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New Generation: Amazing Nursery Decor plus Staying Fit: The Soul Cycle Workout Featured Property: Centre Island’s Twinight and The Good Life: Flying Private

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LETTER from the PUBLISHER They’re back! After a decade or so building their careers and enjoying all the wonderful things Manhattan has to offer, the “kids” are moving back home, their own young families in tow. From Woodbury to East Hills, our young adults are rediscovering life in the suburbs -- our spacious homes and lawns, parks and beaches, and perhaps more importantly, our fantastic school districts -- that they enjoyed and made the most of growing up. These returning residents are joined by another set of newcomers. As demographics change, a notable influx of Chinese and other Asian residents have fallen in love with the Gold Coast and all it has to offer. Increasingly, they are also calling the North Shore home.


e’re so happy to have so many new neighbors, both those returning after a decade or so hiatus and those discovering Long Island for the first time. Of course, what all our new neighbors share is a need to outfit -- or even build -- their new homes. To that end, we introduce you to Rockwell Developers, based in Great Neck, who can build your dream home, and from the inimitable Davis & Warshow, the latest and greatest fixtures for your spa bath. For our growing families, we take a look at amazing nurseries and help you decide how to outfit a room for your own new bundle(s) of joy. For the kids in all of us, we take a peek at homes with great indoor recreational facilities, from indoor pools to basketball courts. We also peek into the home of plastic surgeon Stephen Greenberg. He spends his work days making women beautiful.. imagine what he can do with a home! Just popping by for a visit? With the help of Thea Mitzman, owner of the eponymous new gift shop in Roslyn, we’ve got all sorts of house warming gift suggestions, from special shot glasses, bowls and a sitting buddha. Among our newest neighbors is Soul Cycle, the hot new chain of indoor cycling centers with locations in Roslyn and Water Mill, and soon to open at the Woodbury Common shopping center. In this issue, we spend a day in Port Washington, visit the North Fork wineries, catch some arts and culture in the Berkshires and tell you about local restaurants with great wine lists. On a parting note, we take a look at private aviation in all its glory. Say hello to your new neighbors, and enjoy the fall season. Happy reading!

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Where all your interior dreams come true N & ISTS E CH CIAL T I K PE HS T BA


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FLOOR & HOME 46/3*4&)8: 30$,7*--&$&/53& /:•







26 A M A ZING NUR SER IES Spoiled Rotten and More

46 FE AT UR ED PROPERT Y Centre Island ’s Twinight

30 AT HOME W IT H Dr. Stephen Greenberg

48 ON T HE M A R K ET Shawn Elliott’s LUXURY Homes & Estates


34 R EC ROOMS T he New Indoor Play Spaces

76 HOT SPOTS T he Berkshires, A Four Season Delight

36 HOME BU Y ING From Beijing to the North Shore


38 FIT NESS A Soul Cycle Workout

82 FOODIE FAVOR IT ES Restaurants with Great Wine Lists

40 LONG ISL A ND POW ER W hat to Look For In A Generator

86 CHIC DINING Kyma’s Greek Delights

42 A DAY IN Port Washington

88 T HE GOOD LIFE Flying Private

10 BUILDER PROFILE Going Custom With Rockwell Developers 14 DESIGNER SPACES T he Ultimate Spa Bath 18 W ELCOME HOME T he K ids Move Back… With K ids of T heir Own 22 FA LL BLING Housewarming Gifts

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With the proliferation of multimillion dollar homes on the North Shore, standing out from the competition is no small feat. Yet Rockwell Developers LLC in Great Neck is earning respect and attention in a crowded field. “We average about 100,000 square feet of finished living space a year. It’s a lot,” says Jonathan Bijari, who owns Rockwell with his partner Danny Ostad. This year, Rockwell is working on 15 projects. Another half a dozen custom luxury homes are already signed for 2014. “We manage these projects with multiple architects, multiple foremen and multiple addresses,” Danny says. “Nothing is effortless but we make it look easy.” The new kids on the block, Danny and Jon teamed up to form Rockwell four years ago. Jon was working for a developer, building high-end commercial buildings in the five boroughs. After graduating with an MBA from Hofstra, Danny veered away from mergers and acquisitions to build his first spec house in Sands Point, which he sold to Carlos Beltran of the New York Mets. Six years after starting his construction career, Jon’s business began to shift away from the pressure of working on hundreds of multi-family housing units at a clip to higher end homes on the North Shore. That’s where Danny and Jon met. Or rather, collided. “Danny and I were starting to stumble into each other’s territories,” says Jon. Before he can continue, Danny put it this way: “Butt heads.” After bidding on the same properties, Danny and Jon figured out that they would be stronger as a team than as competitors. “We both believed that building a team would get us a lot further. We both had the same values,” says Jon. Most important: keep it honest, and keep it clean. “Thirty, forty years from now we would like to be able to turn back and not have anyone say anything bad about us.” As Jon pauses for breath, Danny finishes his thought. “We basically want to


be recognized in the community as trustworthy guys who are delivering.” The name Rockwell was chosen carefully. “I wanted a name that was classy and timeless and powerful. We like to build timeless homes,” says Jon.

A Tudor, for instance, will never include elements of a French eclectic. As for the brand, says Jon, “The name stands out, like a landmark in the community. It’s not going anywhere and neither are we.” Rockwell’s mission is quality personal service.“We offer two for the price of one,” says Danny. “Every step of the way, you are holding their hands, you are transparent. Ninety-nine percent of the time, someone calls and we personally pick up the phone. The beauty is that when you have two people in a partnership you are able to service people better.” Client-focused and solution oriented, the Rockwell brand evolves from both Jon and Danny’s commitment to values-based leadership. Throughout the careful process of creating a custom home, the Rockwell partners never lose sight of their mission: to build positive, nurturing relationships with customers, trades, and subs. “Whether it’s a 5,000 square foot house or a 12,000 square foot house, it’s a marriage. It’s definitely a marriage,” says Danny. Seamlessly picking up on Danny’s idea, Jon continues, “When we go into a job, if you can see yourself being married to the person, we can take the job. If you can’t see yourself going on a second date with

them, we refuse the job.” To eradicate any fears, they spend time educating their clients about the process of building a house. Cultural sensitivities are considered when designing interior space. In addition to the perquisites of other Gold Coast homes, Rockwell residences are equipped with features that other builders consider optional. “We spend more money per square foot than most other builders,” says Danny. Jon adds, “We equip all of our homes with natural gas-powered generators and Energy Star-rated materials. We go above and beyond with insulation.” Keeping up to date with new techniques and products has led Rockwell to pay special attention to water and air filtration. “It’s not just what you can see when you walk into a house. It’s what’s behind the walls that also matter,” says Jon, who says he is sensitive to environmental issues because he lost a parent to cancer. Rockwell homes have dehumidifiers built into the basement, water filtrations on the main line, and HEPA return filters on the HVAC equipment. “Standard!” says Danny, who adds, “We have learned a lot from Hurricane Sandy.” Last fall, with the storm headed for the Island, Rockwell put their crews on storm watch preparation. “We boarded up windows. Covered window wells. Made sure all standby pumps were ready,” says Jon. “We had generators ready to go with extra gasoline.” The next day, when they visited their seven construction sites, Danny recalls, “Not one of our homes had a scratch on them.” That included “no water in the basements,” adds Jon. Danny wrapped up that topic with a huge smile. “We were so happy.” With big dreams, big hearts, and the willingness to turn any mistake into a positive, Rockwell’s brand is growing faster than either partner expected. Perhaps it’s due to a secret ingredient in their formula. “We keep to our contract. We finish the job,” says Danny. “Our handshake is worth more than a contract.” SE

Throughout the careful process of creating a custom home, the Rockwell partners never lose sight of their mission: to build positive, nurturing relationships with customers, trades, and subs. SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY 11














LANDSCAPES BY FRANK J. CIARDULLO is a renowned landscape

product that is both unique and different from any other.

architect, design, and construction firm located in Locust Valley, New

FRANK J. CIARDULLO has been in the landscaping business for over

York. The firm specializes in renovating and creating estates, and

thirty years. Ciardullo has won numerous local, state, and national

the development of upscale residential and commercial properties,

awards with the firms recent project, “The Conservatory�, winning

servicing Long Island, the Hamptons, Westchester, and Connecticut.

the 2013 Long Island Gold award and the New York State award.

Frank J. Ciardullo provides a complete landscape architectural ser-

From the relaxed atmosphere of a Hampton beach house to the for-

vice; he builds and oversees the entire project from its inception to its

mal garden of a Manor house, we pride ourselves on creating and

completion. Close cooperation with each client results in a finished

building a plan that meets the needs and desire of every client.






To soothe the body and restore the spirit, there’s nothing like an amenity-filled luxury spa bathroom. Akin to a private, exclusive refuge, a spa bathroom is the perfect antidote for the day’s stresses and strains. A residential spa’s amenities are limited only by the imagination, the size of the space and the wallet. Prices can exceed $50,000 for a multi-featured bathroom in which state-of-the-art technologies deploy scents, sounds and colors to awaken the senses and utilize hydrotherapy to rejuvenate tired muscles. At the center of any spa bathroom is the tub. At Davis & Warshow, a leading supplier of state-of-the-art designer bathroom fixtures, both free-standing and built-in units that make a statement and set a mood. Depending on the design, size and features, spa tubs retail anywhere from $2,000 to more than $10,000. Among top-of-the-line units synonymous with a spa experience, is BainUltra’s ThermoMasseur bathtubs. Courtesy of multiple jets that propel air into the water, the units provide a full-body massage. In addition, their adjustable heating system facilitates neck relaxation and provides 14 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY

for greater back comfort while the backrest offers a neck and spine massage. For homeowners seeking a multisensory spa experience, BainUltra’s ThermaSens tub line provides three therapies — aromatherapy, thermotherapy and chromatherapy. The tub features an aromatherapy diffuser that releases a fine mist of essential oils while a fully integrated light system encompasses a selection of six different colors. Heating zones provide a warming touch in the headrest, backrest and seat, adding to the Zen-like experience. The spa bathroom trend also dovetails

with homeowners’ growing penchant for activities and regimens that form a healthy lifestyle. “People have a new focus on personal wellness, as evidenced by practicing yoga and paying attention to the foods they eat, and today’s products allow them to create a therapeutic, wellness space in their home,” says Sheldon Malc, the director of showrooms at Davis & Warshow. Founded in 1925 by Bernard Davis and Louis Warshow on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Davis & Warshow today operates seven showrooms, including one in Farmingdale, Westbury, Manhattan, Queens and Westchester. Last year, following a decade of employee ownership and family management, the 230-employee firm was purchased by Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., the world’s largest plumbing supplier with 18,000 employees. Family members continue to hold key positions in the Davis & Warshow subsidiary, which retains its emphasis on quality. Its bath products feature such luxury brand names as BainUltra, Dornbracht, Kohler, Fantini, MTI and Gessi. For a transformative bath that relies on music, Kohler’s VibrAcoustic series enables users to play their favorite music — or opt for compositions that accompany the tub — and enjoy a high-quality sound that surrounds and soothes the body. The spa sensibility also extends to showers. Unlike the typical shower — a rushed affair for washing, rinsing and racing off, spa showers are veritable retreats for the body and soul. Retailing between $2,000 and $10,000, spa showers include such features as rain shower heads, body sprayers and steam. In some instances, home products can exceed the level of technology and customized pampering that a top-rated spa provides. Via a control pad, Kohler’s Numi toilet — which retails for $6,653 — not only boasts a motion-activated cover and seat but a bidet with water spray pressure, temperature and air drying options. Its seat can warm to the individual’s comfort level, and air vents can heat the floor and warm the feet. Programmable cycles of color illuminate side panels while personalized music fills the room. At the 7000 square foot showroom at Fancy Fixtures, a bath supply house in Jericho, NY, luxurious details make the spa bath experience even more delightful. Spa-worthy tubs  have raised seats, air-jets, arm and foot rests. Opulent faucet handles are adorned with Swarovski crystals. Sherle Wagner faucets shaped like swans and dolphins come with precious metal finishes such as gold and platinum and semiprecious

