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Confusion deepens over whereabouts of national sprinters who skipped doping test By HARESH DEOL THE scandal over three national athletes who have gone AWOL after missing a mandatory doping test is descending into a farce. Despite the fact that they have been from the country since last Wednesday, the Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) is refusing to come clean as to their exact whereabouts. MAAU deputy-president Karim Ibrahim, when contacted last night, would only confirm the three sprinters who had declined to take the test — Noor Imran Ab Hadi, Norjannah Hafiszah and Nurul Sarah Abd Kadir — left for Bulgaria last

Wednesday night. He maintained it was a scheduled trip. This is, however, in conflict with the stand of the Bulgarian Athletics Federation, whom yesterday denied knowledge of any Malaysian athletes in the country. A Bulgarian federation official told The Malay Mail yesterday they had, in fact, offered a training stint for Malaysian athletes in their country, but MAAU did not respond to the offer. Karim, meanwhile, disagreed with the common perception the athletes had ‘flown the coop’. “How can they say the ath-

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letes ran away? They were already scheduled to leave that day. Now because of some people with their own agenda, the other three athletes are still here.” Karim, however, refused to disclose their exact location, except to say they would be taking part in a competition in the Bulgarian capital city of Sofia on Thursday. Three other athletes who eventually took the doping test last Thursday — Siti Fatima Mohamed, Siti Zubaidah Adabi and Yee Li Leng — are still in the country. Karim said the National Sports Council (NSC) did not allow the three athletes to

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‘Kapar land Artistes Klang Valley’s choice grab’ probe oblivious to on final leg ‘Hari Seniman’ chicken chop

Do you know the way to St Jhon’s?

Maid in Malaysia

travel to Bulgaria until after the results of their respective doping tests came back. “Why the double standards? There were other athletes who took the doping tests but they were allowed to leave. “Why didn’t they have to wait for the results to come back? So, NSC are playing games.” Karim was referring to 400m hurdler Noraseela Khalid, hammer thrower Tan Song Hwa and walker Loo Choon Sieng whom he also wanted to know their whereabouts. (According to NSC’s ‘Elite’ programme, they left for various parts of Europe,

Hotline is now two pages daily

except Bulgaria, last week for training and competitions.) Karim said while he saw Siti Fatima training at the Bukit Jalil tracks yesterday morning, he was clueless about where Siti Zubaidah and Yee were. He also confirmed national athletics chief coach Harun Rasheed did not go to Bulgaria because of the latter’s daughter’s wedding. National Sports Institute (NSI) director-general Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz, meanwhile, said he had also not heard from MAAU about the athletes who “skipped” the doping test. ● Continued on pg2

Ciggy butt ‘lunch’ for >> pg8 hospital patient

Briton in deadly corkage feud By THASHA JAYAMANOGARAN AN ARGUMENT over corkage for a bottle of liquor has landed a nosy British lecturer behind bars, following the death of the bar owner’s brother. The man was believed to have interfered in the argument involving the woman bar owner and a Thai woman guest when a brawl broke out at the Leisure Bay cafe and bistro in Pandan Indah last Saturday. The 53-year-old lecturer with University College Sedaya International (UCSI) apparently confronted the owner’s brother, Leong Chin Yat , 49, while he was leading the Thai out of the premises. A fight ensued between them and Leong collapsed on the floor after being punched three times on his head. He was taken to Ampang Hospital and then transferred to the National Heart Institute, where he slipped into a coma and died about 24 hours later. ● Continued on pg2

Desa Aman Puri’s bin-less dumping >> pg9



A patrol car within a 1km-radius of a crime should be at the location in not more than four minutes — IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar on the need to shorten the 12-minute patrol car response time

Bulgarian puzzle KUALA LUMPUR

Federation says no Malaysian training there, hotel denies bookings By HARESH DEOL

THE Bulgarian Athletics Federation is unaware of any Malaysian athletes training in the country. Its international secretary, Galia Puhaleva, said the Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) never responded to an offer of a training stint in Bulgaria. “I cannot answer that question. We gave your federation (MAAU) some offer on training exercises in Bulgaria but your federation never confirmed if the team was coming,” said Puhaleva yesterday. “Several days ago, we received a phone call from Hotel Sport Palace in Sliven and were surprised when they said several Malaysians were at the hotel asking for

'MISSING' TRIO: NSC lodged a police report after efforts to trace (from left) Nurul Sarah, Norjannah and Noor Imran proved futile

rooms and that they booked them through us.” Puhavela said she told the hotel the Bulgarian federation would not foot the bill. “I was told about five Malaysians were at the hotel. I don’t know more than that.”

She said the only tournament scheduled in Sofia this month was the European Classic on June 25. Puhavela presumed there could have been a separate arrangement between the Malaysians and Bulgar-

ian sprints coach Vasko Tsvetanov Nedyalkov. Nedyalkov was in Malaysia in April as the MAAU had requested the National Sports Council (NSC) to hire him under the national athletics programme.

However, NSC rejected the request and Nedyalkov returned to Bulgaria after his visa expired. Checks with Hotel Sport Palace in Sliven, southeastern Bulgaria, revealed no Malaysians were staying there at the moment. “We had reservations for five Malaysians last week but they were not confirmed,” said a spokesperson. NSC lodged a police report at the Sri Petaling police station on Sunday after efforts to contact Nurul Sarah Abd Kadir, Norjannah Hafiszah and Noor Imran Ab Hadi proved futile. It is learnt they left for Bulgaria last week but the MAAU has not officially revealed their whereabouts.

It's a bizarre situation, says OCM secretary ● From page 1 "They must respond to our letter as soon as possible. "If MAAU are not forthcoming, then we will have to notify the International Amateur Athletics Federation and the Olympic Coun-

cil of Malaysia (OCM)." Article 2.3 of the World Anti-Doping Agency Code states it is a violation for an athlete to not appear for a doping test when called upon to do so. The Malay Mail had earlier reported the three athletes who first skipped

the test but eventually provided their samples had disclosed they were given "pink tablets" by a coach, apparently for recovery and relaxation. "If we know where they are, we will either send a team or get the help of our Bulgarian counterparts to

test them," said Ramlan. OCM secretary Datuk Sieh Kok Chi, meanwhile, said NSC and MAAU should be on the same page in this matter. "They should work together. At the end of the day, MAAU are the rightful national association gov-

erning the sport. "The whole situation is bizarre. This is the first time I've heard of our local athletes skipping tests. I really didn't expect such a thing. "This matter is out of our jurisdiction as it did not occur during a competition."


Lecturer detained after lodging police report By THASHA JAYAMANOGARAN

● From page 1 Leong's sister and bar owner Shirley Leong Siew, 42, said the Thai woman was with three friends, and the lecturer was already inside with a friend at another table. “The Thai woman refused to pay corkage for the bottle and after some discussion, her friends left the bar. The woman continued to protest and began to kick me when I insisted she pay for the corkage. That's when my brother came to my aid," she said. It was not known when the Thai woman left. "While my staff took my

brother to the hospital, I immediately went to lodge a police report. At the Ampang police station, I saw the British man lodging his own report," said Shirley. The lecturer had gone to the station to lodge a report and was detained there. Ampang police chief ACP Amiruddin Jamaluddin said he would be held for six days to facilitate investigations into the case, classified as murder. Shirley said the incident could have been avoided if the lecturer had not interfered as her brother was only protecting her. She said the family was

THE MALAY MAIL IS PUBLISHED BY Malay Mail Sdn Bhd, Lot 2A, Jalan 13/2, 46200, Petaling Jaya

SHUTTERED: The Leisure Bay cafe and bistro where the incident took place. INSET: Chin Yat

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011

Woman driver gets support THE case of a Saudi woman detained for defying the kingdom's ban on female drivers has spurred more women to drive and post videos of themselves doing so. The videos have emerged in support of Manal alSherif, a 32-year-old IT expert, who is expected to be held in custody until Sunday for "violating public order". She had started a Facebook campaign urging Saudi women to get behind the wheel to protest against the long-time driving ban. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that bans women — both Saudi and foreign — from driving.

Aussies want Gillard out ALMOST a year after becoming the Australian prime minister, voters do not approve of Julia Gillard and would kick Labor out of power if an election were held today. The latest Newspoll reveals that while there has been a bounce back in support for the Greens to 14 per cent, the ALP's primary vote remains stuck at 34 per cent. Voters say they would elect the Coalition, but they do not approve of its leader, Tony Abbott, the Herald Sun reports.

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seeking justice and hoped the police would not release the lecturer without any charges. "Chin Yat was the sole bread winner of his family

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and has three children. He was an affectionate family man and always cared for his family," said his aunt, who declined to be named.

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The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 May, 2011

A total of 442 arrested from April last year to March for bribing enforcement officers. The highest offered was RM1m — Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission community education division director Datuk Samsiah Abu Bakar


Coffers filling up

More residents pay up due to door-to-door billing system, says City Hall By T.K. Letchumy Tamboo

RESIDENTS of the People's Housing Project (PPR) lowcost flats who owe City Hall a staggering RM51 million in unpaid rent have finally started to settle. City Hall housing management director Sukiman Surahman (pic) said his department collected RM4.1 million out of the total unpaid rent owed to them up to last month and credited the success to their new door-to-door billing system introduced in February. "We collected only RM600,000 during the same period last year, so this improvement is drastic," he said, adding

Current PPR flats rental payables and collection: JANUARY

Should have collected RM6.4 million Collected RM4.8 million Collection percentage: 75 per cent Arrears RM1.6 million Arrears percentage: 25 per cent


Should have collected RM10.2 million Collected RM5.6 million Collection percentage: 54.9 per cent Arrears RM4.6 million Arrears percentage: 45.1 per cent


Should have collected RM6.6 million Collected RM6.2 million Collection percentage: 93.9 per cent Arrears RM0.4 million Arrears percentage: 6.10 per cent


Should have collected RM6.9 million Collected RM5.5 million Collection percentage: 79.7 per cent Arrears RM1.4 million Arrears percentage: 20.3 per cent

since the system's implementation, 35,776 individual bills had been issued to the 52,914 dwellers in the 84 PPR flats under City Hall, again up to April. Sukiman revealed in March alone, their rent collection was 94 per cent, the highest recorded (see accompanying table). "In February, when we first introduced the system, we merged it with the water bill, so the amount that people have to pay was slightly higher than usual. That may be why we only managed to collect 54 per cent of the rent," he said. "However, March was a different story altogether as the water bill was not included. The water bill is merged with the rent bill every three months, so we expect lesser

people during the months that we merge the bills. Despite that, we aim to maintain the rent collection above 80 per cent." Sukiman said more people had approached City Hall to seek advice on how best to pay up their accumulated rent since February. "Previously, an average of 10 to 20 people would turn up at the four counters at our headquarters for such enquiries. But now, we are receiving about 500 people at the counters daily." He said people had also started to take heed that they could be served with notices of seizure or water cuts if they failed to pay their final bill which would be red in colour. The billing system involves new type of bills in four differ-

ent colours — white, yellow, orange and red — to indicate a resident’s payment status. 'Bil Tunggakan Rampasan', in red, is the final bill that will result in notices of seizure or water cuts under the regulations of the Public Housing (WPKL) By-Laws 2000 or the tenancy agreement, if ignored. The bills are hand-delivered to each PPR household by City Hall officers. Previously, residents had to bring their rent book to the nearest City Hall counter to make payments. Last year, City Hall expected to collect RM83.3 million in rent and arrears but only managed RM66 million, leaving a shortfall of RM17.3 million. The amount owed up to 2009 was RM33.7 million.

Weekend visits to collect unpaid rent

THE People's Housing Project (PPR) Desa Tun Razak in Bandar Tun Razak, which had the dubious honour of having the fourth highest amount of unpaid rent, has dropped two places in City Hall's top 10 list of rent defaulters. "We visited PPR Desa Tun Razak in March and set up temporary enquiry and payment counters there. The residents thronged the counters and managed to collect RM50,000 unpaid rent on one particular day," said City Hall housing management director Sukiman Surahman. "It is encouraging to see that PPR Desa Tun Razak, which

ranked fourth highest for unpaid rent at RM2.1 million up to last year, is now in sixth place, with the amount owing dropping to RM1.86 million." Sukiman said visiting lowcost flats had become part of the department's weekly activities to collect unpaid rent. "Every weekend, we visit one PPR and set up our temporary counters to make payment more accessible to the residents. We go to them instead of the other way around," he said. However, the top three PPR defaulters still maintain their respective spots. "PPR Desa Rejang in Setapak is still the leading PPR with the

highest amount of unpaid rent. Last year, residents there owed us RM4.38 million. As of April this year, they owe us RM5.32 million," said Sukiman. "PPR Beringin in Kepong is still at number two with a total of RM3.79 million unpaid rent and PPR Kampung Muhibbah in Puchong is number three with RM3.7 million." Sukiman said the current fourth and fifth PPR on the list were PPR Intan Baiduri in Kepong (owing RM2 million) and PPR Air Panas in Setapak (RM1.94 million). "We have a new entry this year, which is PPR Batu Muda in Jalan Ipoh with a total of

RM1. 66 million unpaid rent, at seventh place." In eighth place was PPR Jelatek in Jelatek with RM1. 56 million owing, while ninth and 10th placings were taken up by PPR Kerinchi in Lembah Pantai (RM1.47 million) and PPR Seri Semarak in Setapak (RM1.36 million). Sukiman urged PPR residents to follow the example of PPR Desa Tun Razak, and especially PPR Laksamana at Jalan Peel, which has the least amount of unpaid rent. "To reward the residents of PPR Laksamana, we brought durians for them during our visit."

'No exemptions from paying RM124 rent' SEIZURE of PPR units and cutting off water supply are City Hall's last measures when residents refuse to settle their rent arrears. "We do not want residents to suffer but there have been times we have no choice but to resort to such drastic measures," said City Hall housing management director Sukiman Surahman. He related one case when his department had to seize a woman's unit in PPR Pudu Ulu in Jalan Pudu because she owed more than RM6,000 in rent and failed to pay even

when served with a seizure notice. "The woman was an unemployed single mother to three children and she was a drug addict. We received complaints from residents that she was using her unit for vice activities. She failed to pay her rent despite the notice and we had to evict her from her unit," he said. "The woman also neglected her children, letting them sleep under the staircase of the flats." However, there's a "happy ending" to this case.

"We soon gave the unit back to the woman and got the Social Welfare Department to help the family," said Sukiman, adding that his department was also helping the woman work out the rent arrears. "PPR residents who have trouble settling their rent should approach us so that we could work out the best possible payment method." On March 1, The Malay Mail quoted Sukiman as stating that 15 per cent of PPR residents were hardcore poor. "No one is exempted from

paying the monthly RM124 rent which is among the cheapest in the world. It is advisable to pay up to avoid water cut or house seizure," he said. "We have to do maintenance work at the flats. How will we be able to do that with insufficient funds? Many residents have Astro and own cars, so there is no excuse not to pay the PPR rent." Sukiman said some residents have to change their mindset. "Be responsible. There's nothing free in this world."



Despair for foreign pot-heads IN Amsterdam, it is legal for people to use marijuana. Not for long though as The Netherlands is to bar foreigners from its infamous cannabis-selling coffee shops. Anti-drugs laws will only allow Dutch residents to enter the cannabis-selling premises but there are restrictions: By year end, would-be customers will have to sign up for a one-year membership, or "dope pass", to the coffee shops. The Netherlands is well known for its soft drug policies that has made its cannabis shops a popular tourist attraction.

Post Maid insurance at post office INSURANCE protection plan for foreign maids is now available at Pos Malaysia outlets nationwide. A mobile outlet (Pos-On-Wheel) is also stationed at the Indonesian embassy in Kuala Lumpur for employers to buy their Pos Maid insurance before renewing the maid’s passport. The plan, underwritten by RHB Insurance Berhad, enables employers to provide personal accident coverage for their maids in the event of death or an unexpected accident or damage, whether bodily injury or property damage of third party due to the negligence of the maids.

Swedish king rejects sex club claims SWEDEN'S King Carl XVI Gustaf yesterday gave a rare interview in an attempt to quash a swelling scandal, rejecting reports he had visited strip clubs and had indirect contact with organised crime. In an interview with the TT news agency, he denied recent reported claims from a former mafia member, Mille Markovic, that he had pictures in his possession showing the king in a sex club in the same shot as two naked women. "No, it is impossible they exist," the king insisted, stressing "it is also difficult to comment on something one has not seen and no one else has seen either" — AFP



Do not waste any more time. We are sick of waiting — Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam on the Kg Perepat land-grab scandal

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011


Will justice be served, finally? Kg Perepat task force completes probe to end land title discrepancies By JOSEPH KAOS JR

THE long-drawn Kapar landgrab controversy may be over after nearly six years of exasperating inaction and slow progress. Two years since its formation, the Selangor government’s special task force to resolve landgrab issues in Kampung Perepat has finally completed its probe on at least 200 cases of land title discrepancies in the village. The four-man panel, headed by Klang Orang Besar Daerah Datuk Abdul Ghani Pateh Akhir, will meet this afternoon to discuss the findings and recommendations for submission to the State government. “Once the task force completes its recommendations, they will submit their final report to the Menteri Besar (MB) and the State exco for further action. It’s about time,” said Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam.

He had been kept informed of the task force’s progress by his special officer Datuk Dr Mat Lazim Derani, who is also a task force panel member. In solving the 200-plus landgrab cases, the task force had to trudge through a lot of groundwork, including conducting one-on-one interviews with landowners as well as numerous visits to the land office and the village. “They had to go to Kampung Perepat many times to verify if the plots in question are really occupied by its true owners,” said Manikavasagam. He also urged the State government not to waste time resolving the problem once the task force submits its recommendations. “Since I became MP in March 2008, the MB had promised to solve the Kampung Perepat case.

Until today, nothing has been fixed and the villagers are getting angry. “Once the final report is submitted, the MB and the exco members should sit with the task force immediately and seek a solution. Do not waste any more time. We are sick of waiting.” The Malay Mail had begun highlighting the Kapar land grab issue since 2003, when the paper revealed the plight of 17 families whose Temporary Occupation Licences for land in Kg Perepat were displaced by a ‘Datuk’ (see sidebar). The Datuk had the land plots, meant strictly for agricultural use, transferred to his name and that of his relatives and friends. Checks had revealed some of the plots were still under the Datuk’s name while some were under the names of his wife, sib-

lings and brothers-in-law. A bungalow, complete with a small stream channelled to a lake with water lilies, stands there. A public road leads up to the residence. The Klang Municipal Council had also confirmed it had not received an application for the construction of the bungalow, making its construction illegal. The State exco of the previous State government had on May 25, 2005, admitted to the error and had revoked the titles, agreeing to return the land to the aggrieved residents. However, there was no followup action even after Pakatan Rakyat took over in 2008. In 2009, MB Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had said: "If (the bungalow) is illegal, we will demolish it”, but nothing has been done until today.

The Kg Perepat saga March 18, 2005: The Malay Mail frontpaged claims by residents of Kg Perepat, Kapar, that they were “robbed” of their land. Residents obtained the land under the Federal government’s "Revolusi Hijau" (Green Revolution) scheme and had worked the land. They got a shock in 2003 when they learnt their land had subsequently been transferred to a Datuk and his family members, and were told to move out. April 21, 2005: More than a month after The Malay Mail exposed the alienation of the nine plots, the Selangor government admitted it was a mistake. The State admitted the Klang District Office made an error in allocating the land titles to the Datuk and his family. April 23, 2005: Lawyers made it clear the land title grab was a case of fraud and misrepresentation by the Klang Land Office and the Datuk and his family for taking away land from the original holders. April 26, 2005: The Selangor government revoked the land titles awarded to the Datuk, his relatives and business associates. The then MB, Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, said residents who held Temporary Occupation Licences (TOLs) were rightful owners of the land and decided to return the land to them, ending a long tussle between the TOL holders and the Datuk. June 12, 2009: The problem remains unresolved. The Malay Mail’s checks at the Klang District Office showed the Datuk is still the owner of the land.

Victim hopes scandal will be resolved ONE man who will keeping abreast of developments over the Kapar land grab scandal is entrepreneur Tan Leong Huat, 51. Tan’s family had been occupying a three-acre land on a Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL) near Kg Tok Muda, 6km away from Kg Perepat, since the 1950s and grew a small plantation of palm oil and cocoa on the land. In 2003, the land ownership had mysteriously fallen into the hands of a woman, believed to be the sister of the Datuk. What had baffled Tan and his late father Tan Chin Moh was how the Datuk was able to own the land when it was marked as road reserve. “In 1987, my father was not

SEEKING JUSTICE: (From left) Tan, mother Teh Churm and grandson Ching Chai relating their plight to Manikavasagam

allowed to renew the TOL by the Land Office as they informed him that the land is a road reserve.

“My father understood and he was willing to move out if the government were to start building a road there. But

that never happened. What happened instead, in 2003, was us receiving a legal letter instructing us to move out as

the land had become private property.” His family remained defiant and refused to acknowledge

the legal letters. In 2007, they received the shock of their lives when the new landowner came and installed a fence to cordon off the plantation area. “They took all the palm oil my family and I had harvested for years and left us with nothing. We were robbed.” They even received a legal letter informing that they had to pay RM350,000 in compensation for "trespassing". Today, Tan occupies a small portion of the land where his little ramshackle house and workshop sits. “How can we be trespassing on people’s property when it is we who have been here for ages? It is very unfair. We will not move from here until we receive justice for what has been taken away from us.”

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011

About 900 million in developing Asian countries have no access to electricity; those in remote areas pay high prices for power generated by fossil fuels — Asian Development Bank vice-president Xiaoyu Zhao KUALA LUMPUR

Spell it right! Red faces over street sign error of heritage site By ALLEN J.P. STANLEY

MAJOR EMBARRASSMENT: The street sign with St John spelled wrongly

WAS it carelessness or just plain incompetence? Either way, the new signage in Jalan Gereja has many embarrassed about how the local authority could have misspelled the name of one of the oldest schools in the country — St John's Institution (SJI). The secondary school is famous for its imposing red and white brick building with Grecian-Spanish influences. It was also gazetted as a National Heritage site on May 21 last year. Furthermore, SJI has an illustrious alumni such as the Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, the Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein. So, surely, it doesn't deserve to have its name mangled to "St Jhon's"! Businessman P. Pradip, 25,

an alumni, was disappointed with the complacency of the authorities. "They should hire qualified people who can read and write, not only in Bahasa Melayu, but English as well. "This is an embarrassment. The spelling error could bring about a wrong impression and confuse tourists. "SJI was founded in 1904 and when we celebrated our 100-year celebration in my final year of 2004, it was graced by Raja Nazrin, Najib and Hishammuddin." Wisma Allianz security guard Abdul Rahman, 48, said: "The contractors should have obtained approval from the authorities before putting up the signage." Activist Yuu Han, 27, said: "This is bad city planning. The authorities should work out a proper process to monitor the work of contractors." Deputy Information, Communication and Culture

Minister Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum told The Malay Mail: "I believe the authorities will rectify this spelling error as this involves our National Heritage." The school is named after Jean-Baptiste De La Salle, the founder of the De La Salle Christian Brothers order, and also known as the Patron Saint of Teachers. SJI was among the first 30 schools selected into the Cluster School scheme when it was first introduced in 2007 by the Education Ministry. The La Sallian Brothers and the board of governors still hold much autonomy over management of the secondary school, with leeway granted by the Education Ministry. The main school building is located in Jalan Bukit Nanas, in the heart of the city, next to the Bukit Nanas forest reserve, giving it a lush surrounding.


