in Taman Kosas for a follow-up to the gruesome discovery of 15 dismembered human body parts and organs yesterday, I was really thrilled and curious to know what had actually happened. After meeting the apartment’s joint management board chairman Datuk Thajudeen Mohideen, The Malay Mail pixman Arif Kartono and I were


led to the unit accompanied by a janitor, Juni Juim, a 35-yearold Sabahan. As we approached the abandoned unit on the fifth floor of Charyssa block, a foul smell started sneaking into our noses. Arif could not stand the stench and had to cover his nose with a handkerchief. Juni and I did the same. Although the door of the unit had been blocked off with plywood, we slowly entered as we needed to take photos of the alleged crime scene. At this point, I was wondering how the neighbours could endure such a stench.

The dwelling is about 1,000sq ft and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Juni pointed to me the spooky bathroom where all the body parts were found. When we neared the place, the smell in the air became so intolerable and Arif almost threw up while I gathered every muscle I had in my body to bear the foul odour. The house was messy, with broken furniture and empty whiskey bottles scattered in the living area. That gave me the impression that this unit could have been used as a port for alcoholics to hang out. There were two wrecked television

sets and lots of rubbish in the rooms. The master bedroom had a mattress, all torn up. Window panes were cracked with broken glass on the floor. The walls were spray painted with vulgar words. Suddenly, my mind flashed back to the case of Batu Talam State assemblyman Datuk Mazlan Idris, whose body, dismembered into 18 pieces, was found in a storeroom in an unnumbered house in Ulu Dong, Raub, Pahang in 1993. The case shocked the nation as it was deemed the most morbid at the time. In that case, police had arrested singer-turn-bomoh Mona Fandey, her husband

Mohamad Nor Affandi Abdul Rahman and their assistant Juraimi Hassan, for the crime of ritual murder. The trio was executed in 2001. Snapping back to reality, I heard Juni telling me that the murder may have occurred outside the apartment. He said if it had been committed inside the unit, there must have been a commotion and the neighbours surely would have heard it. Although the whole house stank like crazy, I forced myself to focus on picturing how the murderer had dumped the left leg in the bathroom and disposed other organs inside the toilet bowl. I forced my eyes open. I had to know the truth. It was my job.

No sign of unit 36 owner DESPITE various attempts, the management of Astaria Apartment in Taman Kosas, Ampang Jaya, has not been able to locate the owner of the ill-fated unit 36 in Block Charyssa. Joint management chairman Datuk Thajudeen Mohideen said the unit had been vacant

THE MALAY MAIL IS PUBLISHED BY Malay Mail Sdn Bhd, Lot 2A, Jalan 13/2, 46200, Petaling Jaya

the past 10 years and no one knew the whereabouts of the owner. He said the gruesome bodyparts find has spooked residents who never imagined such a heinous crime would happen in their neighbourhood. "Most of us believe the

EDITORIAL Tel : 03-74951288 Fax : 03-74951229 Email :

crime occurred elsewhere and the body parts were dumped in the abandoned unit," said Thajudeen who has been living there the past 18 years. There are some 1,400 people living in 530 units in six apartment blocks, he said, adding about 50 per cent of the owners have rented out

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their premises. He said the owner of unit 36 has abandoned his house due to an outstanding amount of maintenance debt that he failed to pay. Apartment janitor Juni Juim, 35, said he has being working there for two years and Wednesday's incident is

one he will not forget. "My colleagues had received complaints about a strong stench and they checked it out. They spotted a right leg and then called me in, just to confirm it," said Juni. "I took one look at the leg and my body shivered. It was actually a human leg."

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The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011

Only 10 per cent of residents in dengue hotspots take part in gotong-royong programmes organised by resident committees and local authorities — Health director-general Datuk Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman




4 HOUSE OF THE UNHOLY: 1. The apartment block 2. The entrance to unit 36 3. The living room of the vacant unit 4. The bathroom where the several human organs and body parts were found — Pix: ARIF KARTONO

More questions than answers

Police stumped why killers risked dumping remains at apartment

FLASHBACK: Our report on Dec 13


Recent crimes with mutilated body parts ON New Year's Eve 2011, the skull and limbs of Liew Kuan Mang, a 29-year-old air-cond businessman were found by Indah Water workers while cleaning up an oxidation pond in Taman Pasir Mas, Sungai Chua, Kajang. Body parts found were from the waist to the ankles. Liew was last seen entering the toilet of a mamak restaurant near his house in Kajang after returning from a nightclub near the Petronas Twin Towers with three friends around 2am on Nov 7. His friends claimed they had a fight with bouncers at the club. Just two weeks earlier on Dec 12, two exotic animal hunters discovered a sports bag with a hand sticking out of it in a ravine near Chin Swee Cave Temple in Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands. Inside the bag was also a severed leg. About 13 metres away, they found another luggage with a head, still attached to the torso, in it.

Police believed the body belonged to a disabled teenage girl; the head was larger than normal and the right hand abnormally smaller. She had curly hair, dark skin and was fully dressed. There was no sign of any physical injury. And there has been no news on the case since. On July 29, 2007, the new owner of a luxury condominium in Mont Kiara found the remains of a man, cut into pieces, stuffed in a refrigerator. The fridge had been sealed with masking tape. DNA tests confirmed the victim as Singaporean Goh Yoke Seng. Police arrested Goh's wife, a 33-year-old Sarawakian woman, who later confessed to the murder. It was reported that the house had been vacant for three months before the new owner, a man in his 30s, came and made the discovery after smelling a strong stench. The case, so gruesome, was dubbed "body-in-fridge".

INVESTIGATORS are baffled why someone would dump the remains of the murdered victims in an apartment when the risk of being captured on surveillance cameras or seen by residents was high. A source reasoned: “The body parts could have been dumped in an isolated place instead of in an apartment complex that has six blocks and 530 units with some 1,400 residents. “Why did the killer/killers take the risk of being recognised by residents or security

guards at the apartment complex?” “Someone must have had knowledge that the unit had been vacant for a long time. "Someone must have checked out the unit and observed the movements of the immediate neighbours before making his move probably when they were asleep,” said the source. He said police did not discount the possibility that the killer/killers had lived in Astaria Apartment. The manner in which the remains of the woman and the

child were disposed of was also bewildering, said the source. “First, it would not have been easy for someone to carry all the plastic bags containing the body parts and the child in one go. “Further, the killer/s would have needed a ladder to reach the six-foot high ceiling to hang the plastic bags on the jagged plaster ceiling and to stuff the body of the boy into an opening in the ceiling. “More than one person is believed involved because someone had to carry the lad-

der while the other had to lug the body parts and the boy who for a six-year-old could weigh more than 20kg, The deadweight would be higher,” the source said. Questions have also been raised about the familiarity of the killer/s with the apartment complex, especially Block Chryssa. “The choice of that block suggests the person/s were familiar with the apartments and the killings could have been planned,” the source said.

Making headlines for wrong reasons CRIME is on the increase in Taman Kosas with recent cases making residents more fearful for their safety. Questions are being posed on efforts taken by the authorities to increase security in the area, including calls for more police. Said a resident: "Taman Kosas, once a peaceful neighbourhood, is making headlines for all the wrong reasons." While not blaming the large number of foreigners living in there, he urged the authorities to keep close tabs on them to check possible involvement in undesirable activities. Recent cases in Taman Kosas: ● May 11, 2011: A college student is arrested for raping a 15-year-old girl in his Toyota Alphard. The 23-year-old had

followed the girl and grabbed her while she was walking. He parked his car on the road shoulder, undressed and raped the girl in the rear seat. ● May 25, 2011: The decomposed body of a 23-year-old Myanmar sundry shop worker is found under a bed at a shophouse in Jalan 1/5 Taman Kosas. Residents alerted the police following awful stench emanating from the unit. ● Nov 13, 2009: A 23-yearold man is detained in a hostage drama at a beauty saloon at Ampang Waterfront near Taman Kosas. The man said to be overcome by rage, fired three shots at the ceiling of the beauty salon where he held his ex-lover, the 35-year-old owner of the shop, hostage. He surrendered after 30 minutes.

TAMAN Kosas is a residential area with terrace houses, condominium, apartments and flats. Its immediate neighbours are Taman Ampang Indah, Bukit Indah and Bandar Baru Ampang. Ayers Tower is a single block highrise condominium block within the same vicinity as Astaria. The area also has two other apartments, Kasturi and Widuri Apartments, as well as Chancellor Condominium. A shophouse area in the middle of Taman Kosas houses various amenities including cybercafes and restaurants. A primary and secondary school are among the other facilities in the area. In recent years, there has been an increase of foreigners in the area.



Emma gushes over 'Spidey' boyfriend ACCORDING to Emma Stone (pic), there are quite a few perks to dating your co-star. In Teen Vogue's September issue, the 22-year-old starlet — who plays real-life boyfriend Andrew Garfield's love interest in next year's The Amazing SpiderMan — credits the British-born actor with improving her acting skills. "Andrew is one of the most giving actors I've ever worked with," Stone raves of her 27-year-old beau, reports Us Magazine. "If I needed to get to a place of love or sadness in a scene, he'd leave messages on my phone to replay, or slip in lines off camera for a different reaction than what was scripted. He gave me so much to react to."

Ex-runner in court for hubby attack FORMER athlete Liz McColgan appeared in court yesterday charged with attacking her estranged husband at her home, the Daily Mail reports. The 47-year-old, from Carnoustie, Scotland, denied repeatedly punching Peter McColgan on his head and body last month. In a hearing at Arbroath Sheriff Court, she also denied causing fear and alarm during the incident by throwing clothes down the stairs and out of the window, court officials said. McColgan is due to stand trial in November. She won gold in the 10,000 metres in the 1991 world championships.

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV soap Sarah Michelle Gellar (pic) is going back to her roots. The actress, 34, will appear in an episode of All My Children before the soap opera airs its final episode this September. Gellar starred as Kendall Hart Lang from 1993 to 1995, and went on the very next year to become an even bigger TV star, playing the title role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Gellar confirmed the cameo while promoting her new CW show Ringer in Los Angeles, reports Us Weekly. "I can officially confirm that I will be doing a guest spot on All My Children," Gellar said. "I called the casting director and said I wanted to do something."

Efforts to improve literacy and numeracy under the Linus programme for pupils have met their targets earlier than expected this year — Education National Key Result Area (NKRA) director Tengku Azian Tengku Shahriman SENTUL


Cops put the brakes on car theft gang AFTER stealing a car, they would leave it in a parking lot, alley or back lane of an industrial or housing area before spreading the word that spare parts and car accessories were available. Only after receiving an order would cannibalise the parts and move the stolen vehicle to another location. This was the modus operandi of a gang of three local men, aged 35 to 41, arrested yesterday. Over eight months, they had made off with 30 cars from the Klang Valley area, of which 17 were recovered. Sentul deputy police chief Supt Othman Abu Bakar said

The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011

cannibalised: The interior of one of the seized cars

the "Ah Hong" gang would target cars randomly and study parts in demand in the market.

"They would then spread the word to their friends and offer them cheap prices."

Nigerian duo held for drug possession TWO Nigerian men, suspected to be members of a drug distribution syndicate, were arrested after police caught them with 2.1kg of syabu worth nearly RM300,000 in PJS 8 and Taman Sri Subang on Wednesday. District police chief ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed said a police team conducted a search at an open carpark near the Sunway Mentari area at 6.15pm after they learned a foreigner had been distributing drugs in the area for the past six months. "Upon inspection, we seized 1.59kg of syabu. Further

checks revealed he had entered the country on a student visa," Arjunaidi said, adding information from the first suspect led police to an apartment in Taman Sri Subang. "There, we nabbed a 23-yearold Nigerian in possession of 59 grams of syabu." Ar ju nai d i s ai d che ck s revealed the second suspect also had a student visa. "Both had been in the country for two years and are students at different colleges in the city. We are investigating if there are more Africans especially students, who are connected to the duo."


Mad 17-hour shift

Overworked maid claims she was forced to clean two houses every day A MAID from Cambodia, who was allegedly abused by a family of three, was reportedly forced to work about 17 hours a day to clean two houses. She told police she would first finish chores at her employer's apartment in Segambut before heading out to clean his second house in Sungai Buloh. Sentul deputy police chief Supt Othman Abu Bakar said the maid, Neak Bau, 25,


worked from 8am till 8pm at the apartment and then sent to the second house to work from 8pm till 1am the next day. "Neak said it was her daily routine to clean the two houses resulting in her lack of rest." The maid alleged the family of three — a 52-year-old single dad and his two daughters,

aged 20 and 23 — were all involved in assaulting her. Othman said the daughters had chopped off Neak's hair because she allegedly had kutu (lice). "This went against Neak's wishes but she had no control over it," Othman said. Neak had been working for her employer since May last year.


Cambodian maid and arrested the trio. The police were told the WAO had received a call from the trio's neighbour claiming they had heard the maid screaming for help. The maid claimed she had been kicked and hit with a back scratcher. The trio are remanded until next Wednesday to facilitate investigations. The maid is temporarily staying at a WAO shelter.


System to deter land scams soon TO prevent fraudsters from stealing land titles in Selangor, a foolproof system will be up and running by year-end and linked to various departments and agencies. Faekah Husin (pic), political secretary to Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, told The Malay Mail the new system would be linked to the National Registration Department. "It also be linked with the Land and Mines Department and all the municipal councils in Selangor. This link-up will also include a thumbprint scanning system at land offices throughout the State." Asked about the recent land scam, where a prominent couple lost four plots of land to a syndicate, Faekah said those who had fallen victims in such cases must lodge

Police are investigating if she was abused since then. While the maid's face was found to be swollen, police are waiting for a full medical report to see if there are further injuries on other parts of her body. On Wednesday afternoon, police sprung into action at the Segambut apartment after the Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) tipped them off about the alleged abuse. Police res cued the


police reports. "The victims must go to the police first to classify it as a fraud case. They should also go to the State government office and file a complaint. We will take up the matter and investigate those responsible." Last week, The Paper That

Cares exposed a land scam in Shah Alam involving Datin Murnina Sujak and her husband, company chief executive officer Datuk Rafie Sain, who had fallen victim to a syndicate over four plots of land. Murnina discovered three plots of her land were up for sale without her knowledge and a fourth plot, measuring 10,000 sq feet and valued about RM1 million, was sold to one "Elizabeth George" for only RM130,000. Currently, a fraudster can go to the Land and Mines Department with either a fake copy of the owner’s identity card or a fake letter of undertaking. Some only need about 30 minutes to an hour before they walk out with an original grant in hand.

