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Monday 8 august, 2011



With Frankie D’Cruz Damansara Utama church raid

I sense soulless trouble rousers seem fearful there actually exists togetherness in our nation and that’s alarming >> pg5 local

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RM5,000 for fake MyKad


Bring back ‘English’ schools Lobbyists urging resurrection of national schools in this medium to achieve Vision 2020

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Man sets fire to own car

... but destroys two other vehicles as well in botched suicide attempt

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Joint action City Hall, residents tear down illegal ads in Tmn Wilayah

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‘Not true’ Man City boss Roberto Mancini denies trying to bring Wesley Sneijder to the Eastlands

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... and passports which are available for home delivery, say websites

FOR less than RM5,000, you can get a fake MyKad or Malaysian passport delivered to your doorstep. This is the claim made by several websites allegedly being run by syndicates dealing with bogus identification. The Malay Mail discovered the websites following our recent expose on a land grab case in Shah Alam, which prompted us to probe further on how fraudulent identity cards can be issued. Whether or not the online deal is a scam is unknown, but our attempts to secure a bogus MyKad from the websites revealed the syndicate is able to make one and send it over “just two to four days after receiving payment”. However, upon presenting our findings, the Home Ministry immediately rubbished claims that an official Malaysian identity card can be forged. Its secretary-general Tan Sri Mahmood Adam insisted it was “impossible” for security features embedded in both MyKad and the Malaysian passport to be copied. Meanwhile, from the website www., one can apparently obtain a Malaysian passport for 500 (RM2,149) each while a “package” of a passport and a MyKad is tagged at 650 (RM 2,794). This syndicate caters for passports and identity cards of other countries as well, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, South Africa, Spain, UK and the United States. Malaysia, surprisingly, is the only Asian country on the list. The syndicate also claimed they were able to “register passports in official government department database” for certain countries. Posing as a potential client, this

By HARESH DEOL writer first sent an email to the operators of the website, asking how one could go about obtaining a fake Malaysian identification. The response was prompt and we were immediately emailed a list of details to comply with before proceeding with the “order”. Among the demands included were to furnish them with the personal information that would be printed on the documents, and paying 25 per cent of the total cost up front. The documents would then be processed and produced within two to four days. The email further added: “We send you scan/photos of your ready-made

documents. You check all the details and give us confirmation. “You send us the rest of the full amount and your delivery address. You will receive your documents in several days via UPS, FedEx, DHL (free of charge for you).” We then sent another email requesting samples of processed documents. We received 10 pictures of fake Malaysian passports and MyKad, apparently belonging to another client. It is believed that this international syndicate has links in various countries, including Malaysia, for them to locally deliver the documents to their clients without the need to cross borders. The syndicate is also allegedly able to “produce any car documents including car titles, insurance and registration certificates” — a new service

they started offering since March 23. As for the website www.passports., the syndicate running it apparently forges Malaysian passports for US$800 (RM2,408) each. They also produce “birth certificates and university diplomas” – a service they introduced from April 11. Before the Home Ministry, the National Registration Department (NRD) had, on July 29, also dismissed the claim that a MyKad can be faked for criminal use. In our July 29 report “MyKad tamper-proof, says NRD”, we quoted the department’s director-general Datin Jariah Mohd Said as saying there was no truth that MyKad microchips contain important data, including biometrics, could be cloned. • Continued on pg2

Roadside delight These men are enjoying a hot, healthy repast at Kotaraya, courtesy of the Food For Life Society’s Kuala Lumpur chapter that has been throwing a lifeline to the needy in the city and Petaling Jaya with 2,000 weekly free meals for the past five years. And the queue is growing by word of mouth from recipients who welcome the tasty vegetarian dishes that come their way. — Pic: Samsul Said

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Buka Puasa/Imsak Times Ramadan 8, 1432H

Imsak Maghrib (today) (tomorrow)

wilayah persekutuan Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya



Selangor Zone I: Daerah Gombak, Petaling Jaya/ Shah Alam, Hulu Selangor, Hulu Langat and Sepang Zone II: Daerah Klang, Kuala Langat, Kuala Selangor, and Sabak Bernam





Recent cases of individuals caught with fake IDs ● Jan 11, 2011: Sixteen prostitutes from Indonesia are sentenced to two days’ jail and RM3,000 fine in default of three months’ jail at the KL Magistrate’s Court for using fake MyKad. They were caught during a raid conducted by the National Registration Department and Immigration Department on Jan 3 in Brickfields. ● Dec 23, 2010: A Ghanaian student is detained by Ampang Jaya police’s commercial crime department for forging passports. He had charged US$350 (RM1,050 at the time) per bogus passport and was making up to US$3,500 (RM10,500 at the time) a month. ● Dec 27, 2008: Police arrest two suspects who were masterminds of fake MyKad in a raid at Fajar Center in Lahad Datu, Sabah. ● May 7, 2007: Police arrest three members of a fake identity card (IC) syndicate in Kota Kinabalu. The syndicate issued immigrants with an IC that looked similar to a MyKad and charged between RM400 and RM800 each. ● March 12, 2007: An Indonesian illegal immigrant is arrested in Bukit Bintang after deceiving authorities with a fake IC for the past three years. He bought it for RM1,500 as he travelled between Malaysia and Indonesia often.

An Australian High Court judge has ordered a delay in the transfer of the first asylum seekers to Malaysia under Australia's swap deal — Bernama PETALING JAYA


No way they can be forged

No water woes for Selangor

Home Ministry refutes claims of fake MyKad, passports available for sale

"IMPOSSIBLE". That was the word instantly uttered by Home Ministry secretar y-general Tan Sri Mahmood Adam when told by The Malay Mail about the existence of fake MyKad and passports in the country. He was adamant the security features in both the Malaysian identity card and passport cannot be forged. "No one can tamper with the microchips in the MyKad. It’s impossible. Even the

FOR SALE: Pictures of some fakes provided by the website

By Haresh Deol

security features of our passports are of international standards," he told The Paper That Cares. "We have not received any report on such matters. This is the first time I’m hearing about this. "If you have more details, please share with us and we will investigate the matter," he said. Mahmood was asked to comment on The Malay Mail's findings about an alleged syndicate that produces bogus identification documents. We had contacted the alleged syndicates running the websites www. and www. The former had replied and emailed 10 sample photos of the end products. "Only the government depar tments (National Registration Department and Immigration Department) produce such documents. No other parties, agents or individual has the right to offer passport or MyKad-making services," said Mahmood. He said there were ele-

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011

ments featured in the MyKad and Malaysian passport, rendering it "impossible" for one single party to forge those official documents. "There are four main elements in our passport — the printing, chip, laminating and security ink. These features are supplied by different vendors and we oversee the operations," explained Mahmood. He added the introduction of new microchips in the new MyKad next year will offer better security protection. Last month, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein announced that the new MyKad would feature a polycarbonate body with chips tested by SIRIM and recognised semi-conductor laboratories. The minister had said forcing the new MyKad upon everyone would be a mammoth task to be done in phases. He had added that for now, the new MyKad would only be issued to those whose microchip cannot be read. Efforts to contact Immigration officials to comment on this issue were unsuccessful at Press time.

"THERE will be enough water in Selangor," insisted Klang MP Charles Santiago, who is also the coordinator of Coalition Against the Privatisation of Water. Refuting claims by Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Bhd (Syabas) of an impending water crisis in the Klang Valley, Santiago said: "There will be enough water in the State. I believe Selangor can sustain its supply until 2020. "There are many ways to calculate the water consumption rate. Thus, the data provided by the (Energy, Green Te chnolog y and Water) Ministry and Syabas are not accurate," he said. Syabas chief operating officer Datuk Lee Miang Koi had said the State could face serious water shortage problems as the Langat 2 water treatment plant had yet to be completed. The project was scheduled to be completed in 2015, but was now delayed. Santiago told The Malay Mail this was not the first time Syabas had said there would be a water shortage in Selangor. "Prior to this, Syabas had predicted the State will have water shortage in 2009. But, that same year, we had actually saved more water from the previous year as overall usage was less." He also asked Syabas to show the public their Non Revenue Water (NRW) report. "NRW is water that has been produced and is 'lost' before it reaches the customer, losses

Land grab scam opened probe into fakes ● From pg1 She had said the department has various means to detect fraudulent MyKad, thus prompting The Paper That Cares to dig deeper into this issue. Based on our findings, we learnt that fraudulent MyKad and passports are easily available locally. Syndicates charge RM1,500 for a MyKad without a readable microchip, while a MyKad with a readable microchip is priced between RM2,500 and RM3,500. Passports, meanwhile, range from RM2,000 to RM5,000.

The Malay Mail is published by Malay Mail Sdn Bhd, Lot 2A, Jalan 13/2, 46200, Petaling Jaya

The issue was first stirred following The Malay Mail's expose last July 26 on a land scam where a couple, Datin Murnina Sujak and Datuk Rafie Sain, fell victim to a syndicate over four plots of land. Murnina lodged police reports after learning three plots of her land in Bukit Jelutong were up for sale without her knowledge. A fourth plot, measuring 10,000 sq feet and valued about RM1 million, was sold to an "Elizabeth George" for only RM130,000 despite the owner having sold it to another buyer just weeks before.

EDITORIAL Tel : 03-74951288 Fax : 03-74951229 Email :

It was reported two Kedahbased lawyers were said to possess the land grants without Murnina's knowledge. One of them met her last year and admitted meeting up with an imposter over the land deal. The lawyer returned the land grants to Murnina without question when confronted. Checks also revealed one of the lawyers was compounded RM500,000 by the Securities Commission of Malaysia in 2005 for "acting for a dealer's representative without licence". Subsequently, we reported the key person in the syndicate

ADVERTISING SALES Tel : 03-74951273 (Classifieds) / 03-74951262 (Display) Fax : 03-74951228 Email :

was believed to be a man in his 40s from Kuantan, Pahang. He had apparently been involved in forging driving licences and passports besides having links with a number of major players in the industry, lawyers and land office personnel in the country. Murnina’s MyKad and driving licence had been forged. The same documents were believed to have been used to open a bank account under hername which she found out early this year. Sources claimed Murnina's reports have been kept in view (KIV) due to "lack of evidence".


caused mainly by water leakage, Syabas can do their part in making sure NRW is low and help reduce water wastage." Based on expert consultations and calculations of the population growth rate, past and present water consumption rates, current production capacity and water levels in the dams, Santiago said Selangor will not be short of water supply. He added that saving water was equally important as a water crisis can't be accurately predicted since it also depends on climate changes. To address this natural crisis, he said: "Among the proven methods is to practise rainwater harvesting in every household; this includes new houses and apartments." He also said one household can reduce water usage per day by almost half if conservation efforts are given priority. Lee had issued the impending water shortage warning last Wednesday at a meeting at the Shah Alam Convention Centre with the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association, the Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan Water Watch Association, Forum Air Malaysia and the Water Association of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. Lee had said the water reserve capacity for Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya was very low and had reached an alarming state.

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'KDA' plates received highest number of bids — up to RM762,601 — in the history of the Kedah Road Transport Department (RTD) — State RTD director Ahmad Musadad Sulaiman

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011




Cops check missing person list to identify remains POLICE are checking missing person reports to help identify skeletal remains discovered by a passer-by at an orchard in Kampung Bumi Hijau,

Kundang, Rawang, on Friday. Gombak district police chief ACP Abdul Rahim Abdullah (pic) said a post-mortem would be conducted today.

"We believe the victim has been dead for five months or more," he told The Malay Mail. "We are checking missing

person reports from other police districts as well." Also found near the remains were a shirt, pants and black shoes.


Suicide move goes up in smoke Man's attempt to burn himself to death goes awry


IT seems to be a case of attempted suicide gone wrong after a man was arrested trying to set fire to his own car with himself inside in Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah. In the 8.30pm incident on Saturday, the man, in his 40s, parked his Proton Tiara between a Perodua Kenari and a Perodua Kancil in front of a row of shoplots. A police source said after parking his car, he took out a cigarette lighter and set the car seat on fire. “He sat in the car while the fire spread but jumped out of the car when he began choking from the smoke,” said the source. "The fire spread to the two Perodua cars and all three vehicles were completely destroyed." The man was apprehended by members of the public and is in police custody for attempted suicide. A witness, who declined to be named, said before the incident,

The abandoned orchard is said to be a haunt for drug addicts. The case has been classified as sudden death.


At least three dead in landslide

THREE women were killed in a landslide at the Sungai Ruil Orang Asli Settlement here yesterday evening. Cameron Highlands police chief DSP Wan Mohd Zahari Wan Busu told Bernama two men and a woman were seriously injured in the 5.45pm tragedy which struck the area during heavy rainfall. He said at least three others were feared to be buried in the landslide. Earlier, Wan Mohd Zahari told reporters the body of the first victim was recovered about 6.15pm while two of the injured were pulled out of the mud 20 minutes later. The body and the two injured victims were sent to the Hospital Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom in Tanah Rata. Three houses were report-

ed to have been buried in the landslide while two others were slightly damaged. As of midnight, more than 100 policemen, firemen and Civil Defence Department personnel were carrying out search and rescue operations with the help of residents. Those living close to the landslide area have been evacuated to the Brinchang multi-purpose hall as a precautionary measure. Cameron Highlands MP Datuk S.K. Devamany, who is also Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, said he was at the scene since 8.25pm. "The situation is quite bad. It is a huge landslide. The search and rescue team had to dig through the mud slowly using spades and hoes," he told Bernama last night.

A popular tourist destination

DESTROYED: The Proton Tiara and Perodua Kenari were incinerated by the blaze

the man was seen in his car behind the Berjaya Times Square shopping complex.

"He was wearing a T-shirt, shorts and slippers, and was shouting loudly, as though pos-

sessed, and tearing at his shirt before parking his car and setting it ablaze," said the witness.


THE Sungai Ruil Orang Asli settlement is one of two orang asli settlements popular among tourists. The landslide-hit settlement and Kampung Pagan orang asli settlement are noted destinations in guided tours and are well-known for their homestay packages. There are some 145 houses

in the Sungai Ruil orang asli settlement, about five kilometres from Tanah Rata, the biggest of three towns in Cameron Highlands. In the past, the orang asli in Sungai Ruil were recognised for their hunting and fishing skills. They used blowpipes as weapons and hunt for small game like wild fowls.

Cops await legal feedback in firecrackers case

POLICE are awaiting feedback from the deputy public prosecutor on the next course of action in the firecrackers throwing incident during the Malaysia-Singapore Asian Zone World Cup 2014 return leg qualifier at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil on July 28. In the incident, football fan Ahmad Jazimin Jalaluddin, 29, from Bandar Baru Bangi, was blinded in his right eye after being struck by fragments of a firecracker thrown from the stands after the national anthem was played. Cheras district police chief ACP Mohan Singh said they had submitted the investigation papers on Aug 1. “We are also waiting for a report from the

Chemistry Department on the firecrackers seized from three suspects who were arrested and then released," he said. "We are looking into the possibility one of the suspects was responsible for causing Ahmad Jazimin to go blind." After being struck by the firecracker, Ahmad Jazimin, a graphic artist in the wedding card printing business, was helped by a friend out of the stadium to an ambulance outside. He underwent a five-hour surgery to contain the infection and prevent damage to the eye nerves but went blind in his right eye. His wife, 28-year-old Nur Hardyawati Ismail, is expecting their first child.

FLASHBACK: Our report on Aug 3



Road Transport Dept to conduct two inspections on express buses leaving Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya from Aug 14, in conjunction with Hari Raya — Federal Territory RTD director Mohd Nadzri Osman


Bring back English national schools Action group says international language needed for globalisation and integration

THE Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE) has urged the government to consider reestablishing Englishmedium national schools after it was abolished with the national language policy in the 1970s. Its chairman, Datin Azimah Rahim, said that if students were allowed to choose between the different vernacular schools, then English must be an option. “If the government cannot allow mathematics and science to be taught in English then it should give us Englishmedium schools which we believe will bring about integration of the school system because it is a neutral language that does not belong to any race.

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

“It will also help bring back a higher standard of English in the country,” she told The Malay Mail. She added that the policy of teaching Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) was still important as it allowed students to apply the language. “The level of English has not improved because there has been no context or subjects created to allow the application of the English language. “This is one of the reasons we are still advocating PPSMI so students can apply English in science and mathematics and hence improve their English proficiency.”

Azimah was commenting on Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin's statement that students were still unable to master English despite learning the language in schools for 13 years from primary to matriculation. “It is not 13 years but half a century of learning since independence. If our government is serious, then implementing the MBMMBI (Uphold Bahasa Malaysia, Strengthen the English language) is not the way to go. Instead, they should create English-medium schools which will be great for 1Malaysia and integration of different races," she said.

“M B M M B I i s j u s t a rebranding of Malay national schools.” She also said the use of English must not be politicised as it is a language of knowledge and important in the era of globalisation. “We must stop linking the English language to colonisation. That is so feeble-minded because it does not apply anymore. “If we continue with this mindset then we will continue to remain in the doldrums and we can forget about achieving Vision 2020 and becoming a high-income nation.” The government decided to abolish PPSMI two years ago after it was introduced by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in 2003.