New animal Act set to punish abusers By T.K. LETCHUMY TAMBOO

A NEW law called t he National Animal Welfare Act is being drafted to expedite the need for animal protection. Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) directorgeneral Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin said there was a need for new legislation because it would take too long to amend the Animals Act 1953. "It is faster to draft a new Act. That is our approach now." He said the department had begun developing the new legislation as a longterm measure and it would be tabled for its first reading in Parliament early next year. "It is a comprehensive Bill. When approved, the Act will contain provisions to prosecute animal welfare-related offenders. The deadline for the submission of the Bill will be before the last quarter of this year." The draft Bill also ties in with the formation of the Malaysian Animal Welfare Council (MAWAC). The setting up of the council signifies a landmark move in the government's push to have

Amendments 'pathetic', says activist By FAIZAL NOR IZHAM

THE government's move to increase the penalties for animal cruelty from the current maximum fine of RM200 and six months jail to a much higher RM50,000 fine and a year's jail is not good enough, say animal rights activists. Reacting to the recent announcement by Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar on the enhancing of the Animal Act 1953 and the drafting of an Animal Welfare Act, they felt more vigorous penalties was vital in the wake of cases such as the repetitive cruelty to dogs by local council officers and infamous incidents like the Serdang cat killer and

YouTube poodle abuse. Malaysian Animal Rights Society (ROAR) president N. Surendran hoped the authorities were not just paying lip service. "Proposals have been put forward for a long time but nothing concrete has been done, and raising the jail term to a maximum of merely one year is disappointing and pathetic," he said. "Local incidents like the YouTube poodle abuse case became international news, along with other cases of animal cruelty here, and they do not reflect well on our country." Society for the Prevention of Cr uelty to Animals

(SPCA) Selangor chairman Christine Chin, however, said the government's move was timely. "Animal abuse should not be treated lightly as studies have shown that offenders tend to move on to abusing children and women." Malaysian AnimalAssisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive) president Anthony Sivabalan Thanasayan hop ed the Animal Welfare Act would be ready by next year. "There is also a need for greater education of the public not to turn a blind eye to animal abuse by their neighbours and report such cases to the authorities."

a strong set up to look into animal welfare matters, with no less than 10 government agencies involved. MAWAC comprises the Ag r i c u ltu re a n d Ag ro based Industry ministry,

DVS, the Housing and Local Government ministry, the Prime Minister's Department, the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development ( Ja k i m ) , t h e D o m e s t i c Trade, Cooperatives and

Consumerism Ministry, the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan), the Higher Education minist r y, t he res e arch and development department of the Science, Technology

and Innovation Ministry as well as the Livestock a n d P r o f e s s i o n a l ( Ve t Practitioner) Association. The initiative will also be supported by all animal welfare NGOs. "MAWAC will be the first of its kind in this region. Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar recently consented to the formation of the council and appointment of its members," said Dr Abdul Aziz. Meanwhile, Noh Omar said yesterday the amendment to the Animals Act 1953 would include a maximum penalty of RM50,000, a one-year jail term, or both. "The amendment of the Animals Act 1853 is in its final stages and is in the Attorney-General's (AG) Chambers." The amendment to the Act has been called for by various animal activist groups following the surge in animal cruelty and abuse cases in the country. Currently, animal abusers found guilty under the Act only face a maximum fine of RM200 and six months jail.



BlackBerries burning out workers SMART phones and BlackBerries have invaded private lives so much that we risk a generation of burnt-out workers within a decade, an influential author says. Demographer Bernard Salt warns employees addicted to new technologies need to clock off at least one day a week to give their minds a break, the Herald Sun reports. "We need email-free days. Turn it off on Saturday mornings," Salt said. "I am concerned about what happens by the 2020s. In 10 years we could have an entire generation of Gen Xs and Gen Ys burnt out in the workplace."

SMS firing to cost boss RM30,000 THE cost of a text message is nominal but for a Sydney boutique, it cost more than RM30,000. Sedina Sokolovic was sacked by text message after her boss complained she had swapped shifts without permission and was late for work, The Age reports. The boutique director texted: "You can pick up your pay tomorrow and drop the key. You don't need to call me and I don't see that we can work together." Fair Work Australia ruled this textmessage sacking harsh, unjust and unreasonable.

Shilpa's new neighbours — squatters AN abandoned house in the neighbourhood where actress Shilpa Shetty has a home has been taken over by squatters. The private estate in Weybridge, Surrey, is home to a host of celebrities, including Shetty and former Chelsea star Claude Makelele. One unnamed resident said: "It does seem pretty extraordinary that the police can't do anything to get these people off the estate. They have no right to be here, yet the law appears to be on their side. It's completely wrong."



Datuk Amar Singh Ishar Singh is the new Kuala Lumpur police chief. The former city deputy police chief yesterday formally assumed the post following Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah's appointment as Bukit Aman Logistics Department director

Enabling the disabled PETALING JAYA

Dedicated door-to-door van service to be launched in Klang Valley

Passengers hissed off Vietnam train PASSENGERS on a train in Vietnam fled in terror after discovering bags of highly venomous king cobras under a seat. They were terrified when the four cloth bags containing the writhing snakes were spotted. The snakes were alive but had their mouths stitched shut. News reports said security staff removed the cobras, which were likely destined for restaurants in Hanoi. Snake meat is considered a delicacy in Vietnam but cobras are protected by law.

Sunglasses ban for police POLICE in Vietnam have been banned from wearing sunglasses, chatting, smoking and putting their hands in their pockets while on duty in a reported anticorruption drive. Officers must also "keep appropriate manners and be in the right position when on duty", the Daily Telegraph reports. This means traffic cops must not hide behind trees to ambush and issue fines. On-duty police are also banned from reading books, making or answering non-work related phone calls, drinking alcohol or eating at restaurants that illegally encroach onto pavements.


AFTER years of "neglect", the disabled community will get a welcome respite in the form of a dedicated van service, set to be launched in the Klang Valley soon. In an exclusive interview, Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd group managing director Shahril Mokhtar told The Malay Mail a trial run for the service had been activated since January. Three vans have been specially dedicated to providing door-to-door transport for disabled passengers from Petaling, USJ Subang, Subang Jaya and Brickfields to central Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya areas. Response has been encouraging and Prasaranaowned Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras Sdn Bhd (RapidKL) will roll out at least 10 such vans for this service by year-end. "We will add more such vehicles to meet the demand," said Shahril, adding the service would be called the Rapid Mobility OKU managed by Prasarana’s subsidiary RapidKL. “We have identified sev-

eral areas for us to improve on during this trial run and hope we can improve the level of service from time to time.” This is how the service works. A passenger can call up the service in advance to make a pick-up at his house or any other premises, stating the time required. The van would fetch the passenger and make a drop-off at locations within the areas of coverage. Shahril assured this service would be available from the "early morning rush hour period till late evening on weekdays". Other details, including the fare, could not be ascertained at Press time, but Shahril said the fare would be "nominal and affordable". He also said RapidKL was providing extensive training and exposure to the drivers. "The van drivers must be trained to handle disabled passengers correctly as we want to provide good service with care by looking at all possible angles before launching the service.” The Malay Mail understands the disabled-friendly vans are designed with easy access, in-

cluding for those with wheelchairs, as well as ample space inside. “A van is more practical for wheelchair users as it will link the community with a seamless transport service,” said Shahril. The vans will supplement the service of 470 new buses which are equipped adequately for the disabled community. The mobility service would augur well with the government's call for public transport providers and facilities for inproved access as part of the efforts to increase the public transport model 25 per cent by end of next year. Last week, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil met with representatives of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities and revealed that five LRT stations and 12 KTM stations had also been upgraded to provide greater mobility and access for the disabled community. She also said a disabledfriendly bus design guideline for operators would be launched by the Road Transport Department next month.

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011

Customised facilities for Bus Rapid Transit system PLANS are already in the pipeline by the authorities to provide better access for the disabled group to have inclusive mobility in public transport systems. A public transport analyst revealed such efforts are being undertaken by the Transport Ministry, Land Public Transport Authority, Syarikat Prasarana Prasarana Negara Bhd and local councils around the Klang Valley to implement the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya by end of next year. The permanent integrated system uses buses or specialised vehicles on dedicated roadways to carry disabled passengers to their destinations while offering the flexibility to meet urban travel demand. “The disabled community would benefit greatly from the BRT system. It has emerged as one of the primary modes of public transport which is actively being pursued by the government,” said the analyst. He said the synchronisation of height between platform and bus floor level will help the disabled in wheelchairs as well as mothers with baby strollers gain easier access. “The hinged, hydraulic ramp inside the high-capacity, low-floor buses would bridge the horizontal gap. The door width will make it easier for wheelchair and pram users to easily board or alight. It will also help everyone including persons with reduced mobility like senior citizens, families with young children, pregnant women, people with temporary ailments or heavy luggage and persons with diverse disabilities.” Important elements of the BRT system must include buses, bus shelters, street and pedestrian infrastructure to meet universal design features, thereby ensuring a seamless journey from the point of origin to destination. The BRT is considered innovative with high capacity capabilities at a lower cost that can significantly improve urban mobility in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, China, India and Indonesia. “The delivery of 470 new RapidKL buses in stages since last month, is seen as the first massive step towards the BRT plan by end 2013,” said the source.


Rapid Mobility a step in the right direction By EE ANN NEE

A STEP in the right direction, but still just a temporary solution. Even as disabled rights groups applaud the soon-tobe introduced Rapid Mobility service, some groups have called for a fully accessible bus system for the disabled in the future. Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled executive director Sia Siew Chin told The Malay Mail the Rapid Mobility Service, while a good move, cannot replace a total, accessible bus service in the long run. “The door-to-door van service is a temporary way of fulfilling the needs of disabled

people but a barrier-free and disabled-friendly transport system, such as the advent of low floor buses, would be the ultimate solution.” Even so, she said the Rapid Mobility service would certainly bring convenience to the disabled in their daily activities. She said places such as Brickfields, USJ and Subang, where trials for the service were being conducted, would benefit from the service as there were many disabled people living there. This was reiterated by Damai Disabled Persons Association of Selangor and Federal Territory president V. Murug-

SIA: Rapid Mobility Service cannot replace a total, accessible bus service in the long run

eswaran. He stated the service was a good move and indeed pleasant news for the wheelchair community as without

MURUGESWARAN: Bus drivers must also be trained to handle disabled passengers

mobility, the disabled would be stranded at home. “Drivers must be trained to handle disabled passengers,”

he said, adding that the local authorities should also play their role by providing universal design bus stops that cater to the needs of the disabled community. “We have a long way to catch up but I am happy things are changing compared with five years ago. "We’re not there yet, rather, we’re in this initial stage. The implementation is slow but we are progressing.” Association of Women with Disabilities Malaysia president Bathmavathi Krishnan said: “The mobility service will be a vital link from our doorstep to a point where we can board the bus and also

connect us from our doorstep to a destination.” She said Rapid Mobility was a good service and would be more effective than stage buses. “Comparatively, vans are more practical for wheelchair users as it will link the community to a seamless transport service. "Yet, wheelchair users were still waiting for disabledfriendly bus services to become more accessible to the community. This would enable them to become a part of this seamless transport service, enabling them to go about their daily lives like everyone else."

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011

Maid employment guidelines: 1. Agencies in Indonesia to send only trained maids. 2. Maids allowed to hold their passports. 3. A day off in a week. — KL- Jakarta MoU


Maid in Malaysia

NINE years and five maids. That’s the "record" I’m holding thus far when it comes to the employment of domestic help. The first was hired a couple of months after the arrival of our first son, who turned nine last April, and the latest was a couple of months ago. While the latest one is still counting, of the four maids who had once become a member of our household, the longest serving was more than four years and the shortest, barely six months. The former was our second maid whom we had to let go after more than four years with us for her to return home to get married. She was good. Of the four, three cheated on their ages in their passports, which we discovered weeks after their employment, claiming to be in their mid-20s, when actually they were just in their teens. I was later told it was common. In fact, it is still an open secret until now, for them to "alter" their ages in their passports or personal documents to secure a job in this country. Their authorities, I was also told, are closing one eye on this. We had no option of replacements from their agents but to

deal with their incompetency and lack of interest in working. That’s not all. The three maids also had problems in understanding basic Bahasa Malaysia. One lasted for two years, spending her entire first year learning to do house chores under our close supervision. She was our first and we trained her from scratch. Her second year was almost perfect until she had a boyfriend, thanks to our trust and leniency for her to own a hapek¸ a cell phone in her local dialect, and went angau (love struck) and became erratic and turned forgetful. The final straw was when we found her taking our toddler out without our permission while we were at work to meet her boyfriend at the nearby playground. She did it many times, we later discovered. Our third maid, who holds the record of the shortest stint, "disappeared" in the middle of the day, leaving my two boys in the house by themselves, to elope with her boyfriend. Again, thanks to our leniency for her to own a hapek. If not for an alert neighbourhood security guard who saw the couple leaving in a cab and called me, I

I Don’tCare With Muzli Mohd Zin

ON TUESDAY could only imagine what would have happened to my kids if I didn’t receive his distress call. We paid a bomb to her agent for her short service. Our fourth, the replacement maid offered by the agent with, mind you, an additional fee in the thousands of Ringgit, threw in the towel after nine months, giving us reasons that we couldn’t fathom until now. She’s young, anyway. Our current one is so far so good. And, I’m still keeping "my fingers crossed" as I can’t afford to face similar problems. Yes, she owns a hapek and she has some "friends". The fact is that, like it or not, majority of us, white-coloured parents in the city, are forced to look for domestic help. It’s like a given phenomenon in this country. Some are just for the primary need to have someone at home to look after their kids


Breakdancers take midnight break By IKRAM ISMAIL

JALAN Tuanku Abdul Rahman has become a popular spot for breakdancing at nights, with young adults showing off their skills in front of the Tune Hotel Kuala Lumpur. When The Malay Mail passed by the area last Thursday, we saw more than a dozen b-boys and b-girls (as breakdancers are called) being watched by a big crowd of appreciative onlookers. Among the breakdancers was 24-year-old Westkarnain Mohd Yassin from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. "Breakdancing is very challenging as one makes full use of the body," said Westkarnain, adding that he first it took up when he was 14. "This American dance is also considered an extreme sport and it's good that it has also been recognised by our Youth and Sports Ministry." Also known as B-boying, breakdancing is a street dance created by African-Americans in New York City as part of hip-hop culture and became a rage from the 1980s. "In Malaysia, breakdancing was also popularised by local groups such as KRU, Nico and

while they go to work and come back home later in the evening or at night. Some might share my experiences and some may not, and they are lucky. A friend in Penang just discovered that his maid is pregnant. A disaster. As a caring employer, he and his wife allow their "unmarried" maid to spend her off days elsewhere. The irony is that maids are supposed to alleviate our stress in juggling our time at work and home but they give us headaches instead. Maids are humans, after all. And, some of us paid a fortune in fees to maid agencies for their less-than-competent services. Some who couldn’t afford went for illegal maids and got themselves unwittingly to contributing the country’s unimpressive corruption index. They had no choice. The problem, based on my

experiences, is mainly due to their incompetency due to young age. All of my maids were not trained to be maids before they set their feet on our shore. They were just girls wanting to have fun. There was also no clear guideline to safeguard our interest as employers. We suffered while their agents laughed their way to the banks. Yesterday, after a two-year impasse in negotiations, the Malaysian and Indonesian governments finally inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the welfare of maids, with the roles of the maid, employer and agent would be clearly spelled out together with guidelines and responsibilities of those concerned. I’m glad that we didn’t succumb to the demand for a minimum salary for Indonesian maids because as far as my experiences are concerned, I had been paying for their incompetency. Finally, maid agencies in Indonesia are required to send only trained maids and employers have to be given replacement maids or the agency's fees refunded if maids run away or


are found to be incompetent, with the time frame given as six months from the date of employment. The best part is that the MoU also sets the initial fees employers have to pay at RM4,511, while allowing the employer to deduct RM1,800 in maid's salary to off-set the advance payment to the maid agencies. My concern is on the “initial fees” as if there are some other fees to be incurred, and I hope there is no additional fee imposed by the agencies. However, this goes to show that the fees could be lowered and all these while, we were squeezed dry by maid agencies, no? If only all these were set in place years ago, I could have saved a lot of money on Panadol too. MUZLI MOHD ZIN dreams of becoming a house-husband after he was recently told by his doctor that he had borderline blood pressure. He feels that it is a far more rewarding job to cook and care for his wife and growing kids. It’s just a dream, anyway. He receives brickbats at muleez@


Power tariff hike will hurt people, say NGOs By AZREEN HANI

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The teenager dancers taking over Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

4U2C in the 1990s," said Westkarnain. Among Westkarnain's breakdancing buddies was 18year-old Sazaly Hasgli who is also from Kota Kinabalu. "I recently competed in a breakdancing contest in a local reality TV programme and want to improve my skills in order to compete at an international level and make my family proud."

On weekends, Westkarnain and Sazaly, who both reside in Ampang here, would perform breakdancing at Bintang Walk in Jalan Bukit Bintang. "Sazaly and I plan to open a breakdancing studio in Kota Kinabalu within the next five years," said Westkarnain. Meanwhile, they will continue to rule at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Bintang Walk by night.

DESPITE the government's assurance the seven per cent increase in the power tariff would not affect 75 per cent of domestic users, it is nevertheless quite clear the tariff hike would burden all consumers indirectly. Consumers would now have to bear with the increase in price of various goods, due to additional production cost after the hike, said Federation of Malaysia Consumers Associations (Fomca) secretarygeneral Muhammad Sha'ani Abdullah. "When the commercial sector is affected, the impact would directly hit consumers. The businessmen are not going to keep quiet and maintain their prices." So, he reiterated his call for the government to provide ways where people can actually save under this circumstance — by providing social safety net measures. "Let's face it, Malaysians are earning low incomes. The cost of living is increasing every day. and it no longer just affects

the poor. The middle class of people are affected too." Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa) president Jacob George expressed frustration with the government, stating the authorities should be more up front with the people rather than repeating promises whenever there is a price increase. "I don't know why they keep doing this, spouting the myth and fallacy that consumers would not be affected by any price hike, including the new tariff. People know that they will be affected." He believes the government should target the main industry players rather than imposing such measures on the people. "Why can't the government impose taxes on profits made by big companies? This practice has been exercised in America and the European Union (EU) is planning to implement it too." Consumer Research and Resources Centre (CRRC) chief executive officer Datuk Paul

Selvaraj echoed the same sentiment, saying it should be the industry players paying higher energy market prices rather than the people. "They should learn to look for lower energy consumption. The government must give the initiative for them to start practising renewable as well as green technology energy systems in their operations so the people would not be affected." The government announced yesterday average electricity tariffs will be raised by 2.23 sen per kilowatt hour (kWh) or 7.12 per cent to 33.54 sen kWh, from 31.31 sen kWh from tomorrow. In a Press conference, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop and Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui explained the tariff hike was meant to be a part of the government's exercise in its ongoing subsidy rationalisation exercise, as well as due to the increase in natural gas price in the power sector.

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Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011 the malay mail

your right to be heard

tel:03-7947 2288 fax: 03-7960 5096 tel:019-261 4948 (after 9pm)

Complainants have to submit their personal particulars and provide a detailed account of their complaint. Complainants have to first file their complaints with the respective parties before contacting Hotline. Complaints referred by Hotline to the relevant parties would be published if there is no response in seven days. After a complaint has been resolved, the complainant cannot demand non-publication of the matter.


One smokin' lunch THERE’S a new dish in town, a recipe dreamed up by Kulim Hospital – 'smoked' veggies! Nevermind hospitals are gazetted no-smoking zones, but the dish with a cigarette butt inside was served to an unidentified male patient in Ward 8 for lunch on May 28. The patient was unaware he had been "chosen" to taste the dish. Luckily, he never did, but the incident has distressed him and others who witnessed it. Hotline was alerted to the "smoking lunch" by a reader claiming to be a government servant, in an email complete with photographs of the cigarette butt in a plate of vegetables. Saying such recklessness should not happen in hospitals, the reader wanted the matter highlighted to bring those responsible to book. The inch-long butt was in the centre of the plate – an indication it might have been placed on the dish somewhere between the kitchen and the ward. A Hotline examination of the photographs shows the butt was fresh and unlikely to have been cooked along with the vegetables.

● IN response, Kulim Hos-

pital director Dr Asmayani Khalib says following an internal investigation, the

Cigarette butt in hospital meal was 'sabotage', claims director

SABOTAGE? The cigarette butt square in the middle of the vegetable dish

hospital suspects sabotage. She says strict operating procedures for meal preparations have been observed and “we believe it is a case of sabotage". “Despite our best efforts, this incident took place and we will improve the quality of our work.

“The hospital takes full responsibility and wishes to apologise to the patient.” On how long the food trays were left unattended, Dr Asmayani says: “It’s hard to determine but would not have taken more than 30 minutes. “The only place the food

trays are unsupervised is when they are left on the ward counters. At these counters, staff double check meals and specific orders by doctors.” She says the patient was in the non-surgical Ward 8 with five others when he discovered the cigarette butt.

“He immediately informed the doctor on duty who then alerted the staff nurse. "The diet and meals department then met with the patient and offered to change the dish. “They also asked if he wanted to make an official

complaint but he declined.” Dr Asmayani says enforcement against smoking is regularly enforced as hospitals are non-smoking zones. Patients and visitors have been issued compound notices for smoking in the hospital's vicinity.

Anxiety over apartment resale payment NASARUDDIN AHMAD is anxious over a promise by a company that sold him an apartment unit. NASARUDDIN says he paid RM125,000 in cash for an apartment unit at Complex Automobile in Section 15, Shah Alam. When he got the keys in December last year, he was not satisfied with the apartment as it was slightly suffocating and there were many visible beams in the kitchen and rooms. "I asked the sales agent (Magna Shah Alam Sdn Bhd) if I could change my unit but was told all the other units were taken and it

was not within their policy to buy the unit back from their clients. But they said they could help sell it according to current market price, RM150,000." NASARUDDIN says he checked with the Shah Alam Municipal City Council to determine how his unit was issued a Certificate of Fitness (CF) despite its faults. He was told the CF application for the project was rejected twice and only approved when the developer appealed and gave their own guarantee. "I waited four months and finally, the developers agreed to buy the unit from me for

RM135,000. I then signed the letter of revocation.” The developer paid him a 10 per cent advance and told him the remainder would be paid within 45 days. As he wanted the payment earlier, NASARUDDIN tells Hotline a representative assured him verbally payment would be made on May 16, but when he went to the office that morning, the representative told him she was unsure when he would be paid.

