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Although bathrooms are private spaces, they are usually heavily trafficked rooms in any home.

Highly used, active dining rooms require high quality paint that contains a higher sheen that can be easily cleaned.

Consider establishing complementary color schemes within master baths, ‘jack and jill" baths or any baths that connect to bedrooms. (When applying a complementary color scheme to connecting spaces; one hue would be utilized within each distinct space.) Examine the overall size of the bath when selecting color. Deeper, rich hues tend to create a more dramatic ambiance. Should you opt for a darker tone within a small bath space, brighten the space by supplementing the dark hue with dashes of a bright or striking color, to lighten up the area. There are an unlimited number of ways to

allow color to add distinctiveness to the bath space. Add color to wall coverings with painted bead boarding, combining paint with wallpaper borders and stencils. Add contrasting color to bathroom doors and molding by painting doors


Decorative paint finishes add tantalizing texture and stimulating color to the bathroom space. Consider a decorative paint finish to enhance one larger accent wall within the bathroom. Add color to plain

and trim in deep tones that accentuate wall coverings and highlight tile colors. Decorative paint finishes add tantalizing texture and stimulating color to the bathroom space.

Depending upon the number o f bathrooms that you have in your home and where they are located, bathrooms can range from strictly functional areas to inspirational retreats. Paint permits the homeowner the luxury of experimenting with innovative color ideas by providing surfaces that are easily cleaned and simply revised.

Due to the high moisture levels that are present within the bath, this s pace is prone to mildew and surfactant leachin Therefore, experts at the Paint Quality Institute recommend the highest quality sheen or s emi-gloss paints that contain mildew protection as well as stain resista Several paint manufacturers have designed special kitchen/bath paints tha specifically designed to accommodate th spaces .

Consider the dĂŠcor and style of you r home when designing a bathroom space. The appearance of the bathroom should blend harmoniously with the res t of the home interior. If your home contains only one bathroom, consider designing the space using a neutral color scheme. Neutrals allow the opportunity to decorate the bath seasonally, and permit the flexibility of injecting contemporary colored acces sories into the bath space.



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