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Single Tooth Dental Implants Brampton

If you have only one tooth missing a single dental implant Brampton could make sense.

Benefits of a single tooth implant There are many benefits of a single tooth implant. 

Keeps teeth from shifting

Stops bite issues

Keeps your smile beautiful

No bone loss

No need to worry about a dental bridge causing other teeth to become weak

Disadvantages There is a disadvantage to a dental implant. Cost: you will need to weigh the cost of a single dental implant to that of a dental bridge. Some dental plans will cover some of the cost but you will need to speak to your dental insurance to find out how much of the cost your plan actually covers. The procedure The first step is a consultation which includes x-rays to make sure you are a good candidate for implants. The next step is the implant placement how long this takes will depend on if you need a bone graft. Whether you need a bone graft will also determine the healing time in this part of the process. Once the implant placement has healed the next step is the posts are placed on the implants. After the post has healed the cap or crown will be placed it is either cemented or screwed onto the post. On average it takes anywhere from 5 to 12 months to finish the implant job. Caring for your implant Once the crown has been secured to your post (if it is cemented on the cure usually takes 24 to 48 hours) you simply brush two times a day and floss once a day. Unlike dentures, the implants do not have to come out to be cleaned. Your Brampton dentist can help you with all the information you need on single tooth implants.

Single tooth dental implants in brampton  

Brampton Dentist - dental implants

Single tooth dental implants in brampton  

Brampton Dentist - dental implants