● MAGNA PRIMA BHD’S public relations company, Reputation Mercatus Malaysia, spokesman Aziz

Laikar clarifies Magna Shah Alam Sdn Bhd agreed to assist NASARUDDIN to resell the unit purely out of goodwill. Upon agreeing to sell the property at RM135,000, Aziz says NASARUDDIN agreed to the terms of payment — 10 per cent upon signing the agreement and the balance to be paid in 45 days. "NASARUDDIN signed the documents and collected the 10 per cent payment on May 6 and the cheque was cleared immediately. As agreed, the remaining balance of RM121,500 was to be paid within 45 days,

by June 29.” The payment, he says, is being processed and will be prepared by the agreed date. Aziz denies there was a “verbal agreement” for payment to be made by May 16. Aziz says payment of a large sum must go through a comprehensive payment process and is standard practice to be paid within 45 days from the agreement. Nevertheless, he says a representative from Magna Shah Alam will contact NASARUDDIN to address the matter.

When contacted, NASARUDDIN says he is still dissatisfied with the response. He insists the unit he purchased had faults and feels he was still cheated. He claims because of this, it is unfair for him to have to wait till June for his payment. Despite his dissatisfaction, Aziz says payment would be made within the 45-day period. "We would also like to clarify the unit he purchased did not have faults. Under that development, there are 150 units and all are now occupied."

KLANG VALLEY COURTS: • Federal Court: 03-8880 3500 • Industrial Court: 03-2691 2011 • Court of Appeal: 03-8880 3500

• Kuala Lumpur Courts: 03-6209 4000 • Shah Alam Courts: 03-5510 3543 • Klang: 03-3371 9096/3372 7671

• Bandar Baru Bangi: 03-8926 9745 • Ampang: 03-4295 1025/1026 • Petaling Jaya: 03-7955 1581/7956

Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011 the malay mail

Premature termination of prepaid line P. ESWAREN'S Maxis prepaid line was terminated last month without warning. He claims he was given the runaround when he lodged a complaint with the Maxis help desk. “I was not sent an SMS seven days before the prepaid line was terminated on April 13, due to failure to top up," ESWAREN says, adding he was instructed on different occasions to email his details to the service centre to solve the problem.

“I then went to the Maxis Sunway service centre at 9.30am on April 30 to lodge a complaint and was refused a case number. Upon insisting, I was given the name of an officer instead for reference purposes." ESWAREN was told his line had been reconnected. However, he says he corrected Maxis and explains his current prepaid line was initially a supplementary line to his main line. Due to unhappiness with

Maxis' billing, he says he switched his main line to another service and converted his supplementary line to prepaid. As that prepaid line was terminated, ESWAREN is unable to top up but says he still receives calls. ESWAREN points out he has been using his mobile number for the past 10 years and expects better service from Maxis.

● A MAXIS Communica-

tions Berhad spokesman says: "We have contacted ESWAREN and informed him his prepaid subscription has been reactivated.” ESWAREN, the spokesman states, can now continue to subscribe to their full prepaid service experience. ESWAREN tells Hotline he is satisfied with the outcome. Customers are encouraged to contact Maxis by emailing my or calling 1-800-821-123.

In the dumps! Council slams residents: Clean up, it's your home

Picture 1: Wondering why there are two bags of garbage on this Proton Saga? Quite possibly, residents of Desa Aman Puri, Kepong, were on their way to the dump shed and probably said: "Hey, this guy is blocking our path, why don't we just dump our rubbish on his car?" Picture 2: The driver of this Proton Wira tries to be a "hero" by giving his beloved car some shade in another dump shed in the same flats, but risks having his car damaged or tyres slashed. This is the daily scene at Desa Aman Puri flats where residents throw their garbage everywhere except the designated dump rooms. The drivers perhaps chose to park their cars at the dumps because no one really uses them. Or perhaps, it could be due to plain incon-

Two bags of rubbish were placed on the Saga although the dump shed next to it has two rubbish bins. Several residents say flat dwellers should join hands to dispose of garbage properly and ensure a healthy environment. They say pointing fingers would make matters worse.


● THE Selayang Municipal

2 2

siderate drivers. The Hotline Roving Team recently visited the flats following an alert and came

across piles of rubbish thrown indiscriminately. Some bags were placed next to instead of inside rubbish bins.

Council agrees. A spokesman says: "It is the responsibility of the residents to ensure they live in a clean environment. "This is also a matter for the building management to address. "Throwing rubbish indiscriminately poses health concerns. We will do our part to collect the trash inside the dustbin while the health department will inspect the area regularly and decide on the next course of action."

Big bill for barely a month's use

NORHAFIZA AZEMI cannot understand how she was charged more than RM455 although she has only been using her P1WiMAX broadband service for less than a month. She says when she subscribed to the package on March 28, the salesperson told her there was no contract for the promotion, which came with a RM49 fee for three months, a registration fee of RM100 and a free second modem. NORHAFIZA says she was promised Internet speed of 4Mbps but she only received 0.07 to 0.18Mbps when using it in Kuala Lumpur.

She says she made three complaints to the company but no action was taken. When she tried to terminate the service, she alleges she was told she was tied to a one-year contract and must first settle her bill and pay a termination fee, totaling RM455.60. Besides lodging another complaint with P1WiMAX on this matter a few weeks ago, NORHAFIZA says she has tried contacting the salesman but to no avail.

● A PACKET One Networks Sdn Bhd (P1) spokesman says the reseller had made a mistake and provided

the wrong information to NORHAFIZA. The spokesman says NORHAFIZA was registered under the Home Plus plan instead of the Home Lite plan, which explains the bill she received. Also, the additional modem she received was actually not free. “P1 is taking this matter seriously and has highlighted to the reseller the importance of providing accurate information to customers.” A check on the P1 4G coverage, the spokesman adds, found NORHAFIZA’s address is at least 1km away from the nearest signal sta-

tion, which could have resulted in some connection problems. “We have apologised to NORHAFIZA for the unpleasant experience and resolved her issue.” P1 says its company operates within industry regulations by the government and thus has a social responsibility to ensure proper procedures are adhered to. P1 also advises its customers to direct service comments to http://www. NORHAFIZA confirms she was contacted by P1 and the company had waived her bill.


Online Hotline comments No rooms despite RM10k membership (May 30) • THERE are several vacation clubs operating in Malaysia. I joined one of them last year and decided to terminate the membership after a month. I lost about RM1,800 but I am not bothered about staying at four-star hotels and going through the hassle of getting rooms or going on a special vacation. I maintain a normal life and can continue living without such vacations. — Nawawi Long wait for bank refund (May 30) • I HAD gone through a similar problem with my bank before. I have a Maybank account but the problem occurred when I tried to withdraw money from an EON Bank ATM. Both banks were efficient in my case and my money was credited back into my account within two days. — Anonymous Not so ‘sedap’ train breakfast (May 26) • I USED to commute KL-Alor Star-KL frequently. With due consideration to the efforts by KTMB to improve their services, I feel their onboard food and drinks prices are on the high side and they are not consistent in maintaining service standards. I would like to compliment the way the train driver makes announcements though, in decent English and clear Bahasa Malaysia, but unfortunately, the PA system onboard is not consistent either. I have also had the experience of being transferred to another bunk despite having booked in advance via the Internet. How can there be a mix-up with a computerised ticketing system? When paying by credit card, I have also been charged twice. — Nawawi From dump house to political hub (May 27) • PERHAPS if residents bought rubbish bins using their own money, the bins will not go missing? — Anonymous Baffled over broadband plan (May 25) • THE report quoted a YES Care spokesman saying the company contacted the complainant within 24 hours after being alerted by Hotline. Wow! So, if the company had not been contacted by The Malay Mail's Hotline, perhaps it would have taken months before the company contacts the complainant. This seems to be the typical response by Malaysian companies these days. YES indeed. — jackson chiang Sexy Carol to flex muscles (May 25) • FIRST of all, I must show some respect to the complainant, Carol Loke, for having the guts to lodge a report regarding the issue she faced, as is rarely done in Malaysia. I would tell both Fitness First and Loke to review their respective actions. Firstly, if Fitness First did not state its dress code guidelines clearly, I see no point in terminating Loke’s membership using excuses such as dress code violation or complaints by other members. Although I find no fault with Loke’s attire, I feel if one has never displayed any unusual or offensive behaviour, there would be no need for others to complain to the management. I also agree that if CCTVs were to be installed in group exercises, it would seem intrusive. I believe many would prefer their workout routines remain private. Loke, if you are in the right, you have the right to fight for for your rights, but is fighting for it worth tarnishing your name? If you are in the wrong, please review your actions while Fitness First should go through their contracts, as well as their terms, to avoid further problems. It is also better to do things professionally and not talk it out with the client at a mamak stall. — New Guy

10 letters&opinions Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011

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Mail: Letters To The Editor, Malay Mail Sdn Bhd, Lot 2A, Jalan 13/2, 46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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CHERAS Alcohol-fuelled violence

Destructive binge drinking THE authorities should declare a battle against alcohol-fuelled violence and launch simultaneous attacks on ''profit-hungry businesses'' that encourage binge drinking. Last week, two of my young friends got involved in a fight in a pub in Cheras that eventually spilled on the streets after a bout of heavy drinking. They were both badly bruised and are recovering in hospital. Both are self-employed and are expected to be out of work for at least a month. Their foolish binge drinking, which is nothing new to them, has, this time, left their families KUALA LUMPUR

in financial difficulties. The incident occurred past 3am when the pub should have been closed two hours earlier. The owner, I am told, keeps the pub open till late to accommodate a good, late crowd. Society has failed to deal with the destructive consequences of the growing binge culture. We as a society have perhaps taken our eye off the ball and the government should consider a tougher restrictions. The binge drinking culture is being driven on by profit-hungry businesses keen to exploit the prevailing determination amongst new generations of young people

1Malaysia concept

Malaysians must come together for peace THE 1Malaysia concept introduced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is an eye-opener and signal for all the different races to unite. In this context, the following should happen: 1. All Malays join Umno 2. All Chinese join MCA 3. All Indians join MIC They will continue to be in the Barisan National (BN). Uniting

the different races in this manner will contribute to a peaceful and stable Malaysia. At the moment, in the name of democracy, many political parties have mushroomed. This has caused so much in-fighting which hampers the peaceful coexistence of all Malaysians. All Malaysians of different religions, races and cultures must unite as one big family to pursue a

common agenda towards peace. Let us not compare ourselves with other countries. Malaysia is Malaysia and we must have our own identity and solve our own set-backs and problems in a large family atmosphere. Malaysia must be unique. So, let us all get together and unite. Unity is strength. Anandh

BEING FRANK Row over Team Malaysia jersey (May 23)

Shameful state THE state of sports here at this moment is such a shame. Aimless bickering, in-fighting and politicking are so common. It is not like our sportsmen and women are tearing up the fields and getting gold medals to even make these fights worthwhile. Now, we are faced with the three stripes issue. In my opinion, if the stripes has been used by the government, then the government should have some rights on the matter, even if it is not registered. At the same time, how can one say they have "patent" rights to a trademark is beyond me. Sporty

Explain please THE "Malaysia Boleh" motto was created to lift the spirits and confidence of the team and fans back in the early 90s.

The sporting administrators have let us down. We make noise, so much noise that everything we say just fades into the background, like an annoying mosquito buzzing around our ears. And then we move on. We forget. We should not forget this episode and should take back our rights as the "rakyat". I love malaysia

Forgetful lot IT makes me wonder how the Sports Minister can allow the entire fiasco to come to this. Is somebody sleeping on the job or is somebody sleeping after a nice deal? Aren't these people tired of making Malaysia a laughing stock in the sporting world? No one can explain why the 'three tiger stripes' design was never trademarked by the government. After all, is it not a national identity? FedUP

to drink until excessively drunk. Kuala Lumpur, for instance, has too many licensed premises and the authorities need to look much more closely at licensing regulations. The pub trade is important and I don't for one moment discount the huge contribution that it makes to our economy and culture. But there is a balance that must be struck between weighing up these interests and the potential impact large drinking establishments can have on the local community. Lam Chee Keong

THE MALAY MAIL-DUTCH LADY HAMPER FOR CHARITY THE best opinion of the week as decided by the editor will win a hamper from Dutch Lady Malaysia for charitable institutions. Readers are encouraged to nominate charities deserving of this gesture. The Malay Mail will deliver the winning hamper.

KUALA LUMPUR Management by fear (May 27)

What goes around ... T H E o p i n i o n o f V. Kannan which appeared in The Malay Mail on May 27 is well-written and thorough about the subject matter. At the moment, I am going through a similar situation. Going to work every morning is a torture because my immediate boss monitors my every move to the extent of me having to ask his permission to visit a client. He belittles me in front of all my peers and his immediate superior during all the meetings and leaves me to be "slaughtered" by his superior without coming to my rescue. But he will defend the other staff. He keeps on saying it is nothing personal but his acts shows otherwise. He prides himself on being a pious person but his actions goes against e ver y te aching in t he Holy Book. To these kinds of people, this is what I would li ke to tel l t hem: t he world is round and one day, all will come back to haunt you. Employee

The Malay Mail Tuesday ● ● 31 MAY, 2011

Malaysians can now enjoy a 50 per cent reduction in fares using the Langkawi Cable Car between 5pm and 7pm during school holidays — Customer service officer, Wildan Sober



Dressing tastefully KUALA LUMPUR

I know what to wear now, says Miera Liyana By CHE'AZ

TEENAGE newcomer Miera Liyana will continue to wear attire designed by Wan Huzairil despite the uproar in local entertainment circles about the "revealing" dress she put on at the recent Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian gala dinner "Wan Huzairil is my favourite designer. He will always be. I'll not hesitate to work with him," said the starlet, also known simply as Miera. At 18, she acknowledged the experience at the gala dinner — where part of her bosom was visible when viewed from the sides — was a wake-up call. "So many things can happen in our life that teaches and changes us to be better persons. I deal with the fact I somehow offended some people with the dress I wore at the gala and I'm

going to make sure it will not happen again. "I am wiser now in determining the right material and how I could style myself in the most glamorous way and yet not be offensive." Miera acted in more than 20 dramas before this controversy. Though not widely known before, the uproar has since shot her up among one of the top most recognised face in local celebrity circles. "To me personally, I see all this as a blessing in disguise. Of course, who would want to be embroiled in controversy? "Still, I believe everything happens for a reason. This is just a one-off thing I need to take on and digest, by not only looking at it as an ugly experience but also as a reason for me to be tougher in this challenging industry."


: @hanimomo on ti n te at Failed ey th s, er ek se are. How old ain? are they, ag

Continuing to defend the designer, she said: "It was not his fault and I don't think he should apologise to the public for the incident. Plus, sexiness is a subjective matter and it was honestly not meant to be like that. "Sometimes we just can't control what happens. We both learned from the mistake and moved forward, leaving unnecessary and unhealthy emotions behind." Having just received her SPM results, she dreams of pursuing her ambition to become a lawyer while still making time for acting and modelling. "My SPM results are good enough for me to read law. But for now, I'd like to take some time to focus on my acting and modelling career. "Encouraged and supported so annoy@nazrahmika: It is they are ink th ey th ing when playing by adorable and cute -dovey ey lov e fak with those words!

IN the United States, there are celebrities who deliberately fake happenings in their private lives to keep themselves in the public eye, including @j er em iah na tu sc @edabunny: Fake clever use of social networking sites h: It' s an absolutely juveni status gets fake like Twitter and Facebook. le way of attention and real This led us to ask our readers ga rn er in g at te nt io n, an d trouble later on whether they agreed that local celeb- using this just shows how when the truth rities tend to toy around and fake in se cu re lo ca l ce le br iti es comes out :P their relationship status on Twitter for really are. more attention. Here's a sampling of the reaction @imshamro ck: Local celebrities are learning from by this writer at @mistycheaz. Some counterpar their US ts. Any publicity is good publicity. In portions of the tweets have been can alway the end, s apologise! :P modified, without altering the intent of the messages.


Ah Gill in catfight with Shao Xiaoshan By LOONG WAI TING

IT SEEMS that wherever Gillian Chung (pic) or Ah Gill (to her fans) goes, the 30-year-old singer-actress is sure to make heads turn in her direction. Exactly three years ago, she made headlines when she was caught in a sex scandal involving bad boy Edison Chen and a few other A-listers, including Cecelia Cheung, the wife of Hong Kong heart-throb Nicholas Tse. Having recently bounced back into the entertainment industry, Chung made heads turn again when she was caught in a heated argument with Chinese mainland actress Shao Xiaoshan over the

latter providing financial aid to a father and daughter from Heilongjiang, China. The matter came to light when the Ren family head said he had only received about 1,000 yuan (RM465) instead of the promised 4,000 yuan. Chung took the matter into her

own hands and openly criticised the actress on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo, mocking her actions. Shao then retaliated by referring to Chung’s earlier sex photo scandal and this resulted in fans of both parties to attack one another online, causing Shao’s Weibo account to be shut down. Chung was recently seen at the launch of Jaz Fresh Lychee, a locally-brewed beer, at 17 Saloon in Sunway Giza with a slightly swollen face as a result from a wisdom tooth being removed prior to the event.

by my mum, I believe I am now heading on the right path to achieve what I want in life." After completing the shoot for a 13-episode romantic comedy tele-drama Jamilah I Love you, Miera is now looking forward to start on her new drama with KL Motion Pictures. "Besides drama and my first film Apokalips by Mamat Khalid, viewers will also get to see me with Zizan Raja Lawak and Dj Nas-T in my next film, Jangan Pandang-Pandang. "It has been a fun experience for me to be given such

good opportunities and I'm looking forward to develop my acting skills by expanding it to Indonesia. Ashraf Sinclair inspires me a lot and who knows, maybe I'd be acting in one of those sinetron (Indonesian drama serials)."

MIERA: Sexiness is a subjective matter


the malay mail

Tuesday 31 May, 2011

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 may, 2011

A girl was stoned to death under Syariah law after finishing seventh in a beauty contest in Ukraine. The 19-year-old was buried in a forest. Three Muslim youths are in custody. — News reports

Khloe fears she may never have children REALITY TV star Khloe Kardashian has admitted she is "freaking out" about her struggle to get pregnant. Khloe and husband Lamar Odom have been trying to conceive for some time and in the final instalment of their show, Khloe & Lamar, she finally crumbles under the pressure following another round of fertility testing. She tells Lamar: "I'm sorry for snapping at you and being on edge lately but I've been freaking out about why I'm not pregnant." -- Daily Mail

'Idol' runnerup turned down twice LOOKS like the producers of America's Got Talent have some explaining to do. Lauren Alaina, who came in second last week on American Idol, has revealed she was turned down, not once but twice by the NBC reality series. The 16-year-old dropped the bombshell on America's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan as they sat on Thursday night at The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, the Daily Mail reports.

Arnie Jr turns to his books PATRICK Schwarzenegger has been burying himself in school work to keep his mind off his parents’ separation and Algebra appears to be on the top of his agenda, the Daily Mail reports. The 17-year-old son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver has admitted he’s on his mother’s side but still loves his father. After finding out that Arnie fathered a secret love-child with their housekeeper of 20 years, Mildred "Patty" Baena, Patrick changed his last name from Schwarzenegger to Shriver on Twitter.