MCMC to investigate controversial 8TV advert Dat u k S e r i D r R a i s Ya t i m , I n f o r m a t i o n , Communications and Culture Minister, yesterday issued a stern warning to local media broadcasters not to violate the sensitivities of the country’s multi-racial society. Rais told The Malay Mail Media Prima Bhd television station 8T V was being investigated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) over the recent airing of a controversial Ramadan commercial. Rais was commenting on the recent Public Service Announcements depicting an Chinese girl's insensitive behaviour in public during Ramadan. “It is necessary for all broad-

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

casters, inclusive of TV and radio stations, to take note of materials that may impinge upon communal sensitivities. “Extra care must be taken in broadcast material such as advertisements to ensure there's no infringement of communal sensitivities.” The advertisement was pulled out by Media Prima after it was heavily criticised as stereotyping the Chinese community. The TV station issued two apologies while Media Prima chief operating officer and former 8TV chief executive Ahmad Izham Omar apologised on Twitter.


the malay mail


Green with envy

THE 1Malaysia Green 1Malaysia Clean photography competition, organised by the Tourism Ministry and The Malay Mail, continues for the third week. Aimed at avid photographers everywhere, the competition is a chance for all nature lovers to profess love for a greener and cleaner Malaysia through natural, green photographs. S t a r t i n g o n Ju l y 1 5 , the competition will run

for 24 weeks. All you need to do is snap a photo that goes with each week's theme and send it to us. Each photo must be accompanied by an essay of some 150 words, describing the picture — its location and details that could support the entry, particularly on what CLEAN tourist spots mean and how one can help make a difference.

All entries should include the type of camera used, shutter mode, exposure mode, type of lenses and aperture specifications. Last week’s theme was 'Green Fields'. Many of the photos sent to us were fresh and lush, which made it quite a task to choose the best three photos. As for this week, the theme is 'Blue Skies'. So, it's time for you to stretch your imagina-

tion and go wild with your ideas and compositions. Imagine friends hanging out on the b e a c h on a blue sky day or a special family outing with the sky in the spotlight. Next we ek’s t heme is 'Colourful Creatures', for example, grasshoppers hopping on a journey to find


food. The following week’s theme is 'Pretty Flowers', with Malaysian flowers taking centre stage. Your entry could be the winner at the end of December. The best

pictures of the week will be published every Friday in The Malay Mail. At the end of the 24 weeks, our special committee will choose three most outstanding photos from the entire collection of entries that would be awarded the grand prize of RM5,000, the second prize of RM3,000 and the third prize of RM1,000.


· · ·

Camera: Nikon D5100 Exposure: 1/125 sec, f7.1, ISO 200 Lens: 80-150mm

NO words can really describe how one feels seeing a lush jungle backdrop amidst the magical and historical Pulau Langkawi. A regular soothing regimen to the eyes and mind, foreigners from near and far, even Malaysians, love to hop on the island often to do a bit of soul-searching or just rekindling ties with families and friends. This is the kind of pride and heritage we want to leave behind.

Both pictures are from MOHD SHAHIKRAM HADZME Kuala Lumpur

· · ·

Camera: Nikon D5100 Exposure: 1/30 sec, f3.4, ISO 400 Lens: 80-150mm

TAKING in the green scenery, visitors to the Ulu Yam Reservoir enjoy doing multiple activities like fishing, photography and picnicking. Although swimming is prohibited, people still flock to the area looking for a peaceful getaway from their daily, stressful routine.

 The contest is open to all Malaysian citizens.  There is no limit to the number of entries. However, a winner can win only one (1) prize.  Each entry must be based on the weekly theme and must be accompanied by a short essay (150 words or less) telling what CLEAN tourist spots mean and how one can help make a difference.  Images captured by cameras can be of any format, in colour. However, mobile phone and PDA images are not acceptable.  No digital super imposition is allowed. Composite photographs, trick photographs, or any form of digital imaging or image manipulations will not be accepted. Only minor photo touch-ups such as cropping, adjustment of brightness and colour as well as softening or sharpening of the image are allowed.  Photographs submitted

 

must not have been previously published in any form. All entries must be complete with accurate information. The results of the contest will be decided by a panel of judges, appointed by the organisers. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained. Copyright and reproduction: The organisers reserve the absolute rights to exhibit or reproduce any acceptable entries in whatever way deemed fit for exhibition and for any print-based publicity and promotional purposes without prior notice, consent or payment of fee whatsoever to the contestants. Contest runs from July 15 to Dec 23. Deadline for entries is Dec 30. Winners will be notified via email. Details of winning entries will also be published in The Malay Mail.



Carla Bruni named world's best-dressed FRENCH First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (pic) has been named the world's best dressed woman by Vanity Fair magazine. Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser of Qatar is second on the the list, while Princess Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is third. The British royal, who married Prince William in April, has appeared on the list for the second time, with her first mention in 2008. reports that she has gained approval recently for her habit of recycling outfits including the green Diane Von Furstenberg dress she wore on her recent trip to California. The top 10: 1) Carla Bruni-Sarkozy 2) Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser of Qatar 3) The Duchess of Cambridge 4) Andrea Dellal 5) Carey Mulligan 6) Christine Lagarde 7) Tilda Swinton 8) Lizzie Tisch 9) Princess Charlene of Monaco 10) Jane Lauder Warsh

Kelantan branch National Registration Department formed a special squad to settle cases of unclaimed MyKads and other documents — State NRD director Wan Mat Salleh PENANG

The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011

Expansive plans

HomeGuru set to build largest property website in two months PropertyGuru Group’s Malaysian arm, HomeGuru Sdn Bhd, aims to create the country's largest property portal in the next two months. PropertyGuru chief executive officer Steve Melhuish (pic) yesterday said the company was confident of achieving this target on the back of the investment it had made to intensify its marketing efforts. “In the last six months,


we have invested over RM3 million on marketing, turning HomeGuru into a household name in Malaysia," he told The Malay Mail in Penang yesterday evening after the re-launch of the firm's northern region website "Our efforts continue to yield remarkable results and we are well-poised to challenge for the number one position.” Melhuish said the company was confident of this target, given HomeGuru’s traffic growth over the past six months. “Our website traffic has grown three-fold since six months ago, with our current page view at 2.6 million per month. “We are already the 110th largest website in Malaysia from 400th six months ago. We

expect to be the 100th largest website in two months.” He also said the company expected its merger with Fullhouse Media Sdn Bhd would help it focus more on properties in Penang and the northern region. “Sentiment surveys conducted by HomeGuru indicate North Malaysia will continue to experience sharp growth, due to high demand from local and overseas buyers in the next two years.” On its newly-revamped northern region Fullhouse website, Melhuish revealed it was to reflect the redevelopment and improvement by HomeGuru to provide better features and functionality for agents and property developers, following its acquisition by the PropertyGuru Group in January. Fullhouse’s new website now

provides an enhanced layout to allow for faster property searches, a new “Ask Guru” section, up-to-date property articles, industry news as well as overseas property investment opportunities for seasoned property investors. “Fullhouse will continue to place major focus on North Malaysia, particularly Penang, with unique listings such as heritage and beach front properties.” Melhuish said Fullhouse is now similar to HomeGuru in that it is powered by the Web 2.0 platform, which facilitates information sharing, interoperability and collaboration. “The contents from Fullhouse are now shared with HomeGuru., providing agents and property developers a wider and easily accessible gateway to up-to-date property information and issues in Malaysia."

Army field commander Lt Gen Datuk Seri Panglima Ahmad Hasbullah Mohd Nawawi appointed as the new deputy army chief effective Monday — Bernama

The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011


Turfed at last! Much still remains to be done before the stadium can play host

READY FOR PLAY: The newly-completed playing surface. Inset: The pitch stripped of the artificial turf last year — Pix: RAZAK GHAZALI

THE National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil has a new turf already in use. However, the stadium's many other amenities need to be fixed before it can host a major tournament. Most pressing, however, are the players wooden benches by the turf 's opposing halves. They are in an advanced stage of decay and so are the frames supporting them. The umpire's box also needs a revamp. The plaster ceiling along the corridors is tearing apart, raising fears of a disaster. However, some maintenance work is in progress, with cleaners unclogging the drainage system.


Merdeka Stadium Board (MSB) chairman Wan Nor Azinah Zaniby Wan Hashim was, however, unsure when the other repairs would be carried out. "We are waiting approval of our budget before we can fix the other amenities," she said. When pressed for a timeline, Wan Nor Azinah said all defects should be remedied by the year-end. "We have to consider the many other stadiums that merit our attention." For the time being, the new turf is playable, having been

approved by the sport's governing body, the Brusselsbased International Hockey Federation (FIH). The stadium is now open for bookings. When The Malay Mail visited the site yesterday, security guards tried to keep out our photographer, insisting we need MSB approval to take photos. The guards confirmed players were seen using the turf since Wednesday. The Paper That Cares published a series of articles since last August on the stadium's re-turfing fiasco. MSB awarded a contract close to RM5 million but works hit a snag

af te r it was found the drainage system needed repair as well. MSB also opted for a Belgian brand Domo instead of the high-grade German product Megaturf Coolplus which was recommended by the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF). The Youth and Sports Ministry stepped in requesting MSB to reconsider the matter. Since then, MSB overturned their initial decision and complied with MHF's advice. The re-turfing works began in February and was due for completion in May.



Diving platforms still not fixed DESPITE being in ruins, the diving platforms of the National Aquatics Centre in Bukit Jalil will not be fixed any time soon. The Merdeka Stadium Board (MSB) blames the Amateur Swimming Union of Malaysia (Asum) for the delay while the aquatic body is pointing fingers at them. Explaining her side of the story, MSB chairman Wan Nor Azinah Zaniby Wan Hashim said: "We asked them (Asum) for specifications of the diving platforms. They came back to us after we submitted tenders and sought approval. Asum wanted different specifications instead. "Because of this, we had to submit new tenders. That was why it took so long." How e v e r, Wa n No r Azinah did not offer any specific deadline for the works to be completed as

MSB was facing budget problems. Asum secretar y Edwin Chong denied requesting changes to the specifications. "Besides providing specifications for the anti-slip mat, we also requested for one of the platforms to be extended to meet international regulations," Chong told The Malay Mail. "We alerted the board about this early last year but they only acted on our request in May," he said. The National Aquatics Centre was initially built for the 1998 XVI Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur. However, synchronised diving only made its debut at the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics in Australia. The Malay Mail had first highlighted the issue on April 7. The next day, we reported that Wan Nor Azinah had promised works would be completed in two months.

SAD STATE: The neglected aquatics centre at Bukit Jalil


The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011

tel:03-7495 1000/1001/1002 tel:019-261 4948 (after 9pm)

your right to be heard ● ● ● ●

Complainants have to submit their personal particulars and provide a detailed account of their complaint. Complainants have to first file their complaints with the respective parties before contacting Hotline. Complaints referred by Hotline to the relevant parties would be published if there is no response in seven days. After a complaint has been resolved, the complainant cannot demand non-publication of the matter.

By T.K. Letchumy Tamboo and FAIZAL NOR IZHAM

Will they ever learn? 676 compounds issued this year but Jalan Sepadu chaos remains

STUBBORN: Cars parked illegally in Jalan Sepadu, turning the two-lane road into one lane

THE traffic chaos in Jalan Sepadu, off Jalan Klang Lama, continues unabated and motorists are at their wits' end journeying the stretch from residential areas such as Taman Bukit Indah, Happy Garden and Overseas Union Garden (OUG) to Jalan Klang Lama. The two lanes of the road have become one largely because of inconsiderate motorists who park there indiscriminately, especially in the mornings and evenings.

Hotline first highlighted the problem on June 16 when City Hall said a team of officers will monitor the area to ensure motorists do not park as they like. City Hall also said motorists will be issued with summonses if they obstruct traffic or park illegally. However, regular users of the road say the situation has worsened despite City Hall's assurance. ABU BAKAR YUSOF says he saw a pizza delivery boy

676 BOOKED Compounds issued by City Hall in Jalan Sepadu in 2011: • January 165 • February 107 • March 119 • April 80 • May 182 • June 23

getting knocked down by a car whose driver was trying to park illegally last week. "I was on my way to work.

The delivery boy was riding towards Domino’s located at a building there when the car hit him. The driver was probably too busy trying to park illegally by the road to notice the motorcyclist," says ABU BAKAR. "Those who park there illegally not only make the already-congested road more tiresome to travel on, they are also endangering the lives of other motorists." He says many people use the road to get to the Pearl

Point shopping centre, which also has a bank, several eateries and a night club but they do not use the shopping centre's basement car park. ● CITY Hall says enforcement is being carried out in the area. A total of 676 compounds have been issued to vehicles parked illegally and obstructing the traffic in Jalan Sepadu from January to June this year, it adds in a statement.

Failure to terminate gym membership LIM CHEN YEN, of Petaling Jaya, has been trying to terminate her Fitness First membership since last December to have more time to tend to her newborn baby. At first, she says, the fitness centre did not allow her to terminate her membership despite her willingness to pay the termination fee. "Eventually, they agreed to terminate my membership

in March this year. They also promised to refund any additional payments deducted from my account by the end of May.” However, LIM claims the centre continued to deduct money from her account in June and July. ● A SPOKESMAN for Fitness First Malaysia says LIM upgraded her membership to platinum in December 2009,

which requires members to recommit for another 12 months. LIM was only active for six of the 12 months and chose to freeze her membership for the remaining six months. “We informed her this period was not considered active and if she wanted to terminate her membership, she would have to either pay a cancellation fee or transfer her membership to a

friend. This is part of the membership terms and conditions that she signed on to." Although LIM opted to transfer the membership to a friend, she did not, says the spokesman. “On May 12, LIM walked into our club asking why we were still charging her. We explained she had not transferred her membership but she still refused to pay the

cancellation fee.” When contacted, LIM refutes Fitness First’s explanation and says she went to their headquarters to seek an explanation. She says she was told she would be refunded RM400 for payments deducted from her. Fitness First confirms there is a cheque of RM498.40 for LIM and the centre will arrange for collection in a few days.

Gift cards to replace seminar tickets LEE KOON HOONG, of Sentul, claims he did not receive two tickets for Joey Yap's "Wealth and Destiny" Feng Shui seminar at KLCC, as promised by Celcom Axiata Berhad. He says Celcom had offered the prize to the first 500 customers who replied "Yes" to an automated SMS offer sent to users. "On July 21, I received an SMS from Celcom claiming I had won the tickets for the seminar on July 31," says the 34-year-old. "Later that day, I received another SMS from Celcom confirming this and that the prize would be sent to my mailing address by July 28." However, no tickets came. LEE claims that when he contacted Celcom, he was told there was no such promotion, although the staff confirmed the two SMSes were genuine. LEE says he only received an apology from Celcom and was told he was free to file an official complaint or even a police report. "Now I worry about the security of my Celcom account," he says. ● A CELCOM Axiata Berhad spokesman says an investigation reveals a pair of seminar tickets were sent to LEE by mail on July 25 but LEE had claimed he did not receive them. As a gesture of goodwill, Celcom has informed LEE they will compensate him with prizes of a similar value. "The customer is satisfied with the offer.” LEE says Celcom had offered him three Petronas gift cards worth RM50 each as compensation. The two tickets to the seminar were worth RM128 each. "It is better than nothing. At least they did something to make up for it." LEE hopes Celcom’s customer service will improve.

