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Interior Architecture Portfolio Peishi Feng 3465599

Rose Seidler House

One Room Paradise

Rose Seidler House Rose Seidler House, designed by Harry Seilder, built in 1949 - 1950. Harry had deigned this boxy hous with a modernist philosophy for his parents, creating a liveable, functional, sculptural home after moving to Australia in 1948. The house was considered to be a futuristic and modern one and had became the most talk about house in Sydney at that tme. The house had transformed into a living musume since 1991, open to public access.

plan - rendered with colour pencil

elevation - rendered with soft pastel

section - rendered with photoshop

Paradise in my point of view is more of an emotion rather than something physical or material. I think that paradise is a feeling within oneself and it is highly personal, it can come from some samll things or moments in life that means alot to one person while it means nothing to another.

One Room Paradise “a room that hits you in the chest� J. Holtzman

In my final model, I had worked with the concept of pathway to paradise. Using simple curve and straight cuts to create a constrasting elevation on adjacent sides. Using a overwhoming cantilercer to communicate emotion and the odds that could come across, as an individual try to find what is their paradise and the ways to achieve it or preserve it. This stucture is design to be able to adapt with verious landscape, which allow indiviaul to experience the different views of it and appreciate the enviroment around us.