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My Experience of Losing Photos in My iPhone I recently lost my iPhone that I've had for 2+ years. It had hundreds of pictures and too many songs to name. I had a lot of important files on the phone, so, naturally I was freaking out when I lost it. I was panicking, thinking that I wouldn't ever be able to recover my files. Losing a phone is bad enough, but I was extremely upset that I couldn't get to my files. I ended up telling a co-worker about my situation and she recommended that I check out Wondershare Data Recovery, since she's used it before and had good results. I downloaded the program and it worked flawlessly. I got my files back within just a few moments and a huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders. It really doesn't get much easier; I just opened up the program and then clicked the scan button. It popped up all of the backup files from iTunes. Then I couldn't help but smile when I saw a list of all of my irreplaceable files right before my eyes. I then chose the files I wanted to keep and clicked the Recover button. Within a few seconds I was given access to all of my files I once had thought were gone forever. Talk about a relief! For me, this program was an absolute lifesaver. I don't know what I would've done if I hadn't used it. I was able to recover wedding photos, graduation pictures and many other things I'd never have been able to replace if I hadn't used this software. Also, I got a new iPhone and was able to transfer all of the files right back onto it, it's as if they were never gone. It's really a relief to know that if I ever lose my phone or it gets stolen, that I can rest assured I won't have to worry about my files being gone forever. This program does exactly what it states and it does it well. I honestly would've paid 20 times more for it, considering the capabilities. If you've lost your phone and you've been without your files, this program will save you the trouble of worrying about your lost data. I've now had several friends thank me for telling them about this software after they were able to get back files that they had been missing for years. This is an absolute lifesaver! For more information of recovering deleted photos from iPhone, visit this site.

My Experience of Losing Photos in My iPhone  
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