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Spring 2010

Cape May County

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Grassy Sound between Wildwood and Burleigh. Photo taken on April 20, 2010 for Jersey Local Living. With thanks to Grassy Sound Marina, Jim and Debbie Mooers. Š Ardis Creative Service Partners 2010


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Spring Edition

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Interview with Bill Darling

Sommelier Carol Blum Barnoski visits Hawk Haven Winery


Cigar Dinners Series 2010 It starts end of June


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Spring Edition


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The Magnolia Room Restaurant at Since 1876

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We love large parties!

CRAB CAKES · FRIED CHICKEN FRESH FISH· STEAKS An experience in historic accommodations, loved by generations of vacationers at every price range.

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V!it Cape May’s le"ndary hang#t...

KING EDWARD BAR 301 Howard Street · Cape May, NJ (609) 884-8409 ·


“Best of the Shore” - South Jersey Magazine

Open year-round 18 Holes • Driving Range • Putting Green Rt. 9 and Florence Ave • Cape May, NJ 08204 • 609.884.1563 •

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Editor’s Note Here they all are – back again. The season has just begun and businesses have reopened. The first vacationers are strolling the boardwalks. Many area merchants are looking forSpring 2010

Cape May County

ward to the months ahead and hoping for a better economy. In this issue, we offer a look around the county, as well as features on spring gardening and yachting. You’ll enjoy learning what sommelier Carol Blum Barnoski found when she visited the Hawk Haven Winery. In our Cigar Section, we announce our series of Cigar Dinners for 2010. And don’t forget to check out our article on the offerings at area restaurants. We asked, “What’s new on the plates?” – and got mouth-watering answers.

Fine Dining. Wines. Cigars. Jewelry. Gifts. Golf...and more.

We want to express our gratitude for your loyalty to our magazine. The number of readers who call to tell us that they like it is growing by the week. Thank you so much! Another big “Thanks” goes to our advertisers. They make it all possible, keeping the magazine free for you. Many readers have contacted us and asked us to include more photos of the county. After publishing our spread showing the Hereford Inlet in our Indian Summer Issue, we made a couple of extra prints for connoisseurs. So in this issue, we offer more great images. Our photographer stepped out in the early morning and visited the Grassy Sound Marina. From there, with approval from Jim and Debbie Mooers, he took dozens of shots of the grassy sound right after sunrise. You can see one of the pictures in the photo spread on the first page of this issue. If you like our photos and would like a separate print – at our cost – please contact our office. Enjoy.

Peter Einheuser Executive Editor

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Local Yachting

Bill Darling is, as his name says, a darling. At least his friends and customers say so. Bill has been in the yachting business in Cape May County for a very long time. There might be no one around who knows yachting in the area better than Bill. Jersey Local Living visited him recently at his office at the Lighthouse Point Marina in Wildwood. We sat down on the patio of Joe Spuhler’s Lighthouse Point restaurant. We were overlooking the marina, which has more than 160 slips, and recognized many empty spots. We asked about the situation of the industry here in the county.

The yachting industry is tied to the ups and downs of the overall economy, he notes. “This does not mean there is no business,” he explains, “but it is a long way from where it should be.” Some people would liken it to the real estate industry. Bill would not. A boat is still a luxury item, he points out; people will always need a place to live, and spend for housing first. Bill’s own business is slow, but there are some highlights. He has had lots of inquiries, showings, phone calls and hits to his Web site this year. Things aren’t as busy as they have been at some times in the past – but on the other hand, it is not as bad as in the Carter era. In those days, high

fuel taxes damaged the business dramatically because people could not afford to go boating. Today, it’s a waiting game. It’s all about the confidence of the buying public. We asked Bill: What are the advantages that boaters have in Cape May County? “There are a lot,” he replies. “First of all, there are a lot of very good yacht clubs. I guess more than in comparable other counties. The oldest and probably the largest are in Stone Harbor and in Cape May.” The Stone Harbor Yacht Club, now the Yacht Club of Stone Harbor, was founded in 1911. The Cape May Yacht Club, now the Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May, formed in 1872.

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14 Jersey Local Living Magazine

Local Yachting for game fishing, he in addition said. “Other than in parts of the over-fished Floridian coast you will find plenty of fish of all species very close to the beach.” We asked Bill how he got into the yachting industry, and his answer was a surprise. “I am a high school teacher,” he smirked. “Fifty years ago I came from Philadelphia to Cape May County. Starting in 1968, I was a teacher in the winter and ran charter boats in summer at the Stone Harbor Marina. I started slowly to sell boats and eventually had my own business.” Besides his business selling and chartering boats, Bill also start-

We asked Bill what advice he would offer to the recreational boater preparing to go back on the water this season. He didn’t want to repeat rules regarding maintenance, but felt it was important to remind people to take safety precautions. “Get your emergency gear ready,” he urges. “For example, get one of those new radios that signals distress calls. You hit a button and are on the screen of the Coast Guard. To get a Sea Tow or BoatUS membership wouldn’t be bad, either.” Decades of boating have provided Bill with plenty of stories, such as one from years ago that illustrates the independent nature of many recreational sea-

A rich yacht club scene offers many advantages for boaters. For example, not everyone plays golf, but golf and boating are a wonderful combination, and Cape May County offers a lot of opportunities along those lines. Another great advantage that Bill sees for boaters – specifically for recreational boaters – lies “in the fact that we have three of the most save inlets of the New Jersey shore in our county with access to the Atlantic Ocean and into the Delaware Bay”. However, if someone comes from Florida, he will not only recognize the different tide but also the fact that it takes at least two hours going out ed a marine school – making him a teacher again. His school offers instruction in New Jersey’s Safe Boating rules and is one of only a few private schools doing so. Bill Darling’s school also teaches classes in GPS navigation. Many people, he notes, buy navigation equipment but don’t know how to use it to its full potential.

farers. Bill was 40 miles off the coast with his 43-footer when he spotted a guy on a smaller boat – a 19-footer – with engines up, working on them. Bill offered to help, asking: “Do you know how far you are from shore?” The guy refused with a prompt reply: “Yes. As far as you are.” Bill has a lot more to tell. Next time.

“They have no idea what their GPS really can do,” he says, explaining that most boaters don’t like to sit down with their manual to study the particulars of their new piece of equipment. Learning is much easier with someone to demonstrate, so Bill’s classes are all “hands on.”

