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All in One PC

Concept : furniture style

Wooden Electronics which feat the style of furniture and interior design.

Convertible Touch Laptop

Concept : an easy scanner with the transforming


It might happen on you when you take all the grocery out of your bag‌.

The top of egg is hard and can support the pressure a lot.

Step 1. Place the upper holder in the bag and put the other under the bag.

Step 2. The holders clip the bag. Now the base of the bag can hold eggs.

Step 3. Put the eggs you’d just bought. After that, put the cover on the top of the eggs.

Step 4. Now you can safely put the groceries without concerning the eggs.

X Cross over  coffee  maker

Sheet Metal Stool

Use one sheet metal to form a stool without any welding


amber's homeworks to acer  

amber's homeworks to acer

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