Free English language workshops for teachers IN conjunction with its 20th anniversary, ELS Malaysia is organising a series of free secondary school teachers’ workshops designed for heads of English, English teachers and school counsellors. These workshops, themed "Best Practices in the ESL Classroom", will be held in KL on Sept 10, Penang (Sept 24) and Johor Baru (Oct 8). As a prelude to that, ELS Malaysia conducted simultaneous workshops, themed “Developing Communicative L a n g u a g e S k i l l s Us i n g Activities”, last Friday in KL, Penang and Johor Baru which were attended by more than 180 school teachers. The workshops introduced different types of communicative activities, techniques to control the classroom and the use of effective error-correction methods. The training programme by ELS Malaysia was approved by the Education Ministry's teachers training division, and the participating teachers each received a certificate of attendance. "ELS Malaysia has been dedicated to helping students improve their English in a wide variety of ways. In recent

INTENSIVE COURSE: Almost 200 teachers attended ELS's free workshops on Friday

years, this included working with the US Embassy and the Education Ministry to provide underprivileged students with free lessons at our centres. Furthermore, every year we offer scholarships to aspiring English teachers,” said Robert Brander, vice-president of operations of ELS Language Centres. “We hope the workshops will benefit the participants through introducing new ideas, activities and motivating English teachers and subsequently improving the quality of English education." Low Ah Chen, a teacher from

SMK Bandar Puchong Jaya (B) who attended the recent workshop, said: “This workshop is extremely informative. I learnt how to choose appropriate text for my students and I will try my level best to make changes in my classroom.” Another participant, Dr Tan Chye Sing, from SMK Batu 3 ½ Jalan Ipoh, said: “The workshop offers and empowers teachers to carry out activities creatively and critically.” Concerning the forthcoming Best Practices in the ESL Classroom workshops, Brander said: “It will be a special workshop as we have

invited Judith Dillon, a recipient of the TESOL Award at the International TESOL Conference 2008. This ELS Oklahoma City teacher has never ceased to be a dynamo in the classroom and channels her incredible energy into making the classroom experience active and invigorating, while also assisting her students to reach their language goals.” For registration or e n q u i r i e s , e m a i l Ja g a ­­ thisvary Subramaniam at Alternatively, you can visit the website

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011

Don't blame teachers, educationists say WHILE agreeing there has been declining standards of English among students, the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) said teachers should not be held solely responsible for this problem. Its secretary-general, Lok Yim Pheng told The Malay Mail students must be given more avenues to apply the English language outside of classrooms. “We really need to improve the standard of English but to do so, we need to create the culture and environment where students can use English in oral and written forms," she said. “You can have the best teacher in the classroom but if the students don’t use the language continuously then the effectiveness would not be there.” University Malaya (UM) English lecturer Dr Sharifah Aishah Osman said proper English training is not given in schools and the resultant low level of English proficiency has become more evident among university students. She said the reading culture was lacking in the country and many students simply do not read. Taylor’s University School of Education dean Prof Dr Malachi Edwin Vethamani stressed the need for special training programmes for English teachers in rural schools. “It is not fair to call our teachers incompetent. We have a large number of well-trained teachers but the challenges faced in urban and rural areas differ. “The biggest challenge in rural areas is that most stu-

Shilpa promotes 'Desire' at NY film fest SHILPA Shetty (pic) will walk the red carpet on Aug 24, the opening day of the New York Film Festival, to promote her English film, Desire, the Hindustan Times reports. The Indo-Chinese co-production, produced by her mother Sunnanda Shetty and Shi Yun bagged the Best Narrative Award at the Boston Film Festival. Says Shilpa: “It features Chinese superstar Xia Yu. We’ll release it in China and India, but first we’ll do the rounds of the festival circuit.” Laughing off rumours that her marriage with Raj Kundra was in trouble, Shilpa says she refuted them on Twitter.

LOK: To improve English, the culture and environment to use the language must be there

dents do not see the need to study English as most are comfortable with Bahasa Malaysia.” Vethamani said the community must also support the use of English, from parentteacher associations to the headmasters. “We need role models in school. If students don’t see the headmaster using English, they will not be encouraged to use the language.” Monash University's political science professor James Chin said the government must take responsibility for the dip in English competency in the country. “The problem with English in this country is essentially the government’s own making. When English was made a non-compulsory pass subject at Form Five level, they sent a very powerful message to the students that they do not need to master the English language.” Chin said the government’s decision to reverse the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in English had worsened the current situation.

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011

PAS' committee will meet with the S'gor Islamic Religious Department and Damansara Utama Methodist Church for information on the church raid — PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang



Misguided siege mentality IN my years as a student at Saint Paul’s Institution, Seremban, in the 1960s and 70s, Catechism and Bible Knowledge classes at primary and secondary levels were filled to the brim with students from various religious backgrounds. Non-Christians voluntarily attended these classes — and not because they had to in a Catholic mission school. None of their parents had any reason to be suspicious there was an attempt by the La Salle brothers of Christian schools and Catholic churches to convert their children to Christianity. None of the parents of Christian students created an uproar when they were encouraged to attend Agama (religious) classes where Jawi script, used mainly for religious purposes, was taught as well. Some of my staunch Catholic friends had even studied Malay literature and Islamic History in Form Six. A Malay teacher in my neighbourhood, the late Abdullah Kassim, was among several people who convinced me to take the name of the patron saint Patrick for my Confirmation — one of seven sacraments through which Catholics pass in the process of their religious upbringing by receiving the Holy Spirit. Well-read Abdullah told me the virtues of Saint Patrick that symbolise the conquest of good over evil would rub off on me. He stands vindicated. So many more celebrated events of pluralism happened in my growing years. A standout was the annual trooping of Christians hand-in-hand with non-Christians — Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists — to the midnight service on the eve of Christmas at the Church of Visitation in Seremban. In and out of church, we knelt in rows — if only to show the belief that the existence of dif-

ferent types of people within the same society is a good thing. And we, Christians, never hesitated to return this warm gesture at their respective places of worship. Looking back, I marvel at the young and old who were spectacular in their commitment to social equality and pluralism. It was all about understanding and appreciating each other’s religion better. It was the perfect setting for a tolerant society, respectful of an individual’s beliefs. Regrettably, that was in the past. Today, in the spirit of Saint Patrick, the patron of Ireland, whose triumph over paganism is likened to the exorcism of venomous reptiles, I want to devour the insensitive trouble rousers who are making it their ruinous obsession to fan sentiments of religious negativity. The dripping venom from those who find it difficult to understand the religions of fellow Malaysians is acerbic and the spiteful perpetrators appear cocooned in a siege mindset. To be sure, every religious fraternity has to take responsibility for this raging loss of respect and tolerance that is increasingly causing conflicts all over the world. If anyone believes in religious harmony, then the sanctity of any faith cannot be violated unless one does not want religion to build a cohesive society. The row over the raid by the Selangor religious department (Jais), with the police in tow, on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church last Wednesday on an allegation that Christians were proselytising to Muslim guests has once again pitted Muslims against Christians. It has also raised serious constitutional questions of trespass into places of worship. If there was any evidence

BeingFrank With Frankie D’Cruz

ON MONDAY of unlawful proselytising to Muslims at the dinner function, both Jais and the police should have politely called the pastor of the church and the organisers instead of barging into a religious place of worship. You’d think one needed a warrant to conduct a raid in a place of worship, but Jais holds firm that Selangor’s NonIslamic Religions (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims) Enactment (1988), which outlines offences deemed as acts of proselytisation by non-Muslims toward Muslims, grants the religious authorities powers to launch investigations and arrest

at event in the presence of Muslims. And for all you know, it might just be hearsay. So, it would be interesting to see what evidence Selangor executive councillor for religious affairs Datuk Dr Hasan Ali of PAS will produce. He claimed Jais had found incriminating materials at the function, that some participants had tried to flee through the back door but were stopped and that 12 Muslim diners had been ordered to appear at the Jais enforcement office for further investigation. One report quoted him as saying there was no raid while

The dripping venom from those who find it difficult to understand the religions of fellow Malaysians is acerbic and the spiteful perpetrators appear cocooned in siege mindset. individuals without producing a warrant. I feel the police should have advised Jais against this raid because of the volatile relationship between Muslims and Christians. Turns out, the occasion was a fund-raiser for HIV support activities and we as a society cannot accept nor tolerate such a despicable raid conducted on loose evidence that the words “Quran” and “pray” were used

another said Jais officers came at the end of the event. So, how could they have known what transpired in the early part of the event? The Selangor government’s immediate reaction to gag Pakatan Rakyat leaders from commenting on the issue until the probe was completed is pathetic. For a party that reacts with "rottweiler" instincts when this involves the other side of the


Zoo should be investigated, says SPCA

THE recent quick response by Johor Zoo to relieve baby elephant Paloh of her chains and putting her in a bigger enclosure in the company of another young elephant named Jeli, has been applauded by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor. "While we applaud Johor Zoo's quick response to public feedback concerning Paloh, we believe that so much more could be done by the zoo to improve the living conditions of the animals under its care," said SPCA Selangor chairman Christine

Chin Radford, in a Press statement. "However, Johor Zoo should not have waited for global condemnation and bad publicity before it took positive action to alleviate Paloh’s distress and suffering. Therefore, we feel that Johor Zoo should be investigated by the authorities." Radford said SPCA is opposed to the infliction of pain and suffering of any animal in the name of sport, entertainment (including zoos) or fashion. Also, the capture, transportation, sometimes acclimatisation and

confinement of wild animals that cause distress and suffering are unacceptable. "Even as human beings continue to subject other sentient beings to forced confinement to satisfy a variety of human experiences, the Five Freedoms, globally accepted as standards for good animal welfare, must be upheld," she said. These are freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from thermal and physical discomfort; freedom from pain, injury and disease; freedom from undue anxiety and freedom to display most normal

patterns of behaviour. "Paloh was clearly denied the five freedoms when she was subjected to an archaic training regime designed to break her will and make her obedient and submissive. "Zoologists, biologists and animal welfare proponents are increasingly promoting more humane methods of training elephants, including positive reinforcement and relationship building between the elephant and its human caregivers without the infliction of pain," said Radford.

political divide, vocal leaders were strangely muted. I agree with an editorial in The Star that in a serious public interest issue, fair comment is not only expected but obligatory. The aggression, however, has come from two Malay dailies that embarked on Christian bashing by suggesting Christian organisations were secretly trying to convert impoverished Muslims through welfare aid. Christian churches have since demanded evidence behind allegations that Christian charity groups were involved in covert conversions. I don’t expect the dailies to stop their attacks. So far, the papers have mentioned only one Muslim woman who claimed she was forced to accept cash and free food from a church, after failing to get aid from Baitulmal or the State fund for the poor, which is generated from tithes collected from mosques. In a response to the stories, influential cleric Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin questioned if red tape and the lack of State alms had forced impoverished Muslims to seek help from Christian churches. The Malaysian Insider reported that in an essay to the online news portal, the former Perlis mufti said it was not a sin for destitute Muslims to receive aid from non-Muslims. He noted the blame lay with practitioners of Islam who were supposed to help their fellow believers. “Where have all our wang zakat (alms) gone? Collections of hundreds of millions of ringgit are announced every year,” he said. The storming of the church and the spin-off issues has had serious ramifications on Malaysia that is working hard to embrace the principles of interreligious harmony and respectful

co-existence. The church incident came so soon after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s meeting midJuly with Pope Benedict XVI, the worldwide leader of the Roman Catholic Church, at the Vatican to accentuate collaboration and dialogue between various religious groups. It cannot be denied that the government’s move to establish relations with the Vatican has been badly affected. It cannot be denied that the Catholic community in Malaysia that makes up the largest group of Christians in the country — about nine per cent of Malaysia’s 28 million people are Christian, with Catholics numbering about 850,000 — has been hurt as well. I sense soulless trouble rousers seem fearful there actually exists togetherness in our nation and that’s alarming. They have lost spiritual steadiness and inverted their values. Last January, I wrote about a rosary my Muslim buddy Nara gave me as a gift for Christmas. He got it blessed by a bishop during a trip to the Vatican and the rosary gift remains a status update in my life — one that bespeaks the spirit of mutual respect and thumps home the need to refrain from the slippery slope of needless religious and race comparisons. To me, the rosary deed will always make me want to forget those amongst us "blessed" with knuckle-headitude. Both Christians and Muslims are people of the book and we can only be in awe of the idiocy of people who clasp fanaticism and turn on the tap of chaos. FRANKIE D'CRUZ is editorat-large of The Malay Mail. The multiple award-winning journalist can be contacted at BREAKING HER WILL: Paloh denied the five freedoms of animal welfare



Government hopes to reduce waiting time during peak hours once the newly-acquired trains from China are put into service for the KTM Komuter lines by year-end — Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha


'Through the eyes of children'

Photography initiative by Nikon and two other bodies for the underprivileged IN conjunction with Ramadan, Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd sponsored 22 underprivileged children and youths from orphanages in the Klang Valley on a photo shoot adventure at the KL Bird Park last week. This cor p orate s o cia l responsibility (CSR) initiative, themed “Through the Eyes of Children”, is a joint effort between Nikon Malaysia, Persatuan START Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (StART) and Purplehouz Fine Arts. The selected children, aged 10 to 18 years, had shown an interest and a passion for photography but never had the opportunity to pursue it.

"Nikon is very passionate about photography and provided these underprivileged children an opportunity to discover and develop their photography skills, enabling them to capture joyful and memorable moments in their lives," said Masanobu Tsunoda, managing director of Nikon Malaysia and Nikon Singapore. The children, who were each given a Coolpix camera by Nikon, were taken on an educational expedition where they took part in a photography workshop at the StART premises and KL Bird Park. Following this initiative, 19 Nikon representatives will continue to provide moral

HERE'S HOW: Wong Kok Jen (right), a tutor from Nikon, teaching the children how to use the camera — Pic: Shahir Omar

and technical support by monitoring the quality of pictures captured by the children to help create a continuous relationship between Nikon

and the youngsters in a "mentor-mentee" manner. Nikon Malaysia and StART will select the best photographs for exhibition at the

Purplehouz Fine Arts Gallery. The public can view and buy any of the displayed photographs from Sept 1 to 11, and all proceeds will be channelled directly to the individual children via their own fixed deposit account for their future undertakings. The photographs will again be showcased for sale at the Petaling Jaya Civic Centre on Sept 12 and 13 during a concert recital by underprivileged children organised by StART. Those who did not have the opportunity to view and purchase the photos at Purplehouz Gallery will now have a final chance to do so at this concert recital.

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011

Freida's chimpanzee research INDIA-born actress Freida Pinto says she spent hours online researching chimpanzees to prepare for her role in the just released movie Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, the Indian Express reports. The 26-yearold Slumdog Millionaire star said she was disappointed after director Rupert Wyatt decided against using real primates in the movie. “I would have loved to spend time with apes but there wasn't much opportunity. I did spend a lot of time reading about chimps."

Yingluck likely to succeed MOST Thais believe Prime Minister-elect Yingluck Shinawatra is likely to be able to satisfy them in terms of ability to take the helm of the country's administration, a poll revealed yesterday, the Bangkok Post reports. Results show 48.04 per cent believed she was likely to succeed and 20.44 per cent said she would probably fare well, while the rest did not expect much from her.

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011

Tabung Ekonomi Kumpulan Usaha Niaga Nasional, an economic fund for small businesses, will adopt a 'visit and persuade' approach to collect debts from more than 36,000 borrowers — Tekun chairman Suraya Yaacob


Food for everyone Regulars spread word to others who flock in for a free meal


THOSE who regularly queue up for free vegetarian meals provided by the Food For Life Society's KL chapter are also helping to spread the word to others in need. One such regular recipient is, a 70-year-old housewife from Pudu, who wished to be known only as Ah Moi. She told The Malay Mail: "Every Sunday, I walk to the society's van at Kotaraya. Over the years, I have brought along friends who have problems making ends meet." Another regular is Tamil Selvi, 40, who said: "I work near Kotaraya and whenever there is enough food to go around, I would ask for several plates and bring them to my needy friends." When The Malay Mail visited Kotaraya yesterday, there was a large crowd queuing up. They

ORDERLY FOOD DISTRIBUTION: People of all races lining up for a meal at Kotaraya

comprised both women and men of various races. The society's KL chapter has 200 volunteers. One of them, S. Subramaniam,


A choice for all

AMIDST the searing heat of the day, many city folk prefer to remain within the airconditioned comfort of their offices or bigger stores along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. But just a few hours later, the human traffic flow along this main street increases dramatically as the cooler evening brings out customers seeking various food staples for the breaking of fast. Knowing many of them would also stop by for other Raya items, Pakistani trader Shahid Nawaz knows he

needs to remain patient until customers appear to browse through colourful scarves on display and usually buy a few. The shop is run by U & Me Collection and its manager Qasim Ali said: "We've been here for two years. Most of our supplies are local, we design our own styles and patterns to suit the tastes of customers.'' Everything is in place and until customers appear, one could say Shahid is the proverbial thorn among the roses. — Pic: Salhani Ibrahim

52, said it feels good to spend his off day helping out a good cause. "I work six days a week at a steel-making company. It is

gratifying to help distribute meals to needy people and make them happy," he said. "Seeing them smile is heartwarming."



2,000 plates a week

THE Food For Life Society's KL chapter is organising a day-long Food Fair on Sept 16 at Taman Yarl in Jalan Klang Lama to raise funds for its programmes. "We urge the public to buy coupons to purchase food at the fair," said the society's head of distribution, M. Elakumanan. He said Food for Life is the world's largest food relief programme with chapters in over 50 countries. The KL chapter began operating five years ago. "Our intention is to feed as many needy people as possible. "At the same time, promote healthy living as we serve vegetarian meals," he said, adding they have 200 volunteers from various backgrounds, including support from professionals, restaurants and wholesalers including the Selayang market which supplies free vegetables. "The KL branch distributes 2,000 plates of food from

noon daily each week at seven locations in the Klang Valley." They are Kotaraya on Mo n d a y s , f o l l o w e d b y Taman Medan's Puspakom (Tuesdays), Desa Mentari low-cost flats in Jalan Klang Lama (Wednesdays), Mahsa College's Cheras campus (Thursdays), Brickfields (Fridays), Chow Kit market and Mydin Jalan Silang near the Puduraya bus station (Saturdays) and Petaling Street, and again at Kotaraya (Sundays). "We provide a variety of food, including Indian curry and halal Chinese dishes," said Elakumanan, adding that KL City Hall allows the society to distribute the food from a van. "Each plate of food costs about RM1, so a person contributing RM10 helps to feed 10 people." Those interested in volunteering services or to donate can contact Elakumanan at 012-4256557.