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New On Our Plates The season is coming On May first the new restaurant season started. Our chefs had a lot of time to get creative while they were off, so we were eager to know what’s new on the plates. Of course, we checked it out. Here are some of the mouth-

Buehler Chardonnay. The main dish, smoked Salmon, is paired with a 2007 Lagaria Pinot Grigio from Italy. And for dessert, there is a toffee pudding. In Avalon, you will find Fuze, where caramelized day boat scallops are new on the menu. The dish is arranged with pear

© Photo: Aleksey Moryakov

watering experiences that we discovered.

First of all, if you’re going to Stone Harbor you’ll recognize that the famous “Black Fish” is gone. It’s “White Heron Grill” now. There, you’ll want to start with a crab and smoked salmon salad, blood orange supreme, aioli and toasted almonds – and pair this with a 2008

Tuna Dish from Pier House. Cape May

16 Jersey Local Living Magazine

Casual Food at the Rusty Nail. Cape May

Restaurants and parsnip emulsion, port wine reduction, and orange marmalade. There is an option to add foie gras. You should pair this with a Matua Sauvignon Blanc. As a main course, Fuze has an all new “Maine Lobster and Tasso Carbonara.” It is presented with mascarpone and Parmesan cheese, fresh sweet peas and white truffle oil. Pair it with Buena Vista Chardonnay. Finally, there is the strawberry shortcake with homemade biscuits, Grand Marnier-soaked strawberries and Crème Anglaise. Pair this delicious dish with a Riesling Icewine, and you can call that dessert. Jay’s on Third in Stone Harbor offers a couple of new menu items. The Pad Thai is a unique dish, not typically found on menus in this area. Jay, the executive chef, comes from a Thai background and makes this item authentically as one of his signatures. It offers the fresh crunch of sprouts, peppery cilantro and an indescribable Thai style sauce that finishes with a mild spice. In Cape May, we’ve got a couple of excellent restaurants and some promising new dishes on the menu. The Ebbitt Room offers a “Grilled Honey Cumin Glazed Quail.” It is described as the perfect way to combine the smoky flavor of the crispy quail and red peppers with peppery arugula. The dish is served with the Black Chook Viognier/ Marsanne/ Rousanne blend from Australia.

Fine Italian Dining

Also look for the restaurant’s “Pan Roasted Australian Barramundi,” served with the Iron Horse unoaked chardonnay from Sonoma Valley. The chef says the bright crisp minerality, set against the earthy vegetal flavors of English peas and fava beans, can only be trumped by the way the lemon and lime citrus flavors melt with the Meyer lemon-scented sunchoke puree. The dish’s creamy texture pairs delightfully with the roasted mushrooms, only to be finished with the lingering essence of roasted almonds and sweet cured pancetta.

© Photo: Aleksey Moryakov

Close your meal with the “Tiramisou & Alvear’s Cream Sherry.” Mascarpone layers, set against the notes of candied almonds and butterscotch in this full-bodied sherry, can be improved upon only when you reach the layer of Kahlua-soaked Ladyfingers and rinse it down with a sip of crème brulee in a glass sherry.

Gia Restaurant - Fine Italian Dining 3001 Pacific Ave - Wildwood, NJ 08260 Tel: 609-729-5959 - Fax: 609-729-3603 A feast for all senses: The Ebbitt Room. Cape May

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18 Jersey Local Living Magazine


Fine Seashore Dining

“Best of the Shore” (Philadelphia Magazine) Wine Spectator Magazine’s “Award of Excellence”

Start an evening at the Blue Pig Tavern in Cape May with a “Classic Wedge,” paired with the Omaka Springs Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough New Zealand. It lends a touch of green chili pepper and olives to this classic steakhouse salad. As a main course, you should try the “Blue Pig Tavern Buffalo Burger.” Wash it down with the Rodenbach “Grand Cru” Flemish Red Brown Ale. You’ll sense notes of cherries, blackberries, black currants and apple. This will offer a stark and refreshing contrast to the earthy flavors of ground sirloin, onion, mushrooms. The striking acidity and flavors of the balsamic vinegar offer cleansing refreshment against the creamy blue cheese. After a short break, you may consider the “Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler” with vanilla bean ice cream. Pair this with a Courvoisier V.S.O.P. Undertones of grilled almonds in the cognac accent the strawberries and rhubarb in the cobbler, while the ice cream not only brings out the notes of vanilla from the oak barrel fermentation, but offers a creamy coolness to contrast the warmth and strength of the Courvoisier.

609.522.5425 Wildwood Crest

The menu at Union Park in Cape May offers “Seared Day boat Scallops” over mascarpone risotto – topped with jersey corn salsa and sesame asparagus finished with sweet basil oil. This dish goes nicely with the Trimbach Pinot Gris. Have you tried the Rusty Nail in Cape May? You should. Start with the

“Corn Chowder,” accompanied with the Par Nine Cocktail. The creamy sweet corn, with its hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, are perfectly complemented by the sweet tea vodka, while the refreshing acidity of the fresh squeezed lemonade provides crisp, cleansing satisfaction after the mouthful of creamy, buttery soup. Does this sound good? Then you should continue with the “Fish & Chips with Garlic Aioli,” served with The Flying Fish Farmhouse Ale. What could be better than Crispy Beer Battered Cod and Cape May’s coldest beer? Light and mellow, this creamy summer ale contains just enough wheat and orangey notes to contrast with the buttery fish. The wheat and hops of the ale provide a flavorful

© Photo: Aleksey Moryakov


Not enough yet to make you hungry? If you’re thinking of a “Stuffed African Lobster Tail,” you should visit Peter Shields in Cape May. The chef removes the meat from the shell, flames it with sherry, mixes it with jumbo lump and Peter Shields signature seasonings, returns it to the shell and bakes it until golden brown. We recommend starting the dinner with foie gras. It is pan-seared over brioche toast, topped with quince chutney and cinnamon rum reduction. An espresso-flavored, rich flourless chocolate cake served with berry sorbet should finish the night.

Blue Pig Tavern. Cape May

match to the beer used to batter the fish. As a dessert the “Strawberry Cobbler with a the Rusty Nail “Redux” would be a good decision. It includes two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream – one on your cobbler, and one in your frozen cocktail. The cocktail is served with aged Scotch, Drambuie, local honey drizzle, and shaved bitter chocolate. Maybe you should call for reservations now. We’ll continue this article in our next issue, which comes out the end of June. If you have good experiences in a local restaurant or found “heaven on earth” send an e-mail to We may mention it.

Jersey Local Living Magazine 19

Chef’s Favorites

Lucas Manteca Ebbitt Room, Cape May

Best Food in your Restaurant?

