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CCTV may shed light on death of pub owner’s brother

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KL-bound Incubus ‘taking risks’ with new album

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Despite police raids and arrests, Iranian mafias have near total control of local syabu market with cheaper, better drugs in two short years By MUZLIZA MUSTAFA IRANIAN drug rings have emerged as major players in Klang Valley’s drug ‘business’ and now control about 90 per cent of the local syabu or crystal methamphetamine market. Narcotics experts said this was achieved within two years. It is believed their

domination of the market was the result of careful planning. “It’s no accident they are where they are now. The Iranian syndicates had been steadily building up their profile over the last couple of years and were primed to take over the syabu trade,”

said an expert familiar with their modus operandi. Their success, said the expert, was largely due to two factors. “Firstly, they sell the drugs at cheaper prices than others, thus undercutting competitors. Secondly, their syabu is also of better quality than

anything produced or imported by the local syndicates.” The expert said this ensured a constant demand for the Iranian products. It is believed the supplies were distributed to not only users, but local as well as Iranian pushers, the latter be-

ing more comfortable with sourcing supplies from their countrymen. “They also do not discriminate. They sell to both major dealers as well as small-time pushers, doubling their coverage,” said the expert. ● Continued on pg3

Frightening lightning VOLCANIC lightning is seen over the Puyehue volcano, over 870km south of Santiago, Chile, earlier today. Authorities have evacuated about 600 people in the nearby area. The volcano was calm yesterday, one day after raining down ash and forcing thousands to flee, although the cloud of soot it had belched out still darkened skies as far away as Argentina. — APpic

Sweet CharityBlues Gang ‘reunion’

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Maid in Malaysia (May 31)

Migraine from maids


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Public Service Department-sponsored students who refused to return home to work must repay scholarships with interest — Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz

Non-denial denial


Council makes about-turn, says it received complaints on faulty lamppost By SHAHRIM TAMRIN

THE Subang Jaya Municipal Council has refuted an allegation had earlier denied there were no public complaints concerning a ground-level switch box at a lamppost 50m away from the "killer" lamppost at the Taman Batu Tiga playground in Shah Alam that electrocuted 11-year-old Muhammad Naquiddin Mohd Marzuki on March 19. Its engineering department director, Ismail Shafie, told The Malay Mail it had

received three complaints on electrical-related matters at the playground in February and May last year. “I have no idea who gave the information we didn’t receive any complaint before the March 19 incident. Perhaps, it’s a miscommunication between the council staff and the public. We did receive three complaints on Feb 24, May 25 and May 26 last year, and the complaints were on the vandalism of a ground-

level switch box and shortcircuit inside the switch box at a lamppost there,” he said. "Action was taken on May 26 as we sent a maintenance contractor for rectification work by moving the switch box from ground level and fixing it higher up on the lamppost to prevent further vandalism." It has been ascertained last year's May 25 and 26 complaints last year were made by an assistant to councillor


Park saga to end tomorrow By JOSEPH KAOS JR

WITH the Selangor State Appeals B oard set to announce its decision on Subang Ria Park tomorrow, Subang Jaya folks are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping the State body will “do the right thing” and allow the controversial park to retain its fully recreational status. Subang Jaya Residents’ Association president (RA) A.S. Gill (pic) said the residents were hopeful the issue, which had been dragging on for more than 10 years, would be settled once and for all in favour of them. “We hope the Appeals Board will see through the facts and the history of the issue, and agree that Subang Ria should remain as a recreational area,” said Gill. “This matter has been dragging on over 10 years already. Let’s not deprive our children of their own town park.” Gill said the park’s owners, Sime Darby Property Bhd,

should just return it to the State government. “Sime Darby is wasting almost half a million ringgit every month on quit rent and assessment. Since they are a GLC (government-linked company), this is the people’s money they’re wasting. “They should do the right thing and return the park to the people.” The RA has been sending out reminders to the residents of tomorrow’s decision day and Gill is hoping they will

THE MALAY MAIL IS PUBLISHED BY Malay Mail Sdn Bhd, Lot 2A, Jalan 13/2, 46200, Petaling Jaya

come out and show their support. Since 1997, residents have been locked in a battle to preserve Subang Ria park's recreational status and the matter was brought to media attention in 2007 after Sime Darby proposed plans to develop 7.6ha of the park’s land and sell individual lots. The Subang Jaya Municipal Council had rejected Sime Darby’s proposal, claiming it failed to meet the zoning requirements of Subang Jaya’s Draft Local Plan. The board tomorrow will decide if Sime Darby’s appeal to reverse the council’s decision should be accepted or not.

Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had also announced that the State government would amend the Subang Jaya Draft Local Plan to change the zoning for the 7.6ha plot back from “commercial” to “recreational”.

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Kashminder Singh. The Malay Mail reported had the Energy Commission of Malaysia would be calling on Kashminder's aide to assist in their ongoing probe. On whether action was taken after last year's Feb 24 complaint, Ismail said: “That earlier complaint was made by a resident and I need to check further on why there was a delay in acting on the complaint.” Meanwhile, Muhammad

Naquiddin’s family received a post-mortem report from University Malaya Medical Centre last week. “The report confirmed my son died of electrocution,” said the boy's father, Mohd Marzuki, a factory worker who has three younger children. He said he had not decided whether to proceed with legal action against the council, the Energy Commission and Tenaga Nasional Berhad.


MTV World Stage concert protest picking up

THIS year’s MTV World Stage concert has sparked quite a number of protests following Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad’s petition objecting to it being held at the technology hub I-City. Four days afters Khalid set up an online petition, it has already garnered 406 signatories in support. They did not mince their words when expressing their protest on the petition page towards the concert, scheduled for July 23 and featuring American rock band Thirty Seconds To Mars (pic). Most felt the concert would encourage immoral activities among young revellers, while some felt the event was not suitable to be organised in Shah Alam, largely seen as a conservative city and an academic centre. “Please consider not ‘polluting’ the knowledge centre that is I-City with something that will lead to immoral activities,” wrote one of the protesters, Ahmad Hafizuddin Razalli, from Selayang. A n o t h e r c om m e nt e r, Muhammad Hanif Abdul Razak, from Section 4, Shah Alam, wrote: “Please respect the majority Muslim community in Shah Alam. Our teenagers will follow Western culture if the concert still proceeds.”

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On Facebook, protests against the MTV concert have picked up rapidly. An independently set up protest page — Kami Bantah Konsert MTV World Stage di Shah Alam (We protest MTV World Stage in Shah Alam) — has garnered 1,293 "likes" since it was set up on May 18. Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, had said last Wednesday the State government would not cancel the concert. The MB’s stand did not seem to deter the Shah Alam MP in his campaign as he brought up the matter in his party’s annual meeting, the PAS Muktamar, yesterday. This is the third time Malaysia will host the MTV World Stage event.

The Malay Mail ● Monday 6 JUNE, 2011

Dangers of 'scary names'

THE president of Tajikistan has warned his people not to give their children scary names, saying that names derived from words for wolf or war give him the willies. "I pay close attention to surnames and names when I appoint anyone to a leading post in the government," President Emomalii Rahmon told a group of children gathered for a speech on national TV. "Sometimes, reading surnames can make one shudder." "For example," he said. "Gurgakov comes from the word 'wolf'. Janjoliyev derives from the word 'conflict'. How can you name a person after a wolf?"

Thais needled by 'tattoo tourism' MANY Thais blame Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie for the rise of ''tattoo tourism'' — a rash of religious tattoos worn almost anywhere on the body. Jolie has twice visited Thai shores to obtain tattoos from a master tattoo artist, including an enormous tattoo of a tiger which she wears on her lower back, just above her backside. The Bangkok Post reported the government is asking tattoo artists to stick to offering religious tattoos above the waist, as it believes such sacred imagery, even when displayed on the flesh, should be treated with respect.

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Software piracy has declined over the past two years, from 59 per cent in 2008 to 56 per cent last year — Business Software Alliance senior director of marketing for Asia Pacific Roland Chan

The Malay Mail Monday ● 6 JUNE, 2011



Image of Iranian community takes beating ● From page 1 The drug syndicates' activities, however, have resulted in a negative picture being painted of the Iranian community here. It is estimated there are around 17,000 Iranians living in Malaysia, mainly working professionals as well as students.

Despite numerous raids and arrests, narcotics experts said the Iranian drug rings were hellbent penetrating the Malaysian market by any means. Police have arrested at least 50 Iranians since early this year in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Penang for possession and attempting to

smuggle drugs into the country. The expert said the Iranians used to get their syabu from local syndicates, and would then smuggle the drug into Japan and Taiwan, where it could fetch prices 10 times higher than the original. “ The price was only RM60,000 per kilogramme

11 years ago, but it could go as high as RM500,000 in Japan and Taiwan,” said the expert. It is learnt syabu's local street value had, at one time, shot up to RM200,000 per kg due to high demand and limited supply, but the price had since gone down to about RM100,000 per kg. The main reason behind


Nothing stops these traders Even death penalty no deterrent to drug pushers

THERE has been a steep increase in the number of alleged Iranian drug traffickers caught in Malaysia, with 138 arrested from January to October last year — compared with 16 for the whole of 2009. This is despite Malaysia being well-known as one of the Asian countries with deadly penalties for drug smugglers. Still, drug syndicates like

those run by Iranians continue trying to smuggle drugs into the country, using every trick they could think of to sneak past Customs. Recent examples include ● Two sisters were caught trying to smuggle in RM1 million worth of syabu at the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in May. The drugs were stitched into 11 pockets on their respective corsets

under their burqa attire. ● In April, an Iranian woman was caught smuggling syabu packed in her belt at the LCCT. The five packets of syabu were worth RM350,000. ● In May, two Iranians were detained for trying to smuggle in 27.8kg of syabu worth RM5.6 million at the Bayan Lepas International Airport in Penang. The two suspects, aged around 30,

were arrested about 7.40pm while trying to hide the drugs inside a food box in their luggage bag. ● In January, three of five Iranians arrested had the drugs on them hidden in altered waist corsets. They were trying to smuggle in RM8 million worth of syabu. The remaining drugs were found stashed in luggage belonging to the male suspects.

the price drop was attributed to the market being saturated by drugs brought in by Iranian syndicates which no longer get their supplies solely from locals but smuggle them in from their home country. The drugs are supplied though various means from other countries as police had discovered through raids and

List of arrests of Iranians made by the authorities in 2011 January — A suspected Iranian drug trafficker died after 137 capsules of methamphetamine he swallowed burst in his stomach. Jan 1 — A 27-year-old Iranian who had just arrived on a flight from Doha, Qatar, at KL International Airport at 9.50am was arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle in 600g of syabu worth RM150,000. The drugs were found hidden between the suspect’s clothing in the luggage. Jan 2 — Two Iranians, both aged 27, were arrested at the arrival hall of the KL International Airport at 3.30pm for trying to smuggle in syabu. When police approached the duo, they appeared very nervous and upon inspection of the luggage, police discovered two packets of syabu, both weighing 885g and worth RM442,500 in total. Jan 13 — Five Iranians, three of them women, were arrested in separate raids for trying to smuggle in RM8 million worth of syabu. Some of the drugs were found in altered waist corsets on the burqa-clad Iranian women. The remaining drugs were found stashed in the luggage belonging to the male suspects. February — Two Iranian women were arrested in Penang with 6.2kg of methamphetamine, also known as “meth” or “crystal meth”.

FILE PIC: Despite police efforts and strict drug laws, traffickers are lured by the promise of big money

Police working with Iranian embassy to curb drug smuggling POLICE are aware of the drug supply chain controlled by the Iranian syndicate in the country. Federal police narcotics director Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim said police and Iranian embassy staff had

met recently to discuss how to tackle the drug issues related to Iranians. “We are working together and we have the same common goal, that is to tackle the drug problem.” He said police have also

tightened the security checks at borders and airports to stop the drug smugglers from coming into Malaysia. “We h ave a l s o b e e n doing continuous raids and arrests on Iranians believed to be involved in

drug-related activities.” The frequent number of arrests and seizures made involving Iranians by police since 2009 showed how serious the enforcement agency is in their fight against drugs.

arrests of Iranians. Some even ‘cooked’ them here in rented apartments and houses. It is understood the syndicates are now not only supplying to the Malaysian market but using the country as a transit point, smuggling the drugs to other countries, such as Japan, Taiwan and Australia.

Feb 12 — A 36-year-old Iranian was arrested on arrival from Dubai at 8pm at KLIA. Checks into his luggage found four plastic packets, believed to be syabu weighing 4kg worth RM1 million. March 11 — A 21-year-old Iranian student was arrested at KLIA by Customs officers after he was found with 5.4kg of methamphetamine, worth about RM1.35 million. March 20 — Syabu weigh-

ing 11.5kg and worth about RM3.5 million were seized, following the arrest of nine Iranian men and a Thai woman in Kuala Lumpur. The Thai woman was believed to be the Iranians' accomplice in Southeast Asian drug transactions. Initial police investigations found the suspects, aged between 18 and 35, had been mobile in their drug operations, moving from one rented condominium to another, possibly to avoid police detection. They were believed to have obtained their syabu supply from overseas and storing them at the various condominiums before transactions with ready buyers. The suspects were nabbed at various locations in Jalan Putra Mas, Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Bukit Bintang. Besides the drugs, police also seized three vehicles and RM25,000, believed to be proceeds from the sale of drugs. March 21 — Selangor police made their biggest drug haul this year when they seized 81.4kg of syabu (methamphetamine) worth RM16.1 million. The raiding party found 58 bags of the drug wrapped in 11 carpets, along with other furniture in a container shipped in from Iran, in Westport, Port Klang. Police believe the illegal substance was brought in for distribution by an Iranian drug group based here. Following the bust, police also nabbed a 32-year-old Iranian on the same day. April — Nine Iranians were arrested with the seizure of more than 70kg of methamphetamine as well as RM7 million worth of foreign currency in Kuala Lumpur. Police said the nine were believed to be using Malaysia as a base to supply drugs to Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. April 7 — An Iranian woman was caught smuggling 1.43kg of syabu in her belt at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Sepang.



No show by Arnie's love child ARNOLD Schwarzenegger's love child was pulled from his middle school graduation over fears of a media circus gathering at the event, the Herald Sun reports. The 14-year-old's mother, Mildred Baena, removed her son from the school as the scandal emerged. She kept her son away after hearing of photographers camped outside Bakersfield middle school in Bakersfield, California, ahead of the morning ceremony, sources close to the family said. His presence was expected at the event, with his name appearing alongside other students in the programme.

First Western geisha quits 'sisterhood' THE first ever Westerner to be admitted to the closed world of Japan's geisha hostesses has left after being accused of bringing the movement into disrepute. Oxfordeducated Fiona Graham, 47, was the only foreigner in 400 years to be accepted into the ranks of the geisha, whose skills in traditional Japanese dance, poetry and music are a revered part of national culture. She has parted company with its professional organisation after clashes with fellow members, the The Sunday Telegraph reported.

Sting to sing at chief’s birthday STING is to sing at the birthday celebrations of Kazakhstan's strongman President Nursultan Nazarbayev, after deciding to make an extension to his Symphonicity World Tour. The former Police frontman will hold a concert in Astana, Kazakhstan's showpiece capital, on July 4. He received a drubbing at the hands of human rights activists in 2009 for performing in Uzbekistan, at the invitation of the daughter of President Islam Karimov, accused of being one of the world's most brutal dictators.

The stretch from Jalan Pudu/Jalan Cheras/Jalan Chan Sow Lin traffic light junction to Jalan Yew roundabout in Kuala Lumpur will be closed until 5pm today to allow for the beam launching works PETALING JAYA

The Malay Mail Monday 6 JUNE , 2011

A hit, for all the wrong reasons IN less than 48 hours, the Ob edient Wives Club has already garnered worldwide attention. At Press time, 361 news articles have been published worldwide about the club that was formed on Saturday. The club was making news in Forbes, The

BAD PUBLICITY: Some of the headlines of the report from various international news websites

New Zealand Herald as well as Reuters, The Associated Press and more. T h e B ang kok Post published an ar ticle headlined "Wives told to be 'whores in bed'," in describing the comment made by the club’s vicepresident Dr Rohaya Mohamad on a woman's skills in the bedroom.

Classless club

Obedient Wives' mission 'narrow-minded', 'degrading' DESPITE their intention to curb social illnesses, The Obedient Wives Club has received the thumbs-down from women representatives, as well as an Islamic scholar. They felt the approach of the club — seeking to promote wives’ submissiveness as well prowess in the bedroom to stop husbands from engaging in illicit activities — as degrading. Parti Keadilan Rakyat Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin said: “Their objectives might be right but their approach is narrow-minded. They are imposing the burden on women as the only responsible party in marriage. They should instead uphold fairness for both parties.” The Ampang MP pointed out the basic teachings of Islam was fairness to all and, as such, the club's calls for wives to be submissive to their husbands was out of context in today’s reality where women play a bigger role in society.

Women's Development Collective executive director Maria Chin Abdullah was also disappointed by the club's formation, stating it was unbelievable for women to be confined to that kind of thinking. “What message is this club is trying to send to young ones? That women are only good for sex? “This club is merely promoting inequalities between men and women, husbands and wives.” Expressing her embarrassment at yet another defamatory statement regarding women that has grabbed the world’s attention (see accompanying story), Maria thinks such reports tarnish the country’s reputation, especially on women’s rights issues. Islamic scholar and ex-Perak Mufti Dr Asri Zainal Abidin doubts the formation of the club would serve any real purpose. “I hope these women will not fall prey to any hidden agendas. I

am worried the club could create more unfair treatment to women in the name of them being obedient.” Dr Asri questioned the purpose for the club's existence and refused to comment on its mission until there were visible results of their efforts. Asked about the sex lessons offered to members, he said there was no need to form such a club to achieve that mission when women can engage in appropriate courses or seek professional advice on the matter. The club was founded by the Global Ikhwan group, which launched a Polygamy Club two years ago. Global Ikhwan comprises former members of the banned Al-Arqam Islamic group.


