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Friday 3 June, 2011



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Mama’s boys

By Thasha Jayamanogaran

Woman touched by sons shielding her from armed robbers

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Maid in Malaysia (May 31)

No need for domestic help


Relief from Sri Pahang flats’ ‘oasis’

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Mercy Malaysia donated medical equipment worth RM45,000 to health institutions during its recent mission to Libya — Mercy Malaysia president Datuk Dr Ahmad Faizal Mohd Perdaus

Protests slammed SHAH ALAM

Sub-contractors pressuring us to review Alam Flora decision, says Selangor govt By JOSEPH KAOS JR and AZREEN HANI

SELANGOR is not amused by the recent protests by sub-contractors against the State government's decision to terminate the drain-cleaning and grass-cutting contracts held by waste concessionaire Alam Flora Sdn Bhd. The Mentri Besar’s office thinks the protests are an attempt to make the State government review its decision and are engineered by Alam Flora, following its dissatisfaction at losing the contracts. “Those who demonstrated and protested

were used by Alam Flora, which is not satisfied with our decision to terminate their contracts. So, perhaps, the demonstrations are for us to reverse our move,” said Faekah Husin (pic), political secretary to Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim. The State government had announced on April 18 it was taking over Alam Flora’s job of cleaning drains and cutting grass in public areas. Sub-contractors who had been doing cleaning jobs under Alam Flora cried foul over the move, claiming it had cost them their jobs and livelihood. Thirty-seven cleaning contractors in Ampang had reportedly complained about their jobs be-

ing taken over by the local council from next month. They claimed more than 900 people stood to lose their jobs in Ampang alone if their cleaning work was to be taken over by the council. On May 25, 33 sub-contractors under Alam Flora submitted a memorandum to Abdul Khalid and his exco members, urging the State government to settle arrears of RM18 million for cleaning works already carried out. Faekah said the sub-contractors did not have any reason to be upset as they could still bid for tenders with the local government and carry out their work independently. “Go to the district office or local council and apply for the tenders.

If the contractors are qualified for the job, they will land it. There is no reason to protest.” She said the State government would not back down from the decision to terminate the Alam Flora deal. “Our move has been misinterpreted as we did not entirely terminate Alam Flora’s cleaning contract. There are some areas where Alam Flora is handling the cleaning." Alam Flora has denied any involvement in the protests. Contacted by The Malay Mail yesterday, a spokesperson said: “We are not involved in the demonstration. We are waiting to meet the Selangor MB to discuss the matter and hope to see him soon."


Let's wait and see, says association By MARHALIM ABAS

THE Malaysian Association of Foreign Maid Agencies (Papa) has adopted a “wait and see” attitude over the brouhaha on the prohibitive cost of hiring Indonesian maids. Its acting president, Jeffery Foo, said: “I wanted to make a statement today (Thursday) but decided against it. Why should we argue about the cost of bringing maids in when the Indonesian authorities had not officially announced the lifting of the moratorium yet?”

Jakarta had imposed the freeze on sending maids to Malaysia in June 2009, following numerous complaints of maids allegedly being abused by employers. Before the ban, Indonesia was sending about 3,000 maids to Malaysia every month. Foo said checks with agents in Indonesia revealed the ban had still not been lifted. “Why should we be arguing about the fees when we have yet to find out how

many maids they will send here? Will it be 1,500, 2,000 or 3,000? “The number they are sending is important as only then will we know how much the fees are.” In meantime, Foo said, the association was seeking a meeting with Human Resources Minister Datuk S. Subramaniam to obtain "clear details" on the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed on Monday.

Subramaniam represented Malaysia in the signing ceremony in Bandung, and Indonesian Labour and Transmigration Minister Muhaimin Iskandar signed for his country. Under the terms of the MoU, which superseded the one signed in 2006, Malaysian households would now be allowed to employ Indonesian maids, subject to several extra conditions. One of the key conditions

was to allow maids to take one day off a week and to retain possession of their passports, as stipulated by international law. The initial fees employers have to pay for the maids is RM4,511. It includes RM2,711 — to be paid by the employer — and RM1,800 of the maid's salary that has to be advanced to the agency supplying the maids. The advance can be deducted later from the maid’s salary.

Prospective employers: Ensure maid agencies stick to agreement IT IS up to the Malaysian authorities to ensure maid agencies, Malaysian or Indonesian, stick to the fees and conditions agreed to by the two governments. Any other option, say prospective Indonesian domestic help employers, would be a mockery. They also suggested that if the authorities failed to control the maid agencies, it would be prudent to make it easier for individuals to employ Indonesian maids directly. These prospective employers were commenting on The Malay Mail report yesterday that agencies' fees for

FLASHBACK: Our report yesterday

Indonesian maids differed from the announced rates. A random telephone survey by The Paper That Cares found employers may need to fork out more than RM9,000 — double the RM4,511 announced on Monday.

THE MALAY MAIL IS PUBLISHED BY Malay Mail Sdn Bhd, Lot 2A, Jalan 13/2, 46200, Petaling Jaya

An advertisement company manager, who declined to be identified, said he was not surprised by the report. “Yes, the newspapers early this week reported the fees had been set at RM4,511. However, when I checked, I was told this

EDITORIAL Tel : 03-79472288 Fax : 03-79605096 Email :

was not the case. "There are hidden costs. I do not know whether the Minister was quoted correctly. As a salaried man, I cannot afford the hidden costs which may go up to RM10,000,” said the father of three. He said it was incumbent on the government to ensure the agencies only charged fees which had been agreed upon or to make it easier for individuals like him to hire maids directly from Indonesia. Anot he r pro sp e c t ive employer, a senior lecturer, said he was hiring a maid from Indonesia through his contacts in that country.

ADVERTISING SALES Tel : 03-79472333 (Classifieds) / 03-79472311 (Display) Fax : 03-79605097 Email :

He said was only paying RM5,000 for the maid. Since the government had agreed to fix the fees and conditions for the hiring of maid, he said it was the responsibility of the authorities to ensure such a stipulation was carried out. An internal auditor told The Malay Mail he did not believed the authorities would be able to ensure the industry would stick to the set fees and conditions. He said he had given up on hiring maids from agencies after his last maid did not return from a trip home two years ago.

The Malay Mail Friday 3 JUNE, 2011

Messi in punching incident BARCELONA star Lionel Messi had a punch thrown at him by a school-age assailant yesterday as he was leaving a restaurant in his native city of Rosario, Argentina. He was not reported injured. A witness told the TV channels America and Todo Noticias the assailant was among a throng of people looking for autographs. It was not clear if the punch had landed, or the intention. Messi was uninjured and went on signing autographs. — AP

Making it easier to 'search' GOOGLE, Bing and Yahoo are working together to enable websites to tag content in a way that lets search engines better categorise and prioritise the information in results. The Internet rivals launched a initiative to promote a common format to "markup" Web pages with data detailing for search engines exactly what sites contain. A variety of options are available to website makers when it comes to marking up pages, and the search engines believe a common standard will mean less work for publishers and more accuracy in ranking results. — AFP

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The Malay Mail Friday 3 JUNE, 2011


PAS Ulama Assembly to table motion on sex video at party's 57th muktamar (general assembly) today — Member of Kelantan PAS ulama council Nik Razi Nik Mat



My heroes! Two risk lives to protect mother from robbers By THASHA JAYAMANOGARAN

“I CAN'T thank God enough for giving me two heroes in my life.” Hous e w ife Ka l ais elv i Kulandei (pic), 48, has many things in life to be thankful for, but on the top of her list are her two teenage sons. Praveen Krishnan, 19, and Arvind, 17, came to their mother's rescue when she was set upon by robbers near their home in Taman TTDI Jaya on Monday night. They put themselves in harm's way, with one of them sustaining a gunshot wound in the leg and being slashed on the back with a parang, and the other being slashed on the neck. Kalaiselvi said her sons, whom she described as her MENTAKAB

"best friends”, were always protective of her. “They even accompany me to the sundry shop at night. I have told them repeatedly it was all right but they would have none of it. They simply reply they didn't want me to walk alone.” On Monday night, her sons' insistence on accompanying her may well have saved her life. After leaving the sundry shop in Jalan Opera 2 at 9.30pm, two men on a motorcycle confronted them. One of them pointed an airgun at Kalaiselvi's head. The boys tried to reason with the robbers and offered their cell phones in exchange for their mother's safety but the

robbers wanted more. When they asked that their mother be set free, one of the robbers shot Arvind in his right knee, and the other slashed Praveen on the neck with a parang. “I think the robbers were incensed when my sons stood their ground. When Arvind attempted to talk to them again, he was slashed on his back," said Kalaiselvi. The robbers only fled when she gave them her gold thali or matrimonial chain. "My sons tried to stop me from giving up the thali as they knew it was an important symbol of my marriage. The robbers even yanked out my gold earrings before fleeing." As they fled, the robbers

warned a passer-by not to take down their motorcycle registration number. The brothers received outpatient treatment at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah. Despite being shaken by the incident, Kalaiselvi was filled with pride at her sons' bravery. “They are just teenagers but they didn't hesitate to come to their mother's aid. I don't know what would have happened to me if they weren't with me." The brothers downplayed their bravery. “When we saw the robber with the gun, we thought of nothing else but saving our mother,” said Arvind. “We just did what any son would have done for his mother.”

When cont a c te d, Sh a h Alam police chief ACP Zahedi Ayob said the victims were unable to identify the robbers or note the motorcycle registration number as the area was poorly lit.

No news of Nisha a year later By T.K. LETCHUMY TAMBOO

TOMORROW will be a year since the mysterious disappearance of Nisha Chandramohan (pic), then aged two, at a park near her house in Mentakab, Pahang. Her father, Chandramohan Govindasamy, 25, told The Malay Mail yesterday there had been no news since his daughter went missing about 6pm that day. "We check with the Temerloh police station every month

and each time the police officers tell us they have no information about Nisha and if they did, they would inform us," he said. His latest visit to the station was last week. "My wife and I will never give up searching for our only daughter. We believe that one day she will come back home." Nisha's mother, Wong Lai Lan, 22, was hopeful the public would continue to help them find Nisha. "We have looked for Nisha all over, as much as our resources would allow us, but to no avail. I think of her every single day and we miss her very much."

STILL HOPEFUL: Chandramohan and Wong believe Nisha will return one day

"In the early days, we received phone calls regularly, including prank calls, but now, even the prank calls have stopped. I fear public concern may have died down. "Even MIC Youth, which was helping us, no longer

provides feedback. It seems my husband and I are now alone in searching for Nisha we hope that's not the case." Wong said items which Nisha used, including her milk bottle, clothes, pillows and toys, were still being

kept by her. "We are confident Nisha will return to us. If anybody has any information, please let us know." Nisha, who suffers from epilepsy, went missing after she was taken for an evening walk at the park by Wong's mentally-ill aunt. Wong and Chandramohan were at work at the time. The aunt was found wandering alone about 10pm. Those with information are asked to contact Chandramohan at 0169353400, or MIC's Nisha task force leaders Sivarraajh (019-2663060), Sivakumar (012-3913039), Subramaniam (019-3517474) or Muthu (03-40431111).

Task force has not given up search MIC YOUTH, which set up a 24-hour searchand- rescue task force to find Nisha Chandramohan soon after her disappearance in June last year, says it has not given up the search for the child. "When there

were reports Nisha was spotted in Chow Kit, our members spent a month combing the area daily," said MIC Youth secretary C. Sivarraajh. "And towards the end of last year, when we received information that Nisha could be in Singapore, we requested our MIC Johor Youth chief to check on her whereabouts there." Sivarraajh said the task

force, comprising about 100 MIC Youth members and led by MIC Pahang Youth chief Sivakumar Krishnan, printed 5,000 A3-sized posters of Nisha for distribution in Pahang and KL. When told Nisha's mother, Wong Lai Lan, had said MIC Youth was no longer providing any feedback, Sivarraajh said: "We have tried to contact Nisha's family many times but the

calls went unanswered. The family should have returned our calls. In fact, the last we heard from them was at the Press conference they held regarding Nisha's loss at the MIC headquarters in KL on June 15 last year." Sivarraajh said the task force had not given up helping Nisha's family. "We urge the public with information on Nisha to contact us or her parents."

Factory boss held over food scare POLICE in southern China have detained a factory owner suspected of mixing an industrial chemical used to soften plastics into food additives. The news comes a day after China, South Korea and the Philippines banned imports of certain food and drink products from Taiwan amid fears of contamination with the same chemical, known as DEHP. Officers raided Yuyan Food Co in Dongguang City, Guangdong, on Wednesday, arresting the owner and seizing six tonnes of food additives. — AP

Tornados deadliest since 1936 THE United States is experiencing its deadliest year for tornados since 1936 and the fifth worst year on record, officials said. With the tornado season far from over, the 2011 toll rose to 523 yesterday. It includes four new victims who died in hospital nearly two weeks after the deadliest single twister in more than six decades destroyed much of Joplin, Missouri. That toll now stands at 138. — AP



Attorney-General Tan Sri Abd Gani Patail has agreed to suggestion by police to hold inquest into death of Selangor Customs Department assistant director Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed

Negri in a fix


State President's Cup footballers implicated in match-fixing video By Haresh Deol

A VIDEO footage of Negri Sembilan (NS) President's Cup players supposedly dealing with bookies is one of many leads obtained by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in its on-going investigation into the team. The video, taken from an entertainment outlet in Seremban, allegedly showed a transaction between the players and bookies to fix two matches. Sources told The Malay Mail the players were paid between RM200 and RM300 as an "advance" and were later given RM2,000 to RM3,000 upon completion of the 'job'. The two matches were against Pulau Pinang SDM Navy Kepala Batas at Bertam Mini Stadium in Penang on April 21, and Bukit Jalil Sports School on May 5 at the National Sports Council. Negri Sembilan defeated the Penang team 5-2 but lost 0-2 to Bukit Jalil. The MACC was said to had streamlined their investigation on nine players, from 11 initially suspected of matchfixing.

'RM4k-RM7k to fix game' A PROBE by The Malay Mail last year revealed two President’s Cup players confessing they were approached by bookies to fix not only the under-20 tournament but also the annual King’s Gold Cup competition. They were offered between RM4,000 and RM7,000 to fix a game. The Malay Mail also obtained a text message purportedly sent out to a T-Team official by a man alleging players from the team were going to fix their quarterfinal game against KL on July 15. This came about after The Paper That Cares, in its exclusive series, “Bookies taking online bets”, published on April 14, 2009, showed bookies monitoring President’s Cup matches as several websites, including AsianBookie. com, BetStudy and BetSquare,

The players were first questioned last Saturday followed by sessions on Monday and Wednesday. They were appar-

provided real-time results and betting odds for the age-group tournament. Originally known as the Burnley Cup, the President’s Cup was first played in 1985 after the FA of Malaysia (FAM) turned semi-professional. The FAM decided every team competing in domestic leagues were required to field a President’s Cup side in the name of development. It started off as an under-23 tournament but was later changed to under-21. FAM abolished the Youth Cup and changed the President’s Cup to an under-20 affair three years ago. Many footballing legends, including Mokhtar Dahari and R. Arumugam, as well as current stars, such as Amirulhadi Zainal and Safee Sali, have played in the President’s Cup.

ently hauled yesterday. Negri Sembilan FA (NSFA) secretary Datuk Abdul Halim Abdul Latif was at the MACC


THE lack of safety awareness at playgrounds happens not just in the Klang Valley but all over country, says Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation vicechairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye. "We have a poor maintenance culture in this country. We must make it a priority to deal with this issue as playground accidents are common." Playground safety became a major issue following The Malay Mail reports on the death of Muhammad Naquiddin Mohd Marzuki, 11, who was electrocuted by a faulty lamp post at Taman Batu Tiga playground on March 19, as well as the "sex-park" outrage in Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong, on May 11. "For instance, slides corrode

due to wear and tear and cause injuries to children. And in the case of swings, corroded chains can also lead to fatal accidents." Lee said there was a need for local authorities to ensure dangerous items such as broken bottles were not left lying on the playground. "Authorities should take maintenance culture seriously and conduct frequent checks on all playgrounds as public safety should never be compromised." Lee said parents should not leave children unattended at playgrounds.


'Sprinters breached world anti-doping code' THE Anti-Doping Agency of Malaysia (Adamas) is looking at two possible violations by the three athletes who left for Bulgaria after skipping a dope test. In a meeting, chaired by Adamas chairman Tan Sri Dr M. Jegathesan at the National Sports Institute (NSI) yesterday, the fate of national sprinters Noor Imran Ab Hadi, Nurul Sarah Abd Kadir and Norjannah Hafiszah, who skipped anti-doping tests last week and headed to Bulgaria for a training cum competition stint, were discussed. Also present were NSI director-general Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz, Datuk Dr Gurcharan Singh, and head of Adamas, Nishel Kumar. Jegathesan told The Malay Mail the recommendations and findings of the agency would be forwarded to the National Sports Council (NSC) and the Malaysia Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU). "I'm not at the liberty to divulge information. We will inform the two parties in a couple of days." Nurul Sarah and Norjannah joined teammates Siti Zubaidah Abadi, Siti Fa-

tima Mohamed and Yee Yi Ling for a medical test last Wednesday, and were told an anti-doping test would follow suit. The girls left for breakfast but did not return to provide their urine samples for the anti-doping test. Siti Zubaidah, Siti Fatima and Yee returned to NSI the next day to give their samples. However, Noor Imran failed to show up. The doping officials tried contacting the athletes but to no avail. MAAU has yet to furnish NSC and NSI over the whereabouts of the athletes in Bulgaria. Adamas, however, had left it to the NSC and MAAU to investigate claims the athletes were given "pink tablets" for relaxation and recovery. Ramlan said MAAU would take action based on the recommendations Adamas submitted. "They can't just sweep the matter under the carpet. The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) will be keeping tabs on this and so will the International Amateur Athletics Federation. I'm sure these world organisations would demand answers," Ramlan added.