Our asparagus and fresh crab salad with beautiful almost blue asparagus coming out of our Beach Plum Farm

Best Lifestyle Gadget. Surfboard.

Lucas Manteca is the Executive Chef of the Ebbitt Room in Cape May, and new Corporate Chef and VP of Food and Beverage at Cape Resorts Group in Cape May. Training with some of NYC’s best chefs, Lucas brought his talent upstate New York’s Blue Hill at Stone Barn, Bray, England’s Fat Duck (Michelin Guide three-star rated) and the worldrenowned Martin Berasategui restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain. In 2005, he opened Stone Harbor’s most popular Sea Salt, followed by the leading role as executive chef and partner of Quahog’s Seafood Shack in Stone Harbor in 2008.

Favorite Wines: Silex (front) and Catenma Zapata (behind)

Your Favorite Red Wine?

Catena Zapata 2006 Malbec, of course… I am Argentinean Your Favorite White Wine?

Didier Daqueneau Pouilly Fume Silex Best Food Elsewhere?

Spain, the basque regions Favorite Dish in Childhood?

House made French fries made at home with 2 fried eggs.. Favorite Cigar?

20 Jersey Local Living Magazine

Best Lifestyle Gadget?

My surfboards Best Restaurant in the USA?

Blue Hill at Stone Barn, Pocantico Hill, NY

Blue Hill at Stone Barn.

© Photo: Blue Hil Farm 2010

© Photo: Aleksey Moryakov

No cigars, but nothing better once in a while, a camel after 200 covers with a 6 course tasting menu.

Chef’s Favorites

Jersey Local Living Magazine 21

Alan Miniaci

Just 24 years old, Alan already has a remarkable career. After attending the Culinary Institute of America, he worked for 3 years at a few of New York’s best and finest restaurants. He started his career at Gordon Ramsey’s at the London Hotel, and then after refined his skills at the famous Jean George restaurant in Columbus Circle. Before leaving New York, he cooked at The Lever House restaurant. Today he is Sous Chef at the Equinox in Washington, DC.Alan, who has been cooking since he was 12, has his own column at the Jersey Local Living Magazine.

Alan Miniaci is wr iting reg ular ly for Jer s ey Loca l L i v i n g .

Chilled Lobster Salad

Fill a pot with 3 quarts of water, salted, and bring to a boil. Place lobster in boiling water. (If you decide to use whole live lobsters remove both claws and then Yields 10 servings remove the head from the tail.) Allow the • Two whole lobsters or just tails water to return to a boil, then turn off the • 1 fennel bulb small diced heat and cover the pot for 8 minutes. • 1/2 red onion small dice Take out the lobster and place in 1 tsp chopped chives refrigerator to cool. After the lobster has • • 1 tsp chopped parsley cooled, crack the claws and tail to remove all meat from the shell, and dice • 3 tsp mayo meat very well. Mix all ingredients, zest 1 tsp creme fraiche • and a little juice from the orange. Mix • 1 orange well. Season with salt and pepper. • Salt and pepper

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Jersey Local Living Magazine 23


Hawk Haven If you would have told me 13 years ago that I would be writing an article about a local New Jersey farmer who owns a thriving winery in Cape May County, I would have told you that you were crazy. My how times have changed… Hawk Haven winery began inconspicuously 13 years ago, when Todd Wuerker and his brother, Ken, decided to plant a small lot of Cabernet Sauvignon vines on the Wuerker family farm, in Rio Grande. Ken eventually decided on a different career path. Todd, however, continued to pursue his passion for growing grapes. Many years later, he and his wife Kenna are now running an up-and-coming boutique winery right here in Cape May County, and crafting wines that can stand proudly against any world wine. The origins of Hawk Haven could be compared to a small California winery in the 1970’s, a time when people believed that you couldn’t grow grapes in California. Unfortunately, when most people think of New Jersey wine they don’t

24 Jersey Local Living Magazine

Sommelier only a thought and a dream. My father and Todd were drawing sample logos for the wine bottles on paper napkins and we were brainstorming names for the winery. The next day everyone woke up a little foggy and the winery still had no name or logo, but at least it was a fun. Well as I stated earlier, my how times have changed.

make their living pursuing a passion. On Memorial Day Weekend in 2009, they opened their tasting room, which is a warm and welcoming place, reminiscent of a boutique winery in Napa Valley. It features a long mahogany bar, barstools made from the wood of old oak barrels, and small cocktail tables. It’s a perfect place to sip

Todd and his wife Kenna currently own and operate Hawk Haven winery in Rio Grande. Although the first grapes were planted in 1997, serious plans for opening the winery came to fruition in the summer of 2007. That was the year that Todd and Kenna took a leap of faith and joined the ranks of those before them, who chose to

wine and hang out with friends. The tasting room is open daily from 11am-6pm daily and hosts Friday night tastings with live Jazz music. They currently have 9 acres of land under vine and are growing 12 different grape varieties including Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah & Tempranillo.

think of quality wine, when in fact there are some great wines being made in the Garden State. You just have to know where to look. When I originally spoke to Todd about writing a feature article about Hawk Haven, we couldn’t help but laugh, given our history. In 1997, Todd and Ken Wuerker showed up at my family’s annual family Christmas Eve party with a bottle of wine for my parents. At that time, I had just graduated from college and was beginning to study wine. I asked Todd what he brought due to the fact that the bottle had no label. He explained to me that he and his brother were going to start a winery and that was the first vintage- a simple bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon with no label. Because parties at my house always revolved around friends, family, and wine, we ended up sitting at the kitchen table; me, my father and the Wuerker boys, discussing plans for the wine. We had a very lively conversation about a winery, which at the time was

“...told you about a local New Jersey farmer... that you were crazy”

Current releases:

2008 Chardonnay

2008 Pinot Grigio

A delicious wine with floral and fruit aromas of orange blossom, citrus, pear, figs and green apple. The subtle hint of vanilla lends itself to the unique delicacy and finesse of this wine.

Crisp with a natural acidity and flavors in the realm of grapefruit, melon, lime and green apple, carrying hints of mineral on the finish. A fine complement to a variety of seafood dishes, especially seared scallops, salads and cheese.

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon The seductive aromas of berry and spice are an absolute delight! It is drinkable upon release but will continue to evolve with careful cellaring for the next several years.