Mladic appeals transfer Lawyer claims he is too ill to be sent to The Hague

BOSNIAN Serb ex-army chief Ratko Mladic (pic) appealed yesterday against his transfer to a UN court where he faces genocide and war crimes charges, after thousands rallied in Belgrade against his arrest. His lawyer Milos Saljic told media he had sent the appeal documents from a Belgrade post office shortly before the end of a three-day deadline. "I filed the appeal," he said, after earlier predicting that it was unlikely to be upheld. "Everything is in the court's hands, whether it will accept it or not. But I fear that this does not depend on the court, but on those who promised a miracle, who wanted him to be

transferred to The Hague as quickly as possible." His lawyer and family argue , the alleged mastermind of the Srebrenica massacre and other atrocities during the 1992-95 Bosnian war, is too ill to be transferred to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) based in The Hague. The appeal is widely expected to be rejected and his transfer to take place in the coming days. In The Hague, the ICTY prosecution said it was considering joining Mladic's trial to that of his wartime political head, Radovan Karadzic. "We are studying all the possibilities," Frederick Swinnen, an adviser to the ICTY's

chief prosecutor Serge Brammertz said. He explained that in the "rules of procedure, there is a possibility of asking for the two cases to be joined." "The prosecutor has not yet taken a decision, and he is studying all the possible options," said Swinnen, adding Brammertz may give more details at a press conference after Mladic's arrival in The Hague. Karadzic, the wartime Bosnian Serb president, and Mladic are accused of the same counts of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed during the 1992-95 Bosnian war. The charges include the Srebrenica massacre of 8,000 Muslim men and boys, the

worst atrocity in Europe since World War II, and the 44-month siege of the city of Sarajevo, during which 10,000 were killed. A Serbian judge ruled Friday that Mladic, 69, is fit to be transferred to the UN court despite pleas from his lawyer and family that he is too ill after a series of strokes and other health problems. Saljic said that Mladic may not even live to see the trial. "I don't think the trial will take place. He will not live to the start of the trial," he said, adding the appeal was a bid "to prolong things a little bit, so the extradition does not take place right away." A spokesman for Serbian war crimes prosecutors, Bruno Vekaric, insisted Mladic



Nigeria probes deadly blasts after president's inauguration NIGERIAN police yesterday probed a series of explosions following President Goodluck Jonathan's inauguration, including bombs that ripped through a crowded beer garden, with about 20 feared dead. The blasts struck four cities, mainly in Nigeria's north, which was hit by post-poll riots last month that killed more than 800 people. Two explosions were in the northern city of Zaria, the hometown of Vice President Namadi Sambo. The most deadly attack occurred in the northern city of Bauchi, where three bomb blasts went off nearly simultaneously at a beer garden inside a military barracks on Sunday night. Bauchi state was among the hardesthit during last month's rioting following the victory by Jonathan, a southern Christian, over his main rival from the mostly Muslim north. Army Chief of Staff Azubuike Ihejirika visited the barracks and a hospital where victims were being treated and said 13 had been killed and 40 wounded in the Bauchi explosions. But one army officer who participated in the rescue told media he estimated at least 20 people were dead and scores wounded. According to Ihejirika, no soldiers were killed, though police and relatives of soldiers were among the victims. No

was healthy enough and said the defence were employing delaying tactics. "We have the doctors' report and we also have our own observations. The problems he has are normal for people of his age who do not pay attention to their health," he said. "This is a defence strategy to delay the procedure. They are trying to present him as demented. He clearly has health problems but this is not a reason from him not to go to The Hague." Serbian authorities have said the time and date of the transfer would be kept a secret. Mladic was arrested Thursday after 16 years on the run. — AFP

arrests had been made, he said. "The dastardly act is directly connected to terrorists," the army chief of staff said, without providing details. There were at least 2,000 people in the "mammy market" when the blasts went off, said the army officer who declined to be named. Such markets, which include beer gardens and eateries, are commonly found at Nigerian barracks and are open to civilians. There was no indication of who was behind the attack. Bauchi is located several hundred kilometres away from the capital Abuja, where Jonathan was sworn in Sunday. An Islamist sect known as Boko Haram, which launched an uprising in 2009 and has been blamed for dozens of killings in the northeast, has also been active in Bauchi. A second deadly incident occurred Sunday in Zuba on the outskirts of Abuja, when an explosion at a beer parlour killed at least two people and wounded 11, according to Yushau Shuaib, spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency. In Zaria, two separate bomb blasts late Sunday and early yesterday wounded four people, including two children. Jonathan was sworn in on Sunday following an election seen as the fairest in nearly two decades. — AFP

TOUGH JOB: President Goodluck Jonathan signing his oath of office during his inauguration in Abuja on Sunday. He has pledged transformation for a divided country hit by deadly post-poll riots. -- AFPpic

Children 'methodically' killed

THE four children of a Frenchman suspected of murdering his entire family were likely drugged with sleeping pills before they were shot dead, a prosecutor said yesterday. Traces of sleeping pills were found in the children's blood, likely used to "facilitate" their execution-style murder, said a statement issued by Nantes prosecutor Xavier Ronsin after drug tests were conducted on the victims. French authorities have issued an arrest warrant for 50-year-old businessman Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes after the bodies of his wife and children, aged 13 to 20, were dug up in the garden of their family home in the western city of Nantes in Brittany. Autopsies showed the victims had been "methodically" shot with a .22 calibre firearm. Wife Agnes 49, daughter Anne, 16, and three sons were apparently shot several times in the head while asleep, around April 3 or 4. Dupont de Ligonnes was last seen on April 15 when he left a budget hotel at Roquebrunesur-Argens in the Var region on France's Mediterranean coast, abandoning one of the family cars in the car park. — AFP



Terrified Imogen on the run SHE'S been tormented for weeks over the super-injunction taken out by Ryan Giggs. And now Imogen Thomas is set to increase her personal security after threats from football fanatics reported The Daily Mirror. The glamour model's latest measure has been to purchase a rape alarm, which she has attached to her key ring. Her mother Jan, 52, says her daughter carries the alarm at all times and is so stressed her hair is falling out. Imogen is said to be terrified Manchester United hooligans will blame her for their side's 3-1 Champions League final defeat by Barcelona. TAIPEI

New tablets debut at IT trade fair TWO electronic firms unveiled new tablet computers in Taipei yesterday, on the eve of Asia's biggest IT trade fair, as they try to get a slice of a lucrative market dominated by Apple's iPad. As thousands of industry delegates prepared for the Computex Taipei fair US firm ViewSonic and Taiwan's Shuttle Inc showed off their latest innovations. ViewSonic, a visual technology firm based in California, introduced what it said is the world's first tablet that is equipped with both Windows 7 and Google's Android platforms. "While iPad users are aimed for entertainment, our new machine has functions more than that," Kai Wang, a ViewSonic product manager, told media. Kai said the ViewPad 10 Pro will be a simple transition for people who are already used to Microsoft's operation system. The new tablet, weighing slightly more than 830 grammes, will hit the Taiwan market in June and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific in July, with a price tag of up to US$799 (RM2,400). IT firm Shuttle Inc from Taipei, meanwhile, showed off its low-priced gadget aimed at the student market. The Shuttle V08 has antidust and waterproof characteristics, weighs only 650 grammes and is slated to cost just US$200. — AFP

France's Christine Lagarde sought yesterday to rally support for her bid to lead the International Monetary Fund, promising on a visit to Brazil to "deepen" reforms at the institution — AFP

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 may, 2011


Modern fairytale TV movie of Will and Kate due to be screened on Hallmark soon

BARELY a month after their fairytale wedding, a new film depicting the budding romance of Prince William and Kate Middleton is being rushed out for television viewers. A mixture of fact and fiction, William and Kate: A Royal Love Story is expected to be released in August on the Hallmark Channel. Director Linda Yellen took some time out from filming at MediaPro Studios in Romania to speak with media. The American was also producer of CBS's The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana in 1982, a film that had a huge audience at the time. William and Kate is more than a romance, it's also "a psychological story of the memory of the mother, in this case Princess Diana, and her legacy," Yellen said. The film shows how William has to choose to live his life with her memory and with the decisions he has to make, including the decision of whom to marry. The couple was married April 29 in a lavish ceremony at Westminster Abbey watched by millions. Filming began in early May and AP Television cameras were given exclusive access to the set.

Yellen, who met Princess Diana three times, called the movie: "A very personal story. In a way, it's my tribute to her as well as a tribute to the young couple." Yellen, whose father died on the first day of shooting the film, said her loss made her better understand some of the scenes where William communicates with his mother in a spiritual way. She wrote the script in two weeks, after she saw William had given Diana's ring to Middleton. "The whole story came to me in that moment," she said. While using real events and words that were told in real life, there are also dialogues she's written and situations she imagined. One such scene depicts William's 21st birthday party, with Kate and William dancing together as Queen Elizabeth II looks on. Guests are dressed in vividly colored African costumes with tables laid for a feast in a large hall with ornate arcades. There are statues of elephants and potted palm trees in the background as Kate and William are having fun and falling in love. British actress Alice St. Clair, who plays Middleton, said the film, is a

ROYAL ACTORS: Dan Amboyer, right, smiles along with Alice St. Clair. The movie William & Kate: A Royal Love Story is being rushed out for television viewers. — APpic

series of snapshots of the relationship between the couple and tracks their developing friendship. She said it shows how William is attracted to Kate, with whom he shares a sense of humour, because she challenges him and is very competitive. American actor Dan Amboyer, who plays William, called the film "a modern fairy tale." Amboyer, who made his debut in the Law and Order series, said: The "script is smart, is fun, there is real wit between them. It's not at all schmaltzy."


Rap genius Gil-Scott Heron dies

LONG before Public Enemy urged the need to Fight the Power, Gil-Scott Heron (pic) was articulating the rage and the disillusionment of the black masses through song and spoken word. Scott-Heron, widely considered one of the godfathers of rap with his piercing social and political prose laid against the backdrop of minimalist percussion, flute and other instrumentation, died on Friday at age 62. His was a life full of groundbreaking, revolutionary music and personal turmoil that included a battle with crack cocaine and stints in jail in his later years. Musician and singer Michael Franti, who also is known for work that has examined racial and social injus-

tices, perhaps summed up the dichotomy of Scott-Heron in a statement Saturday that described him as "a genius and a junkie." Scott-Heron was known for work that reflected the fury of black America in the post-civ-

il rights era and spoke to the social and political disparities in the country. His songs often had incendiary titles, Home is Where the Hatred Is or Whitey on the Moon and through spoken word and song he tapped the frustration of the masses. He came to prominence in the 1970s as black America was grappling with the violent losses of some of its most promising leaders. ScottHeron recorded the song that would make him famous, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, which critiqued mass media, for the album 125th and Lenox. Though he was never a mainstream artist, he was an influential voice. His music was considered to be a precursor of rap and he influenced generations of hiphop artists that would follow. — AP

In the film, the two meet by chance when William bumps into Kate who was carrying laundry. Amboyer said his character learns from her about ordinary things such as cooking a meal or doing the laundry. There are friends, parties, the breakup, the makeup and of course the British royal family. Oscar-nominated Jane Alexander is Queen Elizabeth II, a grandmother pondering whether Kate is right for Will and for the throne. — AP


Singer Sean Kingston in ICU after crash HIP-HOP singer Sean Kingston (pic) has been stabilised and moved to the intensive care unit at a hospital after crashing his watercraft into a Miami Beach bridge, his publicist said yesterday. The publicist, Joseph Carozza, said Kingston's family is grateful for everyone's prayers and support. Kingston and a female passenger were injured when the watercraft hit the Palm Island Bridge around 6pm local time on Sunday, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Jorge Pino said. The Miami Herald reports that a passing boater saw the accident and took the two on board his vessel. Both were hospitalised early yesterday at Ryder Trauma Center, but Pino said he

didn't know their conditions. Authorities are investigating the crash, and nothing indicates that alcohol played a role, Pino said. Kingston rose to fame with his 2007 hit Beautiful Girls and was also featured on songs by artists including Justin Bieber. His self-titled debut album sold over one million copies worldwide. On Twitter, Bieber posted a message of support for Kingston. "Got my friend Sean Kingston in my prayers tonight," Bieber tweeted early yesterday. "A true friend and big bro. Please keep him in your prayers tonight as well." In a 2007 interview with The Associated Press, Kingston described his music as a fusion of reggae, pop, rap and R&B. — AP

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011


Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany could serve as a global trailblazer with its decision yesterday to phase out nuclear power by 2022 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; AFP

Killer cucumbers claim 14 lives

Virulent e-coli bacteria in vegetables sickens 1,200 people in Europe GERMANY yesterday held crisis talks amid reports at least 14 people have died and hundreds are ill in an outbreak of a highly virulent strain of bacteria found on imported cucumbers. Belgium and Russia banned the import of vegetables from Spain, believed to be the source of some contaminated cucumbers. Madrid shot back saying it would seek financial compensation from the European Union for lost sales. More than two weeks after the food poisoning outbreak was first reported in northern Germany, the number of confirmed and suspected cases

has reached 1,200, according to media reports. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Germany's national disease institute, said three deaths have been officially linked to the bacteria, but about a dozen people have died according to regional authorities. These authorities later yesterday announced two more deaths: a woman of 50 and a man of 75, bringing the toll to at least 14. T h e Sto ck hol m - b a s e d European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has described the outbreak of the strain of E. coli as "one of the largest worldwide and

the largest ever reported in Germany". Authorities in Germany warned against eating raw vegetables after traces of the bacteria were found on organic cucumbers from Spain last week. But officials said they are unsure what caused the sudden outbreak of enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) which can result in fullblown haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS), a disease that causes bloody diarrhoea and serious liver damage and possible death. The outbreak has hit countries including Britain, Denmark, Sweden and the

Netherlands, but most these cases appear to involve people who had recently travelled to or from Germany. "Normally we see about 1,000 cases per year, but we've now had some 1,200 cases in just 10 days," Jan Galle, director of the Luedenscheid clinic in western Germany, told ZDF public television. "And we know this time the EHEC strain is especially virulent and resistant, and has led to a very high number of HUS" cases. RKI has reported 329 confirmed HUS cases nationwide. German Consumer Affairs Minister Ilse Aigner held emergency talks with Health

Minister Daniel Bahr and regional state representatives, telling reporters the crisis has "taken a European dimension". Burger said the source of the contamination had not been identified. Last week a study had shown all those affected had eaten significantly aboveaverage amounts of tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. Many German supermarkets and shops removed all Spanish-grown vegetables from their shelves. Doctors remained unsure how to treat the disease which can result in total kidney failure. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; AFP




Russia's rulers no fashion icons THE government ordered the removal yesterday of mysterious posters put up around central Moscow showing Russia's ruling tandem posing in matching tennis shorts. Several posters with the logo of the upmarket department store TsUM were posted close to the store in central Moscow yesterday. The posters showed President Dmitry Medvedev holding a tennis racket, while Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is empty-handed and looking slightly pained. Their pristine outfits have monograms "M" and "P" on the chests. The posters are stylised as ads for the department store's spring/ summer campaign. The Russian government ordered Moscow city hall to remove the posters, Putin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov called the posters "clearly commercial" and "bordering on hooliganism." The department store denied any connection to the posters. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; AFP

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By THE MM ENTERTAINMENT AND LIFESTYLE TEAM CONFUSION reigns over just what Hari Seniman Negara is all about, as artistes pleaded igno-


Artists Day or Hari lack of support and appreciation for the government initiative to recognise their contributions, the community were quick to respond to Rais’ barbs. Indeed, much of the frustration felt by artistes are under-

rance and apathy over what was supposed to be their big day. After Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim (pic, far right) lashed out at the artiste community Sunday over the


help us internationally. It’s hard to be labelled unappreciative when we never heard of Artists Day before. It’s hard to feel appreciative when there is nothing 'valid' to feel about.”

“I wasn't aware of it, but it’s my fault for not being in touch with this. Perhaps I should've taken the initiative to find out more about our government's incentives and support for the local industry. Now I know. It’s great to see that our government recognises the potential of the creative industry locally and I as an artiste couldn't be more touched and I believe a lot of other entertainers share the same sentiment.”


“No, I have never heard of Artists Day until now. I mean all this is new to me. None of my artiste friends actually mention anything like this. I’m not sure what the Minister means, but I’m sure artistes understand and accept what the government is trying to do for us."


“No, I haven’t heard of this RM100 million artiste support fund. However, I don’t think I’ll ever even get a sniff of it because independent artistes like myself have been self-financing all the way. It would be good if I

had a dip in it but it probably will go to those that have their 'contacts' with the proper channels. I’ve never heard of Artists Day before. As a musician, we’ve given up hope on getting support from government or whatever parties for support to continue on my passion and livelihood. I don’t feel anything,

standable as the media has long pointed out the weaknesses in the organisation of Hari Seniman Negara, which also apparently is referred to as National Artists Day. The christening of the day

aside, even the date of inception of Hari Seniman Negara is ‘unknown’. Bernama reported that May 29 was chosen as ‘Artists Day’ which was introduced in 2005, with the date to coincide with the day of

they can do to achieve success on their own, and it is not right to be offended for something we never knew existed. Like the Artists Day, I’ve never heard about the RM100 million assistance from the government. If it is something to do to help us musicians with our endeavours, then it is good to know.”

was given for artiste assistance.”


I mean I helped put Ipoh on the map in my Ipoh Mali song, but I got nothing in the end. It’s time to move forward.“


“Being a dedicated musician for so long, I didn’t know that there is a day like the Artists Day. Artistes are busy doing whatever

“I’ve never heard of it, nor have I heard of the RM100 million fund either. There are no proper guidelines as to how to go about it, how do we even qualify for it or whether the fund can be used locally or could


“I had no idea there was anything like an Artists Day. While those who don’t know about this may be ignorant, the government should also play their part to spread the message. There is nothing on Twitter or in the papers either. I have heard about the RM100 million fund but haven’t heard about anyone who has actually got financial help. There is nothing concrete about it, it’s just in the air.”


"Okay, here is the weird thing about this... I am a lifetime member of Seniman, but I didn't know about the celebration. Even I myself wonder what's going on. It is totally outrageous if the 'new' people in the association could not contact me because all of them have mobile numbers. In fact some of them are on my Facebook friends list. There are so many ways to contact me but nope, there wasn't even one text message keeping me updated on whatever event they are planning to do. I was involved with an event last year, when I opened it with my narration. As for this year, I'm not really sure what happened. I wasn't invited and I could not just gate crash, right? I don't know how they promote or publicise the event. As for the younger generation, it's either they really don't know or they just simply don't care. I really have no idea."


“I do not know anything about it and I am not involved so I cannot comment. Also, I am not aware of the RM100 million that

"I know it's the day when we lost our great Tan Sri P. Ramlee, but not more than that. Now that I know that it is also declared Artists Day, I honestly think it's a brilliant idea and will make sure to jot it down in my calendar! I applaud the government's effort to hold such big day for us. I am overwhelmed and excited to know that we now get an official day! I will not put the blame on anyone for the ignorance. Basically, if it's all out there, it's a matter of how much we care to keep us in the loop. It will still be pointless if there are posters hanging everywhere, but we still couldn't be bothered to look at it."


“If there is such a day, more publicity should be given to it and we should support it as it benefits everyone but I am not aware of Artists Day so I really can't say much. As for the RM100 million assistance, I think the Creative Industry Fund is what is being referred to. If it is, yes, I have heard of it. It is for people in the entertainment industry to tap into. I heard it is not being utilised as much as the government would like and they are encouraging artistes to make use of it.”


“First of all, I don't even know that there is such a thing as Artists Day. I understand it's supposed to be a day to pay tribute

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011

Seniman? the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee’s passing. Another daily quoted Rais as saying the celebrations had begun in 2006, while another report stated in late 2007 that Hari Seniman Negara would begin in 2008 after it was decided by then

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in a cabinet meeting. Everything seems to be unclear. In one report, Rais lamented the fact that the entertainment fraternity should be more appreaciative espe-

cially when the government has pumped some RM100 million in a special fund to assist. Another report stated the figure at RM200 million from the Creative Industry Fund. So which is which? The month-long celebrations

incorporate various activities, which began with ‘An Evening With The Artistes’ launched by Rais on Sunday. Here are some of the thoughts shared by the entertainment fraternity over Rais’ outburst.

for the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee, but I do not see a point of picking one day to just look back, and focusing on looking forward to our next journey. Whether we should have an Artists Day or not, it's totally subjective. As for me, I never really see myself as an artiste anyway, so I don't really see the significance of it. On the other hand, I can't deny it is a great effort by our government in dedicating a special day for all of us. With such a huge undertaking, the event should have used the right medium that could promote and publicise it. I mean, if I didn't know about this whole thing from the beginning, obviously the promotion and publicity department is not working, is it?”

shown that he cares about our culture, our music and our film industry, hence why the government held the Artists Day and allocated the RM200 million budget for the creative industry to make use of. Something has to be done because it’s nice to have this kind of recognition and appreciation by the government. Maybe next time, a few steps must be made. First, ensure that the date is fixed so people will remember, treat it like the National Day, Labour Day or Mother’s Day. Then, make it an ‘off day’, not for the public, but for those who are involved in the creative industry, if not the whole day, make it a half-day off, so the artistes who are working that day can also attend. The government should also engaged the newspaper, TV, radio to announce the event, at least a week early so these artistes can plan their activities to accommodate Artists Day. Let’s hope that the artistes too can look at the event positively and beneficially. This can be a meeting ground and a place to promote themselves and work together. Let’s look beyond and not ask for money to guarantee attendance.”


conditions are not up to par as it should be for our growing industry. As for the funding, I honestly do not even know how to go about utilising it. Where do I get the funds? How do I get the assistance? We are now sitting at the lowest rank of the food chain in the industry. Yes, perhaps producers know more about it instead of us artistes. Most funding probably is made available to assist producers more... what about us real working artistes? We do somewhat appreciate the efforts of


“It’s unfair to blame the artistes entirely as most are not aware that it was happening on May 29. Even I got the invitation late. I don’t blame Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim for being upset either, because he is a passionate man and throughout, he has

“Not all the young artistes don't appreciate the day, it’s just that some of us have other commitments that day that limit our involvement in the activities. May 29 was supposed to be announced as an off day for the artistes, right? Honestly, I was not aware of the Artists Day, where and when it was supposed to be held. Who was responsible to announce the news?”


"I think I have heard about it but I am not too sure. Personally, it sounds rather funny to me. Artistes don't need a dedicated day. All we really need is a real working environment conducive for all artistes and the audience. Having a day dedicated to us does not change the fact that our work


“I never even knew there was an Artists Day. What does it mean anyway? Maybe I’m not considered an artiste so that’s why I wasn’t invited. Artistes don’t want to disrespect the government and vice versa. This is a perfect example how artistes and the government need to communicate better and work together. There’s a RM100 million assistance fund? Where can I apply? That is awesome. Like the saying goes, artistes ‘suffer for their art’, many artistes are struggling to make money while expressing their creativity.”

the Ministry to create avenues for the development of our industry but it doesn't seem to be reaching us actors. Besides, we are appreciative, but it need not be us having to say it out loud."


“There is no point in pointing fingers. If I didn’t know that there was going to be an Artists Day, and I didn’t get any invitation, how am I supposed to attend? If I knew, I’d definitely have alerted my friends. Who wouldn’t want to support a day dedicated for them? Please also consider us as we have tight schedules to follow, we don’t have office hours and our working hours don’t end when


the night falls. So if there’s a big event such as this then alert the whole industry so everyone, including the production crew members know and can attend. I think there should be an improvement in their marketing strategy and promotion to highlight the event. It’s a shame really as I think this is a great event where everyone in the industry can mingle and share their stories and experiences.”


"It’s a shame that the artistes didn’t take this event seriously. The government took the trouble to honour them with this gathering. Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim was right to feel upset because he had done so much in helping the artistes that need it with functions, donations, funds and many more, but many popular artistes don’t seemed to bother and only the veterans came to show their support. It’s time I think that these artistes open their eyes and see what the government is doing for them. It’s sad that even the recipients of government assistance also didn’t come and support the event. I know it’s a bit of a short notice, some were even notified a day before, but they should take the trouble, just drop everything and attend. The production people, producers, should give a day off for that one special day. This is their chance to get their voices heard. I mean, they have so many issues like royalties, payment, their music being downloaded free online and many more. It’s sad that they didn’t see the opportunity they had with the event.”


The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 may, 2011

Chopping spree! We scour the Klang Valley to find the most mouthwatering chicken chop dishes you simply must try IT’S probably the most underrated dishes you can find on the menu, really. The humble chicken chop — a slab of juicy boneless chicken meat, covered with thick sauce and

garnished with vegetables and potatoes — may not sound very Malaysian, but it’s only abundantly found here in our restaurants under the ‘western’ menu. We’ve taken it upon

ourselves to search high and low around the valley for the most delicious and unique dish, and here are our recommendations. Next week, we’ll be doing

dim sum. You probably have places you think we should check out or mention — please tweet your recommendation to @mistycheaz with directions to the place!

