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Habaai Tribune

The Habaai Tribune

The Habaai Tribune is an online magazine for the Casimiri Clan. The family is spread all over the world. They mainly speak Dutch, English and Papiamento. You will find articles in all three languages throughout the magazine.

Dad, must have been about 18 and off to Holland to join the corps

The clan consists out of seven children, fifteen grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren plus they have one on the way. They are the offspring of Pedro F. Casimiri (1897) and Anna Geertruida (Truus) van Maren (1910). The Habaai Trib is issued irregularly and appears mainly for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. The purpose of this on-line magazine is to safeguard, preserve, uphold and to pass information and secrets to the next generation. Andre

Pedro Felix Casimiri Curaรงao 1897 - The Netherlands 1980

Habaai Tribune  

On line magine for the Casimiri Clan