Fasting 30 hours for good cause NINE thousand Malaysians, aged 30 and below, took part in the 30-Hour Famine 2011 Countdown at the Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium here yesterday. Organised by World Vision Malaysia, Sin Chew Daily and HELP University College, the four-hour event, themed "Child Health Crisis", raised more than RM1.5 million which will benefit famine victims and the needy in Africa, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and also Malaysia. Among participants who underwent a 30-hour fast without food and drinks to experience the ordeal of people facing hunger, was 38-year-old salesman Ray Ko. "I have taken part in various famine fund-raising events the past six years and doing this regularly reminds me how fortunate my family and I are," said Ko. On weekends he volunteers work at welfare homes and provides counselling at non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Another participant, Chew Reng Ooi, 17, said: "This is the third time I have taken part in a fasting programme. It is good to know what it is like to starve as it motivates us to help those in need." Teoh Kok Kheng, a Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Ampuan

FOR A GOOD CAUSE: Sharizat (centre) with representatives of World Vision and 'Sin Chew' publication who gave RM100,000 to World Vison for the 30-hour hunger programme

Puan Rahimah Form Five student said: "I'm doing this for the first time and it was not easy not having food or drinks for 30 hours but it's for a good cause." Universit i Keb angs aan Malaysia (UKM) student A. Srideva, 25, said: "It's my first experience as a volunteer in a fasting event. I am also glad to help out in the logistics, including security. As far as I know, none of the participants fell ill or fainted." P r e s e nt at t h e e v e nt was Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil whose ministry donated RM50,000 while co-or-

ganiser Sin Chew Daily donated RM100,000. "I'm overwhelmed to see so many young Malaysians taking part. We enjoy easy access to medical and welfare benefits, and we should do our part to help the famine-stricken and less — fortunate around the world," said Shahrizat, adding that her ministry spends RM1.2 billion a year to assist the needy. World Vision Malaysia chief executive officer Liew Tong Ngan said: “Each year, nine million children die from diseases that can be prevented, such as malaria and diarrhoea. Every child should have the right to health care, nutrition and

education and it is the responsibility of those of us who are able to reach out and help those in need." During the event, hosted by Miss Malaysia/Universe 2011 winner Deborah Henry, there were appearances by 30-Hour Famine 2011 ambassador Tan Kheng Seong, also known as Aniu, 8TV hosts Dennis, Gary Yap, Lawrence, Mei Sim, Natalie, Rickman, Winson, and radio deejays JD, Dilly, Reefa, Jeff, Mei Yan, Phoebe and Royce, and performances by Athena, Da.Mon.Ster, Daniel Lee, Elvira Arul, Francissca Peter, Hao Ren, Josh Lai, Kah Jun, Ming Wee, Suki, Wen Wen and Yen.


The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011

tel:03-7495 1000/1001/1002 tel:019-261 4948 (after 9pm)

your right to be heard ● ● ● ●

Complainants have to submit their personal particulars and provide a detailed account of their complaint. Complainants have to first file their complaints with the respective parties before contacting Hotline. Complaints referred by Hotline to the relevant parties would be published if there is no response in seven days. After a complaint has been resolved, the complainant cannot demand non-publication of the matter.


Selayang clean-up

City Hall and RAs joined forces to remove illegal ads in Taman Wilayah FOR four years, the residents of Taman Wilayah in Selayang, Kuala Lumpur, have had to put up with unsightly illegal advertisements. So it was with relief yesterday when City Hall and the Taman Wilayah Bandar Utara Selayang Residents’ Associations Joint Action Body conducted an hour-long operation to remove the posters and stickers. The residents say the illegal advertisements, offering a range of products and such services as illegal money-lending, have become an eyesore as they are pasted on lamp posts, the walls of shops and residences, bus stops as well as phone booths. MAHMUD ABDULLAH AMIN, chairman of the joint action body, says the area is a popular spot for illegal advertisements because of the Selayang wholesale market, which attracts a lot of people. He says that despite gotongroyong activities organised by the residents to clean up the neighbourhood, new stickers and posters are put up as soon as the old ones are taken down or scrapped off. Businessman TERRY HEW, 58, says teams of young boys are hired to put up the illegal advertisements. "Most of the boys are between 14 and 16 years old. They are not from our neighbourhood." He says he often has to chase away boys who try to paste their stickers on a vending machine in front of his photo studio. A resident, LEE KOK LOON, 47, likens the advertisements to weeds. "They crop up as soon

OFF IT COMES: Mohd Amin Noordin removing a poster on a lamp post — Pix: Ashraf Shamsul Azlan

LEE: Likens illegal advertisements to weeds that crop up everywhere

as you get rid of them," he says. LEE hopes the authorities can come up with a permanent solution to rid the town of the unsightly illegal advertisements. ● CITY HALL deputy director-general for Socio-Economic Development Datuk Mohd Amin Noordin Abdul Azizi says those caught pasting illegal advertisements can be fined RM300 per advertisement under the Local Government Act 1976. "Since January this year, 278,000 illegal advertisements have been removed by officers from 11 City Hall branches at hotspots such as Bandar Tun Razak, Bandar Sri Permaisuri and Bukit Jalil," he says. City Hall has also passed about 500 telephone numbers listed on the illegal advertisements to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) during the period. Once the commission has tracked down the owners of

the numbers, City Hall will issue them with compounds. "We have been issuing compounds by post and some have paid the fines," says Mohd Amin Noordin. He also urges residents to continue their efforts to remove illegal advertisements in their neighbourhoods. They should contact the City Hall hotline at 1800-88-3255 if they need assistance.

CLEANING UP TAMAN WILAYAH SELAYANG • The operation to remove the illegal advertisements is the third between City Hall and residents' associations (RAs) this year. • Forty officers from the City Hall branches in Batu, Wangsa Maju

and Segambut took part. • The Taman Wilayah Bandar Utara Selayang Residents’ Associations Joint Action Body comprises eight RAs — Taman Desa Bakti, Taman Sri Murni, Ta-

man Wilayah Selayang Phases 2, 3 and 4, Taman Wilayah Selayang apartment Blocks 22 and 23, and Kampung Selayang Lama. • About 25 residents took part in the operation.

Credit card approved after earlier rejection K. RAVINDREN wants an explanation as to why his application for an AirAsia Citibank credit card was rejected even though he claims he had followed all the instructions given. He says he applied for the credit card on June 15 but only found out his applica-

tion was not accepted two weeks later, when he contacted Citibank to enquire about the status of his application. However, he claims he was told the reason could not be disclosed to him. "Why should it be so? I have no bad payment re-

cords and have no other debts,” he says. REVINDREN wonders if the "whole application process is just a ruse for the bank to gather customer data" and says he should have been told the reason for the rejection. "We have heard of so

many false applications or where a person's personal details have been misused," he says. He says the bank must ensure consumers are told why their application cannot be accepted so that they can verify or ascertain if the reason is valid.

RAVINDREN hopes Bank Negara will look into the manner customer details are being sought. ● A CITIBANK Berhad spokesman says the case has been resolved and RAVINDREN has been informed. When contacted, RAV-

INDREN says Citibank has since approved his credit card application. However, he feels the bank should have asked for the additional documentation required to process his application sooner, instead of after he had to make a complaint against them.

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011


1. City Hall has prohibited Park within the next three operators from dumping months to stop motorcyclists TAKE NOTE solid waste on land in from entering the track. Kuala Lumpur as such dumping can only 3. People who steal water can be fined up to take place outside the city. RM100,000 or jailed two years, or both, if 2. City Hall is to install barriers at the jogging convicted under the Water Service Industry and bicycle track at Kepong Metropolitan Act 2006.

St Anthony's ahead City Hall removes 'No entry' sign to relief of church-goers BEFORE

MOTORISTS can now use Jalan Robertson, Kuala Lumpur, to get to St Anthony's Church. The confusing no-entry sign has been removed by City Hall after being alerted to it by Hotline. On June 27, The Malay Mail highlighted the concerns of reader GEORGE ANTHONY, who informed Hotline about the presence of a 'No-entry' sign to Jalan Robertson, with another sign reading ‘Untuk

bas sekolah sahaja’ (school buses only) placed below it. Motorists were caught by surprise as the road is the only one leading to St Anthony's Church. ANTHONY said the signs led people to drive around looking for the way to the church. He said many churchgoers were forced to park far away and walk to the church, while others chose to ignore the signs and use


the road instead. He asked if the motorists were breaking the law or if the road signs had been wrongly placed. In response, City Hall explained the signs had been placed there to prevent express buses from entering and using the area for busholding. The bus-holding area has since been relocated to Jalan Hang Tuah. City Hall said it would remove the signs.

ST ANTHONY'S CHURCH • It is one of the oldest churches in Kuala Lumpur. • The church is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. • In 1899, St John’s Cathedral in Bukit Nanas was the only place of worship for Catholics residing in the city. As the majority of Indian Catholics were Tamil-speaking, the church became inadequate to cater to the community’s needs. • In 1908, a chapel was built for the Tamil-speaking parishioners living near the railway central workshop in Sentul but there was still a need for a spacious church within the city centre. • In 1909, land was acquired for a new church. Funds were collected in Singapore and Penang to build a church for the Indian Catholics. • In January 1911, Fr Francois Le Mahec was appointed the first parish priest of the Indian Catholics in Kuala Lumpur. He continued to collect funds for the new church and work started in 1912. • On Feb 2, 1913, Bishop Barillon blessed the foundation stone for the new church of St Anthony. • The opening and blessing were done on Sept 21, 1913, by Fr Louis Duvelle in recognition of all he had done for the Indian community in Kuala Lumpur. • Although the church building was put up in 1913, the date of establishment of the parish is recorded as 1911 (following the official appointment of its first parish priest).

TM updates system with new owner's contact number TAN YOW HOO, of Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, wants Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) to save his details in its system and stop calling the previous owner of his fixed home line. He says the mix-up began in mid-May when he applied to instal the Unifi broadband system in his house and TM tried to contact him regarding the installation. However, the 28-year-old applications consultant says TM kept calling the previous owner

of TAN’s fixed line instead. "I asked TM more than 10 times to remove the previous owner’s handphone number from their system and that they should call my handphone number instead if there were any problems,” TAN says. Instead of changing the contact number, TM kept calling the previous owner almost everyday. "This is so unprofessional. For the last time, I urge TM to please call my handphone

if they have any enquiries," he says. TAN adds that if TM calls the previous owner again, the owner will make a police report and also file a complaint with the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca). ● TM says an investigation by its billing and accounts departments found the fixed line account initially belonged to TAN's father and TAN had requested a change

of ownership to his name. "There was a technical glitch on our part, which disrupted the processing of his request," a TM spokesman says. TAN's contact number has been updated and TM will be using this new number for future reference. TM says they are sorry for for the inconvenienced experienced by TAN. TAN confirms TM has settled the case with him amicably.

Online comments Faillure to terminate gym membership (Aug 5) ● IT was very good of Fitness First to refund Lim when she did not pay her cancellation charges. Now every Fitness First member who reads this and wants to opt out of a similar membership will cite Lim's case as an example and demand a refund without paying the cancellation charges. It is sure to result in havoc. Is that fair to Fitness First? — Anonymous ● HOW is it a rip-off? Aren't all gym membership contracts locked in by nature, otherwise it won't be called a contract, no? Can't you tell that this gym member is being unreasonable? For Platinum membership, the condition is that she must commit to 12 months. Fitness First explained she can opt to transfer so as to avoid paying the monthly charges for 12 months but she didn't. Fitness First told her she must pay cancellation charges in order to get her refund but she didn't. So whose fault is this? Hello! Nobody pointed a gun to her head to upgrade to Platinum membership. If she signed up for similar services elsewhere, the same principle will apply if members cancel and then default on payment without paying cancellation fees. — Anonymous Will they ever learn? (Aug 5) ● PUT a City Hall tow truck there to deter people from parking illegally, or if they are stubborn, then just tow their cars away ... settled! There is plenty of parking space in Pearl Point, and so why must these "cheap" fellas decide to park by the roadside? Yes, because they are cheap! — Saya anak Malaysia ● NOW they park on both sides. — Once a victim ● JUST hire a bulldozer. Stop wasting time and effort by writing summonses as the Malaysian Boleh attitude will never change. It’s happening everywhere and not just along this narrow road. By the way, not so long ago, one morning at the forever congested OUG morning market, my car was blocked by a City Hall van, whose driver went missing. The lane is one-way. At first, I waited for five minutes, then 10 minutes, then 20 minutes and I honked. Everyone looked, but no one appeared and by that time, one idiotic driver of another car who had parked illegally along the road moved so I could go on my way. Frustrated? Angry? Stressed? Biasa-lah. — anonymous ● MALAYSIAN motorists all inherit a bad habit of doing whatever they feel fit, especially to avoid paying for parking, or taking such short cuts for their own convenience. But then again, parking fees in Kuala Lumpur are expensive, therefore people will nearly always try to avoid paying. Efficient public transport is still a far-fetched dream and as long as this is a burden, people will still insist on owning cars and driving to whatever destination. Then there's the other issue of insufficient parking in busy areas. It is all a very complex situation, where no real win-win solution is in sight. So, punitive and deterrents are the only recourse. Fines are not a real solution or a means to end the issue. The country just isn't prepared. We just have to tolerate all the challenges. The MP of this constituency should look hard at issues like this. Turun padang everydaylah! See for yourself and solve the problem. — Anonymous Demolished! (Aug 3) ● AFTER a month or two, the stall will come back even bigger and with a licence. — Anonymous



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PJ: Rukun Negara

Practise what we preach

WE need to find various ways to narrow the huge gap between knowledge and practice. For example, many of us are aware of the importance of regular physical exercise and healthy diet but lack the discipline to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some drive recklessly or dash across a busy street in a game of death. If life-threatening situations are given scant regard, values are often set aside for convenience and expediency. Superficial knowledge of values would not lead to practice and this includes our Rukun Negara. Calling on Malaysians to live by the five tenets of our national philosophy can be akin to pouring water over the duck’s back.

Let us start with “Belief in God”. True believers choose to do only the good for the love and fear of God. Ironically, many who diligently pray in houses of worship seem to have a greater love for money and more fearful of the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) or MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission). How can those who profess to love God have such disdain to his most sacred creation — our fellow human beings? There must be a reason or purpose for a diversity of people, language, beliefs and practices in this world. “Loyalty to the King and Country” is best tested in times of war, and patriots have emerged from all ethnic groups to regain the peace

and achieved independence for our country. During peacetime, patriotism is beyond flag-raising ceremonies or cheering the national team. National Day should not be treated just as any other festival celebrated once a year and marked by a holiday. Patriotism is best measured by contributions to the country. Such patriotic acts can include studying and working hard; being productive and innovative; leading a healthy lifestyle and not be a burden to the country’s resources; generating income and paying taxes; donating to charity and doing voluntary work; contributing to society and helping those in need; fighting against corruption and pollution; checking deg-

radation of society and desecration of environment; and doing a good job and being proud of our work. “U p h o l d i n g the Constitution” can be a bridge too far when it is not understood or appreciated. The “Birth Certificate” of our nation needs to be explained and embraced by its citizens. If it were not held sacrosanct by politicians, it would be a tall order for the rakyat. “Rule of Law” connects the people, as everyone is wary that lawlessness would lead to anarchy. In any case, laws are made to serve the people and not use against them for ulterior motive. “Courtesy and Morality” should be actively promoted, as they are easily seen and felt. Sadly, the failure of our edu-

KL: Choosy cabbies (July 27)

So, to ensure a winwin situation, everybody must play their part and improve. The government must also listen to what the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Taxi Drivers Welfare Association has to say. We should improve the livelihood of the taxi drivers so they can give better service. They have been sidelined for too long. Their status as taxi drivers is constantly being ridiculed and their occupation perceived as low-class in the eyes of the public. I believe even children feel ashamed if they have to tell their friends their fathers work as a taxi drivers. There has to be a mechanism to subsidise their fuel and maintenance costs. Perhaps the government can create something like a taxi tyre scheme to subsidise the

There are good and bad taxi drivers

cost of tyres. This will at least help reduce their burden of changing all four tyres and, at the same time, ensure public safety. The same can be done for major spare parts, like brake pads, repainting, changing the seat covers, changing engine oil and servicing the air-conditioner. With better and cheaper taxi service, the public will find it more conducive to use taxis. This will help to reduce the number of personal vehicles on the road. Surely, with so many org an i s at i ons , i ns t itu tions and educated people involved in the transport industry, they can come out with the details of such a mechanism. Anyone dare to take on this challenge?

LAST week, I experienced both the good and the bad of Malaysian taxi drivers. First, one taxi driver actually took the trouble to take me from 1Utama in Damansara to Kuala Lumpur during peak hours using the meter. I was really grateful for the ser vice that I tipped him for his honesty. The next day was a totally different stor y. The cab driver demanded RM50 to take me from Carrefour Sub ang Jaya to Sha h Alam. In summary, there are good and honest taxi drivers out there and there are also bad apples who are the ones spoiling the industry.



