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July 24, 2008 Volume 4, Issue 14

Pefferlaw resident gets unexpected visitor

Photo by Ivan Foster Ivan Foster snapped this photo of a black bear as it nibbled away at his service berries located on his property on Morning Glory Rd. in Pefferlaw. Mr. Foster said he and his wife Fran had just sat down for dinner at 7:00 pm on Wednesday evening on July 16 when he noticed the bear. “It swam across the pond and wandered past the edge of the lawn stopping to eat some service berries,” he said. Mr. Foster alerted his neighbours and sent an e-mail to the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Officials say beaches safe despite dead carp The York Region Community and Health Services Department is continuing to routinely monitor water quality at public beaches in Georgina and to date, says there is no evidence of any increased risk to public health as a result of the fish dieoff. But according to a release issued by the Lakewatch Society, a private, not-forprofit environmental organization, residents and visitors are advised to refrain from swimming in Lake Simcoe until further testing has been completed. When carp began to die-off in Lake Simcoe and other southern Ontario waterways this summer, the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) sent 13 dying fish to laboratories in Guelph for testing. The results of the tests indicate that nine of the 13 fish were infected with the koi herpes virus, which is not known to pose a risk to humans or other fish species. The tests also identified four types of freshwater bacteria that were present in elevated levels in the diseased fish, including aeromonas hydrophila, a natural, waterborne pathogen that has been linked to human health conditions such as gastroenteritis, septicaemia, cellulitis, colitis and meningitis. “Our position has not changed,” said Joe Continued on page 3...

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Here’s an interesting concept...hmmm I received a press release the other day from York Regional Police sharing statistics on the increased incidents of fuel theft at gas stations since the price of gasoline has gone through the roof. Apparently in our area, the rate of drive-offs after filling up at a gas station have gone up by 57 per cent. (I wouldn’t be surprised if Canadian stations start implementing the common American practice of paying for the gasoline before you fill up.) It isn’t a secret that the price of oil has had a far-reaching and catastrophic impact on our economy and I’ve often wondered why global governments seem reluctant to intervene. They insist it is a supply and demand issue and they have no control over the powerful oil cartel. Well, here is a scenario that I found very interesting when I tripped over it on the internet the other day. There is a document entitled “Preparing for the 21st Century—The Environment and the Human Future”. It was coauthored by the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council in the U.S. in 1997. It says that “For human societies to achieve a productive, healthful, and sustainable relationship with the natural world, the public and private sectors must make environmental considerations an integral part of decision making.” It goes on to say that goods and services should be priced to reflect the total societal costs, including environmental consequences. And in keeping with this notion, the paper recommends that the federal government (in the States) should consider fuel price increases as an alternative or supplement to vehicle efficiency regulations. The paper suggests that an increase in fuel costs would change behaviour—causing consumers to switch from gas guzzling SUVs and Hummers to more fuel efficient modes of

transportation—a change that would not only reduce consumption but congestion and emissions as well. Well guess what? In light of rising fuel costs, consumers have switched to more fuel efficient modes of transportation— the use of public transit has gone up, demand for trucks and big cars has gone down, bicycle shops can’t keep up with orders and oil consumption has decreased by two per cent in recent months. Of course I’m not taking a leap of faith here by suggesting rising oil costs are due to government intervention. But I am suggesting that perhaps the real driver for us to start conserving and reducing our environmental footprint is the price we have to pay for products and services. And if it is—and today’s gas prices appear to have had an impact on our behaviour—you better sit tight, ‘cause we are in for a bumpy ride. Karen Wolfe, Editor.

Publisher/Editor Karen Wolfe (705) 437-1216 Advertising Sales (705) 437-1216 The Pefferlaw Post Offices 17 Otter Cove Pefferlaw, Ontario L0E 1N0 (705) 437-1216 The Pefferlaw Post publishes on the 10th and 24th of every month (except December 24) and serves the residents of Pefferlaw, Virginia, Port Bolster, Wilfrid, Sutton and Georgina Island. The contents of this publication are protected by copyright and may only be used for personal and non-commercial use. The Pefferlaw Post accepts no responsibility for claims made for any product or service reported or advertised.