2007 Red Table Wine Beautiful aromas of raspberry and blackberry from the Chamborcin lead into structured layers of black currant and spice from the Cabernet Sauvignon. Enjoy with simple foods like pizza, pasta with red sauce, all the way to a hearty steak. Other varieties are 2007 American Kestrel White, 2008 Riesling, 2008 Red-tailed Rose and 2007 Merlot.

Jersey Local Living Magazine 25


Hawk Haven Vineyard & Winery 600 South Railroad Avenue Rio Grande, New Jersey 08242

HAWK HAVEN WINERY Call 609.846.7347

26 Jersey Local Living Magazine

Sommelier This year they will produce over 1800 cases of quality wine, 626 of those cases from their high end line of dry red wines. They will also release two new wines this year, a Bordeaux blend and a Syrah/Merlot Blend. Hawk Haven is a part of the wine renaissance that is taking place in New Jersey, in particular Cape May County. For several reasons, our county is one of the best places to grow grapes on the east coast. The coastal climate offers ideal growing conditions for grapevines. The vineyards benefit from the moderating influences of the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay. The cool breezes that grace these two bodies of water allow the grapes to hang on the vine much longer, often referred to as “hang time” by winemakers. This allows more mature flavor components to develop in the grape, ultimately producing better wine. The vineyards also benefit from the fruitful, sandy soil that is indigenous to our coastal area. Sandy soil drains well, which stresses the vine, forcing the roots to dig deep into the earth searching for nutrients. Stressed vines always equate to better wine. Combine the idyllic climate of Cape May County with Todd’s experience with viticulture and what you have is a recipe for success. Who better to push the limits of grape growing in south Jersey than a third generation farmer, someone who truly understands and respects the land he cultivates. On my recent visit to the winery, I asked Todd about his approach to growing grapes and what he did in the vineyards to increase the quality of the fruit. He looked at me, smiled, and said “everything”. In the world of viticulture “everything” is very time consuming and expensive, leading to better quality fruit, and ultimately better wine. “Everything” means choosing the right grape variety for his vineyards site. It means proper pruning and canopy management. It means controlling plant density and irrigation to properly stress the vine. It means dropping fruit to improve quality. It means knowing when the sugar, acid, & tannin levels are just perfect,

and the grapes are ready to be picked. It means hand-picking grapes at harvest as opposed to using a machine. In short, it means controlling every aspect of the growing cycle while simultaneously attempting to control the weather. Growing grapes is a fine marriage between art and a science with a little bit of insanity and intuition thrown in for good-measure. Todd sincerely believes that great wine is made in the vineyard. In his words, “you need to grow great fruit to make great wines”. He wants his wine to convey a sense of place. “We are not California, and we’re not trying to be. We want to find our own unique style, representing our heritage and our place.” When I asked Todd and Kenna how the idea for the logo came about. They just looked at each other affectionately and laughed. Kenna explained that the diametrically opposed hawks on the labels represented a few things. The first being the hawks that make the vineyard their home each year, when they migrate from the south. The second being, Todd and Kenna’s very different, but complimentary personalities- a sort of yin and yang. Todd carefully tends to the vines, and Kenna handles the public relations and business side of the winery. The concept of yin and yang also extends to the wines that the husband and wife team make. Their wines are well-crafted and offer a nice balance between fruit, acid, & tannin. If you are looking for a cool thing to do… stop by the winery for a tasting, join them on Friday night for wine and live jazz music, or check out Sangria Sunday’s after the beach this summer. The winery is warm and welcoming, the quality of the wine is excellent, and Todd and Kenna make you feel like you’re at home. In a time when we should all be cognizant of supporting our local businesses, I encourage you to plan a trip to Hawk Haven…I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised. CHEERS! Carol Blum-Barnoski

Jersey Local Living Magazine 27


Get Ready For The Season Golf Fitness Tips by Sean Cochran Exercises that promote general fitness can be very beneficial in getting you ready for the upcoming golf season. Conditioning, such as swing drills, can also prepare you to have a successful year on the links right from the start. The PGA Tour is already in full swing, and for many parts of the country and world the golf season is upon us. Many of you are eager to dust off those clubs and get out to the course for your first round. But one question may be on your mind: How do I get ready? How do I shake six months of rust off my golf swing, get comfortable with my driver on the first tee, and post a good score at the end of the round? Such questions are asked often in the world of professional golf, and this

28 Jersey Local Living Magazine

article will provide you with the answers. Interestingly enough, if you follow the guidelines from this article, the golf score you post for your first round

of the year may be lower than you ever expected, the distance of your drives may well be farther than you imagined, and the number of accurate golf shots you hit may be even more surprising! Preparation is the key to success in your first round of golf and in every other round you play in the season ahead. We all probably understand the definition of preparation, but let’s spell it out in order for us to all be on the same page: Preparation can be defined as the work or planning involved in making something or somebody ready or putting something together in advance. For the best results in the upcoming golf season, preparation begins long before your first tee time. Bottom line: The process should begin weeks or even months before that first round on the course.

Golf To have a successful first round of golf, as well as a good season overall, you must begin preparation well in advance. If you look at professional golfers, you will see that they begin the process of preparing for the upcoming golf season months beforehand. I would suggest doing the same. Develop a plan that will get your golf swing ready once the snow thaws, the birds are chirping, and the greens are ready for putting. Specifics are important. What does such a plan contain? The kind of “golf preparation plan” that I’m talking about would contain drills exercises, and programs to improve and prepare every aspect of your game. If we break down the game of golf into categories, the “golf program” becomes much easier to understand. Of course, we have the different shots made on the course. Therefore, a program should address the need for swing drills that work on the full swing, short game, and putting. We could obviously get a little more detailed than a breakdown into just these three categories, but let’s keep it simple. Now that we have broken the game of golf down into categories, the next step is to implement a series of drills to work on each of these aspects. Simply put I would suggest devising a series of drills to work on each category.

Located minutes from the South Jersey beaches and Atlantic City, Stone Harbor Golf Club offers an unparalleled private Golf Club experience. We invite you to visit first hand the outstanding conditions of the golf course as well as the gracious service and elegant surroundings of our stunning clubhouse. 905 Route 9 North, PO Box 836, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210, 609.465.9270

Jersey Local Living Magazine 29


Matthew C. Crowley Stone Harbor Golf Club

30 Jersey Local Living Magazine

Do you have a spring clinic?


How many hours?

Ladies: 2 hours, Men: 3 private hours plus 9-hole playing lesson

How often?

Ladies: twice a month

What is included?

Short game, full swing

Basic brush up?

Get reacclimatized to right set up (stance, grip, posture)

Do you have video analysis?