Almost close to perfection Established way back in 1921 and boasting an expertise in steak, it turns out that Coliseum Cafe can also extend their bragging rights with their delectable offering of chicken chop. Priced at

RM19.90, Coliseum’s Hainanese-styled poultry dish wouldn’t likely be graded ‘A’ for affordability, but you won’t be disappointed the moment you taste it. It’s a typical affair; the decent amount of battered chicken served with French fries and spinach on the side, with

Introducing additional new menu Robot Sushi has now added an additional menu to their wide range of delectable fusion Japanese food. Now there are more delicious sushi, hand rolls, makimono, appetizers and sashimi for you to choose from. A must try is the Sashimi On Ice, a mixed of seafood rest on a bed of crushed ice. Just as how the sashimi lovers like it, Robot Sushi prepares the seafood clean, fresh and chilled. The new additions of single sushi rolls and makimono are perfect for those who want variety on top of the main course selections. Before having the main course though, pick and choose from 11 appetizers to sink your teeth into, but the chef would highly recommend the Salmon Head Miso Soup with Soba or Udon. It is cooked with real salmon head, giving the dish a truly wholesome taste. Visit www.robotsushi. or Robot Sushi Malaysia Facebook Fan Page to find out about latest promotions.

your choice of sauce, provides a filling main course. The one tried was served with brown sauce that complemented the dish well. The chicken itself was enjoyable, slightly crispy on the outside, with tender juiciness on the inside. The side dishes were fine too, with the French fries being standard goodness while the spinach provided a savoury, light munch. All in all, it’s a conventional helping of good old chicken chop, but one that tastes darn good. The restaurant in Coliseum Cafe & Hotel, situated along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman is open 10am to 10pm daily. Contact 03-26926270 for more information. — By JEREMY TAN

For the health junkie USUALLY when one imagines chicken chop, it’s often thought as chicken coated in breadcrumbs, deep fried and topped with mushroom gravy — but not everyone is into such fat-laden meal. If you are a fan of chicken chop and want to have a healthier, juicier version of the delectable dish, try out the grilled chicken chop at Silverspoons, The Strand, Kota Damansara. The juicy chicken — grilled to perfection — is

served with a healthy side dish of mixed veggies and mash potatoes. Unlike the 'usual' chicken chop with poured mushroom gravy, this grilled version is served with black pepper sauce on the side, leaving the customer to gauge how much gravy he wants with his chicken. This 'healthier' chicken chop is not only scrumptious but is only reasonably priced. — By EENA HOUZYAMA

Real saucy and worth a second visit The chicken is first fried until crispy and yet, the inside is as soft as warm butter. For those who have been asking, yes, this is what a true blue Hainanese chicken chop should look like. Why? Simple! Hainanese-style chicken chop is laden with loads of sauce and then topped with assorted vegetables. Oh, not to forget big chunks of fried potatoes, replacing the

traditional French fries and of course, grilled tomatoes. A little too salty for this reviewer's liking, but still packs a pretty good punch. This place definitely deserves a second visit. Satisfy your cravings at Sin Kee Restaurant, No. 194, Jalan Tun Sambanthan. Call 03-22741842 for more information. — By LOONG WAI TING

Tropical paradise Vivo, a nifty little restaurant specialising in Panini and pizza, serves a helluva good choice of chicken chop. Refusing to just serve the expected, Vivo decided to add their own zing to the regular dish. The one this writer tried was special, not just in the way it looked. The Vivo Tropical BBQ Chicken Chop comes with a couple of pineapple slices, putting a little sweet

and tangy taste to the dish. The barbecue taste wasn’t overwhelming, being just a nice accompaniment to the tender chicken texture. The satisfying meal comes with fries and a nice dollop of coleslaw, and goes extremely well with fruit juices and detoxifying drinks like Tropical Sunrise. The Tropical BBQ Chicken Chop costs just RM15.90, and

if you order on weekdays you can get a free bowl of mushroom soup worth RM4.20. Also available are Teriyaki Chicken Chop, in addition to the more regular mushroom sauce and black pepper versions. You can choose from four Vivo outlets in Berjaya Times Square, Tropicana City Mall, Jusco Bukit Tinggi and The Curve. — By SHUHAIDAH SAHARANI

lifestyle 19

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011

A moment with Lenovo Z470 By Loong Wai Ting IN recent months, the market has been flooded with a range of laptops — all arriving in different styles and functions to suit the consumers’ needs and lifestyle. While consumers are being spoilt for choice, there are at least some facts that one should check before surrendering to the urge of paying for a laptop, to only regret the decision later. Now, if you must look for a new laptop, which emphasise more on performance, why not check out the new Lenovo Z470? To be honest, the Z series from Lenovo is 'the' laptop to die for — literally. The reason is pretty simple. If you happened to prefer performance over size (like this reviewer), the Z470 is one

model worth checking out. To begin with, speed is what the Z series is all about. A 'getting-there' photographer, naturally this reviewer would have plenty of photos to be loaded into the machine before beginning the arduous journey of touching up the photos. With the built-in one-touch Windows Live Photo Gallery, a tedious process which normally takes around an hour is done all under 30 minutes. Not only that, if you’re looking for a machine which could perform faster than you can make a cup of coffee, the Z470 has got what it takes to beat your cuppa java. The Z series owes its fast performance to the latest Intel processor — the Intel Core i5. The second generation Intel Core i5 Processor definitely lives up to its reputation for being the fastest and most stable processor since its predecessor. And of course, with such powerful processor, expect your PC's programmes to load twice as fast. Speaking of speed performance, what’s putting the Lenovo Z series a step above its competitors is that the machine takes only about 48 seconds to start up, which is about 20 seconds faster than

any normal laptop would take. It is hard to find any glaring flaw on the 14-inch notebook. Weighing at only 2.2 kg, it’s barely a weight-lifting process for most people. Small, compact and extremely light weight, this model is equally suitable for ladies as well as guys, who want something stylish yet affordable. What’s really cool about the whole look and feel is the cool transparent cover. Well, underneath the transparent cover are little pyramids that sort of pops up in a 3-D like design. And when you flip open the cover, the first thing you’ll notice is the cool design of the keyboard. Instead of the more traditional design — where all the numbers and alphabets stick closely together — it is designed in a way that there are little gaps separating each letters and function keys. It’s great when the manufacturer utilises this brilliant idea to separate the keys for precision typing and comfort. Yes, that’s like bidding adieu to typo errors and accidentally typing the same letter twice. Housing the stylish

keyboard is a thin metal plate that is cooling to the touch, especially when you’re in an air-conditioned room. When it comes to the Z series, every button and design is made with a purpose. This reviewer loves how the metal plate serves its purpose in cooling down sweaty palms as a result from acute typing, other than just directing the eyes to its pleasing reflective design. Moving on, the battery life is worth mentioning for its outstanding performance. If you’re always on the move, you can always count on this battery life. Performing with a six-cell battery, the notebook can last up to five hours of non-stop performance, even if you’re playing your favourite CD in the background as well. For entertainment junkie, the Z series has more to offer. The sound emitted from its pair of Dolby Advanced Audio speakers is crisp and the quality is simply stunning. The notebook boosts richer audio as compared to its previous predecessors and the sound quality is

Stub it out! Thousands of Malaysian smokers who are trying desperately, but unsuccessfully to quit smoking, now have a companion to their will power. Pfizer, a leading global pharmaceutical company, is introducing the first sociallyengaged smoking cessation website in Malaysia, www. , which aims to help people who want to quit smoking. Launched in conjunction with World No Tobacco Day, the website takes a fresh approach to smoking cessation. The content and applications on the website are designed to help, rather than scare, people to quit. is for those who have a strong desire to quit smoking but face difficulties in controlling their tobacco consumption. There is a volume of evidence that suggests people try to quit smoking up to seven times, before they finally quit.

Medical professionals have long agreed that the desire to quit may be strong, but the process itself is challenging on psychological and physiological grounds. The website aims to give help to those who have already made up their minds about quitting or those who want to help their friends or family, quit. “As a leader in healthcare, Pfizer is committed to providing up to date health solutions to medical professionals and consumers. Smoking is a preventable disease that is a significant contributor to many other diseases, including cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases and cancer. “We recognise that many smokers really want to stop smoking, but find it difficult to do so. Our aim with is to help. We invite everyone who wants to quit smoking, or who is helping someone else quit to visit You will

further enhanced with the SRS Premium Sound. Indeed, the notebook is built for both entertainment and performance. All Lenovo’s Z series comes with second generation Intel Core processor, with Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and the Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7 — so do expect smooth performance. Watching movies on this notebook is not a problem, and

with its 16:9 format widescreen, it’s almost like having your own private cinema wherever you go. Priced at RM2,499, the Lenovo Z470 is a bargain that you wouldn’t want to miss. User-friendly, fast, reliable performance and sturdy design — this is one helluva notebook that is worth checking out and if you’re planning to buy one, it is advisable to lay your hands on it as fast as you can.

Features and Specifications • Intel Core i5-2410M Processor with Turbo boost technology (2.3GHz, 3MB Cache) • 1 GB Dedicated Nvidia Geforce GT Graphics Card • 14-inch HD display with resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels • Based on Intel latest Sandy Bridge processors • 4Gb DDR3-1333 MHz RAM • 500GB (7200 RPM) Hard Drive • Dual Layer DVD Writer

• 5-in-1 Memory Card Reader (SD/SD Pro/MMC/ MS Pro/XD) • Wireless LAN 802.11n • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet • HDMI, RJ-45, VGA,MIC, Headphone and 4 x USB 2.0 ports • 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Port • Accutype Keyboard with Muti-Touch Touchpad • 2MP Webcam with Mic • Stereo Speakers • 6 Cell Lithium-Ion battery • 1-Year Warranty

Sling angry

find realistic and practical solutions that will empower you to take steps that will result in smoking cessation,” said Dr Kamlanathan, medical advisor for Pfizer (Malaysia). Global Epidemic Tobacco use and its effect on health lead to millions of deaths worldwide. The World Health Organization estimates that over five million people die of smoking or smoking related diseases each year. The Third National Health

and Morbidity Survey under the Ministry of Health, states that there were almost three million smokers in Malaysia in 2006 and is expected to increase to 4.6 million by 2025. “Tobacco consumption is a growing epidemic. It is the only legal product as far as I know that harms and even kills up to one in every two of its consumers” said Datuk Dr Khoo Kah Lin, president of Action on Smoking & Health (ASH) and past president of Malaysian Medical Association.

This June 11, get ready to sling some wingless birds to kill pigs at Low Yat Plaza! If you have no clue what that meant, then you’re not one of the millions of people hooked on Angry Birds, a game where the player basically hurls fat birds across the field to destroy some helpless pigs who steal their eggs. Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile. Inspired primarily by a sketch of funny but well, angry — wingless birds, the game was first released for Apple's iOS in December 2009. The company then designed versions for other touchscreen-based smartphones, such as those using the Android operating system, among others. In the game, players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the pigs on the playfield. As players

advance through the game, new birds appear, some with special abilities that can be activated by the player. Its popularity led to versions of Angry Birds being created for personal computers and gaming consoles, a market for merchandise featuring its characters and even longterm plans for a feature film or television series. With a combined 200 million downloads across all platforms, the game has been considered the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far. This June 11, join many others to tell the world how much you love Angry Birds. Join the attempt to get in the Guinness Book of World Records by having the biggest mass Angry Birds mobile phone game ever, and also stand to win great Nokia prizes! Go to for more info and to register.

20 lifestyle

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 may, 2011

A corporate world after all

By anu venugopal POLITICAL downfalls can lead to interesting turn of events, judging from Datuk Affifuddin Omar’s latest stint. The former deputy finance minister from 1994 to 1998 was once known for his vociferous opinions in the political scene. He was dropped off the elections list in 1999 after he voiced out his opinion against the then deputy prime minister Datuk Anwar Ibrahim’s sacking. “When reporters asked me what I would do after that, I said that I would write books. However, it took me a while before I started writing in 2009,” Affifuddin said. He wasted no time once he started writing and Dendam is his seventh novel since 2009. Originally named Dilektika

(dialectics), the story revolves around the life of a corporate man who goes through the ups and downs of business life while avenging his tortured father’s tormentor. “It is not political. It is about Khalil Gibran, a son seeking revenge on behalf of his father while he tries to make a life out of being a businessman,” he added. Affifuddin’s latest book got the attention of author, filmmaker and now publisher Amir Muhammad, who launched his publishing company Buku Fixi (fiction books) last month. Focusing on urban and contemporary novels, the new company launched three novels at the Kuala Lumpur Book Festival recently.

“He sent in the synopsis and the first two chapters and I knew that it would be a juicy and shocking novel,” said Amir. Written in what the author

describe as “classical style“, the book was edited to give it an extra zing to make it more urban and contemporary, in line with Buku Fixi’s objective.

When reporters asked me what I would do after that, I said that I would write books. However, it took me a while before I started writing in 2009. — Datuk Affifuddin Omar

With themes of kidnapping and money laundering, the book looks to be a work of fiction based on real events the author has witnessed throughout his life. At the launch of the book at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club last week, many of Affifuddin’s family and friends showed support for the passionate author. His penchant for writing and his book was evident in his speech, where he also read from his book. Holding a myriad of positions under his belt, including as an agronomist at the Department of Agriculture and consultant expert to the World Bank, Affifuddin has written 27 articles, including seven that has been published in international journals such as the Rural Sociology and Economist. He is currently working on his English novel. “It took me one and a half months to write the book. I wrote it with long hand and

asked my secretary to type it out as I don’t use computers much,” added Afiffuddin, who is a strong believer of Hegel’s philosophy. The result of his labours is Dendam, along with previous books Kougar, Pecah and Cekik which could be in the running to be turned into a movie by Primeworks Studios. Next in line for release are novels Kasino (Saifullizan Tahir) and Ngeri by Gina Yap. Buku Fixi is on the lookout for more novels at 60,000 words with a modern edge in the lines of ‘pulp’, ‘noir‘ and ‘thriller ‘ with the usage of slang. To purchase the titles online, visit www. fixi.

Kindle puts you ahead of the pack AT a book expo recently,'s Kindle is seen as the clear, if not dominant player in the growing e-market. Barnes & Noble's Nook was considered a pleasant surprise and Apple's iPad an underachiever. "They had a respectable launch, but we think Apple can do better," Penguin Group (USA) CEO David Shanks said recently during BookExpo America. "They still haven't moved their e-books into their iTunes store, and they can have a much better search capability in their iBookstore." "The iPad offers so many audio visual applications that reading is not given as much priority as it is in dedicated (reading only) devices like the Nook and Kindle," said literary agent Richard Curtis. More than 20 million iPads and iPad 2s have been sold over the past year, and the iBookstore is

also available on more than 160 million additional devices through the iPhone and iPod. But publishers and agents say Apple is not yet the balance to for which they had hoped. They estimate that Apple sales are around 10 per

cent of the e-market, far behind the believed 60 per cent to 65 per cent for Amazon. Publishers and agents say ebooks are at least 15 per cent to 20 per cent of overall sales, more than double from just a year ago. Apple spokesman Jason Roth declined to comment on any specific criticisms, but did say that the iBookstore had over 150,000 titles — an Amazon spokesman said the Kindle store has more than 950,000 — and that more than 100 million books had been downloaded worldwide through the iBookstore. He would not say how many were downloads of free books. Selections at the iBookstore were greatly improved this year when Random House Inc., publisher of Stieg Larsson and

John Grisham, among others, agreed to sell through Apple after resolving differences over pricing. Brian Murray, CEO of HarperCollins Publishers, said iBookstore sales were "a little smaller than expected," but he praised the iPad as a multimedia breakthrough that enabled publishers to sell epicture books and "enhanced" e-books that include video and sound. "There are certainly areas for improvement, as there are with every book retailer and device," he said.

"But the promise of having another platform where books can be discovered is still true today. The potential is enormous." A strong No. 2 to Amazon has emerged, but it's Barnes & Noble, which launched the Nook late in 2009 to skepticism about everything from the name 'Nook' to the design. David Pogue in The New York Times had mocked the Nook's "half-baked software" and called the device "an anesthetised slug." But Barnes & Noble has worked to improve the Nook

and to offer different types, including a touch screen version announced recently. The company promoted the Nook relentlessly through its superstores and now has around 25 per cent of e-sales, publishers say. David Young, CEO of the Hachette Book Group, said the Nook's success had "frankly astounded" him. Random House CEO Markus Dohle acknowledged he was initially "worried a bit" about the Nook, but praised Barnes & Noble for its "extraordinary accomplishment." — AP

Amazon says e-book sales surpass printed books Inc said that, after less than four years of selling electronic books, it's now selling more of them than printed books. The online retailer said that since April 1, it has sold 105 e-books for every 100 printed books, including printed books for which there is no electronic edition. The comparison excludes

free e-books, which would tip the scales further if they were included. Printed books include both hardcover and paperback books. Amazon said in July that e-book sales had outstripped hardcover sales. It's now selling three times as many e-books as it did a year ago. Analysts estimate that

Amazon accounts for about two-thirds of US e-book sales. Amazon also said the latest and cheapest version of its Kindle e-book reading device is the best seller of the line, five weeks after it was introduced. The Kindle with Special Offers costs US$114 (RM344), and shows ads in standby mode. — AP

What’sUp PETALING JAYA: Fabulousity Charity Night – Shake, Rattle & Roll

This charity party is in aid for Rumah Hope. It will be held at Pool Side Cove, Sunway Lagoon Club on June 10, from 7.30pm to 10.30pm. Brought to you by students of Diploma in Events Management, Sunway University, the event serves an 11-course buffet meal, exciting door gifts from Lancôme and performances as well as games with prizes from A Cut Above, Celebrity Fitness and adidas Golf. Ministry of Sound is giving out free passes to their party after the event. Contact 0123691992 (Shanice) or 0173014520 (PC) for ticket purchase.

KUALA LUMPUR: Superheroes Fanfest 2011

This school holiday, join the Fahrenheit88 Superheroes Fanfest 2011 which is currently on until June 5 where you can meet your fictional heroes from X-Men, Green Lantern and also Transformers. There will be Cosplay competition, movie trivias, games, blockbuster movie showcases and many prizes. Contact 03-21485488 for enquiries or visit http://www.

CYBERJAYA: Photography


lifestyle 21

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 may, 2011


Discover a new way of seeing life in Malaysia’s premier cybercity through the lens of a camera by taking part in the Cyberjaya Photography Contest organised by Cyberview Sdn Bhd from now until June 15. The theme of the contest is 'A Zest of Life in Cyberjaya' and contestants stand to win RM3,500, RM2,000 and RM1,500 in cash for first, second and third places respectively, along with a certificate. Five consolation prizes of RM200 will also be offered to winners. For more info, email rozi.hanum@ or visit www.

Dream on! It's a good thing By anu venugopal Title: Even a Moron with a Dream… Author: Pathman Senathirajah Publisher: Rythm House Publishing Ratings: 5/10 AS the title suggests, morons do have dreams. If the dreams include stepping out of the corporate world of conventional jobs into a place where you are the boss, then this book is for

KUALA LUMPUR: Intensive Children's & Teenager's Theatre Programme

Talented kids from seven to 17 are encouraged to join in the programme happening at KLPac, Sentul Park, from now until June 8, at 10am to 12pm. The course fee are RM250 and registration fee is RM50 for age seven until 12, while a RM270 course fee and RM50 registration fee applies for 13- to 17-yearolds. Those who attend can experience acting, dancing and performing with some of KL's popular directors and choreographers. Visit for enquiries and details.


you. Entrepreneur and managing director of The V, Pathman starts off with his definition of moron — average people who go to work, go home, stop smiling sincerely and maybe even have a secret fantasy of killing their boss. He also shares his own story of how he was once a moron, one with a dream and a whole lot of faith. With that, he pursued his dream and is now a successful entrepreneur who has made his dreams a reality.

A selfless rescue effort Title: Little Princes Author: Conor Grennan Publisher: Harper Collins Ratings: 6/10 Child trafficking is not alien in Asia. We hear about it a lot and while many of us just see it on TV in documentaries, one man actually put himself in danger, risked his life to try and help end this corrupt business in Nepal. Little Princes is a true story by Grennan, an American, who stumbled upon a brochure looking for volunteers to work at an orphanage in Nepal. This single man, having had no experience with kids, took on the challenge and ended up falling in love with the children. As Grennan was about to leave Nepal, he learned that the children were actually not orphans and had families but they were taken away from their homes by child traffickers. At that moment, Grennan decided to risk it all to reunite

The book is written in a style that is casual yet provoking. At times Pathman seems like a teacher, at other times a confidant. His lessons and insights about relationships, overcoming challenges and changing perceptions open the mind to the bigger picture. Interestingly, there is no conclusion in the book, as he gives the readers a chance to decide on it on their own. A good book to read if you are planning to start your business or dreaming of a being the boss.

Better ending for princess Title: Untold Story Author: Monica Ali Publisher: Transworld: Publishers Ltd Ratings: 3/10

these kids with their parents. It’s a moving tale — a sad one at that to know that these innocent children had become victims unknowingly and missed out on love from their parents because of the country’s corrupt business. A good read for people who have empathy for innocent children and for those who are interested in heart-wrenching real life scenarios. — By DOMINAH


living quite comfortably in midwestern US, in a town named Kensington. However, a face from her past shows up and that makes her rethink her whole new identity. While certain parts are interesting, some of the exposition is a bit messy. The ending? Well, it's touching and lovely. — By siti

THIS book might bring you back to The Uncommon Reader, written by Alan Bennett. Reading Untold Story might be a joy if you like Princess Diana and wishes that she is alive. If you did read The Uncommon Reader, you might wonder what Diana would be doing if she were alive. Where would she live? Would she be happy with WIlliam's marriage? Would she have told WIlliam to marry a commoner? In this book, Monica Ali turns Diana into a sympathetic but flawed and believable character. A different scenario is also painted. Diana faked her death while swimming off the coast of Brazil and now 10 years later, she is


MPH Best-Seller LIST Non-fiction 1.


how to play Sudoku X is a simple variation of Sudoku with the only difference being the squares in white (which make up the numeral X) need to tally from 1 to 9 along with the remaining coloured squares.

A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive: 101 Inspirational Stories about Counting Your Blessings and Having a Positive Attitude by




Make Yourself Unforgettable: How to Become the Person Everyone Remembers and No One Can Resist by Dale Carnegie Training How to Get Things Done: Organize Your Life and Achieve the Results You Want by Ann Jackman


Hospital Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones 8. The Power by Rhonda Byrne 9. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua 10. The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddharta Mukherjee

Fiction 1. Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella 2. Something Borrowed (Movie Tie-In) by Emily Giffin

Local Author


Yesterday'S solution


Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Amy Newmark Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going by Han Fook Kwang, et al When a Billion Chinese Jump: How China Will Save Mankind-or Destroy It by Jonathan Watts



A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad Legacy of Honour: Dato's Ja'afar Mohamed; Dato' Onn Ja'afar; Tun Hussien Onn by Zainah Anwar Pasport Muhammad Rasulullah by Mohd Khalil

3. Room by Emma Donoghue 4. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks 5. Any Man of Mine by Rachel


5. 6.

