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God is transcendent Because of this He had to provide us with Proof of Life that He is real and exists – creation, laws of science, art, music, math, beauty, inner soul cravings, moral laws, miracles…… How we choose to interpret or process this general revelation leads us to our Worldview Can you know if God Exists, and if you can, do you Believe in many Gods, or One God or no God at all? Is your God part of His creation or beyond his creation, does He interact with His creation or is He disinterested? Is He one person or three? Your Worldview will impact every part of your Life. But this General Revelation can only take us as far as belief in One God. So God provided The Bible to gives us additional Special Revelation that reveals the Rest of the Story - all we need to know about the Triune, Almighty, One and Only God of Christianity. The Bible is true, grounded in history, trustworthy, unique and accurate. The probability that the prophecies it records would come true, which they have, is astronomical. Since it’s inspired by God it is worthy of study and belief. He also sent His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, to earth with the distinct purpose of making God known. Everything that is true of God, is true of Jesus.

Who Is Jesus? Jesus was a real human, historical person and because He Was called only things God would be called, Did things only God could do Fulfilled prophecies only God could fulfill And Embodied attributes that only apply to God We can conclude Jesus is indeed God. God’s Man confirmed by God’s signs God’s Answer to the problem of evil and sin God’s ultimate Promise that came true. Copyright © 2010 by Peg Helland, Stockton, CA USA, All Rights Reserved

Why did Jesus come?

To Testify to the Truth – about Himself, God, mankind, sin – He is a Prophet To Fulfill the Law and the Prophets – He is the Messiah King To Seek and Save the Lost - by providing a solution to the sin problem, granting us access to God and salvation from sin, as well as a new life now and forever – He is our Priest. He came to Die and die He did – He did for us what we could not do for ourselves.

The transcendent One and Only God – the God of the Bible - exists beyond and outside of time and space, with no limits to any of his attributes. We live in space traveling through time. He created both and lives beyond them which allows Him to be everywhere at the same time, in all time. He never changes because change comes within time. He is in charge, working out His plan because He has all the power, all the knowledge and the ability to work them together to use the right means to the right ends for the right reasons. These include turning evil and suffering into ways to work out our Good and His Glory. To discover truth is to know His ultimate reality and because He is true we can trust Him. He will do what He says He will do. His promises will come true. He is the most faithful friend we will ever have. Whatever doesn’t line up with Him is false and unreal.

But Why did Jesus have to die? Because God had a solution in place for our sin problem all along. Blood sacrifices were required to atone for sin and He became the final sacrifice. The Old Covenant required the sacrifice of a perfect animal, the spilling of blood which would cover the confessed sins of the worshipper. But access to God was only allowed to the High Priest, on One day of the year and sins were only forgiven for one year. The New Covenant began when Jesus paid the penalty for all mankind’s sins for all time. He had to die to do it, becoming the final, perfect sacrifice. No longer would anyone need to go through an earthly High Priest to gain access Copyright © 2010 by Peg Helland, Stockton, CA USA, All Rights Reserved

to God. Jesus Himself had become our High Priest and is in heaven giving us direct access to the Father. The Priest became the sacrifice, took our punishment, finished the job, forever.

What did His sacrifice save us from? His death saves us from the punishment required for our sins, more specifically from His wrath – His holiness justly responding to our sin. We discover we are literally saved from Hell, itself. We can only really understand the Gospel when it sinks into our souls that Jesus actually received God’s wrath for all the sins ever committed past, present, and future – including mine – and how horrifying it was for Him. But in doing this, He became the only way for us to come to God. The only way we will ever get off the road to hell. The Justice of a Holy God demands we get what we deserve – Hell The Mercy of a Holy God provides the Hand that Helps us Up, so we don’t get what we deserve – it snatches us from the grips of Hell. And the Grace of a Holy God offers a Hand that Helps us out giving us what we don’t deserve – the blessings of Heaven, the gifts of the Spirit, and the power of God. We are the final example and evidence of His Proof of Life – the light that shines in the darkness in His earthly absence. We discovered that the way to get off the Road to Hell and on to the Road to Life involves Believing or having Faith that all This is True And then Acting on this belief or faith by grabbing His hands When we do this we become Children of God – Christians, New Creations At this point – something rather unique and incredible happens – we begin to realize that Christianity is not about man reaching up, working his way to be good enough for God, but that God, wants a relationship with His creation, and has reached down to man and invited him into this relationship, provided the means to the relationship, not because it does anything for Him, but because it does everything for us. Copyright © 2010 by Peg Helland, Stockton, CA USA, All Rights Reserved

The model for all our human relationships is the Love of God expressed between the three members of the trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God’s perfect love comes out of their perfect relationship with each other which is then expressed in His desire to have the same kind of relationship with us. It is our choice to enter in to this relationship and love Him back. Choose Life – and Choose Love. Forever.

Copyright © 2010 by Peg Helland, Stockton, CA USA, All Rights Reserved

Omniallinfinitude in a Minute  
Omniallinfinitude in a Minute  

An overview of the eleven unit study of God's attributes and the Spiritual Practices