KL taxis often stuffy and smelly YS CHAN's list of 10 reasons why Malaysian taxi drivers continue to pick and choose passengers or trips despite being repeatedly warned against doing so was enlightening. Apart from all the reasons given, I would like to add another factor which I feel

is most important of all — hygiene. As a frequent traveller, I regularly take taxis to move around. When in Bangkok and Singapore, I find the cab's interiors are 98 per cent of the time clean and airy because

they keep spraying disinfectant in the vehicle after a few passengers. I am scared each time I board a taxi in Kuala Lumpur, It is often stuffy, dingy, smelly and, not to mention, greasy. Many people may not be aware but a healthcare worker

Lack of courtesy is the root cause of frequent quarrels among family members, relatives, neighbours, acquaintances, colleagues and, of course, politicians. Arguing who is right or wrong has never ended quarrels. Showing courtesy can. Courtesy can be as simple as giving a smile or complex as working out a customerfriendly procedure. As we are approaching our 54th Merdeka anniversary, concerned leaders have made clarion calls to Malaysians of the need to make our country great. Those convinced also need to be shown how, as many of them may need to take one baby step at a time. YS Chan

PJ: Paloh and Jeli deserve better life (Aug 5)

Improve livelihood for better service

HERE is my list of reasons why the public refuses to use taxis: 1. Expensive: The fare by AirAsia from Alor Star to the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) is RM50 while the taxi fare from LCCT to Seremban is RM85. 2. Uncomfortable: Most of the time, the air-conditioning in the taxis does not work properly. 3. Unfriendly drivers: Many taxi drivers are unhygenic, scruffy-looking and not presentable. They smell of stale tobacco, are noisy on the phone and are rude. Many are not the drivers shown on the permit, they drive dangerously, tamper with the meter and cheat unknowing passengers 4. Dirty vehicles: A number of these taxis are dirty, smelly and unhygienic, too old and simply uninviting.

cation system is abundantly clear. Apart from a mismatch between academia and industry, there is little emphasis on personal development such as in communication and courtesy. As such, graduates may have learned something in their chosen fields but if they are unable to communicate well and connect to the real world, they are anything but educated. For courtesy and unity to occur, it will have to start within a family before the same can happen in the workplace and society. We can start with the basics like learning to love and not spoil ourselves. We must learn to respect and be courteous to others, whether they deserve it or not.

once told me to be careful of seats on our public transport that are not made of plastic because there is a possible infection of pinworms — small worms that infect the intestines. Hamimah

'Torture' must stop now WE are distressed to read about the baby elephant Paloh being shackled alone and exhausted standing in the hot sun and not allowed to move around at the zoo. We plead that someone can do something quickly to release poor Paloh from her agony. What is the world coming to that we have to read and witness the appalling conditions these creatures and other animals have to live through? Elephants are the most noble of animals. These magnificent animals will serve us without tiring by pulling logs and clearing forests around the world and also carrying people on their backs for many miles, and yet we treat them in

this way. What right as human beings do we have to shackle them and leave them to die as we do over and over again? We are ashamed of our fellow human beings that are allowed by uncaring authorities to get away with this torture. It must stop now. We are writing here to plead for Paloh to be rescued before she dies a very sad death. Our tears are running down our faces and we are so angry we can hardly breathe. She is only a baby. All she wants is to be free to live her life without shackles and enjoy the freedom she deserves. Ray and Michelle

Have compassion for all creatures I AM writing this for the welfare of Baby Paloh. Elephants are the world's largest land animals. They roam the jungles and plains freely, travelling in herds. It is not only cruel to keep this animal chained and confined, it is unethical. Please spread the word that Paloh needs to be free. Please send her to a sanctuary where she can

live the life she deserves. Our duty as human beings is to be stewards of the earth. We are to care for the environment and all its creatures with love and compassion. Please do all that is in your power to free this beautiful baby elephant Paloh. Anne USA

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011


Eight killed in US shooting A GUNMAN shot and killed seven people yesterday, including an 11 yearold child, before police shot him dead, local media in Ohio report. The shooting, apparently rooted in a domestic dispute, took place yesterday morning in Copley Township, a small town located outside Akron, in northeastern Ohio, local television station WKYC-TV reported. C ople y Police C hief Michael Mier told a local ne wsp ap er, t he Akron Beacon Journal, that five people were found shot dead outside a home and two people were killed at a separate location. After receiving calls to the 911 emergency line and rushing to the scene of the crime, police officers saw a suspect flee. The suspect then "engaged the officers in gunfire and the suspect has been killed as well," Mier told the Beacon Journal. — AFP

The European Central Bank said it would 'actively' renew eurozone bond purchases after Italy and Spain announced new measures and reforms to bolster their economies. — AFP LONDON

Gene link to ovarian cancer Discovery of faulty RAD51D helps women beat disease

WOMEN who carry a faulty copy of a gene called RAD51D have an almost one in 11 chance of developing ovarian cancer, scientists said yesterday in a finding they called the most significant ovarian cancer gene discovery for more than 10 years. Tests to identify those at highest risk are expected to be available within a few years, according to Cancer Research UK, and may lead some women to decide to have their ovaries removed in order to beat the disease. The finding should also speed the search for new drugs. Laboratory experiments already suggest that cells with

faulty RAD51D are sensitive to PARP inhibitors - a new class of drugs designed to target cancers caused by faults in two known breast and ovarian cancer genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2. Several large drugmakers, including Abbott, Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis and AstraZeneca, are developing PARP inhibitors, which work by blocking DNA repair mechanisms in cancer cells, stalling the cell cycle and leading to cell death. Data releas ed in May showed that one of these, AstraZeneca's olaparib, was able to slow the progression of ovarian cancer in a mid-

stage clinical trial. For the latest study, researchers from Britain's Institute of Cancer Research compared the DNA of women from 911 families with ovarian and breast cancer to DNA from a control group of more than 10,000 people from the general population. They found eight faults in the RAD51D gene in women with cancer, compared with only one in the control group. "Women with a fault in the RAD51D gene have a one in 11 chance of developing ovarian cancer," said Nazneen Rahman of the Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden in London, who led the study and pub-

lished its findings in the journal Nature Genetics. Ovarian cancer can remain hidden for a long time and thus is often not discovered until it is advanced. An est imate d 230,000 women worldwide are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year. Most are not diagnosed before the cancer has spread, and up to 70 per cent of them die within five years. Because of this, Rahman said, women with the faulty gene may decide their best option is to have their ovaries removed after they have children, particularly if they have already seen other family members die of the disease. — Reuters


Jackie O's stunning assassination theories

JAC K I E K E N N E DY ' S secrets come out of the closet in secret tapes made by her which are said to contain "explosive" contents which will reveal her private life with assassinated husband President John F Kennedy. The tapes, which are to be aired by ABC in Autumn, are believed to contain interviews with the former First Lady, in which she talks candidly about her and her husband's affairs, and who she really believed was behind his assassination. The tapes were recorded with leading historian Arthur M Schlesinger Jr within months of the assassination on Nov 22, 1963, and have been sealed in a vault at Kennedy Library in Boston until now. Jackie O (pic), as the world came to know her after she married Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis, asked that the tapes not be revealed until 50 years after her death but her daughter Caroline Kennedy decided to release them in a deal with ABC.

According to the UK's Sunday Express, during the two-hour special, Jackie will reveal details about her husband's 'meaningless flings', including a fully-fledged affair with a 19-year-old White House intern, as well as revealing that she herself plunged into affairs. In the tapes, Jackie allegedly blames President Lyndon Johnson for the death of JFK, who took over the post from her husband after his assassination She reportedly talks about her affair with Hollywood actor William Holden and Fi at c ar mogul Gianni Agnelli in revenge for JFK's serious

philandering. She is also said to talk about who was behind the assassination, believing gunman Lee Harvey Oswald was part of a bigger conspiracy. A source said that the former First Lady became convinced Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, JFK’s successor, and a cabal of Texas tycoons were involved. The source told the newspaper: "Those businessmen expected LBJ would give them more favourable treatment in Vietnam War contracts and oil policies. "There is no doubt Jackie wanted the truth to come out, but feared she and her children, Caroline and John Jr, might also be marked for death by the conspirators." Another source also revealed on the eve of JFK's assassination, he and Jackie shared a night of passion and, despite having cheated on each other in the past, 'they talked about having more children'. A spokesman at ABC confirmed the tapes' 'explosive' contents will be aired in a two-hour TV special.


Dalai Lama's political man sworn in LOBSANG SANGAY, a 43year-old Harvard scholar, will be sworn in as head of the Tibetan government-inexile in Dharamshala today, replacing the Dalai Lama as the movement's political leader. aIn a historic shift from the dominance of Tibetan politics by religious figures, the new prime minister, who has never set foot in Tibet, will assume the temporal duties relinquished by the Dalai Lama in May. Although the 76-yearold monk will retain the more significant role of spiritual leader, as well as his hold on major policy-making decisions, the transition will make Sangay a far more prominent figure than his predecessor. The challenges he faces are daunting. -- AFP

Saudi Arabia recalls ambassador SAUDI ARABIA has recalled its ambassador from Damascus for consultations, King Abdullah said yesterday, in a statement calling on Syria's leaders to "stop the killing machine". "Saudi Arabia announces the recall of its ambassador for consultations," the king said in the statement released in Riyadh in which he urged Syria to "stop the killing machine and the bloodshed, before it is too late." "The kingdom does not accept the situation in Syria, because the developments cannot be justified," the Saudi monarch said urging Damascus to introduce "comprehensive and quick reforms." "The future of Syria lies between two options: either Syria chooses willingly to resort to reason, or face being swept into deep chaos, God forbid," he said. -- AFP

Chavez returns to Cuba for treatment


Bomb blasts kill 10 cops in southern Afghanistan SEPARATE bomb blasts in volatile southern Afghanistan killed 10 police and wounded nine civilians, officials said yesterday. The police were killed late on Saturday when their vehicle hit an improvised explosive device (IED), or home-made bomb, in Kandahar province, the spiritual home of the insurgent Taliban. "The police were travelling in a police vehicle which struck an IED and some of the police died and some of them were injured. The injured died later in hospital," said General Abdul Raziq, the Kandahar police chief.


In the city of Lashkar Gah yesterday, in the neighbouring province of Helmand, another improvised bomb wounded nine people, interior ministry spokesman Siddiq Siddiqi told media. The latest southern unrest comes at a critical juncture in the nearly 10-year war on Talibanled insurgents, as thousands of US surge troops prepare to go home and other Western nations announce limited withdrawals of soldiers. All foreign combat forces are due to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014. — AFP

VENEZUELAN President Hugo Chavez was in Cuba yesterday for a second round of chemotherapy treatment following the removal of a cancerous tumour in June. The 57-year-old Chavez, who has lost his hair due to the treatment, expressed confidence he will return to Venezuela in a few days "in better condition that I am now." "We will come out of this stronger. I am sure of it. My perspective is lengthening, and it's not 2012, but 2031," he said before his departure from Caracas, referring to his plans to run for a third six-year term in presidential elections next year. While the firebrand leftist was in Havana, Venezuelan media aired an interview with an introspective Chavez who recalled the moment when Cuban leader Fidel Castro first told him he had cancer. — AFP



He doesn't have any verbal speech but he walked just short of his 4th birthday and he's an incredibly happy child — Irish actor Colin Farell on his son, who suffers from Angelman Syndrome

Big Boi arrested for drug possession BIG BOI, the well-known rapper from the group Outkast, has been arrested for drug possession yesterday as he was exiting a cruise ship in Miami, TMZ confirmed. The MiamiDade County Corrections Department has charged the hip-hop artist, whose real name is Antwan Patton, with three counts possession of a controlled substance and one count possession of drug paraphernalia, reports Us Magazine. At border control, customs officials and dogs busted the 36-year-old, who is said to have been carrying ecstasy pills, MDMA powder, and Viagra.

Woman charged with stalking Cotillard OSCAR-WINNING French actress Marion Cotillard has received death threats from a New York woman who was detained this week and charged with stalking, but then released on bail, local media said yesterday. The woman, identified as Teresa Yuan, sent a chilling video to a fan website devoted to the 35-year-old actress, who stars in the upcoming Batman sequel, The Dark Knight Rises, the New York Daily News reported. "The guilt and sorrow I feel now, I won't feel after it happens. After it happens, I'll feel no regrets whatsoever... that's apparently how it feels to be a killer, to be a murderer," Yuan warned in the video sent on July 23. Yuan, who has been charged with "interstate stalking" and released on bail. — AFP

top ten weekend BOX-OFFICE


'Apes' prequel climbs to top spot RISE of the Planet of the Apes (pic) swung to the number one spot this weekend as it opened to an estimated US$54 million (RM162.5) in sales at the North American box-office. A prequel to the 1968 film Planet of the Apes, it tells the story of how experiments gone awry lead to an epic battle between man and his ancestral species. The film's receipts were "much better than expected," said industry analyst Paul Degerabedian. — AFP

1. Rise of the Planet of the Apes — US$54m (US$54m) 2. The Smurfs — US$21m (US$76.2m) 3. Cowboys & Aliens — US$15.7m (US$67.4m) 4. The Change-Up — US$13.5m (US$13.5m) 5. Captain America: The First Avenger — US$13m (US$143m) 6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 — US$12.2m (US$343m) 7. Crazy, Stupid, Love — US$12.1m (US$42.2m) 8. Friends with Benefits — US$4.7m US$48.5m) 9. Horrible Bosses — US$4.62m (US$105m) 10. Transformers: Dark of the Moon — US$3.02m (US$344m)


Casinos crash out Hacking contest reveals major cyber protection flaws

A WEEKEND contest at the world's largest hacking convention in Las Vegas showed one reason why big corporations seem to be such easy prey for cyber criminals: their workers are poorly trained in security. Amid a spate of high-profile cyber assaults on targets ranging from Sony Corp to the International Monetary Fund, one would think that many companies would be paying special attention to security these days. But hackers taking part in the competition on Friday and Saturday found it ridiculously easy in some cases to trick employees at some of the largest US companies to

reveal information that can be used in planning cyber attacks against them. The contestants also managed to get employees to use their corporate computers to browse websites the hackers suggested. Had these been criminal hackers, the websites would have likely loaded malicious software onto the PCs. In one case, a contestant pretended to work for a company's IT department and persuaded an employee to give him information on the configuration of her PC, data tha t could help a hacker decide what type of malware would work best in an attack. "For me it was a scary call

because she was so willing to comply," said Chris Hadnagy, one of the organisers of the contest at the Defcon conference in Las Vegas. "A lot of this could facilitate serious attacks if used by the right people," Hadnagy said. Defcon is organised by benevolent hackers, partly to promote research on security vulnerabilities in order to pressure companies to fix them. The contest was sponsored by so-called white-hat hackers to show companies how weak their security is and encourage them to better educate their employees as to the risks of hacking. The company whose employ-


Minka Kelly credits rough childhood FORMER Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly (pic) is heading over to ABC, where she's playing the troubled Eve French on the Charlie's Angels reboot, and she credited her difficult childhood for helping her bring depth to her character. "The thing about Eve is because she's an orphan and she was on her own her entire life and she had to fight for herself, and fend for herself and sort of survive, I think I have a lot in common with her on that aspect," Minka said in Beverly Hills yesterday, reports Access Hollywood. "I am an only child and I was raised by a single mother, and we moved around a lot and I understand what that's about."

