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Naval Hospital Bremerton Health Promotion

Wellness Resources for Self Care

Promoting healthy lifestyles and timely preventive medicine

Phone: 360 475-4541 E-mail: Web:

Health Promotion Naval Hospital Bremerton Phone: 360-475-4541

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Quick Guide to Local Resources American Red Cross West Sound Chapter 877-272-7337

MWR/Fleet & Family Readiness

Chaplain’s Office Regional Chaplain’s Office 315-5240 Chaplain (after hours) 315-5213 Naval Hospital Chaplain 475-4314 CREDO 476-3793

Fleet & Family Support 800-562-3301 Bangor Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate 315-3074 Fitness Center 315-2134 Navy Marine Corps Relief 396-6704 New Parent Support 315-3075 Pacific Edge Outfitters 535-5919 Single Sailor Programs 535-5977

Counseling, Advocacy & Prevention Appt & Info 866-854-0638 Crisis Clinic


Domestic Violence Counseling/ 866-854-0638 Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate 315-3074/396-5451 Child Protective Services 800-562-5624 Domestic Violence Shelter 479-1980 Exceptional Family Member Naval Hospital 475-4215 Fleet & Family Support 396-5469 Kitsap Public Health 24 -hour Crisis Line 800-500-5513 Kitsap Sexual Assault


WIC (Women, Infant & Children) 373-6221 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response 396-7277

Bremerton Fitness Center 476-2231 Information, Tickets, Tours 476-3178 Navy Marine Corps Relief 627-2187 Recreation Center 476-3178 Single Sailor Programs 476-2673 Naval Hospital Bremerton nhbrem Information

800—422-1383 475-4000 American Red Cross 475-4341 Emergency Room 475-4000 MWR Fitness Center 475-4541 Pastoral Care 475-4314 Pharmacy Refill 475-4217 Health Benefits Advisor 475-4651 Substance Abuse Rehab 475-5350 Tobacco Cessation 475-4818 Wellness Center 475-4541 TRICARE (TRAC)


Physical Activity MWR Fitness Centers: for hours and class schedules. Certified Navy Fitness Specialists will work with you to develop a safe and effective plan to meet your fitness goals. Family friendly workout areas are available at NBK Bangor and NBK Bremerton. NBK Bangor 315-2134 NBK Bremerton 476-2231 Naval Hospital 475-4546 Therapeutic Lifestyle Choices (TLC) classes: Naval Hospital offers gentle and safe classes which can be modified for all fitness levels. Check current class schedule of tai chi, yoga and pilates. Physical Therapy: Back and knee classes and water therapy classes are available on referral from your provider. Chiropractic Care: Available for active duty personnel with a referral from your health care provider. Wellness Center: Yoga and Pilates Classes are available at the Wellness Center. Classes on stretching, core strengthening and relaxation topics are available on request for commands and military community groups. Community resources: Kitsap Parks and Recreation: 360-337-5350 Washington State Parks Kitsap Runner Racing, routes and resources for Kitsap Peninsula Runners

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Public Health

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Preventive Medicine Department: Provides public health education on request. Topics include sexual health, environmental health and safety, communicable disease and food safety. (360) 315-4463 Naval Hospital Wellness Center: Educational pamphlet and displays on birth control and sexual health. Classes available on request include “Birth Control Update,” and “STD Prevention and Awareness” Sexual Health and Reliability Program (SHARP): Education and program planning material Kitsap County Public Health: Food Worker Cards Online and classroom Food Handling Practices Classes and certification. Food Recalls and Safety Alerts State Shellfish and beach closure information: Kitsap County: 800-223-9355; WA State: 800-562-5632. Family Planning Pregnancy testing, contraceptive methods, testing sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) “SHARPS” disposal

Kitsap County Waste Management Olympic View Transfer Station Open 8—5 Mon—Sun (everyday) (Must be in sturdy plastic container with screw on cap) Reliable on line Health and Safety Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Vaccines and immunizations Seasonal Flu STD’s CDC Science Clips

Behavioral Health Counseling Military One-Source - Immediate Help 24/7 (For military personnel and families)


TRICARE Behavioral Support Services (For TRICARE beneficiaries)


Employee Assistance Program (For DON civilians and families)


Relaxation and Well-Being Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO)


Naval Hospital Wellness Center






Nutrition and Weight Management


Parenting Support


Public Health


Physical Fitness


“I get by, with a little help from my friends.” Beatles

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IMMEDIATE HELP 24/7 Contact a Consultant Now 1-800-342-9647 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Safe Helpline-Sexual Assault 1-877-995-5247

Military One Source Phone, Face To Face and on-line counseling are available for active-duty, Guard, and Reserve members and their families. Contact a consultant at 1-800-342-9647 or online at Financial counseling: Budgeting, financial planning, debt consolidation and assistance with housing issues are types of services provided through financial counseling.