door, incorporates cabinetry that holds a coffeemaker and a refrigerator stocked with wine, water and milk. “My son says, “’Can I come into the hotel bathroom?’” says Stacey, the fortyish mother of two teenagers. But the floating tub is hers and hers alone. “It’s mama’s special space, where I can close the door, put on the TV, take a magazine and feel I’m away and relaxed,” says Stacey. The entire renovation exceeded the $100,000 mark,” adding to the value of our house.” To be sure, a spa bathroom isn’t just an investment in one’s self. According to Remodeling magazine’s 2013 “Cost Value Report,” homeowners in New York, for example, stand to recoup more than 70 percent of their remodeled bathroom’s costs upon selling their homes, while a bathroom addition represents more than a 54 percent return on investment. These days, products abound that enable homeowners to upgrade their

stones such as rose quartz or amethyst. With a multi-featured, high performance tub, shower and toilet, a home spa not only affords privacy and denotes luxurious exclusivity but ensures unimaginable relaxation and enjoyment. “Every bathroom I design has a spa quality,” says Keith Baltimore, president of the design firm that bears his name in Port Washington and Sag Harbor. “How wonderful is it to have that halfhour where you feel like you’ve been at a

high-end hotel.” Last year, Stacey, a Suffolk County resident, completed the gut-renovation of her master bedroom’s two conjoining bathrooms to make way for a spacious spa bathroom and laundry room. The new bathroom features a flatscreen TV, free-standing soaking tub and a shower that can accommodate her and her husband and includes a built-in seat, rain shower head and four water jets. The toilet area, which is separated by a pocket

residential properties by replicating the ultra-sumptuous experience that top-tier spas offer their guests. “Home spas are very popular,” says Melissa Fenigstein, owner of Deer Parkheadquartered New Age Interiors Inc., which worked with Stacey in designing her bathroom. “People are doing luxury travel and experiencing very luxurious, soothing atmospheres in high-end hotels and resorts, and they want a piece of that experience in their home.” SE


Technology madeSimple

Your perfect environment, video, music. lighting and shades all controlled seamlessly for any occasion through keypads, simple touch screens or tablets. An ACS system is designed and engineered like no other by the #1 company in the industry. Working with clients, designers, builders and architects, ACS designs systems that complement any décor.

ACS features LUTRON Lighting, Shade and Environmental Solutions.


Long Island




Dream Big

CUSTOM CRAFTED TO EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS Properties Available in Brookville, Oyster Bay Cove and Laurel Hollow








After the birth of their first child, Faryll and Justin

and two half bath home on two acres. Following

less expensive housing, many of those ‘kids,” now

Marinoff started to get the itch to move back to

Faryll’s footsteps, their three and a half year old

in their late twenties and early thirties,” are heading

Long Island. For more than a decade after college,

daughter, Remi, and eight-month-old son Leo, will

back, buying homes and settling on the North Shore

including the five years they’ve been married, the

attend Syosset schools.

and elsewhere on the Island, young families in tow.

Marinoffs called an apartment in Manhattan home.

“I am beyond, beyond happy,” Faryll says,

Compared to previous generations who married

“The city is amazing -- it has more to offer

delighted to be back on the same roads, passing the

younger, had children and moved to the suburbs

culturally. I just feel more comfortable out here,”

same traffic lights, driving past the same stores and

sooner, the latest wave of new homeowners spent

says Faryll. Last October they moved into an L-

schools as in her youth. “I grew up here. This is

a decade or so post-college in the city, attending

shaped shingle Hamptons-style home on two acres

home to me and it feels so good.”

graduate school and launching careers. Moreover,

in Muttontown, not far from her parents. Justin, a

Despite cries from elected officials and local

the age at which couples get married is rising, and

builder and fire restoration contractor who grew up

planners that the tide of young adults who grew up

they are starting families later.

in Lawrence, built the custom six bedroom, six full

here are moving off the Island in search of jobs and

After a dozen years in Manhattan, a year ago


young kids who are spending a lot of money” on large center hall colonials and rambling Hamptons style homes. Elliott’s young clients are typically 31 or 32 years old, sometimes referred by their parents, and “looking at houses from $3 million to $10 million,” he said. After ten years working on Wall Street, the young buyers “have money and they want big houses. They are having families and they don’t want to pay for private school.” Take, for example, Joshua and Jamie Dardashtian. The evening the thirty-something couple got home from the hospital last April, Lauren and Eric Cagner moved from an

married friends moved back to the suburbs

following the birth of their second son, Miles,

Upper East Side two bedroom apartment to a

before her and a few at the same time. Those still

they moved with their 2-year-old, Max, in tow,

five bedroom, three and a half bath home in

in the city are “looking for houses.”

from a 1500 square foot two bedroom rental


According to a “Home Buyer and Seller

in Manhattan to a five bedroom, four and a

“We looked everywhere,” from her native New

Generational Trends” report released by the

half bath home on an acre in Woodbury, Long

Jersey to Westchester and other parts of Long

National Association of Realtors in July, 31

Island. “We put down a hefty downpayment so

Island, Lauren says. “We felt like this was the

percent of recent buyers were Generation X-ers,

we are spending not much more than what we

most for our money as far as what we could get

those born between 1965 and 1979 and now

were spending on rent, with the benefit of taxes,”

for the house and the land.”

in their thirties and forties, followed closely, at

Jamie said, noting that they followed other young

Their half acre slice of North Shore paradise

28 percent, by Millennials, sometimes called

couples to the pricey suburb east of Manhattan,

includes a pool, basketball hoop and a swing set in

Generation Y, born between 1980 and 2000. And

searching for “value, quality of life and good

the backyard. It’s definitely a great place for their

many of them are skipping the starter home stage

schools” as well as proximity to family.

two sons, ages four and a half and two and a half,

and heading right for deluxe properties.

Other young couples choose to live in or

to grow up.

Whether they are Wall Street whiz kids, savvy

close to where they grew up, opting to be

“I love having all the space,” Lauren said. “We

entrepreneurs, young professionals pulling in top

closer to their parents now that they are parents

just have to furnish all the rooms.”

salaries or privileged kids drawing from the bank

themselves, and familiarity with the local dry

Lauren confided that “99 percent” of her

of mom and dad, 85 percent of those under 32

cleaners and restaurants.

friends are moving out of the city. Two of her

are confident that their recent home purchase

Sometimes the parents help with the purchase,

best friends are also settling in Woodbury and

was a good financial investment, a slightly higher

other times “they are doing it on their own.”

another two are moving to Roslyn.

percentage than the 80 percent of all buyers who

For $5000 a month, including a million dollar

“In the next year all of my ‘mommy friends’

considered their home purchase a good financial

mortgage and property taxes, Elliott claims he can

except one will be out here,” she said. “The ones


put a young family in a house on two acres with a

that are staying home are all making the move

Low interest rates have made it easier, along

pool in a high end neighborhood.

and the only thing keeping the ones in the city

with prices, that while climbing, remain

Many of the buyers at Spring Hill, a new gated

is the harder commute because their jobs are so

significantly below the highs of the real estate

community of 22 homes in Old Westbury, NY,


bubble days.

where lots range from $875,000 to more than a

Part of the reason for the influx of young

Many of the young adults moving back are

million per acre, five acre minimum, are “young

families is the prohibitive cost of tuition for private

skipping over typical first time buyer homes and

families with very young children,” said John

schools in the city. For those wealthy enough to

jumping right into higher end properties, having

Kean, president and CEO of Kean Development,

have large apartments in Manhattan and homes

saved enough to put a downpayment on a home

the developer. Kean’s classic Georgian stone

in the Hamptons, the city is “a great lifestyle for

close to $1 million or more in a top school district.

manor homes and French Country homes range

children.” Otherwise, Lauren says it is “nice to

“As soon as they have their first child, they

from 10,000 square feet to more than 32,000

give them the space and the experience of the

say ‘I have to buy a house,’” says Shawn Elliott,

square feet , run about $1000 a square foot and


broker owner of Shawn Elliott Luxury Homes &

have large eat-in kitchens and smart house systems

For Faryll, the city is the place to be for singles

Estates. After a lull during the downturn during

and huge closets, four car garages are standard

after college, working and dating. Once married

which it was “uncool to spend a lot of money on

and in-home movie theaters, basketball courts and

with kids, Long Island beckons. Some of her

a house, Elliott is now “getting a lot of wealthy

bowling alleys. Most buyers pay cash. SE

Compared to previous generations who married younger, had children and moved to the suburbs sooner, the latest wave of new homeowners spent a decade or so post-college in the city, attending graduate school and launching careers. SHAWN SHAWNELLIOTT ELLIOTTLUXURY LUXURY11 19


residential remodeling, renovations & additions

A full-service renovation and custom home builder specializing in high quality, detailed residential remodels, custom homes, structural & interior designs, retail and commercial renovation and build outs.

Our reputation is built upon our experienced staff offering over 50 years of craftsmanship and integrity. This enduring foundation spans over three generations of structural knowledge, detailed execution and hands-on project management.

Â…%&4*(/#6*-% Â…/&8)0.&$0/4536$5*0/ Â…8)0-&)064&3&/07"5*0/4 Â…(3&&/#6*-%*/(

3 Cornwall lane Smithtown, nY 11787

Â…)0.&"%%*5*0/4 Â…)0.&%03.&34 Â…#"5)300.3&.0%&-*/(

(631) 368-6001

Â…,*5$)&/3&.0%&-*/( Â…(&/&3"-$0/53"$5*/( $0/4536$5*0/."/"(&.&/5



Bling Bowl Scoop nuts, candy or potpourri can fill this hammered bowl with a crystal edge, $150


“Gifting is an opportunity to touch someone’s life,” said Thea Mitzman. “It’s about communicating a message – whether it’s thanks, love, or luck.” With that in mind, Thea, an Old Westbury resident who grew up in Portland, Oregon, recently opened a series of chic boutiques within a boutique-style gift shop in Roslyn Heights that bears her name, a store “that reflects stepping out of the box, making it easy to be creative, thoughtful and mindful.” THEA shared her thoughts on house warming gifts with SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY. SEL: What factors should be considered when buying a

it’s unique in thought or occasion, try to think ‘outside

house warming gift?

the gift box.’ Everyone loves a beautiful frame – but

THEA: I always go back to the relationship and what

what if your secret banana bread recipe is inside?

SEL: What’s the vision driving Thea?

SEL: What do young families moving out from the city

driven by price. ‘I want to spend $50 on this gift.’ At Thea,

theme for the perfect gift.

appreciate most?

a gift doesn’t have to be expensive, it has to be thoughtful.

THEA: Young families are eager to start decorating.

It has to truly give something – to the recipient or to the

SEL: Is there a certain etiquette one should follow?

Often, they have real space for the first time and they

world -- many of our gifts give back to great causes all over

THEA: I don’t believe in “rules” when it comes

want to fill it with beautiful things. A décor coffee table

the globe. I take great care to research every piece that’s

to gifting. My favorite gifts are spontaneous and

book from Assouline, a cozy throw from Missoni, a saki

in my store and the companies I represent care about

anonymous. A gift left by the door to say ‘welcome to the

set reminiscent of their local sushi spot…

the environment, sustainable living, carbon footprints,

brings you together. Vacations? Cooking? Wine? Children? At the heart of every relationship lies the

neighborhood’ -- without a signature. A selfless gesture

books do they read? I love to talk it through. It’s my gift.

THEA: Gifting has unfortunately become a process

recycling and making jobs for artisans in the USA.

to inspire the next selfless gesture. Gift it forward!

SEL: If one doesn’t know the homeowners’ taste or the style of the house, should you just stick to a plant?

Thea’s favorite housewarming gifts, available at Thea,

SEL: What types of gifts are generally preferred?

THEA: I never suggest gifting the home…you gift the person.