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011

'Friday Night Lights' best on TV

TOP SHOW: Star of 'Friday Night Lights', Minka Kelly

THE Television Critics Association honoured the final season of Friday Night Lights by naming it the Outstanding Programme of the Year and gave Game of Thrones the award for Outstanding New Programme. Mad Men and Modern Family re ceive d t wo awards each, the most of any show, as the group's members opted to spread its praise around. Ma d Me n r e c e i v e d i t s third award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama, and Jon Hamm won the award for Individual Achievement in Drama. Moder n Family won for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy. — Reuters

ees handed over the most data was Oracle Corp, according to Hadnagy. One of the world's largest software makers, Oracle got its start more than 30 years ago by selling secure databases to the CIA. "Oracle was wiped," said Hadnagy, co-author of the book Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking. The contestants were charged with obtaining specific information from their targets, including information about how the company backs up and secures its data, wireless network use, and the names of companies that provide onsite security, toner and copier paper. — Reuters


Anthony Quinn's son Francesco dies at 48 FRANCESCO Quinn (pic), son of the late actor Anthony Quinn, has died of an apparent heart attack while jogging near his home in Malibu, California, according to media reports yesterday. Quinn, 48, was jogging on Friday night with his son Max in the La Costa neighborhood of Malibu, the posh seaside community north and west of Los Angeles, when he fell and lost consciousness. People on the scene were unable to revive him. "We were working feverishly at it. But at a certain point it turned, and there was no response," La Costa resident Tim Lawrence told local news website, the Malibu Patch. Paramedics arrived and took Quinn to a hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. — Reuters

LEGENDARY PIECE: The coat that smashed pre-sale estimates — AFPpic


Bruce Lee coat fetches RM231k at auction A COAT worn by Bruce Lee for his last film Game of Death sold for US$77,000 (RM231,800) at a rare auction of the late kung fu icon's items in Hong Kong on Saturday, far above pre-sale estimates. Thirteen items went under the hammer at the sale, believed to be the largest-scale auction of Lee memorabilia in the southern Chinese city, where the martial arts star was raised before moving to the United States in his late teens. They smashed pre-sale estimates and raised a total of HK$1.78 million (RM683,380), including the dark-blue furlined coat which was made around 1973 for the film Game of Death, which was released after Lee's death. The coat — the priciest item in the sale — was sold to a US collector for almost nine times the initial estimates. Lee wore the coat to a photo session to test the costume during a pre-production shoot prior to his untimely death in 1973 at the age of 32. The film was released posthumously in 1978. — AFP

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Bomb scare in Rome's Colosseum ITALIAN authorities evacuated Rome's ancient Colosseum after finding a suspicious container yesterday, but the object was later found to be harmless, a fire official said. The container, found under one of the amphitheatre's arches, had a wire coming out of it and authorities initially treated it as a bomb, a fire official said. Firemen soon found the object did not contain any explosives, the official added. "The alert has been lifted.The authorities will soon give an order allowing people back in," the official said. The Colosseum — famous for hosting bloody gladiatorial fights in the days of the Roman Empire — pulls in hundreds of thousands of tourists and is usually packed with visitors. — AFP

French soldiers among Nato troops killed TWO French Foreign Legion soldiers were among four Nato troops killed yesterday in two separate insurgent attacks in Afghanistan, the French presidency said. The French soldiers were killed in the Tagab valley in Kapisa province north of Kabul, it said. Their deaths brought to 72 the number of French soldiers who have died in Afghanistan since 2001. The other attack yesterday, in the south of the country, was reported by Nato but the alliance did not give details or state the nationality of the troops. The new deaths follow a deadly helicopter crash Saturday that killed 30 US Special Operations soldiers and seven Afghan counterparts in Wardak near near Kabul. — AFP

Three police gunned down in SW Pakistan THREE policemen were gunned down in Pakistan's troubled southwestern province of Baluchistan, which borders Iran and Afghanistan, officials said yesterday. The shooting took place in New Saryab, a suburb of Quetta, the provincial capital. "A police station chief, his guard and drivers were martyred on the spot when unknown gunmen on motorbikes sprayed bullets on a police vehicle," Hamid Shakil, a senior police officer, told media.Shakil said "it was an act of terrorism" and added that no group had yet claimed responsibility for the shooting. Baluchistan is beset by separatist unrest, Islamist militancy and sectarian violence between majority Sunnis and minority Shiite Muslims.Hundreds of civilians have been killed since Baluch rebels rose up in 2004 against the federal Pakistani government, demanding political autonomy. — AFP

Democrats and Republicans need to stop blaming each other over the recent US credit rating downgrade and find solutions, China's official Xinhua news agency said — AFP

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011


War zone

London's Tottenham district in shambles after riot A POLICE station disemboweled, a double-decker bus reduced to a smoking carcass, shops pillaged, buildings razed by flames, London's Tottenham quarter resembled a war zone yesterday following overnight riots. "So many people have lost everything. It's just crazy. It looks like it's the Second World War. It looks like the Blitz where we were living," said Tottenham resident Stuart Radose. Several shops and homes on the High Road, the main street running through the multi-ethnic district, are now nothing more than blackened red-brick walls. Firemen armed with water hoses continued to douse the embers yesterday afternoon, several hours after calm had

been restored. The surrounding streets, littered with hundreds of bricks and a sea of broken glass, were marshalled by hoards of policemen, in sharp contrast to the overnight scenes of lawlessness, some of the worst witnessed in London for many years. The burnt-out vehicles and discarded rubbish bins bore testament to the chaos which had consumed the area several hours earlier. "I feel angry that such a thing happened because I don't know who did it," said local resident Nadine Knight, 24. "I don't know if it's people who live in this area or people who don't live in this area." "Why are they doing it?" asked 22-year-old Christian Macani. "They don't think. It

DESTRUCTION: Curious people gather around a burnt out car on Tottenham High Road, north London yesterday a day after the rampage where two police cars and a large number of buildings were, set ablaze following a protest over the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old man in an armed stand-off with officers — ­­AFPpic

will achieve nothing." Other residents were more sympathetic to the rioters, who were stirred into action after police shot dead a local man on Thursday. "I can understand they're angry and above all that there's unemployment and cutting benefits so everything comes together and the cup is full," said 37-year-old security guard Norman McKenzie. "I think people are unhappy, discontented," a young local woman reflected. "I think the system is cracking and it's starting to show, so it's time that people get up, and do something about it."


Fresh credit warnings for US

STANDARD & POOR'S warned yesterday there was a one in three chance of a further US credit downgrade, as lawmakers traded blame for the failure to rein in the country's massive debt. The ratings agency docked the United States from a sterling AAA to a AA+ rating on Friday largely because of the failure of bitterly divided US leaders to reach a consensus on containing the country's spiraling debt. "If the fiscal position of the United States deteriorates further, or if the political gridlock becomes more entrenched, then that could lead to (another) downgrade," S&P ratings head John Chambers told ABC television. "The outlook indicates at least a one in three chance of a downgrade" over the next six to 24 months, he said on the network's political talk show This Week. He added that in the past it has taken countries nine to 18 years to regain a AAA rating, and warned that "it would take more ability to reach consensus in Washington than what we're observing now."

But despite early signs that Friday's downgrade could roil world markets and warnings of a new recession by a former top White House economist, senior Democratic and Republican lawmakers continued to trade blame. Senator John Kerry (pic), a moderate Democrat, called Friday's move a "Tea Party downgrade," referring to the ultraconservative anti-tax movement, and said a debt deal reached last week after weeks of heated negotiations fell short because some Republicans "were willing to shoot the hostage." "What we need is a Washington that stops this bickering," Kerry told NBC's Meet the Press. The deal to cut some US$2.5 trillion (RM7.5 trillion) over 10 years in exchange for raising the congressionally-set debt ceiling fell short of the S&P's call for the United States to cut US$4 trillion — AFP

Thursday's killing of Mark Duggan, a father-of-four, was "absolutely regrettable," police commander Adrian Hanstock said in a statement, adding that an investigation into the shooting was underway. "It is absolutely tragic that someone has died, but that does not give a criminal minority the right to destroy businesses and livelihoods and steal from their local community," he said yesterday. Police said 26 officers were hurt, while three members of the public also needed treatment following the surprise violence on Saturday. By Sunday, all the injured

police officers had been discharged from hospital. A total of 42 arrests were made. Curious bystanders gathered behind police lines yesterday to photograph the aftermath of the looting. Limbless shop mannequins remained spread across the streets while broken display panels and upturned shopping trolleys littered the footpaths. Meanwhile, a policewoman stood guard in front of a bank, whose toughened glass windows had been smashed, while charred furniture from a nearby torched police station remained strewn across the thoroughfare. — AFP


Business group disagrees with S&P THE US Chamber of Commerce, a powerful business lobby group, said yesterday it disagreed with ratings agency Standard & Poor's decision to downgrade the US credit rating but hoped it would spur Washington to act. "While we don't agree with S&P's decision to downgrade America's credit rating, its action should be another powerful incentive for law-

makers to do the hard work necessary to get our fiscal house in order," the group's president, Thomas Donohue, said in a statement. "We will never tackle debts and deficits, jump-start this recovery, reduce uncertainty, and create millions of jobs until we overhaul our tax code and reform runaway entitlement programmes that threaten to push us into insolvency." — Reuters


World leaders race to head off market turmoil WORLD leaders and finance chiefs raced yesterday to head off spiralling tension triggered by eurozone debt contagion and a US rating downgrade as the clock ticked on the opening of the markets today. Officials from the Group of 20 and Group of 7 economies held emergency conference calls yesterday as leaders of major powers conferred by phone and European Central Bank (ECB) governors readied for talks before the opening of the New Zealand market, the first to trade in Asia. No details emerged from the talks, with officials in Europe

doggedly tight-lipped. In a sign of a possible storm ahead, the Israeli market fell seven per cent yesterday and Gulf markets tumbled on opening but later trimmed some losses as investors reacted to Standard & Poor's unprecedented cut in the the US rating to AA+ from the top notch triple-A. "Until the stock markets open the extent of earthquake caused by the downgrade of the US debt rating will not be known," said Spain's El Pais daily newspaper. "But everything points to a black Monday which may intensify the attacks on the euro." — AFP


German air traffic controllers unhappy over pay renewed their strike threat yesterday after calling off planned action last week, according to their union — AFP

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011

Iron bed ladders in Nigeria jailbreak


'Stop the killing'

FIVE militants escaped from a prison in Nigeria's main oilhub, Port Harcourt, yesterday by using their metal beds as ladders to climb over the walls, a spokesman for the prison said. "Seven inmates escaped but two have been re-arrested. The five escapees are dangerous criminals, notorious militants," said a spokesman for Port Harcourt prison. "Breaking was achieved by the use of iron beds as ladders to cross into the waterfronts." — Reuters

Pope, world leaders condemn Syria's President

SYRIAN security forces killed more than 50 people yesterday, activists said, as the president defended the crackdown on "outlaws" and the Pope and Arab League added their voices to condemnation of the violence. The US envoy to Damascus, Robert Ford, who returned to Syria last week, also said in a US television interview broadcast yesterday that Washington will "try to ratchet up the pressure" on President Bashar al-Assad's regime. The latest bloodshed came as Pope Benedict XVI said he was "following with deep concern the dramatic and increasing episodes of violence in Syria that have led to numerous victims and grave suffering." Ford, who infuriated the Syrian authorities with a visit to the flashpoint protest city of Hama last month, also told ABC news the violence against protesters was "grotesque"

and "abhorrent." Activists said security forces backed by tanks killed civilians in the eastern city of Deir Ezzor and the central town of Hula yesterday. "Forty-two civilians have been killed and more than 100 wounded in Deir Ezzor by gunfire from the armed forces and security agents," Syrian League for the Defence of Human Rights head Abdel Karim Rihawi told media. Rihawi said that 28 people were killed in Deir Ezzor's Al-Jura neighbourhood and 14 died in Huweika district, adding that "thousands of people have fled the city heading further north." In Hula, Homs district, at least 10 people were killed in a military assault, Rihawi said. "About 25 tanks and troop carriers entered Hula and carried out military operations," another activist, Rami Abdel Rahman of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human

Rivals Fatah and Hamas sit to talk ANGRY: A protester shouts slogans against President Bashar al-Assad during a demonstration by a few hundred Egyptians and Syrians outside Syria's embassy in Cairo after the Friday noon prayer last week. ­ — AFPpic

Rights, said earlier. But Assad roundly defended his security forces. "To deal with outlaws who cut off roads, seal towns and terrorise residents is a duty of the state which must defend

Libya rebels say Gaddafi’s son killed by Nato If confirmed, the death of Khamis – one of the main commanders of the Libyan leader’s military forces – would be a severe blow to Gaddafi both in terms of morale and military leadership

Zlitan: Rebel forces claim Nato strike killed Khamis, and more than 30 others Tripoli


Benghazi Benghazi EGYPT


Misrata Misrata Nafu sa M o u n t ain s

L I B Y A Sahara Desert


Saif al-Islam Best known Best known son, holds son, holds no no political post political post but wields but wields vast influence vast influence

Mutassim Army officer Army officer and National and National Security Security Adviser since Adviser since 2010 2010


300km 300km 190 miles 190 miles

Khamis: Commander Commander of of 32nd 32nd Brigade, one Brigade, one of of Gaddafi’s Gaddafi’s most most professional and professional and loyal loyal units units

Pro-Gaddafi control Pro-Gaddafi control

Rebel control Rebel control Extent of Extent of rebel-controlled rebel-controlled territory territory


Saadi Former Former footballer, footballer, commander commander of Libyan of Libyan special forces special forces

Hannibal Senior role Senior role at National at National Maritime Maritime Transport Transport Company Company

Saif al-Arab Second Second youngest youngest son killed son killed by by Nato air Nato air strike strike on May on May 1 1

Arrest warrants on charges of crimes against humanity issued by International Criminal Court against Saif al-Islam and his father in June Pictures: Getty Pictures: Getty Images Images



security and protect the lives of civilians," State news agency SANA quoted him as saying. In contrast to Assad's reference to "outlaws," the Pope called yesterday for an adequate response to the "legitimate aspi-

rations" of the Syrian people. Syria's government has sought to crush the democracy movement with force, leaving at least 2,059 people dead. — AFP



Opposition denies claim government re-taken town LIBYAN rebels said yesterday they were firmly in control of the town of Bir al-Ghanam, a staging post about 80km south of Tripoli, rejecting a government assertion they had been pushed back. A small settlement in the desert, Bir al-Ghanam is also the closest point the rebels have come to Muammar Gaddafi's stronghold in the capital, lending it a strategic role in the rebels' six-month campaign to end Gaddafi's rule. Rebel commanders in the region said on Saturday they had seized control of Bir alGhanam in an offensive in which four anti-Gaddafi fighters had died. Taking the town, which lies on a highway leading north to the Mediterranean coast and on to Tripoli, would break weeks of stalemate during which rebels have been unable to make big advances despite Nato air strikes on government forces. Libyan Prime Minister

RIVAL Palestinian groups Fatah and Hamas ended talks in Egypt yesterday aimed at implementing a reconciliation deal struck in May, with an agreement to release political prisoners and passports for Gaza residents, a spokesman said. The discussions were "positive," and both parties agreed to meet again in early September in Cairo, according to Egypt's MENA news agency. The meeting ended with both sides also agreeing to work for the release of political prisoners in Gaza. — AFP

Al-Baghdadi Ali Al-Mahmoudi said yesterday rebels, under Nato air cover, had seized Bir al-Ghanam temporarily but they had been driven out by local volunteers and Libyan forces. "This is exactly what happened in Bir al-Ghanam, which is back in the hands of the honourable and brave local tribes and under the legitimate control of the government of Libya," he told a news conference in Tripoli. But a local commander rejected that version of events. "Gaddafi is a liar because Bir al-Ghanam is under our control," Colonel Juma Ibrahim, a rebel commander from the nearby town of Zintan, told media. "We are still in the same position we were yesterday." He said that in the past 24 hours rebel forces had, pushed about 10km northeast of Bir al-Ghanam, and were now planning to push towards the coastal town of Zawiyah. |— Reuters

Copter deaths hurt Special Forces THE loss of around two dozen elite commandos in a helicopter downed by the Taliban has dealt a major blow to US special forces, a key element in the strategy to wind down the Afghan war. A navy special forces member interviewed by the Navy Times expressed "shock and disbelief," saying: "There's no precedent for this. It's the worst day in our history by a mile." The Chinook transport helicopter was shot down by insurgents during a firefight southwest of the capital Kabul, according to Afghan authorities and the Taliban, killing 30 US troops, including around two dozen Navy SEALs. Seven Afghan commandos and an interpreter were also killed in the attack, the deadliest for the Nato-led coalition since the invasion to oust the Islamist Taliban in the wake of the Sept 11, 2001, attacks. US special operations forces have played an increasingly central role in the war, with thousands of members of elite units carrying out scores of commando operations, usually at night, to capture or kill senior Taliban fighters. The low-profile units and surgical strikes are part of Nato's strategy of battling the Taliban while trying to minimise the impact of the war on the local population in order to win hearts and minds. ­— AFP

16 lifestyle

It's the month for reflectio IS it because of the free food, or the almost guaranteed publicity? With buka puasa events peppered across the entertainment industry calendar this month, celebrities, personalities and yes, wannabes are clamouring for a spot to show up in their finest. Take for example the highly rated Melodi programme that is expected to have its annual Raya special event this Wednesday. To avoid a repeat of last year’s incident, where every Thong, Dev and Harith showed up, including the most obscure

Hear, Say


twitter @klubbkiddkl

names in the business (despite being uninvited — some with families and friends in tow), the management has insisted the do this year will be an inviteonly event. And already, there are those lamenting on how much they wanted to get in for the event, which is the highlight for the entertainment fraternity come the fasting month. Kudos to the management and production team of the programme that are smart enough to think of a plan that could avoid the 'crazy rush' like last year’s event. At least

everyone can be assured of a seat each, unlike last year when gatecrashers just swarmed the place. Meanwhile, on the topic of buka puasa, already we have tales of stars who are not being too demure or 'star-like' when it comes to the buffet line! Some definitely have forgotten the reason for the season. Anyway, let’s get on with the bits and bites for this week, and remember — if you have anything to share with us, hit us up with an email.

Big names, bigger budgets THE biggest news over the last few days that sparked off online has been that Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil has been booked on Dec 2 for a concert that will indeed pull the crowd. If it’s true, that is. The grapevine is buzzing about Metallica hitting the stage here. Now, if that happens, it could easily be the concert of the year in Kuala Lumpur. The buzz continues with news that another legendary act, Aerosmith, fronted by American Idol judge, Steven Tyler, will also be coming our way.

However, while rumours kept a coming, we got word that even if there's an ounce of truth in the news, tickets will definitely not go on sale anytime soon. That’s simply because the promoters involved have apparently not inked the deal with the acts yet. Discussions are apparently underway. We also hear that Aerosmith, however, cost a bomb, and the promoters are now shopping for sponsors to help absorb the cost of bringing the band and its entourage down. So it may just happen, still.

Quitting for real?


IS Shahir, the champion of last year’s Akademi Fantasia, really throwing in the towel? The web was abuzz with word from sources that the singer was calling it quits with the entertainment industry as a result of several attempts by unscrupulous parties to destroy his career. Is it true? He has been said to have told management Astro Entertainment Sdn Bhd and his fan club of his decision, but since no explanation is forthcoming (and the boy has been missing for weeks now), we will take it as the truth, at least for now. Shahir is not even responding to any attempts to contact him. Shahir, who has been romantically linked to much older divorcee, actress Rozita Che Wan (at least by her claims) perhaps can still right the things that are bugging him. After all, he’s not the only person to go through all this, and he did choose this career path.

SO Datuk Siti Nurhaliza’s SimplySiti was in the spotlight recently when her cosmetics brand was said to include brushes that use hair that might come from the "not so kosher source". Rumours were rife about how the bristles seemed to have pig's DNA, or something or other along that vein. A blogger also questioned the

Back to sin


For the love of Diana CRAZED stalker? Maybe not. Young director and actor Farid Kamil says he is suspicious and does have an inkling who may have been behind threats to harm him should he go near actress Diana Danielle. Farid had received the threatening call that warned him to stay away from Diana — both of whom had been an item before a public break-up. Several months ago when the duo were said to have come out of splitsville together hand-in-hand, it seems there are those who are unhappy about them being an item again. Farid, however, is not giving names and says he will leave it to the police to investigate the matter.