CCTV study for bar fight clues


POLICE are investigating the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage from Leisure Bay Cafe & Bistro in Jalan Pandan Indah, Pandan Indah, for evidence following the killing of the cafe owner's brother there on May 28. In the incident, a 53-year-old lecturer with University College Sedaya International (UCSI) was believed to have interfered in a

dispute involving the woman bar owner and a Thai woman guest when a brawl broke out over a corkage payment. A fight ensued between the lecturer, a Briton, and the owner's elder brother, who collapsed after being punched three times on the head. "We have taken the CCTV footage from the cafe for investigation and the suspect is

now under extended remand until June 10," said Ampang police chief ACP Amiruddin Jamaluddin. Cafe owner Shirley Leong Siew, 42, had told The Malay Mail the Thai woman refused to pay corkage for the bottle she and her friends had brought in. Leong claimed after the Thai woman's friends left, the woman

continued to protest and began to kick her when she insisted on the corkage payment. It was then that Leong's brother, Leong Chin Yat, 49, came to her assistance. During the incident, the lecturer apparently confronted Chin Yat while he was leading the Thai woman out of the premises. Leong said the incident could

have been avoided if the lecturer had not interfered. Chin Yat was taken to Hospital Ampang for treatment and transferred to the National Heart Institute before he slipped into a coma and died about 24 hours later. The lecturer had gone to a police station to lodge a report and was detained there on the same day.

The Malay Mail Monday 6 JUNE, 2011

The UN backed away from its condemnation of the proposed asylum seeker swap deal with Malaysia, saying the Australian government has made significant changes — Australian AP

THREE Malay buddies of mine insisted their wives should follow these hilarious conditions if they were to allow them to join the Obedient Wives Club. Of course, they were mocking Dr Rohaya Mohamad’s puerile concept. Of cours e, t he y were

peeved that hard won equality was being surrendered by a new breed of women who were happy to let their men take charge. Of course, they disagree the key to a happy marriage is for wives to give more control to their husbands. Terms:

I am No. 1! • When he returns home, your immediate chore is, “how do I make him comfortable?” • Lavish him with praise and attention, because you

BeingFrank With Frankie D’Cruz


FOREIGN bargirls here have to pay their agents a penalty of RM75 for each kilo they gain in weight while working in nightspots. The girls have to maintain the exact weight when they were brought in and don’t necessarily get the fine refunded if they shed the fat. The agents want to maintain quality among their girls, just as most husbands would selfishly like their wives to be in good shape throughout their married life. The difference is while the agents gladly deduct the RM75 from the bargirls’ takings as per agreement, a husband wouldn’t broach such idiocy to his spouse. He just bullies her. He knows nothing would happen to him if he's the fat man in the neighbourhood. Clearly, it’s the wives who are at the receiving end when they put on weight while the men go on the prowl as nocturnal creatures. Being overweight is just another example of spouse discord, normally put down to lame sex. Still, problems alight on the domestic front and the sex life is lost. Does the husband now expect the wife to be a whore in bed and lady-like outside the bedroom to fire new life into the relationship? This, while he goes on a pleasure romp of nightspots. Kinky topic? I never asked for it but it’s something I thought should be discussed given the philosophy of the newly-launched Muslim-based Obedient Wives Club that wants wives to be treated like whores in bed. The views of the club, launched over the weekend, have set off a national debate over the progress of the equality movement and the contributions of womenfolk to various landscapes of development. If a wife doesn’t want sex and it is forced upon her, isn’t that rape by law? If a wife doesn’t want to engage in certain “whore-like” sex situations, isn’t that forced sex? I put it that the club which

admire him so much. • You are always in the mood. He can have it his way anytime, anywhere. • Your only hobby and career goal is to serve and

obey him. • The joy of sex is all about him. You don’t matter. • He is always right. You are the dumb one. • Wake up and warm up his food no matter what time he returns home. • Bath is waiting for him



when he returns. Bathe him and leave him relaxing while you prepare dinner. • You are meant to be seen, not heard. Focus on how your looks please him. • Girl talk means sharing cooking recipes that have met with your husband’s approval.

An obedient wife is a first-class prostitute

DR ROHAYA: Sexual prowess takes front seat

has the gall to typecast a good wife as one who is a good sex worker to her husband is promoting predatory sex. Sadly, it is women who are behind this rapacious move to prey on innocent wives. Ironically, the most public of them is a trained medical practitioner Dr Rohaya Mohamad, a third wife herself with eight children. I would like to brand her the nation’s newest avatar of moral "probity", a self-proclaimed sex guru who has stepped forward to advise women on what it takes to become a Stepford Wife, a woman perfect beyond belief. Her catchphrase — “what is wrong with being a whore in bed to your husband?” — smacks of the surrendered wife who gives up equality for "marital bliss". Dr Rohaya, the club’s vicepresident, will together with a committee of wise persons, advise women on sex governance and compliance. The voyeurism of it all should give them sheer pleasure. They are to instill in women the "virtues" of being the perfect wife, including her duties as a “good wife” that entails pleasuring their husbands in the bedroom. They will pump home the philosophy certain men love to hear: Obey, serve and entertain. Be a sex object to your

Whore in bed, lady in private husband. Serve your husband better than a first-class prostitute. Dr Rohaya says sexual prowess takes front seat in marriage beyond the traditional “good mother or good cook” roles. Never mind that sumptuous beef rendang, it’s about a good wife being sexually active in bed, she believes. Dr Rohaya, who was a medical doctor for 15 years in the Health Ministry before taking a leadership role in the club, deems a husband who is kept happy in the bedroom would have no reason to stray or seek out prostitutes or indulge in other social vices. She obviously doesn’t realise she has asked women to relinquish control — which means you don't tell your husband what to do, how to do it or when to do it. You don't complain about the way he's done it

or criticise what he's done. It’s gibberish that by doing so the family institution is protected and social ills like prostitution, domestic violence, human trafficking and abandoned babies could be curbed. She believes these problems stemmed from unfulfilled sexual needs at home. It's just pure ignorance. Dr Rohaya is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed and by all impressions her ilk is not far behind. Wake up Obedient Wives Club! These times are too difficult to be wasting our time with such nonsense. All schadenfreude aside, it's a shame that anyone would think sexual dexterity is judicious use of family time. Perhaps, the club thinks a controversy would bring them more attention. Simply put, it is

destructive to our society. What if I said for women who have gained status in the work world, it’s hard for them to come home and be a feminine person and be a loving, soft, caring wife? Dr Rohaya would probably respond they should not come home with the attitude of a boss and step one in becoming a surrendered wife is learning to keep your mouth shut. Do prudish, demure and coy women like to be treated like a whore in bed? Is the club asking women to indulge in whore role-play in bed...rough sex, hair pulling, dirty names, being dominated? What do men find interesting about prostitutes and "loose women"? My retort: A prostitute is able to be free with herself sexually and with what she has to offer, albeit for a price.

Forgive me, but shouldn’t one treat his wife like a goddess in bed instead of expecting her to be wild and crazy? Forgive me, but am I the only one reading the Obedient Wives Club as professing sex is primal, and shouldn't always have to be revering and loving? Are women to regard the word whore as just a tag and what it really means is to “treat me like you really enjoy me”? Like what goes on between two people does not make either a whore, just very lucky? Like being a nun in public and a whore in private? F R A N K I E D ’C R U Z i s editor-at-large of The Malay Mail. The multiple award-winning journalist can be contacted at



Beginning June 15, those smoking at Malacca world heritage city, Melaka Raya, Malacca International Trade Centre, Alor Gajah and Jasin will be fined from RM300 to RM5,000 — Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai

Feisty cupcakes


Family makes Angry Birds delicacies By EE ANN NEE

INSPIRED by the latest Angry Birds iPhone game craze, a Petaling Jaya family is having a fun time making Angry Birdsstyled cupcakes which are growing increasingly popular with the young ones. Bradley Liew, 22, together with his youngest brother Iain, 16, and their mother Khoo Kok Kian, 52, started the homemade cupcakes three weeks ago after Khoo attended a cakemaking class. “A friend sent our mother images of the Angry Birds iPhone game. After experimenting, we were convinced we could come up with better cupcakes than what we’d seen,” said Bradley, a final-year business student at the Monash University here. After setting up a Facebook page called “Cupcakes by Aunty Kian”, orders flowed in for the cutely-shaped delicacies. A set of five cupcakes is selling at RM45, which customers can pick from the flock of multicoloured birds or the evil green pigs. Angry Birds is a popular iPhone game developed by Finnish company Rovio for smartphone screens in which five birds seek revenge on four egg-stealing pigs. “Amidst the excitement and

HOT ITEMS: Bradley (right) and Iain packing the Angry Birds cupcakes at their home in Petaling Jaya — Pix: SAMSUL SAID

positive remarks from relatives and friends, we received requests from friends abroad to have the cupcakes delivered to them in Australia, Germany and Finland,” said Bradley. The home bakery team, or in Bradley’s words a “threeperson production”, caters to friends and relatives as there are no plans by the family to commercially open a bakery in the near future. “It is labour-intensive as we do everything, from baking, rolling, cutting, shaping, constructing, carving to assembling

the cupcakes. We take three days to make 25 cupcakes,” he said, adding although it was tedious, things began moving quickly once they figured out the concept for the cupcakes. Bradley said his mother and brother were having fun making the cupcakes and it was a great bonding

experience for the family when they were “stuck 12 hours next to one another in the kitchen.” “It’s a good thing for us to do during the current school holidays and study break. We make people happy with our food and at the same time, earn some pocket money. So far we’ve delivered two batches of cupcakes, which are more than 30 pieces,” he said. In producing the cupcakes, the brothers have to modify the 3D Angry Birds designs to fit them into the 2D cupcake surfaces. “We also wanted to add a little twist or spin to it, such as incorporating elements of the game like the catapult and a nest of eggs as

individual designs to the cupcakes,” Bradley told The Malay Mail. The brothers, who are also fans of the Angry Birds iPhone game themselves, said they were playing the game obsessively on the iPad. “The game is extremely addictive, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that our cupcakes will be addictive too,” said Bradley.

● See also pg11

The Aza and Rose 'batik' show IF you ask me, as a citizen, for feedback or input whether I would agree with the concept of Visa on Arrival (VoA) for travellers from some countries, I would say the government must re-think the subject. As for to me it is not such a hot idea! Why? Because I have heard of many cases where some tourists overstay, work illegally and abuse their visa rights as tourists. You may have read about many entertainment outlets being raided and these “tourists” being caught for working as GROs and others! I am sure while many were detained for visa abuses, many more are still well and working illegally. If you go to Sibu, Sarawak, you will see many of the massage joints hiring foreigners, many of whom are illegals. On the subject of visas and illegal foreign workers, I have a longstanding old friend who,

SeriMenanti With Rusdi Mustapha

together with his wife, is running a popular batik business from the design to the production of goods to retailing. Yet he is hard-pressed for workers, especially seamstresses, whom they need to produce uniquely-designed batik products. I have known Azahari Abdul Khalid, or Aza, for about 40 years. We were hippies in our younger days in Europe. Since then, he has become a self-made man who has done well for himself, creating and operating a batik business in Langkawi since 1987, and his establishment has created a truly local product. In the 1980s when Aza was

down and out, he and his wife Roshadah Yusuf, even cut and trimmed coconut trees in abundance on the piece of land where his shop is now, to make enough wood for the original building, called Atma Alam. The present building is known throughout the world! On any given day, hundreds of tourists visit his establishment. Atma Alam is also recognised by the Tourism Ministry as a premier Malaysian ambassador to the world for promoting Malaysian goods. However, Aza and Rose, as they are fondly known, are facing

tough times in finding qualified seamstresses to produce their famous batik products. While the government allows the hiring of Indonesian labourers or workers in the plantation and construction sectors and soon again in the maid sector, the government does not allow any import of Indonesian seamstresses. “Why? I don’t know! I used to have 15 Indonesian seamstresses on work permits, but now I am not allowed to have any. I have to make do with two Malaysian seamstresses that we have to train to do the job that qualified Indonesian workers can do,” said Aza. He said he is a good taxpayer, and a staunch supporter of the government. His late father was our ambassador to many countries and was also once an Umno information chief. All Aza wants is just 20 qualified Indonesian seamstresses to help his establish-

ment in Langkawi to produce what is uniquely Malaysian batik products much sought after by tourists. Can't the government make a special case for Aza and Rose to allow them to have just 20 qualified Indonesian seamstresses? Is it too much to ask? Back with Visa on Arrival, do not get me wrong as I am not against tourists coming to our country, but I just want the government to find a foolproof formula to differentiate between bona fide tourists and those who come here to beg and to work illegally. As the old adage says: "The laws need to be flexible in some cases to cater to the needs of the people." In the case of Aza, a good citizen, the law pertaining to his needs must be revised so he can continue to do what he has been doing these years — to make Malaysia more known throughout the world.

The Malay Mail Monday 6 June, 2011

Voter fury over carbon tax TWO-THIRDS of voters want Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to call an election before introducing the carbon tax, and three-quarters believe it will leave them financially worse off and deliver little or no benefit for the environment, the Herald Sun reports. A Galaxy Poll for the newspaper also shows 58 per cent of people are opposed to the carbon tax. Just 28 per cent are in favour, with 14 per cent uncommitted. The poll of 500 people says 64 per cent believe the prime minister should call an early election before she introduces the new tax. The next election is not due until 2013.

Search for new Milkybar kid CHARLIE HAMILTON is just seven, but this Aussie boy hopes the chocolate treats will soon be on him. The Grade 2 student from Drouin, in the State's east, is the only Victorian finalist in Nestle's hunt for "the new Milkybar kid", the Herald Sun reports. More than 1,500 children entered the nationwide competition. After auditions in Sydney, Charlie made the final 10. "It's just a bit of fun for Charlie, really," said mum Penelope. The original Milkybar Kid was created in the 1960s.

Dog kicked 2m in shocking attack GORDON STAMMERS says his 14-year-old dog Wally is lucky to be alive after an enraged man kicked the old pooch nearly two metres in the air at Jan Juc, a coastal town in Victoria, Australia. The timid fox terrier-jack russell cross is still struggling to walk after Saturday's vicious encounter with the muscle-bound man, the Herald Sun reports. Police have confirmed they are looking for the man and local laws officers have also been notified over fears he could seriously hurt other animals or their owners.

MonDay 6 June, 2011

the malay mail


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Monday 6 JUNE, 2011 the malay mail

your right to be heard

tel:03-7947 2288 fax: 03-7960 5096 tel:019-261 4948 (after 9pm)

Complainants have to submit their personal particulars and provide a detailed account of their complaint. Complainants have to first file their complaints with the respective parties before contacting Hotline. Complaints referred by Hotline to the relevant parties would be published if there is no response in seven days. After a complaint has been resolved, the complainant cannot demand non-publication of the matter.


INVASION: Bees settling on a street sign in Jalan Sungai Way

To bee or not to bee Council says it will smoke out pests in Jalan Sungai Way

ANXIETY is mounting in Jalan Sungai Way where a bee invasion has heightened fear among traders and residents following a report in The Malay Mail last Thursday that the insects have settled on a dented one-way signboard there. While residents say bees are not a new phenomenon here, Hotline has received calls from those who want

them gone. They expressed fears of people accidentally upsetting the swarm and the bees building hives in their homes. One caller, who declined to be identified, asked if a solution is under way and when the authorities will rid the area of their “guests". He says he fears the number of bees could increase

and even though nights are warm, he prefers to sleep with his windows shut in case any bees fly in. So far, there have been no reports of people being stung but residents do not discount the possibility it could happen. Another resident and trader claims the bees are still there. When the Hotline Rov-

Happy ending after repeated tries JULIAN PANG is wondering how long she needs to wait to have his UniFi broadband installed at home. PANG says he has been trying to get it installed at his Damansara Perdana home since February. However, he says no one from Telekom Malaysia (TM) has contacted him despite his repeated applications. "I've filled up the UniFi registration forms many times whenever I come

across its roadshows. I have also applied online several times via the TM UniFi website, but until today, no representatives from TM have called to arrange for the installation.” He says he has also called TM to check but has been told there is no coverage in his area. “However, most of my neighbours are enjoying UniFi services."

● A TELEKOM Malay-

sia Berhad (TM) spokesman apologises to PANG for the inconvenience caused. "However, we are pleased to announce our UniFi High-Speed Broadband services are now available in his area. We have notified PANG of this and our team has contacted him to set an appointment for the service installation.” PANG confirmed TM's technicians installed the UniFi service on May 12.

ing Team visited the site, the signboard was clear of bees. Even so, residents remain jittery, with one resident, who only wishes to be identified as TAN, pointing out the bees could have settled in other places as well and there is no telling where they could be. In our June 2 report, traders said the bees come year-

ly from behind the shoplots and settle at various places, including the signboard. Although no one has been harmed, they buzz menacingly when the road sign is shaken and residents want action taken.

● PETALING Jaya City

Council (MBPJ) public relations officer Zainun Zakaria says it is looking

into ridding the area of bees. She says the relevant department has been alerted. Last week, Zainun had said a team would be sent over at night. She said the council would attempt to get rid of the bees by smoking them out by the end of last week.

