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During the course of history, Belgium’s cuisine was influenced by many different cultures. It is not only one of the finest in the world, but also one of the richest. The Belgians serve generous quantities and their food is known for its fresh ingredients, innovative cooking techniques and creativity. Although a small country, it is famous throughout the world for its beer, its cheeses, its chocolate and, of course, its waffles…

The Sabor Belga waffle is an authentic product with an irresistible taste and flavour. It’s a great hand-held snack but you can also enjoy it for breakfast or dessert. It tastes so good that it does not require any toppings.

According to the legend the Liège waffle, which is not to be confused with the Brussels waflle, originated in the city of Liège in the 18th century. It was invented by the chef to the Prince de Liège, hence the name ‘Gaufre de Liège’. The waffle is famous for its pearls of sugar that melt during cooking and deliver its caramel flavour and vanilla aroma. To experience what a Liège waffle is all about, you don’t have to go all the way to Belgium. Sabor Belga has brought the crispy golden waffle to Brazil so that you can enjoy this legendary snack too!

Sabor Belga waffles are made according to the traditional recipe with fresh ingredients only. The waffle is oval-shaped, based on dough and with a delicious crunch due to the small nuggets of sugar that are added to the dough just before baking. Sabor Belga waffles are made from the best fresh ingredients – milk, eggs, flour and sugar – and with respect for the traditional recipe. It is delightfully sweet and produced without additives and preservatives. The pastry-style dough is hand-rolled, divided into dough balls and instantly deep-frozen and packed into boxes. As soon as the dough balls are melted, the yeast rises and it is ready to be baked in special waffle irons that give the waffles their signature crunchy outside and fluffy inside.

Brazilians will simply love Belgium’s best-known confectionary that arouses all your senses …

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