Don't b everything

NATIONAL goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat has become the latest victim of public scrutiny. After endless stories rolled out of the rumour mill, the lanky hunk broke off his engagement while denying that there was the involvement of a third person as claimed. However, more pictures have surfaced. Now, even his clarification that he was no playboy and that he did not know many of the girls he was linked to (apart from an old friend whom he took as a sister), doesn’t seem to hold water. After all, walking together hand-inhand, does lend a more romantic air

Status be w

Farid Kamil

WHILE some actresses may balk at having their lives sponsored for the negative connotations, this newcomer is more than proud to declare the car she drives is bought by her so-called significant other. Unfortunately, it’s only part of her scheme to have the world believing that they are an item, even though the supposed single eligible VVIP already has a beau in tow. However, the

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011



believe g you read status of the products which apparently "had not been cleared by Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM)". The pop diva was quick to respond on her Twitter before her company issued a quick statement saying that the claims were indeed untrue. Hence, never ever believe everything you read, guys. And a question is never a statement.


Eason flying high in KL GIVING HIS ALL: There were surprises in every turn of his songs and a number of changes on the backdrop and settings

Khairul Fahmi

rather than a sibling-like affection. Khairul was joined by TV personality Ally Iskandar who has also broken off his engagement, citing incompatibility.

s seekers warned! scheming newcomer is pretty smart as she spreads claims off-record (of course), to only later refute and deny when approached by the media. She would however, also insists every of her word is true and that she has proof! Wonder when we’ll actually see any proof of them being an item. As it is, they’ve never been spotted together and the male ‘victim’ has said he has only met the actress once, and that he was ‘forced’ by her family who were attempting to matchmake them. The truth is he immensely dislikes status seekers. How posiitively medieval.

IT was neither ordinary nor simple. Ask anyone who went to 'Eason Chan Live in Malaysia 2011' concert at Stadium Merdeka last weekend, they would probably tell you that it was one of the best concerts in quite a while. Well, that's true. Those who went would also tell you how loud and crazy Eason was; and how he commanded his audience with highly energetic songs and eccentric choreography. That night, the consummate performer seemed to be 'flying' throughout. Eason really gave it all, and his accompanying band of musicians and dancers, seemed to be on the same page as they entertained the hungry crowd. Even though Eason commentted endlessly on the country's "unique" weather, he nevertheless pulled out all the stops and pushed the show to another level. Needless to say, the sold-out concert saw

a massive turnout, most of whom were Eason's biggest fans who came to acknowledge Eason's status as the third God of Song after Sam Hui and Jacky Cheung. The theme of the overall performance that night could perhaps be 'exaggeration', where every-

thing was pushed to the limit. However, those who knew Eason might just expect that from any of his concerts. There were surprises in every turn of his songs and a number of changes on the

backdrop and settings — from suspended stage to elaborate costumes that resemble human anatomy; to spectacular fireworks that work on cue. Every nook of the night's performance was a tremendous show of excellent workmanship. One of the special moments that night was when the audience were presented with a short showreel that featured Eason's childhood and teenage photos of his life in England. The video, which was projected as part of the entire night's line-up, allowed the fans a little glimpse into the singer's private life. Yup, Eason was talkative too. At one point, the singer even went on for almost five minutes in one of his breaks and even cracked jokes about himself. "Don't worry, all the time I used up for talking, I will compensate with extra few more songs. I am not like any other singer, who talk for half an hour and sing for an hour and then call

it a night just like that. I know Malaysian fans who come for my concert only want to hear me sing." His little pledge then got all the fans screaming. He even thanked the fans on the spot. "I am very happy to have finally come to Malaysia! Thank you for your presence tonight. Without you, there'll be no show tonight," he said. Everyone was almost perfect, until a point when the singer, who was suspended on a crane that resembled a long ladder, kept forgetting his lyrics. It could be the height. Or maybe it was the heat. Esaon was human enough though, to acknowledge his shortcoming. Each time he forgot part of his lyrics, he would tap his head and smile shyly. His fans did not mind though, as Eason had already made it up with a great performance at the end. The concert lasted for two hours and ended with a great encore. Eason was not done yet. He even asked the audience to pick a favourite song and willingly sang it for them. Overall, the concert was energetic, fun and warm. Eason performed some 25 songs, including his well-known hits Fau Kua, Ming Nin Gam Yat and Fu Kua. — By LOONG WAI TING

18 lifestyle

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011

It's baby No. 4 for Mr Hawke!

ACTOR Ethan Hawke, 40, and his wife Ryan Shawhughes (right) — who got married in June 2008 — welcomed their second child, a baby daughter named Indiana, into the world two weeks ago, and the couple are said to be "very happy" at their new arrival. An onlooker at New York's Maritime Hotel explained the star — who also has a threeyear-old daughter, Clementine Jane, with Ryan — looked "proud" as he dined with his family on Aug 5. The source told "He was very happy. Seemed like a proud daddy." Indiana's arrival marks the fourth time Ethan has become a dad, with the star also fathering 13-year-old Maya and nine-yearold Levon, his two children with ex-wife, actress Uma Thurman. Ethan has previously admitted being a father is his "greatest pleasure in life". He said: "It is the greatest pleasure in my life. It's the only role that if I fail, I will consider my life a failure."

Family first

Singer once in job rut NICKI Minaj compares working a series of dead-end jobs to "torture". The Super Bass rapper had to work part-time jobs after graduating from New York's prestigious LaGuardia High School, and although she hated the experience, she claims she now has the last laugh. She said: "That whole time was so horrible. It was like torture. At the end of the day, after working at whatever job I hated, I would get all dressed up and go out with the hope of getting a record deal. "At night, I was an artiste, but during the day I was a slave. When I think back on that time, on the people who made my life a living hell, I want to say, 'Are you all seeing me now? KIRSTEN Dunst (pic) says her family are the most important thing in her life. The Melancholia actress says that as she's got older she's realised what matters to her and now loves spending time with her parents and grandparents. She said: "I speak to them every day. My grandmother lives with my mother and I worry about not seeing her enough. I love my grandparents. I can never understand why people put family into care homes. I feel proud that I've earned enough

"This is me having the last laugh after all those years when you made it hard for me to get out of bed in the morning." Although Nicki thought about quitting at one point, her pride and dedication to making money to support her family were what eventually helped her achieve success. "I also had the burden of not wanting to tell my mother that I was out of a job, and could I come back home? "Besides faith in God, the only thing that got me through that time was the fear of what would happen to my family if I didn't make it. I remember thinking, 'I don't know if this is ever going to work but I'm going to give it one final try.'" money to buy a house for my mother and grandmother. My grandfather in Germany was so proud of my Best Actress award. He was telling all his friends, he got to be the guy with the big news. I loved that." Kirsten, 29, lives with her younger brother Christian and admits she's "lucky" with the friends and family she has. She told Britain's Elle magazine: "I'm lucky with my family. My younger brother Christian lives with me and when I'm not working I travel. I see friends."

Grounded self-belief JUSTIN Timberlake (right) believes he would have been successful without *NSYNC. The 30-year-old singer-andactor joined the group in 1995 and went on to carve out a successful career after leaving the Bye, Bye, Bye hitmakers in 2002 but believes his musical talent would still have been discovered even without his stint in the band. He said: "I don't want this to come out the wrong way… It was an amazing platform but even without it, I believe I would

have been heard as a solo artiste." When he went solo, Justin refused to play both his debut record, Justified and the 2006 follow-up FutureSex/ Love Sounds to his record company until they were complete and he admits he is still baffled as to why he was permitted to do so. He told Britain's Elle magazine: "I don't know why they let me do that. But I hadn't come out of nowhere. People had preconceptions and I didn't want to be misunderstood.

"I've learned that people have preconceptions, period. They're uncontrollable but they're not who you are." — Bang Showbiz

lifestyle 19

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011

Tony clears up rumours once and for all By JOE LEE twitter @klubbkiddkl

THE name Tony Eusoff still leaves many confused. The hunky Kuching-born 34year-old actor has, more often than not, been thought of as being Muslim. Maybe it is his stage name that has confused many. Such confusion has also spurred many incidents. “For the 437th time, the name Eusoff was given by my mak angkat Ruhani Abdul Rahman, the managing director of production outfit Nizarman Sdn Bhd," he said while laughing, half sighing.

“Also it’s a pretty nice name, and so I went along with it.” The actor who has acted in five films since 2004 (with his last being 2008’s Susuk) and many TV and theatre productions, said: “I was fine with it as long as I didn’t get in trouble and it has been doing more good than anything else since then.” Still, many are still confused over the name, which many think refers to his religious beliefs. “I have been attacked before on set,” he revealed. “There was once, I was going through my lines with Intan Azura for a production, and a woman in full purdah came to me and said how I shouldn’t use the name Eusoff since I was not Muslim. “She was shooed away from set by the production folks who came forward, but not

On set, or when I’m preparing for a theatre production, I do the sensible thing which is to fast along, or if I can’t take it and need to have a bite or drink, I’ll hide away from public view to do so. — Tony Eusoff “I knew her family long before I started acting along with her daughter, actress Syanie. We were all close.” Born Anthony Joseph anak Hermas Rajiman, the name change was for a more ‘commercial’ approach into the industry. “When I first started out acting, the name Joseph was suggested to be changed to Eusoff for the Arabic translation, with no religious reference or any religious connotation.

before she threatened with claims that she was close to the authorities, including TV stations and that she

would make sure that action would be taken against me. Of course, nothing came out of it, but it was still pretty disturbing.” Tony said the best thing to come out of the incident was when the entire crew and production came forward to defend him when the confusion arose. “I’m happy with my name because it sticks in people’s mind easily. “I understand the sensitivities, and the last thing I want to do is walk into a brothel and introduce my name as Tony Eusoff,” he added jokingly. Despite him being no newcomer, the confusion still exists. “A lot of people think however that I’m Muslim and invite me for buka puasa and such, and for me I don’t mind it as it’s a good thing, being involved in a community event as I come from a kampung and I’m accustomed to the activities and festivities of such nature. “On set, or when I’m preparing for a theatre production, I do the sensible thing which is to fast along, or if I can’t take it and need to have a bite or drink, I’ll hide away from public view to do so. “After all, respect is essential in the multiracial melting pot of various beliefs we live in.” Ironically, Tony said he has had no problems with eating during the fasting month since he made the moniker switch.

“Actually I’ve never been caught for eating in public since I started acting and using the name Tony Eusoff. “Before I did change my name, however, I have been stopped by the police for eating as for some reason, people seem to think I’m Malay and Muslim by looks.” The only random incident after the name change has been one that happened about three or four years ago. “Three or four years ago, I was eating in Bangsar during the fasting month, and this Malay dude walked past, then backtracked, and said loudly, `Eh Tony Eusoff, tak puasa eh?' and walked off laughing. I didn’t know how to react as it was random.” Generally, he said many were aware that he was a non-Muslim, especially in the media and production circles. “Whether it’s by word of mouth or however the word has been relayed, many do know, so I don’t go through the hassle of having to explain myself as many would think. “Them knowing, however, is less important. What’s important is, I think I do know where to draw the line, and respect the assumptions of people to explain, no matter how repetitious it gets.” Fresh off the stage after Terima Kasih Cinta and Dreamgirls : The Broadway Musical Sensation, Tony is now in the midst of rehearsals for the theatrical musical production, The Secret Life of Nora.

DON'T MIND THE ATTENTION: Tony (in pink 'baju Melayu') and his celebrity friends having a light moment with the children of Rumah Titian Kaseh at a 'buka puasa' event recently

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The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011

Keeping it private

Story and pix by LOONG WAI TING FOR any celebrity, the first step to be successful is to learn to keep calm in any situation, even when people could easily invade their privacy and write whatever they wish about the celebrity. Hong Kong TVB actress Fala Chen said she had now learnt how to deal with irresponsible papparazzi back home. Chen was in Kuala Lumpur recently with three other actors — Raymond Wong, Sharon Chan and Edwin Siu — to promote a TVB drama series Can't Buy Me Love, currently airing on Astro Wah Lai Toi (Astro 311). "The Hong Kong papparazzi is well-known for their creativity in creating stories based on what they see. While some people would say that's just part of the publicity stunt to gain popularity, to be honest with you, I don't like such publicity. "I don't like it especially when they invade my privacy and interrupt my family," she said at a Press conference announcing the

drama series recently. "However, I learnt to deal with them and I think it's still part of a learning process for me. In fact, we're really happy to be in Malaysia because the Malaysian media is not like Hong Kong media. After all the gossips, you will eventually learn how to handle them properly," she added. Well, as many would repeat this, any publicity is good publicity, even if it's a result of one's bad experience or tragedy. In the case of Chen's costar Chan, she was in the news for her neck injury while shooting one of her scenes in Can't Buy Me Love. Chan plays the villainous first princess, Princess Wing Ho, in the series. "The shoot for the drama series was long and I had to wear these elaborate headpiece, which could be heavy. I went to the doctor and he told me the bones in my neck had shifted and were pressing on the nerve, causing the pain. But then, after looking at the result, it was worth it," she said. The stars, who were here for two days were seen trying out the 'King of Fruits' at an undisclosed location after being told that the local durians could pack a few punches, unlike the one they had in Hong Kong. Siu then went on publishing photos of the three posing in front of a durian stall, with Chan missing in action.

The Hong Kong papparazzi is well-known for their creativity in creating stories based on what they see. While some people would say that's just part of the publicity stunt to gain popularity, to be honest with you, I don't like such publicity.

IN TOWN: (From left) Siu, Chan, Chen and Wong

'Ah Beng' begins shooting at wet market MALAYSIA'S Ah Beng The Movie: 3 Wishes began its first day of shooting last Thursday after a simple customary prayer ceremony that was held earlier on. The cleansing ceremony, which started around noon at Green Atmosphere in Seri Kembangan, was attended by both the cast and crew of the movie, sponsors and members of the media. At the movie's second Press conference before its crew move to their first location, the main star of the film, DJ/actor

— Fala Chen

CEREMONIOUS: 'Cleansing' the set

PREP TALK: Getting ready for the first scene

Jack Lim said, the movie's most prominent theme is to urge people to quit smoking. Being a smoker himself, Lim is working hard to quit too. "Hopefully before we release the movie next year, I would be able to quit smoking completely. However, working under such tough environments, it is hard to not smoke. That's more stressful!" he said. Lim has also contacted the Health Ministry for more information on the government's no-smoking campaign. "Hopefully I can meet the health minister himself to discuss the issue. But so far,it's been tough as he is busy," Lim said. Also present at the Press conference was director

Silver, who seemed at ease talking about his first-time collaboration with Lim. The movie also marks his first-time directing a Chinese movie. Ah Beng The Movie: 3 Wishes is expected to be released next year in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration. The first scene of the movie took place at Pasar Borong Selangor, with curious onlookers stopping by for a closer look. Also in the pipeline is a major high-speed, car chase scene, which will be taking place in Kuala Lumpur. Details are yet to be confirmed. For more information about Ah Beng The Movie: 3 Wishes, visit http://ahbengmovie.

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The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011

A plethora of traditional food

By CHE'AZ STILL haven't figured out or planned where to go for your iftar? Worry not. If you're looking for the Malay experience, try the authentic dishes prepared by Chef Azhar Alias and his team. Their Aneka Sajian Tradisional Buffet Dinner is available throughout August at Nipah CoffeeShop, Hotel Equatorial Kuala Lumpur. The traditional Malay spread is a result of recipes from various States in Malaysia. Expect only the freshest ingredients, cooked according to time-honoured recipes which have been passed down from generation to another generation. You're worried about space? Well, Nipah CoffeeShop is the ideal place for a get together with your family and friends as they will have

a veritable banquet laid out with over 150 types of kampung-styled dishes made the authentic way. The most interesting part of this buffet spread is, the menu follows the selected states in Malaysia. Taking the lead at the main buffet line is the grilled lamb, that works well with gastronomic gems from Johor such as Nasi Beriyani Gam, Gulai Kawah, Laksa Johor, OtakOtak Daun Palas and Kambing Masak Kurma. From Negri Sembilan, the highlights include Asam Pedas Ekor, Ayam Lemak Cili Padi, Rendang Ayam Minang and Paru Goreng Berlado. Customers will also have the choice of Penang cuisine which is part of the spread too, including Rojak Pasembor, Gulai Daging Kandar, Laksa Penang and mutton curries. For those who fancy East Coast cuisines, selections from Terengganu will surely whet your appetite as customers will get to savour the famous Gulai Kawah together with Nasi Dagang with Gulai Ikan Tongkol and cucumber pickles. Wait! There are also other mouthwatering dishes such as Ayam Percik Buluh, Rendang Daging Minang, Chicken Shawarma, Ikan Merah

Panggang, Murtabak, Ikan Tandoori, Bubur Lambuk, as well as steamed or roasted rice chicken. For those who fancy noodles, there will be live cooking stations where the tasty delights await. You might want to try the prawn mee, curry mee, Mee Rebus and Mee Bakso. And who can resist perfectly grilled fish? You can choose from fresh Terubuk, Cencaru and Ikan Ayam. Sweet finale beckons with a variety of cakes and pastries such as assorted French pastries, frutti tartlets, cream caramel, Seri Muka Durian, Badak Berendam, Cara Berlauk, Durian Tempura, Ice Cream Goreng, Apam Balik and Bubur Pulut Hitam. For more sweetness, try Nipah CoffeeShop's favourite Teh Tarik, Air Bandung, Ais Kacang and Durian Cendol. Truly, a palate-pleasing culinary journey for all to savour in this holy month of Ramadan. The Aneka Sajian Tradisional Buffet Dinner is priced at RM99 per adult and RM49 per child which is available from Aug 1 to 29. A discounted price of RM89 per adult is offered during the first week and the last three days of Ramadan. The buffet dinner is served

ONLY THE BEST: Chef Azhar Alias and his team scoured for recipes from various States in Malaysia

from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. Also experience the smoothest and most productive meetings this Ramadan as they offer a special meeting package for only RM60 per person (that is 20 per cent off their usual price). For more info and reservations, call Nipah CoffeeShop at 03-21617777.