Price for clinic?

Ladies $125 (2 hours) and Men $250 (3 hours plus 9 holes)

Most important to get back into gear?

Get back to the basics, swing practice on the range and not on the course

What kind of golf exercises do you recommend for doing at home?

Basic stretching, yoga

What is your best score on your own course?


How many hole-in-ones?


Most difficult green?


Most difficult fairway?

# 18


Ted Wenner

Avalon Golf Club

Shawn Ward

Sand Barrens Golf Club

Fred Riedel

Wildwood Golf & Country Club

Summer clinic for Juniors. On request we Yes, we do have a group package, 1 do also personalized clinics for groups. hour clinic, 9 holes of golf and dinner

Yes, three different programs

The package is 4 days, 2 hours a day

Clinic is 1 hour

3 hours a week

Once a week


Every program once a week

Short game, swing, putting; we want to introduce juniors to the game

Putting, chipping, full swing, oncourse strategies, rules

Putting, chipping full swing and on-course teaching

Get back to your right setup (stands, grip, posture)

Stretching, exercise your swing

Address the fundamentals like grip, posture, alignment and ball position.



Yes, three different programs

Summer clinic for juniors is $100


Between $20 and $50

Work on your short game first

Stretching, exercise, walking … range first before you go on the course.

Basic work out, stretching and addressing the fundamentals.

Stretching exercises to increase your turn and flexibility

Towel stretching exercise for back and legs, cardio exercise and Yoga.

Stretching and swing your club







# 17

No. 2 North and No. 4 West, it is a one acre “Double Green”

# 15

# 13

No. 7 on the North course

# 18

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Open to the Public Call 465-GOLF

This can easily be accomplished by purchasing a few books or videos from one of the top teaching professionals in the world of golf. These highly qualified golf instructors offer an abundance of materials to help you with your golf swing. And if you are one of those individuals who lives in a cold climate and is unable to get to a driving range or practice facility, no need to worry. Instructional videos and books are widely available and often explain drills that can be performed in the comfort of your own home. At this point, we have a couple of bases covered in the “preparation plan” for the upcoming golf season. Let’s review:

Additionally, this “preparation plan” for the upcoming golf season contains a series of training drills to prepare your golf swing. The golf training drills break down the golf game into three categories: full swing, short game, and putting. A series of swing drills is implemented to work on each one of these parts of your golf game. In addition, overall fitness exercises are implemented into the golf-training program to develop your body around your golf swing. Put all these pieces together, and your first time out on the golf course this year should be an enjoyable one.

• We understand the preparation is the key to a successful year on the golf course.

Open Daily Serving Breakfast - Sat & Sun Lunch - Daily Dinner -Tue to Sun Grille Room & Bar open daily Entertainment - Fri & Sat Large Banquet Facilities For All Events Call 465-8086 for reservations.

PGA Professional Lessons Club Rentals Available

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• We know that the “preparation plan” is most likely to succeed if it begins well in advance of the first tee time of the season. • And we know that a portion of the plan consists of swing drills. This brings us to the final component of your “preparation plan” for the upcoming golf season. This part of the plan centers on the execution of golf fitness exercises to go along with your swing drills. It’s important to understand a bit about body mechanics and the golf swing. A successful, correctly executed golf swing requires the golfer to have certain levels of flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, and power. If you are lacking in any one of these physical areas, compensations will occur in your golf swing. A comprehensive approach to fitness in advance of the golf season will help to prevent those compensations from occurring by preparing the body for what it will be attempting. To summarize, the process of preparing yourself for the upcoming golf season begins with a “preparation plan.” This plan begins weeks to months in advance of your first time out on the golf course.

Sean Cochran is one of the most recognized golf fitness instructors in the world today. He travels across the PGA Tour regularly working with PGA Professionals, most notably Masters and PGA Champion Phil Mickelson, and owner of Sean Cochran Enterprises.


The “Natural” The Cape May National Golf Club has a long history. The southernmost golf course in New Jersey, Cape May National Golf Club is one of the most natural golf courses ever built. Surrounding a fifty-acre private bird sanctuary, one of the largest in the state, Cape May National exhibits a dedication to environmental preservation that has changed the golf industry, starting a

new trend in environmental sensitivity in course design. There are no houses on the course, providing golfers the experience of a pure game at the championship level. The course is open year round and has a driving range and one of the world’s longest putting and chipping greens. The course welcomes corporate, social and charity events and has a full-service Pro

Shop and Half-way Café, which serves snacks, refreshments, beer and cocktails. With roots going back to the late 1800s and to its predecessor Cape May County Club, Cape May National provides a classic turn-of-the-century golf course. Measuring 6,900 yards, Cape May National Golf Club is one of the most critically acclaimed in the region.

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When you have substantial wealth, premium insurance isn’t a luxury … it’s a necessity. Our VIP@NIA Personal Insurance Program focuses exclusively on property and liability insurances for high net worth individuals and families. We have the resources, experience and expertise to protect your highly personal needs. Our insurance coverages include: • Homeowners

• Excess Liability

• Auto

• Identity Theft

• Jewelry/Valuable Collection

• Life Insurance

• Yacht/Watercraft

• Retirement/ Estate Planning

Discover the advantages of our VIP@NIA Personal Insurance Program, Including: • Flexible Underwriting

• Proactive Planning for Natural Disasters

• One-on-One Management Consultation

• Concierge-Level Claims and Client Service

Highly Personalized Insurance Protection for Highly Personal Needs Call for a complimentary analysis of your current personal insurance program.

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It Was Time ...for Breitling’s new Bentley. Sure, you will not buy this watch in Cape May County but you may buy it on your next trip to New York and wear it here. If you do so, the rest of us may cheer because it is such a beautiful and extraordinary time piece!