Athletes crossed two Wada codes

No compromise on playground safety, says activist By Faizal Nor Izham

office in Seremban yesterday but it remained unclear what transpired there. “There is a lot of evidence to charge the players. This is a step in the right direction. All this while, players have had it easy as this was never reported to the authorities,” said a source. “There are also talks the President’s Cup players are dealing with several individuals from the senior squad. But let’s allow the MACC to do their job and unearth the truth.” Hardly a week after Fifa head of security Chris Eaton met with FA of Malaysia officials on match fixing activities in the country, NSFA lodged a police report over the alleged match-fixing activities involving its President’s Cup players at the Seremban 2 police station. There were also talks of eight Kedah President’s Cup players caught with some RM90,000 believed to be gained from fixing matches. They were apparently sacked by the Kedah FA two weeks ago.

The Malay Mail ● Friday 3 June, 2011

DANGER: Playground at Taman Bukit Maluri unsafe for residents and children

IT IS believed Adamas had implicated the sprinters to breach Article 2.3 of the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) Code that states: "Refusing or failing without compelling justification to submit to sample collection after notification as authorised in applicable anti-doping rules or otherwise evading sample collection". This article expands the typical pre-code rule to include "otherwise evading sample collection" as prohibited conduct. It would be an anti-doping rule violation if it was established an athlete was hiding from a Doping Control official to evade notification or testing. Refusing or failing to submit sample collection may be based on either intentional or negligent conduct of an athlete. Meanwhile, Article 2.4 states: "Violation

of applicable requirements regarding athlete availability for out-of-competition testing, including failure to file required whereabouts information and missed tests which are declared based on rules which comply with the International Standard for Testing. Any combination of three missed tests and/or filing failures within an 18-month period as determined by antidoping organisations with jurisdiction over the athlete shall constitute an anti-doping rule violation". The code explained that in appropriate circumstances, missed tests or filing failures may also constitute an antidoping rule violation under Article 2.3 or Article 2.5 (tampering or attempted tampering with any part of Doping Control). Adamas will make its recommendations to the National Sports Council (NSC) and the Malaysia Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) for further action.

The Malay Mail Wednesday 1 June, 2011

At least six people were killed yesterday in a police crackdown on crime in a northern Rio de Janeiro shanty town, officials said. Weapons and drugs were confiscated — AFP


Powerful hurricanes to hit US THE Atlantic hurricane season kicks off today with elevated threats to the United States and nations around the Caribbean, the latest forecasts show. The season officially begins June 1 and runs to Nov 30, and will feature atmospheric conditions which experts predict will lead to the formation of 12 to 18 named tropical storms, of which six to 10 could become hurricanes, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The NOAA predicts between three and six major hurricanes of Category 3 intensity or higher on the five-level Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale. Skies were generally calm across the Atlantic yesterday, and NOAA and other meteorological websites predicted no drama in the opening days of the season. The peak Atlantic storm period is August to early October. This season is predicted to surpass the historical average of 11 tropical storms,which have winds between 63 to 117 kilometres per hour and six hurricanes, including two major Category 3 hurricanes with sustained winds of 178 km per hour or greater, according to NOAA. The first tropical storm of the this season will be named Arlene, according to US authorities, who use an A-to-Z system for naming storms. — AFP CAIRO

Mladic finally in The Hague


Former Bosnian Serb army head accused of masterminding 1995 Srebrenica massacre

FORMER Bosnian Serb army chief Ratko Mladic (pic) arrived in the Netherlands yesterday to face genocide and war crimes charges in The Hague after almost 16 years on the run. Television images showed a plane with "Republic of Serbia" written on the side touch down at Rotterdam airport at 7.45pm local time and taxi to a heavily guarded hangar followed by two black jeeps. A Dutch police helicopter was waiting on the tarmac to take Mladic, 69, to the UN detention unit in The Hague, the seat of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). The prosecution has charged Mladic, former head of the Bosnian Serb army, with genocide, persecution, extermination, murder, deportation, inhumane acts and cruel treatment for his part in a plot to achieve the "elimination or permanent removal" of Muslims from large parts of Bosnia in pursuit of a "Greater Serbia".

He is accused of masterminding the 1995 Srebrenica massacre of more than 7,000 Muslim men and boys, Europe's worst atrocity since World War II. He is also charged for the 44-month siege of the capital Sarajevo from May 1992 in which 10,000 people died. Earlier yesterday, Serbian judges rejected Mladic's appeal against a transfer to the UNbacked ICTY to stand trial for alleged atrocities committed during the 1992-95 Bosnian war. Europe's most wanted man was arrested in the village of Lazarevo in northeast Serbia on Thursday and detained by the Serbian war crimes court in Belgrade until his departure. The ex-general's appeal on the grounds of his "alarming" health failed and he was declared fit to face charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, committed during the 1992-1995 Bosnian war. In The Hague, Mladic will

join the former Bosnian Serb political chief Radovan Karadzic, currently on trial. Wanted on 15 counts, Mladic risks a life sentence if found guilty. Upon his arrival, he will be read his rights and asked if he wishes to talk to a lawyer. Under the tribunal's rules of procedure, he will then appear before a three-judge bench "without delay". On his initial appearance, Mladic will be asked to plea to the charges on the indictment. If he refuses, he will be given another 30 days to reconsider, after which the court will enter a not-guilty plea on his behalf. Mladic has already declared through his son Darko Mladic that he had "nothing to do" with the Srebrenica massacre. Earlier Tuesday he visited the grave of his daughter Ana, who committed suicide aged 23 reportedly because of accusations against her father. The retired general was returned to his detention cell, and

later in the afternoon flown by plane to the Netherlands. Serbia generally remained peaceful following news of Mladic's arrest and extradition. Thousands of Bosnian Serbs rallied yesterday to show their support for Mladic. — AFP

Women protesters degraded

AMNESTY International yesterday called on authorities in Egypt to bring to justice those responsible for forced virginity tests on female protesters, slamming it as "nothing less than torture." The London-based rights group's statement comes after an apparent admission by an army general to CNN that women detained on March 9 in Cairo had been subjected to virginity tests. But a senior military official denied reports the army had conducted such tests, saying "these allegations are baseless." The general, speaking to CNN on condition of anonymity, had defended the practice. "We didn't want them to say we had sexually assaulted or raped them, so we wanted to prove that they weren't vir-

gins in the first place," he told the US broadcaster. "The girls who were detained were not like your daughter or mine," the general said. "These were girls who had camped out in tents with male protesters in Tahrir Square, and we found in the tents Molotov cocktails and drugs," he said. Amnesty condemned the admission as "an utterly perverse justification of a degrading form of abuse. "The women were subjected to nothing less than torture," it said. Authorities "must bring those responsible for ordering or conducting forced 'virginity tests' to justice. "This general's implication that only virgins can be victims of rape is a long-discredited sexist attitude and legal

absurdity. When determining a case of rape, it is irrelevant whether or not the victim is a virgin." In March, Amnesty collected testimonies of women after it said army officers used force to clear Cairo's Tahrir Square, the focus of the uprising that forced Hosni Mubarak to resign in February, and detained at least 18 women. Women protesters said they were beaten, given electric shocks, subjected to strip searches while being photographed by male soldiers, then forced to submit to "virginity checks" and threatened with prostitution charges, Amnesty said. In Cairo, the military official told media "all legal measures would be taken regarding what was published because it is based on false information." — AFP

ANGRY: Women were among protesters who demanded Mubarak give up power in Tahrir Square last month — AFPpic



Former Tory peer jailed A DISGRACED former Tory peer was jailed for 12 months yesterday for fiddling his parliamentary expenses. Lord Taylor of Warwick, 58, falsely filed for travel and overnight subsistence to claim more than £11,000 (RM55,000), a court in London heard. He told the House of Lords members' expenses office that his main residence was in Oxford, when in fact he lived in West London. The peer never stayed in and only twice visited the Oxford property, which was owned by his half-nephew's partner.

Children should avoid energy drinks DOCTORS say parents "should never" give their children energy drinks, warning they contain "toxic" levels of caffeine, the Daily Mail reports. A study, published in the journal Paediatrics, has found energy drinks contain up to 14 times more caffeine than other soft drinks, taking them to a level considered "toxic" for children. It warned against both energy and sports drinks, saying they contain extra calories which most children do not burn off and sugar which can cause tooth decay. They called on parents to give their children water instead.

Woman chops off attacker's family jewel A WOMAN cut off a man's penis as he allegedly attempted to rape her and took it to a police station as evidence against him. Monju Begum, 40, attacked the man in Bangladesh after he burst into her shack and reportedly launched his sex attack. The victim then wrapped up the penis in polythene before handing it over to officers, police said. Mozammel Haq Mazi was taken to hospital where he is being treated but is denying attempted rape. He claims he was having an affair with the mother-ofthree and she attacked him because he refused to settle down with her.

FriDay 3 June, 2011

the malay mail




Speed limit and emergency lanes are traffic signs or facilities most ignored by Malaysian motorists — Malaysians Unite for Road Safety (Mufors) online poll A WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE: A visitor checking out the books sold during an exhibition at the Malaysian International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC), Seri Kembangan — PIC: Khairrul Azry Bidin


Big on mini marts Mydin plans to open 50 outlets every year


Book Fair reaches out to youth By Faizal Nor Izham WHO says Malaysians aren't into reading books? Until Sunday, Mines Event Management Sdn Bhd is hosting READMALAYSIA’11, one of the nation's largest book exhibitions. A collection of Chinese, English and Malay books will be offered at one platform for the third year of this mega book fair. The previous exhibition last June attracted more than 325,000 visitors. The exhibition, endorsed by the Ministry of Education with the objective of promoting and cultivating good reading habits, is being held at the Malaysian International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC). The event features over 200 exhibitors — both local a n d f r o m Ta i wa n , H o n g Kong, Singapore, China and Indonesia. There are five major pavilions - the General Books Zone (including references, educational, magazines, novels and science-fiction), E-World Zone, Kids Zone (including stationeries, gifts and IQ games),


Comics, Animations and Games Zone and an Academic Zone. It also features seminars by renowned authors, autograph sessions and new book launchings.

The Malay Mail Friday 3 June, 2011


HYPERMARKET operator Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd plans to open 50 MyMydin outlets every year as part of plans to grow its mini market chain. This year alone, more than 20 outlets have opened and todate, 52 MyMydin shops serve the people in the Klang Valley. Mydin Mohamed Holdings managing director Datuk

Ameer Ali Mydin (pic) said the mini market was a format the company was looking forward to develop in suburban areas. “We concentrate in the Klang Valley for the next two years, then go into other suburban areas in main cities, such as Malacca.” He said the business of a mini market may look simple operationally but like in any

retail business, the margins are low and the supply chain efficiency will make or break the business. Ameer told The Malay Mail although MyMydin makes up only 12 per cent of the group’s total turnover, it was a market the company must not ignore. “As a country develops and as people get busier, convenience matters. Gone are the days when we wait for customers to come to us. Instead, we go to them, just like our tagline ‘Closer to you’ where we want to be near our customers. “MyMydin tries to provide not only low prices but also hygienic stores with simple and important stock-keeping units for everyday living. “Compared to the usual mini markets of 500 sq ft to 800 sq ft, MyMydin outlets are generally bigger at 3,000 sq ft to 5,000 sq ft offering a combination of fresh food and groceries.” With the rapid growth of MyMydin outlets, Mydin is conscious the opportunity needs to be given to entrepreneurs to run a business of similar concept. Via MyMydin’s franchise scheme, a franchisee would require RM1.2 to RM1.5mil

as start-up for an outlet. At the moment, two MyMydin outlets have been franchised and the company continues to receive enquiries from entrepreneurs. “A lot of people like to open convenience stores but over time, they tend to fail because they have a lack of experience in running a retail business. They also lack product knowledge and an efficient supply chain management.” Ameer said businesses also flopped as operators were unable to obtain goods in bulk to get better, lower costs, as well as their lack of system understanding. He also identified high pilferage as one of the contributing factors. Ameer said when people considered the amount of investment, the long operational hours and the low profitability of the business, the perception of making quick money made it an unattractive venture. “Retail business is a brick and mortar business. It will always be there to serve the needs of consumers and it is a recession-proof business. I suggest entrepreneurs think long-term and be assured money can be made in retail business.”

Online accolade at 2011 NPC-Naza Awards

IN recognition of the thriving online media in Malaysia, there will be a new accolade called NPC Online Journalist of the Year at the 2nd NPCNaza Awards on July 4. “It’s high time we acknowledged online news portals or alternative media as they make a major impact and enriching people’s lives on a daily basis,” said National Press Club (NPC) president Datuk Ahirudin Attan whose organisation is co-organising the awards with Naza Group of Companies. This year, there will be seven awards, with cash prizes amounting to RM53,000 — NPC Journalist of the Year

(RM10,000); NPC Young Journalist of the Year (RM5,000); NPC Online Journalist of the Year (RM5,000); NPC Blogger of the Year (RM3,000); NPCTan Sri SM Nasimuddin SM Amin 1Malaysian of the Year (RM10,000); NPC Media Legend Award (RM10,000); and NPC Lifetime Achievement Award (RM10,000). “We look for journalists who have made an impact in reporting, as well as those who combine the principles of journalism in their work,” said Ahirudin, adding the NPCNaza Awards recipients had been nominated by their peers for selection by a judging panel

headed by him. Ahirudin, a prominent blogger, said this year's NPC Blogger of the Year award would also be open to bloggers from various categories as last year’s award was limited to the telecommunications sector. Naza Group of Companies corporate communication and principal liaison division director Datuk Samson Anand George said the company had been supportive of the local media and activities of the NPC. Last year, the winners included The Star managing editor P. Gunasegaram and Utusan Group assistant chief

editor Mohd Zaini Hassan (NPC-Scomi Journalist of the Year), Bernama TV Gaza Team comprising Kuzaimah Idris, Mohd Shafiee Abdullah, Masrenny Masri and Azmawati Azmi (NPC-Celcom Axiata Rookie of the Year), The Star’s former group chief editor Datuk V.K. Chin (NPC-TM Lifetime Achievement Award), the late Tan Sri Abdul Samad Ismail (NPC-AmBank Media Legend Award), cartoonist Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid or Lat (NPC-Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin SM Amin 1Malaysian of the Year) and blogger K. Kugan (NPC-TM New Media Award).

PLANNING: Ahirudin (left) and Samson at the 2nd NPC-Naza Awards press conference yesterday

FriDay 3 June, 2011

the malay mail


8 ● ● ● ●

Friday 3 JUNE, 2011 the malay mail

your right to be heard

tel:03-7947 2288 fax: 03-7960 5096 tel:019-261 4948 (after 9pm)

Complainants have to submit their personal particulars and provide a detailed account of their complaint. Complainants have to first file their complaints with the respective parties before contacting Hotline. Complaints referred by Hotline to the relevant parties would be published if there is no response in seven days. After a complaint has been resolved, the complainant cannot demand non-publication of the matter.


The only water pipe in the building Residents of Blocks B and B1 of Bangsar's Sri Pahang flats want supply back up

THE day begins at 5am for N. TANNAARASU (pic) and his wife. They take turns opening the door to their home so their neighbours, fellow residents in Blocks B and B1 of the Sri Pahang flats in Bangsar, can access a pipe which runs through the house — the only pipe in the building with running water. For almost a month, residents of the government quarters have been living without running water after supply was cut without warning. However, last Friday, water supply was restored to Blocks A and C, but not to the 26 families residing in the two remaining blocks. So, residents connected a pipe from Block C to get water. However, the pipe has to run through 59-year-old TANNAARASU’S house. He says people troop into his home all hours of the day, from morning to night, armed with buckets. The taxi-driver and his 51year-old wife, R. VIMALA, are sympathetic to the needs of their neighbours.

NEIGHBOURLY: Vimala letting a resident in to collect water from her house

"City Hall fixed the pipes at Block A and C, but ours remains the same. Previously, water supply came on and off, now its completely dry,” the father of seven says. AHMAD SHUKRI HUSSIN, 52, tells Hotline he and his wife take turns collecting water from TANNARAASU'S house. "Every morning, I am up at 5am just to get water to cope for the rest of day as we need to cook and take showers. We require close to seven pails of water every day." He says residents pay RM94

in rent and RM5 for water and states life is already difficult being poor without this additional difficulty. He wants City Hall to build a pipe for their blocks as well. Worse still, residents were issued a notice by City hall to evacuate and move to the

Council offers reward for tip-offs PARAMES is concerned with the sheer number of Ah Long advertisements in Kelana Jaya, especially in front of the Giant hypermarket. She says she notices empty phone booths and bus stops opposite the hypermarket has practically become a competition board, with various Ah Long groups posting their illegal advertisements to promote their services. "Not only is this an eyesore but it also shows no one is stopping them." PARAMES says this is unfair as others have to fork out thousands of ringgit to display their advertisements legally, unlike these unscrupulous parties. “They stick the adverts wherever they want.” PARAMES hopes the law will come down harder on

the culprits. PETALING JAYA City Council (MBPJ) public relations officer Zainun Zakaria says they are looking into the matter. She says the council's enforcement team makes regular rounds in the area to nab the culprits but are not always lucky in catching them. Zainun urges the public to assist the council. "If you see anyone sticking up such advertisements, take a picture and send it to us. We will reward you based on the information you give us." The enforcement team can be reached at 03-79588085 or email the council's enforcement department director Mohd Fauzi Maaro at fauzi@

Kampung Muhibbah quarters in Puchong. Residents expressed concern about poor accessibility to public transport there.