VARIETY: A banquet laid out with over 150 types of 'kampung'styled dishes made the authentic way


Sudoku X is a simple variation of Sudoku with the only difference being the squares in white (which make up the numeral X) need to tally from 1 to 9 along with the remaining coloured squares.


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MonDay 8 August, 2011

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Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011 M580






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The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011


Radek Stepanek upset French top seed Gael Monfils 6-4, 6-4 this morning to win the ATP Washington Classic — AFP

TOOTHLESS TIGER: Woods' biggest problem is his swing — AFP photo


Absolutely encouraging


Erratic Woods buoyed by Firestone return

A WEEK that began promisingly for Tiger Woods on his long-awaited PGA Tour return ended in erratic fashion this morning when he signed off with a level-par 70 at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. For much of the day, Woods was in disarray as he sprayed tee shots left and right at Firestone Country Club but he reeled off three successive birdies from the 15th to give himself a late lift for next week's US PGA Championship. "I had it in spurts this week," the former world No 1 said after finishing well down the leaderboard at one-over 281. "I hit it really well, and then I'd lose it and get it back. "Today was a good example of that. I hit it well starting out, then completely lost it there and tried to piece it back together at the end. I found my putting stroke at the end, too, which was nice." Playing his first tourna-


Caro's in love

WORLD No 1 Caroline Wozniacki spoke publicly for the first time about her relationship with Rory McIlroy, during an interview on ESPN. When asked who did the buying when the couple went out, the 21-year-old Danish tennis player, who was named as the second highest female athlete this year, said McIlroy picked up the tab. The Danish delight also revealed that they exchanged tips on both gold and tennis. "I've given him a few tips — his forehand is pretty good, his backhand needs some improvement. I'm sure I can help him with that if he can help me with the swing, because my swing is terrible," she said. "After seeing him play I would not lose to him at tennis. After knowing how I play golf I would definitely not win against him." According to the Belfast Teleg raph, she met t he


22-year-old US Open winner in Hamburg on July 2 at the World Heavyweight title boxing match between David Hare and Vladimir Klitschko. The next day, Woznizcki wrote on her Twitter account: "Fantastic fight! Also met Rory McIlory, who was sitting just behind me:) Really down-to-earth great guy:)". — Agencies

ment in three months after being sidelined by leg injuries, Woods said his biggest problem at Firestone had been establishing trust in a revamped swing that was sending the ball straighter than before. "I'm still struggling with my alignment and trusting the fact that the ball doesn't shape as much as it used to," the 35-year-old American said after recording five birdies, three bogeys and a doublebogey. "I don't cut the ball as much, I don't draw the ball as much, the pattern is much tighter. "It's weird when I look up the fairway or look at the flags; I'm used to seeing the ball move a lot more in my lines, so I'm still fiddling with that." Woods, whose world ranking has slipped to 28th, conceded he needed more competitive play under his belt to shake off rust but he was in an upbeat mood for the year's


Showman Djokovic returns to the stage

NOVAK DJOKOVIC switches from the studio to the stadium after two well-received latenight US television appearances in the run-up to tomorrow's start of the Montreal Masters. Serbia's new world No 1 is still celebrating his rise to top spot in the ATP rankings after winning Wimbledon last month, pushing Rafael Nadal down to second and leaving Roger Federer at No 3. Djokovic showed a natural talent for banter — and Serbian kolo folk dancing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno — and also made a guest appearance one night later with host Conan O'Brien before flying to Canada from Los Angeles where he trained last week on the fringes of the ATP event at UCLA. In Montreal, tennis's big three, plus Briton Andy Murray, are already traini ng on t h e h ard c ou r t s

in the Francophile city. Djokovic, who won the Montreal title in 2007, will enjoy the first-round bye given to the leading eight seeds before starting his campaign against the winner of the match between former top five regular Nikolay Davydenko and a qualifier. Federer, the third seed, comes to Canada confident as he celebrates his 30th birthday tomorrow. An official celebration of some kind will be planned as per usual during this week for the 16-time Grand Slam champion from Switzerland. "I've been practising the past two and a half weeks. It's been somewhat good weather in Switzerland, so I could always practise outdoors, which I was quite happy about," he said. "I've been playing well, moving well. But I always feel the true tests are in matches." — AFP

final Major. "Absolutely encouraged," he said of his first tournament since he completed just nine holes at the Players Championship in May. Asked whether one more tournament would have been desirable before the PGA Championship at Atlanta Athletic Club, Woods replied: "It would be nice, but hey, I've got three days. "I've just got to keep playing. It's just something that comes over time of just playing and getting the feel for it." Watched by huge galleries as he set off in the final round, Woods made an encouraging start with birdies at the par-five second and par-three fifth, where he struck his tee shot to three feet. However, he made a complete hash of the par-four sixth, running up an ugly double-bogey after driving into the left rough and duffing his third shot from the right greenside bunker.

Further bogeys followed at the eighth, 10th and 13th as Woods continually missed fairways to put pressure on the rest of his game. Languishing at four over for the day, the 14-time Major champion suddenly found a second gear over the closing stretch. He rolled in a 13-footer to birdie the par-three 15th and hit a stunning, sliced threewood from trees on the right to lay up at the par-five 16th. From there, he struck a wedge to four feet and knocked in the putt. At the par-four 17th, Woods found his first fairway off the tee since the fourth hole and he capitalised on that by sinking a 16-footer for his fifth birdie. Though his drive at the par-four last sailed well right under trees, he managed to salvage par to finish at one over at a venue where he had previously triumphed seven times. — Reuters


Great Scott! AUSTRALIAN Adam Scott held off a bold early challenge by Japanese teenager Ryo Ishikawa to clinch his eighth PGA Tour victory by four shots at the WGCBridgestone Invitational this morning. One a he ad over nig ht in the elite World Golf Championships event, Scott tightened his grip on the title with three birdies in five holes after the turn before closing with a flawless five-under 65. With Tiger Woods's experienced former caddie Steve Williams on his bag for a

fourth tournament in a row, Scott kept his cool on a hot and humid afternoon at Firestone Country Club to post a 17-under total of 263. Ishikawa, at 19 bidding to become the youngest PGA Tour winner in 100 years, bogeyed the last for a 69 to finish in a tie for fourth at 12 under with Australian Jason Day (69). British world No 1 Luke Donald and American Rickie Fowler each birdied the parfour 18th for matching 66s to share second place at 13 under. — Reuters



I tried my best to lend a helping hand in the few minutes that I played — AC Milan's Alexandre Pato

LONDON: football/ premier league

Spirited Sturridge I want to be one of the biggest players around, says Chelsea striker CHELSEA striker Daniel Sturridge hopes to receive the kind of adulation from fans that is reserved only for the best players at the club. The 21-year-old found first-team appearances hard to come by at Stamford Bridge last season, and was loaned out to Bolton during the second half of the campaign. However, having experienced an excellent spell under manager Owen Coyle, followed by a pre-season tour of Asia with the Blues, he now hopes to break into the starting line-up and the England national team. "These guys have worldwide recognition. Seeing them come to ­countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong, and the rapport they have with fans, they are worshiped like gods," Sturridge told the Daily Mirror. "Hopefully, in a few years’ time, I can have some of that. I want to push ­myself in world ­football as far as I can and not just be content with playing in the ­Premier League. "I want to be one of the biggest players around. I don’t want to be content with just being average. "In a year’s time, I hope to be ­recognised as a better footballer, pushing towards

the England squad. Now I just want to ­cement my place in the Chelsea team." Chelsea boss Andre VillasBoas says they are looking at Sturridge like they never have before after his fine preseason form. The former Manchester City youngster scored twice at Ibrox to help Chelsea in their 3-1 win over Rangers in a friendly on Saturday. Villas-Boas was not surprised to see Sturridge continue the form he showed on loan at Bolton and said the striker deserved the chance to establish himself at Stamford Bridge this season. “Daniel has played a big part in pre-season for us, but this doesn’t come as a surprise to us as it’s what we knew he was doing at Bolton,” said the Portuguese. “This chance to stake his claim this season is because he deserves it. He has been showing his qualities for the club and we will definitely count on him for this season and in a different perspective than we may have done before.” Summarising his side’s display at Ibrox, Villas-Boas was impressed with the way Chelsea recovered from falling behind to an early Nikica Jelavic goal.

FAN FAVOURITE: Sturridge hopes to receive adulation from the fans — GETTY photo

Despite making a number of second-half changes, Chelsea scored a third through Florent Malouda and it would have been four if Frank Lampard had not had a penalty saved by Neil Alexander. “I was happy with what happened on the pitch, we created plenty of chances and

could have even got one step further in the score. “I think it was a good test for us again, the logic we applied in this game was to continue to distribute the minutes between everyone, which we did — balancing the timesheet in terms of a equal pre-season for everybody."

BEIJING: FOOTBALL/ Italian Supercoppa

Ibra upbeat on winning habit AC MILAN striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic urged his teammates to maintain their winning habit following the 2-1 Italian Supercoppa victory over arch-rivals Inter Milan at Beijing National Stadium on Saturday. T he Swe d e n i nte r n a tional cancelled out Wesley Sneijder's opener before Kevin-Prince Boateng struck what was to be the winning goal in the 69th minute, as the Serie A champions picked up their first trophy of the new season. "We didn't play to our best in terms of quality, but both physically and mentally we were really strong, like we always are," Ibrahimovic told Milan's website. "The playing side can be improved on, which is normal, after only a month's training it's difficult to play

extremely well, but not playing well but being able to win is an important quality to have. "Let's keep it this way, the team want to win, I want to win, we are Milan and we are obliged to win because this is the club mentality. The history and tradition of the club impose this on us and this group are used to winning and the winning mentality is ingrained here, and we intend to continue this tradition." Ibrahimovic also hailed the contribution of his teammates. "It's thanks to my teammates that I am doing so well, without them I would be nothing. I scored thanks to Clarence Seedorf. The build up was perfect with everybody making the right movement and the ball was played right in front of the


goal, what else could I do if not put it into the net?" Meanwhile, Inter captain Javier Zanetti acknowledged they will require more time to adjust to the new 3-4-3 system employed by new manager Gian Piero Gasperini. "In the first-half, we were very comfortable, especially at the beginning," the Argentine

told Inter's website. "Then, we became a bit confused, particularly in the second period. "However, this is fine and it is no problem if it happens along the way at a team like Inter. This season we are putting together something new. In order to adjust to Gasperini's new tactics, we need a bit of time." However, the versatile Zanetti warned that they must learn from their errors and continue to work hard for their campaign in Serie A. "The important thing is to look at our mistakes, see where we went wrong and not repeat them anymore. We must correct them and be ready at the start of the season. There's a lot of hard work waiting for us, and we have the time and desire to do it," said the veteran.

The Malay Mail Monday 8 AUGUST, 2011


Neuer blunder hands Bayern defeat GERMANY goalkeeper Manuel Neuer took full responsibility for his second-half blunder as his new club Bayern Munich started the season with a shock 1-0 defeat to Moenchengladbach. The visitors grabbed the crucial goal at Munich's Allianz Arena in the 62nd minute after an embarrassing mix-up between Germany defender Jerome Boateng and Neuer, two players who cost the Bavarian giants over €35 million (RM151.6m). They failed to deal with a long ball and Belgium's Brazilborn striker Igor de Camargo capitalised on the confusion to fire home on 62 minutes. "It was my mistake which cost us the game," admitted Neuer, who cost Bayern €22 million when he signed from arch-rivals Schalke. "I held back a little as I didn't want to foul him (de Camargo) in the process and give away a red card." To add insult to injury, Boateng limped off with a strained ankle after 76 minutes, but was expected to meet up with the Germany squad for Wednesday's friendly against Brazil in Stuttgart. 'Gladbach, who only narrowly avoided relegation at the end of last season, celebrated their first win in Munich for 16 years. Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes said his side were caught out as 'Gladbach defended doggedly. "They spun a spider's web and we allowed ourselves to get caught in it," said Heynckes, who had said he would only speak to Neuer and Boateng after the pair return from midweek international duty. "'Gladbach also countered well here and there. We didn't exert the pressure we would have needed to beat them and break down the defence. In the secondhalf we pushed forward, but we got a little bit nervous." For Swiss coach Lucien Favre, who joined 'Gladbach at the end of last season and managed to keep his team from relegation,


Yesterday Mainz 2 Leverkusen 0 Munich 0 M'gladbach 1 Saturday Bremen 2 K'slautern 0 Hanover 2 Hoffenheim 1 Stuttgart 3 Schalke 0 Cologne 0 Wolfsburg 3 Augsburg 2 Freiburg 2 Berlin 0 Nuremberg 1 Friday Dortmund 3 Hamburg 1


P Stuttgart 1 Wolfsburg 1 Dortmund 1 Bremen 1 Mainz 1 Hanover 1 M'gladbach 1 Nuremberg 1 Augsburg 1 Freiburg 1 Hoffenheim 1 Berlin 1 Munich 1 Hamburg 1 K'slautern 1 Leverkusen 1 Cologne 1 Schalke 1

W D 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

L 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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the smile said it all. "The players knew that it would be a tough task to win here, but they also knew that something unusual was possible," he said. "We were losing too much possession in midfield, which we corrected and we had a bit of luck at the end." Bayern looked to have equalised on 75 minutes, but Thomas Mueller's header was ruled offside. "We have proved Bayern are beatable this season," said 'Gladbach's 19-year-old goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen. Bayern are at 2009 German champions Wolfsburg this Saturday, who opened their season with a 3-0 win at Cologne to go joint top of the league with VfB Stuttgart. — AFP


Real to sign Neymar in December REAL MADRID have reached a deal with Santos to sign gifted Brazilian teenage striker Neymar in December, a Spanish sports daily reported this morning. The 19-year-old, fresh from winning the Copa Libertadores with Santos, has been linked for months with a move to Real Madrid or English Premier League side Chelsea. "The club has agreed to the request of the player and

postponed his arrival until after the World Club Cup" to be held in Japan on Dec 8-18, "so the player would celebrate Christmas as a brand new Real Madrid player," the sports daily Marca said on their website. It said the deal will be announced this week, and Neymar would arrive in Madrid on Dec 20. Neymar's current deal with Santos is worth almost US$2 million a season through to 2015. — AFP

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If we want to stop United being champions, then the best way to do it is to finish top ourselves — Liverpool's Jamie Carragher



football/ premier league focus

NEWCASTLE UNITED face another trying season. On the contrary, newly-promoted Norwich City seem to be enjoying a decent pre-season and should be well-prepared to fight it out to maintain their place in the elite Premier League in the 2012-2013 season. Mailsport's MUSTAPHA KAMARUDDIN takes a look at these two teams who, incidentally, have birds as nicknames.

NICKNAME: The Toon, The Magpies FOUNDED: 1892 HOME: St James' Park CAPACITY: 52,387 MANAGER: Alan Pardew THE SQUAD GOALKEEPERS Steve Harper Fraser Forster Tim Krul Ole Soderberg DEFENDERS Fabricio Coloccini Jose Enrique Mike Williamson Danny Simpson James Perch Ryan Taylor Steven Taylor James Tavernier MIDFIELDERS Joey Barton Danny Guthrie Dan Gosling Alan Smith Jonas Gutierrez Cheik Tiote Haris Vuckic Shane Ferguson Ryan Donaldson Hatem Ben Arfa Bradden Inman Yohan Cabaye Sylvain Marveaux STRIKERS Peter Lovenkrands Demba Ba Leon Best Shola Ameobi Nile Ranger Philip Airey

TRANSFER (Thus far) IN Sylvain Marveaux (Rennes, free), Mehdi Abeid (Lens, free), Yohan Cabaye (Lille, £4.3m), Demba Ba (West Ham, free) OUT Kevin Nolan (West Ham, £4m), Sol Campbell (released), Shefki Kuqi (released), Ben Tozer (Northampton, free), Kazenga Lua Lua (Brighton, loan). Wayne Routledge (Swansea, undisclosed) (Transfer window closes on Aug 31) LAST SEASON'S POSITION 12th PLAYERS TO WATCH Fabricio Coloccini, Jonas Gutierrez, Cheik Tiote, Demba Ba PREDICTION May even be involved in relegation battle if they continue to have internal problems HONOURS DIVISION ONE WINNERS 1905, 1907, 1909, 1927 Runners-up 1996, 1997 CHAMPIONSHIP WINNERS 1965, 1993, 2010 Runners-up 1898, 1948 FA CUP WINNERS WINNERS 1910, 1924, 1932, 1951, 1952, 1955 Runners-up 1905, 1906, 1908, 1911, 1974, 1998, 1999 LEAGUE CUP Runners-up 1976 COMMUNITY SHIELD WINNERS: 1909 Runners-up 1932, 1951, 1952, 1955, 1996 EUROPEAN FAIRS CUP WINNERS 1969

Troubled Magpies Rocky road for Newcastle if they don't stop talking and solve problems fast NEWCASTLE'S hope of having a good outing in the new season does not look bright. With stars like striker Andy Carroll and midfielder Kevin Nolan gone from St James' Park and more key players likely to follow, the Magpies look to be sliding down the table. A finish in the top half seems highly unlikely, at least for now. Manager Alan Pardew has been hit by problems this summer, like criticism from two of his stars — Jose Enrique and Joey Barton — about the club’s lack of ambition in the transfer market. At the same time, Pardew also called on the Premier League to provide their players with a guideline to direct their use of Twitter in the wake of the ongoing Barton saga. The highly-controversial Barton was made available on a free transfer last week following his continued criticism of the club on the social networking site. The breakdown in relations between player and club was played out in public, an unfortunate situation Pardew believes needs to be addressed by the league's administrators. Pardew has been left with a major distraction hardly a

week before the new season and, while the club moved closer to an unexpected reconciliation, he believes the whole matter could have been averted. It is still unclear where Barton will end up playing in the new season. Tensions remain about the failure of owner Mike Ashley to make all of the £35 million (RM173m) received for Carroll from Liverpool available for new players. But Pardew is hopeful he will be able to reunite the team before the close of the transfer window. He is close to finalising a £3 million deal to sign winger Gabriel Obertan from Manchester United, and also has the money to sign a striker. Meanwhile, in a surprise move, 29-year-old Fabricio Coloccini was named the new captain taking over Nolan's place. The former Argentina international defender, one of the influential players in the squad, will have to carry extra burden now as Newcastle battle it out to at least improve their 12th position last season. However, in a latest development, Primera Liga side Valencia are ready to give

WANTED: Arsenal, Man Utd and others consider Joey Barton bid — Getty photo

Coloccini the chance to return to Spain. But Pardew will fight to keep the Argentine who he describes as "one of the best

central defenders around". It's endless drama at St James' Park and the new season has yet to start.


