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The repression of information Egypt Revolution At the least year there was so much mobilizations in different parts of the world, like in Egypt at the Tahrir Square for the dismiss of the Egyptian president Josni Mubarak. To do it all the Egyptian people were go to the Freedom Square to complain, but the president Mubarak, send the army to attack them. Finally the people resist and they force Mubarak to refuses of his charge.

Tahrir Square 25/01/2011

Spanish Revolution Other example was the Spanish Revolution that begins with a simply e-mail saying “Indigneu-vos� that means: Get angry. This e-mail says that we need some changes in our politician system because the politician use their power to get more money privatizing some public companies and after going to this company. The Spanish Revolution first was begin in Madrid at the La Puerta del Sol but later it expands to all Spain and finally to all Europe.

Puerta del Sol 15/03/2011

Iceland Revolution At finals of year 2008 Iceland, gets on bankrupt and the government didn't anything. So much people do saucepan-bangings, campaigns and pacifist complaints to protest the government actuation, and finally all the government dismiss of their charge. Now the government its composed by normal people. Really, the Icelandic people are supportive, optimistic and brave, who have managed to rectify, recuperating the system and giving a lesson of democracy to the world. But anybody can know anything of that without Internet because the police don't let the journalists film or watch anything in this revolutions. Internet can help to the revolutionary people to communicate they situation to around the world. Really all the politician are scared and then they prohibit this films and pictures diffusion because they don't want that the other countries know what's going on there because if the people on the other countries know it, they can think that they have possibilities and they will do other revolutions. One of ways to repress the information is closing Internet and imprisoning the journalists of other countries. One clear example of that repression its that in the Egyptian Revolution the 25 of January that the police cut the Internet access and anybody can connect in Internet and like that they can't update videos. The repression of the information its only an example of the politician corruption that we all are living now

and we will still living this until able to change something in our political system.

AdriĂ Alsina, Anna Calomarde, Laura Laparra, Mireia Pujol

The representation of information  

Noticia adria

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