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Morning Glory

and as i trod...

Priyanka Bajaj A PORTFOLIO

Published by Peebee Publishing 2012 Copyright by the Trustees of Pee double Eee Bee double Eee All rights reserved.

Priyanka Bajaj, born in the winter of 1986 in the north of India, has been one of the most prolific dreamers of the last decade. She has won several awards in Sitting by the Window and Wondering, Collecting Oddities while walking on the road, Deriving Shapes out of Nothingness. We cannot forget her great contribution to the field of Moving far away from Normalancy. Her biggest source of inspiration has been being romantically involved with mere objects, such as, a wilted flower bud or a crack on the ceiling or a perfumed handkerchief or for that matter droplets of sweat on ones nose. She graduated from college in 2009 and ever since has been on a hunt to find something that quite suits her odd persona. She has set her pace on a rigorous journey to find that place.

To All the unwritten stories and the stories to come after the unwritten.

Nowhere, Now-here

Preface That was a real man for sure. His shadows left nothing unsaid. Not a stone unturned. She was waiting for him all this while the world passed by. She saw him at last while waiting for the rain.. The story takes place in the morning, no not the wee hours of the morning but just at the time when the sun starts seeming warm, something like eight o’clock. The world starts preparing itself for a long day ahead. It is just before the full bloom when she saw him. The consciousness of objects around you is a beautiful experience. It is when you are awakened. She was. The fold of a paper, the sound of the knife cutting through an apple, that red bricked wall- she noticed all. They became a part of her Morning Glory. After all, it was summer.

-Priyanka Bajaj


He sat there brooding. He was lost in the train of his thoughts yet was in full composure. The trees cast a ghastly shadow on the wall behind him to which he seemed camouflaging. The scene quite fitted his mood, whichever one he chose to wear that morning.. It seemed like the bench was placed on the pathway just for him, seemed like I was alive just to cross that pathway to see him. Everything was in place. Resting myself on the grass beyond, my eyes fixed on his Silken Tie. It placed itself perfectly on his natural self while it shone in the glowing sun. The silk rose and fell in its full lustre. My eye balls rolled to a silk square on his chest which gave a pink glow to the otherwise warm morning. I lay flat and stared at the golden sky till the evening blue took over.


A Dusty Garage Particles dance in a band of sunlight creeping through a crevice He stands colorless amidst the crammed emptiness A white weft and a colored warp makes his Tie so perfect. His color was colorless My thoughts drifted far colorless a color?

Chapter-3 NAVY CRUSH

My ways clashed with his yet again. He looked staright into my eyes. His manner was relaxed and so was his clothing. He wore a summer suit with a navy scarf wrapped around his neck. I could feel the creases on the soft crushed cotton. The afternoon was warm and welcoming..


The morning was cloudy. Nothing like a hot cup of tea. As i sat down next to the window on my cozy chair i could’nt help but notice the colors of the tea cup. It took me back to his bow-tie which he knotted so perfect. It lingered at the back of my mind untill this romantic morning. Soon it started to rain.


I hummed a song to myself.

The long and winding road that leads to your door Will never disappear I've seen that road before it always leads me here Leads me to your door -The Beatles


Summer was over and so was my vacation. My heart rendered as i said goodbye but i knew that these memories will stay with me for a long time to come. The Gold of the summer spread over me like dust, enriching my inspiration thirsty soul. As the yellow gave way to the white winter, i jumped on to my wheels for a long drive to my destination. As for him, he resided in my morning thoughts. He became a part of my Morning Glory.


Morning Glory-a portfolio  
Morning Glory-a portfolio  

A vivid portfolio in the form of a book around Menswear Accessories. Take a look for a dreamlike experience.