Bad connection bad for work A DiGi customer for many years, TIMOTHY TOK is disappointed by the telco’s Blackberry Internet Service (BIS). He says he often experiences slow or even no Internet connectivity in many locations throughout the Klang Valley. "I operate my own business of IT consulting, and the demand of emails and instant messaging are very essential to my business."

TOK says despite making numerous complaints and sending emails and instant messages to alert DiGi's customer service of his connectivity problem, no solution has been forthcoming. "The BIS service I have been experiencing has hampered the rate of my work and affected my performance in providing fast delivery."

● A DiGi Telecommunica-

tions Sdn Bhd spokesman says it has investigated the complaint and come up with a solution for the customer. However, the spokesman says they are having difficulties contacting the complainant. “We urge the customer to contact our customer service helpline at 016-2211800 to resolve the matter.” Hotline was also unable to contact TOK.

PANTAI HOSPITALS: • Kuala Lumpur: 03-22960888 • Cheras: 03-91322022 • Ampang: 03-42892828

• Klang: 03-33742020/33725222 • Ipoh: 05-5484333 • Ayer Keroh: 06-2319999

• Penang: 04-6433888 • Batu Pahat: 07-4338811/2228 • Sungai Petani: 04-4428888

Monday 6 JUNE, 2011 the malay mail

Stung by 'sarcasm'

Follow-up to complaint by management fails to address problem NICHOLAS LIM is not only shocked by the rude service he received from a cashier at Sunway Lagoon last year, he is flabbergasted with the attitude of its senior management after bringing the matter to their attention. He says during a visit to the water park on Nov 20, a cashier treated him badly. When he tried to lodge a complaint, the manager was also rude to him and he received no further response after demanding to speak to the manager’s superior, to whom he sent an email on Nov 21. After numerous attempts, LIM says he succeeded in speaking to a Human Resource personnel at Sunway Group and was assured someone would get back to him. On Dec 2, he sent another email and received a re-

sponse from the manager’s superior but no apologies were offered. "Why was I pushed around without even being given closure to the problem? "Sunway Group, being a large organisation, should solve customer issues quickly and efficiently.” On Dec 6, LIM says he was shocked when a senior management personnel asked him through email what he was expecting from Sunway Lagoon. Also in the email, the staff alleged the manager and her superior had already called and emailed LIM. However, LIM denies the manager had ever called and maintains the superior only emailed him at a much later time. He also received another email from Sunway Group stating: “The reason we

asked what you were expecting from us is because it has not been made clear what you expect from us, seeing as we have already responded to your complaint. We also wish to make it clear that while we value your feedback and patronage, we will not be responding to anymore emails as it is counterproductive." LIM says he is devastated by the “sarcastic” reply. He wants a letter of apology from the management over this unpleasant affair. A SUNWAY Group spokesman says they received LIM’s first feedback on Nov 21 last year and has since conducted multiple phone conversations with him to rectify the matter. “We (Sunway Group) have responded duly to acknowledge LIM’s feedback, with

apologies, after conducting the due investigative process, through emails dated Dec 6, 2010; Dec 12, 2010; Feb 12 and the last being a letter of apology by a senior management personnel on Feb 23.” The spokesman says LIM's recent request, a hard copy of the apology letter, which was also scanned and sent to him, was prepared on May 10, and awaits his collection. “Alternatively, if LIM wishes to furnish us with his home or office address, we will be able to send the letter by courier." LIM told Hotline he was contacted by Sunway Group and has accepted the outcome. LIM hopes Sunway Group does not overlook the quality of its customer service in the future.

Long wait for second decoder R. GEETHA from Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam, was made to wait more than a week for an Astro technician to turn up at her home, only to find out her order had not even been registered in their system. She made an order for a second Astro decoder to be installed at her house early

last month. She says the customer service representative who took her order advised her to first settle all overdue payments. GEETHA says she subsequently made sure all her payments were up to date. On May 16, she received a call from Astro informing her a technician would

install the second Astro decoder within the week. After a week of waiting, GEETHA contacted customer service to inform them of the no-show. She was then told her order for a second decoder was never made. "How can my order go missing?”

● ASTRO Broadcast &

Operations senior vicepresident Rohaizad Mohamed apologises for the customer’s experience and regrets any inconvenience caused. "We have resolved the matter and GEETHA is now able to receive her Astro services.”

Struggle to get mobile Internet AS a long-time Maxis customer, HUANG CHIA MING says he did not expect any problems when he decided to convert his prepaid line to a postpaid line, which he intends to use for his iPad. But in April, HUANG was told his line could not be converted after a visit to the Maxis centre at The Gardens mall. Worse still, he was told he had to get a new line. When he asked why, none of the Maxis staff were able to explain the reason to him. “I even called its customer service later but the staff 's attitude was appall-

ing. He had no sense of urgency and was not customer-friendly. “How can Maxis call it 'customer service' when they can’t even answer a simple question?”

● A MAXIS Communications Sdn Bhd spokesman says iPad registration is on another platform, for which their current mobile and Inter n e t ser vice p l a t f o r m cannot

cater to. As such, the spokesman says HUANG'S existing mobile number cannot be registered under an iPad plan.

"HUANG has accepted our explanation and the matter was amicably resolved." MAXIS encourages their customers to contact them directly by emailing customercare@ my or calling 1800821123.


Online Hotline comments Be responsible (May 23) • HOW much can the authorities do if the people themselves are forever acting irresponsibly? It's just like those who throw rubbish out of their car windows and give the excuse that there are people to pick up after them or that they are taxpayers. Even so, why should I clean up the rubbish when I know better not to behave in such an irresponsible manner? Of course, the authorities must enforce the law and hopefully, people will wise up. All of us have roles to play — from schools teaching hygiene, civic and moral classes, to parents acting responsibly by not throwing rubbish indiscriminately to serve as good role models to their children. — Anonymous Council offers reward for tip-offs (June 3) • HOW about barring the numbers featured in such advertisements? However, authorities should call those numbers to confirm they actually belong to Ah Long. To unbar the line, loan sharks will have to go to mobile phone centres to reactivate the line, proving they are the actual owner of the number and explain themselves. I think this will be an effective way to make loan sharks realise posting such adverts is futile. — Anonymous • HOW hard is it to enforce this? It's a no-brainer. Just call the number. All phone numbers are registered to someone, so it's just a matter of if the authorities want to do it or not. — abugaga Definitely not lovin' it (June 3) • IF McDonald's does not sack the staff concerned, how are they going to provide good customer service after the one-week suspension? Will the staff repent if he or she has a serious attitude problem? Maybe not if that staff was there merely to pass the time. McDonald’s Malaysia have to improve their front-line staff service. — Anonymous • IS the one-week suspension inclusive of salary or not? After all, what good can the suspension do? I feel some never learn or regret their actions. I cannot understand why there are always "rotten apples" in the service industry. — public • NINE times out of the 10, when I have asked for thighs and drumsticks, the McDonald’s staff give it to me. They usually also add, “OK, kalau adalah" (if its available). The one time a staff could not give me the pieces I requested was because they had run out. Even then, they asked if I wanted to wait 10 minutes or so. That is the correct response. It was just the complainant's bad luck that she had to be served by a smart aleck. — Anonymous Water cut without warning (June 3) • I STORED water on May 30 in anticipation of the water cut due to the cleaning of the pumps at the Hulu Langat reservoir. I read about it in the newspapers which mentioned the areas affected, including the Pandan areas and Kg Cheras Baru. Please stop pointing fingers as Syabas is not to blame, unless you do not read the newspapers. — zeebees53 Gaping irony (June 3) • THIS is classic. No one wants to take on the responsibility of fixing this. Perhaps this is because no one wants to do any work. Would it kill the authorities to put a temporary cover over the manhole to prevent accidents, at least until they find the right service provider? — Jivani Jeyasingam

10 letters&opinion Monday 6 JUNE, 2011

the malay mail

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Mail: Letters To The Editor, Malay Mail Sdn Bhd, Lot 2A, Jalan 13/2, 46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

â&#x2014;? Letters to the Editor must carry your name, address and contact number. A pseudonym may be included. Email: Fax: 03-7960 5096

I DON'T CARE Maid in Malaysia (May 31)

Make information public

IT'S true, some maids falsify their documents. My current maid not only altered her birth date to appear older when she is actually a teenager but she also changed her name. My Ma l ay s i an age nt claimed to be shocked by it, although I am skeptical about how much he actually knew. I paid a whopping RM6,000, which I believe is cheap compared with the present rate. But then again, there are problems every now and then. I agree with the writer that maids can "help" you get hypertension. From the look of things, it appears the rate set by the governments in Malaysia and Indonesia won't be adhered to by maid agencies as the KL My First Home Scheme

rate is considered too low and will affect their profit margin. Who else is going to pay for their Alphards and Benz', right? I think the government must impose strict rulings and publish the cost of hiring a maid so the public can have access to the information. Then only can we decide whether the rate given by the agency is reasonable or not. Regular checks on maid agencies should be done as well. Honest

Be prepared for trouble

HAVING maids can be troublesome sometimes. My maid ran away, while NOT SO CHEAP: Even homes like these can be out of reach of low-wage earners

her replacement, who got pregnant, also left. Currently, I only have one maid who takes care of my sick mother. She is doing a good job but sometimes, she gives me headaches. To overcome the matter, I sometimes talk with her about her personal problems. Sometimes, I can sense whenever she is having trouble, which not many employers can. I do this because I need her to be with my mother, at least until her contract ends. She will be leaving for home at the end of February next year. I hope she will fulfill her promise without any problems. Hone st ly, i f g ive n a

choice, many employers would not opt for a maid because many of them are not trustworthy. Here are some of my opinions on issues related to maids: 1. Passports - Employers should be the ones holding on to the maid's passports for obvious reasons. 2. One off-day ever y week - A precarious issue here as these maids can abuse their freedom. Furthermore, their jobs are simple; cleaning the house and taking care of the children or old folks. 3. Salary - The proposed salary is too high. Even some locals are not paid that much. 4. Banking in of salary - No problem here but employers should be

allowed to hold back one month's pay in case they run away or face other emergencies. 5. Minimum two-year contract - Not a problem. Oon

Not much choice

WITH both parents working, I feel it is best to hire a maid to care for the needs at home and the daily chores. It can be stressful doing the laundry, cleaning, ironing and childcare alone. Furthermore, not every residential area has child care services and at places that do, children are

stuffed like sardines and attended to by untrained caretakers. Fresh in our minds are the incidents in Putrajaya where two infants at an unregistered nursery died after choking on milk. Do not compare Malaysia with other developed countries as we are still trying to catch up. Parents are stressed out trying to cope with the rising cost of living. We don't leave our children w it h rel at ives or elderly folks like back in the days of old. Ne i g hb ou r s a re a l s o strangers and so, many have no choice but to hire a maid. Taught

Desperate times, desperate measures DO not buy a house in Kuala Lumpur. Let us all boycott these ridiculously unaffordable first homes which are pure money-making schemes by cut-throat developers. Instead, buy a house in Kajang, Serdang or even Port Dickson and Seremban. Choose to commute to your workplace or car pool. A n ot h e r w ay t o s av e money and fuel is to install

an NGV system in your car. The cost of installation is about RM2,900. For married couples, you can rent a room in KL for as low as RM250 per month and use the LRT. I rent a room in a condominium at RM320 and use NGV for my car. I bought a double-storey house with three bedrooms and three toilets outside KL at only RM97,000. Quality time can be spent

with your family during weekends. To communicate, we have SMS and Internet video. Nawawi

Not possible THERE is no way you can own a house for RM220,000 in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya. Maybe you can get one

Opinion of the week MOAZ YUSUF'S view on the need for the Land Public Transport Commission to share its future plan and vision with the public won a hamper worth RM100 from Dutch Lady Malaysia for a deserving charitable institution.

THE MALAY MAIL-DUTCH LADY HAMPER FOR CHARITY THE best opinion of the week as decided by the editor will win a hamper from Dutch Lady Malaysia for charitable institutions. Readers are encouraged to nominate charities deserving of this gesture. The Malay Mail will deliver the winning hamper.

in Klang or Rawang for less than that. Even with 100 per cent financing, many will still have problems paying for other expenses such as car loans, credit card repayments and education. I wonder how much is left for the average wage earner once they have d e du c t e d a l l t h e a b ov e expenses. Shaktiman KL Racial intergration

Keep the peace PRIME Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said there are groups who are playing with fire by fanning racial and religious sentiments and bent on creating havoc to disrupt Malaysia's peace and harmony. These people must be identified immediately, arrested and detained. After all, Malaysia is a multiracial country and all its rakyat must be protected from these worthless and good-for-nothing elements. The government is doing everything possible to take care of the needs of the people. Anandh

The Malay Mail Monday 6 JUNE, 2011

Perak government received a proposal to build a theme park based on 'Upin & Ipin', the popular series by Les’ Copaque Production Sdn Bhd — Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir

Rolling back the years By EENA HOUZYAMA

THIS could be one of the best news for die-hard fans of two legendary bands, Sweet Charity and Blues Gang. They are getting together once again after 27 years, for a once-in-a-lifetime show at Stadium Merdeka on July 9. The Konsert Raksasa, organised by Netzah Productions Sdn Bhd, will showcase classics from both bands, such as Teratai (1979) by Sweet Charity and Apo Nak Di Kato (1982) by Blues Gang. “Both (Blues Gang vocalist) Ito Mohd and I talked about reuniting in a concert since four years ago, but perhaps the timing was not right. Now, the moment is here and it’s almost nostalgic,” said Sweet Charity vocalist Ramli Sarip (pic). Said Ito: "Besides, when we wanted to do the concert, we wanted to make it big, rather than have small gigs here and there.” Ramli said the concert was a full circle for both bands a n d

would showcase their respective journeys through songs. “To be honest, I can’t describe how I truly feel as it is too private for me to explain.” Do not, however, expect to see younger bands performing alongside these two legends as both Ramli and Ito are confident their music will be strong enough to pull a big crowd of rock fans. Three guest musicians have been brought in to replace band members who have passed on, and for Ramli, the invited musicians will bring a balance to the group without overshadowing the original band members. “We always have memories of those band members strongly in our hearts. We have never forgotten them or their families. The best we can do is to share our earnings from shows and concerts with their widows.”


Twitter Your S@y


Sweet Charity and Blues Gang to reunite in concert


MOBILE phone maker Nokia will be organising what they are calling the world’s biggest Angry Birds event at Boulevard Strip, Low Yat Plaza, Kuala Lumpur, on Saturday to set a Guinness world record. For those who don't know, Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Finland-based

Rovio Mobile, first released for Our question for Twitterdom to Apple's iOS in December 2009. gauge how big the Angry Birds The game, featuring cute, game really is, is just how many wingless birds flung via sling- hours does one spend on it daishot at pigs, has been the rage, ly? converting casual players to Some portions of the tweet hardcore gamers. It's possibly feedback received by the writer getting bigger as it has since at @klubbkiddkl have been modbeen introduced to many other ified, without altering the intent devices. of the message. @ fiza_fa @IDMay a @NazimNasri: Two hours. mom is zal: My @yafayu: Lost count every tw sari: 20 minutes a o hours. … of the hours. But it’ She spe fan. s n ds @ never below an ho a ti m e 9 o 1 : s : t a ur A y o p s a f li rt h A e n from time day, that’s for sure a time pla r @Susa ree @QyunHuda . to eat, y in h t : g A t s n le u averep, bathe and eve Abo er a t g e is o s f a tw n y n o d b ho pray… ev her iPad rings hours. M ore in I’m trying to urs as e t m @Javlaas: Got to love unlock as else is fo rything o ffice. Th o the can do ough, m r Angry uch as I can a h t Angry Birds, but I don’t t 's , B . y a ir a d d d s iehard fa . a really n for have the time and you. as she’s to the d e spend about 10 mint ic d g. d a , dependin utes a day on it. or two hours daily e On : re nfi game. no ta @a



Sprouts likely cause of E. coli outbreak LOWER Saxony's agriculture minister said initial tests have confirmed locally grown beansprouts are the likely cause for Germany's E. coli outbreak that has killed 22 people and sickened hundreds. The crisis is the deadliest E. coli outbreak in modern history. -- AP

Trial resumes for sex offender

CLEVELAND, Ohio, residents will be forced this week to revisit a dark chapter in the city's history. The trial resumes today for 51year-old convicted sex offender and ex-Marine Anthony Sowell, who is charged with killing 11 women and hiding their remains in his home and backyard. — AP

The Malay Mail Monday 6 JUNE, 2011

Israeli troops killed 20 people who tried to cross Syria's frontier with Golan Heights — AP ISLAMABAD

Bombings kill 24 Retaliation attacks by al-Qaeda continue in northwest Pakistan

A SUICIDE bomber attacked a bakery in Pakistan's northwest yesterday, killing 18 people, and another bomb in the volatile region left six others dead. The attacks were the latest in a wave of bloodshed to hit Pakistan since the US raid that killed alQaeda chief Osama bin Laden. Also yesterday, a Pakistani security official said authorities are nearly certain that a recent US missile strike killed al-Qaeda commander Ilyas Kashmiri. The suicide bomber struck the bakery in a neighbourhood where army personnel live in the town of Nowshera, police said. At least two soldiers were among the dead. The attacker was a young man carrying around eight kilogrammes of explosives. The blast caused some gas cylinders in the bakery to explode, leading to a fire that left many of the 40 wounded in serious condition, said Fazal Maula, a

police official. Earlier in the day, a bomb exploded at a bus stop in the Matani area of the northwest, killing six people and wounded several others, officials said. It appeared to have been planted at the bus stop, as opposed to a suicide attack. There was no claim of responsibility, but the Pakistani Taliban have claimed credit for other recent attacks, saying they were avenging bin Laden's death in the May 2 US raid. Kashmiri is the latest al-Qaeda leader to be killed, though there are still lingering doubts after the missile strike late Friday. Kashmiri was rumoured to be a potential long-shot candidate to replace bin Laden as head of al-Qaeda. US officials have described him as al-Qaeda's military operations chief in Pakistan, and he was on a list of the five most wanted militants believed to be