● CITY HALL Housing Development Department director Sukiman Surah-

man says: "Residents at Block B were given a notice last year to move out to Kampung Muhibbah, but they refused." He says it is not economical for the council to spend another RM120,000 to build another pipeline.

When told residents were reluctant to move due to concerns about public transport, Sukiman says a new Light Rail Transit (LRT) line will pass through Kampung Muhibbah and that unit in the flats there have three bedrooms.

Water cut without warning RECENT water cuts have rubbed Kampung Cheras Baru and Pandan Mewah residents the wrong way. ZAIDI IBRAHIM of Kampung Cheras Baru says his neighbourhood has experienced water disruption since Wednesday. "I asked other residents about it but none of them were aware of any water disruption notice.” He claims Syabas did not alert residents before cutting off water supply, adding he would taken measures if he knew of the impending cut. CELINE VICTOR from Pandan Mewah also says she did not receive any notice from Syabas. "How does Syabas expect people to go about their daily lives without water? I can

manage fine without electricity but two days without water is too much to bear." CELINE says she has not seen temporary water supply trucks either and claims no one answers her calls to the Syabas careline.

● SYARIKAT Bekalan Air

Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas) corporate affairs executive director Abdul Halem Mat Som says: "Upgrading and maintenance work at the Hulu Langat water treatment plant is the cause of this problem and has affected areas in Hulu Langat and Kuala Lumpur." Abdul Halem says he is surprised by residents' claims that they have no knowledge of the water disruption as he had made

statements to local news stations and during an interview aired yesterday at 8pm. "A total of 42 water tankers were dispatched to 158 account holders, some 500,000 people, affected." Abdul Halem says the upgrading and maintenance works were completed at 5am yesterday and water supply should be back today. "We apologise for the inconvenience caused but the works were necessary." ZAIDI confirms temporary water supply was sent to his home but the main water supply had yet to be restored at of 7.12pm. CELINE says her water supply was up and running as of 6pm yesterday.

GOVERNMENT MINISTRIES: • Home Affairs Ministry: 03-88868000 • Education Ministry: 03-88846000 • Health Ministry: 03-88833888


• Housing and Local Government Ministry: 03-20947033 • Finance Ministry: 03-88823000 • Youth and Sports Ministry: 03-88713333

Friday 3 june, 2011 the malay mail

In this section, we highlight situations that remain unresolved despite bringing them to the attention of the authorities


Online Hotline comments Five-day old glass top shatters (May 23)

Gaping irony Council says manhole not theirs, looking for 'provider'

• TO the complainant, surely you should have known the company's policy before purchasing the table. It seems to me instead of ascertaining the facts as to how your glass top broke, you concluded that all glass from this store is unsafe. You are also adamant on getting a refund and have refused a replacement from this store. You wanted a "designer" table with glass top but now you worry about children and the elderly. I get the feeling you did not think the purchase through and only thought of the consequences after the glass broke. Now, you have buyer's remorse and want out. It is not so easy. All tempered glass can be strong if force is exerted in one direction. However, if force is exerted from the side, the glass becomes quite weak. I find your stance unreasonable. — Anonymous • THE supplier should not be held responsible if somebody broke the glass. I feel the glass table top could not have just shattered by itself. If the glass was broken by someone, then this is akin to getting a new house and then suing the builder when a kid kicks a football through the window and later refuses to admit it. — Anonymous Taken for a ride (June 2) • THE Electric Train Service (ETS) did not explain why the complainant was forced to pay an extra RM15 for a hot drink and bun, which should cost less than RM4. Even a tasty nasi lemak and a canned drink on-board an Air Asia flight only cost me RM12. — max

ROAD HAZARD: The manhold in Jalan Abu Bakar

DOESN’T anyone care? Three weeks after reporting an uncovered manhole in Jalan Abu Bakar in Section 16, that poses a danger to motorcyclists and passers-by, it seems the authorities do not deem it a large enough threat to warrant speedy action. Hotline highlighted the danger on May 11, after being alerted by 62-year-old retiree CHANDRAMOGEN, who almost fell in it when walking to University Malaya Medical Centre for a check-up.

C HA N DR A MO G E N worries about the safety of school children who use that stretch of road daily, as well as motorcyclists who are bound to miss the hole at night. Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) public relations officer Zainun Zakaria told Hotline they had sent their engineering department officers to inspect the street and discovered the manhole was not built by them. “Our manholes are circular. Our officers are in

the midst of identifying the service provider of the manhole and once identified, we will get them to place a cover on it,” was the response. That was three weeks ago. On May 27, Hotline again featured this complaint in the hopes whoever is in charge will be identified and the manhole covered, but that was not so. Yet another week has past and checks by Hotline finds the hole still there. Passers-by reiterates

C HA N DR A M O G E N ' S concerns and cannot understand why no measures have been taken. They tell us children not paying attention to the road ahead could easily fall in and be seriously injured. "Why wait until someone is hurt before something is done?" one motorist questions. When contacted on Tuesday, the council says it has yet to ascertain who is responsible. Until then, it seems the hole is staying put.

Definitely not lovin' it R. DAYANI DEVI did not have a good time when she visited a McDonald's fast- food outlet in Section 14, Petaling Jaya, last month. She says her visit there with a friend was ruined by the rude behaviour of a counter staff on May 5. When DAYANI placed her order for a large fried chicken set, she made what she thought was an innocent request to be given thigh and drumstick pieces. However, the counter staff rolled her eyes and replied rudely: “No choice.” When DAYANI tried to complain to the manager, she says she took no heed and went to check on their order instead, leaving the rude staff and her colleague laughing at them.

When the manager returned with their order, she refused to divulge the staff ’s name and instead said she would handle the matter. DAYANI, however, was able to get a glimpse of the rude staff ’s name as she was serving other customers. As DAYANI and her friend left the outlet, the staff yelled: “Do I even care? Do whatever you want.” DAYANI hopes something is done about the staff 's unacceptable behaviour.

● McDonald's

Malaysia marketing, communications and consumer/business

insights vice-president, Stephen Chew, says they regret the incident and have investigated. “Rest assured that disciplinary action has been taken

against the team concerned to ensure that similar episodes do not recur in the future. “We have contacted the customer to apologise and shared our action plan to improve our services.” DAYANI confirms she was contacted by McDonald's Malaysia and was told those i nv o l v e d would be suspended for a week. DAYA N I says they will also send her an official letter of apology.

Mould in puff (June 2) • I LOVE the convenience of having a Tesco hypermarket in my neighbourhood but their management must take a look at the perishable goods section as it's usually quite a mess, with rotting onions and even fresh meat not properly frozen. Many vegetables also appear to spoil quickly. — Anonymous Not so ‘sedap’ train breakfast (May 26) • I DO not know what will help Malaysian managers manage better! We are already in the 20th century and yet, the excuse of there being "tak cukup orang" (not enough staff) still exists. Our mentality must change. I do not know when these so-called managers and CEOs will start taking their jobs seriously. Our "tidak apa" mentality, apologising and waiting only until people complain must stop. If not, I do not know how Malaysia will transform into a developed nation. Just look at how many roads are riddled with potholes, how many taxi drivers still negotiate fare, how many public toilets are out of order, how many times our trains arrive late as well as how many times buses race with each other every morning. I think something is seriously wrong when people who claim to be managers do not know what their bus driver, train driver, or ticket seller is doing. Cabinet ministers always tell us everything is fine but is it? — Anonymous • PLEASE do not promise anything if you cannot deliver. That is just pathetic. — Anonymous Be responsible (May 23) • COME on, the authorities are being paid with taxpayers’ money. If all people were good, why don’t we just close down the council and have everything run on its own? Because life is not like that. Some people have bad attitudes. That is why we have people who are paid to manage things. The authorities must do their job first, and only then can you blame the public. If you support the authorities so much, go and clean the rubbish yourself. — Nawawi

10 letters&opinions Friday 3 JUNE, 2011 •

the malay mail

● Opinions may be in the form of Letters to the Editor or comments posted in relation to all news.

● Letters to the Editor must carry your name, address and contact number. A pseudonym may be included.

Mail: Letters To The Editor, Malay Mail Sdn Bhd, Lot 2A, Jalan 13/2, 46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. KUALA TERENGGANU Charged in court for police 'bodoh' remark (May 29)

Life without maids: It's possible

I DON'T CARE Maid in Malaysia (May 31)

Bad behaviour THE case here is almost similar to another incident in Pontian, Johor, recently where several policemen were slapped and scolded by a woman for asking her daughter to produce her driving licence. Both mother and daughter were detained but the issue here is: what is happening to our society? Headache

Age not an excuse THE girl is 19. She should have known it is wrong to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. This is another example of the growing number of kurang ajar people in our society. So young and already behaving like that. She should have just apologised and move on.

Joe Burn

Email: Fax: 03-7960 5096

WHEN I was pregnant some 13 years ago, I toyed with the idea of employing a maid. So, I went into "Alfred Hitchcock" mode and started digging around to find out the pros and cons. After sifting through so many stories and tales, what I found was more horror than wonder. Following that, I decided against having a maid and am maid-less till today. I admit there are inconveniences but nothing is insurmountable. Housecleaning is left to once a week when a cleaning lady comes by for three hours on Sunday. My daughter

The Malay Mail-Dutch Lady HAMPER FOR CHARITY THE best opinion of the week as decided by the editor will win a hamper from Dutch Lady Malaysia for charitable institutions. Readers are encouraged to nominate charities deserving of this gesture. The Malay Mail will deliver the winning hamper.

stays with a trusted babysitter. To my fellow Malaysians, you do have a choice of whether to employ a maid or not. Anak Jati Perak

We need nurseries LAST year, the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry was reported to be pushing for more

nurseries and daycare centres for children. Its minister, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, said many women are now opting to quit their jobs. What ever happened to that proposal? Achik

Still too expensive

THE problem lies with our standard

of living which is lower than Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Our gross domestic product reflects we are still a developing country. That is why RM800 wages for maids is too expensive for many of us. Just imagine, a fresh graduate can only demand a salary of less than RM1,000 and he or she has to pay for food and lodging. What can an Indonesian maid do? Does she have qualifications higher than an SPM certificate to demand RM800? Just Curious

KUALA LUMPUR Stop ugly Malaysian drivers (May 28)

Mystery of Malaysian road users

STRANGE: Motorcycles using car lanes, even when they have special lanes

I have listed some great mysterious behaviours of our road users: • Mat Rempit lying on their stomach instead of sitting on their speeding machines. I think motorcycle manufacturers should come up with a "bed on wheels" since they like it so much. • Mat Rempit speeding off at the traffic light on one wheel which begs the question why they bought a bike with two wheels in the first place. • Motorists who switch on the left indicator light to turn right instead, or vice versa. • Motorists who drive at a leisurely pace but once they notice a vehicle trying to overtake them, they immediately speed up to close the gap. • Motorists who think that any junction is a U-turn. • Motorists who step on the gas upon seeing the red light at traffic lights. • Motorists who think the left lane is for overtaking, centre lane for going slow and easy driving and

the right lane is the fast or slow lane, depending on your mood. Eagle Eye

Klang's road bullies TRY driving around Port Klang and you will find lorry drivers like to chase smaller vehicles and if they do not move away, these drivers will honk and tailgate so closely the bumpers almost touch. I have seen at least 10 accidents involving lorries and smaller vehicles. Most of the time, the accidents occur at traffic light junctions as none of these lorry drivers stop or slow down. I try to avoid driving home at night due to poor lighting. The roads are also narrow and in bad shape.

Driving to and from work is a nightmare for those who work in Port Klang. I don't think the situation will ever change. Worker

Horror lorry drivers

IT IS a nightmare cycling or driving in Klang. Once, near Taman Pandamaran Indah, a lorry driver honked at me and gave me the middle finger while I was cycling along the side of the highway. I wondered what my mistake was, as it was a two-lane highway. Another time, while I was driving along a three-lane highway, a trailer tailgated me. The traffic was clear and I was driving at just below the legal speed limit. Confused driver

FriDay 3 June, 2011

the malay mail




Only 10 per cent of car passengers in Malaysia use the rear seat belt — Road Safety Department director-general Datuk Suret Singh KUALA LUMPUR

Green Sunday Celebs doing their bit to help the environment By Shuhaidah Saharani

WORLD Environment Day (WED) celebrates its 11th anniversary on Sunday. If you have not planned anything, why not celebrate it with our local celebrities at Lot 10 and Fahrenheit 88 that afternoon? Meet your favourites like Jojo Struys (pic), Elaine Daly, Daphne Iking, Amber Chia, Hansen Lee, Niki Cheong, Carmen Soo, Dennis Lau, Freida Liu, Sanjeev Palar and Datuk Yasmin Yusoff. They will be planting trees at Taman Botani, Shah Alam, in the morning, before making stops at Lot 10 at 1.30pm and Fahrenheit 88 at 1.45pm to hand out lots of freebies, which include Ecobags, WED T-

shirts, WED Caps and Eco Tumblers. “I'm very excited about the tree planting session at Taman Botani,” said Chia. Struys chipped in: “There’s something really ‘earthy’ about digging your hands into soil and planting a tree." Said ntv7 The Breakfast Show host Hansen Lee: “I am pretty excited about planting a tree too. Trees are the lifeline of mother earth so it’s essential we do so to preserve a habitable planet for our children.” Planting trees is just one example of how you can help Mother Nature. We asked the celebrities what else they do to contribute to the green cause. “Personally, I recycle everything that I can and I always carry a reusable bag when I go shopping. I

believe doing lots of small things can contribute towards protecting mother earth,” said Chia. Jojo had this to say: “Going green could be anything from buying energy-saving bulbs to hiking in a forest and really appreciating having the access to fresh air." Iking added: “I am getting our new home eco-ready for us to move in. We are using electronic products that are safer for the environment. "We sourced local products and sustainable material, among other things. I can't wait for my ekowood flooring. It's timber flooring taken from forests where forest stewardship is prioritised to ensure it does not contribute to environment degradation." So do your bit, join them on Sunday, and start living green!

The Malay Mail Friday 3 JUNE, 2011

Twitter Your S@y Are reality talent shows like American Idol and Mentor continuing to achieve their objective of unearthing raw talents or are they all just talk and drama? Using Twitter to gain feedback, here are some reactions to the writer at @anunair. Some portions of the tweets have been modified, without altering the intent of the messages. The only @missyblurkit: watchreason we keep ama dr ing it is for the . on es that go @vanityshack: It is all about being glamourous and getting as much eyeballs as possible to satisfy advertisers. @joezoe1: The concept is good but unfortunately if it goes on for years the glitter fades and only boredom lingers. how No matter @smeeta: hate it and I much I say it, year after h tc a h won’t w nue to watc ! ti n o c I r re yea u g fi o in. G and compla

FriDay 3 June, 2011

the malay mail




Hotel built and ready in six days A CONSTRUCTION crew in the southcentral Chinese city of Changsha has completed a 15-story hotel in six days. That is how long it took to build a level nine earthquake-resistant, sound-proofed, thermalinsulated 15-story hotel in Changsha, complete with everything, from the cabling to threepane windows. The foundations were already built. Despite the frenetic pace, no workers were injured. -- News reports

Biggest set of double graduations THE graduating class at an Ohio high school features a multitude of multiples: 10 sets of twins and one set of triplets. They make up 8 per cent of the 282 seniors receiving their diplomas from Canfield High School on June 12. Principal John Tullio says the 23 students from multiple births all have come up from kindergarten in the Canfield school district. Some will attend college with their siblings. -- News reports

Jane Lynch to Host Emmys VERSATILE Jane Lynch will host this year's prime-time Emmy ceremony, Fox announced yesterday. "We're delighted, when our host has comedic, dramatic and musical talents, as Jane proved in last year's opening number, we know it's going to be fun for us and for the audience at home," said John Shaffner, chairman of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Lynch, who won the Emmy for Supporting Actress in a Comedy last year for her performance as Sue Sylvester on Glee.The 63rd awards ceremony till take place Sept 18 -- OMG

Hackers claimed yesterday to have compromised more than one million passwords, email addresses and other information from in the latest cyberattack on the company. ­— AFP CALIFORNIA

431 years for sex offender

Phillip Garrido's victim says he 'stole her life' A SERIAL sex offender was ordered yesterday to spend the rest of his life in prison after the California woman he kidnapped, raped and held captive for 18 years said he and his wife-accomplice had stolen her life. Victim Jaycee Dugard was 11 when she was abducted by Phillip and Nancy Garrido as her stepfather watched her walk toward a school bus. She gave birth to two daughters fathered by Garrido while he held her in a secret backyard compound. The defendants made no eye contact with anyone in the room and kept their heads down as Dugard's mother, Terry Probyn, read her daughter's statement at the ongoing hearing that Dugard did not attend. "I chose not to be here today because I refuse to waste another second of my life in your presence," Dugard wrote in a portion of the statement directed to Phillip Garrido. "Everything you ever did to me was wrong and I hope one day you will see that. "I hated every second of every day for 18 years," she said in her first public statement since resurfacing. "You stole my life and that of my family." A judge imposed the maximum possible sentence of 431 years to life on 60-yearold Phillip Garrido, calling his treatment of Jaycee Dugard evil and reprehensible. Garrido, who was on parole for a 1976 rape when Dugard was abducted, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and 13 sexual assault charges, including six counts of rape and seven counts of committing lewd acts captured on video. His plea was part of a deal with prosecutors that saw Nancy Garrido sentenced to 36 years to life after pleading guilty to kidnapping

CONVICTED: The Garrido's during the sentencing hearing in El Dorado County Superior Court in Placerville yesterday. -APpic

and rape. The deal was designed, in part, to spare Dugard and her children from having to testify at a trial. In the statement, Dugard called Phillip Garrido a liar and said what Nancy Garrido did to her was evil. She said she hoped both of them would have as many sleepless nights as she had. "There is no God in the universe that would condone your actions," Dugard said in a portion of the statement directed to Nancy Garrido.