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Parenting Resources Naval Hospital Resources

Childbirth classes prepare you for labor and birth and what to expect during your hospital stay. Choose between three consecutive Wednesday evenings, or a full day Saturday. Lactation class is held the 4th Wednesday evening of each month to help you prepare for breastfeeding.

Call TRICARE to register for Childbirth and Lactation classes at 800404-4506. For more information call OB-GYN clinic 475-4209. Baby Basics classes: Great information from New Parent Support and Naval Hospital pediatricians for when you bring your new baby home. Call TRICARE 800-404-4506 to register for Baby Basics or Health Promotion 475-4541 for more information. Car Seat Fittings: Events and appointments through Naval Hospital Health Promotion. Call (360) 475-4541 or e-mail to make an appointment:

Wellness Counseling. If there is a behavior that you would like to change and need the motivation to get started, then coaching might be fore you. Many people use coaches to help with handling stress, weight loss, controlling high blood pressure, passing military fitness tests and getting more sleep

Questions about car seats? Washington State Safety Restraint Coalition can help with laws in all 50 states and other countries, types f car seats, proper installation and

Military OneSource Counseling services are designed to provide service members help with short-term issues such as stress management, difficult decisions, family communication, parenting and grief.

Fleet and Family Program 866-854-0638 Parenting Classes, family and child counseling, Exceptional Family Member Program, family advocacy, ombudsman program, deployment support.

These services are available at no cost to active-duty, Guard, and Reserve members (regardless of activation status) and families located in the continental U.S.

New Parent Support Team: includes home visitation, parent education and prenatal and postnatal care. Phone 360-315-3075

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Nutrition and Weight Management MWR Fitness Centers: Mission Nutrition: 3 day healthy eating and weight management class taught by MWR Fitness Specialists. REVIVIFY: classes and coaching for fitness and health More information is available at the MWR Fitness Centers.

Naval Hospital Wellness Center Classes We offer a variety of classes for healthy eating and active lifestyle, including “Intro to Nutrition”, “Diabetes Prevention” and “Heart Healthy Living” Classes. Most classes alternate between 1pm and 4:30pm start times for your convenience. Monthly field trips include Commissary “Healthy Shopping” tour and Fitness Center tours with and MWR Fitness Specialist. Contact health promotion for more information Shipshape: 8-week program specifically designed to assist active duty members in meeting DON body composition standards. Spouses are encouraged to attend. Bariatric Screening: includes TLC Class participation, appointments with a registered dietitian at the Naval Hospital, and mental health provider. The process begins with a referral from your Primary Care Provider. Bariatric Support Group: Daytime and evening groups meet at the Wellness Center. Command and community classes and training: are available on request to Health Promotion.

Food and activity tracker Meal planning and healthy eating tips

Includes free iPhone App for fitness and meal planning

TRICARE Behavioral Health Care Services Active duty service members (ADSMs) should always seek nonemergency behavioral health care at MTFs first. ADSMs must always obtain MTF PCM referrals before receiving civilian care. TRICARE beneficiaries (non active duty) do not need referrals or prior authorization for the first eight outpatient behavioral health care visits per fiscal year (OCT 1—SP1) to a network provider for a medically diagnosed and covered condition. This includes individual or family psychotherapy, or discussionbased behavioral health therapy for adults and children to ease emotional issues, reverse or change troubling behavior, and encourage personality growth and development. Substance use disorders including alcohol or drug abuse or dependence are only covered by TRICARE authorized institutional providers—an authorized hospital or an organized treatment program. TRICARE West Region TriWest Healthcare Alliance 1-888-TRIWEST (1-888-874-9378) Behavioral Health Care Crisis Line: 1-866-284-3743

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Civilian Employee Assistance Programs (CEAP) Confidential counseling—Someone to talk to. Civilian Employee Assistance Programs provide confidential access to professional counseling services for help in confronting personal problems such as grief, alcohol and other substance abuse, marital and family difficulties, financial or legal troubles, and emotional distress. The CEAP is available to all DoD employees offering problem assessment, short-term counseling, and referral to appropriate community and private services. You may contact CEAP directly 24 hours a day: 1-888-290-4327 (TDD: 800-697-4327) NHBremerton employees use company ID: GOVEAP., NHBremerton “Company code” is 'NAVAL”. Other federal employees contact their Human Resources Department for access codes.