CARNAGE: Pakistani paramedics treat an injured victim in a hospital in Peshawar after a bomb exploded at a bakery in Nowshera — AFPpic

in the country. The 47-year-old was sought in the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India, accused of slaughtering many Pakistanis,


Yemen celebrates president's departure THE departure of Yemen's battlewounded president for treatment in Saudi Arabia set off wild street celebrations yesterday in the capital where crowds danced, sang and slaughtered cows in hopes that this spelled a victorious end to a more than three-month campaign to push their leader from power. Behind the festive atmosphere, many feared Ali Abdullah Saleh, a masterful political survivor who has held power for nearly 33 years, will yet return — or leave the country in ruins if he cannot. Hanging in the balance was a country that before the revolt was beset by deep poverty, malnutrition, tribal conflict and violence by an active al-Qaeda franchise with international reach. Saleh, who was taken overnight to a military hospital in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, underwent successful surgery on his chest to remove jagged pieces of wood that splintered from a mosque pulpit when his compound was hit by rockets on Friday, said medical officials and a Yemeni diplomat. The stunning rocket attack, which the government first blamed on tribal fighters who in recent weeks turned against the president and later on al-Qaeda, killed 11 bodyguards and seriously injured

five senior officials worshipping just alongside Saleh. Wh i l e S a l e h i s aw ay, Vi c e President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi is acting as temporary head of state, said the deputy information minister, Abdu al-Janadi. The minister said the president would return to assume his duties after his treatment, though experts on Yemeni affairs questioned whether a return is possible in the face of so much opposition. "Saleh will come back. Saleh is in good health, and he may give up the authority one day but it has to be in a constitutional way," al-Janadi said. "Calm has returned. Coups have failed. We are not in Libya, and Saleh is not calling for civil war." His sudden departure raised many questions, including whether his Saudi hosts would bless his return. The Saudis have backed Saleh and cooperated over the years in confronting al-Qaeda and other threats, but they are now among those pressing him to give up power as part of a negotiated deal. Saudi Arabia has watched with concern the anti-government protests that have spread to other neighboring countries like Bahrain and is eager to contain the unrest on its doorstep. — AP

and suspected of aiding plots against Western targets. A Pakistani security official said yesterday weekend reports

of Kashmiri's death were "95 per cent confirmed," as authorities have checked with various sources. — AFP


New skin cancer cures boost survival T WO n e w t r e a t m e n t s , including therapy blocking a gene mutation occurring in half of melanoma patients, are prolonging lives of people suffering from the deadliest form of skin cancer, clinical trials unveiled yesterday show. Ve m u r a f e n i b n e u t r a lises mutation of the key BRAF gene by inhibiting production of a protein which plays a major role in development of melanoma. Users of the experimental drug were 63 per cent less likely to die than people taking chemotherapy, a study showed. The other treatment prolonging lives of those with advanced melanoma involves the anti-body ipilumumab, sold under the trade name Yervoy, which s t i mu l at e s t h e i m mu n e system. " T h e s tu d i e s pre s e nte d to d ay h ig h l ig ht t remendous advances in t he t re at me nt of me t ast at ic melanoma," Lynn Schuchter, a professor of oncology at the University of Pennsylvania, told the

47th annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the world's largest oncology conference. "Until recently we've had limited options for our patients, and little hope for long-term survival. In the past two years, we've seen remarkable progress with immunotherapy, and now, a promising targeted therapy," she said. Results from a phasethree international clinical trial, show that Swiss laboratory Roche's orally administered vemurafenib — also known as PLX4032 — is the first drug to improve overall sur vival in patients with advanced mel anoma c omp are d to chemotherapy, the standard procedure in use since 1975. "This is really a huge step toward personalised care in melanoma," lead author Paul Chapman, a physician at Memorial Sl o an - Ke tte r i ng C anc e r Center in New York, said in a statement about the findings unveiled at the conference. — AFP

The Malay Mail Monday 6 june, 2011

Cambodia should withdraw all border dispute cases from international bodies and return to talks with Thailand, says Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Bangkok Post


Political change in Portugal Social Democrats defeat 'ferocious animal' prime minister

J O S E S O C R AT E S ( p i c ) , Portugal's outgoing prime minister who has described himself as a "ferocious animal" when it comes to campaigning, yesterday lost the toughest fight of his political career. The 53-year-old announced he was stepping down as leader of the Socialists after the party lost an early general election yesterday to the centre-right Social Democrats (PSD). "This defeat is entirely mine and I want to assume full responsibility for it," he said in an address to party supporters in Lisbon. "I feel it is necessary to open a new political cycle that is able to

prepare a consistent alternative. I want to give the Socialist Party the space to discuss its future and select a new leadership." The defeat was a sharp reversal for Socrates who led the Socialists to their first majority in parliament in 2005 just one year after he was elected leader of the party. He managed to be re-elected in 2009 in the midst of the global economic downturn and stiff opposition to

his austerity measures intended to rein in a ballooning public deficit, but lost the majority in parliament. "I am not one to turn his back on difficulties, to run from a fight," he has said. Yesterday's early election was triggered by Socrates' resignation at the end of March after the parliamentary opposition, led by the PSD, rejected his minority government's fourth austerity package in just under

a year. Two weeks later Portugal was forced to request a bailout package from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund because of its inability to meet its refinancing obligations, a move Socrates had resisted for months. During the campaign he vowed to teach his political adversaries, who he blames for provoking a political crisis to trigger the early elections, "a lesson". But in the end Socrates fell victim to anger at the worsening state of the economy, with unemployment at a record high, and the bailout request. â&#x20AC;&#x201D;AFP



New Zealand

Low magnitude quake rocks Wellington A SHALLOW 5.0-magnitude aftershock rocked the quake-hit New Zealand city of Christchurch early today, shaking items off shelves but not generating any reports of serious damage, officials said. New Zealand's second largest city was devastated by a 6.3-magnitude earthquake in February which claimed 181 lives, and followed a stronger, but less destructive 7.0 quake last September. The latest quake hit at 9.09am local time and was centred 22 kilometres west of the city at a depth of just three kilometres, the US Geological Survey said. New Zealand's GNS Science said the quake caused only minor damage. Retail worker Jo Edmond told the Christchurch Press that stock fell from shelves

in the Warehouse supermarket, near the tremor's epicentre, and she was feeling "a little bit nervous". "The store's a bit of a mess. There's a lot of glass, but nothing too bad," she told the Press. Christchurch was also hit by another smaller aftershock, measuring 3.7, about an hour before the 5.0 tremor, GNS Science said. The city has experienced thousands of minor shakes since February's disaster and scientists said last week that there was an almost one-in-four chance of another quake measuring 6.0 to 7.0 in the next 12 months. New Zealand sits on the so-called "Ring of Fire", the boundary of the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates, and experiences up to 15,000 tremors a year. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; AFP



Walters grilling upsets Paris PARIS HILTON is not a very happy princess these days, the Daily Mail reports. Not only is her new reality show doing dismally in the ratings but she is also upset at the grilling she received from Barbara Walters on The View last week. Walters took Paris to task for her behaviour on the show and made several digs at her. Paris was apparently so upset she screamed at a producer backstage.

Is Giggs in new affair? RYAN GIGGS is in the news again, this time for an alleged extramarital affair with his brother’s wife, the Daily Mail reports. A Sunday tabloid has claimed the Manchester United player embarked on an eight-year relationship with his sister-in-law Natasha, 28. These new claims have stunned his fans.

Portugal's centre-right opposition Social Democrats (PSD) defeated the ruling Socialists in yesterday's early election, preliminary results showed — AFP

The Malay Mail Monday 6 JUNE, 2011


Acting for sex TV actor charged with impersonating 'vice cop' for sexual favours

A BIT actor who played a Las Vegas police officer on the TV series CSI faces charges of reprising that role to coerce a woman into sex in a Las Vegas hotel room. Douglas Brian Irvin Jr (pic), who also played a hotel guest in the 2009 film The Hangover, responded to an ad for a US$180 (RM541) sensual body rub and asked a masseuse to come to his room at the Hooters Casino Hotel on May 15, police said. The woman said Irvin began to touch her sexually against her will and offered her US$10,000 for sex. She told detectives she agreed, but she wanted the money up front. Irvin was then accused of pulling out a laminated identification card that said "police" and telling her she would be arrested unless she had sex with him for free. He told her he was

a vice detective and she was in a lot of trouble, according to an arrest report. T he woman s ai d h is demeanour was "very cop-like" and she believed he was a real detective, so she agreed to have sex to avoid being arrested, the report added. Irvin, 32, was booked Thursday into the Clark County Detention Center on charges

of impersonating an officer, oppression under colour of law, and sexual assault and coercion, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Las Vegas Sun reported. He was being held without bail. Detectives located Irvin on Thursday after he met his parole officer. His criminal history was not immediately known. Police said he gave several different accounts, including that the sex was consensual. Irvin denied impersonating a police officer, but authorities found a laminated police identification card on him, the report said. Police said they also checked his cellphone and found several photos of him in police uniforms and a photo of a police ID card identifying him as a "special agent." He told police the photos were from his roles in movies and television. — AP


Napoleon's English lessons sell for RM409,000 NAPOLEAN'S f irst English lessons while he was b anishe d to exile on the South At l a n t i c i s l a n d o f Saint Helena, fetched more than €93,000 ( R M 4 0 9 , 0 0 0 ) at a n auction in France yesterday, several times more than they had been valued. Three lots of text in Eng lish and French and drawings, by the f a l l e n e mp e ror h a d been valued at €7,000 to €9,500 said the Osenat auction house. "Qu’es qui étoit arrivé. What was it arrived," Napoleon wrote in his first stumbling efforts to grasp the language of his adversaries. In other exercises he wrote: "Combien etointils. How many were

they" and "Comment se portoient-ils. How do they do". The private Museum of Letters and Manuscripts in Paris paid €93,125 for the lots, which it said it would put on display from June 21. The same museum paid €53,750 for manuscripts that Napoleon edited at Saint Helena for his memoirs, including his account of his victorious Battle of the Bridge of Arcole in 1796. After his defeat to the British at the 1815 Battle of Waterlo o, Nap ole on was imprisoned and then exiled to Saint Helena where he died in 1821 aged 51. — AFP


Poor ticket sales in 'X-Men: First Class'

LAST week, Wolverine's absence was felt as X-Men: First Class's attendance hit a franchise low in its debut, IMDb reports. The Hangover Part II crashed after a wild opening, while Kung Fu Panda 2 did not do any better. X-Men: First Class squeaked by with a passable estimated US$21 million (RM63.2m) on approximately 6,900 screens at 3,641 locations, but it was looking more like the fanboy fantasia it sounded like when first announced, than something that will

advance the franchise. The first X-Men movie opened to nearly US$21 million, but US$21 million this year is not the same as US$21 million in 2000. X-Men's start was the equivalent of over US$30 million adjusted for ticket price inflation. More telling, though, is that First Class was a sizeable step down from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which made US$34.4 million on its opening day, and it was even less than The Incredible Hulk's US$21.5 million.

BOX-OFFICE top ten Top grossing films last week 1 X-Men: First Class — US$56m (total US$56m) 2 The Hangover Part II — US$32.4m (total US$187m) 3 Kung Fu Panda 2 — US$24.3m (total US$100m) 4 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides — US$18m (total US$190m) 5 Bridesmaids — US$12.1m (total US$107m) 6 Thor — US$4.2m (total US$169m) 7 Fast Five — US$3.24m (total US$202m) 8 Midnight in Paris — US$2.92m (total US$6.94m) 9 Jumping the Broom — US$865,000 (total US$35.9m) 10 Something Borrowed — US$835,000 (total US$36.7m)

lifestyle 15

The Malay Mail Monday 6 june, 2011

The new elegantly simple Incubus By Jeremy Tan After three years endeavouring in personal and academic goals, the members of Incubus are now banded together and back in the music scene with their sixth album to date, If Not Now, When? Unlike the previous offerings, this new album hopes to present a fresh outlook on Incubus' music, forgoing the usual loudness typical of rock music for subtlety and simplicity, as lead guitarist Mike Einziger put it. “Brandon (lead vocalist) and I, when we started focusing on writing songs for this album, something that we hadn’t really focused on in the past was the idea of this very, very strong simplicity. That’s what this album is based on, some very, very simple ideas.”

So changes abound, and this time the album is going to display more refined, carefully orchestrated sounds of elegance and subtlety that may not be immediately identified with Incubus. “When I listen to our previous records, a lot of the music sounds very crowded to me, so our goal in writing this new album was to simplify things to the point where there was nothing there that did not absolutely need to be there. “I think the sounds that a lot of people come to expect from us are based on the idea of large walls of very thick guitars. That’s kind of a trademark for a lot of loud, aggressive rock music, but it can also be a crutch, or a wall that you can hide behind. But we didn’t rely on that for this album, it actually doesn’t have any of that," Einziger said in a phone interview. Fans of this long-existing band will likely be surprised at the music Incubus will present in this album. Cliche resound-

Mike Einziger

Incubus will be heading to KL for a big concert on July 23

ing rocker melodies are out, elegance is in; silence and spacing being as significant as sounds that follow. It’ll be interesting to see how the concept of simplicity defines their album. Speaking of the album, what’s with the title, If Not Now, When? apparently, according to Mike, it’s about time for Incubus to take some risks. “It just seems like a very appropriate name for the album because we’ve been in the spirit of taking risk, stepping up and making a leap. For us,

it’s a very common theme for us to take chances, to do things differently. There’s something exciting and equally scary about that idea. “Now we’ve nothing left to lose, really. We’ve kind of accomplished everything we wanted to accomplish as a band; at this point we’re just living our dreams,” Einziger added. With this mellower album set for release this July 12, fans over here should be thrilled to note that Incubus will also be rocking out at Stadium Negara,

Kuala Lumpur come July 23. As for what to expect, Einziger said: “We realise our fans want to hear a lot of our old music. We’ll probably be playing, you know, mostly old stuff, and then maybe a little bit of new music.” July is going to be paradise for Incubus fans in Malaysia with a double dose of treats in store. With Incubus music livening up Kuala Lumpur and their album of refined simplicity heading our way soon, there’s much to look forward to.

16 lifestyle Hear, Say


twitter @klubbkiddkl

Acting requires real ta ACTORS or actresses are, more often than not (if you’re not just a small-time act trying to break in), raking in the moolah for their skills. Well, it does require skills to get in front of the camera and not just flaunt your looks. Any good actor will tell you that you

have to bring something from within to enliven your character. Sad to say though, the current crop of newcomers are not exactly blessed with the abundance of talent. Rather, they’re thrust in front of the camera simply for their marketability in terms of their looks.

Take this newcomer for one who has been bombarded by offers to act for how ‘hot’ she looks. While we haven’t seen any of her work, there have already been gripes behind the scenes on how limited her ability is. Take for example, her de-

pendence on Eye Mo. The eye care solution, in replacement of glycerin, had to be her tears for her weepy scenes. Which wouldn’t be that much of a problem, except that it took a LOT of Eye Mo (topped up with tap water) to try and get her scenes right.

A racy discussion won't die down Nothing to do with Evans IT definitely wasn’t the reception they were hoping for. After the brouhaha over Prema Yin’s latest music video for her latest single Addicted/ Marilah where she was seen traipsing about and wiggling about in a lingerie with actor Shah Jaszle — it looks like the criticism over the supposedly risqué video is not dying down. While the singer and actor have been sparse in words in their response to the barbs, the director Gambit Saifullah (he's also an actor, by the way) is now getting the attention for being

POOR Juliana Evans (right). The actress was in the limelight for all the wrong reasons last week — and it wasn’t even her doing. After a 14-year-old girl from Puchong bravely (or possibly stupidly) blogged about not being a virgin, Juliana was sought after by many online for a clarification. The reason? The blogger went by the moniker of

more vocal. In his Twitter, the actor lashed out at the stinging remarks over the video and the ‘hot scenes’, even using less than flattering words, especially towards bloggers who have definitely panned the video. All this fuss… we would talk about the quality, rather than the approach, as the music video for us was just a ho-hum affair.

Make peace, not war

Nip and tuck should only be on clothes? IT’S being tossed around, but no one has actually written about it, but this male singer appears to really have done some extensive work to his face. Appearing in a local TV production recently, it was obvi-

ous that rhinoplasty and some stretching was done to his mug, not to mention probably some Botox involved. Stretched out, with a new nose, the said celebrity flaunted his new look, and dodged snide

remarks. Still, our advice to those who decided to go under the knife, please wait until the swelling goes down before you decide to show what money can buy. The least you could do...

Erma got what she wanted WE hear that director Erma Fatima (inset) has finally gotten the one star that has eluded her casting whims to join her production. And the sought-after talent that she has been eyeing, is none other than Superman rocker Faizal Tahir. While we’re not sure what production Erma will be using Faizal in, we are aware that she tried to seal the deal months ago, and apparently her efforts have finally paid off. More updates soon, so keep your eye on this space.

Adinda Evans, which became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. Possibly amused, but perhaps more irritated, Juliana took to Twitter to declare the blogger had nothing to do with her and was not related to her. Fame by association is never good.