The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011


● Motorists going to Pasar vandalism in Taman Tasik Sentul, Jalan Sentul, are Cempaka, Bandar Baru TAKE NOTE advised to use the 50 parkBangi. ing lots built by City Hall two months ago. ● People have been advised to not consume Parking is FREE. fish caught in Taman Jaya as the water ● The public is asked to cooperate with comes from housing areas and, at times, the Kajang Municipal Council to check from overflowing sewage tanks.

NOT A GOOD SIGN: It should have been put back immediately or taken away, say passers-by

Online comments Sign of inconsideration (Aug 4) ● WHY not ask the police to fine them (although I am not sure if they can do that) because fines or summonses issued by Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) tend to be ignored as they do not affect renewal of a driver’s licence. But if you have a police summons, it will show up when you want to renew your licence, which you can’t do unless you pay up first. — Anonymous ● POLICE cannot issue summonses to motorbikes parked in bays meant for cars or OKU. They can only issue summonss for parking at "no parking" spots or along roads with yellow lines, as well as for breaking other traffic rules. I once saw a car taking up two bays, causing inconvenience to others looking for parking space, and reported it to policemen sitting under a tree nearby but they did not issue any summons to the driver. From this, I presume they are not authorised to issue summonses for parking in the wrong bays. Maybe the local municipal councils can issue summonses for such cases. — shaktiman

Signboard removed

Ampang Jaya Municipal Council says replacement by next week A FALLEN street sign in Bandar Baru Ampang has been left by the roadside for more than a week. Several people the Hotline Roving Team spoke to expressed surprise the authorities have not done anything about it. "They should have put it

back or taken it away," says motorist HASSAN. "But to leave it there by the side of the road for more than a week shows a lack of responsibility." HASSAN says those unfamiliar with the area may find the lack of a signboard an inconvenience.

Boomgates need not be dismantled CITY HALL has clarified that residents' associations (RAs) which have put up security barriers at access roads leading into their neighbourhoods need not bring them down for the time being. Its Urban Transport Department deputy director, Abdul Hamid Surip, says whether the barriers remain depends on the approval of City Hall, which will take about four weeks. "Until then, the situation in each neighbourhood will be allowed to remain," he says when clarifying a Hotline report yesterday the RAs have to bring the barriers down immediately, pending City Hall's approval of their application. It was reported that of the 97 guarded communities in Kuala Lumpur, 67 are awaiting approval from City Hall for their proposed security measures. City Hall will meet the residents' associations of the 67 communities in stages. The first meeting, with 15 RAs, was held on Wednesday.

Besides, the signboard lying idle by the roadside is an eyesore, he says. No one knows for certain how the signboard got itself "uprooted". "It is unlikely it topped over. It could be the work of some vandals," says a passer-by. "However, it must have tak-

en a lot of effort to get it out." ● AMPANG Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) public relations officer Norhayati Ahmad says the signboard has been removed. She says a contractor has been hired to replace the signboard by next week.

Astro says price hike inevitable AMINUDDIN MOHAMED, a 33-year-old businessman from Kota Baru, is angry that Astro continues to increase its monthly bill. "On July 2, I was relieved to read in the newspapers the Cabinet had instructed Astro not to increase its tariff," he says. So, he was surprised to learn his recent Astro bill has increased from RM66 to RM79.45. "It is unimaginable that even a decision by the Cabinet can still be ignored by Astro,” he says. He says this makes the government and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) look bad. ● ASTRO customer service division senior vice-presi-

dent Rohaizad Mohamed says: "The price adjustment is, in essence, a rationalisation of existing Astro packages with the intention of creating more value for customers." He says AMINUDDIN had subscribed to the sports package, which is premium content, and will experience an increase in his subscription. "We have explained to AMINUDDIN the Family Pack remains unchanged at RM37.95 for 38 channels.” Customers have up to 18 packages to choose from, based on their budget. "Depending on the choice of package, you may not see any change in your subscription, or you may enjoy savings or see an increase if you opt for premium packages,"

Rohaizad tells Hotline. He says the last time Astro increased its prices was in 2007. However, because of escalating global and local content costs, particularly key sports content, it is no longer able to absorb escalating content costs without compromising on the quality of the services. "We have informed our regulator of the price revision and are in full compliance with the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. "Astro remains committed to provide choice and value and operates in the best interests of our customers." AMINUDDIN says he is "doubtful" despite the explanation and wants to hear what MCMC has to say.

● THOSE fellows are not scared of the RM300 fines and they won't pay them as no action will be taken against them. Towing the vehicles away is probably the better solution. — Ordinary Citizen ● TYPICAL Malaysian behaviour! Never learn, never change. These motorcyclists are the most inconsiderate road users. They nearly always beat traffic lights even when red when they think it's OK to shoot across, they park in the middle of parking lots meant for cars, they park just about anywhere because the motorcycle lots are either too far away or full and, worse still, they weave in and out of traffic risking their lives for nothing. They never want to obey laws, regulations or rules. I haven't even mentioned the fact they do not wear safety helmets, despite it being made compulsory way back in the mid-70s. ‘Bapak buat macam tu, hingga anak ke cucu pun buat macam tu!’ (If the father keeps doing this, even the child and grandchild would so the same thing). They wait until something fatal happens. Local council or police should not only fine them but haul away their machines and retain them for at least a week. These people never seem to learn or care. Their blatant actions show their mentality and attitude. Confiscate their machines, see whether they learn a lesson or not? — Anonymous ● HELLO, Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ), you can put up 10 signs for all they care because you don't bother to enforce it. These uncivilised motorists need to be taught a hard lesson. Just tow or bring their cars or motorbikes to the compound and make them pay heavily and see if they dare to repeat it. — Harry Traffic diverted because of congestion (Aug 3) ● IS the complaint grousing that because he pays RM200, he should have been allowed to enter? So should every other Malaysian citizen who pays his or her taxes. Is he complaining about the congestion? Or is he complaining about the fact he has to drive through a one-way street? That is understandable but, hopefully, the police would have taken steps to ensure the traffic coming the other way would have been aware it was temporarily a twoway street. Traffic diversion has to be carried out when necessary. Or is he proposing that despite the congestion, the police did nothing? As I see it, there was nothing to complain about but he felt like complaining. Bad habits die hard among Malaysians. — EthnicMalaysian ● WHEN police presence is required to control the flow of traffic in certain areas, they are not available. But when you expect the traffic flow to be smooth, you find police or some other people have blocked part of the road, causing the jam. Many times, one-way streets are converted into two ways by police causing traffic to slow down and this results in a traffic jam and inconvenience to the public. Many times, the public is not informed of these diversions and get stuck in traffic jams unnecessarily. — shaktiman



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Being Frank: Teen girl cyber-bullied to alcohol abuse (Aug 1)

Victims too shy to come forward

WHAT was reported in The Malay Mail on cyber-bullying is only the tip of the iceberg. I suspect more have gone unreported probably because the victims are too shy to come forward. What we need is to conduct a full study on the issue. The authorities should not take this matter lightly. This is because victims of cyber-bullying usually suffer psychologically and cases like this can damage their confidence and mental health. A study done in the UK

recently revealed nearly one in five youngsters there have been the victim of cyber-bullying. The victims claimed to be experiencing damage in their confidence, mental health and also school attendance. The study questioned almost 500 young people aged between 11 and 19. Almost a fifth (18.4 per cent) admitted they had been subjected to cyber-bullying, which involves a person using the Internet or handphone to bully another. Of the 273 girls questioned, 60 (22 per cent) said they had been

know this is so because I have a Facebook account, too, and I know what is being talked about everyday. My children will only be allowed to use social network sites once they have proven that they can be responsible, maybe when they are 18 or so.


Responsibility to students SCHOOLS should have a moral responsibility towards such a problem of students bullying their classmates via Facebook from their homes. No matter what, it is still their responsibility when there is a punch-up outside of the school.

drunkard father, is not helpful either. The school doesn't seem to want to extend a helping hand. Who should she turn to now? In this matter, I have to agree with Mr Frankie the Education Ministry should emulate certain private schools that are on the front foot in implementing social media policies that control cyber behaviour during and outside school hours. If we need to have a law for it, why not?


Punish the father

No Facebook account until age 18 WHO do we blame here? The parents or the school? These days, many students, even in primary school, already have a Facebook account. Some parents I know even encourage their children to create it to "keep in touch with other kids". Some of these children are just too young to be exposed to all this and I

subjected to cyber-bullying, while out of the 200 boys quizzed, 27 (13.5 per cent) said they had faced it. And two-thirds (66 per cent) of the young people questioned (312) said they had witnessed cyber-bullying or known someone who has been a victim. Those were shocking numbers indeed and victims of cyberbullying need to seek help and support. From The Malay Mail article, it seems the victim did not receive any help at all. Her parents, in this case, her

If only all school teachers and headmasters could emulate our teachers of the past who were more responsible and had a more hands-on approach towards us.


THE father should be punished first. No question about it. This is considered neglect in the highest degree. Well, the reason why schools are apprehensive about getting involved with students outside schooling hours is because the parents these days are overly protective of their children. They don't take time to educate their children at home and yet when the school tries to discipline their kids, they get all worked-up and victimise the teachers. Kudos to The Malay Mail for highlighting this issue. Gone are the days where discipline is of utmost importance a solid foundation for personal development in later years.

Lots of students these days have bad manners, they do not know how to respect people who are older than them and they think it's cool to be rude and to break the law — which seems like a solid foundation for a criminal life in later years. Dear parents, please wake up. If you won't discipline your children or don't have the heart to, then allow the schools do it. But then, come to think of it, which teacher would want to risk their cars getting scratched or parents scolding them till they die of heart attacks? It has happened before and there is no guarantee history won't repeat itself.


PJ: Cruelty to animals

Paloh and Jeli deserve better life

I AM saddened to hear the report of two young orphaned elephants, Paloh and Jeli, being held in shackles for long hours at the Johor Zoo. In the wild, elephant calves at these tender ages stay close to their mothers and other females in the herd. While the herd travels through the dense forest of Malaysia, the calves will suckle on their mothers’ milk until they reach the age of four to five years. Paloh and Jeli, who are only two years old, deserve the same tender nurturing care as how an elephant mother would provide them. Keepers in any zoo who raise these young are their surrogate mothers. It is most unfortunate that these young calves are being shackled to make them "behave" at the zoo. Similarly, I have visited another zoo, located near the Johor Zoo, where an adult bull

elephant stays shackled by a 1m-long chain for the entire day. At this particular zoo, this mature bull passes his days tethered in a tiny space deprived of any form of social bonding. A male elephant, which is a highly intelligent animal, kept alone without any companion or any form of enrichment and, above all, without much space to move is extremely cruel and infringes the wildlife protection laws. As a reflection, it is of utmost urgency that these two baby elephants, Paloh and Jeli, and the adult male, Aidil, from that other zoo, who all kept under dire stressful conditions and silently enduring extreme pain, deserve a better life and that they be rescued and transferred to the Kuala Gandah elephant sanctuary in Pahang as soon as possible.

A Concerned Malaysian

SHACKLED: Paloh (above) and Jeli deserve care of mother

KL: Merdeka Day celebration

Making 1Malaysia a reality ON Aug 30, 1957, the then Chief Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj opened the newly-built Merdeka Stadium. For me, as a 15-year-old fifth-former, it was an especially momentous, meaningful and memorable occasion. It was an extremely important day because at the stroke of midnight that day we were to become an independent nation. We as a people would be responsible for our own destiny and to build a bright

future for all of us. As every other citizen, I felt pride and confidence that together we would succeed. The inaugural ceremony at Merdeka Stadium had special personal significance for me, too. I was one of a batch of school captains/head prefects presented to and had the distinct privilege of shaking hands with our first Prime Minister to be, the Tunku himself. The feeling that here was our beloved “Bapa Malaysia” — the Father of our Independence — and I having the privilege

to meet and shake hands with him was truly humbling, aweinspiring and simply overwhelming. With the shouts of “Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!” by the Tunku, echoed by the thousands who stood at what is today Dataran Merdeka, history was made. The Federation of Malaya achieved independence on Aug 31, 1957. We united with Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore to form Malaysia on Sept 16, 1963, although within about

two years, Singapore seceded to become an independent city-state. Since then, our nation has had one of the best economic records in Asia, with its GDP growing at an average 6.5 per cent for almost 50 years. Undoubtedly, we as a nation have also faced serious political, social and economic challenges, from the spillover of the communist insurgency at the time of our independence, the Indonesian confrontation and the May 13 events to experiencing the ill-effects of the

Asian financial crisis and other equally trying times. It is a tribute to our people and our leaders who have placed the nation above all else that we have largely emerged successful in facing our challenges and making the necessary adjustments to ensure our country and our people will be united, resilient and resourceful as we move towards achieving our goal of Vision 2020, a developed nation upholding the principles of democracy, peace and justice for the progress and wellbeing

of all our people. Just as we rallied together more than 50 years ago to usher in a new era of independence, as we celebrate our 54th Merdeka anniversary this year, let us all endeavour to move forward with hope and integrity, celebrating our multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nation and people while eschewing all forces that divide, believing and working together to achieve 1Malaysia not just as an ideal but as a reality.

