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PEGASUS FINANCE UK specialist brokers financing horseboxes for businesses and private individuals.

HORSEBOX FINANCE Pegasus Finance are the UK’s specialist horsebox finance broker. Working with a range of lenders we source the most suitable finance packages to suit your customer’s needs. Horsebox finance is a specialised market and we have taken our time to understand it and customer’s requirements. Our small team of dedicated staff understand horsebox finance thoroughly and work closely with dealers to attract more customers and therefore increase horsebox sales.

DEALERSHIP BENEFITS ✓ Attract more customers ✓ Sell more horseboxes ✓ Realise higher sale prices ✓ Quick payments directly to your account

WWW.PEGASUSFINANCE.CO.UK Telephone: 0800 066 2882


INCREASE SALES FIGURES Traditionally buyers have either paid cash or relied upon personal loans from their bank to purchase a new horsebox. Lines of funding from banks have been radically reduced over the past couple of years and this has altered the market. Pegasus Finance work in partnership with private investment finance companies who are happy to lend to private and business buyers alike. This versatility opens doors for customers and therefore will lead to an increase in horsebox sales. By simply making your customers aware of the option to finance, you will; ✓ attract more customers ✓ realise a higher selling price

HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. Register with Pegasus Finance as a dealer 2. Add the ‘Option to finance’ to your advertisements, either advising customers to contact us directly or via your dealership 3. Send applications via 4. Receive prompt payment directly to your bank account

WWW.PEGASUSFINANCE.CO.UK Telephone: 0800 066 2882


FINANCE OPTIONS There are a wide variety of finance options available. Pegasus Finance keep the customer’s interest at heart and offer the most appropriate finance to satisfy their requirements and financial situation. The most commonly agreed methods are hire purchase and lease purchase. Each having their own benefits, we will find the best for your personal needs. Offering APRs from 7.9% and terms between 12-60 months, repayments can be adjusted to make your next purchase fit within your budget.

Contact Pegasus Finance directly: Telephone: 0800 066 2882 From a mobile: 0330 088 2002 Email: Website:

WWW.PEGASUSFINANCE.CO.UK Telephone: 0800 066 2882


Phone: 0800 066 2882 Fax: 0844 567 0 444 Surname:

First Name(s):

Date of birth:


Married ☐

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Common Law ☐

Separated ☐

Contact Number: Prov. ☐ EEC ☐

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Email Address: Years:

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Post Code: Co-Owner ☐ Council Tenant ☐ Private Tenant ☐

Previous Address if less than 3 years:

Housing Association ☐ With Parents ☐


Postal Town: Owner ☐

Divorced ☐

Mobile Number:

Driving License: Full UK ☐

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Post Code: Co-Owner ☐ Council Tenant ☐ Private Tenant ☐

Employment Type: Employed Full Time ☐

Housing Association ☐ With Parents ☐

Employed Part Time ☐ Self-Employed ☐


Nett Income: £


Paid: Weekly ☐


Via: Cash ☐

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Cheque ☐ Transfer ☐

Wage Slips: Yes ☐ Postal Town: Years:

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Post Code: Months:

Contact Number:

Previous Employer:


Employment Type: Employed Full Time ☐


Employed Part Time ☐ Self-Employed ☐

Address: Postal Town:

Post Code:

Vehicle Make:


Reg No:

No. Doors:

Date of Reg:


Price: £ Amount to Finance: £ Bank Name:

Engine Size: Petrol ☐

Diesel ☐

Manual ☐

Colour: Deposit P/X: £

Auto ☐

Extras: Deposit Cash: £

Preferred Term:


Sort Code:


Bank Address: Post Code: Data Protection: The information that you have provided on this form will be disclosed to lenders for the purpose of considering your credit application. Lenders may use this information to carry out searches with credit reference agencies. A record of those searches will be kept and may be used by other lenders in assessing applications from you and members of your household for credit in the future. Lenders will cross check this information with other lenders to prevent fraud. The dealer completing this form should also tell you of the purposes for which we may use your information. CUSTOMER DECLARATION I hereby confirm that all the details given on this form are correct and give my permission for The Car Loan Warehouse Ltd. to carry out credit searches.

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Horsebox Dealer Brochure - NEW  
Horsebox Dealer Brochure - NEW  

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