Haji Nordin 101 Rekreasi Hati: Buat Diri Ku yang Mudah Lupa by Dr Zahazan Mohamed; Nik Wafdi Nik Jaafar Allah is Calling by Zainudin Hashim Nota Jutawan, Nota Kewangan: Jadikan Kewangan Mandiri

Gibson 6. Big Girl by Danielle Steel 7. The Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Moyes 8. The Ice Princess by Camilla


Matlamat Utama Anda! (Dapatkan Teknik Urus Wang Secara Bijak!) by Irfan Khairi Aku Terima Nikahnya: Titipan Erti Sebenar Perkahwinan Medan Memberi yang Paling Mulia (Kompilasi Best-Seller 3 dalam 1) (Kemudi Rumah

• Weekly list compiled by MPH Bookstores, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur;

Lackberg 9. One Day (Movie Tie In) by David Nicholls 10. The Tennis Party by Madeleine Wickham Tangga) by Hasrizal Abdul Jamil 8. Terapi Patah Hati by Salahudin Abdul Razak, Rusyi Ramli Al-Jauhari 9. A Map of Trengganu by Awang Goneng 10. Greater KL : The Rise Of Bukit Bintang (Part 1) by Ho Chin Soon



the malay mail

Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011

Readers can also look out for classified ads ONLINE as early as 9.00a.m at


Houses wanted


Car for sale


Car for sale


Vehicles for hire


Financing/insurance service


Fashion/health & beauty


Fashion/health & beauty


Fashion/health & beauty OUTDOOR / INCALL MSSG by local Indian girls. 2 1/2 mile Jln Ipoh. 016-679 7786 / 016- 642 3786 Kajal.

GOOD PRICES OFFERED for land / houses and Apt in Shah Alam, PJ & KL. Quick sale. Owners TEL / SMS 019228 6666

CHERY EASTAR ES MPV 2.0L.Now with sunroof,free gps and more gifts for May 2011 customer!unbeatable price!call to believe! Terry Nyap 016-812 5671.

NISSAN MURANO 2005, C.C 2.5, One owner, Imported model, RM 119,500.00. Call Mr.Jacky Yip: 012-280 6363


ALL MODELS CAR Van & MPV, Toyota Alphard, Wish, BMW, Naza Ria, Kia Spectra, Vios, Waja & Perdana V6 etc. Reasonable price. Free delivery. Tel: 019-599 9973 / 012-2532 566 Roadster Travel (KPL/LN 3540)

Houses to let

CAR LOAN Refinancing,Maintain name/ NCB. Blacklisted individual are qualified to apply & purchase. Aerowatts Auto S/B (678070-M) Tel:03-6185 8982, 012-308 3528

AAAAA QUEENS SPA Male and female masseurs, out call service available. Private & Cosy. Call: 03-9057 1336/ 016646 9891 www.klqueensland. com

OUT DOOR/ HOTEL Full Body massage by young Chinese, Indo, Thai girls. Call: 016-245 1749

YASSH BEAUTY Academy @ Bdr Permaisuri C’ras, our new shop@ Brickfields, “Fluer D’lyn” unisex salon. 012-360 5734 / 016-380 1297


Maids available/wanted


Personal messages

BUNGALOW HOUSE IN Ampang for rent. Approximately 6,600sf. Unfurnished, 6 Rooms + 6 Bath. Call: 03-2118 8201

GOOD NEWS !!! Great promotion. Immediate stock , Fast approval. High trade in. Low d/ payment. Free body kit & sport rim for Forte. All new Sorento ready stock. Sportage, Citra RS, Rondo, Picanto, Pregio. Call: 03-4256 5556 Ampang

PROTON MAC 2.58% Saga FL 37k, d/p 0 9yrs RM398 Pesona 46k, d/p 0 9 yrs RM498 Exora 58k, d/p 0 9 yrs RM 608 - Exchange old car get 6K. SALARY RM1200 aprv. - GOV, BLACKLIST Aprv. Student welcome - loan 140% -Trade in accpt. face book: rejalfaaisproton 013-679 9967

ALL NEW CARS/ MPV available for rental. We are also looking for vehicles under 5 years for long term lease (pajak) Call: 012-241 7736

TRADITIONAL MASSAGE AROMA Therapy. 2/7 Bnd. Puteri Puchong. Call: Bella 010509 2004, Maria 012-243 0553, Julia 012-508 4930, Ruby: 016677 1226, Angel 017-311 4544, Shasha 017-623 0609 & Rose 010-520 5292

AKS BEAUTY CENTRE INDIAN Traditional Hot stone oil massage. Come Experience our exciting services. Call: 037984 3077 for appointment.

SAUNA D’ HOME BEAUTY and Health care. Agent required. 019-735 5295 www. 2011 Great Promotion!



Fashion/health & beauty M33


Office/office building to let KLANA CENTRE POINT Office unit, 8th flr, 1195s/f, carpeted, a.con, partly furnish. Call: 032093 3606

Home services/renovations


Apartments to let CASAVISTA CONDO. 17, JALAN KAPAS, BANGSAR. 1288sf with 1 c/park Amazing view and location. pool, gym, tennis court. 4 mins wlk to bsc, quiet, 2 mins to shuttle to KL Sentral. rent - RM 2700-2900 Tel : 011- 1632 6448/ 012- 248 6006

IF YOU NEED immediate house maid Malay/ Indian/ Chinese, b/ sitters, Stay in/ p. time cleaners. 03-22741043/ 016-3666 139

Commercial vehicles for sale

HYUNDAI PROMOTION !!! Sonata, Tucson, Santa Fe, Starex, Avante, i30, Accent, Getz, i10. Special discount. Super high trade in (any car). Low d/p & interest. Easy loan approval. Mystery gift. Beautiful plate no. Fast delivery. Excellent customer service. HQ 012-381 0737

ALL TYPE OF VEHICLE, MPV, Sedan, 4x4. Wedding cars and tourism buses also available. Kindly contact Sai at 014-329 3607, 014-326 1395, 03-7982 0131 (off).

EURO RENT (KKKP4225) New fleet of Proton cars, MPV & vans. Long/ short term rentals. Corporate/ expats. Credit card accepted. Call Fabian: 03-7877 1834/5, 012-238 1769. www.

Vehicles for hire

ONE DAY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY for cars / Mpv manual/ auto. Expat welcome . Fast delivery. Call: 017-638 1954 CARS REQUIRED

THAI MASSAGE Jln Tun Razak, near Pasar Pudu Wisma Indah, Interested please call: Erna 016-963 6465

Home repairs/maintenance

3 HERBALS (Radix Eurycoma, Ginseng & Maca Root) To reestablish sexual performance & General health. 013-354 3369/ 012 3026568

CUSTOMIZE HAIRPIECE / Toupee / Wig - RM1,700 only. More info : Call: 019-3118916 , 03- 9274 7857

TRADITIONAL MASSAGE Newly Opened in Damansara .Call Sandra,Nancy, or Fifi, Cindy.Tel: 012-258 1334 ( Just Relax Massage Centre )

REPAIR ON THE SPOT., Air cond, fridge, water heater, & w/machine. 24hrs & 7 days operation. Call: Syed 017-388 3154


Home furniture/furnishing

99 MASSAGE & SPA (1452468-W). Massage done by young girls. Release your tensions. Tel: 014-2288 921

LORRY AVAILABLE IN Six variantsNKR-(4500KG), NPR-(5000KG) Trade -in accepted. Call: 012-333 1189 / 019-329 2222


ALL NEW MODELS. Stk available. Attractive promotion. Stock 2011 Fast delivery. Full loan. Free gifts. 012-326 9849, 012-6961 552

BLUE ROSE AROMAS 24A, Lrg Ara Kiri 2, Lucky Gdn Bangsar.Therapist local Indian g i r l s. P r i va t e & c o s y. 1 1 a m 11pm. Ms Meera 03-20945542/ 016-2056003

(NEW) INOKOM & HINO Special promotion, free body. Call:012-3211 453/ 0123225334

‘0’ DEPOSIT ALL PROTON Models, no license can buy, 100% loan for gov. & private staff, int from 3.0%, loan fast approval, high trade in. Meet at your place. Free smart tag, touch n go, full fuel, steering lock, tinted. Open everyday.Mr Lim 012-214 0207 MITSUBISHI ALL new models. Fast loan & fast delivery, (Triton max loan accpt), Grandis, Pajero, Lancer, ASX, Sport back. Good trade in, Attractive promotion, good deal in town. All models stock available. 24 hrs in call. Oscar Tan 012-388 5897

WOOD STAIRCASE, FLOOR, Timber, Pergoda, Furniture, Kitchen Cabinet, Chengal, Balau, Merbau. Call: 019-669 0029 Darwin.


CHEAPEST RATE Car rental in KL. Many types of Cars & MPV. (Pajak- accepted) Call for booking: 012-987 7756

Car for sale

STRAWBERRY MASSAGE (1452468-W) Massage done by young girls. Relax & release tensions. Out call Tel: 0111229 2872

0 AARON MASSAGE Services (1606620-V) by Female. Privacy assured. Out call service available. +6012393 0136

(NEW) HICOM, High discount, high trade in, cheapest in town. Call: 016-248 8363 / 012-676 3609.


MERCEDES 280S. Year 1999/04. F/S & M/R 95% original & tip top condition. Best Price RM 98000. Interested call Mr. Wong 019-276 4549

AROMA TRADITIONAL Massage by local Indian girl. Relaxing for male. 1pm -11pm. Appointment DIVYA 014-6315 227 (002010495-XX)

A FULL GLAMOUR Massage (001711965-V) by female. 234,Tmn Maluri, 55100 KL. Call: Stella 017-2555 844

LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT PERSON TO BUY MEN & WOMEN HEALTH PRODUCTS? Tongkat Ali Ginseng, Pearl Collagen Miracle etc? Want to gain & retain vitality & vigor? Call En.Zaini (free delivery): 012232 7577

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Coaching. Take control of your weight. For 1st Free session sms name to 016 2366 381

7 STAR MASSAGE by young female. Relaxing out call / hotel. 016-375 2233, 012-340 3399.

SPECIALIST IN REPAIR cushion sofa, curtains, car seat & new sofa, in Jalan Kuchai Lama. Tel: 012- 313 0778 / 037981 1898


Home electrical appliances A FULL BODY MASSAGE Course RM 250 with certificate. Student massage RM20 per hour. Master Jerry Jo 013-322 3188

ASX. MIT TRITON. PAJERO Sport, Lancer & Grandis. Trade in accepted . Call: 012-977 6961 HARUN

NISSAN ALL NEW Models Promotion. Full loan. Debit cash RM3k - 10K. 100% ready stock with impuls earo kit. Leader seats, tinted. Guarantee 1 week delivery. High trade in. 24 hrs approval. Door to door service. Call: Junson 016-6666 132

AROMA ASIAN Massage. For outdoor only. With Promotion price. Interested please Call Julie: 016-293 1051 A DAILY, WEEKLY, MTLY. RM50-RM300. All types of cars. MPV, Van & 4 x 4. Call: ARI 016-683 2111 / BEN 016901 2276

AA MASSAGE: By young female. Rest and relax. Just call: 017-296 3930/ 017-296 3068

MAN MUST TRY!!! Increase Erection & Long lasting. No side effects & Non-addictive, Malaysian Made. Man 0192222 503

OUTCALL TRADITIONAL MASSAGE, pre / post natal,body Scrub for men / women by experienced masseur. Call: Mira 013-336 3160

QUALITY USED & New a/cond for sale 1-20 HP.Trade in used Air Cond. Also service, repair & reposition of a/c. 012-229 2289 /03-4295 2133


Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011 M394

Home electrical appliances


Business opportunities


Tour & travel




Articles wanted







A/C, ASTRO, Install/remove &repair, TV, TV8, wiring, tel, w/ heater, plumbing, w/ machine, fridge.Call: 017-345 6618 Ah Seng

DEPATCH CUM DRIVER Required. Able to speak English. Valid driving license (D) Familiar with Klang Velley area. Call: Juley 012-516 6635



OWN A COMPUTER, put it to work, Part/ full time income RM1000 - RM8000 . Training provided. SMS 012-4444 033

1 CLICK to change your life. Want to know more? Go to VIDEO to DVD Conversion. Video filming & Photography Svs. 03-4041 6850 / 6277 4991 / HP 012-235 5190.



EARN RM5K / MONTH or more as EXTRA INCOME without selling! YES! WITHOUT SELLING! Unbelievable? BELIEVE IT! SMS BB/name/ age/location to 013-277 8625 for details. Bumiputera only!

KEMENTERIAN KEWANGAN MOF Registration, Bumi status. Call: 03-40434000 / 019-3840000. www.Ready

EXECUTIVE DIPLOMA RM3000. BBA, MBA, PHD, US University. Home study, no MQA. Call: 016-672 4995 / 032718 0901 MQA APPROVED accountancy (ACCT) & Mgt (FT / PT) RM 400 p/m - PTPTN & EPF claimable. Call: 03-6092 5254 / / SMS: 012- 656 1160.



3D/4D JACKPOT Evergreen Nos. (M/P/T) Each RM69.90 No Boxing SMS name & add 016903 2961

TOY POODLE for sale. RM550 to RM750. view Call : 0122495424 www.puppiesglobe. ASTROLOGER. VERY ACCURATE Predictions on your life / career & relationships. In times of uncertainties, you need answer, not excuses. RM150 net for a 2 hours consultation at your place anywhere in KL/PJ. Can travel to meet you. Date, time & place of birth are important. Personally handwritten work, not computerized reports. Call experienced Astrologer Jyotisha Ravi at 016-970 0001 for an appointment now. Act now before it is too late.

PERSONAL CONSULTANTS & Courses on Numerology of Phythagoras Theoram by Master Kriss. Yoga class available. Pls call 019-288 9112.


PART TIME/ FULL TIME 1. Promoters (KL,Balakong, PJ) 2. Hamper Packers. We also sell ribbons, organzas and hamper baskets. Agents are welcome to call: 012 337 3310/ 03-6277 7248

CHECK OUR NEW arrival (2000 pcs each branch). Latest fashion of dresses, blouses, shirts, jeans & pants (all sizes). In big varieties & best price in town, available here. Hurry up while stock last. Lot 142, Ground Floor, Ampang Park Shopping Centre, Jalan Ampang, 50450 KualaLumpur Malaysia. Lot 222 1st floor, Ampang park shopping Centre, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Lot 2.28 2nd Floor, The, Mall. Jalan Putra, 50350 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: 03-4044 8091. Samad 017-696 4657

UNIFORM FACTORY at Cheras, we make all types of uniform. Call: William 016-338 3670 Agents are welcome

AN ESTABLISHED Logistics Company urgently required General Clerk & Drivers with GDL. Interested candidates kindly call 03-5638 9533


WE HAVE more than 1 Million Malaysia Updated Email & Phone List to Boost Up Your Business.10,000 Email List for RM200 & 1,000 Phone List for RM200. This Month Promotion: Free Email Blasting Marketing Software + Training. Call Mr Goh :012-2392775 or Mr Yap :012-2168427

MUSLIM COMPANY Secretary New & Shelf Co. ROC, MOF Bumi Kem. Kewangan Call: 0340410000 / 0162860000

MAMYPOKO/ HUGGIES/ MAMAN, Korea/ USA/ Europe. Direct from factory! Packing 80 pcs. From RM28 SMS: 012624 9699 Ms Lim

CUPID’S TOUCH high success rate genuine clientele. 0321426118 / 21421118 / 016650 1118 www.cupidstouch.

AGE 21 TO 69- Ladies seek P&C male fried. Free for ladies & girls. M2M, L2L, CPL2CPL. Alan 019-696 9379

PLSG ONLINE RM50.00 The Mark of The Great Man. Mobile Agent Wanted. Hotline HQ: 012-758 5800 www.

SWEET LADIES Available for close friendship w/without commitment. (free/ladies).Mr. Eddy 017-670 5258 (624468-V)

03-7947 2288



MALAY TRADITIONAL CLOTHES Supplier for adults & children s. Wholesale price. Retailers needed. Call: 019603 7908

ACCOUNTS, AUDIT ,TAX, Secretarial, MOF & Register co..Door steps service. Lembah Klang.03-5511 5922 / 03-4107 8457 Sainy. Visit www.mhmfirm. com


WE BUY GOLD, White Gold Diamond, Branded watches, Pawn Bills. LG041, BB Plaza, KL. 2145 2800, 017-236 7888.

ADMIN CLERK/DISPATCH Wanted. Minimum SPM. Age < 25yrs. Possesses driving license, own transport & hand phone (For Despatch). Malaysian. Fluent in English & BM. Interested? Call: 016-308 4747

Business Services SECRETS OF WINNING top prizes in any 4D games is revealed. 4D training skills and prediction services for only top prizes winning numbers for MAGNUM, TOTO and KUDA is available now. Call Mr.Vincent @ 012-670 7182

FULL COLOR, 260gsm, art card with matt. Lamination. Other printing services are also available. Call Mr. Rahman H/P 016-3275477 or email /

SALES GIRLS WANTED, 16 above, N0 87 Jln Petaling St. BILBERRY FASHION 012323 1286 / 03-2032 1286 Kok/ Chew

Articles for sale


CO FORMATION RM1,400. Work permit, shelf co., rep. of office, MOF, close down, secretarial & audit. Call: 012696 3631. CREATE PROGRAM MLM / Affiliate For your own Products, or your own Website for your MLM Group that you joint. You can set levels of members from 0 - Unlimited Level, Website Replica, E-Wallet, System Matrix, System REF Sponsor Randomizer / AutoFill / Admin. Promotion price: RM 950. (Including Hosting + Domain + Design). Normal price : RM 1500 â “ RM 5000. Www. WangLebat.Com. 016 - 323 5658 / 013 - 3058445. AIDA

BUY / SELL / PAWN Note book, hand phone new/old 70% digital camera.03-42517755 / 012-3388688 Peter. 208 Plaza Ampang City, KL


Business for sale

MQA/ JPA recognised MBA programme.Credit transfer and exemptions acceptable.P/T weekends.EPF withdrawable. Shree 0126561160 UNLEASH THE MUSIC INSIDE YOU. Classes for-guitars, drums, saxophones, keyboards, Piano, violin.Call 03- 7873 6388.

SIBERIAN HUSKY for sale. RM1200 to RM1300. Call :012249 5424



BUSINESS FOR SALE at Pantai Hill Park. Hair Saloon & Beauty Centre. Regular customer. Good location. Neg. Tel: 010-4389700.

SBP (UK) - Society of Business Practitioners offers internationally recognized Diplomas. Upgrade yourself for promotions and salary increment. Weekend classes at Mâ ™ Sian Approved Study Centre (Reg:M/242/2/11). SMS <name> SEND TO 33310

ONLY RM800. To take up 5 Days/ 4Nights Travel Packages. India, Phuket, Bali, Philippines/ more. Call: 010-218 9198 or 017-641 5062

DO YOU speak English? Work from Home or Office. P / T 1K - 8K / Mth. SMS: 012-940 5754 Mr. Rob Or eastasia

INVEST US$10+ or US$100+ earn monthly income RM5000 ++ plus many benefits. Tel: 016314 7242/ 010-210 1649

PROVEN & TESTED: Over 9,215 people won 4D in a week! Last 2 days for those who want to take the 1 hour 4D Training Prediction Course, to win this week coaching by the Professional Author and Physics Maths Expert at our Training Center at Pusat Kajian Fizik Sains, Sunway. Call: 019329 4728 Mr. Yap or 012-239 2775 Mr. Goh to book now. Get this new 4D Formula book title: Rahsia Menang Lottery 4D Akhirnya Terbongkar. Click to see

the malay mail

UP TO 5000 pcs of latest designs Carpets (in all sizes) are now on SALE! Hurry! While stock lasts. Lot 106, Ground Floor, Ampang Park Shopping Center, Jalan Ampang. 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. Tel / fax : (603)- 2166 4584

URGENTLY REQUIRED Call Centre Operations, Managers, Team Leaders, Telemarketers & Marketing Executives (Outdoor). Pls call 03-4257 5000 to setup for an interview or send in your resume to

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Kad Kahwin & Banner Manufacturer in PUDU (near time square) needed Graphic Designer. 18 - 30 years old. Full - Time positions. Call Ms. Chin 03-2145 5459 or walk in interview at 24, Jalan Nyonya, Off Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply. Further info at web: www.