© All photos on this page: Breitling 2010

Crafted in steel and issued in a world-

of the minutes being timed. Readings are further enhanced with the dedicated red arrow-tipped hand. Complementing this are a 12-hour counter at 9 o’clock and a central scale with a hundredth-of-anhour or a hundredth-of-a-minute graduation. In addition to its traditional fixed tachometric scale, the dashboard-style dial features a variable tachometer with circular slide rule. This world-exclusive Breitling-made device – contrary to the usual tachometers that cannot extend beyond 60-second periods – serves to measure average speed regardless of the time elapsed, the distance covered or the speed reached. The Bentley Supersports is fitted with a rubber strap or a Speed bracelet, ensuring a perfect hold on the wrist. * Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute

wide limited edition of 1,000, the Bentley Supersports special series carries a bezel adorned with an elegant raised and knurled motif evoking the characteristic design of Bentley controls. Beneath this ultra-sporty, powerful bodywork beats an exclusive Breitling for Bentley motor chronometer – certified by the COSC*, the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. The self-winding chronograph is an original system enabling extremely clear readings

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Summer Smoke 2010 Cigar Dinners in Cape May County

Are you a real cigar aficionado? Are you missing those classy old-style Cigar Dinners here in Cape May County? Then you will like our plan. This summer, Jersey Local Living will kick off a series of Cigar Dinners. Together with first-class chefs and sponsorship from premium cigar brands, we’re inviting you to participate in our 2010 Cigar Dinners in Cape May County. The opening event will be June 24th on the beautiful patio terrace at the Stone Harbor Golf Club. Up to 40 guests will be there to light up the night, and you can be one of them.

For only $90, guests will enjoy a threecourse dinner prepared by chef Chris Anderson, with pairing wines picked by sommelier Carol Blum Barnoski. Cigars, sponsored by the world famous Ashton, will be served by SEAGARS of Rio Grande. Churchills (or the equivalent) are included, and additional cigars will be available at reasonable prices. To participate just contact Jersey Local Living, Stone Harbor Golf Club or SEAGARS (in Rio Grande or Stone Harbor). Get more details by e-mail at cigars@

Our second cigar dinner will take place on July 23 at Hawk Haven Winery in Rio Grande. The cigar sponsor for this event might be Rocky Patel. More details are available soon in our next magazine. You can also contact Hawk Haven Winery for reservations. SEAGARS and Ashton will celebrate their Cape May County Cigar Weekend in September with a Golf Tournament and a Cigar Dinner. The exact date and location, as well as the number of participants, will be published in our next issue. Please contact Jersey Local Living

Information & Registration Jersey Local Living: Stone Harbor Golf Club: 609.465.9270 (June 24 event) Hawk Haven Winery: 609.846.7347 (July 23 event)

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Outstanding great selection of Ashton’s fine upscale cigars in Cape May County. Visit our large walk-in-humidor and light your stick in our “Cigar Lounge” at our Rio Grande store and enjoy.

SEAGARS 609.846.7693

1613 Route 47 South - Rio Grande (also at 261 96th Street - Stone Harbor)

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Cigars The organization Cigar Rights of America (CRA) successfully held its first summit in Florida in February. CRA was founded on the principle of fighting for the freedom to enjoy premium cigars. The consumer-based, nonprofit public advocacy organization works with local, state and federal governments to protect the freedoms of cigar enthusiasts. Members include manufacturers, retailers and cigar enthusiasts who oppose restrictive smoking bans and increased taxation of cigars. Find more information at

Cigar Land Industry news



C.A.O. and Macanudo

Ashton officially supports the organization “Cigar Rights of America� (see article above) on its Web site, among other groups. CRA fights against bans on cigar bars, single cigar sales and walk-in humidors.

Oliva has doubled its cigar production since 2006. According to an interview of Cigar Aficionado (April 2010), the family-owned business from Nicaragua produced more than 13 million cigars in the last year. Oliva has been making cigars for 15 years. In February 2010 the Oliva Serie V Liga Especial Belicoso (93 rating) was ranked among the top 10 cigars of the year.

A deal has been signed to merge the cigar and tobacco operations of Scandinavian Tobacco, which is headquartered in Soborg, Denmark; Swedish Match AB of Stockholm, Sweden; and C.A.O. Scandinavian Tobacco owns Macanudo and Punch. The deal may close in the third quarter. The resulting organization will be one of the largest cigar companies in the world, with annual sales of more than 2.5 billion cigars and more than 5,000 employees. (Cigar Aficianado, 2010)

Ashton will be the cigar sponsor of Jersey Local Livings first Cigar Dinner on June 24th at Stone Harbor Golf Club.

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GetIt is Your Garden Ready all about the “garden year” For many gardeners, spring is the most exciting time of the year. This is when plants begin to show signs of new life and the garden is full of promise. It’s also the time when you can have a lot of influence over the way your garden will look for the rest of the year. We want to give you an idea of what you can do during the next month or two to ensure your garden is looking its best this summer and autumn. Prune - Your shrubs can be encouraged to produce fresh new growth if they are pruned sensibly at this time of the year.

40 Jersey Local Living Magazine

Protect - Slugs and snails will be keen to dine on the emerging shoots of vulnerable plants, such as hostas, so make sure you take adequate precautions. Deadhead - Bulb-based plants, such as daffodils, have now finished flowering and can be cut down to ground level. Weeding - The only safe way to keep weeds from choking your flower beds is to pull them out on a regular basis. Compost - If you don’t already have one, consider setting aside an area for a compost heap. Either build your own or buy a ready-made compost bin. (You may be able to get one at a

reduced rate from your local council.) Fertilize - A good peat-free compost should be dug into soil to provide the best possible growing environment for your plants. Plant - Now is a great time to plant all types of hardy plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees, shrubs, climbers and hardy herbaceous plants Kitchen garden - various vegetables and fruit can be planted at this time of the year and will be ready for harvesting during the summer.

Gardenhouse of Slawka O., North Wildwood


The “green green grass of home” - A well-tended lawn can be like a cool, calm oasis when enclosed by meandering borders packed to the edges with vigorous flowering plants. A lawn needs regular mowing throughout the growing season. Other maintenance tasks - such as removing moss and weeds, seasonal feeding and watering and other lawn treatments - may be necessary to keep your lawn in tip-top condition. It is worth it!

It can be hard to find the time to keep your garden looking the way you like it. It’s amazing how quickly everything grows and also surprising how you don’t realize it until the day before everyone is coming ’round for a barbecue! If you don’t have the time or the inclination to keep your garden in tiptop condition, a good and reasonably inexpensive option is to employ a professional gardener. Two or three hours every week or two can keep your garden looking great.

Gardenhouse of Slawka O., North Wildwood

Mediterranean Ceramics, Spring and Summer Flowers, Shrubberies and Trees, Interior Plantscaping

1518 Route 9 North Cape May Court House, NJ 08210 609.465.2694

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The Garden Greenhouse and The Woodland Village Shops offer a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere that provides a wonderful alternative to the typical shopping experience. Large Garden Center and gift shop, 15 unique shoppes to eat,shop and spend the day. Open Daily

PRINT QUALITY DOESN’T HURT YOUR BUSINESS, NEITHER DOES DESIGN. Garden Center and Gift shop | 15 Unique shops | Floral Shop Open Daily.