250 S Service Rd, Roslyn Heights (516) 626-1220.

THEA: People love to be surprised by a gift. Whether

Where do they travel? What fragrance do they wear? What SE


Sitting Buddha: Blue ceramic and glass tiled Small Sitting Buddha in fiberglass with blue ceramic and glass tiles. By Amrita Singh $450

Pebble Shots: Whimsical colored “Pebbles� shot glasses in Moser European crystal. Set of six, $325.

Fornasetti House Scents: Home fragrance and decorative objects combined. Room spray, $165; Candle, $200

Glass Dome: Travis Sandoval hand blown glass dome, for cakes, tarts, cheese, fruit and other treasures. $400.

Curly Colored Glass Pitchers Orbix Hot Glass pitchers have a curly handle and elongated spout, $240

Water Bowl: Orbix Hot Glass handmade water bowl makes a great centerpiece $1500

Deal With the Owner Directly, No Middle-man, No Sales Reps or Sub-contractors

LONG ISLAND’S PREMIERE MASONRY COMPANY Design • Landscaping & Custom Stonework • Driveways Sidewalks • Patios • Stoops • Concrete • Pavers • Brickwork MaSonry waLkwayS

• •





Drainage SoLutionS

irrigation/SPrinkLerS •

PooL LanDSCaPe





Creative Stonework



ChiMney rePairS



New Baby Chic

LUXURY LIFESTYLE Outfitting the nursery is among

Crystal chandeliers, hand-

her first child in October, takes

or sleek and contemporary,

the many delights of having

painted tot-sized table and

a different perspective on

storage remains paramount,

a baby. For starters, the new

chairs for make believe

nursery design and decor. She

particularly as the inevitable

bundle of joy needs a crib, a

tea parties, fanciful mirrors,

wanted her daughter’s room

array of toys, puzzles and

changing table and a dresser.

wooden rocking horses come

“to feel colorful but calm.”

stuffed animals mounts.

Then there’s the bassinet and

hand painted with rosebuds

“I did not go the pastel

Spoiled Rotten personalizes

swing, and ­—for mom and

and a soft white wool mane

route,” she said. Instead, to

toy chests and hanging racks.

dad— a glider.

for baby girl or motorcycle-

keep away from “kitschy”

Lauren chose custom built-

Nurseries can be whimsical

style for that little guy. Baby-

and meld the nursery with

ins with bookshelves and

or chic and sophisticated.

sized pianos, personalized

her apartment’s midcentury

baskets, and picked a glider

Pinks and powder blues

hampers and toy chests

modern feel, Lauren chose

instead of an old fashioned

are still standards, but the

abound. For the wall, baby’s

“gender neutral” turquoise,

rocking chair. For wallpaper,

pastels are more frequently

name can be spelled in

orange and yellow patterned

she selected a pattern with

introduced as accents against

crystal-studded letters, each

upholstery for the panels on

red, blue, yellow and green

a gray or camel beige

hung with a bow, or for the

the side of the white crib and

birds and butterflies and black

palettes. Standard baby

little prince, suspended from

paired it with neutral white and

branches against a white

furniture gets individualized

a baseball bat or hockey

cream bedding. (These days,


with custom knobs, pulls and

stick. Bassinets are wrapped

newborns are swaddled.

Lauren explained it this way.

handles. Antique mirrored

in luxurious silk fabric with

Bumpers, blankets and stuffed

“It’s more sophisticated so it

dresser with a changing box

oversized bows.

animals in the cribs are passé

can go from a nursery to a

on top are a popular choice.

“Right now bling is the

though hanging mobiles are

kids room,” from a toddler to

When designing nurseries,

thing,” Cindy said. Cribs are

still okay, she said.)

an adolescent or serve as a

Cindy Goldman, who with her

upholstered with tufted fabrics

Whether baby’s room is

multifunctional space. Besides,

husband Rich, owns Spoiled

and monogrammed.

frilly and fit for a new royal

if her next baby is a boy, she

Rotten, a baby furniture and

Lauren Behfarin, an interior

decor boutique in Woodbury,

designer in Manhattan and the

ramp the look up a notch with

Hamptons who is expecting

added, the nursery still fits. SE

bling and personalization. “We take it to the next level,” Cindy said. “They want it special and unique -- their dream come true.”


Personalized & Handpainted White Rocking Horse. A timeless treasure for every wee one @


fab nurseries Princess of Monaco Bedding Fit for your own little princess. @


Mini hand-painted piano For your future Mozart @ SHAWN SHAWNELLIOTT ELLIOTTLUXURY LUXURY2711


IF THIS COSMETIC SURGEON CAN TRANSFORM YOUR BODY, IMAGINE WHAT HE CAN DO WITH HIS OWN HOME “Designing a home is very much like doing cosmetic surgery,” says Dr. Stephen Greenberg. “You have to use your own style.” In his busy Woodbury, Manhattan and Southhampton practices, Dr. Greenberg, a selfdescribed “perfectionist,” seeks “very natural results” with beauty as “the ultimate goal.” The sumptuous turreted brick colonial in Woodbury that he shares with his wife, Gail Fox, and their blended family of five children, is the result of a total body makeover of a different sort. The over-the-top mansion reflects their vision of “beauty.” “It’s the same when you are designing a house, looking for your own style, and bringing that out,” he explains. Dr. Greenberg gave Gail, a stay-at-home-mom, most of the decorating credit (with help “here and there” from

professional decorators). The oft-touted cosmetic surgeon weighed in on the architectural structure, design and layout to make the 13,000 square foot house “ functional but beautiful at the same time.” Every detail from the wallpaper to the flooring was “ a very thought out process bringing out ultimate perfection,” just as he aims for in the thousands of face lifts, eye lifts, tummy tucks, breast augmentations and other cosmetic surgery procedures he does a year. Dr. Greenberg added an artistic touch by designing the interior around a circle as opposed to a traditional center hall colonial. “It’s prettier and different and unique and those were all things I was looking for in designing the house,” he said, including making the “smart house” controllable by iPhones and iPads and “very user friendly.” Rather than traditional, the Greenbergs wanted contemporary. “I didn’t want a typical home when you entered it. I wanted the wow factor.” And he achieved it, with a striking, vibrant design that combines art deco and contemporary elements with a welcome bit of whimsy in a traditional shell. “It’s an extreme makeover,” he said. To the right of the elegant double story foyer with its white marble floor, fabulous chandelier and sweeping


staircase leading to a circular landing, the bar room is an immediate OMG! The ceiling is wallpapered, the bar has a glass tile countertop and a hand-tufted, patent leather front. There are red bar stools, two tall bar tables, a player piano, red upholstered seating and one of the home’s 24 flat screen televisions. Above a sleek rectangular gas fireplace set into a silver stone wall is a large round mirror framed with oversized bronze pearls. It is the room where the Greenbergs’ entertain most. To the other side of the foyer is a baronial dining room with chairs upholstered in red tufted fabric and a magnificent chandelier with diamond-shaped red crystal accents. Towards the back of the house, the Great Room shouts pizazz with blue suede walls, a coffered ceiling, a granite fireplace with a mirror above, and dramatic

children has his or her own spacious en-suite bedroom. Off the circular landing overlooking the foyer, a rounded anteroom leads to the master suite’s sitting room, included a turreted alcove overlooking the resort-like backyard. The master bedroom has a mirror-tiled fireplace. Beyond is a dressing room with a vanity, voluminous and neatly outfitted his and hers closets -- hers with a winding staircase to a second level. The spa-like master bath has two onyx vanities, a large steam shower and a freestanding tub. Within the master suite are four TVs. The lower level is a palace all its own. “I wanted the downstairs to be like a regular room,” explained Dr. Greenberg. “I didn’t want it to be like a basement.” Graced with 12-foot ceilings, it’s outfitted with a well-equipped gym, a billiards room, a 12-seat movie theatre and a

angled, oversized arm chairs. Equally ambitious is the humongous kitchen. It boasts a massive two-tier center island with muted cobalt blue cabinets and a white marble top, illuminated by twin chandeliers dripping with blue crystals and Gail’s cherished candy jars. Along the walls the wood cabinetry is white, complemented by a honed leather granite countertop and a backsplash of mini marble tiles in cobalt blues, blacks and whites. The butler’s pantry is equally elegant and there is a pizza oven. Beyond the kitchen a large bathroom with an exterior door doubles as a cabana. Next to it is an intimate yet lavishly appointed purple-toned den. On the second level, near the back staircase, each of the

Moroccan spa with his and hers lounges, a massage table and a copper tub in a copper and brass tile surround. The spa’s TV is hidden in the mirror. Outside is equally spectacular, from the circular drive, lush landscaping and columned double door entry in the front to the resort-like backyard. Dr. Greenberg’s favorite place to hang out and entertain, the property includes a large bluestone terrace illuminated for evening entertaining with oversized bowl-shaped fire pits. An infinity-edge pool has a spa at one end and, along one side, a stone wall with a waterfall and a rectangular fire pit on top. To one side is an outdoor lounge and on the grass beyond, an inviting hammock. Beyond the pool, the outdoor kitchen pavilion is outfitted with a fireplace and a television. The tennis court & sports court beyond is lit for night play. Is this his dream house? Dr. Greenberg explained it this way: when doing cosmetic makeovers, not everyone has the potential to be a supermodel. He tries to use what he can to “make it as good as possible within the framework” innate to each person. Similarly, while he sometimes wishes he had more land, he needed to stay within a particular school district. Therefore, “we utilized what we could to build the nicest house on the particular piece of real estate.” Of course, he included all the bells and whistles.

The mansion replaced a 50-year-old house on the 1.2 acre plot. Zoning regulations limited how big the house could be and how high the ceilings could go. “You work within the framework that you have whether it be a body or a house to have the ultimate best house that you can obtain,” he said. Now that their home is complete, Dr. Greenberg, whose radio show can be heard on seven stations including KJOY and Party 105-FM, has turned his boundless energies to getting the second home he recently bought near his Southampton practice ready for next summer. Also on the way, two new books on cosmetic surgery and continued appearances on different reality TV shows. Gail will help him re-lease his “Cosmetic Surgeon In A Jar” line of products and she is decorating the new 9,000 square foot state-of-the-art medical facility Dr. Greenberg plans to open in Woodbury in January. It will have multiple operating rooms, a full skin care center for his seven aestheticians for laser procedures and skin treatments, a spa, and for recuperating patients, two hotel rooms. Dr. Greenberg said his new offices “will probably be decorated very similarly to our house -- very modern and ultra sleek-looking.” SE


Thinking of an affair? ...have a visual affair. JUDITH LEIBER

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TURETT COLLABORATIVE ARCHITECTS 277 Broadway, Studio 1300 New York, NY 10007, 212-965-1244 photo by Travis Dubreuil



Melanie Morris Design photo by Alex Kotlik

Interior Design for the Way You Really Live, 888-444-5593 Photos by Greg Powers for Designing Solutions LLC