IMMEDIATE VACANCY FOR CREDIT RECOVERY/ Field Visit officers/ Age below 37. Min SPM. Male / female. Indoor / outdoor. With / Without experience. Urgently required in Tmn Shamelin, Cheras. Good basic salary + high commision. Call Ms.Yatie 03-9285 0500. IMMEDIATE VACANCY For pharmacies and Lab Technology at International Pharmacy. Call: 016-244 9689/ 019-642 8899 IMMEDIATE VACANCY. Wanted female general clerk with SPM qualification. Computer literacy. 5 day per week at Segambut, Sri Sinar. Interested call Mr. Lim 019-275 3585

ACCOUNTS CLERK able to handle full set of accounts with knowledge in payroll (knowledge in UBS preferred). 2) HR Exec with UBS payroll knowledge. 3) Admin cum Sales Clerk with experiences on shipping documentations. Vacancies are available at Balakong, pls contact Ms Yap 019-655 6018, Rose 016-269 2369 or email to

RECEPTIONISTS, BELLMAN. Walk in interview: Cardogan Hotel, 64 Jln Bukit Bintang, KL. 03-2144 6722 / 016-682 0316

ADMIN COORDINATORS vacancies for Admin Coordinators, min 1 yr working experience, good interpersonal & communication skill, good salary + allowance, preferably Chinese & staying nearby Old Klang Road, KL. Interested candidate pls call Ms Yani / Sara - 03-7981 8166 / 019-273 1989 or email your resume to:

BISTRO BAR AT DAMANSARA requires: Cashier. (Salary RM 1100++). Preferably Malaysian female. Interested, call Julie at 014-262 6300 CLERK NEEDED IN SERI KEMBANGANInvoicing / Inventory Control- Knowledge in UBS System. Call: 03-8944 2107 C O N V E Y A N C I N G & CORPORATE CONVEYANCING Lawyer required. 4-5 years experience. Able to work independently. Matured and self-motivated. Call 03-2093 3131 or email to COUNTER SALES, Accounts Executive, Technician, Sales Executive, Inventory & Lorry Driver. 019-601 1000 / 03-4048 1000 / 4042 4688

OPENING POSITIONS for Legal Editors (PT / FT), Marketing Execs, IT Execs & Admin Execs. Please call 010895 5621 or send resume to

GOOD FEET Recruiting Sales Promoter - Puchong IOI mall / Cheras Leisure mall - Position: Promoter / Outlet In charge - Provide 1 month training with basic salary (1k++) After training according to ability will add on benefit e.g (personal commission / total sales / +basic) - Prefer age 21 above Basic English / Chinese / Malay. For more info call 03-9133 5633 (office) 012-646 2561 (William)

ACCOUNTING FIRM at Jalan Klang Lama have vacancies for: 1)Account Assistant. Required Min CAT/Diploma In Accounting/ LCCI Knowledge of UBS software & MS office 2) Admin Assistant. Please sent resume to: Fax: 03-7987 5200 Email: my

AUDIT/ ACCOUNT assistants needed. Call: 03-2070 0443 / 5. Send your resume & application to or Fax: 03-2070 2945. Salary up to RM2500

AS PART OF Our Diversity & Inclusion work culture, we would like to extend opportunities for experienced retirees and housewives to work in our reputable organization in the areas of finance & accounting; payroll services; and IS. Diploma and/ or Certificate holders are also encouraged to apply. Call Maimunnah at 03-224 69728 for an interview appointment

DES PATCH BOY Part time. Wanted at Pandan Indah. Must have own Motobike/ license. Familiar with Klang Valley. 0166923 025

CREDIT RECOVERY OFFICERS wanted at Klana Jaya. School leavers or fresh graduate encourage to apply. Interested call: 016-2070 228 John

LEGAL FIRM IN KL required experience Banking Litigation Clerk urgently.Good remuneration. Call: 012-2514 297


SECURITY GUARDS Needed at Kuala Lumpur area, Age 20 - 50 years. EPF, SOCSO, Medical, Insurance & Hostel Provided. Contact Chandran 012-376 0640, Ithnin 012-376 0527, 03-2282 7055 & 2282 7044

SECURITY GUARDS/ Officers needed at Kelana Jaya area, Age 20 - 50 years. EPF, SOCSO, Medical, Insurance & Hostel Provided. Contact Chandran 012-376 0640, Ithnin 012-376 0527, 03-2282 7055

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TM UNIFI Outdoor Sales Agent needed full time. Own transport for outdoor sales activities. High commission, target bonus training provided. Call Kenny 013-779 6178

WORKSHOP ASSISTANT Manager needed by established workshop at jln Kelang Lama. Salary up to RM3500. Socso & EPF provided. 3 yrs experience in car workshop preferred. Can work with min supervision with technical & computer knowledge. Call Mr. Lai 012225 1559 / 03-7987 1288 or send resume to cmychai@


Jobs wanted RECOVERY OFFICERS Supervisor/ Manager needed. Attractive basic salary, commission and performance bonus provided. Located near the Pudu LRT station. (walking distance) Call: 03-9195 5551 @ 5552 or E-mail gtr@galatrack. com SALES EXECUTIVE wanted. Start immediately with/without experience. Training provided. Own car. Based near Bandar Utama. Age 21 to 40. Malaysian only. Earn RM3k-6K. Contact Jimmy 017-252 9802



URGENTLY NEEDED MALAY Receptionist and Traditional therapist for a health center in Kajang. Call 012-907 3796





the malay mail

Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011


































Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011 M580










the malay mail M580







26 sports

We now have a bigger pool of players to select in order to represent the country â&#x20AC;&#x201D; National bowling coach Holloway Cheah on the keglers' performances at the Malaysian International Open

A great workout Bukit Jalil

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 may, 2011


Train with some of the best wall-bashers FANCY mastering the art of squash from our national players? Look no further as the Azlan Iskandar Squash Academy offers the opportunity to train with some of the best players in the country. While Azlan keeps himself busy with tournaments all over the world, the academy is managed by former international Nafzahizam Adnan. "However, the training modules are created by both Azlan and I. So the players will be able to learn the right tactics from the best," said Nafzahizam. Budding squash players will train at the National Squash Centre in Bukit Jalil. For group sessions of 12, the charge per person is RM200 while for personal training, it is RM60 an hour. "We had quite a number of players since we started a couple of months ago. We offer good rates and we provide quality equipment. So all you have to bring is your



OnTheCourts with Haresh Deol

sports attire." Nafzahizam also goes down to the courts to coach. "We have about 200 players at the moment. It's very promising when we see so many people serious about the sport. Our goal is to promote the sport and help unearth more talent." There is also an outlet that sells squash equipment at the centre. "Everything is nearby. You can get the stringing done here and there are restaurants within walking distance. The centre is also accessible because of the LRT. "The key ingredient to becoming a good player is to get proper coaching. There's no point spending so much of time and money when you are not being taught right.

Selvarajoo says Selangor will retain titles By VIJHAY VICK

"Once a player picks up bad habits, it will be dificult to change. "But basically, if you have

SHOWING THE ROPES: Azlan (right) giving some pointers to students from Akademi Fantasia â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Pix: ARIF KARTONO

already played another racquet game, then squash should be easy. This is great workout," he added.

For more information, contact Nafzahizam at 0123903472 or email at

Azlan Iskandar Squash Academy Rates Group: 12 sessions (3 months) RM200 Individual: RM60 an hour Venue: National Squash Centre, Bukit Jalil (behind Putra Stadium) Contact: Nafzahizam Adnan (012-3903472) / sportsspin.

Hectic schedule ahead for Azlan AZLAN ISKANDAR is no stranger to the international squash scene. Currently ranked world No. 10, Azlan will be leaving for London as he trains there before returning to KL for the Malaysian Open in July. "It just gets hectic after this. Right after the Malaysia Open, I'll be playing in a string of tournaments including the

Australian Open (August) and the World Open (October)," said Azlan. "I'll also be playing for the first time in an exhibition match in Dubai in September. I'm pretty excited about it." Despite his busy schedule, Azlan initiated his lifelong dream of setting up the Azlan Iskandar Squash Academy two months ago.

However, this is only the beginning. "The squash academy is only the first step as I want to promote the sport aggressively. This is my way of giving back to the sport and I hope my academy will complement the good work done by the government and the Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia (SRAM)." An ambassador for the Sports

Ministry at the gathering of one million youths at Putrajaya over the weekend, the Kuchingborn lad had the opportunity to "coach" several Akademi Fantasia contestants in Bukit Jalil last week. "It was fun. It was all done in good spirit. It was a good way to promote the sport among the masses." Now Azlan plans to write a

book for beginners. "It's still being worked out. I need to sit down and go through the contents before compiling it in the right order. It's going to be friendly for all ages," he added. So what is Azlan's advice to those wishing to pick up squash? "Read my book!" he replied in jest.

SELANGOR coac h S. Selvarajoo (pic) is confident they will equal, if not better, their achievements in the 2011 FT Games. The tennis contingent won gold medals in women's team and mixed doubles. "We should win women's doubles and retain the women's team event," said Selvarajoo. "It is also possible to win any of the other five gold medals. With Sarawak not competing, the threat will come from Negri Sembilan and KL." The former national coach added they have not decided on the team, though they have an idea who the 10 players should be. The entries for the individual events will be decided after the team event. Selangor had never named a team captain before but that too may change this year. Selvarajoo, who has been coaching Selangor since 1996, was met during the team's training session yesterday. THE TEAM Men -- Muhd Zaki Pauzi, Joshua Jordan, Juan Antonio Los Santos, Colin Wong, Haninfah Mohd Rahizam. Women -- T. Neesha, S. Theiviya, Adelle Boey, Alyssa Boey and Archnaah Rajan.

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011

It was tough to take. Second place is no fun and I am sure Lee (Westwood) is feeling that right now — world No. 1 Luke Donald after his win at Wentworth


I am legend


TEEING off: Bolt takes part in a game of golf yesterday prior to his upcoming Golden Spike athletics meeting — AFPpic


Bolt focusses on defending world, Olympic titles

COMING off a narrow victory in his anticipated return to the track last week, Usain Bolt is now fully focussed on retaining his world and Olympic titles that he says would make him a legend. Bolt is scheduled to run the 100m race at the 50th edition of the Golden Spike meet today as he prepares himself for the Aug 27-Sept 4 world championships in Daegu, South Korea. "It's very important to me, these two coming years are going to make me a legend," the three-time Olympic champion said. "I'll be working hard, I'll be trying to get back into form the rest of the season. I'm really focused and I'm ready to work hard." The Jamaican will compete for the fifth time at the Ostrava meet, which is part of the new IAAF World Chal-

lenge series, and for a second time in the 100m event. He won in a wind-assisted 9.77 seconds in 2009. "Competion-wise, I am feeling better and confident after my last race. I'm ready to run as fast as possible," Bolt said. Bolt said he aimed at posting a quicker time than the 9.91s he managed at the Golden Gala meet in Rome, when he just beat former record-holder Asafa Powell. "I'll definitely want to go faster this race. Now, I'm really much much more relaxed, much much more focussed," Bolt said. Bolt had not competed since he was beaten by Tyson Gay in Stockholm last August, snapping the Jamaican's two-year unbeaten streak. He then ended his season because of back and Achilles' tendon problems.

"It was just a really bad race," Bolt said. "I'd never been nervous for about four years, It was something new for me. I got through it and that's the most important for me. Now, I'm ready to move on." At the Golden Spike, Bolt will face fellow Jamaican Steve Mullings, who holds this year's best time of 9.89s. "Steve Mullings has been improving over the years," Bolt said. "He's a very talented athlete and I'm really looking forward to it. It should be a great race." Bolt has broken the 100m record three times, the last time in 9.58s at the 2009 worlds in Berlin. He also holds the 200m world record and won the 300m at last year's event in 30.97s. However, rainy conditions prevented him from challenging the mark of 30.85s set in


Selangor looking to live up to favourites tag By HUSSEIN SHAHARUDDIN

THE Selangor women's futsal team have been relentless in their preparations for Sukma which starts on Thursday. Like their men's team, the women are also seeded No. 1. They are in the same group as Perlis, Sarawak and favourites Kuala Lumpur. Selangor coach Mohammad Zadri Adil is very optimistic that his girls would progress to the next round. "KL are a strong team

with many players in the national league. But we too have players of calibre," said Mohammad Zadri. "I mean no disrespect to Perlis and Sarawak but we should qualify along with KL for the second stage." The coach revealed they had a bunch of very skilful players and that has made the task of getting them to play as a team easier. They played several friendly matches, the latest being a

2-0 defeat of Negri Sembilan two days ago. " T he pu r p o s e of ou r friendly games is not to see how many goals we can score but rather to test our defence. The defenders passed with flying colours given that they didn't concede a single goal," said deputy team captain Nurul Aishah. The Selangor team train every weekday and will play their final friendly against Armed Forces tomorrow.


Final stages of preparation By g. prakash

WITH two days left before the games begin, S elangor's c ycling team are coming round the corner for the home stretch. Coach Mahazir Hamad said his riders have shown exemplar y dedication during training while remaining focused on the task at hand. He has been working on speed and e ndu r anc e for t he p ast few days.

" We a r e at a c r i t i c a l stage. We are well prepared and our target is achievable," he said. S elangor want to win the first gold of the cycling events. He reckons they are strong in the te am pu rsu it and te am sprint categories. Mahazir pointed out the first day of the competition will be key as there are always upsets during the qualifying rounds.

"The riders will be in their best shape on the first day of the competition and winning the qualifying rounds will boost the confidence level of our cyclists." Selangor intend to win no less than two golds. "Most of our riders are f ro m t h e s a m e s c h o o l , SMK Section 11, a sports school in Shah Alam. They are a solid bunch," Mahazir added.

2000 by Michael Johnson in Pretoria, South Africa. Bolt is committed to several European meets this summer, including events in Oslo, Monaco and Paris, before defending his 100m and 200m world titles in Daegu. Double-amputee runner Oscar Pistorius of South Africa will make his Golden Spike debut as part of his efforts to qualify for the worlds and the 2012 London Olympics. To make his dream come true, Pistorius needs to clock a personal-best 45.25s in the 400m. "I believe I've taken my training to another level," said Pistorius, who ran 45.61s in South Africa in March, adding that he hopes "to run under 46s tomorrow night, and just to enjoy the race and get as much experience as possible." — AP LONDON: GOLF

Young Manassero maturing fast

HOT Italian prospect Matteo Manassero wears a hat with the German word for children emblazoned on it but the 18-year-old is showing a growing maturity that could one day lift him to the top of world golf. Described as "irritatingly young" by world No. 2 Lee Westwood when the teenager tied for the lead after 54 holes of the PGA Championship at Wentworth on Saturday, Manassero slipped down the field to end up tied seventh with a closing 75. "It wasn't the finish I wanted but it ended up being a great experience which will help me in the future," the world No. 30 said. "I have less experience (than others) but it's something that goes in my favour. I have so many years in front of me," said Manassero before flashing a warm smile at his mother. Manassero possesses boyish good looks and a charming demeanour but he is also remarkably mature for his tender age and already has a rock-solid game. He became the youngest winner on the tour when he lifted the Castello Masters title in Spain in October at

MENACING: Manassero with the Malaysian Open trophy — GETTYpic

the age of 17 and proved his maiden victor y was no fluke by landing the Malaysian Open crown in Kuala Lumpur last month. For Manassero, however, age is irrelevant. "I'm young but I've been playing well. Winning tournaments takes you higher in the world rankings so these are two things that go together," he explained.

"I just want to play good golf so if I find myself in contention I'll try to do my best. Sometimes it doesn't count, sometimes it does." Now would be an ideal time for Manassero to move through the gears, with three Majors coming up in the US Open next month, the British Open in July and the US PGA Championship in August. — Reuters



It's the most difficult decision I've made. It was my first Grand Slam quarterfinal and I am playing the best tennis of my career — Fabio Fognini on his withdrawal due to torn left thigh muscle

paris: tennis/French open

Murray all-square with Troicki as night falls BRITISH fourth seed Andy Murray recovered from two sets to love down to pull level with Victor Troicki, the

Serbian 15th seed, when bad light stopped their French Open last 16 tie this morning.

Troicki won the first two sets 6-4, 6-4 before Murray took the next two 6-3, 6-2. The match will be played to

a finish today with the winner facing Juan Ignacio Chela of Argentina for a place in the semifinals. — AFP

I'm a survivor Never-say-die Sharapova advances into last eight

M A R I A S H A R A P O VA showcased plenty of her famous grit to reach the French Open quarterfinals this morning, edging Polish 12th seed Agnieszka Radwanska 7-6 (7-4), 7-5 in a tight contest. She was joined in the last eight by Belarusian fourth seed Victoria Azarenka, the top-ranked player left in the draw, who beat Russia's Ekaterina Makarova 6-2, 6-3 to set up a clash with Li Na. Russi an s e vent h s e e d Sharapova, a three-time Grand Slam champion, had to fight back from 4-1 down in the first set and survived five set points in the second en route to victory against the obdurate Radwanska. "From the beginning, I had quite a slow start," said Sharapova. "I think the one thing that saved me in the first set was the fact that I served really well and kept her off balance. "It gave me confidence and gave me a chance to be up in the second set. "She had so many chances. It was really tough but I played smart when I had to be smart and I was patient." She will now meet Andrea

Petkovic for a place in the semifinals, after the German 15th seed overcame Sharapova's 25th-seeded compatriot Maria Kirilenko 6-2, 2-6, 6-4. The 24-year-old Sharapova, who hit back from a set and 4-1 down against French 17-ye ar-old C aroline Garcia in round two, hit 47 winners and made 44 unforced errors in a performance full of contrasts. The former world No. 1 was 4-1 and 40-15 down in the opening set on Court Philippe C h at r i e r b e f o r e battling back to take the first set in a tiebreak. She then fell 5-3 down in the second, but held her nerve to see off five set points, two at 5-3 and three at 5-4, before sealing her win on her first match point when a rally culminated with a wide backhand from Radwanska. — AFP

RAFA NADAL said he was not playing well enough to lift the title despite breezing past Ivan Ljubicic in their fourth-round match yesterday. The Spaniard was barely tested as he recorded a routine 7-5, 6-3, 6-3 win over unseeded Croatian Ljubicic but he was far from satisfied after their encounter on court Philippe Chatrier. "I'm not playing well

enough to win this tournament," world No. 1 Nadal said after improving his Roland Garros record to 42-1 to set up a rematch of last year's final with fifth seed Robin Soderling in the last eight. "Sometimes I still make a few mistakes in a row and this cannot happen again. "I played badly, then I was much better and he started to make a lot of mistakes," said Nadal. — Reuters


The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011


Juan-Ignacio Chela lies on his back after winning his match against Alejandro Falla -— AFPpic

Victoria Azarenka sticks her tongue out to celebrate her win over Russia's Ekaterina Makarova —AFPpic

'Not playing well enough to win'

A ball girl tries to get a ball under the umpire's chair — AFPpic

BATTLING BEAUTY: Sharapova serves to Radwanska during their match. Sharapova had to fight back from 4-1 down in the first set — AFPpic

Results (Collated)

Men's fourth round Rafael Nadal (ESP) bt Ivan Ljubicic (CRO) 7-5, 6-3, 6-3; Robin Soderling (SWE) bt Gilles Simon (FRA) 6-2, 6-3, 7-6 (7-5); Juan Ignacio Chela (ARG) bt

Alejandro Falla (COL) 4-6, 6-2, 1-6, 7-6 (7-5), 6-2; Gael Monfils (FRA) bt David Ferrer (ESP) 6-4, 2-6, 7-5, 1-6, 8-6; Suspended due to darkness, resumes tomorrow — Andy Murray (GBR) level

with Victor Troicki (SRB) 4-6, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2 Women's fourth round Li Na (CHN) bt Petra Kvitova (CZE) 2-6, 6-1, 6-3; Victoria

Azarenka (BLR) bt Ekaterina Makarova (RUS) 6-2, 6-3; Maria Sharapova (RUS) bt Agnieszka Radwanska (POL) 7-6 (7-4), 7-5; Andrea Petkovic (GER) bt Maria Kirilenko (RUS) 6-2, 2-6, 6-4

Andrea Petkovic celebrates after beating Maria Kirilenko — APpic

The Malay Mail Tuesday 31 MAY, 2011

It is the most difficult match I have had since taking over — Italy coach Cesare Prandelli on their 2012 European Championship qualifier against Estonia

LONDON: Motorsport/FORMULA 1

Not so fast, Sebastian

Button warns champion and leader Vettel of battle to the end MCLAREN'S Jenson Button warned Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel ever y driver will "fight to the bitter end" to prevent him from walking away with back-to-back Formula 1 world titles. Luck was not on Button's side in Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix as McLaren's strategy almost came to fruition, but for two safety car incidents that scuppered the 31-year-old's hopes of a second win around the streets of the principality. Instead, fortune shone on reigning champion Vettel who took the 15th win of his career — his fifth victory in six races this season, and his first success in Monaco. Ve ttel, 2 3 , has now opened up an impressive 58-point gap on the chasing pack, led by Lewis Hamilton, with Button 73 points adrift. The situation is looking forlorn for the rest of the field, but then as Button casts his eye over the standings and the 13 races still to be run, he at least offered a degree of hope. "He's won five races, which is exactly what he won last year when he

I'M STILL No. 1: Vettel (left) gestures to the camera as Button looks on — AFPpic

won the championship, so he's in a great position. You can't lie about that," Button told Press Association Sport. "But still you never know what is going to happen. Look at the number of races we haven't had yet. We've only had six, so there's so much that can still happen. "We could all just give up now and not bother with it, or we could fight until the end, which is what we're going to do. It's swings and roundabouts. He could get very unlucky for the next few races, so we're not going to give up." Button was the last man

to start a season in such stunning form, winning six of the first seven races in 2009 with Brawn GP. However, the rest of the campaign was a struggle as he attempted to keep the chasing pack at bay, with the Briton just managing to do so, taking the title in the penultimate race. However, the difference on this occasion is that Red Bull have a billionaire owner behind them in Dietrich Mateschitz, whilst Brawn was run on a shoestring back then. "We didn't have the resources, and we weren't really willing to spend the money," said Button

on the situation two years ago. "So we had a great car at the start of the year, but we didn't keep it throughout the year, and these guys will. They've had a very quick car for two years now, so it's going to be difficult." As for Fer rar i's ace Fe r n a n d o A l on s o, 7 4 points behind, the writing is on the wall as far as the last double world champion from 2005 and 2006 is concerned. On whether he could close the gap, the Spaniard said: "Well, we need to win three races and he mustn't score. "At the moment it's not possible. If you are one second behind in every qualifying you have to do some strange strategies, starts or something away from the norm. "All we can do is try to improve the car, race by race, but victory for us is maybe optimistic. So we need to be realistic and start fighting for podiums at the next race in Canada and then Valencia. "Then we will see how the championship develops because the distance now is too much."


Horner describes Vettel as 'phenomenal'

RED BULL team principal Christian Horner hailed champion Sebastian Vettel's performances over the last seven days as "the two best drives of his career." Vettel on Sunday produced another majestic display, this time in the most prestigious race on the Formula 1 calendar, the Monaco Grand Prix, to add to his win in Spain seven days previously. The German avoided the mayhem which occurred around him, and in front of him on lap 68 when Jaime Alguersuari and Vitaly Petrov both crashed out, to score a famous victory, the 15th of

his career. That was Vettel's fifth victory from six races this season. "It was a world champion's performance," said Horner. "To soak up the pressure from Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button like he did, it was an awesome performance from him. "What he did in Barcelona, which seems an awful long time ago now, and what he delivered in Monaco, has been absolutely fantastic. "But he's made another step this year, and as a driver and a person he's just developed tremendously well, and

that's coming through in his performances in the car. "Over the last seven days I would say he has produced the two best drives of his career." The suggestion to Horner was that it is now Red Bull and Vettel's title to lose, which raised a chuckle from the Englishman. "Vettel is seven points off a maximum score after six rounds, and that's a phenomenal start to the season," said Horner. "He's got a healthy lead, but the points with the new system are quite deceptive because 58 points under the

old system is just over 20. It's just over two race wins. "For sure he's got himself into a great position, but as we've seen over the last two weeks, he's been pushed all the way by different competitors. "Button was very quick, as was Lewis Hamilton, Alonso here and in Turkey, so you can't take anything for granted. Of course, we've made the results stick this year, which has been tremendously satisfying for the team. "But there's an awfully long way to go in this championship and things can happen very, very quickly."



ROME: football/serie a

Barca legend Luis Enrique keen to manage Roma

BARCELONA B team coach Luis Enrique confirmed he has spoken to Roma about their managerial position. The former Barca and Spain midfielder has been linked with the post which is widely expected to be vacated this summer by Vincenzo Montella, and the Catalans' manager Josep "Pep" Guardiola claimed last week he would be "perfect" for the job. "I have had contact with the Roma directors. It's an attractive proposal," Luis Enrique told Sky Italia. "I know that they have several options at their disposal, as have I. Before making a decision, I must carefully ponder every aspect." The 41-year-old has been in charge of the Barca B team for three seasons since succeeding Guardiola in 2008.

Meanwhile, Argentine attacking midfielder Andres D'Alessandro has attracted Roma's interest with his good performances for Brazilian club Internacional in the past two seasons. Roma are keen to add a creative midfielder to their squad in the summer transfer window and have previously been linked with Erik Lamela of River Plate and Ricky Alvarez of Velez Sarsfield, but they have now apparently turned their attention to D'Alessandro. The 30-year-old started his professional career with River Plate before moving to Europe in 2003. He never really made an impact at clubs such as Wolfsburg, Portsmouth and Real Zaragoza and returned to Argentina in 2008. D'Alessandro moved to Internacional shortly after and has since become a key player at the club.