Rueben Dudley

Mars may have flowing salt water: NASA SCIENTISTS have spotted dark stripes on some slopes on Mars in the warmer months, and they believe it may be evidence of flowing salt water, NASA researchers said yesterday. If confirmed, it would be the first discovery of active liquid water in the ground on Mars. Finger-like markings have shown up along several steep slopes in the middle latitudes of Mars' southern hemisphere, fading again once colder temperatures move in, according to data from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. — AFP

Lovelorn teen drives 1,200km to make up A HEARTBROKEN 15year-old German boy stole his parents' car to drive 1,200km from Austria to northern Germany in a bid to make up with his girlfriend, German police said yesterday. The boy, who was on holiday in Austria with his family, had an argument with his girlfriend in Flensburg near the Danish border while chatting on a social network. He took the brand new family car in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday and drove straight to Flensburg where he stopped at a friend's house. -- AFP

Reality show to feature Sarah Palin's salon SARAH PALIN'S hair could be the newest reality TV darling in September when TLC debuts a new program centering around the Tea Party figurehead's hometown salon in Alaska. On Sept 20, Big Hair Alaska will air as a 30-minute show focused on the Wasilla, Alaska salon credited with styling the immediately recognisable up-do of the state's former governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate. "This special goes inside a busy hair salon in Wasilla where the personalities of the owner and her staff are as big as the hairstyles they create," TLC, a cable television channel focused on reality and family programming, said in a statement. TLC representatives declined to provide further details. But the owner of Beehive Beauty Shop, Jessica Steele, announced the news on her Facebook page. A new Facebook page called Big Hair Alaska has already been created.-- AFP


The European Central Bank yesterday offered extra help to fight the eurozone debt crisis, signalling it would buy bonds — AFP

The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011


Korean Wave hits Europe Music agents target western fans after K-pop goes 'viral' on Paris stage

SOUTH KOREA'S pop music industry is eyeing Europe after taking East Asia by storm, with promoters using the power of the Internet to lure distant fans. K-pop over the past decade has established a devoted fan base in China, Japan and Southeast Asia, with heartthrobs like Rain and boy bands like TVXQ packing out concerts and topping charts. Exports of music products surged from US$6 million (RM17.9m) in 2002 to US$31.3 million in 2009 as the phenomenon known as the Korean Wave (hallyu) spread. K-pop's overseas success was driven partly by a need to go beyond the home market, plagued by plunging CD sales and free music downloads on the Internet in the world's most wired country. South Korea's recorded music sales shrank from 286.1 billion won in 2002 to about 80 billion won in 2009. Entertainers searched for new

ways to survive, by courting fans abroad via the Internet. Now South Korea's digital music market, including legal music downloads on mobile phones or the Internet, is worth 600 billion won after a series of court rulings against free music-streaming and downloading sites. SM Entertainment, the country's biggest music talent agency, in 2009 opened its official channel on YouTube to release new music videos and broadcast concerts and other public appearances by stars. The company also has hired composers and choreographers in Europe and the United States and recruited teenagers from elsewhere in Asia to appeal more to global audiences. Two sell-out concer ts in June in Paris, featuring SM's flagship groups like

SHINee, Super Junior and Girls' Generation, together drew 14,000 screaming fans singing along to Koreanlanguage numbers. "The response from European fans totally stunned us," said Kim Young-Min, CEO of SM Entertainment. "Now we feel more confident that we can take a plunge in the European market, albeit step by step." —AFP



Winehouse duet with Tony Bennett a charity single A DUET recorded by Amy Winehouse (pic) and music legend Tony Bennett (below) shortly before the British singer's death will be released as a charity single with proceeds going to a foundation set up by her father. The pair recorded jazz classic Body and Soul at London's famous Abbey Road studios in March. It was one of the last songs Winehouse recorded before her death on July 23. The song was intended for Bennett's upcoming album Duets II but will now be released as a single on Sept 20 with royalties going to Mitch Winehouse's anti-drugs charity, according to the 85-yearold singer. "What's going to happen is that we're putting that out ahead of the album," Bennett told MTV. "It's going to a foundation

that her father started, to teach all the young children not to take drugs, and all the royalties of the record will go to that," added the US crooner. Mitch Winehouse said in a statement that he "couldn't be happier". — AFP


Jerry Lewis out as muscular dystrophy group head

LEGENDARY US comedian Jerry Lewis (pic) has ended a more than 50-year run as the national chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, for which he has helped raise millions of dollars to fight the disease, the group said. The 85-year-old Lewis also will not appear in this year's Labour Day telethon, the nonprofit group's main annual fundraiser and a television tradition

that is broadcast live and seen each year by 40 million people. "Jerry Lewis is a worldclass humanitarian and we're forever grateful to him for his more than half century of generous service to MDA," the chairman of the group's board of directors, R. Rodney Howell, said in a statement. "We will not be replacing him as MDA national chairman, and he will not be appearing on the Telethon."

The statement from the Arizona-based group, released late Wednesday, did not give any reason for Lewis' departure. The group had said in May that Lewis, the MDA's national chairman since the early 1950s and a tireless advocate of the cause around the world, would not host the event, but he had planned to make an appearance. Known for his legendary comedy partnership with Dean Martin dating from

the 1940s, Lewis has also achieved success as a film producer, screenwriter, director and singer. He was awarded a special Oscar for his humanitarian work in 2009. The actor has been plagued with health problems in recent decades. A diabetic, he has battled heart and lung problems, as well as prostate cancer. In June, Lewis was forced to cancel events in Australia after collapsing from exhaustion. — AFP



Europe's oldest person dies at 114 EUROPE'S oldest citizen died in Verona, Italy yesterday at 114. Venere Pizzinato was born on Nov 23, 1896, in Ala, a small town near the northern Italian city of Trento, which was then part of the AustroHungarian empire.Last year, at 114 and five days, Pizzinato, who never had children, became the oldest Italian of all time and at the time of her death she was the third oldest person in the world. The world's oldest two living people, Besse Cooper of the United States and Chiyono Hasegawa from Japan, are also 114. Italian President Giorgio Napolitano expressed his condolences. — Reuters

Vietnamese men jailed for rhino horns TWO Vietnamese men were sentenced to prison in South Africa after rhino horns were found in their luggage at Johannesburg's airport last year, the wildlife group Traffic said yesterday.Duc Manh Chu was handed a 10-year sentence for trying to smuggle 12 rhino horns out of the country, with an additional two-year sentence for fraud. Phi Hung Nguyeng got eight years for six horns tucked in his luggage, the group said. "The stiff penalties handed out today have sent a strong message to rhino poachers and traffickers that their actions will be heavily punished," said Tom Milliken, Traffic's programme coordinator, in a statement. — AFP

Dow takes 500-per cent plunge THE Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 4.3 per cent yesterday, its worst one-day drop since the financial crisis, as global markets melted down over fears of a new economic downturn. The Dow closed down 512.76 points to 11,383.68. The broader S&P 500 lost 4.8 per cent to 1,200.07, while the techheavy Nasdaq Composite plunged 5.1 per cent to 2,556.39. More turmoil over sovereign debt problems in Europe and feeble US economic data are stoking "fear that the economy is heading for a double-dip recession," said Peter Cardillo of Rockwell Global Capital. "The market is pricing that in," he said. The last time that the Dow fell as many points in a single day was in October 2008, during the nadir of the global financial crisis. All three indices are now well below the level at which they began 2011. makers. — AFP

Tropical Storm Emily brought flooding to southern Haiti yesterday, but began breaking up as it hit the mountains, likely sparing hundreds of thousands huddled in tent cities from more misery — AFP ABUJA

The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011

Nigeria oil disaster

Ogoniland pollution may need world's biggest clean-up DECADES of oil pollution in Nigeria's Ogoniland region may require the world's biggest ever clean-up, the UN environmental agency said yesterday as it released a landmark report on the issue. T h e Un i t e d N a t i o n s Environment Programme also called for the oil industry and the Nigerian government to contribute US$1 billion (RM2.9b) to a clean-up fund for the region that activists say has been devastated by pollution. Full restoration of the region could take up to 30 years, UNEP said. Activists reacted to the report by issuing harsh criticism of oil giant Shell, historically Nigeria's largest producer, which operated in Ogoniland until it was forced to withdraw amid unrest there in 1993. Shell maintained its stance that oil theft, sabotage and illegal refining were the main causes of pollution. "The environmental restoration of Ogoniland could prove to be the world's most wide-ranging and long term oil clean-up exercise ever undertaken if contaminated drinking water, land, creeks and important ecosystems such as mangroves are to be brought back to full, productive health," UNEP said in a statement. The study of the effects of pollution in Ogoniland, part of the Niger Delta, the country's main oil-producing region, follows a two-year assessment by the UNEP. Its report marks the first major attempt to scientifically document the effects of oil pollution in the region of mainly farmers and fishermen. UNEP called the wide-ranging

Contamination from a half-century of oil operations in Nigeria’s Ogoniland region could take 30 years and $1 billion to rectify, according to a UN report. The study comes a day after Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell admitted liability for two massive oil spills that affected tens of thousands of people in the Bodo area in 2008 and 2009

NIGERIA Abuja Lagos

River Niger 50km 30 miles

Port Harcourt

Warri Bight of Benin





Bight of Bonny


Ogoniland oil spills 2008 / 2009 13m barrels (maximum)


9m barrels (minimum)

Oil fields Oil pipelines Refineries

Gulf of Mexico oil spill 2010 4.9m barrels Sources: Energy Information Administration, wire agencies

assessment "unprecedented". The report points out major health risks in the region of Africa's largest oil producer. "In at least 10 Ogoni communities where drinking water is contaminated with high levels of hydrocarbons, public health is seriously threatened," the UNEP statement said. "In one community, at Nisisioken Ogale, in western

Ogoniland, families are drinking water from wells that is contaminated with benzene — a known carcinogen, at levels over 900 times above World Health Organization guidelines. "The site is close to a Nigerian National Petroleum Company pipeline." Anglo-Dutch Shell, Nigeria's oldest operator, was forced to leave Ogoniland in 1993 fol-


lowing community unrest sparked by poverty and allegations of environmental neglect, however pipelines still cross the area. "Although we haven’t produced oil in Ogoniland since 1993, we clean up all spills from our facilities, whatever the cause, and restore the land to its original state," Shell said in a statement after the report was released. ­— AFP


More hurricanes forecast

US forecasters said yesterday they expected the Atlantic hurricane season to be more intense than first predicted, raising the number of expected named storms from its preseason outlook in May. Gerry Bell, the lead hur-

ricane season forecaster at the National Weather Service, told reporters the region was "primed for high hurricane activity" from August through October, with more intense storms than those seen thus far.

Experts now predict the formation of 14-19 named tropical storms, of which seven to 10 could become hurricanes, during the season which officially runs from June 1 to Nov 30, Bell said, putting probability

at 70 per cent. Three to five of those hurricanes could be "major" or at least a category three on the five-level Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale, meaning sustained winds of at least 179 kilometres per hour. — AFP


Cut-price Pippa Middleton dress A COPY of Pippa Middleton's (pic) bridesmaid dress at her sister Kate's wedding to Prince William is to go on sale in Britain, at about a 100th of the cost of the original, a store said yesterday. Middleton, 27, almost stole the show on her elder sister's big day in April, wowing a global television audience of some two billion viewers as she arrived at Westminster Abbey in a figure-hugging white Alexander McQueen dress. Her stunning appearance sparked an Internet frenzy, with the Facebook group "Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society" attracting almost a quarter of a million fans. Now Britons seeking to add a bit of royal wedding sparkle to their lives are in luck, department store Debenhams has announced that from September it will be selling a cut-price gown inspired by Middleton's dress. The original reportedly cost around £20,000 (RM97,000) but the replica will retail for just £170, said Debenhams, which has branches across Britain. The store said it has been inundated with requests for dresses modelled on those at the royal wedding, with demand for Middleton's gown even outstripping interest in the dress worn by her sister, now known as Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Debenhams also plans to sell a replica of the emerald green evening gown worn by Pippa Middleton at the evening party for £99, and a flower girl dress which will retail at between £48 and £52. Both will go on sale later this year. — AFP

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14 world

Israel's air force carried out two raids on the Gaza Strip early yesterday without causing any casualties, witnesses said — AFP

The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011


India's Sonia Gandhi has surgery in US

THE leader of India's r u ling p ar ty and head of its political dynasty, Sonia Gandhi (pic), had an operation in the United States yesterday according to reports, after leaving h e r s on jointly

in charge. Without citing a source, the Press Trust of India said: "It was learnt tonight the Congress leader had undergone successful surgery in a US hospital." It added a statement on the 64-year-old's health was expected later today by either her family or her doctors. Ruling Congress Party

sp okesman Janardhan Dwivedi told media earlier that Gandhi was to have an operation for an unspecified condition, refusing to give further details. "On the advice of her doctors, she travelled abroad and she is likely to be away for two to three weeks," Dwivedi said. India's Tehelka news mag-

azine said on microblogging site Twitter that Gandhi was admitted yesterday to New York's Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center, the world's largest private cancer centre according to the hospital website. Italian-born Gandhi is the widow of assassinated former premier Rajiv Gandhi and widely seen as India's most


Agency disparities ICRC wants money for food but cannot distribute UN aid parcels

THE International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) almost doubled its budget for Somali aid yesterday but said it would not be able to help UN food supplies get through to starving Somalis. ICRC President Jakob Kellenberger said his independent agency was boosting its emergency operation to help 1.1 million people in the faminestricken country and was asking donors for an extra 67 million Swiss francs (RM256m). He said the ICRC had good access to southern Somalia, much of which is controlled by Islamist militants, with two supply routes through Somali ports and one overland from Kenya, but the humanitarian organisation needed more supplies. That contrasts with the UN World Food Programme (WFP), which has the food but says it cannot reach more than two million Somalis in the worsthit areas because the militant group al Shehaab has blocked access to most aid agencies. "It's crucial that you can ensure access and have capacity to operate big food pipelines," Kellenberger told a news conference in Geneva. He said the UN food agency nor-

mally used partner organisations to distribute its food aid, but it was very difficult for them to get access, and the ICRC would not distribute aid on behalf of other agencies. "The ICRC is an independent agency, for reasons you'll understand, for its protection," said Kellenberger, a former senior Swiss diplomat. "And I think that is important for its perception, for its personality, especially in delicate contexts like this. I have also to add that there would also be certain logistic problems." The ICRC has not given al Shehaab any payment, taxes or concessions to get access, Kellenberger added. David Orr, a WFP spokesman in Nairobi, declined to respond to Kellenberger's comments specifically. "WFP is exploring all avenues with all partners and exploring all channels to get access to those in need closest to the epicentre of the famine," Orr said. An ICRC spokeswoman said the situation in southern Somalia was worsening, with more than 20 per cent of children under five in an emergency condition because of severe acute malnutrition. — Reuters

Famine spreading across southern Somalia

Famine Famine hashas spread spread totothree threenew new areas areas within within Somalia, Somalia, with with the entire the entire south south likely likely to be to be declared declaredaafamine famine zone zonewithin within the the next next six six weeks. weeks. More More than than 1212 million millionpeople peoplehave have been beenaffected affected byby thethe worst worst drought drought in in 6060 years yearsacross across the theHorn Horn ofof Africa Africa Foodsecurity Food security Sep forecast Sep forecast 1. Minimal 2. Stressed 3. Crisis 4. Emergency 5. Famine

DJIBOUTI DJIBOUTI 165,000 165,000

Peopleininneed People need of food of foodaid aid

Djibouti Djibouti

SOMALIA SOMALIA 3.7 3.7 million million ETHIOPIA ETHIOPIA Faminepredicted predicted 4.8 4.8 million million Famine throughout southern throughout southern Somalia by Somalia by September September


KENYA KENYA 3.7 3.7 million million


Mogadishu Mogadishu Funding status Funding status (July (July 28)28) Committed, not received $1,447m $1,447m

