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Article Marketing - A Powerful Tool For Affiliates How the heck can I use articles to make affiliate sales? A question that many new affiliate marketers may have, but it's pretty simple to answer. A good, information packed article can draw prospects to your desired website. If your article is interesting, the visitor will click on your link, travel to the desired squeeze page, sales page, etc., and follow through with a purchase. Article Marketing can be a daunting task for affiliates, especially if they don't know how, or don't like to write. But, all is not lost. There are several roads you can take if your know how, or don't like to write. One method is to purchase or get free PLR (Private Label Rights) articles. There are thousands of them available to you, and a quick Google search should keep you busy for awhile. When using PLR articles, you'll want to do some rewriting to change them up a bit. You can be pretty sure that hundreds of other affiliate marketers have access to the very PLR articles you have, of you've got to change them up to make them new and fresh. If you can't do it yourself, hire someone to do it for you. Hiring someone to write your articles for you as mentioned above, is another outlet for you. Do a quick Google search for Freelance Writers, and you'll find plenty of sites listed that offer article writing services. While the rates will vary greatly from site to site, it will pay to hire writers that have a good command of the English language as many such writers may be from other countries. Once you have your articles, post them to various article directories. Some of these directories will allow you to put a link directly to the affiliate site, while other may require that you link to a top domain, with a redirect. Be sure you know the rules before you post as you don't want to end up with a bunch of rejections. A final note on your articles. DO NOT tell folks all about yourself in the "bio" or "Resource" box at the end of your article. They could care less. Instead, draw your readers to your desired site. "Want to learn even more about coloring Widgets? Check out the Widget site at htt://" will point the reader toward your desired site. So don't under estimate the power of article marketing for affiliates. A well written article can get many clicks, and others may even post your article on their websites or blogs where even more people will be exposed to your links. Do you know the 5 Sneaky Steps For Boosting Online Affiliate Success?

Article Marketing - A Powerful Tool For Affiliates  

Never under estimate the power of articles if you're an affiliate marketer!