Dugard also said she was doing well now and told Phillip Garrido "you do not matter anymore." Dugard, who has written a memoir to be published next month, has preserved her privacy in the 22 months since she was identified during a chance meeting with Phillip Garrido's parole officer. In a memo justifying a sentence of hundreds of years for Phillip Garrido, who was on parole for a 1976 rape and kidnapping when Dugard was taken, District Attorney Vern Pierson said Dugard spent the first oneand-a-half years after her kidnapping locked in a backyard shed. She did not leave the backyard for the first four years after her abduction. "Phillip Garrido should have spent the rest of his life in prison for the crimes he committed in 1976. He never should have been allowed back on the street to even have the opportunity to commit the crimes he committed in this case," Pierson said. Garrido "stole the childhood and innocence from an 11-year-old child." Dugard was grabbed by Nancy Garrido from the South Lake Tahoe street where her family lived and forced into a car driven by Phillip Garrido on June 10, 1991. The abduction occurred as Dugard's stepfather watched her walk to a school bus stop. Authorities have said the couple drove the girl 168 miles south to their home in Antioch and held her prisoner there for the next 18 years, four months and 16 days. At first, she was locked in the shed then confined to tents she would come to share with the daughters fathered by Phillip Garrido and delivered by his wife. — AP

The Malay Mail Friday 3 JUNE, 2011


WHO issues warning of lethal bacteria in Europe T H E Wo r l d H e a l t h Organisation warned yesterday Europe was seeing the first outbreak of a lethal bacteria, as its death toll climbed to 18, all but one of them in Germany. The WHO advisory came as German and Chinese researchers said they cracked the genetic code of the E. coli strain, which they said in a preliminary analysis was resistant to antibiotics and extremely virulent. Russia banned vegetable imports from the European Union in response to the scare, in a move the bloc slammed as "disproportionate", as Britain reported its first cases of the outbreak and Spain demanded a payback for its farmers. There were contradictory accounts as to whether the strain of E. coli was new, or

whether Europe was witnessing the first outbreak of a rare but known type of bacteria that officials believe is carried by raw vegetables. The outbreak was initially blamed on Spanish cucumbers by German officials who later admitted they were in the dark about its origin. "This strain, isolated from cases in the infection outbreak in Germany, has never been seen in an outbreak before," WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl said. "It has been seen in sporadic cases and is very rare." But researchers at a German hospital treating patients felled by the germ sequenced its genome and called it "a new type of E. coli strain" while their Chinese partners dubbed it an "entirely new, supertoxic E. coli strain." — AFP

EATING WELL: Obama unveiled the new food icon at the US Department of Agriculture yesterday — AFP


US replaces food pyramid with 'healthy plate' THE US government yesterday ditched its two-decade old pyramid model for healthy eating and introduced a new plate symbol half-filled with fruits and vegetables to urge better eating habits. The colourful design, called MyPlate, was unveiled by First Lady Michelle Obama and secretary of the US Department of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack. "When mom or dad comes home from a long day of work, we are already asked to be a chef, a referee, a cleaning crew. So it's tough to be a nutritionist, too," said Obama, who is a mother of two daughters, Sasha and Malia. "But we do have time to

take a look at our kids' plates. As long as they're half full of fruits and vegetables, and paired with lean proteins, whole grains and low-fat dairy, we're golden. That's how easy it is." The plate is sectioned into four parts, with fruits and vegetables making up one half and grains and proteins filling the other half. A dairy drink is included alongside. "Enjoy your food, but eat less," the USDA said, urging people to "avoid oversized portions," choose fat-free or low-fat milk and "make at least half your grains whole grains." The graphic replaces the food pyramid, released in 1992. — AFP

lifestyle 15

The Malay Mail Friday 3 june, 2011

Proton’s profit position improves

By Shamsul Yunos After posting a surprising loss of RM51 million in its third financial quarter, national carmaker Proton returned to the black in Q4 of 2010/11 with RM81 million unaudited group profit on the back of increasing car sales. The improvement is mainly due to improving sales which have increased by 21 per cent from 36,943 to 44,870 units in the previous quarter and the numbers were mainly generated by the Persona, Saga, Exora and new model, Inspira. In monetary terms, the increase in sale was reflected in revenue for the quarter under review soaring to RM2.6 billion compared to RM2.2 billion recorded during the corresponding period in the previous financial year. To a lesser extent, Lotus Group International Limited (LGIL) also contributed to the profit through their improved sales volume. However, the RM215 million profit recorded for 2010/11 performance for 2010/11 is sub par when compared to last year when the company recorded RM261 million in profit and they attributed the decline to higher branding costs and restructuring expenses incurred by LGIL which is undergoing a business transformation exercise over the

next five years. These efforts have already culminated with the global unveiling of five new Lotus sports cars that are due to go on sale as early as 2013. The Group’s cash position also improved compared to the last quarter and is now above RM1 billion. This is the result of concerted efforts to better manage funds and inventories at all operating units within the Group. “Group performance in the fourth quarter is largely driven by a positive economic landscape that resulted in an increase in overall vehicle sales in the domestic market. Group performance is also backed by the introduction of models that offered us better profit margins,” said Proton Holdings Berhad chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh. “Prospects for the current financial year remain challenging with the anticipated disruption in parts supply from Japan due to the recent earthquake. While Malaysia’s total industry volume is projected to breach 600,000 units in 2011, the Group is cautious of uncertainties surrounding the global automotive industry particularly the anticipated volatility in the Japanese Yen and the spiralling prices of fuel and raw materials which could adversely affect earnings. However, the Group will continue to invest in the development of new technologies and improve operational efficiencies to sustain earnings,” added Nadzmi. Meanwhile, Proton’s group managing director Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Mohamed Tahir said higher research and development expenditure incurred during the quarter has been effectively offset by R&D grants provided under the Gov-

ernment’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicle programme. The development of a new age of vehicles, Syed Zainal said, is one of the strategies being pursued to elevate Proton into a globally-competitive car manufacturer, and that the company was currently in the final stages of testing and validating vehicles powered by alternative fuel propulsion systems with the first commercially-available Malaysian-made model to be sold as early as 2012.

Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Mohamed Tahir

“As the automotive industry places greater importance on the prospects of green technology, among the many challenges we are faced with is identifying the right technologies and solutions that will be capable of addressing sustainable mobility for the future. There's been a conscious shift towards greener motoring globally largely due to the values, benefits and advantages such technologies offer. This is a potentially new and growing market that Proton can capitalise on.” Proton is also focusing on establishing better integration and cohesiveness within the Group’s entire operations which recently led to the establishment of two centralised vehicle logis­tics and pre-delivery inspec­tion system (CLASS) hubs in Sijangkang and Tanjung Malim and the introduction of a second tier of spare parts under the brand name Proton AMP, offering customers original equipment manufa turer (OEM) safety and quality standards but at more affordable prices among others.

Cops get new cruisers National carmaker has donated 10 Inspira which have been converted for police patrol use to the Royal Malaysian Police as part of their effort to evaluate the suitability of the model for law enforcement work. Inspector general of police, Tan Sri Ismail Omar received the cars on behalf of the force from Proton managing director, Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Mohamed Tahir. The police patrol cars are significantly different from the standard issue Inspira with modifications done to accommodate police needs for communications, suspect transport and general lights and sirens. “We believe that the police can better serve the community with the availability of patrol cars and this effort is proof of our long and fruitful relationship with the law-enforcement community that began with

the original Proton Saga,” said Syed Zainal. He added that Proton’s effort at continuous product improvement will be enjoyed by the Police when the Inspira is adopted as part of their patrol car fleet. During the handover ceremony, Proton also pledged to assist the police in reducing crime by initiating safety awareness campaigns among their customers and encouraging company staff to enrol as Rakan Cop volunteers. Proton Tanjung Malim has 980 Rakan Cop volunteers, one of the the highest among companies in Perak. “As a Government-Linked Company, Proton has a responsibility to contribute to the community and this awareness campaign is part of our effort to reduce crime by sharing with customers theft prevention tips.“

Tan Chong sponsors two cars for Anugerah Bintang Popular Shaheizy Sam, who was voted as Malaysia’s most popular star at the recent Anugerah Bintang Popular

Berita Harian (ABPBH) and Rosli Rahmat, the Berita Harian reader who correctly predicted the winner and answered all the

questions correctly went home happy recently, driving new Nissan cars. Shaheizy went home in a brand new Nissan Teana 2.0L worth RM137,000 while Rosli became a proud new owner of a Nissan Grand Livina 1.6A worth RM86,000. Shaheizy, fondly known as Sam, garnered more than 120,000 votes to win the annual entertainment awards’ top prize. He is known for his portrayals of offbeat characters in several movies such as Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak, Adnan SempIt and the latest movie, Kongsi.

Sam was also the first winner of the Special Yasmin Ahmad Award at the Anugerah Skrin 2010 and won the Best Male Supporting Role in the 23rd Malaysian Film Festival in 2009. Established in 1987, ABPBH is an annual event organised by Berita Harian with the cooperation of Persatuan Akademi Industri Muzik Malaysia (PAIMM) to bestow awards to the most popular Malaysian singers, actors and celebrities who are involved in the Malaysian entertainment industry based on popular votes by readers of Berita Harian and Berita Minggu.

Peugeot design competition launched Nasim Sdn Bhd and Automobiles Peugeot have launched a design competition with the New Straits Times (NST) to generate interest in the art of automotive design and encourage college and secondary school students to take up automotive design. The inaugural NST-Peugeot Design Competition kicked off on May 29 and will run until Aug 21. The competition is open to all college and secondary school students in Malaysia. Participants of the competition will need to submit their design of what they envision to be the perfect Peugeot vehicle for Southeast Asian markets in 2018. “With this competition, it is

our aim to give Malaysian students a platform to showcase their talent and creativity. It is also an opportunity to lay the ground work for tomorrow’s automotive designers in Malaysia,” said Datuk Samson Anand George, COO of Nasim. The design competition will be split into two categories — secondary school students and university or college students. “For the NST-Peugeot Design Competition, we will leverage on our strengths in both the education and automotive sectors to offer Malaysian students what so many can only dream of — the chance to design a car,” said Datuk Syed Nadzri Syed Harun, group editor of NST.

Secondary students will have to participate individually for the competition while college students will be required to enter a team of three which must include one tutor/ lecturer/professor. The winner in the university/college student category will be awarded a five-day four-night expense paid trip for all members of the team to Paris and Peugeot’s design centre in Velizy, France along with RM1,000 in cash; Peugeot merchandise valued at €100 (RM436) and a three-month automotive internship with the Naza Group. The second-place winningentrant will receive a fiveday four-night trip with all expenses paid for only two

OPENING DOORS: (From left) Datuk Aishah Ahmad, president of the Malaysian Automotive Association; Yamin Vong, editor of CBT; Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, Minister of Higher Education; Syed Nadzri and Samson at the launch of the NST-Peugeot Design Competition

members of the team to Paris and the design centre in Velizy, France, Peugeot; merchandise valued at €100 and a threemonth automotive internship with the Naza Group. For third place, the winner will receive RM250 for two

members in the team and a three-month automotive internship with the Naza Group. For secondary school students, the first place winner will receive an iPad 2 and Peugeot merchandise. The second place winner will

receive RM500 and Peugeot merchandise while the thirdplace winner will receive RM250 and Peugeot merchandise. Besides the top three places, a further 30 entrants will be given consolation prizes.

x lifestyle news 16 THE popular Nissan Navara is getting a new variant, the King Cab or 1.5 cab which offers significant interior storage space compared to the single-cab version. This vehicle is aimed mostly at professionals and tradesman who use the Navara mostly for work and do not need the extra seats but appreciate added room for tools of their trade. To facilitate its class-leading in-cabin storage capabilities, the Nissan Navara King Cab comes with rear access doors that enable items to be stored from either side of the vehicle. These unique rear access doors also open wide, up to 90 degrees. Along with pillar-less door openings, access to the cabin is very easy. Compared to the Navara Double Cab, the new King Cab also has a larger rear cargo bed. Like any Navara 4X4 M/T model, the new King Cab also features the electronically controlled 'Shift-on-the-Fly' 4WD system which allows the shifting between 2WD and 4WD modes without having to stop the vehicle, as well as a 6-speed

Formed by

Compact dimensions and Test Drive By SHAMSUL YUNOS Manual Transmission. “We are introducing the Nissan Navara King Cab to challenge the perception that two-seater Pick-Ups are utilitarian workhorses. Through a combination of secure interior storage, good looks, class-leading power and cabin comfort, we expect the King Cab to set new benchmarks in the Pick Up segment,” said Azman Badrillah, the director of Auto Dunia Sdn Bhd, the authorised importer.

“2010 marks a significant milestone for the Nissan brand in Malaysia as we achieved our highest sales record for the past 25 years with 32,998 units delivered to our valued customers” said Datuk Dr Ang Bon Beng, the executive director of ETCM. He added that the company is expecting to further increase its sales in Malaysia with the introduction of more new models this year. The Nissan Navara King Cab is available in four colour variants namely Tungsten Silver, Twilight Grey, Brilliant White and Supreme Black. The on-the-road price (inclusive of insurance, road tax, registration fee and ownership claim fee) for Peninsular Malaysia is RM82,800. It also comes with a threeyear or 100,000km warranty (whichever comes first).

The Nissan Navara 4x4 King Cab launched in style

THE Mitsubishi ASX is a crossover that is built on the Lancer platform and it announces this clearly by wearing a slightly scaled-up sharknose grille that is so familiar on the world’s rally circuit. When it was launched, the ASX looked like just one more way for Mitsubishi to milk a successful design and spread the development cost of a platform across a few models. And so the ASX began its session with us by driving into an indifferent mental background and had to claw its way back up from the low rung of its less than impressive first impression. After a few minutes behind the wheel, it was clear that the ASX gave drivers a slightly taller driving position and carlike driving position but that is hardly a reason to jump with joy and ride home because most decently engineered crossovers offer this baseline. The 2.0-litre engine cranks out about 150 horsepower and sends the herd to the front wheels through a continuously variable INVECS III transmission and this combination gives the ASX a calm, collected and refined demeanour when the driver is light on the throttle. When the driver slams on the loud pedal, the fourcylinder engine climbs the rev range without any complaint and doesn’t seem to run out of breath even when it has to remain at high altitude for

prolonged period. On the highway, the ASX’s steering is nicely weighted as the electric power assistance gradually fades away to give drivers decent feel about what the chassis is doing. As you can see, the ASX delivers middle of the road performance and characteristics and looks set to confirm our suspicion that it was just one way for Mitsubishi to expand their model range without spending too much money. Just when we should feel happy about getting our initial impression spot on, we realise that we like the ASX more than we thought we would. Why? If it is not the performance and driving characteristics, maybe it was the cabin that crept up on us and subliminally attracted drivers to the ASX. So we looked around the cabin to see if there was anything really impressive that we had missed at first glance. The cabin is spacious, thanks to the tall roof line and tall seat-

ing position but that is no reason to easily fall in love with a car either. The dashboard is clearly laid out in a pleasing fashion and they took time to sort out the ergonomics and usually the effect of this is that we do not notice the dashboard as much as feel automatically at home with the familiarity. While the seats and seating position are comfortable, the all-black upholstery and door cappings may appeal to some but we liked a bit more colour and contrast in our cabin. Again, this is baseline stuff, no reason to trip over prose and fall head over heels with the ASX. Could it be that we are shallow to fall for the good looks, for that dramatic brooding eyes, square jaw and shark grille?

The Malay Mail Friday 3 JUNE, 2011


d good looks make the ASX easy to like

The thought scared us, so to prove that we were not shallow, we spent even more time looking for a reason why we like the ASX so much. Is the ASX’s build quality so good that it impressed us subliminally? A quick tap here and there, a few gentle stroke over surfaces and curves, several gentle tugs on handles and switches and we concluded that the cabin is typical Mitsubishi. Stumped again. Throughout the weekend, the ASX continued to climb its way up our grading curve and by the time we had to hand it back, it was a car that we would recommend to friends and family and we still don’t really understand why. We put our impression of the

ASX on the back burner, in the hope that time would distil the essence of our experience and leave the real reason why this crossover left us longing. In the end we had to admit the fact that it was the handsome design that made us like the ASX and it didn’t hurt that it is well mannered on the road, offered decent cabin design and space versatility. Our usual pool of survey respondents felt that the RM136,000 price tag is acceptable, given the size, space, driving dynamics and good looks. A crossover is not a vehicle that stylists sketch with a lot of passion, it is the sort of vehicle that the marketing department of corporations come up with in order to fulfill some customer survey they carried out so on the customer's end it is also the type of vehicle that is bought with the head and not the heart. Since the ASX ticks all the right boxes and pushes all the right buttons, the head cannot refuse but to accept it as a competent vehicle and so it is left to the heart to have its say in the purchase decision. And the heart always falls for good looks, doesn’t it? And that is really why we like the ASX even when we thought we wouldn’t.