THESE two TV and radio personalities have had a go at each other for the longest time. While they’ve remained busy with their own tasks for some time now, the old rivalry apparently was only on the back burner, and has now been reignited. It began with the first celeb who called for support over Twitter for his almost a million fans on Facebook to vote for him for something or other. In a bit, the other, a controversial figure, tweeted about a celebrity who boasted of a big following, and added that it was

no big deal as the latter couldn’t take it to the grave. It’s been snide remarks in their indirect exchanges so far, and all we can say is — here’s hoping both of them will cool it. It’s never worth airing dirty laundry in public. At least not for us when it doesn’t directly mention names…

Malaysia's got talent? AFTER the slew of franchised shows from abroad, we hear that there will be one more making its way to our shores. The latest, is the Got Talent franchise which is owned by Simon CowCow ell’s SYCO that has spawned almost 50 versions of the show worldwide. While this is still in the rumour stages, it will be interesting to see just what Malaysians con-

sider variety and just what kind of talents that will make the stage.

Obviously this new face just didn’t have the skills in front of the camera, according to production sources. This, and her tardiness apart from the back talk, as well as manipulation of gossip rags, are really not doing the current crop of newcomers any favour.

The Malay Mail Monday 6 JUNE, 2011

alent Where are the real talents? Is work before the camera really just all about looks? The music industry has bucked the trend of the cookiecutter mold in response to the fans who want real talent. When is the acting scene going to change?


The last four standing must give their all!

By CHE'AZ PEOPLE in general love surprises. Pleasant surprises that is. However, that was not the case for many at the elimination segment of the Akademi Fantasia 9 weekly concert last Saturday. In fact, it might have left many in the audience with that funky after taste. Well, you know the drill. The last few standing in the competi-tion would be waiting for their fate as a bag is placed on stage to denote that someone is leaving. This has been done for nine years, and at times, one wonders how else can the whole thing be kept fresh. Occasionally, you might see how the host would struggle to keep everything suspenseful and dramatic. In the earlier seasons, when everything was a novelty, the elimination part could be one of the most emotional scenes, but lately, everything had seemed to turn into lame party tricks. At the end of the ninth concert last weekend, the elimination section became more like a sick prank. Two bags appeared, and host Aznil Haji Nawawi began to launch into that predictable "what ifs". Since two bags appeared, many thought

that two of the four remaining students would leave. When Aznil read out Hazama's name as the owner of the first bag, the hall just turned silence. Hazama, who was absorbed into AF after the third concert, had been the most consistent and had been leading the pack since his entrance into the game. He was obviously the favourite to be in the final, but when his name was announced, the awkward silence that followed was pretty eerie. "You can take this bag and go to the final!" Aznil said, followed by a deafening cheer and applause by the crowd.

THE GAME IS ON: One of these four will walk home with the big prize â&#x20AC;&#x201D; RM200,000 cash prize â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Pics: SHAHIR OMAR

inated in

was elim Erul (left)

week 9

Hazama was the first to be sent to the final to join another contestant, Fina, who got her express ticket the week before, thanks to the immunity awarded to her by the "faculty" members. As for the second bag, many thought it would follow the same pattern, that the owner would also go to the final. Well, they got it all wrong. When Aznil read the name of the owner of the second bag, which was Erul, the poor child was overwhelmed with happiness that he fell on his knees thinking that

he would join Hazama and Fina! That was when things started to taste a little nasty. The bag was not Erul's ticket to the final. It was a final memento for him before being booted off the show (to put it as cruelly as how it was executed). Poor boy! You can see that his face turned white â&#x20AC;&#x201D; out of embarrassment and disappointment. It was like a practical joke that went wrong. When two more bags came out, everything became even more predictable. Come on! You don't expect only three contestants to make it right?

So, Lena and Azri gleefully took their bags while Erul was left on the other side of the stage to lick his wounds (yes, he had to remain on stage as Aznil broke the good news to the other two contestants). If the production team thought it was a nice twist, let it be known that it only showed how "twisted" some people could be at times. That aside, one has to admit though that the overall performance last Saturday was good enough and it did showcase some tough competition among the contestants as everyone was hungry to get into the final. Lena, who was at the bottom of the list at the earlier part of the show, was saved by her diligent voters, despite her "tolerable" performance of Datuk Siti Nurhaliza's Badarsila. (Siti was the guest jury that night). Azri delivered quite an outstanding show with 3 Doors

\ \


Down's Here Without You and got the thumbs up from Siti and resident critics Hattan and Fauziah Datuk Ahmad Daud. He deserved to be in the final. Erul, on the other hand, failed to shine as he struggled with Sabhi Saddi's Nadiku. None of the jury were too happy with his performance. In fact, the Bahasa Malaysia song sounded more Korean, due to Erul's bad diction and phrasing. As for Hazama, he was as good as ever. Over the weeks, despite his consistent great performances, Hazama had been pressured to do even better by most of the critics, especially Hattan. That night, his confident delivery of Dewa 19's Angin, finally got Hattan's approval. "See you at the final," was Hattan's simple comment. While waiting for the results to be announced, the audience was entertained by Fina who was joined by Monoloque in a rather entertaining version Kekanda Adinda (originally a duet by Monoloque and Atilia). Siti also doubled as a guest artist with rather fresh (and jazzy) take of her hit Destinasi Cinta. So now it's time for AF fans to reload and vote for their favourites. The four finalists will showcase their best game this coming Sunday (June 12) at Dataran Putrajaya, Precint 3 at 9pm. Best of all, the concert is free. Hazama, Fina, Azli and Lena are expected to deliver their performance on a stage that has a 360 degree view in the middle of Dataran Putrajaya. One of them will walk away with the ultimate RM200,000 cash prize.

18 lifestyle

The Malay Mail Monday 6 june, 2011

Drum sounds!

Energy levels high? Check. High on the bass? Check? Varied cultural performances and distinct vibes between acts? Check. With these imaginary boxes ticked, Tugu Drum Circle & Friends was a vibrant patchwork of percussion excellence strewn together in an approximately 90-minute long exhibition of melodious drumming. Bringing together talented local percussionists with some foreign flair thrown in for good measure, and topping it off with nice slice of singers, didgeridoos and guitarists, the show at the Dewan Filharmonik was marked by loud beats and a palpable vibrancy. Engaging the audience was the name of the game that night, and the performers' enthusiasm did manage to pull the audience into clapping, and at one point stomping, along with them. The problem was that the percussionists overflowing energy didn’t fully empathise with the audience, making for a rather half-hearted participation by the crowd. Converting a sophisticated, well-dressed and comfortably seated audience, into a cheerfully loud and slightly wild one might not be an easy task, and sadly Tugu Drum Circle and company stopped short of achieving that and truly bringing down the house. Looking at each of the per-

By Jeremy Tan formances individually would bring one to realise about the inconsistency of quality between acts. Some performances exuded vibes that didn't gel well in such a grand hall, resulting in an average musical affair that's easily forgotten. Others were catchy and vibrant, with some unique thumping and beats that were a joy to the ears. It was essentially an odd mingling of bland sounds here, and excellent bass thumping there. Take the first performance for instance. An appetiser by all means, the Nasyid song performed by Azrein, a talented 12-year old, should have whet the musical palate, and set a standard of percussion excellence the following performances had to emulate. Only it didn’t! Although decent, the wow-factor was missing. The overture would

have benefited from an upbeat vibe as opposed to a sombre, spiritual vibe whose sounds are acquired tastes. Thankfully the night quickly shook off its dullest moment and kicked up several notches from the second act onwards. Tugu Drum Circle took the stage right after and performed Bombale, a song with a Bomba rhythm infused with a nusantara vibe. The percussion beats were groovy and upbeat after the slow start, but the singing damaged the performance. Singing and the drumbeat combination sounded messy, and the singing group's higher notes were off key and cringe-worthy. A slice of Japanese drumming did the show some good when Wadaiko Syo, comprised of duo Nakanishi Takayuki and Asuka Mimehide, entered the scene. Almost seamlessly playing through three different songs, the duo captivated with a strong cultural performance that exuded a serious flair.

Tugu Drum Circle & Friends didn't disappoint the audience who came to watch the pros in action

ASWARA Percussion Ensemble came on afterward and did their stuff with Wiawan, and when they hit their stride the result was an utterly personalised and pumped performance. The way they paraded on the stage evoked a unique sound with contemporary drums and the kompang, was a joy to behold. House of Chaals as performed by Dhol Federation was another memorable performance, accompanying their splendid play of the dhol (a drum of Indian

origin, commonly used in the Punjab region) with charismatic disposition. Ironically dressed in black were the White Percussion unit, yet another squad of natural performers. Distinct from the other acts with their own feel, they were huge eye-openers and captivated with their hardcore beats blended into a Malay rock song. The array of drums hammering away with electric guitars created a resounding upbeat tempo that was distinctive and ultimately amusing to witness. There were strong performances throughout, but sadly they were punctuated by mediocrity. The slew of songs the likes of Chan Mali Chan, Rasa Sayang, and Jingling Nona that were performed by Drum Simfoni and Tugu Drum Circle were done well, but the whole vibe felt slightly out of place on a

stage as distinguished as Dewan Filharmonik. But what truly made the whole event worth the RM48 was the spectacular ending that started with special guest Valtinho Anastacio, whose masterful play of the tambourine and nonsensical rhythmic cries truly engaged the audience. He was soon accompanied by the entire battalion of percussionists, including Steven Thornton who had also delighted at certain junctures during the show. It was a fitting a memorable way to end the show. The verdict’s out: Tugu Drum Circle and Friends is a show well worth it, despite failing to truly engage the crowd save for the finale, and mildly mediocre performances in intervals. One could say that it was a mix breed of excellence and mediocrity blended together into a peculiar, yet ultimately lovable mix nevertheless.

Enjoy U-KISS showcase for free at KL Pavilion Redstar Presents and Marctensia are bringing great news to all K-Pop fans! Watch U-KISS Showcase Live at KL

Pavilion main entrance for free! As originally scheduled, the showcase will take place on June 10, but the venue has

been changed to KL Pavilion main entrance. The Presenter of the event, RadioActive has decided to

take on the whole show and make it a free event for the public. The content of the show will not be affected as the organisers promise a spectacular show with high quality production. In regards to the previously sold tickets for the U-KISS, “Bran New Kiss Album Showcase 2011", the joint-organisers have made some appropriate arrangements for all existing ticket holders. All existing ticket holders will still be

entitled for the benefits, which are exclusively designed for each ticket categories. These benefits include dinner session with U-KISS members, individual photo session and group photo session. Ticket holders of Package 650, Package 480 and RM330 are entitled to enter the free-seating Pit Zone, receive an autographed CD and get to go on stage for handshake with all U-KISS members, while ticket holders of RM153 are entitled to the

free-seating Rock Zone. Ticket priced RM153, RM330 and Package 480 are no longer available for sales. However, Package 650 will still be available at a very limited quantity. Package 650 will be getting exclusive individual photo session and dinner session with the U-KISS members. For those who are interested in purchasing Package 650, visit or contact 03-20921199 for more information.


PETALING JAYA: Fabulousity Charity Night — Shake, Rattle & Roll

This charity party is in aid for Rumah Hope to be held at Pool Side Cove, Sunway Lagoon Club on June 10, from 7.30pm to 10.30pm. Brought to you by students of Diploma in Events Management, Sunway University, the event serves an 11-course buffet meal, exciting door gifts from Lancôme and performances as well as games with prizes from 'A Cut Above', 'Celebrity Fitness' and 'Addidas Golf'. Ministry of Sound is giving out free passes to their party after the event. Contact 012-3691992 (Shanice) or 017-3014520 (PC) for ticket purchase or more information on the event.

CYBERJAYA: Photography Contest

Discover a new way of seeing life in Malaysia’s premier cybercity through the lens of a camera by taking part in the Cyberjaya Photography Contest organised by Cyberview Sdn Bhd from now until June 15.The theme of the contest is 'A Zest of Life in Cyberjaya' and contestants stand to win RM3,500, RM2,000 and RM1,500 in cash for first, second and third places respectively, along with a certificate. Five consolation prizes of RM200 will also be offered to winners. For more information,


contact Rozi Hanum Shaharudin at rozi.hanum@cyberview. or 03-83156048 or visit

PETALING JAYA: Movie Carnival 2011

Malaysia's biggest movie event is on until June 19 with blockbuster screenings, goodies and fun-packed activities such as casting sessions, cosplay competitions, popular character appearances, meet the star sessions, a movie bazaar and more not to be missed. The event will be held at IPC Shopping Centre (Ikano Power Centre), Mutiara Damansara. Look out for more updates on

KUALA LUMPUR: Serial Killers: The Heat is On

'Serial Killers: The Heat is On' art exhibition will be held at Galeri TAKSU, 17 Jalan Pawang, KL from June 9 till July 3 and is open from 10am to 6pm. The KL edition gathers Filipino artists works by Argie Bandoy, Patricia Eustaquio, Lyra Garcellano, Nona Garcia, Pow Martinez, Jonathan Olazo, Jayson Oliveria, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Norberto Roldan, Maria Taniguchi, Conrado Velasco and MM Yu. Admission is free. Contact 03-42514331 or check out the website at for details.


how to play

FRIday'S solution

Sudoku X is a simple variation of Sudoku with the only difference being the squares in white (which make up the numeral X) need to tally from 1 to 9 along with the remaining coloured squares.

The Malay Mail Monday 6 JUNE, 2011

What's New lifestyle 19

A fun filled day for children The children under the MBA-IOI Properties Hope for Change Badminton Charity Programme recently attended FusionExcel International Hope For Children World Carnival Day held at the Malaysian Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) on May 28. The day trip was the second excursion for these underprivileged children under the Hope for Change Badminton Charity Programme aimed at providing them with a comprehensive badminton training and character-building experience. Hope for Change was launched in March 2011 by Michael’s Badminton Academy and IOI-Properties. It is a 10-month badminton training workshop exclusively designed to provide underprivileged children from homes the opportunity to learn and excel in badminton. The participants in this year’s Hope for Change encompass of approximately 50 children from House of Joy, Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih and Rumah Shalom, all located in Puchong. “Hope for Change is not just a badminton workshop to teach these children badminton and train all day. We strike a balance between work and play. In events like this, the children also get to meet new friends and mingle with their peers,” said KC Lee, director of Michael’s Badminton Academy & Sports Sdn Bhd. The children began their day early by making their way to MAEPS from MBA in Puchong to MAEPS where they, under MBA’s watch, joined 3,000 other underprivileged children at the Carnival. “This is the second time FusionExcel is organising the Hope For Children World Carnival Day. This yearly event is held not only in Malaysia, but simultaneously in other countries like Indonesia, Thailand, the US, Canada and so on,” said Maggie Loo, FusionExcel Hope For Children ambassador. The event kicked off with a bang by an energetic perfor-

Director of Michael’s Badminton Academy, KC Lee organised some fun and entertainment for the kids under the Hope for Change programme

The kids enjoyed the performance by the Chinese Youth Acrobatic Team way into the hall. Screams and mance of the Chinese Youth cheers of amazement erupted Acrobatic Team. The crowd as eager children swarmed was also wowed away by the Stormtroopers in fascinaCharlston the Magician with cool magic tricks. Funny bones tion. The highlight of the event were also tickled by a hilariwas the dazzling Children ous clown show that had the 4,000-odd crowd in stitches. “Hey look, it’s a robot!” John, 12, from Rumah Shalom excitedly quipped when Star Wars characters made their

Excited and curious children hang around Mr Stormtrooper

Musical Fantasia, a collaborative musical performance by children from eight different homes. Among them is House of Joy, where the children band together to the thunderous applause of the crowd as they put on an Oscar-worthy show to culminate the event. By 6pm, the children were all exhausted but had a spectacular outing with non-stop chatter about shaking hands with the Stormtroopers. “I definitely had fun! Got food, got music, got robot! I’m so happy!” said Theeban, 14 from Rumah Shalom who is eagerly anticipating the next excursion under Hope for Change. “We are all thrilled to be here, thanks to FusionExcel for organising this yearly event to celebrate hope for children all over the world,” Lee added.


Launched in February 2002 by former prime minister’s wife Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, Michael’s Badminton Academy (MBA) was founded by Michael Lee, an avid badminton player. The first badminton centre, with 16 indoor courts in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya, was recognised as the largest privately-owned badminton centre in the state. In September 2004, MBA opened the Bandar Puteri, Puchong centre with 32 indoor courts, which was awarded the

Biggest Badminton Centre in Malaysia by the Malaysia Book of Records. Today, MBA is a one-stop centre for all badminton needs from offering badminton training programmes and the latest updates on the badminton industry to hosting local and international tournaments and badminton exchange programmes with other countries. More information about MBA is available at www.


the malay mail

Monday 6 June, 2011

MonDay 6 June, 2011

the malay mail




the malay mail

Monday 6 JUNE, 2011

Readers can also look out for classified ads ONLINE as early as 9.00a.m at


Houses wanted


Car for sale


Car for sale


Vehicles for hire


Personal messages


Fashion/health & beauty


Fashion/health & beauty

ASX. MIT TRITON. PAJERO Sport, Lancer & Grandis. Trade in accepted . Call: 012-977 6961 HARUN

NISSAN ALL NEW Models Promotion. Full loan. Debit cash RM3k - 10K. 100% ready stock with impuls earo kit. Leader seats, tinted. Guarantee 1 week delivery. High trade in. 24 hrs approval. Door to door service. Call: Junson 016-6666 132

ALL MODELS CAR Van & MPV, Toyota Alphard, Wish, BMW, Naza Ria, Kia Spectra, Vios, Waja & Perdana V6 etc. Reasonable price. Free delivery. Tel: 019-599 9973 / 012-2532 566 Roadster Travel (KPL/LN 3540)


Fashion/health & beauty

Fashion/health & beauty OUTDOOR / INCALL MSSG by local Indian girls. 2 1/2 mile Jln Ipoh. 016-679 7786 / 016- 642 3786 Kajal.