Nairobi Nairobi

Total required $2,481m $2,481m

Received $1,034m $1,034m


Dadaab 440,000 440,000

200km 125 miles © GRAPHIC NEWS

Ali Addeh 14,400 14,400

Addis Addis Ababa Ababa

Dollo Ado 120,000 120,000

Sources: United Nations OCHA, USAID, FEWS



India 4th most dangerous country in world for women: Survey A GLOBAL perception survey has placed three Asian nations in the top five as the most dangerous countries in the world for women. The survey by Trust Law named Afghanistan as the most dangerous place in the world for women while Congo was second, Pakistan third and India in fourth spot, the Deccan Herald reports. Informing this in the Rajya Sabha (Upper Houses of

Refugee centres Pop. as Pop. asofofJuly July 2929

Parliament) yesterday, Krishna Tirath, India's Minister of State for Women and Child Development, however, said the government was not aware of the content and methodology adopted for the survey and could therefore, "not comment on the credibility of the conclusion it has drawn". In a written reply to Opposition member Moinul Hassan, she said the survey

conducted by Trust Law, a legal news service of Thomson Reuters Foundation, was based on samples of 213 gender experts across five continents. She said the government was implementing short and long-term interventions, in the form of schemes and legislation to tackle the problem. Somalia completed the list at No. 5. —AFP

Record melting at ice cap THE polar ice cap in the Arctic has melted to near its 2007 record minimum level and in some areas is 50 percent smaller than average, Russia's environmental monitoring agency said Thursday. "According to the results of observations, the Arctic ice sheet is currently near the minimum that was observed in 2007 in the polar region," the Roshydromet agency said in a statement. It said the ice sheet covered an area of 6.8 billion

square kilometres and was much smaller than normal in Russia's Arctic seas. "The ice cap is smaller than the norm in all the Russian seas: by 56 percent in the southwest of the Kara Sea, by 20 percent in the northeast of the Kara Sea, by 40 percent in the Laptev Sea, by 14 percent in the East Siberia Sea and by 35 percent in Sea of Chukotka," it said. "In September we can expect very easy navigation conditions in the Northern sea route," it said. — AFP

powerful politician, with her key power-broking position as Congress Party president. Dwivedi said that in her absence, Gandhi had appointed a four-member group to handle the day-to-day running of the Congress Party,including her son Rahul Gandhi, who is tipped as a future prime minister. — AFP

Grim economic news clouds Obama's 50th US President Barack Obama turned 50 yesterday, marking the milestone in private in a White House with little to celebrate as poor economic news cast a cloud over his reelection prospects. Senior political staff raised a glass to Obama before he joined his family and close friends at a party that included his daughter Malia, 13, back from summer camp for her dad's special day. But even a riotous party would be unlikely to drown out the cares of office for Obama, nursing political wounds from a debt clash with Republicans and confronting new fears that the sickly US economy is getting worse. The president did not appear in public on his birthday. But First Lady Michelle Obama told supporters in an email that her husband was doing everything he could to help them through tough times. "Every day, I see Barack make choices he knows will affect every American family. That's no small task for anyone, and more proof that he's earning every last one of those gray hairs," she wrote. — AFP

Mexican town's entire police force resigns An entire police force of 26 officers quit their posts in a northern Mexican town after two of their colleagues were killed in an armed attack, local authorities said yesterday. "The officers were afraid and resigned," said Jaime Dominguez Loya, the mayor of Ascension, a town of 5,000 people in Chihuahua state home to Mexico's most violent city of Ciudad Juarez. The mass resignation follows several attacks in recent weeks on police in the town, which lies on major drugtrafficking routes to the United States. The mayor has now called for help from regional and federal authorities. An entire police force resigned in 2009 from Villa Ahumada, another town in Chihuahua, following attacks allegedly led by drug gangs. — AFP

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Kia sales continue to surge mand their good-looking and highly specified vehicles. In the last quarter, Kia’s global sales increased by 21 per cent and during this period, they sold 621,000 vehicles. Much of the sales increase can be traced to strong performance in the United States where production disruptions

in Japan due to the earthquake left a gap in the market for the Koreans to capitalise on. Kia’s strong current model line-up allowed them to continue with the upward trend and these same factors will help them to hold on to their new-found market share. Together with sister company Hyundai, they have bucked

the trend for the last two years by focusing on cutting-edge design, high specifications and much-improved quality. Kia is also enjoying a strong sales resurgence in Malaysia thanks to the popularity of the locally-assembled Forte and strong demand for the newly introduced Sportage and Sorento Sports Utility Vehicles.

By Shamsul Yunos For the last two years, Korea’s second largest carmaker, Kia, has continued to rake in record sales as motorists continue to de-

Perodua sales soar in July After suffering a significant slip in their sales figures in June, Rawang carmaker Perodua can breathe a sigh of relief after July sales tallied 85 per cent higher than the previous month with 16,500 sold. This figure gave Perodua 32 per cent market share and puts them back at the top of the sales ranking. The company attributed the strong performance to higher new Myvi sales and faster than expected recovery of its production which was hit by the shortage of parts from Japan. “The 16,500 units sold in July were 85 per cent higher than the low 8,900 units sold in June,” Perodua managing director Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh said. He attributed the better July sales to the new Myvi where the company delivered some 8,500 units. Sales of the ViVA and Alza also improved in July from the month before. However, year-to-date Perodua sales were 14 per cent lower at

95,900 units from the 111,500 units sold between January and July 2010. “We are thankful to our customers for their continuous support for Perodua. We are also grateful for their patience in waiting for the delivery of their vehicles as we sorted out the production backlogs,” he said. “In the case of the new Myvi, bookings have already reached 25,000 orders and about 10,000 units have been delivered to our customers to date. “We believe sales momentum will continue moving into August to meet the strong demand for cars for the coming Hari Raya. “Perodua is also upbeat about its vehicle sales in the second half of the year with continued high production of the new Myvi to meet the strong demand, and the sorting out of the issues relating to the amendments of the HP Act 1967 between the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry, the banks and automotive players recently.”

Full marks for 'Lagi Best' safety The all-new Perodua Myvi came with a strong safety package and this week, the "marketing speak" is backed up by a fourstar ranking from the Malaysian Vehicle Assessment Programme (MyVAP). The rating was carried out by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety (Miros) last week. It is the second Perodua model after the Alza to receive the MyVAP 4-Star rating. “We at Perodua are proud of this recognition for our latest model by Miros. This 4-Star MyVAP Rating gives our customers the added confidence on the safety features of this model,” Perodua managing director Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh said. MyVAP, pioneered by Miros, is a programme to elevate the degree of vehicle safety in Malaysia by enhancing awareness among local car owners to acquire roadworthy and crashworthy vehicles via non-destructive techniques.

Aminar said the 4-Star MyVAP rating proves that the Myvi has achieved a high level of safety standard which also conforms to certain protocols of the Euro New Car Assessment Programme (ENCAP). The tests and certification were carried out by the ENCAP accredited body, IDIADA and European homologation TUV Rheinland and Perodua’s technology partner Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd from November last year to July 2011. The results of the tests and certification were evaluated and confirmed by Miros at the end of July 2011.

Now with

lifestyle15 15 Former Coke exec heads Proton marketing As the Proton group prepares itself for a more global presence, the company has appointed John Doody Chacko as the new director of Group Marketing and Branding (Group chief marketing officer). John brings in over 25 years of global marketing experience and will spearhead the Group’s branding, marketing and motorsports to re-stage the Proton brand locally and internationally. In 1998, John started his global career with The CocaCola Company and was assigned to lead the company’s marketing in multi-country divisions as division marketing director based in London, Venezuela, Thailand, Morocco and Egypt. He last served the company in Hong Kong as Group marketing director for the Coca-Cola Asia Pacific McDonald’s division. John returned to Malaysia early this year as part of the Returning Expert Programme and his dream was to become part of a Malaysian iconic establishment, leveraging on his global marketing and commercial experience to make a difference. Proton managing director Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Mohamed Tahir said: “John is a true manifestation of a

John Doody Chacko

successful Malaysian who has made a successful career abroad. “Having lived and worked in five continents, nine countries and 11 cities, John considers himself a global citizen yet he remains very much a true Malaysian at heart. Ultimately, his dream was to come back and serve an iconic Malaysian brand, and I am glad that he has chosen Proton. “John’s appointment is most timely and apt in repositioning the Proton brand as we make our marque one of global significance. “With our ‘Committed to Be Better’ pledge to improve in every way, which we announced last week — and combined with John’s wealth of global experience in consumer and strategic marketing, I am confident that the company is now more equipped in its effort to help push the brand into the next phase of our growth journey, not just in Malaysia, but on an international level.”


ContiComfort Contact CC5

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Standard Fitment 205/60 R16 92H

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NAZA KIA CARELINE: 1-800-888-KIA (542)



16 lifestyle BMW ranks highest in customer service

D-Max-ed for Cosmetic update keeps popular pick-up fresh


ACCORDING to a consumer survey company, notice to customers when vehicle maintenance is due has a strong positive impact on new-vehicle owners' satisfaction. J.D. Power Asia Pacific, a global marketing information services company, has just released results of the survey that evaluates new-vehicle owner's satisfaction with the after-sales service experience by examining dealership performance. Survey results included the study of car models in five factors, in order of importance — service quality, vehicle pick-up, service initiation, service advisor and service quality. According to the report, overall customer satisfaction averaged 718 points in 2011, an improvement of eight points from last year. BMW topped the ranking with a score of 804 followed by Mercedes-Benz (799) and Isuzu (770). Both BMW and MercedesBenz are ranked for the first time in this 2011 study. The survey further added that companies or dealers who inform customers their vehicle was due for routine maintenance, increased to an average of 38 per cent in 2011, com-

pared with 16 per cent in 2010. The spike in the number of outlets that take on the practice is not surprising since customers who received advanced notification from the service dealer about routine maintenance averages 21 points higher than the industry average. Of the customers surveyed, 733 said their servicing costs have remained roughly the same as initial estimates received; 683 did not receive any estimates while 657 customers found the actual servicing cost higher than initial estimates. Approximately 42 per cent of highly satisfied customers (service satisfaction scores averaging above 796) say they “definitely will” recommend their dealership to friends and relatives, while 40 per cent of highly satisfied customers say they “definitely will” revisit their service dealers for post warranty service. The study is based on responses from 2,667 new-vehicle owners who purchased their vehicles between February 2009 and May 2010 and took their vehicle for service to an authorised dealer between August 2010 and May 2011.

Nissan Cheras moves to Southgate EDARAN Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd (ETCM) moved their Cheras showroom to the Southgate commercial centre last week to offer better service and convenience to their customers. Speaking on the occasion, executive director of ETCM, Datuk Dr Ang Bon

Beng said: “The new showroom which is conceptualised as a stylish premier lifestyle will be great in supporting our plans to introduce more versatile and sporty models here to cater to the needs of today’s fast grow-

THE Isuzu D-Max is known for its ruggedness, driveability and fuel efficiency and with the latest facelift, it will also be known for its good looks. The nip and tuck involves new smarter grilles, revised bumpers and new front foglamps that give it a more handsome face. Isuzu says the refreshed DMax will appeal to younger and more dynamic buyers who appreciate the bold new outlook. Speaking at the launch, Isuzu Malaysia’s CEO Takashi Hata said the new design and features broaden the appeal of the vehicle to reach drivers who will benefit from D-Max’s versatility as they indulge in their active pursuits. “As an all-round vehicle that

ing business environment.” With a built up area of more than 5,000 sq ft, the new showroom carries all Nissan CKD and CBU models such as Teana, Sylphy, Grand Livina, Navara, 370Z and many more. Southgate is strategically located at the main southern gateway of KL city and it is

delivers excellent driving characteristics while remaining one of the kindest to the pocket, the Isuzu D-Max has enjoyed strong appeal among those who purchase the truck for its multiple abilities. I believe that with the new improvements to its outlook, the new D-Max will be a hit among owners who also want to stand out from the crowd,” said Hata. Inside, the new 2011 Isuzu D-Max gets a whole new dimension with the use of black trim in place of the previous grey base. This new colour scheme extends to the dashboard, door panels, pillars and headlining. The darker colour exudes a sportier feel while chrome accents on the air-conditioning vents, speaker bezels and

linked to the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s city centre by all major highways such as Jalan Tun Razak, Jalan Sungai Besi, Jalan Loke Yew and Besraya eastern extension with the SMART tunnel in the vicinity.

gearshift surrounds perfectly enhance the new interior feel of the D-Max. Power for the D-Max are the same 2.5-litre and 3.0-litre Super Commonrail engines or the ever robust 2.5-litre direct-injection model. These engines are among the most advanced and balanced diesel engines in the market with a remarkable mix of smooth performance, excellent durability and fuel efficiency.

All the Super Commonrailengined models for the 2011 models will receive the distinctive platinum-coloured engine covers. THE new 2011 Isuzu D-Max is available at all Isuzu authorised dealers nationwide. Readers seeking more information on the efficient and stylish vehicle or for the nearest dealer, can log on to my or call 1-300-88-1133.

China brand m GREEN Oranges Sales and Service Sdn Bhd recently introduced their China partner, Great Wall Motors and launched the first two models to be sold in Malaysia — the Haval Sports Utility Vehicle and

Wingle 5 pick-up truck. Speaking at the launch, Green Oranges CEO, Mohd Azli SM Nasimuddin said the two models were chosen because they have been homologated for advanced markets such

The Malay Mail ● Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011

r 2011


Naza unveils the Piaggio Liberty 150 cc

NAZA Premira Sdn Bhd, the distributor of Vespa scooters in Malaysia, officially opened its first sales showroom recently in Kota Damansara. With an investment of almost

RM400,000, Naza Premira is confident that its Kota Damansara showroom will be able to reel in customers not only from the area but also from other surrounding neighbourhoods. The company will further invest an additional RM2 million

to open three more showrooms nationwide and to support its dealers. By the middle of next year, Naza Premira is targeting to create a network of 30 to 40 dealers nationwide. A range of Vespa products will be offered at the showroom, including Vespa’s most popular model — the Vespa LX150cc. In addition to that, larger capacity of the vintage Vespa GTV250 and the sports Vespa GTS 300 will also be available. The showroom will also showcase a range of accessories and other Vespa lifestyle items. “Vespa is the most iconic and desirable scooter brand in the world and we are excited to be able to offer these products to

the Malaysian market through our agreement with Naza,” said Judah Sangaran, the area manager of Piaggio Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Naza Group of Companies joint Group chairman Datuk Wira SM Faisal Nasimuddin expressed his excitement over the re-introduction of the Vespa brand in Malaysia. “Our aim is to make Vespa the best seller for premium scooters. Up till June 2011, we have already sold 400 units of Vespa and on target to sell between 800 and 1,000 units before the end of the year,” SM Faisal said. At the Vespa showroom launch, Naza Premira unveiled its latest model of Piaggio Liberty 150 cc. Liberty comes with 150 cc engine, 15 inch tyres and a 7-liter tank. The Liberty 150cc is a mass market scooter that will attract riders from all ranges of age. The Liberty 150 cc is the perfect answer to city riding. The selling price of the Liberty 150cc is estimated at not more than RM10,000 and will be available for sale from September.

this engine and the 2.0 diesel found in the Haval SUV indicates that the Wingle 5 engine is tuned for durability, longevity and hard work. The Haval comes with five-

year free service and five-year roadside assistance while the Wingle 5 comes with a threeyear warranty. Both vehicles have 10,000km service intervals.

makes strong impression as Australia and are therefore properly designed and engineered to compete in demanding markets like Malaysia. These homologations also mean that these vehicles have passed the stringent safety and emission standards that are in place in those markets. The Haval H5 is comparable to the Honda CR-V and Nissan X-Trail in terms of size and the number of seats but in terms of price, this Chinese SUV will be on the market for RM120,000. This competitive pricing indicates great confidence in the product and Green Oranges plan to sell on specifications as much as on price. Initial assessment of build and material quality shows that Great Wall is a credible global carmaker.