Canaries aim to continue singing on elite stage THERE are no stars or established names at newly-promoted Norwich. But this does not mean they are easy prey for their opponents. The Canaries, under manager Paul Lambert, are doing what they can to prevent themselves from going straight back down to the Championship. Norwich have been working hard in pre-season, producing some decent results in friendlies. This should give the players the belief in themselves — which is vital — in facing the big guns once the season starts. For instance, Norwich beat

Serie A outfit Parma 3-0 at Carrow Road on Saturday to complete their pre-season schedule in style via a goal by striker and captain Grant Holt and a brace from winger Andrew Surman. Prior to this, Norwich also held Primera Liga side Real Zaragoza to a 1-1 draw in another friendly at home last Wednesday. Holt and Surman will no doubt be key players for the Canaries, who are back in the top flight after six years. Lambert must be happy with the progress made by his players as they prepare for their opening match away to Wigan

on Saturday. Norwich, to beef up their squad, have signed Manchester United's talented Ritchie De Laet and Tottenham's Kyle Naughton on loan. Centreback De Laet showed his mettle and even scored in the match against Zaragoza. The 22-year-old is poised to make a name for himself at Carrow Road if he maintains this kind of form. Naughton, 22, is a former England Under-21 rightback and can shine if given the chance to see more playing time. And manager Lambert may just do that.

NEW CHALLENGE: Lambert refuses to get carried away — Getty photo

NICKNAME: The Canaries FOUNDED: 1902 HOME: Carrow Road CAPACITY: 27,033 MANAGER: Paul Lambert THE SQUAD GOALKEEPERS John Ruddy Declan Rudd DEFENDERS Russell Martin Adam Drury Zak Whitbread Leon Barnett Elliot Ward Marc Tierney Ritchie De Laet Kyle Naughton George Francomb MIDFIELDERS Bradley Johnson Andrew Crofts Andrew Surman Anthony Piljkington Wes Hoolahan David Fox Elliott Bennett Korey Smith Simon Lappin Tom Adevemi Josh Dawkin Matt Ball STRIKERS Steve Morison Grant Holt Simeon Jackson Chris Martin Aaron Wilbraham

TRANSFER (Thus far) IN Anthony Pilkington (Huddersfield, £2m), Steve Morison (Millwall, £2.8m), James Vaughan (Everton, £2.5m), Elliott Bennett (Brighton, undisclosed), Ritchie De Laet (Manchester United, loan), Bradley Johnson (Leeds, free), Kyle Naughton (Tottenham, loan) OUT Luke Daley, (Plymouth, free), Matt Gill (Bristol Rovers, free), Sam Habergham (Tamworth, free), Owain Tudur Jones (Inverness), Jens Berthel Askou (released) (Transfer window closes on Aug 31) LAST SEASON'S POSITION CHAMPIONSHIP Second (promoted) PLAYERS TO WATCH Grant Holt, Andrew Surman, Ritchie De Laet PREDICTION Involved in relegation battle and may survive HONOURS DIVISION ONE Third 1993 DIVISION TWO WINNERS 1972, 1986, 2004 Runners-up 2011 DIVISION THREE WINNERS 19334, 2010 Runners-up 1960 LEAGUE CUP WINNERS 1962, 1985 Runners-up 1973, 1975




Chelsea confirm Lukaku signing CHELSEA tonight confirmed they had reached an agreement to sign teenage striker Romelu Lukaku from Anderlecht. The Blues have been in pursuit of the 18-year-old Brussels-born forward all summer but are now poised to complete a deal, subject to the player passing a medical and agreeing personal terms. While Lukaku is poised to become Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas' third signing, Chelsea released a statement this evening regarding the Lukaku deal which read: "An agreement has been reached with Anderlecht for the transfer to Chelsea of striker Romelu Lukaku. The move is now subject to the player passing a medical and agreeing personal terms."


Managers fight for Liege starlet ALAN PARDEW and Owen Coyle have joined the £4m chase for Standard Liege whizkid Eliaquim Mangala. The France Under-21 defender has been a summer target for Arsenal, Tottenham, French champions Lille, bigspending Paris St Germain, and Italians Juventus and Udinese. But now Newcastle boss Pardew and Bolton chief Coyle are planning bids for Mangala — along with other fresh suitors V ­ alencia, Benfica and Porto. Mangala, 20, has been likened to Spurs' former Arsenal and C ­ helsea centreback W ­ illiam Gallas, and says he wants to quit Belgium and make a move to ­either the Premier League or La Liga.

Devil joins Toon madhouse NEWCASTLE boss Alan Pardew also confirmed he will sign Gabriel Obertan (pic) from Manchester United for £3m. Pardew’s admission followed the 64th-minute abandonment of yesterday’s rainlashed, goalless friendly with Fiorentina which he conceded summed up a troubled pre-season ­­­ campaign. And the Toon boss is hoping that the capture of the Manchester United and France Under-21 star Obertan on a five-year deal will lift spirits. Pardew said: "The Obertain deal is about there. It is a permanent deal. He will have to come through a medical — probably on Monday."

All I know is that Inter need money and that I'm for sale if the right offer comes in — Wesley Sneijder

The Malay Mail Monday 8 August, 2011


Bluebirds make flying start

VETERAN Scottish international Kenny Miller's late goal on his Cardiff debut saw the Welsh side beat promotion favourites West Ham United 1-0 this morning and make it a disappointing opening match in charge for Sam Allardyce in the Championship. Miller — signed from Turkish side Bursaspor in the summer — fired home from inside the box in the 91st minute, though Hammers goalkeeper Robert Green could


perhaps have done better. Allardyce blamed his side's poor finishing for the defeat. "We've lost a game we really should have won," said Allardyce. "I told the players you don't always get what you deserve but don't go throw the game away and that's what we've done. "I just hope it's one of those days." Green pulled off a smart reaction save in the 22nd min-

ute from Don Cowie, turning the header away for a corner while the former England goalkeeper also got down smartly to save from Peter Whittingham's fierce free-kick. The Hammers had had most of the possession prior to that with former Bolton star Matt Taylor at the centre of most of their best play and forced Cardiff keeper David Marshall into tipping the ball over the bar after a delightful left foot effort.


area as the hosts turned on the pressure. Taylor then showed great pace down the left to get to the byline and put in a superb cross but Piquionne's effort from a few yards out could only hit the post. James Tomkins went desperately close to breaking the deadlock with 10 minutes remaining as he directed his header towards the far corner but it was kneed off the line by Whittingham. — AFP


Mancini plays down Sneijder talk

Dawson dares to dream TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR skipper Michael Dawson said the club can still qualify for the Champions League, despite the massive spending that has been undertaken by their rivals. Chelsea, the two Manchester clubs, Liverpool and Arsenal all have enormous funds available to them, but Dawson still believes that Tottenham can regain their Champions League berth. "We're aiming to be in the top four, we've been in it, and the lads are hungry to be in it again," he told The Independent. "Of course you're disappointed not to be in the Champions' League. It's where you want to be playing, and you speak to the fans — we travelled with thousands everywhere we went and they loved it as much as the players. "You want to be playing against the best players but you've got to earn the right to be back there. We played the two games against Young Boys to get into the group stage, and two weeks later I got injured and I was out for two months, which ended up being three. The lads were fantastic, and we were still in the competition by the time I was fit again." — Agencies

Marshall also had to be at his most alert when he got down to save from striker Frederic Piquionne. The Frenchman was unmarked in the penalty area in the 56th minute but he could only put in a tame header, from Mark Noble's cross, that was easily gathered by Marshall. The lively Taylor then forced Marshall into a sharp save when he fired in a testing left footed effort from outside the

City boss rules out approach for Dutch international MANCHESTER CITY manager Roberto Mancini (pic) has denied reports he is planning to launch a bid for Manchester United transfer target Wesley Sneijder. It had been suggested in Italy that City were preparing a £30m (RM148m) offer for Inter Milan midfielder Sneijder in an attempt to snatch the player from United's grasp. But Mancini was adamant there will be no approach for Sneijder when asked if he was interested in the Dutch international. "It is not true. Sneijder is an Inter player. I never speak about him," Mancini said after City's 3-2 loss against United in the Community Shield at Wembley yesterday.

While Mancini may not move for Sneijder, the Italian confirmed he is still keen to sign more players before the transfer window shuts on August 31. "We need to complete the targets we had at the start of the pre-season. We still have time before the end of the transfer window," he said. Mancini's plans for the start of the Premier League season — which kicks off next weekend — may yet include captain Carlo Tevez after he confirmed the unsettled Argentina forward will report for training on Monday. Tevez is desperate to leave City after his family returned to Argentina because they were unable to settle in Manchester.

For now, Mancini is content to work with Tevez in the hope he can be persuaded to stay and he said: "Carlos will be back on Monday, yes for sure." Meanwhile, United boss Alex Ferguson took heart from the way United's youthful second-half line-up, with an average age of 22, recovered from two goals down in the annual curtain-raiser to the new campaign. Ferguson sent on youngsters Phil Jones, Tom Cleverley and Jonny Evans at the break and all three gave impressive displays. But it was Nani's double that finally sunk City and Ferguson believes the Portugal winger will have a major part to play this term.

"Nani has been great in pre-season and he will start the season. He has always had great potential. Some players take longer than others to mature," Ferguson said. Ferguson also played down fears that new goalkeeper David De Gea may be too inexperienced to play for United after the 20-year-old Spaniard was at fault for City's second goal. D e G e a, sig ne d f rom Atletico Madrid for £18m, allowed Edin Dzeko's long range effort to beat his late dive, but Ferguson said: "It's difficult to say if he should have saved it. "It swerved and caught the goalkeeper on the wrong foot. You have to cope with these things." — AFP


The national football squad lost 1-0 to Selangor in a friendly match at the Shah Alam Stadium — Bernama

The Malay Mail Monday 8 August, 2011


Walking a tightrope FAM could face Fifa sanctions for breaches in safety regulations

THE FA of Malaysia (FAM) could face possible sanctions by Fifa for multiple breaches of safety regulations set by the world body during the Asian Zone World Cup qualifier between Malaysia and Singapore last month. The regulations breached included violations of Article 7 (evacuation routes), Article 8 (spectator areas), Article 18 (entry to the stadium, sale of tickets) and Article 19 (security checks). Article 30 of the regulations, which came into force on Jan 1, 2009, reads: "Any violations of these regulations in relation to matches at Fifa events may be subject to disciplinary measures from the Fifa disciplinary committee in accordance to the Fifa Disciplinary Code". The Fifa Disciplinary Code, meanwhile, reads "associations need to comply with and implement existing safety rules" including that of the safety regulations while failure to comply will see an association fined, a stadium banned or even ordering the team to play on neutral ground (as per Article 73). Mailsport, had last week, reported about overcrowding at the stadium, which saw fans standing along the stairs and sitting in the Press box, a situation similar to the overcrowding at the FA Cup final between Kelantan and Terengganu in May. More breaches were found upon closer study, especially in the security aspects and


Citizens turn to Nasri MANCHESTER CITY believe they can land Samir Nasri after being rejected by Ajax wonderboy Christian Eriksen. City failed with a £20m bid for Danish teenager Eriksen even after Ajax agreed to sell. The 19-year-old attacking midfielder even visited Manchester but decided against taking up the chance to move to the FA Cup holders because he feared he would not play regularly. Now City will step up their efforts to prise Nasri away from Arsenal with the player entering the final year of his contract.

Arsenal to sign Saints star

YELLOW FEVER: Malaysian supporters filled Bukit Jalil National Stadium during the Malaysia - Singapore World Cup qualifier last month

By Haresh Deol

the evacuation routes at the stadium (see accompanying story). Cheras police chief ACP Mohan Singh confirmed three individuals were arrested for possession of firecrackers in the stadium but added "we cannot be checking everyone that enters the stadium". In an email to Mailsport, Fifa acknowledged they are "currently reviewing all the reports from the various (World Cup qualifying) matches" played. Most stadiums around the world have strict security

measures at entrances. Fans of French club Paris St Germain undergo three stages of security checks before they are ushered to their seats at the Parc des Princes Stadium in Paris. Bottles are allowed into the venue without caps while drinks are served in plastic cups without covers. Local French league matches even have tickets printed with specific seat numbers and rows. There are no stalls at the gates or anywhere around the stadium, with snacks and beverages served at specific locations inside the arena instead. The same is also adopted

at the 99,345-seater Nou Camp, home to Spanish outfit Barcelona. Fifa stadium and security committee member Datuk Dell Akhbar Khan stressed the regulations were drafted for a reason. "Some organisers have constraints and cannot adhere to everything but we need to follow as much as possible," said Dell. "We must anticipate any incident especially matches that involve a large following. There is a need to be stricter in enforcement to avoid problems during match day." Dell pointed out Malaysians tend to throw objects onto

the pitch. "Even countries that are less developed don’t have this problem. Look at the Asean Cup final in Jakarta (last year). The Indonesians didn’t face such issues." Dell, who was involved in the South Africa World Cup last year, admitted it was high time for the relevant parties "to change their standard operating procedure". "We’ve generally been good organisers and there’s never been a history of stadiums being banned in the country. But it doesn’t mean we have to be complacent. "Fans too need to play their part."

No concern for safety THE Asian Zone World Cup second round return-leg qualifier between Malaysia and Singapore at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil last month saw several violations of Fifa Safety Regulations. Here are some instances of those violations: 1. Stalls were set up at the gates around the stadium, posing problems when evacuating fans during an emergency. Article 7.2 states: "Adequate areas are required around the stadium to allow for the accommodation of spectators following an evacuation without overcrowding. These need to be identified and


systems should be in place to direct spectators there if necessary." 2. Some fans were left standing along the stairs while others made it to the Press box. The overcrowding was caused by those who gained entry through illegitimate methods as pointed out by Mailsport last week. This breached Article 8.1 which reads: "The three major Fifa tournaments (the Fifa World Cup including qualifying matches, Fifa Confederations Cup, Fifa Club World Cup and the Olympic tournaments) may only be played in all-seater stadiums".

"For all other Fifa tournaments, standing spectators may be admitted after seeking prior approval from the relevant local authority". 3. FAM ticketing committee chairman Datuk S. Sivasundram did not rule out the possibility of fake tickets sold and added "the structure of the stadium is such that it is easy for fans to climb over the partitions". This was also highlighted by Mailsport last week. The exact number of fans that night remains unclear as FAM claimed to have sold 87,000 tickets excluding complimentary tickets and passes. This relates to Article 18.9

whereby the "tickets shall be protected against forgery by integrating security features into the ticket". Article 18.11, meanwhile, adds: "the number of tickets on sale cannot exceed the declared and approved maximum safe capacity of the stadium". 4. Security at the venue, or lack of it, stole the headlines after a fan Ahmad Jazimin Jalaluddin went blind in his right eye after he was struck by fragments of firecracker at the stands. Bottles and laser lights were also brought into the stadium. Article 19.1 reads: "Security checks shall be carried out

ARSENAL will this week sign Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (pic) from Southampton for £12m. The winger — who will be 18 next Monday — has emerged as one of the most exciting prospects in the country. The likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool were keen on the player but Arsenal have won the race. The initial downpayment will be around £7m and the fee will rise according to appearances.

DAILY MAIL on persons at the entry/exit points of the outer and inner perimeters as well as at entry points to areas that are not open to the general public". Article 19.2 states some of the objects prohibited in the venue including "weapons or any other dangerous objects that may not for legal reasons be taken into the stadium including aggressive or racist banners and lasers". "Upon exit, a visual control of the smooth egress of the spectators shall take place at the exit points". For the record, a list of prohibited items was displayed at the giant screen in the stadium before kick-off.

Hammers snap up Carew WEST HAM have announced the signing of former Aston Villa striker John Carew. The Norway international, a free agent this summer, passed a medical before signing. The Hammers have undergone a summer of rebuilding as they bid to earn an immediate return to the top flight. The 6ft 5in striker told "I am pleased to be here. I am happy to sign for such a big club. I am looking forward to being part of a good team here that will bring this great club back up to the Premier League again."


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