TRADITIONAL MASSAGE AROMA Therapy. 2/7 Bnd. Puteri Puchong. Call: Bella 010509 2004, Maria 012-243 0553, Julia 012-508 4930, Ruby: 016677 1226, Angel 017-311 4544, Shasha 017-623 0609 & Rose 010-520 5292 GOOD PRICES OFFERED for land / houses and Apt in Shah Alam, PJ & KL. Quick sale. Owners TEL / SMS 019228 6666


AKS BEAUTY CENTRE INDIAN Traditional Hot stone oil massage. Come Experience our exciting services. Call: 037984 3077 for appointment.

OUT DOOR/ HOTEL Full Body massage by young Chinese, Indo, Thai girls. Call: 016-245 1749


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BUNGALOW HOUSE IN Ampang for rent. Approximately 6,600sf. Unfurnished, 6 Rooms + 6 Bath. Call: 03-2118 8201

GOOD NEWS !!! Great promotion. Immediate stock , Fast approval. High trade in. Low d/ payment. Free body kit & sport rim for Forte. All new Sorento ready stock. Sportage, Citra RS, Rondo, Picanto, Pregio. Call: 03-4256 5556 Ampang

PJ SS2/90 Terrace house. 5r3b, near pri school, solar heater, 2 air cond. RM1600. Nego. Interested call: 017-887 9687


Apartment for sale/to let AMPANG TMN Muda Riviera Apt 1000sq ft sale RM165K, Mulia Jaya 3 room double storey RM180K. Rent Riviera ground floor RM650/ month. Call 012-3742128 Peter Lim

HYUNDAI PROMOTION !!! Sonata, Tucson, Santa Fe, Starex, Avante, i30, Accent, Getz, i10. Special discount. Super high trade in (any car). Low d/p & interest. Easy loan approval. Mystery gift. Beautiful plate no. Fast delivery. Excellent customer service. HQ 012-381 0737

NISSAN MURANO 2005, C.C 2.5, One owner, Imported model, RM 119,500.00. Call Mr.Jacky Yip: 012-280 6363

KLANA CENTRE POINT Office unit, 8th flr, 1195s/f, carpeted, a.con, partly furnish. Call: 032093 3606

PROTON MAC 2.58% Saga FL 37k, d/p 0 9yrs RM398 Pesona 46k, d/p 0 9 yrs RM498 Exora 58k, d/p 0 9 yrs RM 608 - Exchange old car get 6K. SALARY RM1200 aprv. - GOV, BLACKLIST Aprv. Student welcome - loan 140% -Trade in accpt. face book: rejalfaaisproton 013-679 9967


‘0’ DEPOSIT ALL PROTON Models, no license can buy, 100% loan for gov. & private staff, int from 3.0%, loan fast approval, high trade in. Meet at your place. Free smart tag, touch n go, full fuel, steering lock, tinted. Open everyday.Mr Lim 012-214 0207


ALL TYPE OF VEHICLE, MPV, Sedan, 4x4. Wedding cars and tourism buses also available. Kindly contact Sai at 014-329 3607, 014-326 1395, 03-7982 0131 (off).

MERCEDES 280S. Year 1999/04. F/S & M/R 95% original & tip top condition. Best Price RM 98000. Interested call Mr. Wong 019-276 4549

3 HERBALS (Radix Eurycoma, Ginseng & Maca Root) To reestablish sexual performance & General health. 013-354 3369/ 012 3026568

BLUE ROSE AROMAS 24A, Lrg Ara Kiri 2, Lucky Gdn Bangsar.Therapist local Indian g i r l s. P r i va t e & c o s y. 1 1 a m 11pm. Ms Meera 03-20945542/ 016-2056003

SAUNA D’ HOME BEAUTY and Health care. Agent required. 019-735 5295 www. 2011 Great Promotion! SPECIALIST IN REPAIR cushion sofa, curtains, car seat & new sofa, in Jalan Kuchai Lama. Tel: 012- 313 0778 / 037981 1898

Photography EURO RENT (KKKP4225) New fleet of Proton cars, MPV & vans. Long/ short term rentals. Corporate/ expats. Credit card accepted. Call Fabian: 03-7877 1834/5, 012-238 1769. www.

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STRAWBERRY MASSAGE (1452468-W) Massage done by young girls. Relax & release tensions. Out call Tel: 0111229 2872

VIDEO to DVD Conversion. Video filming & Photography Svs. 03-4041 6850 / 6277 4991 / HP 012-235 5190.

Financing/insurance service


LORRY AVAILABLE IN Six variantsNKR-(4500KG), NPR-(5000KG) Trade -in accepted. Call: 012-333 1189 / 019-329 2222

CUSTOMIZE HAIRPIECE / Toupee / Wig - RM1,700 only. More info : Call: 019-3118916 , 03- 9274 7857


Commercial vehicles for sale

Car for sale

AROMA TRADITIONAL Massage by local Indian girl. Relaxing for male. 1pm -11pm. Appointment DIVYA 014-6315 227 (002010495-XX)


RAYA PROMO. ‘0’ d/p. Int. 2.33%.Grad scheme. Islamic loan.High trade in. Free Smart tag,TN Go, Steering Lock&Tinted Voucher. Nazim 012-548 1686 KOMUTER VAN 15 seaters. Brand new 2011. Call: KL Mr CHUA 012-855 9229

0 AARON MASSAGE Services (1606620-V) by Female. Privacy assured. Out call service available. +6012393 0136

A FULL GLAMOUR Massage (001711965-V) by female. 234,Tmn Maluri, 55100 KL. Call: Stella 017-2555 844

GOLDEN MERMAID. Out call Relaxation massage by Male & Female masseurs. Call: 012907 5995 / 03-2021 7637

TRADITIONAL MASSAGE Newly Opened in Damansara .Call Sandra,Nancy, or Fifi, Cindy.Tel: 012-258 1334 ( Just Relax Massage Centre )

CAR LOAN Refinancing,Maintain name/ NCB. Blacklisted individual are qualified to apply & purchase. Aerowatts Auto S/B (678070-M) Tel:03-6185 8982, 012-308 3528


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A DAILY, WEEKLY, MTLY. RM50-RM300. All types of cars. MPV, Van & 4 x 4. Call: ARI 016-683 2111 / BEN 016901 2276

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ALL NEW CARS/ MPV available for rental. We are also looking for vehicles under 5 years for long term lease (pajak) Call: 012-241 7736

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Monday 6 JUNE, 2011 M300



Business opportunities






Articles wanted

the malay mail M515







CLERK NEEDED IN SERI KEMBANGANInvoicing / Inventory Control- Knowledge in UBS System. Call: 03-8944 2107

SBP (UK) - Society of Business Practitioners offers internationally recognized Diplomas. Upgrade yourself for promotions and salary increment. Weekend classes at Mâ ™ Sian Approved Study Centre (Reg:M/242/2/11). SMS <name> SEND TO 33310

BRIDAL COURSE Pkg. Hair & beauty. Post-natal mssg, body scrub, facial by Rro. 012-360 5734, 016-3801297

MQA APPROVED accountancy (ACCT) & Mgt (FT / PT) RM 400 p/m - PTPTN & EPF claimable. Call: 0360925254 / / SMS: 012- 656 1160. MQA/ JPA recognised MBA programme.Credit transfer and exemptions acceptable.P/T weekends.EPF withdrawable. Shree 0126561160


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CREATE PROGRAM MLM / Affiliate For your own Products, or your own Website for your MLM Group that you joint. You can set levels of members from 0 - Unlimited Level, Website Replica, E-Wallet, System Matrix, System REF Sponsor Randomizer / AutoFill / Admin. Promotion price: RM 950. (Including Hosting + Domain + Design). Normal price : RM 1500 â “ RM 5000. Www. WangLebat.Com. 016 - 323 5658 / 013 - 3058445. AIDA

3D/4D JACKPOT Evergreen Nos. (M/P/T) Each RM69.90 No Boxing SMS name & add 016903 2961

ASTROLOGER. VERY ACCURATE Predictions on your life / career & relationships. In times of uncertainties, you need answer, not excuses. RM150 net for a 2 hours consultation at your place anywhere in KL/PJ. Can travel to meet you. Date, time & place of birth are important. Personally handwritten work, not computerized reports. Call experienced Astrologer Jyotisha Ravi at 016-970 0001 for an appointment now. Act now before it is too late.

COMPANY & TRADEMARK REGN, Accounting & Tax services HK/ CHINA/ MALAYSIA/ OFFSHORE COMPANY. Unit 17.03, Level 17, Amoda 22, Jalan Imbi, 55100, Kuala Lumpur. Call us now: 603-2141 3853 / 010- 254 9883

SECRETS OF WINNING top prizes in any 4D games is revealed. 4D training skills and prediction services for only top prizes winning numbers for MAGNUM, TOTO and KUDA is available now. Call Mr.Vincent @ 012-670 7182

TOY POODLE for sale. RM550 to RM750. view Call : 0122495424 www.puppiesglobe.

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FULL COLOR, 260gsm, art card with matt. Lamination. Other printing services are also available. Call Mr. Rahman H/P 016-3275477 or email /

WE BUY GOLD, White Gold Diamond, Branded watches, Pawn Bills. LG041, BB Plaza, KL. 2145 2800, 017-236 7888.

ORIENTAL TRAINING Centre real estate career path to Registered Estate Agent, Project Marketing 012-214 0161/ 012-3200 757/ 8023 0816

PART TIME/ FULL TIME 1. Promoters (KL,Balakong, PJ) 2. Hamper Packers. We also sell ribbons, organzas and hamper baskets. Agents are welcome to call: 012 337 3310/ 03-6277 7248


M280 MALAY TRADITIONAL CLOTHES Supplier for adults & children s. Wholesale price. Retailers needed. Call: 019603 7908

CUPID’S TOUCH high success rate genuine clientele. 0321426118 / 21421118 / 016650 1118 www.cupidstouch.

SWEET LADIES Available for close friendship w/without commitment. (free/ladies).Mr. Eddy 017-670 5258 (624468-V)

MAMYPOKO/ HUGGIES/ MAMAN, Korea/ USA/ Europe. Direct from factory! Packing 80 pcs. From RM28 SMS: 012624 9699 Ms Lim


ADMIN CLERK/DISPATCH Wanted. Minimum SPM. Age < 25yrs. Possesses driving license, own transport & hand phone (For Despatch). Malaysian. Fluent in English & BM. Interested? Call: 016-308 4747

SITE DRIVER. O/T, EPF, SOCSO. GDL License. Good behavior. Interested please call: Ms Tham 03-4291 0889/ 012-222 3689


Pets UNIFORM FACTORY at Cheras, we make all types of uniform. Call: William 016-338 3670 Agents are welcome

AN ESTABLISHED Logistics Company urgently required General Clerk & Drivers with GDL. Interested candidates kindly call 03-5638 9533 PLSG ONLINE RM50.00 The Mark of The Great Man. Mobile Agent Wanted. Hotline HQ: 012-758 5800 www.

CO FORMATION RM1,400. Work permit, shelf co., rep. of office, MOF, close down, secretarial & audit. Call: 012696 3631.

MUSLIM COMPANY Secretary New & Shelf Co. ROC, MOF Bumi Kem. Kewangan Call: 0340410000 / 0162860000

UP TO 5000 pcs of latest designs Carpets (in all sizes) are now on SALE! Hurry! While stock lasts. Lot 106, Ground Floor, Ampang Park Shopping Center, Jalan Ampang. 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. Tel / fax : (603)- 2166 4584

AS PART OF Our Diversity & Inclusion work culture, we would like to extend opportunities for experienced retirees and housewives to work in our reputable organization in the areas of finance & accounting; payroll services; and IS. Diploma and/ or Certificate holders are also encouraged to apply. Call Maimunnah at 03-224 69728 for an interview appointment

ALKALINE H2O Filters/ home & office products. Agents/ Dealers. Stable long term income. Strong Co support. 03-6158 0028/ 0133131 728

BUY NEW TONER or ink cartridge, HP, Samsung, Canon, Fuji Xerox, Brother, Oki, Lexmark, high value plus bonuses. Call: 017-674 6308

URGENTLY REQUIRES. CLERK. Qualification: SPM, Able to communicate with customer. Basic computer, Malay/Chinese, own transport & age below 30. Strong frameworks Sdn Bhd. Wisma SA, No 2B, Jln Wawasan 2/10, Bdr Baru Ampang,68000 Selangor. Tel: 03-4278 4205/ 017-311 2820 Fax: 03-4278 4230

LOCUM DOCTOR REQUIRED. Local Doctor required (permanent Sat & Sun) Establishment practice in Puchong. Call: 03-8062 6793

URGENTLY REQUIRED Call Centre Operations, Managers, Team Leaders, Telemarketers & Marketing Executives (Outdoor). Pls call 03-4257 5000 to setup for an interview or send in your resume to

GOOD FEET Recruiting Sales Promoter - Puchong IOI mall / Cheras Leisure mall - Position: Promoter / Outlet In charge - Provide 1 month training with basic salary (1k++) After training according to ability will add on benefit e.g (personal commission / total sales / +basic) - Prefer age 21 above Basic English / Chinese / Malay. For more info call 03-9133 5633 (office) 012-646 2561 (William)

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Kad Kahwin & Banner Manufacturer in PUDU (near time square) needed Graphic Designer. 18 - 30 years old. Full - Time positions. Call Ms. Chin 03-2145 5459 or walk in interview at 24, Jalan Nyonya, Off Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply. Further info at web: www. VACANCY : 1. Air Cond. Technician (Driving License) 2. Site Coordinator 3. Draftsman 4. Driver (GDL License) 5. General Clerk (SPM) Interested Please contact : Tel 03-6252 4429 Miss Ng email:Loc: Jln Ipoh KL

ACCOUNTING FIRM at Jalan Klang Lama have vacancies for: 1)Account Assistant. Required Min CAT/Diploma In Accounting/ LCCI Knowledge of UBS software & MS office 2) Admin Assistant. Please sent resume to: Fax: 03-7987 5200 Email: my

ACCOUNTS CLERK able to handle full set of accounts with knowledge in payroll (knowledge in UBS preferred). 2) HR Exec with UBS payroll knowledge. 3) Admin cum Sales Clerk with experiences on shipping documentations. Vacancies are available at Balakong, pls contact Ms Yap 019-655 6018, Rose 016-269 2369 or email to

AUDIT/ ACCOUNT assistants needed. Call: 03-2070 0443 / 5. Send your resume & application to or Fax: 03-2070 2945. Salary up to RM2500

SIBERIAN HUSKY for sale. RM1200 to RM1300. Call :012249 5424

WE HAVE more than 1 Million Malaysia Updated Email & Phone List to Boost Up Your Business.10,000 Email List for RM200 & 1,000 Phone List for RM200. This Month Promotion: Free Email Blasting Marketing Software + Training. Call Mr Goh :012-2392775 or Mr Yap :012-2168427

CREDIT RECOVERY OFFICERS wanted at Klana Jaya. School leavers or fresh graduate encourage to apply. Interested call: 016-2070 228 John

GENERAL CLERK & Sales Asst. (basic + comm) Work at BB Plaza. Call: 03-2148 1128/ 2141 3761.

SALES GIRLS WANTED, 16 above, N0 87 Jln Petaling St. BILBERRY FASHION 012323 1286 / 03-2032 1286 Kok/ Chew

RO WATER (Riv. Osmosis) Only RM6. Min 10 btls & Rent free dispenser. Tel: 019-393 0411 Wati. Adshah Enterprise 001812453-K

URGENTLY REQUIRES. 1. Lorry driver 2. Maintenance/ General worker. No 52 Jln Puchong Mesra 1, Batu 7 1/2 , Jln Puchong, 58200 KL. Tel: 03-8076 3311

Articles for sale

ACCOUNTS, AUDIT ,TAX, Secretarial, MOF & Register co..Door steps service. Lembah Klang.03-5511 5922 / 03-4107 8457 Sainy. Visit www.mhmfirm. com


BUY / SELL / PAWN Note book, hand phone new/old 70% digital camera.03-42517755 / 012-3388688 Peter. 208 Plaza Ampang City, KL

CAREER TALK Programmed at Great Eastern. Better career, better income. Interested, please call Ramiza at 012-231 8334.

IMMEDIATE VACANCY FOR CREDIT RECOVERY/ Field Visit officers/ Age below 37. Min SPM. Male / female. Indoor / outdoor. With / Without experience. Urgently required in Tmn Shamelin, Cheras. Good basic salary + high commision. Call Ms.Yatie 03-9285 0500.