Madrid: football/primera liga

Aguero doesn't come cheap, says Cerezo

Hot commodity: Wanted Aguero has been allowed to leave Atletico, but only for €45 million in cash — AFPpic

ATLETICO MADRID president Enrique Cerezo warned interested clubs they will have to pay at least €45 million in cash for Sergio "Kun" Aguero. The 22-year-old Argentine striker has made it clear that he wants out — sparking off a chain of interest from top sides including Juventus. "We are ready to sell him on the basis that clubs interested pay the €45 million clause. And they will have to do it in cash," Cerezo told Sky Sport Italia. "He has told us he wants to leave. We are waiting for him to tell us his preferences, but for the moment we have not received any official offer." Cerezo has acknowledged an interest from Juventus, but revealed no offer had arrived from Turin. "I read this, but at the moment the Bianconeri have not made an offer. We only know

Aguero wants to go. If no adequate offer arrives, then Aguero will have a problem as he will not be sold." Atletico will be contractually bound to negotiate a sale as soon as they receive a bid of €45m. New Atletico sporting director Jose Luis Caminero, unveiled to the public yesterday, was quick to point out Aguero and David De Gea were still Atletico players. Caminero said his new position would be challenging, but promised to undertake his job with joy and love, while declaring that he has "a red and white feeling deep inside". What about Aguero's future? "I want to talk with Aguero, know what he is thinking, but he is currently a player that everyone wants to work with," said Caminero.

30 sports

I will not speak with people who want to create problems — Sepp Blatter after storming out of a fiery Press conference

Modest Swan

LONDON: football/ championship

Hattrick hero Sinclair gives credit to manager for their Premier League promotion SWANSEA hero Scott Sinclair paid tribute to manager Brendan Rodgers after they secured promotion to the Premier League for the first time. The Swans emerged 4-2 victors over Reading in yesterday's Championship play-off final at Wembley, with Sinclair scoring a hattrick, two of which came from the penalty spot in the 21st and 80th minutes. The other goal was struck in the 22nd minute. Reading replied through Noel Hunt and Matthew Mills in the 49th and 57th minute respectively. Sinclair became only the second player, after Clive Mendonca, to bag a play-off final treble at Wembley and ensured Swansea are the first non-English club to compete in the Premier League since its formation in 1992. Victory ends a 28-year wait for top-flight football for

Swansea and — aside from the estimated £90 million (RM447m) windfall — completes an astonishing eightyear turnaround for the south Wales club after they narrowly avoided relegation from the Football League. But the 22-year-old Sinclair remained modest with his feat — insisting Rodgers deserves all the accolades. "I say all the credit goes to the manager," the winger told Sky Sports. "He's helped us out, he's put the hard work in training every day and he believes in the team. As a manager you want that. "He's been exceptional." Sinclair, who scored 22 league goals for Swansea this season, admits he did not stray from his usual formula when stepping up to take the crucial spot-kicks. "I normally just step up, pick my corner and try and

strike it as hard as I can into the corner, which I did. It's just about to sink in now. It's magnificent. Everyone is buzzing. "I'm just buzzing for the boys and the gaffer. To be part of this team, for Wales to be in the Premier League is an honour, and it's going to go down in history," he said. Rodgers paid tribute to his squad for the emotional victory over his former club. "It was a fantastic game but I don't think we played as well as we have done for most of the season," he said. "In the moments that we showed quality, we were very good. Obviously we conceded the two goals. That actually helped us re-focus and then after that we got a bit of control in the game again. As you can imagine when it got to 3-2 it was a bit nervy. "Big credit to Reading. They


Reading will bounce back, says McDermott READING manager Brian McDermott is confident their Championship play-off final disappointment will make them stronger in the long term. The Royals fought bravely against Swansea at Wembley yesterday, but still succumbed to a 4-2 defeat, ending their hopes of playing Premier League football next season. McDermott was naturally devastated by the result, but believes his side can come back bigger and better next season. "We'll be stronger for this. That's the most important thing," he told Sky Sports. "It hurts, but you have to sometimes live with the pain and then move on.

"It's very tough. It's very painful. But what we can do now is just look ahead and build for next season again. I'm just really disappointed for our fans and I wish we could've got the right result for them." Despite the disappointment, McDermott heaped credit on Reading for turning their season around and putting themselves in the promotion race. "There's absolute pride about how my team has performed all season," he said. "In February we were 12th, 13th in the league. We've got ourselves into this situation. We beat Cardiff in the semifinals and we come to Wembley." He was also pleased with the Royals' comeback against

Swansea after going 3-0 down by half-time. "Swansea played very well in the first-half and we were 3-0 down. Obviously it's a mountain to climb. "We got ourselves right back into it and we were inches away from getting the third goal. I felt if we'd got the third goal we would've won the game." While proud of Reading's display, McDermott admits Swansea were worthy winners. "Credit to Swansea, they're a good side, they played really well in the first-half. They got the fourth goal that killed the game. I'm sure they will do very well in the Premiership," he said.


Baggies confident of securing new deal for Odemwingie WEST BROM are confident of securing star striker Peter Odemwingie on a new deal after his superb first season at The Hawthorns. The prolific hitman enjoyed a stunning debut campaign in the Premier League after arriving from Lokomotiv Moscow last summer, scoring 15 goals and a string of impressive performances for the Baggies.

The 29-year-old Nigeria international has a year remaining on his current contract plus a further year's option in West Brom's favour, but has inevitably attracted attention from elsewhere. However, the Baggies have opened talks with Odemwingie and his agent over an extension on his existing deal, and sporting and technical

director Dan Ashworth is optimistic of keeping him when negotiations resume later this summer. "We have spoken to Odemwingie and we have spoken to his representatives," Ashworth told the Express. "We know where they are and they know where we are and I don't foresee any great problems in sorting out a new contract."

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Hammam to appeal against suspension

MOHAMED BIN HAMMAM announced his intention to appeal against his suspension from Fifa. The organisation's Asian confederation president was suspended on Sunday, pending the outcome of an inquiry into claims he paid officials US$40,000 (RM121,000) each in bribes. Hammam denied making any payments and yesterday issued a statement in which he said he "will not accept yesterday's decision". "As he is only allowed to appeal against the motivated decision by the Fifa ethics committee, he urgently requested this by Tuesday (today) to be able to file his appeal in due time and to revoke the provisional ban before Wednesday's congress."

daily mirror are fantastic lads, I've worked with them for six months and it was a proper game. The important thing today was to win the game and I think that the players will go in with great confidence.

"These players deserve to be there. They show great courage and they try and pass the ball. I think ourselves, QPR and Norwich will be a great credit to the Championship and hopefully do well."


Cardiff sack manager Jones CARDIFF sacked manager Dave Jones (right) after six years in charge — following the club's failure to win promotion to the Premier League. The Bluebirds missed out on winning top-flight football through the Championship play-offs for the second year running and the board have moved to end Jones' relatively long spell in charge. "We would like to thank Dave Jones for his considerable efforts with the club over the past six seasons," chairman Gethin Jenkins told the club's website. "He leaves his post in the knowledge that he has left the club in a far better position than when he arrived. "Dave's tenure has seen Cardiff City Football Club develop from a standpoint of Championship stability through to becoming regular promotion contenders, while also having taken the team to an FA Cup Final. "He has also had a significant contribution in the development of training facilities and the stadium during his Cardiff career. We thank him for all that he has done and wish him well for the future." Jones succeeded Lennie Lawrence in 2005, having previously managed Southampton and Wolves, and

guided the Welsh club to 11th place in his first season in charge. He continued to rebuild the club, securing 13th- and 12th-placed finishes before masterminding a 2-0 victory over Middlesbrough to reach the 2008 FA Cup final against Portsmouth. Cardiff were defeated 1-0 by Portsmouth and would subsequently miss out on a play-off place on the last day of the 2008-2009 campaign. However, Jones would subsequently guide the Bluebirds to the 2010 playoff final against Blackpool, where they narrowly missed out on promotion after a 3-2 defeat. Their third consecutive promotion challenge ended with disappointment and Jones' eventual dismissal after slumping to a 3-0 aggregate defeat to Reading in the play-off semifinals.

Australia senator calls for 'red card' AUSTRALIA should not spend any more money on World Cup bids until Fifa's corruption investigation has been completed, independent senator Nick Xenophon has urged. The country splashed out AS$46million (RM148.5m) in an attempt to win staging rights for the 2022 tournament only to lose out to a Qatar bid which has been dogged by allegations of bribery. In a statement titled "Red Card for Fifa", Xenophon called for Australia to refrain from using any more taxpayers' money to fund bids which appear doomed to fail. He said: "You wonder whether we should continue to invest millions of dollars in bids for events we'll never even be in the running to win. "Until the investigation into Fifa has been completed, Australia must hold off spending any more taxpayers' money on any future World Cup bids."

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Fifa 'boys' club' should be run by UN LEYTON ORIENT chairman Barry Hearn questioned whether Fifa should be run by the United Nations given the current turmoil in world football's governing body. He says there needs to be a radical change of power for the good of the game. He told talkSPORT: "These people have created an enormous fiefdom for themselves. Are they fit to govern football? "There are 26 people who have the last word on the major moves of Fifa. Is the system in place where there is enough control over these people?"

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HOW FIFA'S CORRUPTION SCANDAL UNFOLDED May 16, 2010 Lord Triesman, FA chair and leader of England's World Cup bid, recorded by Mail on Sunday accusing Spain and Russia of planning to bribe referees at World Cup. He steps down.  Oct 17, 2010 Fifa executive committee members Reynald Temarii and Amos Adamu caught in Sunday Times sting offering to take bribes in return for their votes to decide hosts of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Adamu banned for three years, fined £7,000; Temarii banned one year, fined £3,500.  Dec 2, 2010 England poll just two of the 22 votes in the 2018 vote. Russia are selected. Qatar are chosen for 2022.  Dec 3, 2010 Roger Burden, acting FA chairman, says he will not take job full-time in protest at the World Cup vote. "The role entails liaising with Fifa and I want nothing more to do with them."  Jan 2, 2011 Fifa president Sepp Blatter says he will set up an anti-corruption committee and "take care of it personally".  March 18, 2011 Mohamed bin Hammam, president of the Asian Football Confederation, says he will stand against Blatter for the Fifa presidency in June. "Change is necessary," he says  May 10, 2011 Triesman says Fifa executive committee members asked for bribes in return for votes for England's 2018 bid.  May 25, 2011 Fifa executive committee's Chuck Blazer accuses Hammam of offering bribes to members of Caribbean Football Union (CFU) at a meeting organised by the Fifa vice-president, Jack Warner. The claim, denied by both men, makes it nine of the 24 committee members who have been linked with corruption in recent months.  May 27, 2011 Blatter called to appear before Fifa ethics committee with Warner and Hammam, who accuses Blatter of instigating allegations against him to derail his presidential campaign.  May 29, 2011 Hammam quits as presidency candidate. 


Valcke makes U-turn on his statement FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke (pic) has attempted to clarify his meaning by insisting an email which suggested the 2022 World Cup was "bought" referred to Qatar using their "financial strength" to legitimately lobby for votes. The email to Jack Warner was made public by the suspended Fifa vice-president in a blistering attack by the Trinidadian on the world governing body on Sunday. It referred to Mohamed Bin Hammam, the Qatari who had announced he was standing against Sepp Blatter for Fifa presidency. Valcke wrote: "For MBH (Hammam), I never understood why he was running. If really he thought he had a chance or just being an extreme way to express how much he does not like anymore JSB (Blatter). Or he thought you can buy Fifa as they bought the WC." In a statement released yesterday, Valcke stated: "Mr Warner has published an email which I sent to him. I'd like to clarify that I may use in an email — a 'lighter' way of expression by nature — a


In '99 Asia left, I don't know if they will do that again. I think the election will go ahead but I don't know — Fifa vice president Michel Platini

much less formal tone than in any form of correspondence. "Having said that, when I refer to the 2022 Fifa World Cup in that email, what I wanted to say is that the winning bid used their financial strength to lobby for support. "They were a candidate with a very important budget and have used it to heavily promote their bid all around the world in a very efficient manner. "I have at no time made, or was intending to make, any reference to any purchase of votes or similar unethical behaviour. "I would also like to clarify that there is, as I said yesterday, no investigation open at Fifa regarding the 2022 Fifa World Cup host election." Qatar 2022 responded by saying "Mr Valcke's statement (to Warner) was clearly taken out of context but again Qatar's name have been dragged through the mud for absolutely no reason. "We would like to reaffirm we won the World Cup bid with the best campaign and without breaching Fifa rules."



Coke, adidas worried about turn of events

FIFA'S main sponsors CocaCola and adidas expressed their concern over the ongoing bribery claims in the world football’s governing body. Fifa’s vice-president Jack Warner and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) president Mohamed bin Hammam both were suspended on Sunday after an inquiry was launched into accusations that they paid officials bribes of €28,000 (RM121,000) to gar-

ner votes for the latter in the presidential elections slated to be held tomorrow. Warner attacked Fifa president Sepp Blatter and general secretary Jerome Valcke, while Hammam, who withdrew from the Fifa presidential election, has said he will appeal against his suspension. In a Press conference held this morning, Blatter dismissed suggestions that Fifa

are in crisis but the organisation’s two major sponsors have revealed they are worried about the recent turn of events. "Adidas enjoys a long-term, close and successful partnership with Fifa that we are looking forward to continuing,” said an Adidas spokesman. "Adidas will be an official sponsor of Fifa World Cup 2014 in Brazil. “Having said that, the nega-

tive tenor of the public debate around Fifa at the moment is neither good for football nor for Fifa and their partners." A Coca-Cola spokesperson too added the soft-drink company’s apprehension and stated: "The current allegations being raised are distressing and bad for the sport. We have every expectation that Fifa will resolve this situation in an expedient and thorough manner."

Making it clear

DOHA: football

Hammam had no knowledge of any cash payments

FORMER Fifa presidency candidate Mohamed Bin Hammam has published his own submissions to the ethics committee of football's world governing body. The president of the Asian Football Confederation, along with Fifa vice-president Jack Warner, has been suspended in the wake of bribery accusations. It has been alleged that Hammam and Warner were both attempting to buy votes

ahead of tomorrow's presidency election, when the former was due to stand against Sepp Blatter. Hammam has withdrawn from the election process after Chuck Blazer, the USA's executive committee member, brought the bribery allegations to light. And in a detailed repudiation of Blazer's dossier, Hammam said he had no knowledge of any cash payments and also claimed alle-

gations had been timed to affect the election in Blatter's favour. The statement said: "The allegations refer to the extraordinary meeting in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago of May 10, 2011. According to his own statement, Mr Blazer was notified about the alleged offers on the same day. "However only a few days before the presidential election, he submitted his written report.

"That timing reveals the real purpose of the allegations, namely to influence the upcoming presidential election by discrediting Mr Hammam and Mr Warner, the first being a candidate and the second being an influential person who has not yet taken a position as to which candidate he would support. "This is a blunt abuse of the institution of the Fifa Ethics Committee."


shorts and low-cut shirts" and he came under fire again after the 2018 and 2022 World Cups were awarded to Russia and Qatar respectively. MOHAMED BIN HAMMAM

Blatter has held the position of Fifa president since his election 13 years ago. Born Joseph Sepp Blatter in Switzerland in 1936, he played football in the Swiss amateur league for 23 years and began his working life as the public relations head of a tourist board. He became general secretary of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation in 1964 and went on to help organise the 1972 and 1976 Olympics, joining Fifa in 1975 as technical director. He is bidding for a fourth term as president, which he insists will be his last, but his reign has been dogged by controversy, including an accusation from the Confederation of African Football vice-president Farrah Addo that he was offered $100,000 to vote for Blatter in the 1998 election. In 2004 he was widely criticised for suggesting women footballers should "wear tighter

Hammam is a member of Fifa's executive committee and was re-elected as president of the Asian Football Confederation earlier this year - a position he has held since 2002. The 62-year-old is a Qatari and worked for the country's football federation from 1972-1996, when he became a Fifa executive member. On his website, the father of two describes "my world in which football is king, I am its subject, ardent fan and foremost champion". He was a staunch supporter of Qatar's bid to hold the 2022 World Cup, controversially awarded to the Arab emirate last year, and announced he would stand

against Blatter for the Fifa presidency tomorow, stating "change is necessary and needed." His chances were hit by allegations of bribery, along with Fifa vice-president Jack Warner, made by Concacaf general secretary Chuck Blazer this month. Hammam responded by claiming Blatter knew about alleged cash payments but did not report them, resulting in all three men appearing before Sunday's Fifa ethics committee hearing. In the early hours of May 29, he announced he was withdrawing from the presidential election, leaving Blatter unopposed. JACK WARNER

Born Austin Jack Warner in Trinidad in 1943, he is Fifa vice-president and president of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf). After stints as general secretary of the Central and St

George Football Associations, he became secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation in 1973, where he still holds a post of special advisor. In 2006, the BBC's Panorama programme revealed Warner had sold tickets on the black market for that year's World Cup tournament in Germany. Fifa subsequently ordered Warner's family business, Simpaul Travel, to make a US$1m donation to charity to "compensate for the profits it had made through resale of 2006 Fifa World Cup tickets". Earlier this month, former FA chairman Lord Triesman accused Warner and others of seeking £2.5m to build an education centre in Trinidad in return for backing England's 2018 World Cup bid. The BBC recently obtained access to an email from Warner to Triesman asking for the FA to assist in purchasing Haiti's 2010 World Cup TV rights. Fifa, the ultimate owner of outdoor broadcast rights, told BBC that no public viewing licence was ever granted for Haiti. Triesman, chair and leader of England's World Cup bid, recorded by Mail on Sunday accusing Spain and Russia of planning to bribe referees at World Cup. He steps down.

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MARIA SHARAPOVA won the last four games to beat 12thseeded Agnieszka Radwanska at the French Open and reach her first Grand Slam quarterfinal in two years

Blatter Press conference highlights:


USAIN BOLT is now fully focused on retaining his world and Olympic titles that he says would make him a legend

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BUTTON KEEPS BELIEVING MCLAREN’S Jenson Button feels it is still possible to stop runaway leader Sebastian Vettel from securing backto-back titles

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What crisis? Shrewd Blatter brushes aside corruption saga in bizarre Press conference

SCOTT SINCLAIR fired a hattrick in a thrilling Championship playoff final to send Swansea into the Premier League at the expense of Reading

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INDEPENDENT senator Nick Xenophon has urged Australia to stop spending money on World Cup bids until Fifa’s corruption investigation is complete

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FIFA president Sepp Blatter (pic) may have come across as being out of touch with the fan in the street at his astonishing news conference this morning but the 75-year-old Swiss had another audience firmly in his mind. Flatly denying there was any crisis at Fifa amid a room of heckling reporters, he still delivered a message that the majority of the ruling body’s 208 member countries wanted to hear. He admitted Fifa were facing “difficulties” but the members should be assured that their strong leader would take care of business as he has done for the last 13 years. It is not the fan in the street who keeps Blatter in what he described himself as “his privileged position” but the presidents and chairmen who vote to have him in power. Tomorrow, they will not even have to do that as the man who was planning to stand against him, Qatari Mohamed Bin Hammam, was banned from all football related activity on Sunday following an inquiry by Fifa’s ethics committee into bribery allegations. So Blatter took centre-stage in Fifa’s auditorium, standing

behind a lectern with artificial flowers in containers at his feet to add a touch of colour to the otherwise sombre grey and black decor. His mood also seemed to veer between steely grey and black as he ran through his usual repertoire of buzz-words and phrases like “football family”, “devils in football” and “I used to be a journalist”. After one vociferous English reporter demanded the answer to a shouted question despite not having the floor microphone, Blatter responded: “Listen gentlemen, I accepted to have a press conference with you, alone here, I respect you, please respect me and the procedure of the press conference. “Don’t intervene, we are not in a bazaar here, and we are in the Fifa House, in front of a very important Fifa Congress.” Blatter later responded to another journalist who laughed openly at one of his answers. “You can laugh,” he said. “But that is also an attitude, elegance is also an attitude and respect is also an attitude. I have learned this in my life.” There were other outbursts from journalists unhappy

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that they were not able to ask questions, and the news conference ended with a German reporter shouting so loudly at Blatter that he returned to the lectern before walking away again. Through it all, Blatter managed to keep his composure, but clearly he is feeling the kind of pressure he has not been under since the financial mismanagement crisis of 2002 when his then secretary general Michel Zen-Ruffinen produced a 30-page document outlining Fifa’s financial woes. Just over two weeks ago Blatter thumped the desk with his fist when he was asked about corruption while in South Africa. Despite his age and Fifa’s problems, Blatter will be reelected unopposed to stand for a fourth and, he says, his final term as president, with his retirement date pencilled in for 2015 when he will be 79. On what he felt about Hammam’s aborted challenge, Blatter whacked the question into touch like a fullback taking no chances with a troublesome loose ball. “Personally, I was prepared to go into an election process

with another candidate and then the Congress would have decided, but now the situation has changed,” he said. But asked if he was part of Fifa’s problem, that he needed to go for Fifa to reform, he said: “The Congress will decide if I am a valid or non valid candidate — the delegates on Wednesday have the opportunity to restore Fifa’s credibility.” He made one other comment that was not quite what he intended. Blatter, 75, was elected president in 1998 and he told reporters: “I have to say at the beginning of Fifa when I entered 36 years ago, we had no problem until 1998 because this was the so-called modest Fifa. “Now we are a comfortable Fifa and I think because we are too comfortable with such a situation then all the little devils can enter the game. “We have started to fight and we are in a bad situation but we have the possibility at the Congress on Wednesday if the delegates want to take it, if they want to restore this credibility of Fifa and restore it with me.” More reports on Pg 31

“There are devils in the world but we have to fight against these devils.” He goes on to say tomorrow’s election — the election with one candidate — is the chance to restore “credibility” to Fifa. On Mohamed bin Hammam: “You should ask him why he pulled out. I was prepared to go into an election process with another candidate. Now the situation has changed.” On calls to postpone the election: “If somebody wants to change something in the election or in the congress on Wednesday, this cannot be done by the executive committee or any authorities outside Fifa. The congress can do it with three-quarters of a majority.” A tetchy Blatter refuses to answer a question asking him to back Jerome Valcke. Seems to have provoked a bit of an angry response from inside the room. “We are not in a bazaar here, we are in Fifa House.” Blatter’s understatement of the year: “What is a crisis? Football is not in a crisis. When you see the final of the Champions League, when you see fair play and good control, we are not in a crisis. We are just having some difficulties.” His response to Jack Warner’s claim that he must be stopped: “I have no reaction.” One angry journo is trying to ask a final question but Blatter’s not having it: “I will not go into discussions with individuals who want to create problems. You can laugh and that is an attitude, but elegance and respect are also attitudes. Thank you.”

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