Udora Family Day Loads of fun for kids and adults alike at the Udora Family Day on Saturday, July 19 at the Udora Hall. Photos: (1) Ryely Larabie, 4, from Peterborough. (2) Bryanna Lewis, 14 mos. shovels a little corn. (3) YRP Constable Dave Laus and his search and rescue pal, Diesel, a four-year-old German Shepherd. (4) Kaitlyn Glave, 3, from Udora tries the Riverview Childcare fish pond. (5) Cute and “corny” Thomas Anoil, 11 mo., from Udora.






In addition to the outside activities, organizers held a silent auction inside where they raised close to $1,700 to help purchase local artwork for the hall.

Lake Simcoe still safe for swimming Health Department says Continued from page 1.

LaMarca, Director of Health Protection for the Region of York. “We continue to monitor the beaches...and if our E-coli levels are below 100 we feel it is appropriate to go and use the water.” Mr. LaMarca said the bacteria known as aeromonas hydrophila is a naturally occurring bacteria that are always present in the water and he has no way of knowing if the levels are elevated at this time. “Our ministry doesn’t test for it,” Mr. LaMarca said, adding that there is no background data available on aeromonas hydrophila that would help them determine if the levels are elevated. “The canary in the coal mine is a good analogy and that is why we use E-coli as an indicator. E-coli is the best indicator because if it grows it means that these other pathogenic organisms can grow too, and that is why it is used as the canary in the coal mine.” The latest testing of beaches in Georgina was conducted on July 16 and six beaches were posted as a result of E-coli levels exceeding 100. These included Clarendon Beach, De La Salle Beach, Island Grove, Jackson’s Point Beach and the beach at the Peninsula Resort in Pefferlaw. According to the York Region Community and Health Services Department website, beach postings are common especially after a heavy rainfall causing run-off into the lake and high wave action that disturbs bacteria that have settled on the lake bottom. “Our normal message has always been that if you have open wounds or lesions on your body it is not a good idea to go into lakes because we would expect there to be some type of bacteria and you would have an increased health risk,” Mr. LaMarca said. However, some Pefferlaw Post readers are finding it hard to believe that the rotting dead carp are not posing a health risk. “Once again MNR aren’t being totally forthright regarding the carp issue,” writes Pat Cates on Riverbank Dr. in Pefferlaw. “I

have tried to swim in Lake Simcoe twice and have come out with rashes so until we hear more, unfortunately, swimming is out of the question.” A spokesperson for the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) said the carp die-off is the result of a “cocktail” of factors that came together to create a perfect storm environment for the carp. “The reason for the carp dying is kind of a combination of factors,” said MNR Area Supervisor, John Almond. “One of which is stress from spawning...and if there is a disease it can spread fairly quickly when they are all congregated together,” he said. The carp die-off included 10 other waterways beyond Lake Simcoe such as Lake Couchiching, Rice Lake, Lake Dalrymple, the Trent system and the Peterborough area and the results of the tests reflect all areas. MNR biologists believe the virus was introduced to the lake through the global hobby fish trade and they believe the worst is over. “We aren’t getting any new reports of dying fish and the municipalities are reporting significant declines in the numbers of fish they are picking up,” Mr. Almond said. MNR further reports that columnaris, the pathogen responsible for the carp die-off in the Kawarthas last year, has not been detected in this die-off. Mr. Almond said environmental factors such as storms and sudden fluctuations in water temperature and the presence of bacteria were all contributors. “Keep in mind that this is associated to fish and one species of fish. It isn’t affecting other species of fish. We are not seeing other aquatic organisms dying so there is not a broad environmental contamination affecting the lake. We have a disease in carp here and the common thread is stress and the koi herpes virus,” Mr. Almond said, adding that the public health agencies are suggesting there is no or little threat to public health as a result of the fish die-off.


