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CHRIS NEWMAN, PRODUCER, GAME OF THRONES “Pegasus is the perfect partner for us on ‘Game of Thrones’. They know what we want and need, and how to achieve it. Endeavours large or small are equally met with calm professionalism. Iceland becomes a comfortable place to work.“

CONTACTS Einar Sveinn Thordarson Mobile +354 861 0386

PATRICK SPENCE, FIFTY FATHOMS, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER , FORTITUDE “Pegasus have been the perfect co-production partner on Fortitude. Across all fronts

Brynhildur Birgisdottir Mobile +354 664 6323

they are utterly professional and trustworthy. They made shooting in Iceland the highlight of our year and have the added advantage of being incredibly nice people.“

Lilja Ósk Snorradottir Mobile +354 892 8000 Snorri Thorisson Mobile +354 892 0885

Pegasus Pictures produces and co-produces feature films and TV dramas and provides full production service in Iceland and Greenland. To see our Client list visit