Although it still has some distance to catch up with the Koreans and Japanese, there is no hiding the fact that they are

serious about being a major player. The Haval is powered by a 2-litre diesel engine and this is one of the model’s unique selling points. The engine cranks out 110kW and 310 Newton metres of torque. The Wingle 5 pick-up truck is priced at RM59,888 for the 4X2 and RM69,888 for the 4X4 variant.

The truck is powered by a 2.5-litre turbodiesel and this conservative engine cranks out 89 kW and 300 Newton metres of torque. The gap in power between

18 lifestyle

The Malay Mail ● Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011

Twin peaks of talent

The Discovery 4 has impressive natural abilities as a 4x4 and luxury SUV TestDrive By SHAMSUL YUNOS WHEN Land Rover launched the ‘Best Four by Four by Far’ campaign in the early 1990s, no one sniggered or thought they were bragging or showy — in fact, most people looked at the sentence, clucked their teeth and wondered why the company hadn’t thought of that tagline sooner. The fact is, most people think that when the going gets tough, you better have a Land Rover to get you through the muck. Land Rover is for soldiers, explorers and all souls intrepid. These days, Land Rover vehicles look like jewelled works of industrial art with fine detailing, elegant proportions and impressive poise — do they still have what it takes to go off the beaten path? For a road tester, the dilemma of going off-

LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 4 TDV6 HSE ▪ Engine type: 6 Diesel, 24V, Parallel Sequential Turbo ▪ Displacement (cc): 2993 ▪ Max. Power (kW/rpm): 180/4000 ▪ Max. Torque (Nm/rpm): 600/2000 ▪ Transmission: 6 A/T ▪ Steering: Rack & Pinion ▪ Front Suspension: Air suspension, Terrain Response ▪ Rear Suspension: Air suspension, Terrain Response ▪ Front Brakes: Vent Disc ▪ Rear Brakes: Vent Disc ▪ Std. Tyre Size: 255/55 R19 ▪ Std. Wheel Size: 18

4x4 Contact Standard Fitment 255/55 R19 111V XL

road revolves around the fear of getting stuck in a misjudged mudhole or scraping the sides of the vehicle after it slips off a muddy road onto an unyielding tree or, worse still, getting stuck in some urban mudhole because the driver is a complete novice on dirt. Because of this, my experience going off-road in the Discovery 4 was limited to playing climb on a particularly steep and gravelly slope somewhere within the boundaries of Kuala Lumpur. This former construction site lends itself to quick assessment of any vehicle’s ability to successfully travel over uneven and hilly terrain. Suffice to say, the Discovery 4 crabbed its way up the 30-degree slope with confidence but cautious and considered ease. It handled descent with great aplomb as well. After 30 minutes of play, there was a deep feeling of dissatisfaction for not giving the car’s technically impressive all-wheel drive system a chance to show off its skills. And so off we went to Janda Baik to do a bit of river crossing, and by that I mean crossing rivers that are knee-deep with relatively gentle sloping banks for easy approach and escape. After getting the tyres wet and surprising vegetable farm workers with our safari rally antics, we felt sufficiently qualified to say the Land Rover Discovery 4 has far more off-road talents than we were willing to test, without another Land Rover support vehicle waiting to tow us out of trouble. It was now time to put the Landie to work on some long distance driving and this time the route took us from Kuala Lumpur to Sungai Buloh, Kuala Selangor, Bagan Datok, Teluk Intan and Sitiawan. The Selangor coastal highway is heavy with truckers trying to save a few ringgit on toll and some kilometres in distance so it may seem like a nightmare road. However, thanks to the dual carriageway layout of the route, it was possible to share the road with hundreds of heavy load carriers without wishing to blow your brains out while being stuck behind a heavy, belching fish lorry. To further reduce our chance of encounter-

ing slow traffic, it was decided that the journey should take place at night and so we zipped past bucolic villages and small towns without ever slowing down too far below the speed limit. However, the coastal highway is built on coastal swamp so they are wavy, bumpy and full of extreme undulations. In fact, at certain speeds, some of the bumps and bridges looked and felt like rally stage yumps, always threatening to launch the Discovery 4 into the damp night air. We hit the first yump just north of Kuala Selangor, a bridge over an irrigation canal that stood proudly higher than the road that approached it. Since it was too late to brake, I lifted the accelerator and prayed for the best. The air suspension compressed under the car, threatened to fling us up ejection-seat style and at the last minute decided to hold us to the ground, just long enough for it to stretch again on the departure from the bridge. The suspension then lowered us gently onto the road. We drove past at least a dozen of these bridges and every time it just made the kids moan gently in their sleep, at least one of my sons had a nice dream of riding on endless roller coasters.

Compared even with the previous generation Discovery, this car is cream, it is smooth, thick with natural ability and quietly satisfying. And all these nice words must precede any discussion about its rather stunning good looks but sadly we have to stop here because there isn’t enough space to continue. This is the best four by four by far. The Range Rover, Sport or otherwise, may be the best luxury SUV; the Freelander is a really good compact SUV but the Discovery is a genuine off-roader that looks like a luxury SUV. I bet all the the other SUVs are jealous of the Disco 4 having talent and good looks in embarrassingly generous portions. In fact, it is almost too easy to say it comes with RM423,888 worth of motoring ability, except we know a large chunk of that goes to tariffs and duties. If you are looking for a genuinely talented off-roader, we have no problems recommending the Land Rover Discovery 4 TDV6.

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Gwyneth Paltrow finds marriage 'hard' The Oscar-winning actress (right) has been wed to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin for seven years and while she insists the pair are still happy together, she admits married life is not always easy. Gwyneth — who has two children, Apple, seven, and five-year-old Moses, with Chris — said: "Sometimes it’s hard being with someone for a long time. We go through periods that aren’t all rosy. I always say, life is long and you never know what’s going to happen." And while the 38-year-old beauty says they have no intention to split up, she knows if they ever did it would be amicable because they have a lot of respect for each other. She told America's Elle magazine: "If, God forbid, we were ever not to be together, I respect him so much as the father of my children. "I made such a good choice. He’s such a good dad. You can never be relaxed or smug and think, 'I’ve got this thing.' "That’s also part of it: keeping yourself on your toes. I’m not going to take this for granted." — Bang Showbiz

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Will Young is 'competitive' The Jealousy singer admits he has had to develop a thick skin since entering the music business, but would never intentionally treat someone badly to get what he wanted. He said: "I am quietly competitive. You need nerves of steel to stick around in the music business. But I would never walk over anyone to get what I wanted. I want to feel that I've done as much as I can, because we're not here for long." Since rising to fame on UK TV talent show Pop Idol in 2002, Will has released five studio albums, and he admits he is more "proud" of his accomplishments than he has ever been. He told Stylist magazine: "It's amazing that I'm still around after five albums and a greatest hits compilation. "I'm even more proud of my work today than I was 10 years ago. It's not that I'm not proud of my past but what I'm doing now both in music and outside of it, is stuff I'm really happy to put my name to." —

Bang Showbiz

COMRADES: (From left) Taylor, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Friends to the end TAYLOR Lautner, the hunky actor who plays werewolf Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga franchise, revealed the best thing about being a part of the movie series was getting to know Kristen (Bella Swan) and Robert (Edward Cullen) and says the three of them will always remain close. He told "My parting gifts were our friendships, lifelong friendships. We all get along great. We're definitely going to continue spending time together. Whether we're promoting these movies or whatever. "There were tears on the

last days, from everyone. I was the one who predicted it was actually going to be emotional on the last day." Taylor has previously revealed he had mixed emotions about the end of the franchise. He said: "I think it's mixed emotions, for sure. "Half of me says, 'This is a relief. I get some time off, I get to spend some time with family and friends and do other things,' but the other half says, 'This is so weird.' I've been filming with these people for years, so it's definitely a bummer." — Bang


how to play Sudoku X is a simple variation of Sudoku with the only difference being the squares in white (which make up the numeral X) need to tally from 1 to 9 along with the remaining coloured squares.

Yesterday'S solution

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Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011

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Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011





03-7495 1273





The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011

Six national sports associations have yet to submit their list of athletes for the 2011 Sea Games — Bernama




Shattered London dreams Teik Chai-Bin Shen may be penalised by OCM

NATIONAL independent doubles pair Gan Teik Chai and Tan Bin Shen are unhappy as they have been denied the opportunity to play in the world championships in London despite being the second ranked doubles pair in the country. There are a ls o t a l ks t he B a d m i nton As s o c i at i on of Malaysia (BAM) are apparently eager to see the pair penalised for voicing their grouses and meeting Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) secretary-general Datuk Sieh Kok Chi recently. This was construed in paragraph five of the letter to the respective BAs which read: "As the players are under your State BA, it is up to you to decide whether to call for an inquiry to determine whether the players have committed misconduct and whether to impose disciplinary measures against them." However, paragraph eight states: "In the event your State BA decide not to inquire into the alleged misconduct by the players and/or not to impose a ny d i s c ip l i n a r y m e a s u re s against them, BAM will also act magnanimously not to penalise


these players…" BAM also added the duo will be able to continue to spar with BAM players twice a week, continue to enter them into international tournaments through the request of the State BAs, considered for the selection for Sea Games, Thomas Cup and other major tournaments. The national body promised to set clear guidelines in advance for the Malaysian players for the 2012 London Olympics. BAM general manager Kenny Goh, meanwhile, maintained all corresponding letters had always been with the respective BAs. "To my knowledge, all letters are directed to the State BAs. We cannot stop them from seeing OCM," said Kenny. "It's important for all of us to move forward and see how best we can help each other." He also brushed off speculations that BAM were eager to see Teik Chai and Bin Shen penalised by their State BAs. According to the world standings just prior to the registration


World champ Franklin shines at US meet MISSY FRANKLIN, the 16-year-old who made a splash w it h t hre e gol d me d a ls at the World Championships in Shanghai, won the 100m backstroke title at the US Swimming Championships yesterday. Franklin won in 59.18 seconds to claim the first national title of her career two days after returning from China. Ryan Lochte, who won five gold medals in China, settled for bronze in the men's 100m backstroke. "I did everything I could," Lochte said. "I'm running on 'E' right now and my coach knows it." Franklin, whose three gold medals in Shanghai included the 200m backstroke crown, was


for the world championship, Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong were in fourth spot while Teik ChaiBin Shen were placed 16. BAM named Zakr y Abdul Latif-Hoon Thein How for the squad to London. For the record,

Zakry and Thein How were ranked 32 in the world meet then. Teik Chai and Bin Shen wrote to BAM on July 12 to enquire about their status for the world championship but received a reply on July 13 stating BAM "are not confirming your entry" to the tournament. A copy of the letter was addressed to the Kedah Badminton Association (BA). BAM, had in a letter to Kedah and Selangor BAs on July 27, insisted they had "not discriminated" the duo but had "only acted in the interest of the nation''. The letter was signed off by BAM secretary Ng Chin Chai, who is in London for the event. Teik Chai and Bin Shen will be at the Wembly Arena as fans instead. "It's sad as we were supposed to play but are now mere spectators. But I hope the Malaysian players will play their best," said Teik Chai. "Thanks to my sponsors I'm able to make the trip (to London). I will be cheering our shuttlers in the interest of the nation," Teik Chai said.


Fighting French runners get all clear for world championships in Daegu FRANKLIN

thrilled to keep the momentum going in a meet that some other US international swimmers — including Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin — opted to skip. "It feels absolutely amazing," Franklin said. "I'm so happy to be here." Lochte was second at the turn in his race before finishing third behind Olympian Matt Grevers and Nick Thoman. Grevers, who didn't make the US team for Shanghai, won in 53.14. Thoman, who was fourth in the 100m back at worlds, was second at 53.57. Lochte finished at 53.79 and said he would not swim any more events at nationals. — AFP

MEHDI BAALA and Mahiedine Mekhissi Benabbad have been given the all clear to compete in the world championships by the French athletics federation (FFA) yesterday despite coming to blows on the track during a Diamond League meet in Monaco. Baala, world silver medallist in 2003 and bronze medallist in the Beijing Olympics in 2008, clashed with Benabbad, the 3000m steeplechase Olympic silver medallist, after the end of the 1500m race in Monte Carlo

on July 22. FFA disciplinary commission president Christian Roggemans said it had been decided after a hearing that the athletes could compete in the Aug 27-Sept 4 world championships in Daegu, South Korea. However the pair have been banned from all meets outside France for a period of ten months, five of which have been suspended, and have been put on probation for three years by the FFA. — AFP


Powell warns British athletes of extreme 'pressure' at Olympics JAMAICA'S Asafa Powell believes British athletes will be under "so much pressure" when London hosts next year's Olympic Games they will want to "disappear". Powell himself has been repeatedly accused of letting the pressure get to him, with the 28-year-old yet to claim a major sprint title despite numerous sub 10-second times for the 100 metres, in which event he will

compete in the London Diamond League meeting at Crystal Palace this morning. "Having a home crowd, with all the expectations, is too much," said Powell. "I'm sure the British athletes would want to disappear next year because there will be so much pressure. People will be expecting them to win but it's not like that. The best athlete will win." — AFP



Bolton Wanderers lost a second player to a broken leg in a week after Tyson Mears was injured in training — AFP


The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011



Top seed Monfils Kvitova, Berdych to play Hopman Cup advances in the rain

FRENCH top seed Gael Mo n f i l s f i r e d 1 7 a c e s in advancing to the third round of the US$1.4 million (RM4.2m) ATP Washington Classic this morning with a 6-3, 7-6 (7-3) victory over American Ryan Sweeting. The world No 7 Monfils, a French Open quarterfinalist, will face Russia's 45th-ranked Dmitry Tursunov tomorrow due to a compressed schedule forced after rain postponed six matches yesterday at the US Open tuneup event. Monfils will have to win five matches in four days here to claim his fourth career ATP crown after titles last year at Montpelier, in 2009 at Metz and in 2005 at Sopot. His only career outdoor hardcourt final was last year at Tokyo. Sweeting, who won his first ATP crown at Houston in April, surrendered a break to

Monfils on the Frenchman's third chance of the eighth game, the only break points either man had in the first set. Monfils then held, capturing the set with his seventh ace after 32 minutes. Sweeting, ranked 66th, surrendered a break to Monfils in the third game of the second set but broke back to 3-3. Both held to a tie-breaker, in which Monfils raced to a 6-1 lead and finished off the American after 85 minutes. Tursunov needed only 77 minutes to oust Flavio Cipolla 6-1, 6-4. Monfils, 24, split with Australian coach Roger Rasheed after Wimbledon and came only with fitness coach Patrick Chamagne to Washington, where he reached the semifinals in 2007 in his only prior appearance. — AFP


Top seeds sail through

WHERE DOES IT HURT? Razzano (right) is attended to after suffering an injury — AFP photo

THE top three spent a combined time of less than three hours on court this morning as No 1 Vera Zvonareva led the trio into the quarterfinals of the WTA San Diego Open. The Russian, who claimed a 12th career title last month in Azerbaijan, cruised past compatriot Vera Dushevina 6-3, 6-0 to move into a tournament last eight for the ninth time in 2011. German second seed Andrea Petkovic needed a mere 43 minutes to advance as French opponent Virginie Razzano retired with a shoulder injury while trailing 6-2, 3-0. Third-seeded Agnieszka Radwanska also had to cope with a sore shoulder, but the Pole persevered to crush American teenager Christina McHale 6-1, 6-0.