LEGAL FIRM IN KL required experience Banking Litigation Clerk urgently.Good remuneration. Call: 012-2514 297 PROJECT SUPERVISOR required by Factory at Klang. Min 3-4 years experience in Automation & Engineering.Prefer with Mechanical background. Dynamic, self motivated and work independent. Interested candidates kindly call 03 - 4291 7811 / 7129

RECOVERY OFFICERS Supervisor/ Manager needed. Attractive basic salary, commission and performance bonus provided. Located near the Pudu LRT station. (walking distance) Call: 03-9195 5551 @ 5552 or E-mail gtr@galatrack. com

SALES EXECUTIVE wanted. Start immediately with/without experience. Training provided. Own car. Based near Bandar Utama. Age 21 to 40. Malaysian only. Earn RM3k-6K. Contact Jimmy 017-252 9802

SENIOR ACCOUNTANT (Full set account) & General Clerk. Interested candidates please call Mrs Yap H/P: 012-3900 738 / 016-3230 738



the malay mail









STORE ASSISTANT urgently needed in Kepong. Min. SPM, possess driving license for both motorcycle & car. Need some working experience in related field. Possess basic computer knowledge. On the job training will be provided. Call Ms. Wan at 03-6253 0087 or send your resume & application to

TM UNIFI Outdoor Sales Agent needed full time. Own transport for outdoor sales activities. High commission, target bonus training provided. Call Kenny 013-779 6178



Monday 6 JUNE, 2011 M580






WAREHOUSE ASSISTANT (Full-time) Local lingerie retail & manufacturer is hiring WAREHOUSE ASSISTANT with well-paid salary. Opportunity is opened only for Malaysian who is below 40 years old. Work at Tmn. Ampang Hilir (KL). For inquiry & interview appointment, please call 03-4270 7113 WORKSHOP ASSISTANT Manager needed by established workshop at jln Kelang Lama. Salary up to RM3500. Socso & EPF provided. 3 yrs experience in car workshop preferred. Can work with min supervision with technical & computer knowledge. Call Mr. Lai 012225 1559 / 03-7987 1288 or send resume to cmychai@

VAN DRIVER (12 months contract) required for magazine distributor, based at USJ for 5 days week. Min SPM with 1 year related working experience and able to work in a fast pace environment. Possesses GDL badge and able to speak English. Call: 03-5638 2208 (Ms. Jessica / Mr . Ridzwan) for interview.

03-7495 1288


Monday 6 JUNE, 2011 M580










the malay mail M580







26 sports

With the new concept of organising Sukma every year, we will have a wider base of athletes who can excel in 40 types of sports — Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

The Malay Mail Monday 6 JUNE, 2011

Sisters' love affair SUBANG JAYA

Felicia and Felicity find life on futsal pitch

FROM the Nevilles to the De Boers, Selangor women have a strong family partnership of their the form of sisters. Nineteen-year-old Felicia Adele and sister Felicity Agnes, 16, have been with the Selangor futsal team for more than three years and are currently competing in the ongoing Sukma Hailing from Subang Jaya, their love affair with the game came about in 2007. "My sister and I watched a lot of football on the television, so our knowledge of the game was quite wide in comparison with other girls our age at that time," said Felicia. They decided to join the boys in their evening sessions at a football field near their house. Surprisingly, they fitted right in. "It was quite scary at first, but we went and gave it a shot anyway for we had nothing to lose, but the boys turned out to be quite accommodating and very supportive." However, the sisters found it difficult to find 11 girls to form a team, let alone opponents to play against. This led them to futsal. "It's a lot easier to find girls playing futsal as opposed to football and although women's futsal is relatively new in Malaysia, we knew then that being picked by a proper women's team would be our main priority," said Felicia "We wanted to know what it would feel like playing in a competitive tournament and to see how we fared against other girls, that is something we would never get playing with the boys," The sisters kept on training and playing with the

Mom's the 'man'

MOTHERLY LOVE: Theresa Ovevee (centre) with her daughters Felicity Agnes (left) and Felicia Adele — Pic: Razak Ghazali winners: Felicity Agnes (left, front row) and Felicia Adele (third right, backrow) with their Selangor Sukma futsal teammates — Pic: Razak Ghazali


with Hussein Shaharuddin

boys to improve their game and their perseverance soon paid off. "Felicia was asked to represent MPPJ futsal team that same year. Unfortunately, at 12, I was too young to be in the team," said Felicity, who was then asked to represent Alam Megah futsal team instead. After playing for Alam Megah for a year, Felicity was asked to represent the Selangor team. "Of course, I was delighted. It was a dream come true. We had been working really hard for this." Older sister Felicia soon followed suit. The siblings are defenders for the Selangor side that were champions of the 2010/11 Felda/FAM national league and have been ranked No. 1 by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) going into Sukma.

determined: Felicia Adele in action — Pic: Razak Ghazali

ALTHOUGH most mothers would encourage their children to pursue their dreams, not many would permit the daughters to take part in a male-dominated sport like futsal. Meet Theresa Ovevee, 48, the mother of Felicia Adele and Felicity Agnes, who has been supporting her children's love for the sport from day one. N ot o n l y d o e s s h e accompany them to traintwin terrors: Felicity Agnes (left) and Felicia Adele during ing but for competition as one of Selangor's training sessions — Pic: Razak Ghazali well. Theresa never leaves home without bringing her video camera to record the progress of her daughters. "We always have our own discussion on their performance based on their training sessions and the competitions they have played in," she said. "From there, we can see where and what went wrong, and how to rectify the problems." As any mother would, Theresa worries about her daughters' well being, especially when it comes to injuries they pick up on-pitch, but she sees it as the ups and downs of the sport. "They have their hearts set. I am proud of them. Even if one day they decide to do something else, I would be there for them. "I always believe in them. They can be whatever they want to be in life, as long as they are happy, I will be too."

Today Selangor, tomorrow the world AT an age where most teenage girls have makeup, fashion and boys on their minds, Felicia Adele clearly stands out from the rest. The 19-year-old is also a football referee. Obtaining her licence from the Football Association of Selangor (FAS) last year,

Felicia has already set her sights on being recognised at Fifa level. She has officiated four matches in the third division as her licence would not allow her to officiate Super League and Premier League matches. "I must admit, officiating a match can be tough,

especially if it's a mens' match, but it gives me the extra motivation to do my best as you don't want to mess up," said Felicia. "I just want to change people's perception of women in football. They don't take us seriously and I hope to change that. Football is every-

one's game, it frustrates me to hear people say there's no place in it for women." FAM sent Felicia to the United States last year in an exchange programme to learn about football and development in the United States. "It was an amazing

experience, meeting players from all around the world and training with them. I learned a lot from the 10 days I was there." Not only that, the football fanatic is seriously considering taking up coaching. "I had also took part

in a coaching course by FAM and obtained my certificate enabling me to coach Under-12 and Under-15 teams." "My ultimate goal would be to have a career in football, be it as a player, a coach or a referee, it really doesn't matter. Just as long as it's football."

The Malay Mail Monday 6 JUNE, 2011

Terengganu lead the medal tally at Sukma with 20 gold, four silver and seven bronze

jalan duta: sukma/tennis

Heartbreak hotel Neesha dropped from Selangor squad By vijhay vick

SELANGOR, as expected, won the women's team event yesterday. However, a dark cloud hovered over them when No. 1 player T. Neesha suddenly pulled out of the Games. She w as su r pr is i ng ly dropped from the final despite playing the first singles in all previous ties. "I don't know why I was dropped. All the coach (S. Selvarajoo) told me was I would not be playing," said Neesha. Ne e s h a — b a s e d i n Kentucky, USA — was flown back by Selangor for Sukma but was not deemed good enough to play in the final as Selvarajoo believed she was not performing to expectations. However, Neesha won her singles matches against Perak and Federal Territories. She went down fighting 7-6

NEESHA: To represent Sarawak

(7-2), 6-4 to Perlis's Sharifah Syafeenaz in the quarterfinals. She then played in the semifinal against Kedah's Suzana Ram, whom she comfortably beat in straight sets 6-2, 6-1. Neesha admitted she was not at her best but confident she was still Selangor's top player. "It was winter when I left Kentucky a forthnight ago. The heat here (KL) affected me. I had heatstroke." The 19-year-old felt she was not being appreciated despite helping Selangor to win the women's team event gold medal last year and helping them reach the final this year. Neesha was selected to play in the individual singles but wanted to play in doubles with S. Theiviya in the women's doubles or Juan Los Santos in mixed doubles. "These pairings would be

kuala lumpur: sukma/basketball

Still a man to respect By haresh deol

THE last thing Low Boon Hong wanted to do was to "insult" former coach Tan Kok Heng. However, B o on Hong was "helpless" as his Federal Territories lads crushed Negri Sembilan 107-29 in a Group A match at Maba Stadium yesterday. Boon Hong was assistant to Kok Heng in the national Under-18 setup in 2008. "I told my boys to treat Negri with respect and play their best, which is what they did," said Boon Hong. "I couldn't tell my boys to hold back as this would offend my old coach. Any coach would be offended if we held back our punches. I

have a lot of respect for Kok Heng." Boon Hong, nevertheless, admitted the standard of play in the group was rather poor. "I saw Malacca, Kedah and Johor play, and they are really good. If we want to be at par with them, we need to seriously buck up." KL lad Ong Chun Kee hogged the limelight, scoring 29 points. "We have a foot in the second round and so do Pahang. But things will be different and we have to change our playing style to match the other teams," said Chun Kee. Federal Territories will play

Kelantan in their final group match tomorrow. Kelantan are eager to bounce back after suffering a humiliating 102-31 thrashing by Pahang in another Group A match. Kelantan were without several key players as they were involved in the national schools final against Kedah in Kota Baru yesterday. The East Coast side won 57-49 to win the schools title.


Today Penang v Selangor (1.30pm) Perak v Johor (3.00pm) Malacca v Sarawak (4.30pm) Venue: Maba Stadium

mALACCA: athletics

Look and see


THE Higher Education Ministry has refrained from taking action on their student athletes who were involved in the doping controversy. Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin at a media conference after launching the Malaysian Educational Institutions (Sipma) said they would first


wait for an official report from the relevant sports authorities before pursuing any form of action. "We would first like to know what transpired and would only decide on the matter after careful deliberation." There are six student athletes short-listed to compete in the World University

Games in Shenzen, China, in August. The y are Nor j anna h Hafiszah Jamaludin, Siti Zubaidah Adabi and Nurul Sarah Abdul Kadir, all from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). The others, Siti Fatimah Mohamed and Mohd Nor Imran, from Open University Malaysia.

the best chance for Selangor to win gold," said Neesha. Her request was not entertained and she was dropped from the team event. Neesha's dad S. Thirumalaichelvam insisted she would not play for Selangor again. Hereon, she would instead play for Sarawak, her mother's home State. Neesha does not have a ranking in the country as she is studying at the University of Cumberland. She was once ranked 350th in the world junior rankings and in 2005, she was ranked in the top five of the ATF Under-14 category. Selangor are represented by national junior S. Theiviya, and sisters Alyssa Boey Chia Pheng and Adelle Boey Chia Yan.

SELANGOR'S HOPE: Alyssa in action — BERNAMApic




Not the greatest paris: tennis/French open

But Nadal honoured by Borg comparison

RAFAEL NADAL said he was honoured to be compared to Bjorn Borg after equalling the great Swede's record of six French Open titles with his 7-5, 7-6 (7-3), 5-7, 6-1 win over Roger Federer this morning. But the Spaniard ruled out suggestions that he was now to be regarded as the greatest player of all time. "It's very special to equal the six French Opens of Bjorn Borg, but the most important

thing is to win Roland Garros," said the world No. 1. "I have worked hard to be here and to play here another time. It's an honour to be compared to Borg." Nadal now has 10 Grand Slam titles made up of six French, two Wimbledon and one each at the US and Australian Opens. Federer still leads the way with 16 Majors, but with Nadal almost five years' the Swiss star's junior, expectations are

high that the Spaniard will race past that total. However, he was keen to play down the hype. "I'm not the best player in the history of tennis but I'm amongst the best and that's enough for me," he said. Nadal's coach and uncle Toni Nadal said the win was the most difficult of all his nephew's six wins in the French capital. "It was the most complicated. He played really badly

NADAL: Was told to be more relaxed — AFPpic

BEIJING: tennis

China, Asia savour Li's win

LI NA'S (pic) landmark Fre n ch O p e n v i c tor y sparked celebrations and recognition throughout Asia yesterday while China's State media told their athletes to learn from her as they prepare for next year's London Olympics. "She is now the pride of Asia," said retired Thai player Paradorn Srichaphan. Li's victory over defending champion Francesca Schiavone on Saturday came at 11 pm in Beijing on a holiday weekend, but Chinese State television rebroadcast the match yesterday and it was on the front pages of most newspapers. People's Daily, the flagship paper of the ruling Communist Party, put a large color photo of Li kissing her trophy at the top of its front page under the

The Malay Mail Monday 6 June, 2011

Roger Federer hit 56 unforced errors in the match compared to Rafael Nadal's 27

headline "Li Na reached the summit of the Grand Slam." Li's career blossomed after she pulled out of China's gove r n m e nt - r u n s p or t s training system in 2008. That will likely raise questions about the costly system, which has produced Olympic champions in gym-

nastics and athletics, along with other racket sports such as badminton, but has a poor record in more commercial sports such as tennis and golf. Chinese sports officials publicly congratulated each other in an apparent effort to link the government to the victory, even though Li trains independently. The Chinese Olympic Committee and other agencies expressed "heartfelt congratulations" in a joint letter to the government's Tennis Sports Management Center, according to the State Xinhua News Agency. "There is no doubt this will encourage and inspire Chinese athletes in other fields to undergo hard training, strengthen their confidence and make excellent achievements in the London 2012 Olympics," said the letter. — AP

in the first three rounds," said Toni Nadal. "For Roger it was important for him to try and win another Grand Slam and for us it was crucial that Rafa did not lose as he wouldn't then be the best player on clay." Nadal needed five sets to see off John Isner of the US in the first round in Paris and complained that he didn't feel as if he was playing well enough to win the title. Toni Nadal said he had needed to have a pep talk with his nephew. "I said to him: 'You won't win playing at this level. You must be more relaxed and I told him that winning or losing would change nothing. "Winning Roland Garros is an indication that 2011 is a good year. It'll give him peace of mind for what's ahead. If he loses at Wimbledon, we will always have the French Open." Toni Nadal also shrugged off his nephew now standing level at six titles with Borg. "This doesn't mean anything. I saw B org when I was young. Borg will always be the greatest. He was extraordinary." —AFP

JOHANNESBURG: football/ African cup of nations

Egypt in trouble as Ivory Coast reach finals DEFENDING champions Egypt are on the brink of elimination from the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations while Ivory Coast secured a place at the finals this morning with two games to spare. The record seven-time title holders could only draw 0-0 with South Africa in a tense Cairo qualifier that produced few clearcut scoring chances for teams ranked third and fourth, respectively, on the continent. Ivory Coast triumphed 6-2 in Benin with Didier Drogba and Ger vais "Gervinho" Kouassi bagging a brace each to take an unassailable eight-point lead in their section. There was plenty for home supporters to celebrate in other games with Guinea and Tunisia winning decisively and Angola, Central African Republic and Liberia narrowly while C omoros Islands held Libya. Although South Africa spent more time defending than attacking at a subdued Military Academy Stadium, they created the best chances but Katlego Mphela and Tlou Segolela failed to score when oneon-one with goalkeeper Essam al-Hadary. Veteran Al-Hadary (pic) became so frustrated with

Barcelona: motorsport/motogp

the failure of his teammates to translate plentiful possession into goals that he ventured up the field with the ball late in the second half. However, he was dispossessed and relieved to see a long range lob from rival captain Siphiwe Tshabalala, standing in for injured midfielder Steven Pienaar, finish well off target. Defender Ahmed al-Mohamady came close twice for Egypt in the opening half, heading a cross over from point-blank range and having a shot from well inside the penalty area held at the second attempt by impressive Itumeleng Khune. South Africa lead Group G with eight points followed by Niger (six), Sierra Leone (five) and Egypt (two) with two rounds to be played in September and October. — AFP TOUGH RACE: Stoner won his third race this season — AFPpic

Stoner powers Honda to victory AUSTRALIAN Casey Stoner powered his Honda to victory in the Moto GP category of the Catalunya GP, the fifth race of the motorcycling world championship yesterday. Stoner finished ahead of Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo and American Ben Spies, both on a Yamaha, at the Montmelo circuit to claim his third victory from five starts after winning in Qatar and France.

Lorenzo's second place kept the Spaniard in the lead of the overall standings with a seven-point cushion on Stoner. "Jorge got off to a good start and I had to wait until the end of the first lap to overtake him and then he couldn't stay with me, fortunately," Stoner told the BBC. Reigning world champion Lorenzo said: "It was really tough to fight with Casey. I

tried to live with him as many laps as possible, but my rear tyre was sliding, so second place is good for us." In the Moto2 category Germany's Stefan Bradl, riding a Kalex, claimed victory ahead of Spaniards Marc Marquez of Suter and Aleix Espargaro of Pons Kalex. Spaniard Nicolas Terol, riding an Aprilia, claimed victory in the 125cc category. — AFP

The Malay Mail Monday 6 JUNE, 2011

Azerbaijani journalists throw toilet paper at their national coach in German legend Berti Vogts after defeat to Kazakhstan in Euro 2012 qualifiers



What's up, Batista?

WARSAW: football/ international friendly

Argentina's Copa preparation jolted again, by Poland this time ARGENTINA coach Sergio Batista has much to ponder after his experimental side went down 2-1 to Poland in a friendly in Warsaw this morning — hot on the heels of a 4-1 thumping by Nigeria last Wednesday. The earlier match is subject to a Fifa investigation following irregular betting patterns but what will worry Batista more is that he has yet to come up with a formula less than a month out from the start of the Copa America, which this summer is on home soil. Adrian Mierzejewski and Pawel Brozek got the goals for Euro 2012 co-hosts Poland, sandwiching an effort from Marco Ruben just after the interval. At least Ruben's goal on his debut was a bright point

NO, YOU DON'T: Argentina's Piatti Pablo (left) claims for offside as Poland's Kamil Grosicki does an overhead kick — APpic

for the Albiceleste, who are reshuffling their pack after the departure of Diego Mar-

adona following a World Cup which started well but ended in a quarterfinal

ROME: football/ serie a

Signori cool despite match-fixing allegations FORMER Lazio striker Giuseppe Signori remains calm in the wake of last week's arrest for his alleged role in the Italian betting scandal that has been labelled Scommessopoli. On June 1, Signori and 15 others were arrested across the whole of Italy at the end of an investigation led by the police in Cremona on football and betting.