Pillars of the community receive awards

Ken Smockum (left) and Dr. George Burrows (right) were both awarded Lifetime Community Service Awards by Pastor Doug Neufeld (centre) at Egypt’s Historic Country Church on Sunday, July 20. In making the presentation, Pastor Neufeld said: “Both Mr. Smockum and Dr. Burrows are men with a heart for the community in which they live. Both have been entrepreneurs in Georgina and have given a life-time of service and leadership in this community.” He said the awards recognized both men “for their enormous vision, their tireless devotion and their commitment to building, improving and living in a community they themselves helped create and call home.”

Georgina Food Pantry supplies low Shirley Fontaine-Brandon, a volunteer at the Georgina Food Pantry says supplies at the facility located in Jackson’s Point are critically low and she is appealing to Georgina residents to help out. “Our shelves are empty,” she said. “On Friday we ran out of bread by 11:00 a.m. and the families coming in after that weren’t able to get any and that is an example of the situation.” Ms. Brandon said most residents tend to think about donating food during holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. However, changing economic conditions influenced by job losses and disabilities are year round occurrences. “The need is ongoing because of the number of families that are in need because of employment cutbacks and disabilities,” Ms. Brandon said. Recently, the volunteer staff at the pantry suffered a tragic loss

when Mary Queen, a largerthan-life presence at the pantry, died suddenly in a car accident. “We are trying to carry on the vision of Mary at the pantry,” Ms. Brandon said. “She had such a heart’s desire for it and our team is pulling together as best we can.” Urgently needed are nonperishable food items and cash donations with which to purchase perishables such as eggs, meat and fresh foods. Ms. Brandon said donations can be made directly to the pantry located at 1915 Lakeshore Rd. W. in Jackson’s Point on Friday’s between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. or food stuffs can be dropped off at Georgina fire halls and the Cedardale Church in Pefferlaw. Monetary donations can be mailed to the Georgina Food Pantry, 1915 Lakeshore Rd. W., Box 851, Jackson’s Point, Ontario L0E 1R0.

Cryderman’s Chronicles Congratulations to organizers at the Learning Centre for Georgina for a very successful Ride for Literacy on Saturday, July 19. The group raised over $7,000 as 86 riders circled the lake in four hours. Happy Birthday to Joe Zammit Sr. who turned 75 on July 21. Joe celebrated with his family and friends at his son’s home on Park Rd. on July 19. Happy Birthday Joe and many more! Birthday Greetings to Stefan of Jackson’s Point from his mother-in-law, Ria.. We wish you a very Happy Birthday Stefan. Birthday Greetings to Cathy Steel of Paddington Antiques in Sutton on July 31. Happy Birthday, Cathy. Also celebrating his birthday next week is Jerry Dawber of Sutton. Happy Birthday Gerry from your friends on High.


Zero kilos per litre and no emissions

sincerely wish you a speedy recovery. Also, Get well wishes go out to Pearl Kimberley of Jackson’s Point. We send our very best wishes for a speedy recovery. Have you peeked in at Holly Hock Lane. This beautiful Lane was created by Ruth and Charles Bodley. It is becoming a tourist attraction. While browsing on High St in Sutton the tourists now stop to have their picture taken--or just to admire. Thank you for bringing such beauty to our town. A big welcome to happy visitors Geannie Turco and friend Sheri from Sault Ste Marie. They enjoyed shopping on High Street and thought our area was great. They were guests of Lynn Lemeiux of Jackson’s Point.

We welcome Karen and Peter McPhail of Sudbury who recently moved to Jackson’s Point. We hope you will be very happy Get well wishes go out to Claire living here. Grieve of Jackson’s Point. We

Inventors, designers and builders Cody Sarasin and Mitchell Pirso took their recycled quad-cycle out for a spin this summer to test the design and construction. Built using recycled two-wheel bicycle parts, their quad-cycle uses good oldfashioned pedal power for energy and can accommodate back-seat passengers. The youths traveled from Virginia to Sutton stopping frequently along the way to pose for photos. After taking the cycle through the Tim Horton’s drive-thru in Sutton, they toured around town for a bit to show off their ingenuity and accomplishment. Proud papa Bruce Sarasin says “It is an example of how kids can use their energy in a creative and positive way.”