Radwanska, who lost the final last year to Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova, will be playing in her seventh quarter-final of the season on Friday. But she admitted that shoulder pain was starting to worry her. "I played better than in my first match, everything was working. I'm worried about the shoulder. I'll have to get it looked at. "It seems every time I come on the the hardcourt in summer it gives me trouble. It's tough to treat." Radwanska said that despite her runaway victory "my serving was not at 100 per cent". "I just hope everything will be OK," she added, well aware that the start of the US Open on Aug 29 is little more than three weeks away. — AFP

REIGNING Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova will team up with Czech compatriot Tomas Berdych for the Hopman Cup of mixed teams in Australia at the turn of the year, their agent said this morning. "They are both thrilled by the idea," said Miroslav Cernosek. Kvitova, the world No 7, and Berdych, last year's Wimbledon

finalist and the current world No 9, will use the tournament as training for the mixed doubles competition at the 2012 Olympics in London, he added. "Mixed doubles will definitely be a very attractive event at the Olympics, with players like (Roger) Federer and (Martina) Hingis taking part," said Cernosek.

The Hopman Cup, held in Perth from December 31 to January 7, "will be different from the Fed Cup and individual tournaments, so I'm really looking forward to it and I'm sure we'll have fun there," said Kvitova. Jana Novotna and Petr Korda won the Czech Republic's sole Hopman Cup, in 1994. — AFP

Come on, Tiger


Smile back on Woods' face after two consecutive birdies

TIGER WOODS flashed his trademark smile after recording his first birdie since the Masters when he sank a fivefooter at the par-four 10th in this morning's opening round of the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. He then rammed in another birdie putt from eight feet at the par-four 11th to get to two under par overall, five strokes behind pacesetting Australian Jason Day. Back in competition for the first time in three months because of leg injuries, Woods parred his first nine holes on the heavily tree-lined layout at Firestone Country Club before finally getting into red numbers. A pinpoint approach from the middle of the 10th fairway set up the birdie putt, which he calmly rolled into the heart of the cup to spark huge roars from the watching gallery. With a noticeable spring in his step, he then headed off to the 11th tee from where he found the right fairway with his drive before executing another exquisite approach. Again, he coolly knocked in the birdie putt to trigger further applause from the fans packed around green. Despite not having competed on the PGA Tour since the Players Championship in May when he pulled out after completing just nine holes, Woods has exuded confidence all week at Firestone. Woods ended the day with a two-under 68 score. In his pre-tournament news conference, he said he was ready to go with his sights firmly fixed on a record eighth victory at a venue where he has enjoyed extraordinary dominance. "Same as always," Woods said. "Hasn't changed, expectation

level. I'm just focused on trying to win a golf tournament." The 14-time Major champion was greeted warmly by the crowd when he arrived at Firestone for pre-round round practice yesterday. "Welcome back Tiger," the fans shouted out from the grandstand behind the driving range. When Woods finally arrived on the first tee with his caddie Bryon Bell, several cries of "Come on Tiger" rang out. Woods immediately doffed his cap in polite acknowledgement. Another fan shouted out "Come on Tiger, it's your house baby" in reference to his remarkable record at Firestone as Woods walked down the opening fairway in the company of good friend and British Open champion Darren Clarke. The first nine holes, however, proved to be a bit of a grind for Woods on a hot and humid afternoon at Firestone. He found only two fairways out of seven off the tee and missed a birdie putt from eight feet at the par-three fifth. Twice he had to make clutch par-saving putts, the last of them a 20-footer on the ninth green. Meanwhile, Australian Jason Day charged into an early threeshot lead shortly before Woods teed off to make his longawaited PGA Tour return. Day, making the most of rain-softened conditions at Firestone Country Club, fired a sizzling seven-under 63 to take control in the elite event. The 23-year-old rolled in an 18-foot birdie putt at the parfour ninth, his final hole, for a three-stroke advantage over Americans DA Points, Stewart Cink and Brandt Snedeker, South African Rory Sabbatini and Dane Thomas Born. — Reuters

i'm back, baby: Woods walks onto the eighth green during the first round — AFP photo

friday 5 august, 2011

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Whether Sneijder will play or not play is a question I cannot answer right now — Inter Milan coach Gian Piero Gasperini

The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011


Barca, Real turning Champions League into Scottish league, says Llorente VA L E N C I A p r e s i d e n t Manuel Llorente has expressed his concerns with the domination of Barcelona and Real Madrid in both Spanish and European football. He fears that interest in the game will decline following the lack of tension.

The Mestalla side have been unable to seriously threaten their domestic rivals in Primera Liga recently, despite finishing in third position in the last two seasons, while Real and Barca were hardly troubled in the Champions League

until they met each other in the semifinals. "Primera is a competition of the highest level, but there exists a big difference between the two top teams and the rest. I fear that this difference could lead to a decreasing interest in the

game and this could be a serious problem for everyone," Llorente told AS. "I am pretty sure that we will soon have the same debate in Europe as well. The Champions League will soon become a 'Scottish league'. I don't think that

Future wizard

people in Europe will accept a Champions League with such huge disparity." Llorente then went on to say that the traditional top clubs from other leagues would have to settle for third spot in Spain, while Valencia would fight for the title in

England or Germany. "Clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and Bayern Munich wouldn't be able to finish higher than third in Primera Liga either. "We will be fighting for the domestic title in their respective leagues." ON A HIGH: Chivas players celebrating after their 4-1 win over Barcelona yesterday — AFPpic

Rising star Deulofeu still has to prove himself to become next Messi HOLA! WHAT do players like Lionel Messi, Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Carles Puyol have in common? Well, they are all products of the famous Barcelona youth academy, La Masia. These big names have since played big roles in the Catalans' successes both domestically and in Europe recently. Now there is excitement over 17-year-old winger Gerard Deulofeu, who was one of the stars for Spain in their success of winning the Uefa Under-19 tournament recently. Like those mentioned earlier, he is also the product of the academy and has been included in Barca's first team for the remainder of the preseason. Some have already compared Deulofeu to Messi even though he has yet to prove himself at a higher level. But then, Argentine wizard Messi started playing for Barca's senior team when he was only 16 years and 145 days old on Nov 16, 2003 in a friendly against Porto. However, it is too early for the fans to compare these two. Deulofeu needs more time to be ready to ply his trade on the bigger stage. Barca sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta stressed: "The club will be very careful with the development of exciting winger Deulofeu." And Zubizarreta urged people not to make any "wild" comparisons with Messi and compared his situation with that of fellow youngster Thiago Alcantara. "If in the case of Thiago, manager Josep 'Pep' Guardiola said he wanted to go 'piano, piano', then with Deulofeu, we'll have to go pianissimo, pianissimo — with all the calm in

the world. We don’t want anybody to compare him with Messi," Zubizarreta told Barca's website. The former goalkeeper went on to underline the importance of having homegrown youngsters in the Barca team. "Their presence is important for the team but also for their football development. The last 30 minutes against Manchester (United, in their recent friendly in the United States) we ended up with almost the whole XI brought through the ranks. They have the ability to understand how we play," said Zubizarreta.


with Mustapha "El Loco" Kamaruddin

Thi ago, 20, has b e en impressive in pre-season and should see more playing time if he can maintain his form. Guardiola is certainly happy with his progress. But just who is Thiago (full name Thiago Alcantara do Nascimento)? He is an Italian-born Spaniard. He was born in San Pietro Vernotico, Italy and grew up in Spain. His father is former Brazilian World Cup winner Mazinho. Starting young at Flamengo, he moved to Spain with his father at the age of five and started playing with Galician team Ureca in Nigran. He returned to Flamengo when he was 10 and

DEULOFEU: Compared to Messi — AFPpic

returned to Spain once again to sign with Barca in 2005. When he was 18, Thiago made his debut with the first team when he came on as a substitute for Eidur Gudjohnsen in the match against Mallorca. On June 29, he signed a contract renewal keeping him at Nou Camp until 2015 — with a buyout clause of €90 million (RM379.6m). What a story! And speaking of stories, here is an interesting one. Sha k i r a ' s rel at i onsh ip w i t h B a r c a c e nt r e b a c k Gerard Pique is helping the Colombian pop star make greater inroads with her charity foundation. During their tour of the United States, Shakira and Barca announced they have come together to build sports facilities for marginalised neighbourhoods in Miami. "Through Gerard I learned what this sport is about and how it can help a child, it teaches respect, discipline, tolerance and desire to fight for a dream," said Shakira. "I also now know that in the Barca dressing room all the players are united by the shirt, despite having different beliefs, because the shirt is above all else. "This helps me dream that humanity may one day also lead to thinking the same way." Pique must be proud now to have a girlfriend who is sexy and kindhearted to boot. Lucky him and he should be inspired to produce on the pitch yet again once the new season starts. Adios!


Unhappy 'Pep' tells players to wake up BARCELONA manager Josep "Pep" Guardiola said their 4-1 friendly defeat to Guadalajara yesterday in Miami was a "wake-up call" ahead of the new season. The Spanish and European champions, fielding many youngsters, took an early lead through David Villa but Marco Fabian's quickfire brace just after the hour mark put Chivas in front. Further goals from

Giovanny Casillas and Ulises Davila sealed the win. It was the team's second consecutive pre-season defeat having also lost 2-1 to English champions Manchester United in Washington DC last weekend, and with the Spanish Super Cup first-leg against Real Madrid coming up on Aug 14, Guardiola admits there is still plenty for his team to do.


Barca's Milito returns to Independiente BARCELONA'S Argentinian international defender Gabriel Milito has quit the Spanish champions to return to his first club Independiente, the Argentinian first division side confirmed this morning. Milito, 30, younger brother of Inter Milan striker Diego Milito, started his career with Independiente in 1997, before spending nine years in Spain, first with Real

Zaragoza (2003-2007) and then with Barcelona (20072011). Milito had one year left on his contract but had fallen out of favour with coach Josep "Pep" Guardiola. He had expressed his desire to return to Argentina while playing in the Copa America last month in which the hosts were knocked out in the quarterfinals. — AFP


Promoted Serie A side Atalanta are waiting to discover if they face a seven-point deduction for the start of the season — AFP

The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011

MANCHESTER: FOOTBALL/ community shield

Spoilt for choice Jones provides defence, midfield options for Manchester United

MANCHESTER UNITED'S newly-signed defender Phil Jones could be in line for a starting slot against Manchester City in the Community Shield at Wembley on Sunday but admits he is unsure of where he will be deployed this season. Jones, who moved from Blackburn to Old Trafford in a deal that cost £17 million (RM82m), believes his best position is in the heart of defence. But with Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic the favoured partnership, it remains to be seen where the versatile 19-year-old will play. "I used to play in midfield but I definitely consider myself a centreback and that's where I play my best football," Jones told Inside United. "I like to see the game in front of me and read the play. At Blackburn, when the manager asked me to move into midfield, it was strange and I didn't expect it. "It took a few games to adapt to that role and the positions to take. If I was asked to do that here, I'd feel

RUN TO THE HILLS: Jones (right) keeps Marseille's Cesar Azpilicueta at bay during a charity match. United lost 8-2 — AFP photo

comfortable with it." Jones concedes he has plenty to learn at Old Trafford

and will not be taking things lightly. "As a centreback, I read the


Romeu feeling the Blues CHELSEA have completed the signing of Oriol Romeu (pic) from Barcelona on a four-year deal. The 19-year-old is the second arrival of the Andre Villas-Boas era and will link up with his new teammates at the end of Spain's Under-20 World Cup campaign. Reports in Barcelona suggested Romeu had cost the Blues €5 million (RM21m) up front although that could eventually rise to €10 million. The fee was agreed 11 days ago for the midfielder, who was quoted this week as saying: "Chelsea are a great option for me. Leaving Barca hurts, but you have to take your chances." Romeu's agent, Magico Diaz, reportedly jetted out to Colombia this week to seal the deal. That is where Romeu is currently based, having played 90 minutes in Spain's opening two 4-1 and 2-0 victories over Costa Rica and Ecuador

respectively at the Under-20 World Cup. Meanwhile, Chelsea assistant manager Roberto Di Matteo said he was glad to have left West Brom earlier this year. Although disappointed to have been sacked by the

Baggies, he would not have been able to return to Stamford Bridge had he stayed in charge at the Hawthorns. "About seven months ago, I was sitting eighth in the table, we had a good Christmas and people were asking me, ‘Where do you see yourself in two years? In a big job?' But by February I was on a beach somewhere and out of a job," said Di Matteo. "I'm quite happy that I left because I would not have otherwise had the chance to come here to Chelsea, so life somehow always turns out well. "I did well at West Brom considering what our target was at the time. The footballing industry recognised that and I guess that is one of the reasons I am sitting here today. "I've experienced being a manager and I would love one day to do it again. But I wasn't expecting to be here today so God knows what's round the corner."

game well. I'm good in the air and have a decent range of passing," he said. "Like every

footballer, I have things to improve and I'll continue to work on them at United." United manager Sir Alex Ferguson believes Jones has the talent to break into the first team immediately. "We first identified Jones when he played for Blackburn's youth team against us a couple of years ago when they beat us 3-0. He was absolutely magnificent," said Ferguson. "You might think he might not play, but the ability he's got and the determination he's got, he could quite easily play. He's the future but he could certainly come in right away." Fergus on re ve a le d he intends to start with Ashley Young as a leftwinger but will consider him in a number of other positions. He also backed goalkeeper David de Gea to fill the void left by the retired Edwin van der Sar. "Young can play in more than one position. He can play wide right, left, even behind the striker, so we have options there. But, initially, we'll start him as a wide left player."