When designing the white brick mansion that he shares with his two adult sons, their wives and children, Dr. Manilal Patel wanted a park-like personal country club. “We have all the luxuries, including Jacuzzis in two master bedrooms, volleyball and tennis courts, swings, and trampoline,” Dr. Patel said. Instead of signing his four grandchildren up for swimming lessons at a nearby community center, six years ago Dr. Patel decided to build an indoor lap pool so that they could learn in comfort and privacy. “Everything is self-contained,” he said. “It is very convenient.” A two-story annex of some 50 feet by 20 feet was incorporated into the design of the palatial 8-bedroom, 8-1/2 bath residence set on just over three acres. Whether it is an indoor pool, a basketball court, or virtual golf simulator, an elite percentage of luxury homeowners are investing in state-of-the-art indoor sports facilities. “You’ve heard of the one percent. It’s less than the one percent,” said Stewart Senter, President of the Automatic Group in Hempstead, the high-end builder who along with a group of high end architects is developing Hidden Pond at Old Westbury, a premier gated community of 16 estate homes. “It’s a true luxury.” Lined in green tile with beige trim, Dr. Patel’s addition features a 50-foot by 20-foot, 10,000 gallon indoor pool and full sauna plus gym area. Arched windows nearly two stories high bathe the room in natural light. A balcony on the second floor provides a sweeping view of the pool. Rather than installing an outdoor pool, Dr. Patel

figured that a lap pool indoors would be more practical. “We don’t like outdoor pools. They are too much maintenance and you only get to use it four months of the year,” he said. “We can use this one all year round.” Building an indoor pool presents hefty challenges that an owner needs to consider carefully before proceeding. “This is not for the faint of heart,” said Senter, who has seen two instances of indoor pools that were not properly insulated. Pool water must be treated with chlorine or bromine. If it leaks into the atmosphere it can mildew walls and corrode pipes. The key to success is having an effective heating, airconditioning and dehumidification system to control humidity in the pool area. “You want to make sure you almost quarantine the house with air doors between the pool and the rest of the house. With the proper precautions, you don’t let the environment mix with the rest of the house,” Senter explained. He recommended an electric motorized cover to contain the pool’s humidity when it is not in use. Construction challenges for pools and other indoor sports facilities can be daunting. If installed in a basement area, the foundation wall of the structure has to be reinforced. “You need more steel, more support mechanisms which have to be engineered,” he said. One homeowner in Old Westbury wanted an indoor basketball court. Since a regulation-size court runs 94 feet by 50 feet, he settled for a half-court with stands. To accommodate his indoor sports complex, which also includes an indoor pool and elevator, the builder had to excavate thirty feet. “My seven grandchildren wanted a basketball court,”

said the owner, preferring anonymity. “One of my grandkids brings his friends over to shoot hoops. I use one of the side walls of the basketball court to practice tennis.” A lap pool, 44 feet long by 13 feet wide, was built on the mezzanine level above the basketball court so the owner, a triathlete, can swim all year round. An avid golfer excavated a 4-foot deep, 15-foot long extension to his Muttontown home for a virtual golf simulator. The simulator requires an 11-foot ceiling but the basement ceiling was only eight feet high. “We had to excavate three feet down and build a wall with steel reinforcements. It was a bit difficult,” he said. In the end, the $100,000 virtual golf simulator was well worth it. Not only did the owner’s handicap come down from 22 to 16, he got to play a virtual version of his favorite Scottish golf course every morning before going to work and on weekends. Manufactured by Dead Solid Golf, virtual replicas of the world’s greatest golf courses are projected onto an 11-foot high screen. The owner explained, “You have to physically hit the ball and you can see it moving. If you hit it into a rough or a bunker, you have to hit it as you would in real life.” Behind the virtual golf screen is a home theater screen for movies and TV. “I had wanted to make a home theater which would have been much less expensive. All I would have needed was a screen, projector and some seats,” he said. “But I hoped my son would pick up golf, so I made the investment.” At first, his son used the simulator but now, “he plays guitar but not golf.” SE


REGIONAL PERSPECTIVE Dani Babb, a real estate investment advisor & U.S. market analyst, said that with real estate prices “rising astronomically fast in China,” the U.S. markets are “more appealing investments. The Chinese see American property as a steal.”




Globe-trotting Chinese buyers love Long Island’s North Shore. In the last two years, Shawn Elliott, broker owner of Shawn Elliott Luxury Homes & Estates, sold 30 homes to buyers from mainland China and Hong Kong. Five of those mansions fetched more than $10 million. Ten of the homes sold for more than $3 million, and the other 15 homes were purchased from between one and three million dollars. “They love the brick center hall colonials,” Shawn said, particularly on the waterfront. “They love brick, they love stone, they love opulence. They like ego houses. They like high ceilings. They like quality and they understand and are willing to pay for quality -- the materials, the finishes, the feng shui.” The Chinese are tops among the many deep-pocketed global buyers also including Russians, Koreans and South Asians who have helped drive sales of dream homes in areas like the Brookvilles, Old Westbury, Syosset and Jericho. According to a National Association of Realtors report, Chinese buyers accounted for 18% of the $68.2 billion that foreigners spent on homes nationwide during the 12 months ended March 31. The influx of Chinese buyers on the North Shore has ramped up in the past few years. Some want to send their children to the stellar schools here; others spend less than half the year in the United States. During the last decade, their wealth soared as China’s gross domestic product increased, sometimes with double-digit rates. Successful Chinese business people see U.S. real estate as

a safe and stable investment. To accommodate Chinese buyers, Shawn installed a separate phone line for Chinesespeaking callers and regularly holds videoconferences with agents and buyers. On two separate occasions, Shawn “took the initiative to go to them,” and established satellite offices in Beijing and Shanghai. On one of his business trips to the Far East, he spoke at a Chinese real estate conference about luxury homes in New York and participated on a panel about $10 million-plus homes. Shawn also produced a Chinese translation of his listings magazine showcasing properties from $2 million to $20 million. In August, Shawn was sworn in as a member of the board of directors of the Asian Real Estate Association of America, one of two non-Chinese on the 13-member board. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, Chinese comprised 12 percent of foreign buyers and the homes they buy tended to be priced higher than those of domestic buyers. The median price of homes purchased by Chinese was $425,000 versus the median price for all foreign buyers of $276,000. And 70 percent of Chinese buyers paid cash. Buying for investment as well as second homes outside of China, the Chinese buyers generally spend $1 million to $5 million on personal homes. Investment purchases range from $500,000 to $2 million and up. “The international non-resident client is likely to be substantially wealthier than the median domestic buyer, may be looking for a trophy property, and is probably looking for a property

to be purchased after having met essential living needs,” the National Association of Realtors report said. “The international resident client will also tend to be more affluent than most buyers, and may be looking for a property in a specialized niche, for example, a larger property suitable for multi-generational living, or a property that establishes the individual’s presence and standing in the community.” What else is behind their buying streak? Dani Babb, a real estate investment advisor & U.S. market analyst, said that with real estate prices “rising astronomically fast in China,” the U.S. markets are “more appealing investments. The Chinese see American property as a steal.” Homes here are cheaper than properties in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Couple the relative bargain with economic uncertainties and tight regulations aimed at curtailing a housing bubble in China, and more and more Chinese are diving into the U.S. real estate market, honing in on fine properties from New York to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Chinese buyers are also snapping up foreclosed properties in Florida, Nevada and Detroit and purchasing high priced commercial buildings and hotels in Manhattan and Queens. According to the Long Island Regional Planning Council, in Nassau County, the number of Asian-owner-occupied homes jumped to 22,121 in 2010, from 7,588 in 1990. In Suffolk, there were 9,972 Asian-owner-occupied homes in the latest census, compared with 3,911 in 1990. SE



Excitement, Addiction, Fun… and a Great Cardio Workout


Old Westbury resident Jessica Rosin is the first to admit, “I hate to exercise!” But remarkably, this young mother of two now considers herself an exercise addict—signing up in advance for cycling classes with her favorite instructors, before they are sold out. “I love the music, I love that it’s dark in the room and I get a great cardio workout in just 45 minutes,” Jessica said. “It’s actually fun.” Debbie Sturm doesn’t mind the drive from her home in Rockville Centre to Roslyn three times a week, because she knows that waiting for her at a spinning studio there is a stationary bike, promising her an experience that includes sweat, high energy and 45 minutes guaranteed to make her feel great. Call it excitement or addiction—the buzz is all about SoulCycle, a full body indoor cycling workout that has taken the world of fitness by storm. In a hot, sweaty, almost-pitch black room, sweating and grunting cyclists pump away on their stationary bikes. While hovering over their bikes like jockeys on their horses, they follow the prompts of an instructor who cycles along with them, often jumping off his own bike to dance on the podium, while singing along to high energy songs on his playlist and shouting out motivational messages. Worrying that she’d have to sacrifice her workouts during the summer while she was out in the Hamptons, Debbie was thrilled when a studio also opened in Water Mill, where she could cycle and sweat along with her teenage daughter and two nieces. In a workout less than an hour, with a price tag of up to $40 for a single class, “Soul-Cyclists” —ranging


in age from 11 to 78, and including many celebrity advocates—burn between 500 and 700 calories, as they get their hearts pumping while working their core and using hand weights to tone their upper bodies. “I’d give up all of my Birken bags before I’d give up my bike at SoulCycle,” confessed Laura Rosenbaum of Manhattan, who has been an admitted SoulCycle addict since the doors opened in its first studio. “I’d even give up my husband!” As Laura explained her passion, “The energy is contagious. It draws you in, and you just want to be a part of it. Aside from the energy from the workout, there’s also an energy among the people who come to the studio, and over the years, I’ve made many SoulCycle friends.” Not only have friendships formed, but romances have also bloomed, according to Rachel Stephens, the manager at the Water Mill studio. ”SoulCycle has truly become a community,” said Rachel. “Many people come three, four or five times a week, and some come every day. It’s a cardio sanctuary where riders can create a space for themselves to escape from the stresses of everyday life, while they’re having fun and sculpting their bodies.” SoulCycle is the brainstorm of two friends—Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler—who were each searching for a cardio exercise that would push her buttons. Julie was a talent manager in LA who, while looking for something that could keep her in shape as well as inspired, had discovered indoor cycling. Elizabeth grew up in Chicago, sold luxury real estate and practiced Jin Shin Jyutsu.

When both relocated to Manhattan, a new friendship was formed as the two young women compared their frustration over not being able to find an exercise routine that could meet their needs. With cautious enthusiasm, they agreed that the only choice was to create one themselves. The result was SoulCycle, which opened its first doors in Manhattan on West 72nd Street in 2006, with both partners passing out schedule cards up and down the avenues to spread the word. Slowly, riders began to show up, and when they opened their second studio in Bridgehampton, the SoulCycle craze began to take off. Since then, with the help of a partnership with Equinox Fitness, SoulCycle has expanded to 19 locations in NYC, Roslyn, Scarsdale, Greenwich, East Hampton and Water Mill, with others on the near horizon—including a studio in Woodbury. The partners, who can still be seen behind the desk or on a bike at many of their studios, plan to open 50-60 studios worldwide by 2015. Voted by New York Magazine as the best “hit-each-body-part fitness class” and by The New York Post as a “dance party on a bike,” SoulCycle continues to attract new enthusiasts. Brittany Gest, a student at Pace University, who started cycling this summer at the Water Mill studio on the first day that she got a job there at the front desk, said, “I am totally addicted. I love the positive atmosphere, and you can go at your own pace, but the instructors are always motivating you to work harder. As the sweat pours out of you, so does all of your negative energy.”SE

“Many people come three, four or five times a week, and some come every day. It’s a cardio sanctuary where riders can create a space for themselves to escape from the stresses of every- day life, while they’re having fun and sculpting their bodies.”



Your Own Generator

~Emergency Electrical Backup

Systems Are Sparking Popularity By LINDA TAGLIAFERRO

With memories of Superstorm Sandy and the subsequent power outages, many Long Island homeowners are exploring the possibility of buying their own emergency electric generators. These come in a variety of sizes and types, and each has its own set of pros and cons. Prices for each type of generator vary widely, depending on the electrical load that the house requires, the capacity of the fuel tank, and the type of enclosure used to cover the generator. Distance from the house that the generator will be installed is another factor. Here are some points to consider when opting to buy a residential system.