King Cody ruled Kangar AFTER the disappointment of ditching his car on the first day of the Johor round of the Malaysian Rally Championship (MRC 11), veteran rally driver, Cody Crocker was determined to score big in Perlis and keep him in the running for the championship. As it turned out, the yel-

low, red and black Subaru Impreza flew past the competitors and no one had an answer for the 41-year-old Australian. He took the lead in day one

and kept pace on Sunday to end the event with a slim 17second lead ahead of 11-time champion, Karamjit Singh who crossed the line in 1hour 17mins 45.5secs. The 16 valuable points from winning the event together with the two points from Kota Tinggi, put Crocker in joint lead with defending champion, Muhammad Rafiq Udhaya. Muhammad Rafiq of the MRU Motorsports Team, behind the wheels of a Subaru Impreza, was third overall over the two days on a total time of 1hour 24mins 11.9secs. “It’s still a wide open race for the overall crown. We have Cody and Karamjit in the front but don’t forget Muhammad Rafiq is there and should anything happen to our two cars, he can capitalise on it.

“After all, the gap is still so close and there are two more rounds (Malacca and Negri Sembilan) to come,” said Gunaseelan Rajoo, team leader of the GSR Pennzoil team. For Cody, things are looking up and the next round in Malacca in three months' time could provide the real test.

In honour of the racing pedigree that Chevrolets holds, as well as to commemorate the winning of the 2010 WTCC, Chevrolet Malaysia presents the 1.8 litre Cruze SE — a Special Edition that comes with a complete sports package, featuring a full sport bodykit with

front and side skirting and 18” sport rims which enhances the road holding capabilities of the Cruze further. Also featured as standard in the SE are leather seats and door visors. The Chevrolet Cruze SE is available from only RM97,888.


Pennzoil GSR Racing Team Subaru: Cody Crocker/Jagdev Singh 2. Pennzoil GSR Racing Team Mitsubishi: Karamjit Singh/ Vivek Ponnusamy 3. MRU Motorsports Subaru: Muhammad Rafiq Udhaya/Sean F. Gregory 4. MRU Motorsports Proton: Mike Ariokiasamy Ratnam/Maruthi Ariokiasamy 5. Proton: Mohd Hafizy Hafiz/Najmi Razak 6. MRU Motorsports Proton: Aji Kim/ Noriko Takeshita 7. MRU Motorsports Proton: Francis Lai Yew Guan/Ong Boon Keat 8. Pennzoil GSR Racing Team 1 Proton: Gunaseelan Rajoo/ Mohd Izwan Abdullah 9. Proton: Sanjay Takle/ Musa Sheriff 10. Proton: Raymon Tan/ Jason Yi

Double 1-2 Cruze in Monza! IT was a Cruze weekend at Monza as Chevrolet took the top two spots in both races of the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) last weekend. In the process, driver Rob Huff went down in history as only the third driver in WTCC history to win both races in a weekend. The double win extends his lead in the driver's championship table, ahead of team mate Yvan Muller and Alain Menu. Muller finished second in both races while former British Touring Car Championship, Menu finished

third in the first race and had contacted early in the second race and clawed his way back to a fifth place. Chevrolet said their performance in Monza is testament of the level of competitiveness that the team has achieved with the Cruze 1.6 turbo and it now has a comfortable lead in the manufacturer’s race. The WTCC racing Cruzes are based on the award-winning road-going production model, known for the monocoque chassis that is built using the Body Frame Integral technique that gives it the stiffness, stability and safety that it enjoys.

18 lifestyle

The Malay Mail Friday 3 JUNE, 2011

Inspira owners duelled for treasures By Shamsul Yunos With RM1,000 in cash for grabs along with other prizes, the Inspira Drive 2011 – Adventure Race attracted seasoned treasure hunters as well as novice participants and everyone had a good time by the end of the day. The hunt, which was fully sponsored and organised by Proton Edar Sdn Bhd, was part of Proton’s initiative towards enhancing Proton owners'

experience with the brand. Proton Inspira owners were invited to bring their families and friends, with a limit of four to a car, and in a day of friendly competition and a lot of fun, the participants were given a fantastic opportunity to bond with their loved ones as well as getting to know other Inspira car owners. The Proton Inspira 'Inspired Drive' hunt is the first of many exclusive activities that are being mapped out for Proton product owners, beginning

with the Inspira. Head of Proton Edar’s Customer Retention Division, N. Rajendran, flagged off the motor hunt at Proton’s Centre of Excellence Complex in the event which started at 9am. “This competition was designed by Proton to engage with their customers and provide them with a quality experience with the brand. While this competition has cash prizes for the winners, we hoped that all the participants felt like winners throughout this fun-filled and engaging event.” Car Number 08 driven by Daniel Quek Beng, Dickson Nathan and Ian Jon Albert, took home the grand prize of RM1,000. There was also a lucky draw where other contestants were also given a chance to receive attractive

Goodyear’s Survival Training workshop After successfully launching their first ever women oriented programme last month, Goodyear kicked off their first Survival Training workshop held at the Nusajaza Goodyear Autocare Centre in Shah Alam recently. This free-community service workshop aims to educate and empower female motorists with the confidence, knowledge and skills of auto care and road safety. At the workshop, both media friends and participants, such as local TV Host Xandria Ooi who took part in an exciting five-hour workshop learned basic auto care knowledge such as the functions of the different components under the hood, setting the correct driving position and more. “It is important and crucial for women to be able to take care of

Participants being taught how to change a tyre by Adenan Masul, Nusajaza Tyre Centre (Shah Alam) Sdn Bhd director

themselves and their families in their cars and on the roads. This workshop is a great opportunity for women to come together in a familiar, interactive and safe environment to better understand their vehicles. This free community workshop is open to all and should not be missed,” said Ivy Peng, sales

Most frugal driver in Selangor found

ShelL is forging ahead with their driver education campaign called Shell FuelSave Challenge in Selangor and announced Lee Chee Koon as the state winner. Lee clocked 26.6 kilometres on one litre of fuel along a 110km -route. He won RM3,000 worth of prizes and is now in the running to win RM50,000 in the 2011 Grand Finals in October. To participate in the Shell

FuelSave Challenge, motorists aged 24 and above, with five years of driving experience are encouraged to head over to Shell FuelSave Roadshows to answer a few questions and go though the elimination process. The next Shell FuelSave Challenge recruitment roadshow will take place at Sunway Carnival, Penang, from today until June 5.

director of Goodyear Malaysia. Goodyear will be running two more Survival Training workshops in the third and fourth quarter of the year. If you're interested, register at my. At present, the Goodyear Women with Drive programme has been launched in Australia,

China, Indonesia, India and the Philippines. Each country kicked off the programme with various activities. In China for instance, a viral video and an informative booklet were released. A talk show with fun activities was launched in Indonesia, a Ride and Drive safety clinic in The Philippines, and general workshops were held for women in Australia and India. The programme is brought to you by Goodyear Malaysia in collaboration with Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) and aims to empower women with the knowledge and confidence of basic auto care and maintenance by conducting workshops and training for all. Do look out for when the workshops will be coming near you. For more information, visit

Honoured by Honda

Goodyear’s good effort to match Honda Malaysia’s expectations in terms of delivery time, quantity and quality earned them the Most Improved Delivery Award from the carmaker. The award relates to Honda suppliers in the Original Equipment Tyre Delivery category for Honda car models such as the Accord, City, Civic and the CRV. “The inaugural award acknowledges the valuable support provided by Goodyear as a key supplier to Honda.

“It recognises the immense improvement demonstrated by the leading tyre manufacturer in the area of delivery. Goodyear’s performance was evaluated against various criteria that included the on-time delivery of the required quantity of tyres and also the quality of tyres delivered, ensuring that these were on par with the standards set by Honda," said Richard Fleming, managing director of Goodyear Malaysia.

gifts such as GPS Navigators, Smart Tags and Touch ‘n’ Go Cards with prepaid credit worth of RM100 and various Proton merchandise. The Inspira Drive 2011 — Adventure Race was the first in a series of exclusive activities targeted for Proton Inspira Owners. The hunt was

designed to bring together families and encourage them to share their inspiration in life and their choice of vehicle. The event was also a setting for Proton to share its plans for future customer relationship programmes with the lucky Inspira owners.

EcoBoost engines have arrived Ford’s advanced EcoBoost, eco-friendly turbocharged family of engines are finally here and they will find home in a Mondeo Titanium and S-Max multi-purpose vehicle. Ford is bringing the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine in order to give their products an environmentally - friendly and efficiency edge. The ‘More Power, Less Fuel’ EcoBoost engines deliver best-in-class power and performance in a smaller, more efficient package with lower emissions. EcoBoost can help to improve fuel efficiency by up to 20 per cent along with a reduction in emissions of up to 15 per cent. This engine combines a single turbocharger with a direct injection fuel delivery system to generate more power, faster acceleration and higher speeds. This is combined with torque consistent with that of larger displacement, naturally aspirated engines. “The EcoBoost engines combine direct petrol injection and turbocharging in smaller-displacement engines to give customers outstanding fuel economy and reduced CO2 with the spirited performance they expect from a larger engine," said David Westerman, regional manager, Asia Pacific, Ford Export Operations. To support the introduction of the Ford EcoBoost engine in Malaysia, a microsite has been launched to provide consumers with a better understanding of the unique engine technology through detailed articles and video clips which can be watched at www.ecoboost. The 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine employs many of the basic principles of Ford’s original 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engines, starting with turbocharging and direct fuel injection. The turbocharger increases airflow in the engine to boost power and direct injection helps enable more efficient fuel burn for better fuel economy. Just like the first generation EcoBoost engines, the EcoBoost will spool up quickly to maximum torque and maintain it across a broad range — estimated from 2,000rpm to 5,500rpm, according to preliminary Ford data. The high-pressure fuel pump operates up to 2,200 PSI– more than 50 times the norm seen in a conventional engine. The high-pressure pump is a camdriven mechanical pump with a single piston and an electronic valve that controls how much fuel is routed into the fuel rail to the injectors. The turbocharger operation paired with the direct-injection system helps to virtually eliminate turbo lag. The turbocharger spins at up to 200,000 rpm and is designed for a life cycle of 150,000 miles or 10 years.

What’sUp PETALING JAYA: Fabulousity Charity Night – Shake, Rattle & Roll

This charity party is in aid of Rumah Hope to be held at Pool Side Cove, Sunway Lagoon Club on June 10, from 7.30pm to 10.30pm. Brought to you by students of Diploma in Events Management, Sunway University, the event serves an 11-course buffet meal, exciting door gifts from Lancôme and performances as well as games. Ministry of Sound is giving out free passes to their party after the event. Contact 012-3691992 (Shanice) or 017-3014520 (PC) for ticket purchase or more information.

ing life in Malaysia’s premier cybercity through the lens of a camera by taking part in the Cyberjaya Photography Contest organised by Cyberview Sdn Bhd from now until June 15. The theme of the contest is 'A Zest of Life in Cyberjaya' and contestants stand to win RM3,500, RM2,000 and RM1,500 in cash for first, second and third places respectively, along with a certificate. Five consolation prizes of RM200 will also be offered to winners. For more information, contact Rozi Hanum Shaharudin at rozi. or 03-83156048 or visit www.

lifestyle 19

The Malay Mail Friday • 3 JUNE, 2011

Amazing evening with Atilia Referred to as ‘the nightingale’ of the music scene in KL, Atilia Haron is one tough cookie despite her petite exterior. A singer and songwriter; her adult contemporary sound is soulful and contemplative

By SHUHAIDAH SAHARANI In trance with DJ Lange

KUALA LUMPUR: Fahrenheit88 KUALA LUMPUR: Serial Killers: Superheroes Fanfest 2011 The Heat is On

This school holiday, join the Fahrenheit88 Superheroes Fanfest 2011 which is currently on until June 5 where you can meet your fictional heroes from X-Men, Green Lantern and also Transformers. There will be Cosplay competition, movie trivia, games, blockbuster movie showcases and many prizes. Contact 0321485488 for enquiries or visit http://www.fahrenheit88. com for more info.

CYBERJAYA: Photography Contest

Discover a new way of see-


'Serial Killers: The Heat is On' art exhibition will be held at Galeri TAKSU, 17 Jalan Pawang, KL from June 9 till July 3 and is open from 10am to 6pm. The KL edition gathers Filipino artists works by Argie Bandoy, Patricia Eustaquio, Lyra Garcellano, Nona Garcia, Pow Martinez, Jonathan Olazo, Jayson Oliveria, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Norberto Roldan, Maria Taniguchi, Conrado Velasco and MM Yu. Admission is free. Contact 03-42514331 or check out the website at for details.


WHAT: Armed with 20 UK Top 40 hits under his belt, prolific DJ Lange is no stranger to some of the best club brands in the world. It’ll be an amazing trance event to look forward to as Lange brings his iconic chart toppers tonight, and be sure to be on the lookout for the single Live Forever that topped the Beatport charts for over a month. WHERE: Euphoria By Ministry of Sound, Sunway Lagoon Resort WHEN: 9.30pm, tonight PRICE: RM38, RM50 CONTACT: 03-74951788/ 03-74951789 WEBSITE:

Loud pres. Afrojack

how to play Sudoku X is a simple variation of Sudoku with the only difference being the squares in white (which make up the numeral X) need to tally from 1 to 9 along with the remaining coloured squares.

WHAT: Track after track and remix after remix follows and Nick van de Wall or better known as Afrojack starts his own label Wall Recordings and is rarely seen outside of his studio. When he's not deejaying, he is producing and it has started to pay off. His tracks are being supported by international DJs like Josh Wink, Dave Clarke, Laidback Luke, Fedde Le Grand, Marco V and Benny Rodrigues. With club hits the likes of Math, Do My Dance and Toyfriend under his name, Afrojack is definitely worth checking out, especially with Blink & Goldfish together in the house! WHERE: Zouk WHEN: 10pm, June 8 PRICE: RM55 CONTACT: 03-21712075 (12pm 6pm) / 016-3323191 (after 6pm) EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Yesterday'S solution

DJ Mr. Fluff & Sessionist

WHAT: Mr. Fluff is one of Bo’s many monikers. This music producer / DJ discovered his passion for dance music when he first played around with a sequencing programme known as Fruity Loops early 2003 and never looked back since. Have a fun time chillin’ with your drinks and let the DJ excite your senses with his music. WHERE: 7atenine, Ascott KL, Jalan Pinang KL WHEN: 10.30pm, June 4 CONTACT: 03-21617789, 012-2103055

Of Heroes and Villains with the MPO

yet deals with universal themes of life and love to which anyone can relate. Adamant to stick to her laurels of only producing music that is close to her heart rather than commercialising what appeals to those who determine what is marketable, she has come up with compositions and productions that are carefully and beautifully arranged and produced. Atilia’s second album, Indah which she was one of the producers, was launched in June 2010 and was touted to be a memorable compilation that includes an interesting mix of soul and R&B. She just finished producing the Acoustic Night concert which was part of a series of acoustic music held recently at KLPac and Lat Kampung Boy The Musical for which she was one of the main cast. If you’re one of her many fans, see her perform live at Alexis Bistro

Ampang tonight and tomorrow at 10pm. “I will be doing songs from both my albums Sangkar and Indah plus loads of songs that I've not done in a while like Tamia's If I were You, If I Can't Make You Love Me (made popular by Bonnie Raitt) and In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (Frank Sinatra),“ said Atilia. “I will also sing songs that I've never done before like As (Stevie Wonder) and Just My Imagination (The Temptation). “I will be featuring Lokman Aslam, a finalist from One In A Million as he will sing a few duets with me. He sings well and has the hunger I had when I first started.” The cover charge is at RM25. Do dress up as the dress code does not allow shorts, slippers or singlets. For more information, call 03-42602288 or visit www.

WEBSITE: www.biduanitadediva.

of her own radio show on BFM joins the PJ Laugh Fest to share her views on life as we know it. WHERE: PJ Live Arts Theatre, Jaya One, PJ WHEN: 8.30pm, today until June 5 PRICE: RM30, RM60 CONTACT: 03-79600439 WEBSITE:

Hands: Gamelan Concert Ri Yue Chu Yin

WHAT: The Discovery series returns when the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) presents symphonic works in concerts themed ‘Heroes and Villains’. Conductor Julian Kuerti will lead the orchestra to perform works such as Don Juan, composed by Richard Strauss, inspired by the legendary fictional libertine, and Symphony No.3, composed by Ludwig van Beethoven. The MPO will also perform Violin Concerto No.1 in G minor (Op.26), written by Max Bruch, collaborating with violinist Lidia Baich. WHERE: Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP), KLCC WHEN: 8.30pm (June 11) and 3pm (June 12) PRICE: RM20, RM40, RM65, RM85 CONTACT: 03- 20517007 WEBSITE: and

Jazzin’ it with Rozz

WHAT: Join Rozz as he serenades you with classic jazz tunes, from as far back as the 1930s to our present day jazz favourites. Rozz currently performs in his own show in Penang with backing band The Frequency, and has been a regular guest performer of No Black Tie for the past two years. Come with your vocal chords well lubricated and ready, boys and girls, because this promises to be a night filled with sing-alongs! WHERE: No Black Tie WHEN: 9.30pm, June 5 PRICE: RM40 CONTACT: 03-21423737 (after 5pm)

WHAT: Hands will be joined by a world class percussion group from Beijing, The Eight Mallets Percussion, who will enthrall with seven pieces in the first half. Then Hands will perform three pieces in the second half, with rearrangements of Makan and plus a brand new composition. The concert will then culminate with another new piece, performed by both groups. WHERE: Pentas 1, KLPac WHEN: 8.30pm (June 9, 10, 11) and 3pm (June 11 & 12) PRICE: RM48, RM68, RM88, RM108, RM128 CONTACT: 03-40479000 WEBSITE:

An Intimate Evening with Rossa

WHAT: An evening with an eightcourse halal oriental dinner set, while Indonesian beauty Rossa entertains you with her amazing array of songs. WHERE: Grand Ballroom, 1st Floor, Main Wing Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, PJ WHEN: 8pm, June 9 & 10 PRICE: RM280, RM380, RM500 and RM800 CONTACT: 03-56238988, 03-56238938, 03-56238823 WEBSITE:

Shelah says 'Life’s A Drag!'