The former Italy international insisted he has nothing to hide though and is confident that the situation will be over shortly. "I am calm and relaxed and await the upcoming interrogation. I have always placed bets and have always done so out in the open. I walk into an agency to place a bet and everybody can see me and what I am doing," Signori

told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "I have nothing to hide and they will not find any incriminating evidence. I actually hope they will soon check my bank account. "They will then realise that there is nothing suspicious. There are no unusual transactions or whatsoever. This is all just a big misunderstanding and this will soon be over," he said.

LONDON: football

Kissinger considering Fifa role

HENRY KISSINGER (pic) is mulling over an offer from Sepp Blatter to form part of a team investigating problems within Fifa. The 88-year-old former United States secretary of state told BBC Radio 5: "Yes, he's invited me, but he has not been specific except to say he wants to create a group of wise men to deal with some of the issues that have arisen. "I am an avid football fan and have been all my life. I watch as many games as I can. "If it can help the sport I would be willing to participate but I have to know who

the other participants are and what the terms of reference are before I make a final commitment." Kissinger said he wanted to help bring about procedures which were "very transparent and as democratic as possible". On his thoughts regarding Blatter's unopposed reelection, Kissinger said: "I shouldn't comment on any of these details because if I should join this group then maybe it's among the issues that is going to be there." The English and Scottish Football Associations' bid to postpone the presidential election ended in a heavy

defeat with Fifa members voting by 172 votes to 17 not to do so. Kissinger expressed an "understanding" for the British but, when asked whether it should have been postponed, he said: "I haven't followed it that closely. "My general view is that Fifa should be conducted as transparently and as democratically as is necessary to win public support."

thumping by Germany. After the nightmare in Nigeria, Batista made sev-

en changes and elected an all new strike-force in the shape of Ruben, Jonathan Cristaldo and Pablo Piatti. But even if Batista can point to the fact that only two Copa America starters — Pablo Zabaleta and Ezequiel Garay — featured in what was essentially a B team, another defeat will not have done much for morale. Robert Lewandowski set up the opener for the Poles on 26 minutes, Mierzejewski finishing neatly as central defender Federico Fazio was caught out and although Piatti set up Villarreal's Ruben with a backheel for the equaliser — the latter had already gone close minutes earlier. Mierzejewski, freshly elected player of the year in Poland, went close again just

after the hour but keeper Adrian Gabbarini made a fine stop. However, in the 67th minute Poland sealed the win as Brozek, a second half substitute, took a pass from Jakub Blaszczykowski and finished with aplomb. Argentina, whose last South American title came in 1993, will at the Copa face Bolivia, Colombia and Costa Rica, who are standing in for a Japan side which withdrew owing to the effects of the tsunami earlier this year which forced a backlog of domestic J-League fixtures. Since their last triumph in the continental showpiece in 1993, Argentina have seen rivals Brazil win the event four times — losing the last two finals to their bitter rivals.



I don't know if I will sign a new contract with Arsenal and I want to see if Manchester United's interest is real — Samir Nasri

LONDON: football/euro 2012 qualifiers

Unpatriotic Lions Legend Brooking blasts England stay-away star players SIR Trevor Brooking is unhappy some players make themselves unavailable for England — with goalkeepers Paul Robinson and Ben Foster in the firing line. Tottenham striker Peter Crouch is also said to have decided he will not play for his country again until Fabio Capello is replaced as coach after growing increasingly disillusioned with life under the Italian. Blackburn's Robinson and Manchester United defender Wes Brown retired at the start of this season, while Birmingham goalkeeper Ben Foster is currently on a "sabbatical" to concentrate on his club career. As England FA director of football development, Brooking would be expected to talk up the notion of playing for England. However, it is in his status as a former international who won 47 England caps that he reacted. "No matter what people think about individuals, it is about playing for your country," he told BBC Radio 5. "You turn up regardless. I would have turned up if I was number 23 in the squad. We had one or two issues with age group teams. There appears to be a reluctance with one or two youngsters to get that tournament experience. "I come from a generation where I


No matter what people think about individuals, it is about playing for your country

— Sir Trevor Brooking

couldn't even contemplate such a thing. I find it amazing. "There are great rewards out there. You can become a multi-millionaire as a club player without playing international football. But international football is about individual pride and wanting to perform at the highest level. "If I got picked at 41, I would have played, even if I thought I would make a fool of myself. I just wanted to play for my country." Brooking is reluctant to write Crouch off just yet and wants to wait for the full facts to emerge before believing Crouch no longer wishes to make himself available for selection. However, the 30-year-old has never been viewed as one of Capello's preferred strikers. Crouch has started just five games during Capello's 37-match reign and did not make the bench on Saturday in the 2-2 draw with England at Wembley in a Group G match though England had been reduced to just


three fit strikers. Yet he has also been one of England's most reliable goalscorers, scoring eight times during Capello's regime — part of an overall tally of 22, placing him joint 16th on the all-time England list. Crouch has proved to be a popular figure in the dressing room too and went to last summer's World Cup in South Africa , although he was limited to two brief substitute appearances. With Liverpool's Andy Carroll and Manchester United's Wayne Rooney both likely to be available for the August friendly against Holland, it seemed Crouch was about to get squeezed out anyway. However, if his international "break" is confirmed, it would raise further question marks about Capello's handling of players, as well as reducing options in an area of the field England are not particularly well blessed anyway, given Kevin Davies and Jay Bothroyd were both capped earlier this season.

The Malay Mail Monday 6 June, 2011


DUBLIN: football/euro 2012 qualifiers

Ireland hunt for four crucial points

MIDFIELDER Stephen Hunt is targeting at least four points from the September showdowns with Slovakia and Russia with the Republic of Ireland in the hunt for Euro 2012 qualification. The 29-year-old Wolves midfielder played his part in Saturday's 2-0 victory in Macedonia which left the Irish one of three teams on 13 points at the top of Group B. The Slovakians and Russians also both won at home to maintain the pressure, and the first round of fixtures next season will have a major say in which of them ultimately heads to Poland and Ukraine next summer. Having missed out on World Cup qualification in a controversial play-off against France 18 months ago, Hunt is not prepared to leave anything to chance. "We knew the two of them would probably win, so it was important we won," he said. "Thankfully we did and we move on to the next one. It sets us up for a massive finish. It keeps us in there with Slovakia at home and Russia away. We might not have to win the two of them,

but if we can get four points it would be massive." Hunt has seen at close hand how effective skipper and striker Robbie Keane can be, and never more so than in Skopje when, despite struggling with a groin injury, he took his international goals tally to 51 with a match-winning double. His eighth-minute opener instantly defused the hugely partisan atmosphere at Philip II Stadium and helped to lay the foundation for a victory fashioned very much in the style of pragmatic coach Giovanni Trapattoni. "The first goal got the crowd on their backs, and then the second one was gifted on a plate to Keane, so it was nice," said Hunt. "He could have got the hattrick near the end, but we will take two and the win. "To be honest, the second half was a bit ugly, but we wanted to make it ugly if we could because what's the point of opening ourselves up and being caught on the break? "It was a good 'Trapattoni' performance, I suppose." Hunt will hope for more action in Wednesday morning's friendly against Italy in Belgium before heading off to enjoy his summer break. He said: "I am buzzing. I have had three horrible summers and this summer, I can enjoy it on the back of a good win. We can take it easy and go into Italy and enjoy it."

Saturday GROUP B Russia Slovakia Macedonia

3 Armenia 1 1 Andorra 0 0 Rep of Ireland 2

GROUP F Latvia Greece

1 Israel 3 Malta

2 1

GROUP G England Montenegro

2 Switzerland 1 Bulgaria

2 1

GROUP H Iceland Portugal

0 Denmark 1 Norway

2 0

Friday GROUP A Kazakhstan Austria

2 Azerbaijan 1 Germany

1 2

GROUP A Belgium

1 Turkey


GROUP C Faroe Islands 0 Slovenia Italy 3 Estonia

2 0

GROUP D Romania Belarus

3 Bosnia 1 France

0 1

GROUP E Moldova San Marino

1 Sweden 0 Finland

4 1

GROUP F Croatia

2 Georgia


GROUP I Liechtenstein 2 Lithuania


Fixtures WEDNESDAY GROUP A Azerbaijan

v (1am)

GROUP C Faroe Islands v (2.30am) GROUP D Belarus Bosnia



v Luxembourg (1am) v Albania (2.15am)

GROUP E Sweden v (2am) San Marino v (2.30am)

Finland Hungary

PODGORICA: football/euro 2012 qualifiers

Montenegro can make finals, says coach MONTENEGRO coach Zlatko Kranjcar is confident his team can qualify for the Euro 2012 finals despite missing the chance to go top of their group on Saturday. Montenegro drew 1-1 with Bulgaria at home which saw them move onto 11 points from five matches and become joint Group G leaders with England but behind on goal difference. And although Kranjcar insists the performance in Podgorica was extremely promising, the Croatian was still slightly disappointed with the result. "I think we are in a great position because we have stayed clear of Bulgaria and Switzer-

land while we are set to continue a neck-and-neck battle with England for the top spot," he said. "A win over Wales in our next match would all but secure the runners-up spot and even if we don't win the group, we have a good chance of being the best second-placed team. "We are not entirely happy with the result because we had the best chances but the performance was excellent, except for some sloppy marking when Bulgaria equalised. "England's slip-up against Switzerland, however, has played into our hands and I am confident we can go through because several injured players will be back to full fitness in

September, when we resume our campaign." Montenegro are playing in only their second major tournament as an independent nation after winning just once in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers. And the Montenegrins, who visit Wales on Sept 2, will be at home to England on Oct 7 before visiting Switzerland in their final match four days later. The nine group winners and best second-placed team will qualify automatically for next year's finals in Poland and Ukraine while eight other runners-up will enter a twoleg play-off for the remaining four places.

The Malay Mail Monday 6 JUNE, 2011



Adios, Manchester CARLOS TEVEZ has launched a vitriolic attack on Manchester – and admitted he can’t wait to quit the city. The Argentine striker, who became the star of the iconic "Welcome to Manchester" poster when he quit United for City two years ago, has risked alienating fans of both clubs by claiming their city has "nothing". Tevez, back in Buenos Aires after captaining City to their first trophy triumph in 35 years three weeks ago when they beat Stoke in the FA Cup Final at Wembley, is currently deciding whether to leave Eastlands despite still having three years left on his contract. He has hinted recently that he wants to stay – but his comments on an Argentine talk show will not go down well with Mancunians proud of their city’s heritage and ­culture.


Frustrated, angry Young

ASHLEY YOUNG says he was disappointed not to start for England in their 2-2 draw with Switzerland in a Euro 2012 qualifier at Wembley on Saturday. Young sat and watched as James Milner looked heavy-legged and the Swiss ripped England apart early on and took a 2-0 lead. Now Young hopes his superb second-half strike, his second England goal in 15 caps, will persuade coach Fabio Capello that he should be a must in his future starting line-ups. And his display will surely help Young get his dream move to Manchester United this summer.

Liverpool midfielder Joe Cole set for Tottenham medical ahead of a £3m transfer — report LONDON: football/ premier league

'Premier Man' Parker not interested playing in Championship with West Ham

SCOTT PARKER admitted he will tell manager Sam Allardyce he needs to quit West Ham for the sake of his England career when he returns from holiday. Parker will hold talks with the new Hammers boss to discuss his future — which he admitted must lie in the Premier League if he is to keep his international place. "Oh yes, for sure," said the midfielder, who played in England's 2-2 draw with Switzerland in a Euro 2012 qualifying match at Wembley on Saturtday. "That is where everyone wants to play, in the Premier League, and I'm no different. I'm sure he'll give me a call and we'll go through things," said Parker. His departure from West Ham appeared a foregone conclusion the moment they were relegated. There will be so shortage of suitors for the 'Footballer of the Year', with Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal all linked with him. But Parker insisted he had

before, is keep trying to put in good performances," said Parker, who earned his sixth cap on Saturday.

TOP FLIGHT HAMMERING: Parker wants EPL move — GETTYpic

MOSCOW: football/ premier league

Honda not keen to play in Premier League JAPANESE star Keisuke Honda (left) has played down speculations linking him with a move to Liverpool or Manchester City, claiming he is happy at CSKA Moscow. Premier League pair Liverpool and City are both thought to be keen on signing highlyrated winger Honda this summer. However, the 25-year-old Japan international insists he is


Spurs gunning for Shawcross

TOTTENHAM are ready to step up their bid to sign Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross and will offer Sebastien Bassong as a makeweight. Manager Harry Redknapp is a long-term admirer of Shawcross and now, after running out of patience with Bassong, he is ready to firm up his interest. Stoke are keen to keep Shawcross at Britannia Stadium and the 23-year-old himself recently declared himself happy at the club after they made it into the Europa League. However, the Potters skipper also admitted his desire to break back into the England set-up, something he would have a greater chance of doing at White Hart Lane. Spurs will offer Stoke cash as well as Bassong, while the north Londoners have a number of other players the Potters have previously been credited with an interest in should manager Tony Pulis be tempted by a deal.

yet to give any thought to where he might end up. "As soon as that game (against Switzerland) ended, I think my main focus was having a rest and just shutting the body down, really," he said. "It's been a long, hard season for the majority of the players in there. "So, looking forward to getting away with the family and just chilling out a little bit." Despite his desire to leave, the 30-year-old backed the appointment of Allardyce, who will be charged with returning the Hammers to the top flight at the first attempt. "I think his credentials speak for themselves," said Parker. It's obviously a big signing for the club and a very good one. "I'm sure the manager will do very, very well." And even if he joins a Premier League club this summer, Parker knows he faces a fight to keep his England place, with Steven Gerrard set to return from injury next season. "All I can do, like I've said

content to stay at CSKA if he receives no offers and that if he was to leave Russia he would prefer a switch to Spain. "CSKA are playing Champions League football next season so staying is not a bad option," Honda told Sankei Sports. "However, I do want to test myself at a higher level if the opportunity arises. My preference is still to play in Spain."


LONDON: football/ premier league

Life will go on for Fulham without Hughes, says Hangeland FULHAM star defender known reason. Brede Hangeland says he is And yesterday his agent, ready to move on from man- Kia Joorabchian, said the ager Mark Hughes’ shock former Blackburn and Manexit. chester City boss wanted to The Welsh tactician sur- be involved in the top level if prisingly left his post as Cot- competition which is bizarre tagers boss four days ago but considering he was managHangeland, although taken ing in the English Premier aback, says life must go on League. despite the fact the club have "As a manager he has ambilost a top manager. tions to really compete at the “I was pretty sure that he top level and be the best he was going to stay," said can,” Joorabchian told BBC Hangeland. "Now Radio 5. we will have a new "Fulham are where they manager and that are. They are a great top-10, will be exciting. mid-table club and I think "(I had) a really Hughes really wants to be good relation- right up there competing in ship with him. the Champions League posiHe came in tions, up there competing for with a new titles. He'd like to win some phi los ophy cups. that de"He sat down and thought manded a lot about it and thought if he from many, me signs a two-year contract included. now and they go and buy "It became better and players in the transfer better and we had an market, but all the okay season. But now time looking over we must start again his shoulder thinkwith a blank piece ing 'well if a bigger of paper." job comes along, a Meanwhile, top-four club Hughes reportor maybe edly told his a place in agent that he Por tuga l, wants to comSpain, Gerpete at the many, Italy top level. It which allows was earlier him to combelieved pete...' then that his he'd be sort of hanging without move was keen to move hughes: Hangeland (pic) set to take was shocked when Hughes and that would the reins at Aston decided to leave — GETTYpic be unfair to Villa. Fulham. However, it has "He wanted since been esto tell them tablished that and give them Villa do not want plenty of time. Hughes who is There was no now out of a job better time to after pulling the do so than at pin at Fulham the end of the for some unseason."

LONDON: football/ premier league

Fierce Manchester battle for Sneijder HOLLAND international midfielder Wesley Sneijder (pic) has flown to California to decide on a £30 million (RM148.1m) move to Manchester. The Inter Milan star midfielder is at the centre of a sensational transfer tug of war between arch-rivals United and City. Sneijder, 26, made a flying visit to England last week and then ­travelled on to Los Angeles to ­discuss his future with his model wife Yolanthe, who is on an

­assignment in California. He told both clubs that they will have to smash through the £200,000-aweek wage barrier to land him. That will not worry the cash-rich City – even though they are looking to rein in ­expenditure as they look to comply with Uefa's ­Financial Fair Play ­Regulations. And United proved when they broke their wage ­structure last season to hand Wayne Rooney a new

c­ ontract worth £250,000-aweek that they will dig deep for the right player. The Red Devils believe they are favourites to win the battle for the exciting Sneijder who would be a direct on-field ­replacement for Paul Scholes, who retired last week. Soren Lerby, Sneijder’s agent, met Alex Ferguson at United’s team hotel in London in April before they played West Ham. Ferguson also turned his attentions to


Tottenham’s Luka Modric after being made aware that City are ready to splash the cash for Sneijder. City chief executive Garry Cook and football ­administration officer Brian Marwood are both currently in America. Sneijder, a close friend of City midfielder Nigel de Jong, was one of the stars of the World Cup last summer in South Africa as Holland reached the final where they lost 1-0 to Spain.


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