Portable Generators These smaller basic generators are generally run by a gasoline-driven engine and are only meant to power essentials like your refrigerator and appliances. Although these models are the most inexpensive, they also require a great degree of user interaction. You will need to plug in your appliances via multiple extension cords or through one cord attached to a transfer switch. Another downside is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if the unit is not placed a safe distance from the house, and you cannot safely refuel unless the generator is first shut off and allowed to cool down. Lee Hubert, sales manager for New York City and Long Island for Cooper Power Systems in Bay Shore, comments, “These units will run your heating system and will keep your lights on, but you’ll be out there every couple of hours putting gas in it.” Lowe’s carries a number of portable models including one by Generac for $649. Others by the same manufacturer can cost as much as $2700. 40 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY

It’s A Natural Natural gas is one popular option for permanently installed backup generators. Hugh Gahn, general manager at Mayfair Power Systems, Inc. in Freeport, comments, “The main benefit with natural gas is that it’s plentiful and you don’t have to pre-purchase it.” In addition, there is no need for fuel deliveries that might be hampered by closed roads. However, he adds, there is a possible downside. “There’s one big concern that people have had lately which was never a concern years ago. If there’s a calamity that forces the utility to shut down the gas, and you own a natural gas generator, then you no longer have a working generator.” John Gergela of North Shore Generator Systems Inc. agrees. “If you look at Long Beach, which was really hard hit, the houses there were moved off their foundations and the natural gas meters were ripped right off the walls and [the utility] had to shut down the natural gas.” Gergela’s average residential generator sale is around $30,000. “Gas units start at about $5000 and go up from there,” he said. Run By Diesel Another option is a diesel fuel-powered permanent backup generator. Hubert considers this the best option. But, he adds, “The cost is much higher for these, especially in the residential market. I’ve worked with some large summer homes on the East End, but these are the exceptions to the rule. But these exist because there are limits to natural gas generators.” In addition to the cost, another downside is the possibility of running out of fuel during an extended power outage. Gergela explains that in some instances where a home was not outfitted with a sufficient size fuel tank, the generator ran out of diesel fuel. “This was a problem during Sandy because trees were down on some of the roads that the fuel delivery trucks depended on.” Lee Hubert of Cooper Power Systems explained that a diesel-powered unit with the same capabilities as a $5000 gas unit would start at around $18,800. “For larger homes, it can start at $25,000 just for the generator,” and up. And he has sold residential diesel projects for more than $200,000.00 in East Hampton and Kings Point. Propane The same fuel delivery problem was a downside during the superstorm for some homeowners whose generators run on LP (propane.) Gahn explains that this type of fuel gives the owner some control because they store it on site. The downside is that a homeowner can only store as much fuel as the tank’s capability. “The tanks range in size anywhere from about 100 gallons through a couple of thousand gallons,” he explains. “During Sandy, there were some instances where some people did not have a sufficient size of fuel tank and they did run out.” And as

with diesel fuel, some roads were blocked and delivery trucks could not bring new fuel to these homeowners. Small systems cost from $13,000 to $15,000 and up, depending if the generator is larger or if the installation becomes more complicated. “One gentleman wanted the generator 300 feet away from his house and the electrician and plumber had to dig trenches and that makes for a more expensive job,” Gahn says. Noise and Safety Concerns Another factor that prospective buyers need to consider is how much noise a unit will create. Gergela explains that the quieter a unit, the more it will cost. “There are different enclosures available with different decibel ratings. The enclosures are sheet metal boxes, if you will, that go around the generator to make an outdoor installation.” And safety, of course, is a major concern. Gergela explains that carbon monoxide is a by-product of any engine, so no matter the fuel, the unit must be placed outdoors and “the further away from the house, the better for several reasons: because of the carbon monoxide, the potential for fire, and for sound.” Some Long Islanders who are displeased with the costs and the frequent power outages wonder whether they can save money by solely generating their own electricity. Gergela responds that unfortunately, this is not an option. “You cannot produce electricity cheaper than buying it from the utility. In the long run, it’ll cost you more to produce your own. Remember that the purpose of a generator is specifically for emergency standby.” SE

Long Island Resources for Generators B-Shore Power Generators (A division of RB Shore Development) (516) 625-0025 Mayfair Power Systems, Inc. 347 North Main Street, Freeport, NY (516) 623-3007 North Shore Generator Systems Inc. 1860 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma, NY (631) 588-7800 Cooper Power Systems New York 70 Corbin Avenue, Bay Shore, NY (631) 242-0205

Design your future at the Institute solely dedicated to design Interior Design Revit (CAD) Kitchen & Bath Design Accessories Color Theory Window Treatment Green Design Historical Styles and more

200 Oak Drive, Syosset, NY 11791 516.845.4033





“The white palaces of fashionable East Egg glittered along the water.” So wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald in “The Great Gatsby.” It’s not a stretch to assume the scene was based on the jewel-like mansions and estates of Sands Point the high-end, all residential shoreline village on the northern tip of the five-square-mile Port Washington

Those looking to decorate their homes have an abundance of shopping choices, from the Baltimore Design Center to Safavieh Home Furnishings, Old Port Antiques, three hardware stores and a HomeGoods. Om Sweet Om Yoga provides a place to stretch on Irma Avenue. The Landmark on Main Street, a community center,

Baxter Estates, Manorhaven, Port Washington North, and Sands Point, plus part of the village of Flower Hill. In Port Washington North, the nearly 2/3 mile long Bay Walk Park along Shore Road’s waterfront features a pier with a gazebo, a fishing pier, a dock, water taxi service and an outdoor historical art museum. Marinas, houseboats, waterfront restaurants, and a newly refurbished town pool hallmark Manorhaven. Two-family homes, pricey waterfront condominiums, and at Tom’s Point, more affordable co-ops are abundant in this village on Manhasset Bay. Colonials, splits, ranches and hi-ranches on 70 to 80 by 100 ft. lots line the Soundview neighborhood of Port Washington North. Charming tudors, stucco Mediterraneans and colonials, some with views of Manhasset Bay, dot the hilly terrain around Baxter’s Pond in Baxter Estates. On the eastern side of the peninsula, waterfront bungalows at the Beacon Hill Colony, a cooperative, are Port Washington’s answer to Malibu. The homes are terraced into a hillside, leading down to a private beach. The Knickerbocker at Manhasset Bay, a three-story, 32unit age-restricted condominium designed to resemble a cruise ship, is rising on the waterfront where the Knickerbocker Yacht Club, founded in 1874, once stood. The 216-acre Sands Point Preserve, a former Guggenheim estate with steep cliffs overlooking a mile of sandy beach on the Long Island Sound offers guided hikes on woodsy walking trails, a learning center and docent-led tours of Falaise, a 1923 art-filled mansion

AN EASY COMMUTE, WATERFRONT VISTAS, ARTS, SHOPPING & A HOMETOWN FEEL peninsula. But it’s much more than fancy houses that make Port Washington such a special place to live. The Gold Coast community with about 30,000 residents is the eastern terminus of the Long Island Rail Road’s only direct train line into Penn Station, promising a seat for the 36-minute express commuter train each morning. Additionally, Port Washington boasts a top notch school district. For landlubbers the waterfront vistas are lovely and for boaters, there’s the lure of waterfront on Manhasset Bay, the Long Island Sound and Hempstead Harbor. Main Street’s shopping, business and restaurant district runs from the Post Office on Port Washington Boulevard down to Manhasset Bay. At the intersection of Shore Road is the independent Dolphin Bookstore, filled with toys and gifts as well as beloved books. It also offers a vegetarian/vegan cafe. Boutiques and shops along Main Street have an old fashioned, small town, friendly mom and pop ambience and an offer of assistance. Near the town dock, in warm weather, concerts are held at the band shell in Sunset Park. For foodies, the choices are many. Close to the town dock is Louie’s, a landmark seafood restaurant. Just uphill are Ayhan’s Fish Kebab and Shish-Kebab restaurants and marketplace as well as the French bistro, P’tite Framboise. Heading down Shore Road, the Italian restaurant La Piccola Liguria is a perennial favorite and La Motta’s in Manorhaven overlooks a marina. Further up Main Street are Finn MacCools and the cozy Port Washington Diner.

and its 425-seat Jeanne Rimsky theater, are housed in the converted 1908 Main Street School building. It offers more than 35 performances a year by artists including RIta Wilson, Ann Hampton Callaway, the David Bromberg Band and Lou Gramm, the voice of Foreigner. Across the street is the venerable Port Washington Public Library with its own tremendous programming as well as water views. On the center’s upper levels are 59 units of affordable housing for seniors; the lower level houses a children’s center, a teen center, a parent resource center and a gymnasium The North Hempstead Town’s Harbor Links Golf Course stands on 460-acre site previously used for sand mining. Starting in the 1870s, the Port Washington sands pits provided the raw material for the cement that built the Empire State Building and many other Manhattan skyscrapers, sidewalks and subways. Harbor Links features an 18-hole championship links-style course, a nine hole executive course, a driving range and multi-purpose playing field, alongside 50 acres of a renewed wildlife habitat. Senior housing at the Amsterdam at Harborside, the North Shore’s only life care retirement community, offers independent and assisted living units as well as memory support and nursing care. Lush with rolling hills and a serpentine coastline studded with marinas, private yacht clubs and golf courses, Port Washington is home to four incorporated villages -

resembling a 13th century Norman manor. Also on the property is the fairytale-like Castlegould, a knockoff of Ireland’s Kilkenny Castle built in 1902 by Howard Gould, an heir to a railroad fortune. It was designed to hold horses and carriages. Nearby, is the residents-only 18-hole golf course at the landscaped 210-acre Village Club of Sands Point, purchased by the village from I.B.M. in 1994. Three private yacht clubs, a gaggle of marinas and a limited number of moorings available from the Town of North Hempstead provide access to the water. Not many towns can boast two multiplexes these days. Port Washington relishes the comfy leather seats and the medieval theme of its newly refurbished six-screen Soundview Cinemas at the Soundview Marketplace on Shore Road, plus a Carvel’s next door. The Bow-Tie Cinemas on Main Street has eight screens. With 5290 students, the highly regarded Port Washington School District, includes five neighborhood elementary schools, the Weber Middle School and Schreiber High School. The Daly School offers Pre-K to grade five while the Guggenheim, Manorhaven, Sousa and South Salem schools each run from kindergarten to grade five. In 1658, English settlers fenced off the peninsula for grazing livestock and named it Cow Neck. In the 1850’s, the name was changed to Port Washington in honor of George Washington, who came as close as neighboring Roslyn during his 1790 tour of Long Island. SE SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY 43



Twinight, Le Petit Trianon of Centre Island By M.C. SUSSMAN

The splendor begins the moment you pass through the archway of the gatehouse at Twinight, a regal six-acre Centre Island estate with formal gardens and panoramic views over Long Island Sound.


The splendor begins the moment you pass through the archway of the gatehouse at Twinight, a regal six-acre Centre Island estate with formal gardens and panoramic views over Long Island Sound. A cobblestone drive sweeps up to the forecourt of Twinight’s imposing three story limestone mansion, inspired by Marie Antoinette’s Le Petite Trianon in Versailles. As the sun sets, it casts a pinkish glow on the palatial 16,500 square foot home. An architectural masterpiece, the nine bedroom, nine-full-and-threehalf bath mansion was built in 2005 with the finest materials and opulent detailing. Double glass doors outfitted with decorative wrought iron and brass provide entry to the vestibule, with arched coves to each side, perfect for displaying sculptures or other art. Just beyond, the grand three story foyer is fit for a palace, with Venetian marble floors, the ultimate wow chandelier and, in the coved ceiling, hand painted

murals, highly decorative molding and gilded detail. Straight ahead, marble columns lead to a ballroomsized living room, with a fireplace at each end. Sets of French doors open onto an extensive wraparound limestone terrace edged with a balustrade. To the left of the grand foyer is the “Napoleon room,” a study swathed in green silk, with a matching coffered ceiling and mahogany cabinetry with bronze ornamentation hand-dipped in 18K gold. Beyond is a two-story music room and library with walls of windows, French doors, and a striking brass fireplace mantel. A circular stairway leads to a second story study set into the balcony. A first floor powder room boasts hippopotamus-shaped faucets. To the right of the grand foyer is a banquet-sized dining room with an ornate ceiling medallion and detail. Through the butler’s pantry, equipped with a dumb waiter, is a spacious gourmet kitchen with two refrigerators,

a warming drawer, a six burner gas cooktop with a grill and a hood with corbel detail and an enormous black granite topped center island with another grill, prep sink and a wine fridge. The kitchen opens to a large, sunny breakfast room with French doors to the terrace and hugs a less formal family room. The grand staircase in the foyer leads to the family quarters on the second floor. Patterned oak floors run throughout. Each of the two master suites is outfitted with its own dressing room, sitting room and spa bath. Hers is finished in a striking blue and gray granite; his is done in more muted earth tones. Windows above the Jacuzzi tubs in each bathroom provide serene views of the Sound. Both also have a separate shower and water closet, hers with bidet. Expansive, well appointed closets connect the master suites. Down the hall is an airy gym with windows on three sides. Another four guest suites, each with its own separate sitting room and a different color granite bathroom complete the second floor. On the third level, a three-tiered movie theater has 12 leather seats, a curtained screen and an elegant chandelier. Nearby, a butler’s pantry is set up for refreshments with a refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, sink and popcorn machine. Another four en suite bedrooms fill the third level. Naturally, a mansion of this magnitude has an elevator and laundry rooms on the second and third floors. Garages for seven cars are accessed via the finished lower level. Outside, a few steps down from the side terrace, is an inviting classic-style estate swimming pool and a fountain with a hippopotamus sculpture spouting water. Beyond the pool area to the side and past terraces at the back of the house, a carpet of emerald green grass adds even more serenity to this fabulous and exclusive waterfront setting. SE Price upon request. See page 50 for listing. For interest in this property contact Shawn Elliott at (516) 695-6349 or Zach Elliott at (516) 695-1547


Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott


Gated new construction stone/stucco estate situated on over five rolling acres located in exclusive Dupont Estates. This 6 bedroom, 11 full bath, 12,000+ square foot Brookville masterpiece features 10 foot ceilings, Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, 7 fireplaces, coffered ceilings and crown moldings throughout, his/hers custom baths and cherry paneled elevator. Full, finished lower level and audio/video automation system. Backyard entertaining at its best offers in-ground heated Gunite pool with attached hot tub, waterfall, Koi pond, meditation hut, full service cabana, tennis court, outside fire pit and four car garage. Jericho School District

Price Upon Request

Contact: Shawn Elliott 516-695-6349


ELEGANT COLONIAL IN BROADHOLLOW Enjoy this Exquisite Custom Built Brick Colonial in the Sought after Gated Community of Broadhollow, sited on 2.3 acres of absolute magnificence. A Double Story Marble Entry Foyer welcomes you to this Impeccably Built Seven Bedroom and Seven and One Half Bath Residence which Exudes Grace, Charm and Sophistication. Detailed Moldings and Extensive Intricate Millwork Throughout enhance the Elegantly appointed Principal Rooms. A Lavish “Main Floor Master Suite� with His & Hers Spa Baths also includes a sitting room, Walk-In Designer Fitted Closets and Two Fireplaces with Magnificent Carved Mantles. A Walk Out Lower Level Provides Staff or Private Guest Quarters, Gym, Bar, Karate Room, Playroom, Billiard Room and More. The Breathtaking 2.3 Acres Offers a True Country Club Setting with Bluestone Patios, an Inviting Sparkling In-Ground Pool and Summer Kitchen also included are Two Garages with Room for Six Cars plus a Full House Generator. The Ultimate in Luxury Living in the Renowned Jericho School District.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Andrea Jablow 516-524-7743 48 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES


One of the finest colonial homes built in the Broadhollow gated community that enjoys the Jericho school district. This central hall colonial features 7 bedrooms and 6 full and 2 half baths. An elegant, formal living room with floor to ceiling windows and a wood burning fireplace. The interior features high ceilings throughout, marble flooring, and gourmet kitchen. A Juliet balcony expands princess room and master bedroom. Gracious details and custom amenities abound with no expense spared. Walk out lower levels features a home theater, gym room, billiard room, open glass door exercise room, and sauna. Tennis court, Inground pool, generator, purified water filtration system complete and secure this estate for four-season living.


Contact: Sandy Chang 516-495-0898


“THE OASIS” Defined by grace and style, “The Oasis” is a glorious Country Estate that blends “Old World” charm with today’s modern amenities. Completely restored to perfection, it highlights distinctive living areas with exceptional architectural details. Quality appointments, high ceilings and crown moldings add warmth and luxury to this impressive residence. Located on a tranquil and private cul-de-sac street in Brookville, the 5+ magnificent park-like acres of landscaped lawns surrounded by mature specimen trees provide the ideal setting for this classic estate. In perfect balance with its picturesque grounds, this remarkable home is distinguished by its scenic property with the delightful 65 foot Olympic-size Pool, Cabana House, Gazebo, Tennis Court and new splendid Koi Pond with cascading stone waterfall amidst the landscape. “The Oasis”, an estate of Timeless Luxury, exemplifies the ultimate in serenity and refinement.


Contact: Sandy Binder 516-819-0000 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES 49

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Centre Island

A WATERFRONT MASTERPIECE Enjoy western water views with amazing sunsets. Set on 6 waterfront acres on the Long Island Sound, this spectacular limestone mansion was inspired by Marie-Antoinette’s Le Petite Trianon in Versailles. A stunning architectural masterpiece, this 16,500 square foot Estate home was built using only the finest materials, with no expense spared. Features include 9 bedrooms, 9 full and 3 half baths, an amazing grand foyer entry with hand painted ceiling murals, an elegant formal living room, 2-story wood library with walls of windows, gourmet kitchen, two master suites, 4 guest suites with studies, a 12-seat theatre, and gym. Outdoors an inground gunite pool, limestone porch and patios with fabulous water views, and 7 car garage.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Shawn Elliott 516-695-6349 or Zach Elliott 516-695-1547

Centre Island

WATERFRONT PROPERTIES Welcome to “Windrift” located on the 605 acre Village of Centre Island, only 32 miles from Manhattan, a great alternative to the Hamptons! This prestigious location is convenient to the finest restaurants, shopping, public and private schools. Down a tree lined drive, this 7,700 square foot European Style Estate features 5 bedrooms and 6.55 baths of opulent luxury. This exceptional residence boasts 4 fireplaces and embodies classical architectural details throughout. Majestically set on 6 magnificent waterfront acres with unobstructed waterviews from every room. The verdant rolling lawn leads you to your own private beach. The lush acres include a Gazebo and a secluded garden with cascading waterfall. A wisteria covered Pergola ushers you to the heated gunite pool & Palladium style poolhouse. Wonderful for indoor/outdoor entertaining! The Tennis court completes the luxury lifestyle amenities in this sophisticated one of a kind home!

Price Upon Request

Contact: Fran Mazer 516-857-0111 50 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES

Garden City Estates

Magnificent English Tudor Featuring World Class Charm in The “Estates” Section of Garden City. Fabulous Interior Offers Pristine Hardwood Floors, Gorgeous Archways, Millwork Throughout, & A Large Entertaining Space. 4 Large Bedrooms and 3 Full Bathrooms Sophistically Appointed & Carpeted Throughout Offers A Very Comfortable Lifestyle. Additionally, Large Master Suite Features Its Own Bathroom and Walk-In Closets. Finished Basement w/ Hardwood Floors Makes For A Great Entertaining Room or Billiards Parlor. Fantastic Millwork and Period Details Throughout This Home. The Backyard Features a Brick Patio, Specimen Plantings, Great Lawn and Detached 2 Car Garage With Private Driveway. Very Close To Tullamore Park, Stratford Elementary, Homestead K-1, LIRR, Garden City Country Club, & Close To All Fine Dining & Shopping. Located in Garden City Schools #18

Price Upon Request

Contact: Seth Levy 516-528-1737

Huntington Bay

‘SEAS THE DAY’ BEST WESTERN WATERFRONT IN BAY – Elevated 102 feet! Experience the Beautiful 180 Degree Panoramic Views from this Diamond Family Compound. Enjoy Picturesque Sunsets from the Entire Compound and 120 feet of Sandy Beach with Clean, Clear Water! Fabulous Parking for Multiple Cars. Situated Adjacent to 30+ Acre Preserve that can Never be Built on! Low Taxes.


Contact: Suzanne Wehren 631-255-6097


Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Laurel Hollow ‘HAREWOOD’’

A long, private driveway leads to “Harewood,” a magnificent Georgian-style brick center-hall colonial built in 1932. Set amidst 7.76 spectacular Gold Coast acres, this 7500 square foot mansion has been completely renovated. Oliver Cope, a prominent New York City architect, doubled the mansion’s original size, keeping true to period details while adding every modern amenity. This stately residence boasts seven bedrooms, five full baths, and three half baths. A lovely foyer leads to an oval reception room that features a fresco ceiling, detailed plaster moldings, and intricate millwork. In addition to a palatial-sized dining room, this beautiful home features a ballroom with five sets of French doors that open to a covered bluestone patio. The kitchen is outfitted with Zepsa custom cabinetry, has a large granite-topped center island, radiant heat, and a butler’s pantry. The sunny breakfast room overlooks lush lawns and the formal gardens. A wide arch off the kitchen leads to the family room with built-in cabinetry. Upstairs, the master suite occupies its own wing and features dressing rooms, a luxurious spa-like master bathroom, and French doors to a private balcony. There are two bedrooms with ensuite baths, as well as two additional bedrooms on the third floor. The lower level offers a playroom and personal gym. Outdoors, a sparkling heated in-ground pool, spa, limestone terrace, Roman neo-classic copper domed pool house with three bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen and sitting room with a fireplace make this home ideal for elegant outdoor entertaining. This landmark residence is complete with private beach and mooring rights.


Contact: John Messina 516-241-0761, Linda Carey 631-807-8015

Laurel Hollow

Fabulous 6 Bedroom, 6.55 Bath Elegant Brick Colonial Built By John Kean, Set On 2 Fantastic Acres. Formal Dining Room, Formal Living Room, And Billiard Room All With Fireplaces. Large Gourmet Eat-In Kitchen With Top-of-the-Line Appliances. Lower Level Has Play Area, Movie Theater, Bedroom, Full Bath And Kitchen Area. Outside Is Spectacular With Pool, Jacuzzi, Running Stream, Playground, Tennis Court, Golf Hole And 3 Car Garage. A Perfect Location In A Gated Community. CSH School District.


Contact: Lisa Paladino 917-363-1199



The Chatham, North Hills newest Full Service Gated Community conveniently located for Shopping, Transportation and only 25 minutes from Manhattan. Custom Edinburgh Model, in better than new condition, with elaborate Mill Work, Moldings, Wood Floors, Cathedral Ceilings, Sound and Alarm Systems, Fireplace featuring Three Bedroom Suites, Formal Living and Dining Rooms, Opened EIK to Family Room plus a walk-out lower level.


Contact: Judy Fruitbine 516-298-5382


Down A Private Country Lane, A Spectacular, One-of- A-Kind, 22- Acre Gold Coast Estate. An Equestrian Dream That Boasts A Bradley Delehanty Stately Manor House With Magnificent Craftsmanship & Details, 9 Bedrooms, 8 Baths, 6 Fireplaces, Grand Ballroom, Formal Living Room & Dining Room, Gourmet Kitchen, Office/Study and Family Room. A Fabulous Sun Filled Indoor Pool with Beautiful French Doors that Leads to a Captivating Setting of Park Like Grounds. Totally Renovated 3 Bedroom Guest House, Outdoor Inground Pool and Cabana on 8.23 Acres. Equestrian Enclave Includes 12 Stall Barn, 2 Bedroom Cottage, 4 Paddocks, Barn and 1/4 Mile Training Track With Close Proximity to Muttontown Nature Preserve. Ultimate Country Living At Its Best. Can be subdivided. The Brick Manor house may be sold separately on 8.23 acres in Syosset Schools.


Contact: Maria Siringo 516-316-8654 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES 53

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott


Elegant 8 bedroom Brick Colonial built by John Kean, set on 2+ gorgeous acres. Formal LR and DR, with gourmet eat-in-kitchen, huge entertainment room upstairs with wood paneled office. Fantastic details including spectacular Queen Anne parquet floors. Located at the end of a cul-de-sac in the Jericho school district. Magnificent backyard country club setting with Pool, Cabana, Tennis court, and golf hole. Cabana has full grill, refrigerator, tv, ice maker, pizza oven, changing room and full bath.


Contact: Lisa Paladino 917-363-1199

North Hills

The Links, a Full Service Gated Community, conveniently located to Schools, House of Worships, Shopping, Transportation and only 25 minutes from Manhattan. Gracious Cromwell Model featuring Master Suite on main floor plus two additional Bedrooms and Baths, Cathedral Ceilings, Fireplace, Center-Island EIK, Formal Living and Dining Room, Sound and Alarm Systems, wood floors plus a finished basement with a home Fitness Center, Cedar Closet, Playroom and lots of storage.