WHAT: Shelah, the fierce Glamazonian Drag Queen in KL and star

Feel Good Run 2011

WHAT: Today is the last day for interested in participanting to sign up for ntv7 Feel Good Run 2011. The charity run will be held on July 3. The beneficiaries of the run are the Yayasan Jantung Malaysia, National Cancer Society, Malaysian AIDS Foundation, and The National Autism Society of Malaysia. Registration can be done online and manually. Among the celebrities running along are Nazrudin Habibur Rahman, Aishah Sinclair, Jehan Miskin (below), Jaclyn Victor, Daphne Iking, Joanne de Rozario, Leslie Chai, Debbie Goh, Dynas Mokhtar, Cheryl Samad, and Niki Cheong. WHERE: Federal Territory Amateur Athletic Association (FTAAA), Level 2C, Multipurpose Hall, Wisma OCM, Jalan Hang Jebat, KL or Twenty First Century Sports (M) Sdn Bhd, No 51 Jln SS 18/6, PJ WHEN: Tonight PRICE: RM25 (aged 13 years and above), RM10 (aged 12 years and below) CONTACT: 03-56373821 WEBSITE: feelgoodrun EMAIL:


the malay mail

Friday 3 June, 2011

FriDay 3 June, 2011

the malay mail




the malay mail

Friday 3 JUNE, 2011

Readers can also look out for classified ads ONLINE as early as 9.00a.m at


Properties for sale


Properties for sale


Properties for sale



GOOD PRICES OFFERED for land / houses and Apt in Shah Alam, PJ & KL. Quick sale. Owners TEL / SMS 019228 6666


Houses to let

BUNGALOW HOUSE IN Ampang for rent. Approximately 6,600sf. Unfurnished, 6 Rooms + 6 Bath. Call: 03-2118 8201 PJ SS2/90 Terrace house. 5r3b, near pri school, solar heater, 2 air cond. RM1600. Nego. Interested call: 017-887 9687


Car for sale

‘0’ DEPOSIT ALL PROTON Models, no license can buy, 100% loan for gov. & private staff, int from 3.0%, loan fast approval, high trade in. Meet at your place. Free smart tag, touch n go, full fuel, steering lock, tinted. Open everyday.Mr Lim 012-214 0207

ALL NEW MODELS. Stk available. Attractive promotion. Stock 2011 Fast delivery. Full loan. Free gifts. 012-326 9849, 012-6961 552

Fashion/health & beauty

Fashion/health & beauty

NISSAN MURANO 2005, C.C 2.5, One owner, Imported model, RM 119,500.00. Call Mr.Jacky Yip: 012-280 6363

ALL NEW CARS/ MPV available for rental. We are also looking for vehicles under 5 years for long term lease (pajak) Call: 012-241 7736

3 HERBALS (Radix Eurycoma, Ginseng & Maca Root) To reestablish sexual performance & General health. 013-354 3369/ 012 3026568

BLUE ROSE AROMAS 24A, Lrg Ara Kiri 2, Lucky Gdn Bangsar.Therapist local Indian g i r l s. P r i va t e & c o s y. 1 1 a m 11pm. Ms Meera 03-20945542/ 016-2056003

SAUNA D’ HOME BEAUTY and Health care. Agent required. 019-735 5295 www. 2011 Great Promotion!

ALL TYPE OF VEHICLE, MPV, Sedan, 4x4. Wedding cars and tourism buses also available. Kindly contact Sai at 014-329 3607, 014-326 1395, 03-7982 0131 (off).

99 MASSAGE & SPA (1452468-W). Massage done by young girls. Release your tensions. Tel: 014-2288 921

CUSTOMIZE HAIRPIECE / Toupee / Wig - RM1,700 only. More info : Call: 019-3118916 , 03- 9274 7857

A FULL GLAMOUR Massage (001711965-V) by female. 234,Tmn Maluri, 55100 KL. Call: Stella 017-2555 844

GOLDEN MERMAID. Out call Relaxation massage by Male & Female masseurs. Call: 012907 5995 / 03-2021 7637


Car for sale

HYUNDAI PROMOTION !!! Sonata, Tucson, Santa Fe, Starex, Avante, i30, Accent, Getz, i10. Special discount. Super high trade in (any car). Low d/p & interest. Easy loan approval. Mystery gift. Beautiful plate no. Fast delivery. Excellent customer service. HQ 012-381 0737

MERCEDES 280S. Year 1999/04. F/S & M/R 95% original & tip top condition. Best Price RM 98000. Interested call Mr. Wong 019-276 4549

RAYA PROMO. ‘0’ d/p. Int. 2.33%.Grad scheme. Islamic loan.High trade in. Free Smart tag,TN Go, Steering Lock&Tinted Voucher. Nazim 012-548 1686


Commercial vehicles for sale

EURO RENT (KKKP4225) New fleet of Proton cars, MPV & vans. Long/ short term rentals. Corporate/ expats. Credit card accepted. Call Fabian: 03-7877 1834/5, 012-238 1769. www.

Financing/insurance service AA MASSAGE: By young female. Rest and relax. Just call: 017-296 3930/ 017-296 3068

LORRY AVAILABLE IN Six variantsNKR-(4500KG), NPR-(5000KG) Trade -in accepted. Call: 012-333 1189 / 019-329 2222

CAR LOAN Refinancing,Maintain name/ NCB. Blacklisted individual are qualified to apply & purchase. Aerowatts Auto S/B (678070-M) Tel:03-6185 8982, 012-308 3528


MITSUBISHI ALL new models. Fast loan & fast delivery, (Triton max loan accpt), Grandis, Pajero, Lancer, ASX, Sport back. Good trade in, Attractive promotion, good deal in town. All models stock available. 24 hrs in call. Oscar Tan 012-388 5897

A DAILY, WEEKLY, MTLY. RM50-RM300. All types of cars. MPV, Van & 4 x 4. Call: ARI 016-683 2111 / BEN 016901 2276

KLANA CENTRE POINT Office unit, 8th flr, 1195s/f, carpeted, a.con, partly furnish. Call: 032093 3606


TRADITIONAL MASSAGE AROMA Therapy. 2/7 Bnd. Puteri Puchong. Call: Bella 010509 2004, Maria 012-243 0553, Julia 012-508 4930, Ruby: 016677 1226, Angel 017-311 4544, Shasha 017-623 0609 & Rose 010-520 5292


ALL MODELS CAR Van & MPV, Toyota Alphard, Wish, BMW, Naza Ria, Kia Spectra, Vios, Waja & Perdana V6 etc. Reasonable price. Free delivery. Tel: 019-599 9973 / 012-2532 566 Roadster Travel (KPL/LN 3540)

0 AARON MASSAGE Services (1606620-V) by Female. Privacy assured. Out call service available. +6012393 0136

LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT PERSON TO BUY MEN & WOMEN HEALTH PRODUCTS? Tongkat Ali Ginseng, Pearl Collagen Miracle etc? Want to gain & retain vitality & vigor? Call En.Zaini (free delivery): 012232 7577

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Coaching. Take control of your weight. For 1st Free session sms name to 016 2366 381

7 STAR MASSAGE by young female. Relaxing out call / hotel. 016-375 2233, 012-340 3399. AAAAA QUEENS SPA Male and female masseurs, out call service available. Private & Cosy. Call: 03-9057 1336/ 016646 9891 www.klqueensland. com

AKS BEAUTY CENTRE INDIAN Traditional Hot stone oil massage. Come Experience our exciting services. Call: 037984 3077 for appointment.

Fashion/health & beauty

NISSAN ALL NEW Models Promotion. Full loan. Debit cash RM3k - 10K. 100% ready stock with impuls earo kit. Leader seats, tinted. Guarantee 1 week delivery. High trade in. 24 hrs approval. Door to door service. Call: Junson 016-6666 132

TRADITIONAL MASSAGE Newly Opened in Damansara .Call Sandra,Nancy, or Fifi, Cindy.Tel: 012-258 1334 ( Just Relax Massage Centre )


Personal messages

GOOD NEWS !!! Great promotion. Immediate stock , Fast approval. High trade in. Low d/ payment. Free body kit & sport rim for Forte. All new Sorento ready stock. Sportage, Citra RS, Rondo, Picanto, Pregio. Call: 03-4256 5556 Ampang

STRAWBERRY MASSAGE (1452468-W) Massage done by young girls. Relax & release tensions. Out call Tel: 0111229 2872


Apartment for sale/to let

Office/office building to let


Fashion/health & beauty

Vehicles for hire

ASX. MIT TRITON. PAJERO Sport, Lancer & Grandis. Trade in accepted . Call: 012-977 6961 HARUN


Vehicles for hire


AMPANG TMN Muda Riviera Apt 1000sq ft sale RM165K, Mulia Jaya 3 room double storey RM180K. Rent Riviera ground floor RM650/ month. Call 012-3742128 Peter Lim


Car for sale

PROTON MAC 2.58% Saga FL 37k, d/p 0 9yrs RM398 Pesona 46k, d/p 0 9 yrs RM498 Exora 58k, d/p 0 9 yrs RM 608 - Exchange old car get 6K. SALARY RM1200 aprv. - GOV, BLACKLIST Aprv. Student welcome - loan 140% -Trade in accpt. face book: rejalfaaisproton 013-679 9967

Houses wanted


AROMA TRADITIONAL Massage by local Indian girl. Relaxing for male. 1pm -11pm. Appointment DIVYA 014-6315 227 (002010495-XX)

MAN MUST TRY!!! Increase Erection & Long lasting. No side effects & Non-addictive, Malaysian Made. Man 0192222 503

AROMA ASIAN Massage. For outdoor only. With Promotion price. Interested please Call Julie: 016-293 1051

OUTCALL TRADITIONAL MASSAGE, pre / post natal,body Scrub for men / women by experienced masseur. Call: Mira 013-336 3160

OUTDOOR / INCALL MSSG by local Indian girls. 2 1/2 mile Jln Ipoh. 016-679 7786 / 016- 642 3786 Kajal. OUT DOOR/ HOTEL Full Body massage by young Chinese, Indo, Thai girls. Call: 016-245 1749

RELAXING INDIAN Aromatherapy massage for male and female by experienced therapist. Ms Lavinia 017-669 2559 (1668909-A)


Maids available/wanted

IF YOU NEED immediate house maid Malay/ Indian/ Chinese, b/ sitters, Stay in/ p. time cleaners. 03-22741043/ 016-3666 139


Friday 3 JUNE, 2011 M393


Home furniture/furnishing



Business Services




Articles wanted

the malay mail M515







IMMEDIATE VACANCY FOR CREDIT RECOVERY/ Field Visit officers/ Age below 37. Min SPM. Male / female. Indoor / outdoor. With / Without experience. Urgently required in Tmn Shamelin, Cheras. Good basic salary + high commision. Call Ms.Yatie 03-9285 0500. SPECIALIST IN REPAIR cushion sofa, curtains, car seat & new sofa, in Jalan Kuchai Lama. Tel: 012- 313 0778 / 037981 1898


Home electrical appliances A/C, ASTRO, Install/remove &repair, TV, TV8, wiring, tel, w/ heater, plumbing, w/ machine, fridge.Call: 017-345 6618 Ah Seng



CREATE PROGRAM MLM / Affiliate For your own Products, or your own Website for your MLM Group that you joint. You can set levels of members from 0 - Unlimited Level, Website Replica, E-Wallet, System Matrix, System REF Sponsor Randomizer / AutoFill / Admin. Promotion price: RM 950. (Including Hosting + Domain + Design). Normal price : RM WangLebat.Com. 016 - 323 5658 / 013 - 3058445. AIDA

3D/4D JACKPOT Evergreen Nos. (M/P/T) Each RM69.90 No Boxing SMS name & add 016903 2961

WE HAVE more than 1 Million Malaysia Updated Email & Phone List to Boost Up Your Business.10,000 Email List for RM200 & 1,000 Phone List for RM200. This Month Promotion: Free Email Blasting Marketing Software + Training. Call Mr Goh :012-2392775 or Mr Yap :012-2168427 CO FORMATION RM1,400. Work permit, shelf co., rep. of office, MOF, close down, secretarial & audit. Call: 012696 3631.


Business opportunities VIDEO to DVD Conversion. Video filming & Photography Svs. 03-4041 6850 / 6277 4991 / HP 012-235 5190.



OWN A COMPUTER, put it to work, Part/ full time income RM1000 - RM8000 . Training provided. SMS 012-4444 033

1 CLICK to change your life. Want to know more? Go to

PROVEN & TESTED: Over 9,215 people won 4D in a week! Last 2 days for those who want to take the 1 hour 4D Training Prediction Course, to win this week coaching by the Professional Author and Physics Maths Expert at our Training Center at Pusat Kajian Fizik Sains, Sunway. Call: 019329 4728 Mr. Yap or 012-239 2775 Mr. Goh to book now. Get this new 4D Formula book title: Rahsia Menang Lottery 4D Akhirnya Terbongkar. Click to see

ASTROLOGER. VERY ACCURATE Predictions on your life / career & relationships. In times of uncertainties, you need answer, not excuses. RM150 net for a 2 hours consultation at your place anywhere in KL/PJ. Can travel to meet you. Date, time & place of birth are important. Personally handwritten work, not computerized reports. Call experienced Astrologer Jyotisha Ravi at 016-970 0001 for an appointment now. Act now before it is too late.


SECRETS OF WINNING top prizes in any 4D games is revealed. 4D training skills and prediction services for only top prizes winning numbers for MAGNUM, TOTO and KUDA is available now. Call Mr.Vincent @ 012-670 7182

Business Services

Articles for sale

CHECK OUR NEW arrival (2000 pcs each branch). Latest fashion of dresses, blouses, shirts, jeans & pants (all sizes). In big varieties & best price in town, available here. Hurry up while stock last. Lot 142, Ground Floor, Ampang Park Shopping Centre, Jalan Ampang, 50450 KualaLumpur Malaysia. Lot 222 1st floor, Ampang park shopping Centre, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Lot 2.28 2nd Floor, The, Mall. Jalan Putra, 50350 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: 03-4044 8091. Samad 017-696 4657

Centre (Reg:M/242/2/11). SMS <name> SEND TO 33310

RO WATER (Riv. Osmosis) Only RM6. Min 10 btls & Rent free dispenser. Tel: 019-393 0411 Wati. Adshah Enterprise 001812453-K

PLSG ONLINE RM50.00 The Mark of The Great Man. Mobile Agent Wanted. Hotline HQ: 012-758 5800 www.

SWEET LADIES Available for close friendship w/without commitment. (free/ladies).Mr. Eddy 017-670 5258 (624468-V)



AS PART OF Our Diversity & Inclusion work culture, we would like to extend opportunities for experienced retirees and housewives to work in our reputable organization in the areas of finance & accounting; payroll services; and IS. Diploma and/ or Certificate holders are also encouraged to apply. Call Maimunnah at 03-224 69728 for an interview appointment

SIBERIAN HUSKY for sale. RM1200 to RM1300. Call :012249 5424

BUY NEW TONER or ink cartridge, HP, Samsung, Canon, Fuji Xerox, Brother, Oki, Lexmark, high value plus bonuses. Call: 017-674 6308

ACCOUNTS CLERK able to handle full set of accounts with knowledge in payroll (knowledge in UBS preferred). 2) HR Exec with UBS payroll knowledge. 3) Admin cum Sales Clerk with experiences on shipping documentations. Vacancies are available at Balakong, pls contact Ms Yap 019-655 6018, Rose 016-269 2369 or email to AUDIT/ ACCOUNT assistants needed. Call: 03-2070 0443 / 5. Send your resume & application to or Fax: 03-2070 2945. Salary up to RM2500

OPENING POSITIONS for Legal Editors (PT / FT), Marketing Execs, IT Execs & Admin Execs. Please call 010895 5621 or send resume to

COUNTER SALES, Accounts Executive, Technician, Sales Executive, Inventory & Lorry Driver. 019-601 1000 / 03-4048 1000 / 4042 4688 CREDIT RECOVERY OFFICERS wanted at Klana Jaya. School leavers or fresh graduate encourage to apply. Interested call: 016-2070 228 John

URGENTLY REQUIRED Call Centre Operations, Managers, Team Leaders, Telemarketers & Marketing Executives (Outdoor). Pls call 03-4257 5000 to setup for an interview or send in your resume to

LOCUM DOCTOR REQUIRED. Local Doctor required (permanent Sat & Sun) Establishment practice in Puchong. Call: 03-8062 6793

ALKALINE H2O Filters/ home & office products. Agents/ Dealers. Stable long term income. Strong Co support. 03-6158 0028/ 0133131 728

03-7495 1288

SITE DRIVER. O/T, EPF, SOCSO. GDL License. Good behavior. Interested please call: Ms Tham 03-4291 0889/ 012-222 3689

URGENTLY REQUIRES. 1. Lorry driver 2. Maintenance/ General worker. No 52 Jln Puchong Mesra 1, Batu 7 1/2 , Jln Puchong, 58200 KL. Tel: 03-8076 3311 UP TO 5000 pcs of latest designs Carpets (in all sizes) are now on SALE! Hurry! While stock lasts. Lot 106, Ground Floor, Ampang Park Shopping Center, Jalan Ampang. 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. Tel / fax : (603)- 2166 4584

ACCOUNTING FIRM at Jalan Klang Lama have vacancies for: 1)Account Assistant. Required Min CAT/Diploma In Accounting/ LCCI Knowledge of UBS software & MS office 2) Admin Assistant. Please sent resume to: Fax: 03-7987 5200 Email: my

CAREER TALK Programmed at Great Eastern. Better career, better income. Interested, please call Ramiza at 012-231 8334.

