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Product Sustainability Performance

Deliver more sustainable products and reduce operational costs with the #1 product sustainability solution.

Water carbon

energy Emissions

waste use of materials natural resources

Sustainability leaders perform better

GaBi assesses every raw material and process.

> Look at: environmental impact, social impact, costs, health and

Investment in Product Sustainability Performance delivers prov-

safety issues, brand advancement & risk

to product development to your operations and supply chain:

thing in their creation e.g. your operations and supply chain

en benefits across the organisation – from business strategy > Brand Enhancement

> Product Differentiation

> Cost Reductions

> Product Operating Efficiency

> Risk Management & Compliance

As a result, Sustainability Performance is now firmly on the agenda of all large and progressive companies. According to a

recent McKinsey survey 73 % of executives say sustainability is a priority on their CEO’s global agenda, a board level priority.

Leading businesses realise they must manage environmental, social and economic impacts across the full breadth of their operations and value chain.

We help improve your Product Sustainability Performance

> Assess: manufactured products, grown products and every-

> Investigate: design, production, transport, use and end-of-life > Evaluate: plant and factories, assets, processes

GaBi is THE Product Sustainability Performance Solution GaBi is the most widely used Product Sustainability Solution

on the planet. It combines modelling & reporting software, data content and expertise to help save money, enhance your brand & reduce your risk.

GaBi helps your organisation manage Product Sustainability Performance from all angles. With industry benchmarks, sustainability best practices and an integrated set of tools, so you can deliver sustainability improvements and business value.

PE INTERNATIONAL is one of the world’s most experienced sus-

GaBi’s up-to-date encyclopaedic data is unrivalled. PE is the

20 years of experience and offices on every continent, 40 % of

based on real world experience working with over 1,500 global

their Sustainability Performance in a variety of ways.

results and the best possible sustainability outcomes.

tainability software, content and strategic consulting firms. With

reference point for industrial data on materials & processes

the global Fortune 500 companies now rely on PE to improve

businesses. For our customers that means trusted, accurate

> Review: all sustainability impacts (carbon, water, energy, emissions, waste, use of materials and natural resources)

Software Scenario modelling · Results analysis · Reporting tools ·

Services · Programme strategy · Benchmarking · Opportunity analysis · Implementation support

Content GaBi Databases · Data-on-demand · Sector-specific · extensions EPD templates ·

GaBi combines modelling & reporting software, data content and expertise to help save money, enhance your brand & reduce your risk.

40 % of the global Fortune 500 companies rely on PE Life Cycle Assessment

»Over the years GaBi has become a core tool for product

> Designing products for the environment

> Inter-company & supply chain alignment e.g. R&D,

Dr. Stephan Krinke, Head of Product and Environment

Life Cycle Costing

> Optimising material & energy use and reducing waste

and process-related environmental activities at


design, production, suppliers

> Designing products for cost reduction > Model resource and energy cost

Life Cycle Working Environment

»We brought in PE because of their depth

and breadth of sustainability knowledge, especially their LCA expertise and software.«

Dan Pettit, RD&Q Sustainability

»Everybody is talking about embedding sus-

> Developing manufacturing processes that address social

tainability. But sustainability is not embedded until it is in your

> Track Health and Safety metrics in the supply chain

Ramon Arratia, Sustainability Director EMEAI

Life Cycle Reporting


product. We measure this using LCA and GaBi Software.«

»Life Cycle Assessment helps us to fully

> Environmental communication

understand the benefits across the life cycle and assists us in

> EPD generation and EPD-type communication

so many more opportunities for us. It really is a future proof

departments, management and supply chain

Allan Griffin, Knowledge Group Leader Sustainability

> Standards-based reporting

> LCA knowledge sharing – summary reporting for internal

communicating these to our stakeholders. GaBi has opened up solution.«

GaBi Software

Product sustainability modelling tool

GaBi Product Sustainability Suite

GaBi DfX

Design for Environment, Compliance, Recycling and Disassembly

GaBi Envision

Instant scenario analysis reporting

GaBi Databases

Unrivalled, up-to-date industry data

GaBi at a Glance GaBi is a modelling, reporting & diagnostic software tool for LCA

GaBi Envision is an intuitive LCA tool for non-LCA experts

during design and planning.

in product and process design optimisation.

GaBi DfX is the BOM import tool and PLM integration module

GaBi Content & Databases are the largest internally consistent

practitioners that drives Product Sustainability Performance

allowing design teams to quickly evaluate ‘what-if’ scenarios

for rapid LCA and compliance analysis of complex assemblies

collection of life cycle inventory data with over 4,500 ready-to-

to support complete product portfolio reporting.

use profiles.

Serving market leaders, PE INTERNATIONAL operates in over 20 countries worldwide.

Improve your Product Sustainability Performance and try the #1 Life Cycle Assessment Software.

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GaBi Suite  
GaBi Suite  

GaBi Product Sustainability Performance Deliver more sustainable products and reduce operational costs with the #1 product sustainability so...