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Patrick  G.  Beckner   (913)  541-­‐4041  

COMMERCIAL REFERRALS     As  a  residential  real  estate  agent  your  focus  must  be  on  making  money  working  with   buyers  and  sellers  of  residential  property.    But,  with  this  focus  you  might  be  missing  a  genuine   opportunity  to  make  significant  additional  income.    As  a  licensed  real  estate  agent  you  can  earn   referral  commissions  from  commercial  transactions.    I  stress  referral  income  since  the   commercial  market  is  significantly  different  from  the  residential  market.    Even  though  I  have  30   years  of  experience  in  real  estate  as  a  commercial  broker,  I  still  would  not  do  a  residential   transaction.    The  residential  transaction  is  totally  foreign  to  me.    Yet,  I  know  a  simple  phone  call   to  a  residential  agent  can  make  me  hundreds  of  dollars  of  referral  income.     When  you  are  working  with  clients  you  get  to  know  them.    Why  do  they  want  to  live  in  a   certain  area?    Do  they  have  children?    Questions  like  these  help  you  assist  them  in  their  search   for  that  perfect  house.    You  probably  ask  your  clients  where  they  work  or  what  do  they  do  for  a   living.    The  answers  to  these  questions  not  only  build  rapport  but  also  help  you  understand  your   client  and  their  needs.    But,  a  couple  of  additional  simple  questions  can  potentially  generate   additional  income  while  helping  your  client.    Your  client  may  be  moving  because  his  company  is   relocating.    Ask  the  question.    You  may  find  that  his  company  has  not  decided  exactly  where  it   will  locate.    The  next  question  is  to  ask  if  they  are  working  with  a  commercial  broker.    Based  on   the  answer  you  might  have  a  potential  referral.    Similarly,  if  your  client  is  looking  for  a  high   dollar  home  you  might  ask  if  they  have  ever  thought  about  investing  in  commercial  real  estate.     I  would  like  to  work  with  you  and  help  you  make  commercial  referrals  a  major  income   generator  for  you.     I  have  over  30  years  of  experience  in  commercial  real  estate  in  every  part  of  the  city  and   with  every  type  of  commercial  property—office,  industrial,  retail,  land  and  investment.    I  have   the  experience  to  make  you  look  good  with  your  referral.      Visit  my  website  to  learn  more  about   me  and  my  company.    (     We  will  always  respect  your  relationship  with  your  client.    Our  job  is  to  make  you  look   good.    We  understand  that  there  is  some  risk  anytime  you  refer  a  client  to  another  party.    We   will  protect  and  usually  improve  your  relationship  with  your  client.      In  return  we  recognize   referrals  only  if  you  can  give  us  a  personal  introduction  to  your  client  even  if  they  are  not  the   primary  decision  maker.       Please  call  me  to  discuss  how  I  can  help  you  earn  thousands  of  dollars  more  by  making  a   simple  phone  call.    I  look  forward  to  working  with  you.    Thanks.    Pat      

Commercial referrals  
Commercial referrals  

As a residential real estate agent your focus must be on making money working with buyers and sellers of residential property. But, with th...