MAMYPOKO/ HUGGIES/ MAMAN, Korea/ USA/ Europe. Direct from factory! Packing 80 pcs. From RM28 SMS: 012624 9699 Ms Lim

CUPIDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S TOUCH high success rate genuine clientele. 0321426118 / 21421118 / 016650 1118 www.cupidstouch. UNIFORM FACTORY at Cheras, we make all types of uniform. Call: William 016-338 3670 Agents are welcome

SALES GIRLS WANTED, 16 above, N0 87 Jln Petaling St. BILBERRY FASHION 012323 1286 / 03-2032 1286 Kok/ Chew

VACANCY : 1. Air Cond. Technician (Driving License) 2. Site Coordinator 3. Draftsman 4. Driver (GDL License) 5. General Clerk (SPM) Interested Please contact : Tel 03-6252 4429 Miss Ng Loc: Jln Ipoh KL email:

CLERK NEEDED IN SERI KEMBANGANInvoicing / Inventory Control- Knowledge in UBS System. Call: 03-8944 2107

AN ESTABLISHED Logistics Company urgently required General Clerk & Drivers with GDL. Interested candidates kindly call 03-5638 9533


MQA/ JPA recognised MBA programme.Credit transfer and exemptions acceptable.P/T weekends.EPF withdrawable. Shree 0126561160 UNLEASH THE MUSIC INSIDE YOU. Classes for-guitars, drums, saxophones, keyboards, Piano, violin.Call 03- 7873 6388.

WE BUY GOLD, White Gold Diamond, Branded watches, Pawn Bills. LG041, BB Plaza, KL. 2145 2800, 017-236 7888.

PART TIME/ FULL TIME 1. Promoters (KL,Balakong, PJ) 2. Hamper Packers. We also sell ribbons, organzas and hamper baskets. Agents are welcome to call: 012 337 3310/ 03-6277 7248



MQA APPROVED accountancy (ACCT) & Mgt (FT / PT) RM 400 p/m - PTPTN & EPF claimable. Call: 0360925254 / / SMS: 012- 656 1160.

FULL COLOR, 260gsm, art card with matt. Lamination. Other printing services are also available. Call Mr. Rahman H/P 016-3275477 or email /


ACCOUNTS, AUDIT ,TAX, Secretarial, MOF & Register co..Door steps service. Lembah Klang.03-5511 5922 / 03-4107 8457 Sainy. Visit www.mhmfirm. com SBP (UK) - Society of Business Practitioners offers internationally recognized Diplomas. Upgrade yourself for promotions and salary increment. Weekend classes at

ORIENTAL TRAINING Centre real estate career path to Registered Estate Agent, Project Marketing 012-214 0161/ 012-3200 757/ 8023 0816

MALAY TRADITIONAL CLOTHES Supplier for adults & children s. Wholesale price. Retailers needed. Call: 019603 7908

KEMENTERIAN KEWANGAN MOF Registration, Bumi status. Call: 03-40434000 / 019-3840000. www.Ready

TIRED OF DEBT Missed payments, MLM, Sales not work for you, longing for excess cash for improve lifestyle, learn how to make money on line at the confort of your home. Call/ Sms 012-200 6365 or email naveht@

BUY / SELL / PAWN Note book, hand phone new/old 70% digital camera.03-42517755 / 012-3388688 Peter. 208 Plaza Ampang City, KL


MUSLIM COMPANY Secretary New & Shelf Co. ROC, MOF Bumi Kem. Kewangan Call: 0340410000 / 0162860000

M398 M430

TOY POODLE for sale. RM550 to RM750. view Call : 0122495424 www.puppiesglobe.

URGENTLY REQUIRES. CLERK. Qualification: SPM, Able to communicate with customer. Basic computer, Malay/Chinese, own transport & age below 30. Strong frameworks Sdn Bhd. Wisma SA, No 2B, Jln Wawasan 2/10, Bdr Baru Ampang,68000 Selangor. Tel: 03-4278 4205/ 017-311 2820 Fax: 03-4278 4230

GENERAL CLERK & Sales Asst. (basic + comm) Work at BB Plaza. Call: 03-2148 1128/ 2141 3761.

GOOD FEET Recruiting Sales Promoter - Puchong IOI mall / Cheras Leisure mall - Position: Promoter / Outlet In charge - Provide 1 month training with basic salary (1k++) After training according to ability will add on benefit e.g (personal commission / total sales / +basic) - Prefer age 21 above Basic English / Chinese / Malay. For more info call 03-9133 5633 (office) 012-646 2561 (William)

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Kad Kahwin & Banner Manufacturer in PUDU (near time square) needed Graphic Designer. 18 - 30 years old. Full - Time positions. Call Ms. Chin 03-2145 5459 or walk in interview at 24, Jalan Nyonya, Off Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply. Further info at web: www.

IMMEDIATE VACANCY. Wanted female general clerk with SPM qualification. Computer literacy. 5 day per week at Segambut, Sri Sinar. Interested call Mr. Lim 019-275 3585 LEGAL FIRM IN KL required experience Banking Litigation Clerk urgently.Good remuneration. Call: 012-2514 297 PROJECT SUPERVISOR required by Factory at Klang. Min 3-4 years experience in Automation & Engineering.Prefer with Mechanical background. Dynamic, self motivated and work independent. Interested candidates kindly call 03 - 4291 7811 / 7129

RECOVERY OFFICERS Supervisor/ Manager needed. Attractive basic salary, commission and performance bonus provided. Located near the Pudu LRT station. (walking distance) Call: 03-9195 5551 @ 5552 or E-mail gtr@galatrack. com SALES EXECUTIVE wanted. Start immediately with/without experience. Training provided. Own car. Based near Bandar Utama. Age 21 to 40. Malaysian only. Earn RM3k-6K. Contact Jimmy 017-252 9802 SENIOR ACCOUNTANT (Full set account) & General Clerk. Interested candidates please call Mrs Yap H/P: 012-3900 738 / 016-3230 738 STORE ASSISTANT urgently needed in Kepong. Min. SPM, possess driving license for both motorcycle & car. Need some working experience in related field. Possess basic computer knowledge. On the job training will be provided. Call Ms. Wan at 03-6253 0087 or send your resume & application to TM UNIFI Outdoor Sales Agent needed full time. Own transport for outdoor sales activities. High commission, target bonus training provided. Call Kenny 013-779 6178

VAN DRIVER (12 months contract) required for magazine distributor, based at USJ for 5 days week. Min SPM with 1 year related working experience and able to work in a fast pace environment. Possesses GDL badge and able to speak English. Call: 03-5638 2208 (Ms. Jessica / Mr . Ridzwan) for interview. WAREHOUSE ASSISTANT (Full-time) Local lingerie retail & manufacturer is hiring WAREHOUSE ASSISTANT with well-paid salary. Opportunity is opened only for Malaysian who is below 40 years old. Work at Tmn. Ampang Hilir (KL). For inquiry & interview appointment, please call 03-4270 7113 WORKSHOP ASSISTANT Manager needed by established workshop at jln Kelang Lama. Salary up to RM3500. Socso & EPF provided. 3 yrs experience in car workshop preferred. Can work with min supervision with technical & computer knowledge. Call Mr. Lai 012225 1559 / 03-7987 1288 or send resume to cmychai@



the malay mail











Friday 3 JUNE, 2011 M580







Friday 3 JUNE, 2011 M580










the malay mail M580








the malay mail

friDAY 3 june, 2011

The Malay Mail Friday 3 JUNE, 2011

BackToSchool with Vijhay Vick

A true devil United fan Amirul hopes to bag more goals

NO FEAR: Felicity has been training hard for the past two months — Pix: RAZAK GHAZALI


prevent injuries." Selangor women went through their final preparation for Sukma yesterday with a friendly against Armed Forces. They won 4-1, to continue with their winning streak against club and State teams. "These friendlies have really helped our game. It gave us a rough idea of what to expect and also the experience going into a tournament like Sukma," said the captain, Nurul Aishah Mohd Noor. With only a couple of days left before futsal kicks off, Selangor look to be on the right track. Selangor face group favourites Federal Territories in their opening match tomorrow.


Double duty for KLHC By G. PRAKASH

THE KL Hockey Club, the hot favourites in the KL women's league, will play two games this weekend against Dutch Ladies and Army. They have so far played only one game, against UiTM, whom they beat 4-0. They play Dutch Ladies tomorrow and Army the following day. With the likes of former internationals such as A. Kanagi (pic), Nurul Nabila Burhanuddin and Nur Hafizah in the team, the other coaches have picked them as the team to beat. Last year they participated in the KLHA Div 4. They finished seventh but the experience they garnered playing against the men and more experienced teams has prepared them for the women's league.




DESPITE being the youngest in the team, 16-year-old Felicity Agnes of the Selangor futsal team is not easily intimidated. "I'm excited, maybe a little nervous too," she said. "But I have confidence in my teammates, the coach and the system we'll be playing. It has worked well in training and friendlies, so we will see how it goes on Saturday." "I think we have become stronger by the day. Our training sessions have really brought the team together. We're definitely a more-organised unit," added Felicity Agnes, 16. "We've been training really hard everyday for the past two months. Seeing the tournament starts on Saturday, we now only do light training to


Eighty-five international and 59 top local golfers will see action at the Negri Sembilan Masters Invitational 2011 on July 7-10

Fixture TOMORROW Dutch Ladies v KL Hockey Club (5.30pm) UiTM v Police (7 pm) SUNDAY Army v KL Hockey Club (5.30pm)

Coach Rizal Mohd Razman said: "The players learnt a lot playing against better opponents last season. So they are stronger now."

GOAL-GETTER: Amirul (right) in action during SMK Anderson's match against SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong on Saturday

ONE may think Mohd Amirul Waie Yaacob is a confident lad. After all, he finished topscorer in both the north zone qualifiers and the national finals of the Manchester United Premier Cup (MUPC) with four and six goals, respectively. However, the forward admits he feels the pressure of playing at this level and looks to others for confidence. "This is my first time playing at this level. Sometimes I think I finished as the topscorer not because of my ability but luck," said Amirul. "My school teachers and coach always encourage me to be more confident and

believe in myself." The SMK Anderson student is an admirer of Cristiano Ronaldo but insists he will not ditch Manchester United (MU) for Real Madrid. "Being a MU fan, it is only fitting that we (Anderson) won this tournament. It is also an honour to finish as topscorer." The 15-year-old forward scored Anderson’s winning goal in the MUPC national final as they edged central zone representatives SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong 1-0 last weekend. Amirul hopes he can keep his scoring boots on when Anderson compete for the regional finals in Thailand on June 6-9. Malaysia won the regional finals the last three years. Should Anderson continue the proud streak, Amirul will be able to rub shoulders with MU’s finest in Manchester as the world finals will be at the Carrington training ground.

are both cops, hopes to represent Malaysia one day. The MUPC could be a stepping stone for him, just as it was for national captain Safiq Rahim. Twins

Aidil Zafuan and Zaquan Abdul Razak, and Khyril Muhymeen are among the other national players who have played in this tournament.

Anderson not underestimating rivals SMK ANDERSON skipper Mohd Fariszuan Majid i n s i s t e d h i s s i d e mu s t improve further if they want to continue with Malaysia’s proud three-year winning streak at the regional finals of the Manchester United Premier Cup (MUPC). According to him, while A n d e r s on p l ay e r s h av e formed a good understanding and are disciplined on and off the field, they are not quite a finished article yet. "All those participating in Thailand are champions in their own countries. "Just because Malaysia have been winning the last three years doesn’t mean we can underestimate the others," said Fariszuan. Despite the good understanding they form on the field, the skipper wants his teammates to communicate with each other more during matches. The skipper plays as last man — a role his favourite player Nemanja Vidic plays for Serbia and Manchester United.

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS: SMK Anderson players celebrate their victory

Just like Fariszuan, Vidic is also captain of his club. "Defence is one area we need to improve. We need to be tighter," he said. Fariszuan, whose parents



Despite their weakened state due to suspected food poisoning, Federal Territories (FT) and Malacca men's water polo teams clinched victory in their group matches


Phenom to make her mark Malaysia Open experience spurs Theiviya to singles success By VIJHAY VICK

S. THEIVIYA (pic) has been the KL schools' champion for the last seven years, first winning the Under-12 category at age 11 in 2005. She then went on to win the Under-15 and Under-18 titles. She wanted to take part in the national schools' meet last year but had committed to turning out for Selangor at the Malacca Sukma instead. The Form Five student had wanted to end her schooling years with a flourish by taking the national schools' title this year but once again found both events clashing. The national meet begins today until June 5 while Sukma starts tomorrow until June 9. "I was advised by my dad,

who is also my coach, to concentrate on Sukma," said Theiviya. Her dad is S. Selvarajoo. The SMK Dato Lukman pupil is highly rated by the Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia (LTAM). She was Malaysia's sole representative at the WTA Malaysia Open in February. While she did not get past the qualifiers, Theiviya was thankful for the chance to compete against some of the world's best. "The atmosphere was unbelievable. The international players were very fit and consistent. It showed how far behind I was from them, especially when it comes to fitness and concentration," said Theiviya.

Theiviya is expected to win gold in the women's team event. She has yet to win a gold medal at the Games, having won three bronze and one silver medals since debuting at the 2008 Sukma in Terengganu. "I have yet to win a medal in the singles category. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to play in singles," she added. Each State can enter two players for the singles category. Theiviya expects one spot to be reserved for national player T. Neesha. She will have to compete against sisters Adelle and Alyysa Boey, and Archaanah Rajan, for the other spot.

Team Event Results BOYS Round 1 N. Sembilan 3 Perlis 0 Selangor 3 Kedah 0 Johor 3 Terengganu 0 Sabah 2 Malacca 1 Pahang 2 Penang 1

"It would benefit so many players if they are able to play in both championships," said Azizul. THE TEAM Men — Wan Muiz Wan Abd Aziz, Ahmad Fauzan Shaharuddin, S ean Yip, Marcus Chee, Kevin Loke Women — Hyda Yasmin Yazip, Nurin Nabilah Roslan, Denise T'hng, Teoh Shi Yin, Tan Jia Yi

In shambles

By haresh deol

The Malaysian Snooker and Billiards Federation (MSBF) have been ordered to hold a council meeting to address their internal problems. Sports Commissioner Datuk Yassin Salleh said this after meeting with several MSBF board members at his office in Bukit Jalil yesterday. MSBF founder and former president Prof Datuk WY Chin also showed up but his request to sit through the meeting was denied. "Oh yes, he did come. Perhaps there was some confusion as I wanted to meet the elected board members and he is the advisor of that board. But I told him that I would prefer to meet the members privately," said Yassin. Yassin said the sport has been torn asunder and that both parties had to work together to rescue it. "For now the elected board stands but they have to first amend their constitution. Then

they must have an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to elect a new board and move forward." MSBF have been in turmoil since the biennial general meeting (BGM) in December. Chin resigned as president after more than two decades and was made "advisor" to the new board. Raymond Lim replaced Chin. However, Raymond quit on Jan 17 due to the constant infighting. There were claims that certain elected members were from associations that do not even exist and not the affiliated States. Since then, Chin has been sending emails to members, apparently to reclaim the presidency in the federation. While the internal bickering continues, the fate of the national cue artists remains to be seen after MSBF decided to disband the national team last year. Billiard has always been a medal prospect at the Sea Games and Asian Games.

Boon Hong keeps faith

Coach plays down chances

al junior Ahmed Deedat Abdul Razak, Selangor still have established players to call upon. "Juan Antonio Los Santos is as strong as Deedat. Juan is the favourite for the men’s singles title," he said. Juan finished runner-up to national No. 1 Si Yew Ming at the national championships 3rd leg last week. Azizul also questioned the logic behind having the national schools' tennis meet concurrently with Sukma.


