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Water Management and Footprinting

Building Strategic Capacity and Know-how

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Building Strategic Capacity in Water Management and Footprinting

Overuse of freshwater resources can cause disruption to the security of water provision triggering failures in the supply chain, significantly higher production costs, heightened community and stakeholder pressure, and rising regulatory burdens. Companies must develop their own capacity to measure, understand and manage their risks and impacts, both of direct water use at their own sites and of the indirect water use within their supply chains in order to stay ahead of these challenges.

Training with PE INTERNATIONAL gives you access to decades of experience with the water sustainability field, a balanced mix of presentations, small group exercises and moderated discussions, all ensuring a lively and productive dialogue and a considered training package, specific to your business objectives. You will also receive extensive course documentation.

Training 1: Business Strategies for Sustainable Water Management

This training provides an ideal background in managerial approaches to sustainable water management and business engagement. You will learn about the business drivers and compliance requirements for water management, providing you with a basis upon which to develop a corporate water management agenda with the ability to set strategic goals.

Who should attend?

It is best suited to executives from the business functions of: • Sustainability, Environment, Health & Safety • Business Development • Product and Process Development • Key Account Management • Marketing, Sales and Communications

The Course

• Water as a business case: global threats, trends, challenges

The Benefit to your Business – Take Action

A corporate water footprint provides the basis for managing water-related risks to the business and along the supply chain. It helps to benchmark mitigation measures to reduce water-related impacts and identify business opportunities. Product water footprints elucidate and enhance the products’ sustainability performance, enable competitive advantage and drive product innovation. Taking action not only brings clear bottom line benefits, but also demonstrates responsibility and sustainability to your customers, stakeholders and employees by understanding, measuring, reducing and communicating your water footprint.

• Identifying water needs and risks to direct opera- tions, supply chains, and products • International initiatives and standards • Approaches to designing and implementing sustainable water business policies and strategies as well as responsible business engagement programs • Approaches to creating water efficiency and conservation plans • Overview of methodologies and tools

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Your Benefits

Your Benefits

• achieve a detailed understanding of the key business and supply chain water requirements

• be able to develop water reduction measures and assess the environmental product improvement options;

• gain the ability to identify water related risks and opportunities and develop management strategies and corporate water stewardship practices;

• understand how to optimise your water footprint and reduce related environmental impacts;

Specifically, you will:

• be able to implement effective water engagement programs; • achieve understanding of the water footprint as a driver for innovation; • be able to display success in environmental perfor mance management and responsibility to stakeholders.

Training 2: Practical Water Footprinting and Tools

This training provides a comprehensive background in organisational and product water footprinting. You will receive guidance on the practical management of water footprinting data, including calculating and reporting on water use in your operations, along your supply chain and for your products.

After attending this training, you will:

• have a detailed understanding of methodologies and tools involved in water footprinting; • be able to implement water reduction strategies in product design and management and in your supply chain; • have a profound basis to implement water communi cations with your stakeholders.

Our Leading Experts Dr. Annette Koehler

Over 10 year’s broad experience in the field of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and sustainability management and a globally leading expert in the water sustainability field.

Who should attend?

It is best suited for decision-makers who are required to report company water accounts or are preparing product water footprints, such as: • Sustainability and Environmental Managers • Product Development Managers • Process Development Engineers • Business Managers and Analysts

Dr. Sven Lundie

Expert in sustainability strategy development, Life Cycle Assessment & Costing, and sustainability management. Sven is a professional facilitator.

The Course

• Application in business: Water footprinting – what, why, how, who and when? • Methodologies and practical aspects of organisation- al and product water footprints, including real life examples • Water footprint standards and frameworks • Data collection supported by LCA software tool GaBi • The simple way to calculate your water footprint – a ‘back of the envelope’ solution

Dr. Jim Fava

More than 30 years of working experience with companies and organisations to develop and apply the concepts and tools of sustainability to their operations, processes and products.

• Hands-on case studies for identifying water usage hotspots • Developing a water reduction strategy – how to communicate about water • Next steps: certification and verification


Our International Involvement and Activities around Water Management and Footprinting

• Lead of the international Water Assessment working group (WULCA) under the auspices of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative and Chair of the initiative • Active participation in the ISO 14046 Water Footprint standardisation work • Member of the Water Footprint Network • Participation in international advisory committees of various projects in the water sustainability field, including the CEO Water Mandate Corporate Water Accounting project and ecoinvent editorial Board • Founder of the SETAC LCA Advisory Group



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Water Footprint  

Building Strategic Capacity in Water Management and Water Footprinting. Overuse of freshwater resources can cause disruption to the security...

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