Year Round. Fort Lauderdale & Cape May County 609.948.3489

1919 North Route • Clermont, NJ 08210 •

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Outstanding print quality and incredible prices. Extra heavy (16pt) Rack-Cards, matte/dull or glossy coated. Four colors both sides. For a steal.


Garden Greenhouse and the Woodland Village The Garden Greenhouse & Nursery and Woodland Village offer a unique destination for both area visi-

the year – just like the Garden Center. Woodland Village’s peaceful and relaxed natural atmosphere provides a wonderful alternative to the typical hectic shopping experience. The whole family

can enjoy this beautiful breath of fresh air in an environment that fosters traditional play and fires the imagination.

Located on Route 9 in Clermont, The Garden Greenhouse & Nursery has served South Jersey with three generations of the Catanoso family for more than fifty years.

The toy shop is unique, colorful and filled with one-of-a-kind playthings, novelties and curiosities. Visitors will find sturdy wooden toy, toys from your childhood, hard-to-find toys and new ones, too! It is a great place to find the perfect gift, and help to put a smile on someone’s face.

The site’s Garden Center whose fame stretches across several counties - offers a full-service landscaping and an on-site florist.

Another shop is the Preppy Palm, which offers a full line of Troll Beads jewelry, as well as sterling silver initial pendants.

The Woodland Village is next to the Garden Center. Visitors can stroll through the wisteria-draped pavilion and along the impeccably landscaped paths to discover 15 unique shops, which are open throughout

If this doesn’t fill your needs, there are 13 more shops with goods that range from pottery and food to hardware and even computing gear.

tors and residents who want to spend a whole day without a boring moment.

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Dr. Peter Mora, Charles Pessagno, Kelly McClay, Aaron McCargo Jr, Diane McKoy, Joe Domenico

Atlantic Cape Community College

March 11

Wodka fountain

Butterfly pastries

44 Jersey Local Living Magazine

Fran Coppola, Gary Hill

Restaurant Gala 2010

Ellie, Linda and Robert Mullock

Bruce Johns, Kelly McClay, Aaron McCargo Jr.

$165,000 for scholarships The 2010 Atlantic Cape Community College Restaurant Gala raised $165,000 for student scholarships. The annual black-tie event featured a Moroccan-inspired theme, colorful casbahs and elaborate ice sculptures. The event celebrates food by highlighting hors d’oeuvres prepared by students at the Academy of Culinary Arts and showcasing the specialties of 40 of the region’s best restaurants at a progressive dining experience. The event features live music, a dessert extravaganza and opportunities to win exceptional prizes. In its history, the Gala has raised more than $2 million for student scholarships. Save the date for the 28th annual Restaurant Gala, Thursday, March 31, 2011, at Bally’s Atlantic City. Find the Gala on Facebook.

Morton’s the Steakhouse serving Gala attendees

Beautiful belly dancers.

Andrea Ferrera, Hanais Montero, Lisa Smith

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We do a lot. Obviously we do ads. We do magazines (this one), we do books, websites and print. We analyze markets and create marketing concepts. Even for worldwide operating corporations. What can we do for you?

ardis creative service partners, Inc. • Cape May County & Fort Lauderdale, FL • • • 609.948.3489

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Restaurant Gala 2010

Diane McKoy, Aaron McCargo Jr.

Dave Coombs, Hallie Reese, Roman Osadchuk, Patricia Gentile

Dr. Peter Mora, Dr. Theresa DeFranco

Joseph Massaglia, Diane McKoy

Joshua Miller, Katrina Fratanduono, Mike Farrell

Pamela Whitman

Chocolate sculpture

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Luxury Properties in Cape May County, New Jersey, United States And Europe.

RPO Real Estate. 3319 New Jersey Avenue. Wildwood, NJ 08260. 800.522.4378 48 Jersey Local Living Magazine

Restaurant Gala 2010

Joshua Miller

Charles Pessagno, Mary Pessagno

Delicious Desserts

Tree McCann, Eugen Ess

The Exceptions

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Bob Dolge, Barbara St.Clair, Mike and Dawn Butt, Robert Noel

Nicholas and Kim Elisano

Mr. and Mrs. Seduk, Rosie Killian

Michael Lloyd

Nicely decorated by Stone Harbor Golf Club

Tim and Brittany Smeltzer

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Robert Noel

Steve Frame and Susan Atkinson-Delanzo

Robert Noel is the Business Person of the Year 2010 of the Middle Township Chamber of Commerce. Event at Stone Harbor Golf Club.

2010 Businesses of the Year and Business Person of the Year 2010 Recognition Dinner. March 28, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Giordano, Thomas Gibson and Karen Fitzpatrick

John and Tammy Allison

Charles McNeal and Quanette Vasser

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Everyone’s looking for an encouraging sign in today’s economy. The fact is, they’ll see one in over 17,500 locations across North America. Because for over 86 years, State Farm® agents have been there helping people protect the things that matter most. That’s why more people trust State Farm. And we consider that a very good sign. LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR, STATE FARM IS THERE.®

Bob Noel, Agent 19 West Hand Avenue Cape May Crt House, NJ 08210 Bus: 609-465-2878 PROVIDING INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL SERVICES State Farm, Bloomington IL

P087082 11/08

This could have been your ad. Jersey Local Living Magazine.

Fort Lauderdale & Cape May County 609.948.3489

Outstanding print quality and incredible prices. Extra heavy (16pt) Rack-Cards, matte/dull or glossy coated. Four colors both sides. For a steal.

52 Jersey Local Living Magazine

3143 Route 9 South Rio Grande, NJ 08242 609.465.5051


Richard Rixey

Robert Noel is the recipient of the Business Person of the Year Award.\

Kelly Blum and Carol Blum

Chamber President Barbara Peltzer and Robert Noel

Sarah Berger, Rose Fox and Kerry Martinez

Dan Lockwood, Marie Kisielewsky, Barbara Peltzer

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Photo Illustration : © Peter Einheuser, 2009


Don’t Miss in May and June Local events in the County Excursions & Tours May 1 – October 10 Cape May – Cape May by Moonlight Trolley Rides Take a 40 minute evening guided trolley ride through Cape May’s gaslit streets with a guide who relates Victorian traditions relating to courtship and romance at America’s first seaside resort. For reservations call 609.884.5404.