Another great year for 1st Udora Scouting The youth of Udora, Leaskdale and Zephyr enjoyed a number of Scouting activities this year. The Scouts carved walking sticks at the Woodland Trails Fall Camp. Winter Camp at the Minden Kayak Centre challenged first year Scouts to build and sleep in snow quonsets and cook their meals on open fires. The Beavers enjoyed Winterfest in Pefferlaw and invented a new Canadian sport, “Snowball Relay”. They built cars for a Drive-In movie and had a family night at the Roxy. They raced Scout Trucks and Beaver Buggies and saw a Blue Jays game as part of the “Youth in Scouting Day” at the Rogers Centre. The Beavers

took a subway ride to Toronto, had a tour of the ROM and a guided tour of the Dinosaur exhibit. Community service is a big part of the 1st Udora Scouting program. They worked at the Food Bank in Uxbridge and attended the Festival of Lights Food Drive. They also participated in environmental improvement projects like Adopt-a-Road and the Scouttrees. The year wrapped up with a Family Camp at Santa’s Village in Bracebridge. Organizers are always looking for new youth and leaders to share in the fun and fall registration will be at the Udora Hall Sept 11th, 2008.—e-mail:

L.S. Soccer Team celebrates successes

The U17 Girls Premier Lake Simcoe Soccer Team brought home a second place trophy after beating out competitors from Michigan, Quebec, and Ottawa at the Toronto Cup held from July 3 to 7. The team lost to a team from Brantford in the finals with a score of 2-1. The cup, raised in triumph, will bear the names of the team: Sara Barker, Emily Clute, Meghan Coyne, Kelly Dufoe, Emily Harding, Markie Heeley, Cassie Hodgson, Liane Hughes-Guest, Beth McCormick, Courtney Philpott, Dana Reilly, Caylee Silver, Kate Voyame, Kristine Walkden, Alyson Waters, Brianna Wilson and coaches Brian Brush and Heather Newman.


Protecting Lake Simcoe initiatives moving ahead The day before the Ontario legislature closed for its summer recess, the McGuinty government introduced a bill that will bring the Lake Simcoe Protection Act into effect once the bill is passed. For those activists around the lake that have worked to get the plight of Lake Simcoe on the government’s agenda, the bill’s introduction is welcome news. “The Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition was created specifically to bring people and government together to work on solutions for our ailing lake,” said Robert Eisenberg, the founding chair of the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition. “The introduction of the Act demonstrates the province hears Lake Simcoe’s cries for help,” said Anabel Slaight, co-founder of the Ladies of the Lake. Rick Smith, the Executive Director of Environmental Defence, said, “A new day is dawning for Lake Simcoe. This Act is very positive and we look forward to working with the government over the next nine months to make the forthcoming Protection Plan as strong as possible.” The proposed Act and subsequent protection plan is expected to apply to a large enough area around Lake Simcoe to pro-

tect it from sources of pollution. It will set phosphorus regulations and targets and identify and protect key natural heritage areas and shorelines. While in support of legislation that will protect Lake Simcoe, Conservative MPP Julia Munro said there are still a number of issues and questions that need to be addressed and she challenged the government’s decision to introduce the bill one day before the summer recess. “”Protecting Lake Simcoe is too important to leave until the second last day before the house closes down for the summer,” she said and she questioned how the government will sort out overlapping legislation such as source water protection, places to grow and the greenbelt act. Meanwhile, the federal government has begun approving proposal submissions for funding from their $30 million Lake Simcoe clean-up fund. To date, 36 projects have been approved in the first round of approvals which total $1.9 million. Two examples of approved projects include the Holland Landing Riparian planting project and the Kitchener Park Naturalization project in Orillia, both of which address phosphorus reduction and soil erosion.


Georgina Community maps exhibit The Alliance for a Better Georgina (ABG), the organization responsible for developing community maps that identify the historical, cultural and natural features most valued by residents in Georgina, are exhibiting the Baldwin, Pefferlaw, Udora, Georgina Island, Lakeshore communities and Belhaven maps at the Georgina Art Gallery on August 16, 2008. Residents will be able to view and purchase the completed maps and preview a new interactive website that profiles the maps on the internet. Residents in Jackson’s Point, Sutton and Keswick will be able to provide input to map developers who are researching these communities for future mapping projects. The ABG mapping project began in 2004 when the first Georgina community profiled was Baldwin. The exhibit at the Georgina

Arts Gallery, which runs from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm, represents the official launch of the Georgina Community maps and presents an opportunity for the ABG to recognize funding partners.