KUALA LUMPUR: sukma/basketball


You would expect Kuala Lumpur to be serious contenders for some of the seven gold medals at stake at this year's Sukma, especially as they have been preparing since March. But head coach Azizul Azhar Ahmad does not feel the same. "We want two medals but the colour will depend on the draw. Hopefully, the draw in the individual events will be favourable to us," said Azizul. While the draw for the team events has been made, the individual events draw will only be known after the team events are played. KL were grouped with Selangor in both the men’s and women’s team events and Azizul had initially downplayed their chances. However, the men created an upset by defeating Selangor 2-1 while their women, as expected, were trounced 3-0 by the same opponents. Ac c ord i ng t o A z i z u l , despite the absence of nation-

The Malay Mail Friday 3 June, 2011

Round 2 N. Sembilan 3 Perak 0 Selangor 1 KL 2 Johor 2 Kelantan 1 Sabah 1 Pahang 2 Melaka 3 Penang 0 Girls

Kuala Lumpur coach Low Boon Hong is keeping his hopes up as his lads take on some of the best junior basketball players in Sukma, which began yesterday. The city side were quite bullish about their chances in this year's edition but hit a snag when controversial player Loh Shee Weng decided to shoot hoops with another State. The KL Sports Council wrote to the National Sports Council (NSC) and Shee Weng, a national junior player, was slapped with a ban preventing him from participating in the Games. "It's sad that happened. I guess it's the new norm where players are lured to other States with money," said Boon Hong. "We're still hopeful. I would love to see our team make it to the final." Earlier this week, KL enjoyed a good workout on the courts

after they slam-dunked Selangor 77-73 in a pre-Sukma friendly match at Maba Stadium. "It was a close affair but we won. It was a good outing for the team and we hope for better results when the Games start." KL join Pahang, Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan in Group A. They will play Negeri tomorrow (4.30pm). The city cagers will rely on the slick moves of Ong Chun Khee, Teoh Tek Ho and Tan Wai Seng. As Sabah are not playing in this year's Games, KL beefed up their squad with two Sabahans, Liaw Chee Huei and Leong Kar Fatt. However, defending champions Johor remain title favourites with a bulk of the national junior players in their team. "We're lucky to have them (Chee Huei and Kar Fatt). We respect all the teams in our group but we promise to give them a tough time."

Today's fixtures Round 1 Selangor 3 Perak 0 N. Sembilan 1 Kedah 2 Pahang 3 Sabah 0 Perlis 2 Penang 1 Round 2 Selangor 3 KL 0 N. Sembilan 1 Malacca 2 Pahang 2 Perlis 1 Sabah 1 Penang 2

Men: 6.30pm - Sarawak v Kedah Women: 1.30pm - Terengganu v KL; 3pm - Malacca v Selangor Tomorrow's fixtures Men: 9am - Johor v Penang; 10.30am - Selangor v Perak; 4.30pm - Kedah v Malacca Women: 12pm - Perak v Malacca; 1.30pm - Selangor v Sarawak; 3pm - KL v Johor (All matches at Maba Stadium)

The Malay Mail Friday 3 JUNE, 2011

Maria Sharapova hit 10 double-faults in her loss to Li, including on match point

paris: tennis/French open

Wind-assisted win

GUSTING winds at Roland Garros helped defending champion Francesca Schiavone into the French Open final, according to her beaten semifinal opponent Marion Bartoli (pic). "The wind blew away some clay as the match went on," explained Bartoli. "Her slice would get lower and lower and it took me a lot of energy to adjust. "It did really bother me. In order to dictate the points as I like to, I had to bend a lot and physically I had to make


Women's semifinals Francesca Schiavone (ITA) bt Marion Bartoli (FRA) 6-3, 6-3; Li Na (CHN) bt Maria Sharapova (RUS) 6-4, 7-5

Today's matches

Men' semifinals Rafael Nadal (ESP) v Andy Murray (GBR); Roger Federer (SUI) v Novak Djokovic (SRB)

much more effort than usual." Bartoli, who was bidding to become the first Frenchwoman to win the title at Roland Garros since Mary Pierce in 2000, acknowledged the better player had won. "She's at ease on clay because it is more receptive to the effects you give to the ball," she said. "I did not play a bad match, but she played a bit too well." Meanwhile, Bartoli is prepared to snub a second successive Olympic Games as her long-running feud with her country's tennis federation goes on. Bartoli has been coached by her father Walter since she was a child and their independent status has ruled her out of Fed Cup contention, where coaches are all appointed by the federation. To be eligible for the 2012 Olympics, a player must make themselves available for Fed Cup selection. — Agencies



Best of the best Top four in semis with different agendas

EVEN Rafael Nadal acknowledges his French Open semifinal against Andy Murray is not nearly as intriguing as the one between unbeaten Novak Djokovic and 16-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer. "It's the best player of today against the best player in history. It's going to be a beautiful match," Nadal said. "I would watch it — if I was a spectator." Sure, there's a lot on the line for the entire quartet of men who will be playing at Roland Garros today, which one might expect, given that it is only the 12th time in the

Open era, which dates to 1968, that the top four seeded players reached the semifinals at any Grand Slam tournament. Top-seeded Nadal, for example, is bidding to equal Bjorn Borg's record of six French Open championships. No. 4 Murray is dealing with an injured right ankle as he hopes to win his first Grand Slam title — and give Britain its first male champion at a Major tennis tournament since 1936. No. 3 Federer, meanwhile, has gone more than 16 months without reaching a Grand Slam final, which does not sound too bad unless you consider it is his longest gap since he won

Wimbledon in 2003. Djokovic has had plenty of idle time to ponder things. The Serbi has not played a match since winning in the fourth round on Monday. He got a walkover in the quarterfinals when his opponent, Fabio Fognini of Italy, withdrew because of a left leg muscle injury. "I know he's played a lot of tennis, but he's got to be switched on from the start against Roger," said Murray. Federer was the last player to beat Djokovic, back in November at the ATP World Tour Finals in London. — AP

MARIA SHARAPOVA is not too disappointed by her loss to Li Na in the semifinals and will now turn her focus fully on Wimbledon. It was at the grass courts of southwest London where the Russian exploded onto the

international scene when she swept aside Serena Williams in straight sets to win her first Grand Slam title in 2004 as a precocious 17-year-old. And with her comeback from two years blighted by injury well and truly under-

way, it is to Wimbledon once again that she looks as she tries to win a fourth Grand Slam title. "I enjoy going out to the grass from clay," the Russian said. "It's probably my favourite part of the season." — AFP

Sharapova turns to Wimbledon

OFF TO GREENER COURT: Sharapova not too disappointed by her semifinal defeat— AFPpic



It is a logical step, a logical move — Germany coach Joachim Loew on goalkeeper Manuel Neuer signing a five-year contract with Bayern Munich


Van Nistelrooy signs up for Malaga NEWLY-SINGED Malaga striker Ruud van Nistelrooy (pic) is overjoyed to have joined the club and plans to retire in Spain. The 34-year-old veteran, a target of Tottenham, completed his move to the Andalucian side on a one-year contract on a free transfer after seeing out his contract with German club Hamburg. Van Nistelrooy's first spell in Primera Liga was with Real Madrid from 2006 to 2010, and he is glad to be back in the Iberian nation. "This is a new project but with people such as manager Manuel Pellegrini, I am convinced this is the start of something big," said the the Dutch striker during his presentation this morning, attended by 12,000 Malaga fans. "I have come here and promise to work everyday and aim to win matches and develop. "This is the last step in my career," added the former Manchester United man. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid


BARCELONA PRIMERA LIGA 5 times (2004–2005, 2005–2006, 2008–2009, 2009–2010, 2010–2011) COPA DEL REY 1 (2008–2009) SPANISH SUPER CUP 4 (2005, 2006, 2009, 2010) CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 3 (2005–2006, 2008–2009, 2010–2011) UEFA SUPER CUP 1 (2009) FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP 1 ( 2009) ARGENTINA FIFA U-20 WORLD CUP 1 ( 2005) OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL (2008)


striker Sergio "Kun" Aguero declared his admiration for the Premier League and Serie A but admitted he would prefer to stay in Spain amid rumours of a summer switch. Aguero looks set to exit Atletico with a host of clubs from around Europe said to be interested in the player who turned 23 yesterday. "I would like to continue in Primera Liga if possible. I like England and Italy but I prefer Spain," Aguero told TyC Sports.


The Malay Mail Friday 3 JUNE, 2011

Lion-el Messi He conquers world despite frightening setbacks during childhood


with Mustapha "El Loco" Kamaruddin

HOLA! ABSOLUTELY remarkable. This is the story of the world's current best player in Barcelona's Lionel Messi. It seems the Argentine has been terrorising his opponents for a long, long time now, thrilling fans all over the world. But the fact is, he is just 23. Imagine what he can do in the next seven or eight years — simply awesome! El Loco has been following Messi's progress since 2004 when he first made the Barca senior squad with Dutch legend Frank Rijkaard as manager. Not many knew about him then but he was already showing the potential that would make him a future world beater. Messi's latest show of genius was in Barca' s success in outplaying English champions Manchester United 3-1 in the Champions League final at Wembley last weekend. He exuded excitement every time he touched the ball, even to the United fans although they may not admit it. And this coming from one who was banned from playing simply because he was too small in his home town of Rozario. That was on his first day of school and he was forced to watch from the sidelines. Messi had difficult times as a child because of hormonal problems. In 1995, however, the eightyear-old attracted the attention of River Plate. But they pulled out of a deal to sign Messi or La Pulga (The Flea), because the club could not pay his £500-a-month medical bills. The future looked even bleaker when club medics told Messi's stunned family he would grow no taller than 4ft 7in! Parents Jorge and Celia

could not afford to pay for their son's treatment, on top of the cost of bringing up their other three children, as Argentina's economy crumbled. But luck was on their side. Incredibly, a family relative in Catalonia, Spain, managed to get a trial for the then 13-year-old with Barca. The Catalans' sporting director Carlos Rexach crossed continents to watch him — and was impressed. Messi joined Barca's under14 squad in 2000, after they agreed to foot his medical expenses. He moved to Spain with his proud dad, and in his first match, he scored five times. Now at 5'7", the shy and s o f t - s p o k e n Me s s i h a s already won five Primera Liga titles, three Champions League titles and an Olympic gold medal with Argentina, among others. Apparently, Real Madrid still call him the "dwarf ". But look what the "dwarf " has done to them in the last few seasons. He i s g u ard e d a b out his personal life. He has been linked in the past to Argentine glamour model Luciana Salazar, 30, and is now said to be dating childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo. His masterful skills on the pitch, as proven by the massive 53 goals he scored in all competitions this season, have helped him become one of football's wealthiest players. Overall, he has scored 180 goals for Barca from 269 matches in all competitions with 73 assists as well. He also has 16 goals with 11 assists for Argentina from 55 games. He is also a Unicef ambassador, and his own charity The Leo Messi Foundation,

UNEXPECTED STAR: Was told he cannot get taller than 4'7"

helps provide healthcare and education to vulnerable kids. The work is a nod to his own childhood struggle — and a desire to give something back. "I like my charity work with my foundation helping children around the world," he said. He says on his biography page: "No matter the titles, trophies and honours, I will always be the boy who grew up in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. It was there that I learned to walk just to be able to chase a dream. And yet, I was told I would never be a footballer. "But being smaller forced me to be faster. Disbelievers, critics and naysayers made me more determined than ever. With the support of my family I moved to Spain with the chance to play for Barca. "It was an opportunity to be the player that I always dreamed I could be." His official Facebook page has 14,814,276 followers but it seems that not everybody is a fan. Messi received a scare in Rosario this morning when a fan of local giants Rosario Central punched him in the face upon leaving a restaurant to pose for a photo. Jealousy, perhaps? Adios!

The Malay Mail Friday 3 JUNE, 2011

I sincerely wish Fulham a successful campaign in the Europa League next season and for their continued progress on and off the field — Mark Hughes, who quit as the Cottagers manager yesterday



US to host 2022 World Cup? THE United States look set to be the big winners of Fifa's week of shame with the 2022 World Cup vote poised to be re-opened. Sepp Blatter’s confirmation as boss of world football for a further four years came only after he was forced to give more concessions over his power than he ever envisaged. Blatter is now ready to sanction an investigation into the corruption claims that are overshadowing Qatar’s outrageous victory in December’s vote to host the 2022 tournament.


Moyes banking on Klose

DAVID MOYES is putting together an ambitious bid for German striker Miroslav Klose. Klose will be a free agent this summer when his contract with Bayern Munich ends and Moyes feels he could boost Everton's flagging firepower. Moyes has yet to finalise his summer budget with chairman Bill Kenwright, but is hopeful of putting together a competitive offer for Klose. Everton face tough competition for the 32-year-old if they can table a two-year deal and Juventus and Valencia are keen, while Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp is also aware of Klose's situation.


Southgate hopes to emulate Barca

GARETH SOUTHGATE hopes the FAs proposal to overhaul youth football will allow England to develop a new generation of players who are on a par with Barcelona's current stars. Southgate, the FA's head of elite development, and national development manager Nick Levett, have been touring England promoting the Your Kids Your Say programme. The initiative includes a draft of recommendations for changes in youth football and was unveiled last December as a result of an 18-month research project. The programme would mean children will not play 11-a-side club football until Under-13 level, while other younger players will play in teams of five, seven or nine dependent on their age.


No go for Pastore

CHELSEA'S £33m bid for Palermo star Javier Pastore has been turned down. Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini said he had rejected the Blues’ huge offer for the Argentina winger, who is also being tracked by ­Manchester City and Manchester United.


What a farce! Good enough for Razak Cup but not for Under-18 team By G.PRAKASH

IT IS an irony of sorts that players deemed not good enough for Kuala Lumpur's Under-18 hockey team are finding places in Razak Cup sides. The Razak Cup is a senior event. And that's why some parents are alleging that the officials of the KL Under-18 team were biased when selecting players. Among those invited for selection but dropped from the final squad were SMK Maxwell Under-18 captain R. Arravindh and A. Ravin Kumar, and SMK Kepong Baru's Wira Jasman Jalan. While Arravindh and Ravin are from SMK Maxwell, Wira was an invited player. SMK Maxwell were KL schools runnersup, losing 2-1 to hockey project school SMK Seri Titiwangsa in the final. After being dropped, Arravindh found a place in KL's Razak Cup squad. Ravin is with Negri Sembilan. Ravin's father S. Amaran (pic), 43, could not make sense of the selection process. "This is absurd. Surely, players who took their school to the final are worth one or two places in the KL Under-18 team," said a de-

spondent Amaran. "The invitation letter stated specifically that the selection would be from 8.30am to 4pm but it was all over within two hours. So, something is not right. I suspect they had already picked the team even before the trials. "The Razak Cup is an open event. Arravindh is in the KL team. Can someone explain to me how is it Arravindh does not have the calibre to be in KL's Under18 team but yet can find himself being picked for the KL senior team? The same with my son but he is with Negri Sembilan. This simply defies logic." Amaran, who was present during the trials at the MoE Stadium in Pantai, pointed out there was not even a selection panel. And he said during the two hours, the players were tested on their basics such as hitting, stopping, pushing and dribbling.

Another parent, Balbir Singh, said there was a tendency to always depend on players from project and sports schools to the point that excellent players from non-sports schools were ignored. "We are talking about good players here, players who took their school to the final. There must be some sort of recognition," said Balbir, whose son Balraj, was also dropped. "This is just going to further erode the quality of sports in schools. If officials, coaches and the authorities want always to look at sports or project schools, they will destroy the morale and confidence of those who want to excel in sports in ordinary schools." The KL team for the national schools tournament comprise players from Seri Titiwangsa, Bukit Jalil Sports School and Bandar Penawar Sports School. KL Under-18 coach Saiful Munir Mansor denied allegations of favouritism. "It was a fair selecton trial. We picked the best players available. Even from Seri Titiwangsa, there are only three players," said Saiful. The national schools tournament started in Johor Baru on Monday.

no you don't: Arravindh (right) one of the players who playing in the Razak Cup but deemed not good enough for Kuala Lumpur's Under-18 hockey team — Pic: RAZAK GHAZALI



LONDON: football/ euro 2012 qualifiers

Bent for more England goals ENGLAND striker Darren Bent's (pic) confidence has never been higher as he looks to score for a fourth successive international against Switzerland in a Group G match at Wembley tomorrow. It was Bent's first England goal, in the autumn Euro 2012 qualifier with the Swiss in Basle, that lifted a big weight off his shoulders and he has not looked back. The Aston Villa's £18 million (RM88.9m) record signing followed that up by scoring against Denmark last February and then Wales the following month in addition to nine goals in 16 games at club level. "I'm at a period now where I feel more confident than ever before in my career in terms of England. I don't think I have even been in so many squads consecutively and got on the pitch so often as well," said Bent. "I feel I am playing really well at the moment, things are going in the right direction and long may it continue." Bent admitted the goal in Switzerland early on in the season really lifted a weight off his shoulders.

"Playing for England is the top, top level and people questioned whether I could score goals for England before that. That goal was massive for me and I have grown in confidence since then," he said. "I like to think I've changed a few perceptions of me over the past few months. Hopefully I can keep doing that." Bent's current upbeat emotions are in stark contrast to 12 months ago when he was left out of England's World Cup squad for South Africa after being part of the provisional 30 players. "It was disappointing not to go to the World Cup and in the friendlies beforehand it was difficult as half the squad knew they were on the plane and the other were fighting to go," he said. "In my own mind, I knew I hadn't done enough to get picked but you always hope. At the same time I tried to take the positives, move on this season and tried to do well for club and country."

fixtures GROUP A — Today Kazakhstan v Azerbaijan (9pm) Tomorrow GROUP A Austria v Germany (2.35am) Belgium v Turkey (2.45am) GROUP C Tomorrow Faroe Islands v Slovenia (1.30am) Italy v Estonia (2.45am) GROUP D Tomorrow Romania v Bosnia-Herzegovina (2am) Belarus v France (2.50am) GROUP E Tomorrow Moldova v Sweden (2.30am) San Marino v Finland (2.30am) GROUP F Croatia v Georgia (2am) GROUP I Tomorrow Liechtenstein v Lithuania (1.30am) GROUP B Tomorrow Russia v Armenia (11pm) Sunday Slovakia v Andorra (2.15am) Macedonia v Ireland (3.30am) GROUP F Sunday Latvia v Israel (2.30am) Greece v Malta (2.30am) GROUP G Tomorrow England v Switzerland (11.45pm) Sunday Montenegro v Bulgaria (2.30am) GROUP H Sunday Iceland v Denmark (2.45am) Portugal v Norway (4am)


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