Fans cry foul over Blackburn ad BLACKBURN ROVERS fans are crying foul over a new television advertisement promoting the Indian owners' chicken products, complaining that it had turned the Premier League team into a laughing stock. The 25-second ad, which has appeared on screens in recent weeks in India, sees the northern English side in full kit and huddled in the dressing room as if having a pre-match team talk. The players then cross themselves for good luck before the camera pulls back to reveal them eagerly tucking into plates of a variety of flavoured chicken wings produced by owners Venky's, an Indian poultry giant. Opposition to the advert was strongest on YouTube, where hundreds of football fans lined up to criticise the video. "No wonder they were crap the second-half of last season. It was all the chicken," one poster wrote about the video, which had been viewed nearly

250,000 times yesterday. One Blackburn seasonticket holder wrote in a letter to the local Lancashire Evening Telegraph that the footballers' performance in the ad was "an utter embarrassment to the reputation of Blackburn Rovers". "I am appalled to see my players being exploited for the pure purpose of raising the profile of the owners' products. We have become the laughing stock of the football world," she added. Many respondents on the newspaper's website, however, dismissed her complaint, saying it was just "a bit of fun". Bl a ckbu r n , w ho we re taken over by Venky's last November, finished three spots off the relegation zone last season after controversially sacking veteran manager Sam Allardyce. The chicken advertisement can be seen on: watch?v=sRkZ21RJQ0g. — AFP



Maicon to Manchester INTER MILAN are prepared to offer Brazil rightback Maicon to Manchester City in partexchange for wantaway Carlos Tevez. City have been linked with a swap deal that could see Samuel Eto’o moving from the San Siro and fellow striker Tevez leaving the Etihad Stadium after two years. But it emerged last night that Inter president Massimo Moratti is ready to put the rampaging Maicon on the table instead. The Italian giants appear to envision a one-forone swap, with no actual cash changing hands, but City only value Maicon at around £15m (RM72.7m), leaving Inter at least £25m (RM121.3m) short of the Argentine striker's asking price.


Chamakh Gunner stay MAROUANE CHAMAKH has ruled out a move to Roma, insisting he is determined to prove himself at Arsenal this season. The Morocco international enjoyed a promising start at the Emirates, scoring 11 goals before Christmas but the striker struggled to win a firstteam place after the new year. Serie A side Roma are keen to rescue him as a readymade replacement for Mirko Vucinic, who left for Juventus. Chamakh, however, is keen to start afresh this season and show he can be a success in England. "I want to make my name in the Premier League. I started well last season and lost my way. However, I want to make a name for myself here," he told Sky Sports.


Old Lady to spend wisely MAROTTA

JUVENTUS director Giuseppe Marotta has said the summer deals will continue, but made it clear that the rest of the transfer window will be approached with caution. Marotta has confirmed the club are still keen on adding players to their squad, but the heavy spending of recent weeks is likely to be curtailed. "We want to get to the end of the market with the best squad possible. The coach wants a competitive team and we will try and accommodate this." Juventus are currently training in Chiusa Pesio near Turin without Amauri and Fabio Grosso, suggesting both players are close to leaving.



NICKNAME: The Red Devils FOUNDED: 1878 HOME: Old Trafford CAPACITY: 75,957 MANAGER: Alex Ferguson THE SQUAD GOALKEEPERS David de Gea Tomasz Kuszczak Anders Lindegaard Ben Amos DEFENDERS Patrice Evra Rio Ferdinand Chris Smalling Nemanja Vidic Fabio Rafael Jonny Evans Phil Jones MIDFIELDERS Anderson Ryan Giggs Park Ji-sung Michael Carrick Nani Darren Fletcher Antonio Valencia Darren Gibson Tom Cleverley Paul Pogba Oliver Norwood Ravel Morrison Ashley Young STRIKERS Michael Owen Dimitar Berbatov Wayne Rooney Javier Hernandez Danny Welbeck Gabriel Obertan Federico Macheda Mame Biram Diouf Joshua King TRANSFER (Thus far) IN David de Gea (Atletico Madrid, £17.8m), Phil Jones (Blackburn, £16.5m), Ashley Young (Aston Villa, £16m) OUT Bebe (Besiktas, loan), Ritchie De Laet (Norwich, loan), Owen Hargreaves (released), Paul Scholes (retired), Edwin van der Sar (retired), Wes Brown (Sunderland, £1m), John O'Shea (Sunderland, undisclosed) (Transfer window closes on Aug 31) LAST SEASON'S POSITION First PLAYERS TO WATCH Javier Hernandez, Wayne Rooney, Ashley Young, Nemanja Vidic, Phil Jones PREDICTION More than capable of retaining the league title HONOURS FIRST DIVISION/PREMIER LEAGUE WINNERS 1908, 1911, 1952, 1956, 1957, 1965, 1967, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 SECOND DIVISION WINNERS 1936, 1975 FA CUP WINNERS 1909, 1948, 1963, 1977, 1983, 1985, 1990, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2004 LEAGUE CUP WINNERS 1992, 2006, 2009, 2010 CHARITY/COMMUNITY SHIELD WINNERS 1908, 1911, 1952, 1956, 1957, 1965*, 1967*, 1977*, 1983, 1990*, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010 (14 outright, four shared) EUROPEAN CUP/CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WINNERS 1968, 1999, 2008 UEFA CUP WINNERS CUP Winners 1991 UEFA SUPER CUP WINNERS 1991 FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP WINNERS 2008

It's about picking up where I finished off last season with Aston Villa, carrying on my form and not doing anything differently — Stewart Downing

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manchester united

football/ premier league focus

MANCHESTER UNITED have a great chance to win their 20th elite league title in the new season. Why not? They have a better squad now after super signings in the summer. Mailsport's MUSTAPHA KAMARUDDIN gives his thoughts on the Red Devils.

Devilish as ever United looking good with new signings

PREMIER LEAGUE champions Manchester United know the battle for honours will be tougher in the new season. And to be well-prepared, manager Alex Ferguson has signed up three quality signings to beef up the already strong squad. They are goalkeeper David de Gea from Atletico Madrid, Blackburn star defender Phil Jones and Aston Villa's pacy winger Ashley Young. De Gea has been signed in view of Dutchman Edwin van der Sar's retirement. The 20-year-old was the first choice for Atletico last season where he produced some sparkling performances which caught not only Ferguson's eyes but also managers from several other big clubs. De Gea did produce some

RECORD-BREAKING: Man United won the EPL title last year for the 19th time — Getty photo

convincing performances in preseason, so much so that Ferguson hinted he was ready to wear the No 1 jersey. Centreback Phil Jones, 19, was also wanted by clubs like Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham. Another plus factor is that this England Under-21 international can operate as a defensive midfielder as well. Former United star defender Gary Neville says Jones has a lot of potential and predicts the youngster can be United's captain in the future because of his leadership qualities. "I think this lad's going to be a star, I really do," said Neville. "I think he's going to be somebody who could potentially be a captain of Manchester United in the future. "He looks really solid and he's somebody who can be a huge player for the club for the next 10 years."

WHAT'S UP DOC? Ferguson braces for a hectic August transfer market — Getty photo

Young's abilities are well known. He will surely add bite to the already awesome strikeforce led by Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez also known

as ''Chicharito'' or ''Little Pea''. Talking about Hernandez, fans can expect an even better outing from him in the new season. In the last campaign, the Mexico international and former Guadalajara star scored 13 goals from 27 league outings. NEW DEVIL AT BAY: De Gea is Hernandez, 23, will following in Van der Sar's footalso be inspired to play a steps at Man Utd — Getty photo big role for the Red Devils after be playing that influential role in that memorable outing in the recent Concacaf Gold Cup where the heart of defence as usual. It will be interesting to see Mexico emerged champions. He was the star of the tourna- if Rio Ferdinand is free from ment by scoring seven goals to injuries this season? Ferguson is finish as top scorer and named as not worried as the Scot has Chris the most valuable player. United's Smalling and Jones as back-ups. United will be the team to opponents have been warned. Nemanja Vidic, of course, will beat, yet again.

BEST TEAM: With the new signings, Man United looks good for the new season — Getty photo


Queens Park Rangers have signed striker DJ Campbell from relegated Blackpool — Reuters

The Malay Mail Friday 5 AUGUST, 2011

manchester city

football/ premier league focus

MANCHESTER CITY finished third in the Premier League last season for a place in the Champions League. Will they be able to produce better results in the new campaign? Mailsport's MUSTAPHA KAMARUDDIN looks at Roberto Mancini's men.

Silva bullet

Spain international attacker to play big role in City's fortune RISING HIGH: Manchester City claim first-ever Dublin Super Cup — Getty photo

CITY OF STARS: Mancini will have to deliver silverware at the end of the 2011/12 season — Getty photo

THE MAN: Aguero's exclusive transfer to Man City — Getty photo

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK: Clichy (left) and Savic with their new jerseys — Getty photo

RISING FORCE: Manchester CIty's FA Cup win last season points to the emergence of the Eastlands outfit as a credible threat — Getty photo

BIG spenders Manchester City have no business not to make an impact in the new season of the Premier League. Roberto Mancini's men must pose a serious threat to champions Manchester United and Chelsea in the battle for the title. Winning the FA Cup, just like they did last season, is not enough considering the amount of money City have forked out to buy quality players in the last couple of seasons. In fact, they must also try and win the Champions League. T h e l at e s t re c r u i t i s Argentina international star striker Sergio ''Kun'' Aguero from Spanish club Atletico Madrid who cost City £38 million (RM184m). The 23-yearold is a highly-talented goal poacher, no doubt about it. But Mancini must be hoping that Aguero will settle down fast to contribute in a big way to the team. Mancini must also be praying hard that another highlytalented but controversial striker in Mario Balotelli will behave a bit better once the season starts. But it is not going to be easy to handle ''Super Mario'' who also had a strained relationship with Jose Mourinho while he was at Inter Milan. Balotelli is an asset to City if he is more disciplined. He made 17 league appearances last season and managed to score six goals. It is unclear whether Carlos Tevez will still be around as the Argentina international wants to be out of England. The problem is that interested parties like Corinthians and Inter may not afford to pay his transfer fees and wages. Tevez ended up as the league's top scorer with 20 goals last season together with Manchester United's Dimitar Berbatov. If he stays, then it is the question of whether he can remain focused to help City out. There is no point of having him if his mind is somewhere else. Strikers aside, one man who is set to shine and play an influential role in the new season is

Spain international attacking midfielder David Silva who joined City last season. The 25-year-old former Valencia star has been impressive consistently in pre-season via his vision and telling passes to create openings for the strikers. In his debut season, Silva played 35 matches where he made nine assists and scored four goals. He should be able to improve on those statistics. Yaya Toure is another midfielder who can be expected to deliver. The former Barcelona man, basically a defensive midfielder, is also handy whenever he goes up nowadays. The 28-year-old Ivory Coast international scored six league goals last season from 34 matches. He is really determined to play his part well and warns City will be a team to watch this time around even in Europe. Toure can afford to be adventurous as City have a very capable holding midfielder in Dutchman Nigel de Jong, who is performing well in front of the defenders. City also boast a solid defence, led by Belgium international Vincent Kompany who can also play as a defensive midfielder. City fans just can't wait to see the team in action against bitter rivals Manchester United in the Community Shield clash at Wembley on Sunday. Expectations are high for Mancini and Co to produce results starting with the curtain raiser to the new season.

STRIKING IMPACT: Dzeko will be scoring lots of goals in the new season — Getty photo


NICKNAME: City, The Citizens, The Blues FOUNDED: 1880 HOME: City of Manchester Stadium CAPACITY: 47,726 MANAGER: Roberto Mancini THE SQUAD GOALKEEPERS David Gonzalez Joe Hart Gunnar Nielsen Stuart Taylor DEFENDERS Dedryck Boyata Wayne Bridge Greg Cunningham Aleksandar Kolarov Vincent Kompany Gael Clichy Joleon Lescott Stefan Savic Nedum Onuoha Micah Richards Kolo Toure Pablo Zabaleta MIDFIELDERS Gareth Barry Abdisalam Ibrahim Adam Johnson Michael Johnson Nigel de Jong James Milner Abdul Razak David Silva Yaya Toure Vladimir Weiss Shaun Wright-Phillips STRIKERS Emmanuel Adebayor Mario Balotelli Craig Bellamy Edin Dzeko Sergio Aguero Roque Santa Cruz Alex Tchuimeni-Nimely Carlos Tevez

TRANSFER (Thus far) IN Sergio Aguero (Atletico Madrid, £38m), Stefan Savic (Partizan Belgrade, £6m), Gael Clichy (Arsenal, £7m) OUT Jo (Internacional, undisclosed), Shay Given (Aston Villa, £3.5m), Jerome Boateng (Bayern Munich, £10m), Michael Johnson (Leicester, loan), Patrick Vieira (retired), Shaleum Logan (Brentford, free), Javan Vidal (released), Ben Mee (Burnley, loan), Abdisalam Ibrahim (NEC Nijmegen, loan) (Transfer window closes on Aug 31) LAST SEASON'S POSITION Third PLAYERS TO WATCH Sergio ''Kun'' Aguero, David Silva, Nigel de Jong, Mario Balotelli, Carlos Tevez (if he is still around) PREDICTION Can mount a serious challenge to Manchester United and Chelsea HONOURS FIRST DIVISION WINNERS 1937, 1968 Runners-up 1904, 1921, 1977 SECOND DIVISION WINNERS 1899, 1903, 1910, 1928, 1947, 1966, 2002 Runners-up 1896, 1951, 1989, 2000 FA CUP WINNERS 1904, 1934, 1956, 1969, 2011 Runners-up 1926, 1933, 1955, 1981 LEAGUE CUP WINNERS 1970, 1976 Runners-up 1974 CHARITY SHIELD WINNERS 1937, 1968, 1972 Runners-up 1934, 1956, 1969, 1973 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS' CUP Winners 1970


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