Golf tournament to raise funds for ice pad The fund-raising committee for the Pefferlaw ice pad will host a golf tournament at the Pines of Georgina on Hwy. 48 in Pefferlaw on Friday, September 12 at 1:00. The event is an 18-hole, four person scramble and proceeds will help off-set the annual cost of operating the new facility which is set to begin construction in August. To register, contact Megan Keith at (705) 437-4409. The cost, $125 per person, includes a power cart, dinner and a massage. The group is also seeking sponsors for the prize table.

Pro Hardware and a whole lot more...

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Tennyson Tidbits Our hearts go out to Jessica Phoenix who won a berth on the Canadian Olympic Eventing Team with her horse, Exploring. Days before the duo was to board a plane to China from a training facility in Virginia, an ultrasound examination discovered a previously unnoticed injury on the 11 year-old thoroughbred and Jessica and her horse were pulled from the team. What a heartbreak! Jessica says the injury will not prevent Exploring from future competitions and the monies raised in support of her Olympic dream will be returned to supporters.

Sunkist Beach Association Yard Sale

married on Saturday, July 5 at the Georgina Pioneer Village. The following reception was held at the Pefferlaw Lions Hall. The Wilfrid welcome mat is extended to Amanda and Brandon Moffatt and family who have recently moved to the community. Mom and Papa are delighted. Happy Belated Birthday greetings go out to grandma Dorothy Shier from Daniel and Abbi. Dorothy celebrated her birthday on July 17. Kudos to the kids at MGPS who raised $500 at a dance in support of the Pefferlaw Ice Pad. Good job guys!

Best wishes to Len Donner who is at home recovering from quadruple by-pass surgery at South Lake Hospital in Congratulations to Mike and Newmarket. Get well soon Tammy Joyce on the birth of Len. their son Victor Norman on July 10. Victor weighed 9lbs. Congratulations to Maida 9 oz. Best Wishes to all. Pallet and Iain Ray who were

(Left to Right) Al McKenzie congratulates Brittney Proulx on winning the 50/50 draw at the 2008 edition of the Sunkist Beach Association Community Garage Sale. The event is an annual fundraiser for the group and monies raised go toward paying park taxes and maintenance on the building. According to organizers, the Sunkist Beach Association raised in excess of $1,100 with their yard sale, 50/50 draw, BBQ, bake sale and raffle draws. In addition to beach association vendors, several residents set up tables and attendees didn’t have to look far to find a bargain.


Moses and Rae recognize Liberal supporters Maimu and Jaan Schaer of Udora played hosts to the federal Liberal candidate for the York Simcoe Riding, Judith Moses and Liberal MP Bob Rae as they recognized the contribution of long standing Liberal supporters in the York Simcoe riding. Ms. Moses and Mr. Rae presented Dr. George Burrows, Bob Cameron, Keith Carson, Kanti Daya, John Gilbank, John Gorzo, Raj Sandhu, Karen Kraft Sloan and

Lynne Steele with a certificate acknowledging their dedication and support to the Liberal party over the years. “We decided that we would pay tribute and acknowledge some of the Liberals in the riding who have been associated with the party for a long time and who have done outstanding work. We wanted to be Left to Right: John Gilbank, Judith Moses, Liberal candidate for York Simcoe and Bob Rae, Liberal MP for Toronto Centre gather at the home of Maimu and Jaan Schaer in Udora. sure that their work did not go unrecognized,” Ms. Moses told the audience attending. In an address by Mr. Rae, he urged party supporters to work hard to ensure the Liberals win the seat for the York Simcoe riding. “There is no Conservative that most of us in the House of Commons would like to defeat more than the current member for York Simcoe,” he said.

Riverview Student Volunteers and Supply Teaching Staff Wanted

Pre-School and Nursery School Programs Located in the Udora United Church


6:30 a.m.—6:00 p.m.