Contact: Judy Fruitbine 516-298-5382


Old Brookville

Recapture days gone by with this Newly Constructed Colonial combining Old World Charm with today’s amenities. This shy 7,000 sq. foot 10 room Estate features 5 bedrooms, 6 ½ baths, and an additional Mezzanine space on the 3rd floor. High End Craftsmanship showcases the open floor plan which includes the incomparable Chef’s Kitchen complete with Carrara Marble Counters and Coffered Ceilings. Additional Coffered Ceilings adorn the dining room, living room, great room, and master suite. Radiant Heated Floors throughout, Raised Paneling, 4 fireplaces, and rooms wired for Today’s Technology complete this modern residence. Picture perfect on 2.5 acres with additional space available over the detached 2 car garage.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Paula M Johnson 516-661-1004

Old Brookville

VILLA AURORA The Ultimate Mediterranean Villa with a Terracotta Clay Tiled Roof Adjacent to a 50 Acre Farm is located in a “Magical Setting” on 5 Acres of Manicured Excellence. This Amazingly Private and Tranquil Residence, with Incredible Farm Views, offers a Beautiful Synthesis of Old World Charm with the use of Distinctive Materials, and all of Today’s Modern Amenities. The Marble Entry Foyer leads to a Magnificent Living Room showcasing an Original Venetian Plaster Ceiling and Fireplace with a Carved Mantle. The “Villa Aurora” Estate offers an approximately 7000 Square Foot Main Residence featuring a 3 Room Private Guest Suite. Other Amenities Include: An In-Ground Heated Pool, Pool House with Fireplace, Kitchen and Full bath, and a 2300 Square Foot 3 Bedroom Guest House with 3 Car Garage. The Main House Garage is Perfect for Car Aficionados…Oversized for 5 Cars and a possibility for 10 cars in tandem plus room for 3 Hydraulic Lifts. A Rare Opportunity for the Most Discerning Buyer.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Andrea Jablow 516-524-7743


Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Old Westbury

UNSURPASSED ELEGANCE Enjoy the Splendor of Private Estate Living as you pass through the gated entry and discover a serene tree lined drive with pleasing views of 3.43 magnificently landscaped acres. This “flawlessly finished” Distinctive Custom Built Colonial, with slate roof, is located in the prestigious village of Old Westbury and is the epitome of perfection. Exceptional and unparalleled craftsmanship are evident throughout including, Custom moldings, Exquisite millwork and Impeccable details in every room. Highlights of this 7 Bedroom, 6 full and 2 half bath residence includes a grand chef’s custom kitchen and a perfectly sunlit Breakfast Area overlooking the breathtaking property, a grand master suite with an abundance of custom built-in closets, marble spa bath, fireplace and a sitting room with French doors to a romantic balcony. Other features of this Designer Showcase include a magnificent paneled office, wine cellar, gym and a glistening in ground gunite pool. Conveniently located, approximately 25 miles from Manhattan, and moments from world class shopping, fine dining, golf courses and country clubs. This home exemplifies extraordinary quality, architecture, and design. Wheatley School District.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Andrea Jablow 516-524-7743

Old Westbury

DRAMATIC CONTEMPORARY SPLENDOR IN OLD WESTBURY A Long Private Drive brings you to this Majestic, Dramatic, Custom Built Architectural Masterpiece designed by World Renowned Architects, Keller & Sangren. An Uncompromised Level of Distinctive Craftsmanship is evident throughout this home with its 30 ft Entry Foyer, Walls of Glass, Soaring Ceilings, and Open Floor Plan throughout. A Chef’s Gourmet Kitchen includes a large Center island with Granite Countertops, Pizza oven and a Sunlit Breakfast Area Overlooking the Expansive, Lush Two Acre Property. On the Second level, the Master Suite includes Sitting Room, Marble Spa Bath and its own Private Gym. A Spacious Lower level features a Golf Room, Movie Theater with Stage, and Two Private Guest Suites. Other Amenities include a Sparkling InGround Gunite Heated Pool with Jacuzzi, and a Pool House which replicates the Main Residence. Three Car Heated Garage with Mahogany Doors, Generator. Renowned Jericho School District.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Andrea Jablow 516-524-7743 56 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES

Old Westbury

INCREDIBLE VALUE IN OLD WESTBURY A Serene Tree-Lined Drive with Pleasing Views of Estate Plantings and Verdant Sprawling Lawns lead to this Refreshed and Remastered Country Home. This Home Boasts the epitome of Classic Charm and Elegance and incorporates the use of Finest Materials and State-of-the-Art amenities. Clever Craftsmanship is employed throughout. The Expansive Kitchen with Custom Cabinetry from Latvia showcases the Finest Details including Carrera Marble Counter tops, a Center Island with Cooktop and Viking Appliances. A Beautiful Synthesis of Modern and Historic Elements. The Main Residence offers five bedrooms and four and one half bathrooms. The Master Suite is your own Private Sanctuary with His and Her Carrera Marble Baths, his with Steam Shower and hers with Jacuzzi. Situated on over Seven and one half acres of Gloriously breathtaking Landscaped acres, this residence offers the utmost in Privacy and Pleasure with Expansive rear patio, pool and a pool house complete with a Viking Kitchen. Har True tennis court, Sports Court, Putting Green, Pond, in addition to a separate Carriage House comprised of a Give car garage and adjoining apartment. A Remarkable Enclave. Just moments away from High Class Shopping and Dining, Exclusive Schools and Country Clubs and only twenty five minutes from Manhattan. A True Gold Coast Residence in Jericho Schools.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Andrea Jablow 516-524-7724

Old Westbury

Enjoy This Pristine Gated Custom Built Brick Colonial In The Prestigious Village of Old Westbury Offering Over 2 Acres Of Magnificently Landscaped Property. The Interior Offers an Abundance of Superior Amenities. This Home is Truly the Epitome of Luxurious Living and Includes a Custom Chef’s Kitchen That Flows into a Great Room with Vaulted Ceiling and Magnificent Bar. This Superior Home Provides a Resort Like Setting with a Large Bluestone Entertaining Patio with Fireplace and Outdoor Summer Kitchen & Bar. The Inviting Pool includes a Rock Waterfall and Jacuzzi. One Can Also Relax while Visiting the Magnificent Koi Pond with a Rock Waterfall. 3 Car Garage. Generator. Surveillance Cameras and Extensive Outdoor Lighting.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Andrea Jablow 516-524-7724


Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Old Westbury

This Newly Constructed Brick Colonial is 8000 sq. ft of Custom Elegance in Old Westbury. Beyond a Gated Entry on a Quiet Cul de Sac, this Home Boasts Exceptional Design and Beautiful Architectural Details Throughout. Enter Through Grand Iron and Glass Doors to a Two Story Foyer Featuring a 20 ft Ceiling and Calcutta Gold with Mosaic Border Flooring. Superbly crafted with Exquisite Amenities, This Six Bedroom Home, Each with its Own Custom Bath, is a True Masterpiece. Some Amenities Include Gourmet Custom Kitchen with Double Sub-Zeros, Ten foot Island, Wolf Ovens and Incredible Calcutta Gold Countertops, Library with Mahogany Coffered Ceiling, Four Fireplaces, Spectacular Master Suite with Fireplace and Two Huge Closets. This One of a Kind Home has an incredible Lower Level with 11-12 foot Ceilings, Movie Theater, Gym, Bedroom, Two Egress Windows and 1 ½ Baths. Double Staircase Leads to Sprawling 3 ½ Acre Estate with Gunite Heated 20x60 Salt Water Pool, Jacuzzi, and Decaturf Tennis Court Complete this Amazing Country Club Backyard. Three Car Garage. Award Winning Jericho Schools.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Fran Mazer 516-857-0111

Old Westbury

EXCLUSIVELY OURS! This Stunning Brick Colonial Sits on over Four acres in a Gated Neighborhood in the Jericho school district. Enter into a 22’ Foyer with Jerusalem Gold Stone Throughout the Entry and Main Floor Common Area, complete with Radiant Heat and a Winding Staircase Handcrafted in Wrought Iron and Mahogany. An Oversized Kitchen offers a Wolf 6 Burner Range, Two Dishwashers, Three Ovens, Walk In Pantry and is Flooded with Natural Light with French Doors leading to the Outside Entertainment Area. Silk Wall Coverings Drape the Dining Room Walls with Rich Oak Floors and A Gas Fireplace. The Living Room, Library, Gentleman’s Office and Family Room are on a Grand Scale with Detailed Ceiling Design and Wide Moldings. There are Seven Bedrooms. His and Her Baths ,Outfitted Closets and Private Balcony make the Master Suite quite special. Full Finished Lower Level with Soundproofed Theater  Custom Embossed Leather Electrical Seating for 13, Billiard Room with Raised Paneling and 1000 Bottle Wine Cellar which is Temperature Regulated. Additionally, the home offers State-of-the-art Lutron and Crestron Systems, Generator, 4 Car Garage and Hotel-Like Yard with Pool. Reasonable Taxes.


Contact: Francine Eisenberg 516-449-8738 58 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES

Old Westbury

Enter Through the Electric Gate and Paved Courtyard to a Custom Brick Estate Which Sits on 4 + Acres in Old Westbury. The Beautiful Entrance Hallway With Bridal Staircase, Leads to the Upper Level Where Bedroom Balconies Overlook the Grounds. The Main Residence Offers 5 Bedrooms, 5.5 Baths, Master Bedroom Suite W/Jacuzzi, Spacious Entertainment Rooms, Wood Floors and High Ceilings. Quality Appointments Throughout. Full Finished Basement with large media/ entertainment room, bedroom, and bath complete this approximate 6000 sq ft home. This Extraordinary Property Features A Large Separate Guest House, Additional Detached Garage, In ground Gunite Pool with Three Tier Waterfall, Tennis/Basketball Court, Stable and Go Cart Track, All Which Contribute to Resort-like Living. An Unbelievable value!


Contact: Fran Mazer 516-857-0111 or Michael Clay 516-864-9459

Old Westbury

CONTEMPORARY SPLENDOR This extraordinary 7 bedroom custom Contemporary is set on 2.2 magnificent acres in the prestigious community of Stone Arches. Elegant and gracious details are captured throughout this 6800 square foot home located on a superb cul-de-sac street in both the Wheatley and Roslyn School Districts. Renovated and updated with exceptional taste and quality, the Contemporary design incorporates high ceilings and open expanses. Sweeping walls of glass capture the panoramic beauty of the picturesque gardens, flowering shrubs and specimen trees. The lush landscaped property with an array of amenities, creates the lure of country club leisure and comfort. The natural picture book scenery is complete with multilevel bluestone patios, an inground gunite Pool with waterfall and a secluded Tennis Court nestled beyond soaring pine trees. Experience a lifestyle of luxury in this outstanding Contemporary beauty!


Contact: Sandy Binder 516-819-0000 or Shaul Calmenson 516-984-9206 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES 59

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Old Westbury

CONCEPT IN DRAMA Elegance and Sophistication have been captured in this custom classic Hampton-style Manor Home. Completely renovated and expanded by a prominent architect, this 10,000 sq. ft. exceptional 8 Bedroom, 9 Bath residence of architecturally distinct visual exhilaration is distinguished by its innovative design and quality appointments. The expansive rooms are enhanced by a tasteful blend of casual gracious family living and elegant entertaining. Located at the end of a cul-de-sac in Wheatley School District, the 5+ acre outstanding park-like beautiful property is embellished by a delightful Pool, Har-tru Tennis Court and Cabana House. This home of elegance, tranquility and comfort is an investment in pleasurable living. Truly an excellent opportunity and a not to be missed offering!