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Alcohol Awareness: How much is too much? Free, anonymous, online self assessment is available anytime Chaplain A great listener and counselor Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP): Drug and alcohol counseling at Naval Hospital Bremerton for active duty personnel, military retirees and family members. Phone: 360-475-5350. Alcoholics Anonymous: AAinUSA/Washington.htm Phone: 360-535-8386 “Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help others alcoholics to achieve sobriety. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking”. Don’t be “That Guy”: Website designed for young adults/teens by the Chris Farley Foundation and DOD that encourages smart choices concerning alcohol.

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CREDO Pacific Northwest

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Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation Phone: 360-476-3793 CREDO Retreats are open to all active duty military and their immediate family members at no cost to the themselves or their commands.

Washington State quit line: Naval Hospital Bremerton : Individual and group support Call 475-4818 for an appointment Open to all active duty, and TRICARE beneficiaries. DoD civilians are welcome to participate in support programs while receiving pharmacy support from their health care providers. Patrick Graves

Tobacco Treatment Specialist 360-475-4818

DoD Civilians— All Federal Employee Health Benefit Plans offer 100% coverage of medications to help you quit. Talk with your health care provider.

TRICARE® Quitline: West Region: 866-244-6870 Veterans Enrolled in the VA Health Care System: 877-222-8387 TRICARE® eligible beneficiaries and VA enrollees can chat online at anytime. Contact an expert coach to get answers about quitting tobacco, join a real-time group chat with a coach, or chat with others who are working to become tobacco free.

Philosophy: Our program is distinctly spiritual and builds trust by facilitating an experience of unconditional acceptance resulting in a heightened sense of personal responsibility, and deeper commitment to community. Marriage Enrichment Retreats Couples discover ways to: Handle inevitable conflicts Understand how they interact Build intimacy and communication Become closer by strengthening the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of their marriage Take time to have fun together. The retreats begins on Friday evening with registration at 6:30pm at the hotel and ends with lunch on Sunday. Each couple receives a private hotel room at the Inn at Gig Harbor along with breakfast, lunch and dinner for the weekend. Personal Growth Retreats Who should attend? Anyone wanting more out of their life, their job or their faith. The retreats begin on a Friday afternoon with registration at 4pm at the CREDO offices on NBK Bremerton. Participants board a van to be taken to the retreat site located in Gig Harbor. The retreat ends with lunch on Sunday and return to NBK Bremerton by 3pm. Contact us for more information and to register for a retreat. We are located at NHK Bremerton across from the fire station.

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Wellness Classes Held at the Naval Hospital

Support Groups

Meeting at the Naval Hospital Wellness Center

Cancer Support Group Survivors and caregivers meet on the last Tuesday of each month.

Diabetes Updates and Support Live the life you love, avoiding diabetic complications Classes are held on Thursdays, alternating between 1pm and 4:30pm start time Support Group meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 1230—sharing new information and tips for healthy living. Bariatric Support Group: Daytime and evening groups meet at the Wellness Center.

YOGA Classes are held on Monday afternoons (3:30—4:30 and 4:30 to 5:30) and Fridays at lunchtime. (11:45—12:30) TAI CHI classes are held on Wednesdays (1100 to 1200) and Fridays (10:30 to 1130) Pilates classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 to 12:30. Please contact us for the current schedule of “DeBreathe” meditation classes Stress Management Workshop is held on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 2pm to 4pm. Every movement is modified for every BODY, no matter what your limitations, you can give it a try! Learn safe movement techniques that you can apply to home DVD’s or classes in the community. For more information please call 360-475-4541 or e-mail

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) Classes are held on Tuesdays and Wednesday and alternate between 1pm and 4:30pm start time. Diabetes Prevention, Heart Healthy Living, Aim for a Healthy Weight, Success Strategies for Long Lasting Change Healthy Commissary Shopping Tour Fitness Center Orientation Meal Planning and Healthy Cooking

Massage therapy is provided by MWR massage therapist Marietta Grover. Please text or call 360-265-3348 for an appointment. There is a fee for this service. Appointments can be scheduled at 3 locations: Naval Hospital Wellness Center, NBK Bangor Fitness Center and NBK Bremerton’s Concourse West Fitness Center.

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Wellnes Resources  

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