May 22, June 26, July 24, August 28, September 18 Cape May – Delaware Bay Lighthouse Adventures from 10 am to 5pm. Take a cruise up the Delaware Bay

54 Jersey Local Living Magazine

aboard the Spirit of Cape may for a superb lighthouse viewing experience. For tickets call 609.884.5404.

June 20 – 21 Cape May – Cape May Harbor Fest A celebration of the sea, its culture, its economy and its ecology. For information call 609.884.5404.

June 22, - September 9 Cape May – Best of the West Trolley Tour Discover West Cape May with its farms, shops, vintage cottages and African-American heritage. For reservations call 609.884.5404.

Events with light refreshments, will be held at the John Vasser Meeting Room, at 12:30 p.m.� Pam Kaithern, Mayor of West Cape says, “She is excited about collaborating with CCA on the Black, Blue & True Exhibit and please to offer this opportunity to the community.” The exhibit will be open daily during regular business hours and extended hours during the Farmer’s Market which opens June 29th. The exhibit runs through August 31st and is FREE to the public. For information, call 609.884.7525.

June 5 Ocean City – Ocean City Flower Show at the Music Pier, Moorlyn Terrace & Boardwalk. For information call 609.525.9300.

June 18 – January 2 Cape May – Designer Show House 2010 For information call 609.884.5404.

Exhibits May 5 - August 11 Cape May - “Black, Blue & True: To the Tune of Inspiration” Sponsored by: Center for Community Arts Opening at the West Cape May Borough Hall, the exhibit,”Black, Blue & True: To the Tune of Inspiration,” is a photographic look at some of the Cape May area’s African American musicians, as well as the famous jazz and blues artists who influenced them. The exhibit features the work of William H. May, who has been photographing jazz and blues musicians for more than 40 years, including such all-time favorites as Eubie Blake and Count Basie. The exhibit presented by the Center for Community Arts (CCA) will open on Wednesday, May 5, at the West Cape May Borough Hall, located at 732 Broadway.A free opening reception,

June 26 Ocean City – Antique Auto Show Over 300 vintage vehicles at Tabernacle grounds, 6th & Asbury Avenue from 9am to 2pm. Boardwalk parade after 2pm. For information call 609.432.5347.

Festivals & Others May 16, 23, 30; June 6 Cape May - Barry – Acoustic Guitar Barry performs on acoustic guitar at the Pilot House, beginning at 4pm.

May 18 - 22 Cape May - Doug Williams on Piano Doug Williams on piano at Alethea’s Tuesday – Saturday evenings from 6pm to 10pm

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10,000 copies. Up to 30,000 readers. Each issue. In Cape May County.

600 Park Boulevard West Cape May, NJ 08204

56 Jersey Local Living Magazine


May 20 – June 10 Cape May - Cape May Music Festival Presented by PNC arts Alive. 21st anniversary season. Enjoy world-class orchestral and chamber music and a world traditions series. For information call 609.884.5404.

grounds of the Emlen Physick Estate, musical performances, crafts, collectibles, living history characters, children’s activities and refreshments. 10am to 4pm. Saturday, June 12. Free admission and parking and a free trolley shuttle from the Washington Street Mall. Sponsored by the MidAtlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities. For more information, call 609.884.5404 or 800.275.4278.

May 31

June 21 – 26

Rio Grande – Hawk Haven Vineyard

Ocean City – Restaurant Week

Sangria Sundays starting Memorial Day Weekend – Labor Day, 4pm. Stone Harbor – Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony 96th Street & Beach at 12noon. For information call 609.368.1987.

June 24 Jersey Local Living – Cigar Dinner Cigar Dinner at Stone Harbor Golf Club. For reservations call 609.465.9270.

June 5

July 23

West Cape May - West Cape May’s

Jersey Local Living – Cigar Dinner

Strawberry Festival at Wilbraham Park

June 3 Ocean City - Humane Society of Ocean City

Expert Installations for over 20 years.

Cigar Dinner at Hawk Haven Vineyard & Winery. For reservation call 609.846.7347.

Putting for Paws, 6pm to 8pm at the Golden Galleon Golf Course, 11th & Boardwalk.

June 7 Avalon – Avalon Garden Club Flower Show, 12pm.

June 10 – 13 Cape May - 30th Annual Shark Tournament at South Jersey Marina. For information call 609.884.2400.

June 12 Cape May - Victorian Fair A traditional Victorian fair on the

2300 Dune Drive, Avalon


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Your Wedding in... the Jersey Local Wedding Magazine. Would you like to have your wed010 n 1/2 Editio

County’s most beautiful magazine?

between June 1st and August 15, and one of our advertisers is organizing the event or supplying you with food, flowers, cake or ... you name it, you qualify to enter this contest. Send an e-mail to with the date and location of your wedding. We will contact you.

Twenty-thousand copies of the next Jersey Local Wedding Magazine will be distributed all over the county and in the Atlantic City area. Now, you have the opportunity to give 500 of these high-class magazines to your guests, relatives and friends – featuring your wedding! If you are planning a wedding in Cape May County

Here’s how it works: We will pick a wedding to feature. We will take pictures from your photographer and will come with our own cameras too. If your wedding is not chosen, don’t worry. Send in your favorite photos, and we will pick the best to publish on our “Weddings in Cape May County” page.

ding covered in the next Jersey Local Wedding Magazine? Do you want to see breathtaking images from your recep-

ty Coun May Cape

tion spread over six pages in Cape May

Next: Summer Issue 2010 010 er 2 2010 omm S mer ly Ear Som Early

ty oun ty ay C Coun eM May Cap Cape

Our first Summer Issue of Jersey Local Living comes out at the end of June. We will include coverage of beach vacations, the Wildwoods and report on Sea Isles City. We will provide information on the best wines and fine dining in the area, offer updates about golf

re. mo nd lf...a . Go ifts G . ore. elry dm Jew rs. Golf iga ifts. G . s. C y e elr in Jew g. W ars. inin . Cig eD ines Fin g. W Dinin e Fin

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and cigars, introduce a county personality and supply news on county events. And, of course, we’ll present beautiful images of Cape May County. If you want to advertise with us, call 609.948.3489 or send an email to

BEAUTIFUL FRUIT is an original blend of the class of natu r a l l y - fer m ente d sparkling


with the fresh and pleasant flavour of fruit. This is a cocktail of a decidedly vivacious nature, with an



grant and persistent flavour, delicately sweet, with a reduced alcoholic content.

BEAUTIFUL FRUIT is available in 228 state stores throughout Pennsylvania.

BEAUTIFUL FRUIT - PO Box 769 - Wildwood - NJ 08260 -

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