Julie Bersche Early Childhood Educator



The Great Egypt Camel Race was a hit from the ground up at Homecoming celebration

(L to R) Jeffrey McMorran, Michael Squires, Hunter Jamieson (jockey) James McMorran and Brye Ann McMorran.

And, a good time was had by all! The 2nd Annual Great Egypt Camel Race was a huge hit again this year as dozens of community members came together to cheer on their favourite camel jockey and participate in family games—not to mention the fabulous BBQ complete with home made salads and dessert. Congratulations everyone who participated in making this a fun and entertaining day! The only casualty of the day was Peter Van Loan’s shoe! (Top Photo: L to R) The King Smokey’s Team were Kim King, Chad King, Rachel King (jockey), Brian Smockum, Brad Smockum. (Left Photo: L to R) Gene Mercer, Nathan Mercer (jockey), Wendi Mercer, Nicholas Peebles. (We can’t see Brennan Mercer but he is behind Dad pulling his weight.)


Coming Events & Announcements The official book launch for “Women of Wisdom” will take place at the Briar’s Summer Dining room on Wed. July 23 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Call (905) 722-3271. The Cedardale Church of the Nazarene in Pefferlaw is having a Trunk Sale event on Sat. July 26 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Proceeds will support a Cuba Mission in March 2009. Bring your community spirit to the Pefferlaw Family Picnic on Monday, Aug. 4 starting at 11:00 am and ending at 4:00 pm. It’s all FREE! The fun includes the Pefferlaw Lions Antique & Classic Car Show, minnow races, tug of war, petting zoo, hot wings eating contest and much more. Call (705) 437-2945 for info. (The Pefferlaw Post will be celebrating its 3rd Anniversary at the Picnic so drop by for a piece of cake!) The Beaverton Lions and Lioness clubs are hosting a Blood Donor Clinic on Fri. Aug. 8 at Gillespie Gardens from 3:00—8:00. Childcare & BBQ.

Kenneth Oppel. A Bat Box workshop (Cost $12) will be held at the Keswick Branch on Sat. Aug. 16 at 3:00 pm. Book your foursome for the Pefferlaw Anglers Annual Golf Tournament. The shotgun scramble will be held at the Pines of Georgina on August 22. Call (905) 722-5000 for details. It’s that time again! Bring the kids and your camping gear to the 19th Annual Eaglewood Folk Festival which runs from August 22-24 in Pefferlaw. This year organizers say it is their best line up ever of talented musicians where the lines between performers, volunteers and audience disappear, leaving just a bunch of good folks hanging out in the woods together and digging the music. Call (800) 437-1567 or visit for more details.

Shoberry’s on High St. in Sutton is hosting a 10-year Anniversary celebration on Sat. Aug. 16 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

Lake Simcoe Gardeners invite you to their meeting on August 24 at 7:30 pm at Keswick United Church. Guest Terrance Lauren wills peak on “Iris for Months of Bloom and Beyond”. Also enjoy the Fall Flower & Vegetable Show. All welcome. Call Joyce (905) 476-3087.

Georgina Libraries continue to “Go Batty” with their onebook-one-community reading program of Silverwing by

Pefferlaw Ice Pad Golf Tournament, Fri. Sept. 12. 1:00 pm shot gun start. $125 per person. Call Megan Keith (705)

437-4409. The Beaverton Town Hall Players Summer Theatre starts July 3 and runs until August 2. Line up this year is Educating Rita and Arsenic and Old Lace. The Children’s Theatre Camp Production will be held Aug. 22 and 23. Tickets available at Maxine’s Fashions in Beaverton. Visit www.beavertontownhallplayer One of the best tasting events we promote at the Pefferlaw Post is the Egypt Hall’s Annual Best Pie and Cake Contest which will be held on Sunday, Sept. 21. Entries to be dropped off between 9:00 and 11:00 am and the doors open to the public at 1:00 pm where you can buy a piece of pie or bid on a winning entry. Call Angela Jamieson at (905) 7227888 for more info.

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Pefferlaw Post July 24th  
Pefferlaw Post July 24th  

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