Contact: Sandy Binder 516-819-0000

Old Westbury

“ELEGANCE OF YESTERYEAR” One of the finest properties in Old Westbury provides the brilliant setting for this impressive 8650 square foot, 9 Bedroom Country Colonial Estate located on 5+ glorious, rolling and pastoral acres in the Jericho School District. Originally part of the magnificent former E.D. Morgan Estate, this restored residence, “Five Chimneys” delicately blends old world charm, character and the elegance of gracious living. The fine design, boundless luxury and superb details are evident throughout the home. A separate 2-story building accommodates a 3000 sq. ft. Sports Complex and Entertainment Center that contains an incredible Basketball Court, Billiard Room, Gym, and numerous amenities. The property also highlights an enchanting Pool setting and Cabana House. This extraordinary Estate is the eloquence of yesterday, here today and will satisfy the most discriminating connoisseur.


Contact: Sandy Binder 516-819-0000 60 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES

Old Westbury Jewel

TEMPLETON - A CELEBRATED GOLD COAST ESTATE Fifteen plus magnificent acres are the setting for this sprawling brick Georgian Manor Estate in a prime location. Truly an exceptional, unparalleled Gold Coast Jewel. A horticulturist’s delight with stately trees, broad stretches of beautiful lawns bordered by evergreens, specimen plantings and botanic gardens with award-winning rose gardens and ornate topiaries. Featured amenities include Pool, Tennis Court, 3 Greenhouses and Cottages. The renowned equestrian enclave includes 2 Horse Barns with 17 Stalls, Paddocks and Caretaker’s Cottage. Utilizing every natural advantage including the Wheatley School District, this estate is nothing short of perfection. Can be subdivided. Private showing by appointment only. Huge Price Reduction.


Contact: Sandy Binder 516-819-0000

Old Westbury

COURT ORDERED SALE! Elegant English Manor House In Serene Setting Backing A Private Golf Club. Situated on over 4 Professionally Landscaped Acres. This 5 Bedroom Home has been Completely Refurbished From Head To Toe with Unique Historical Significance. 5 Full and 2 Half Baths. Elevator & Generator. Outdoors features include a Cottage/Poolhouse, Free Form Pool, Tennis Court. Too Much To Mention!

Price Upon Request

Contact: Shawn Elliott 516-695-6349 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES 61

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Applegreen – Old Westbury

Built in 2003. Drive up to this grand 11,000 sq. ft. Brick Mansion surrounded by privacy trees on 5.25 acres. Grand foyer with sweeping staircase leads to a large and airy music room with French doors, arched doorways and Greek columns. The lush living room has beautiful hardwood floors and is centered with a marble fireplace. Banquet-sized dining room, gourmet chef’s kitchen with center island, and every top-of-the-line appliance for today’s modern cook including a double Sub Zero refrigerator. Mahogany paneled library with built-ins and handsome fireplace, a true retreat from today’s world. Family room with granite fireplace and French doors. Master Suite fit for King and Queen with sitting area, built-ins and tray ceiling. Beautiful master bath with Jacuzzi tub, large double sink and separate shower. Additional 4 bedrooms and 4 baths on the upper level, including large bonus room. Full finished basement with wine cellar, movie theater for eight, game room, gym and 2 bedrooms and bath. Country Club luxurious living complete with inground Gunite pool and all-weather Tennis court. Located in award-winning Jericho School District.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Shawn Elliott 516-695-6349


2 PRISTINE ACRES – A RARE OFFERING A Serene Tree-Lined Drive Enhances The Privacy Of This Majestic Custom Built Brick Colonial Sited On 2 Plus Magnificent Acres In The Heart Of Roslyn. Enjoy Unobstructed Views From Every Room Of This Elegant Home. The Epitome Of Quality Is Evident Throughout And Enhances This 5900 Square Foot Residence Filled With The Finest Materials & State-Of-The-Art Amenities. Large Principal Rooms And An Open Floor Plan With Soaring Ceilings, An Expansive Chef’s Kitchen, Plus A Great Room With 30 Foot Vaulted Ceilings, All Add To The Ambiance Of This Residence. A Full Finished Lower Level Has It All! Including A Beautiful Wet Bar Plus An Oversized Area for Entertaining And Also Areas For Fun And Relaxation. Roslyn SD

Price Upon Request

Contact: Andrea Jablow 516-524-7743 62 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES

Sands Point

Set on 2.2 waterfront acres on the famed Gold Coast of Long Island, this Sands Point home is a Spectacular Offering. With 10000 square feet of exquisite living space, this masterpiece is impeccably designed and decorated to suit the highest expectations. Exquisite and luxurious throughout with breathtaking vistas of Long Island Sound and a fantastic view of Manhattan. Features include 7 bedrooms, 5 full and 3 half baths, eat-in-kitchen with butler’s bar, solarium room, his and her dens, formal living and dining rooms, Master Suite with luxurious master bath, 2 sitting areas. Outdoor features include an inground gunite pool and pool house, 2 balconies with fabulous views, front porch and bluestone patios, 4 car garage with full basement. Beautifully landscaped property with unbelievable water views.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Shawn Elliott 516-695-6349 or Zach Elliott 516-695-1547

Upper Brookville

Set on over 2 bucolic acres, this smart home is perfectly located at the end of a cul de sac. Walk into a dramatic 2 story entry with gleaming marble and hardwood floors, along with master millwork. Great Entertaining rooms, with a fabulous kitchen, wine frig, theatre, surround sound, air purified throughout, generator,and radiant heat on lower floor. A Complete gym and salt water pool finish off the luxury of this fabulous and sophisticated home. Locust Valley Schools.


Contact: Karyn Rotter 516-457-7700


Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Upper Brookville

Magnificent iron gates open to a cobbled driveway and exquisite Chateau-inspired mansion located on 5 beautifully landscaped acres. Grand two-story entry foyer with coffered ceiling, winding staircase, and inlaid marble flooring leads to elegant formal dining room with field wainscot and a carved stone fireplace. Extraordinary two-story formal living room with Palladian windows overlooks the property’s courtyard, guest house and sparkling pool. The Library/office features cherry paneling and a stone fireplace. The chef’s kitchen is outfitted with custom cabinetry, incredible center island, commercial grade stainless steel appliances, graceful chandeliers, a butler’s pantry with additional storage and wine refrigeration, and has a sunny breakfast room overlooking the grounds. Adjacent is a cozy family room with a fireplace, which leads to a phenomenal custom media room. A master suite is located on the first floor and offers an expansive master bedroom with a fireplace, sitting area, intricately milled coffered ceiling, amazing dressing rooms, and a luxurious marble master bathroom with dual vanities and a tub for two for the ultimate spa experience. This fine residence features 7 additional bedrooms – each with its own private en-suite bathroom and walk-in closets, and 2 powder rooms. The lower level has a wine cellar, a pool room, a gym, a full bathroom, arcade room, and a dance floor. This remarkable property offers a marvelous outdoor entertaining area with blue stone courtyard, in-ground heated pool, and an unbelievable two-bedroom guest house with a full bath, granite kitchen, and a living and dining room with vaulted ceilings. This fine residence is the epitome of luxury living and is located in the Locust Valley school district.


Contact: John Messina 516-241-0761

Upper Brookville

Spectacular, Sprawling 1 Level, Gated 6 Bedroom, 4.5 Bath Frank Lloyd Wright Home on Shy 4 Acres Located on Long Island’s Gold Coast in Upper Brookville. This Gated, Private Estate has a Long Private Drive and Beautifully Landscaped Property. The Main House Boasts a Dramatic Living Room, Dining Room and a Gourmet Eat in Kitchen. The Master Bedroom Suite features a Spa Bath and Radiant Heat. Outdoors, Country Club Living at its Finest includes an Inground Gunite Pool, Pond, Waterfall and a Separate, Fully Equipped Guest House with Gas Fireplace. A 3.5 Car Garage. Situated in the Award Winning Locust Valley School District.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Fran Mazer 516-857-0111, Andrea Jordano 516-241-9982 64 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES

Upper Brookville

Built for the New Millennium but with all the grace and charm of the ‘Great Gatsby’ era, this Mediterranean-style Villa sits majestically on 5 acres of exquisite landscaping with a gated entry abutting the Planting Fields Arboretum and boasts over 14,500+ square feet of living space. Enter this Fabulous Estate home into a grand 3-story marble floor foyer with twin floating staircases ascend to a landing with a fresco mural. The palatial Master Suite features a fireplace and kitchenette, There are 4 additional bedrooms with private baths on the second floor. Exceptional craftsmanship seen throughout in massive and intricate moldings, inlaid marble and hardwood floors, designer baths, marble and granite gourmet kitchen. Two attached 4-car garages, a 65 foot ballroom and a glass enclosed inground pool and spa opening to the patio and formal gardens. The third floor large cupola features a 360 degree observation deck to overlook the beautiful gardens and land. Completely finished 6500 square foot basement with two guest suites and more. Private elevator accesses 3 floors. A beautiful cul-de sac location on Long Island’s fabled North Shore Gold Coast just forty minutes from Manhattan and major airports.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Shawn Elliott 516-695-6349

Upper Brookville

EPITOME OF LUXURY LIVING Upper Brookville Contemporary Splendor Heralded by Regal Entrance Gates, the Impressive and Dramatic Residence, sited on 5 plus Glorious Acres, is located on one of the Most Prestigious Streets on the Gold Coast Enjoy this magnificent Estate, showcasing walls of Glass, Soaring Ceilings, Sparkling In-Ground Pool and Separate Pool House. This home Exemplifies quality, charm and architectural excellence throughout. Perfect for the Most Discerning Buyer. Truly the Epitome of Luxury Living.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Andrea Jablow 516-524-7743 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES 65

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

South Merrick

Built in 2005, This Magnificent 5 Bedroom, 2 ½ Bath Center Hall Colonial Offers Gracious Living With So Many Incredible Features. Gleaming Hardwood Floors Flow Throughout This Home, From The Elegant Grand Foyer Into The Large Formal Dining Room, Living Room, Great Room, & Large Kitchen. 10 Foot Ceilings on The Main Level Make This Home Feel Like A Palace, Whether In The Perfect Chef’s Granite Kitchen With Top of The Line Stainless Steel Appliances, Gas Cooking, and Butlers Pantry, Entertaining In The Formal Dining Room With Crown & Chair Rail Moldings, Or Relaxing In The Very Large Living Room Or Family Room, All With Incredible Flow. An Elegantly Tiled Guest Powder Room Is Also Located On The Main Level, As Well As Access To The Very Large Storage Space Below, Hall & Pantry Closets, & 1 Attached 1 Car Garage. A Grand Staircase With Wooden Banister Will Lead You Upstairs To 5 Very Large edrooms, A Spacious Common Bathroom With Pantry Closet, Plenty Of Closet Space, An Incredible Master Suite Large Walk In Closet, Gorgeous Tiled En Suite Bathroom, & Full Size Attic For Even More Storage! This Home Boasts A Grand Brick Exterior With Manicured Lawn, & Specimen Plantings On A Graceful 6,000 Square Foot Lot. You Will Find This All Ideally Located Near LIRR, Public Transportation, Restaurants, Shops, & Merrick School District #25.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Seth Levy 516-528-1737

South Merrick Waterfront

Built in 2005, This Magnificent 5 Bedroom, 2 ½ Bath Center Hall Colonial Offers Gracious Living With So Many Incredible Features. Gleaming Hardwood Floors Flow Throughout This Home, From The Elegant Grand Foyer Into The Large Formal Dining Room, Living Room, Great Room, & Large Kitchen. 10 Foot Ceilings on The Main Level Make This Home Feel Like A Palace, Whether In The Perfect Chef’s Granite Kitchen With Top of The Line Stainless Steel Appliances, Gas Cooking, and Butlers Pantry, Entertaining In The Formal Dining Room With Crown & Chair Rail Moldings, Or Relaxing In The Very Large Living Room Or Family Room, All With Incredible Flow. An Elegantly Tiled Guest Powder Room Is Also Located On The Main Level, As Well As Access To The Very Large Storage Space Below, Hall & Pantry Closets, & 1 Attached 1 Car Garage. A Grand Staircase With Wooden Banister Will Lead You Upstairs To 5 Very Large Bedrooms, A Spacious Common Bathroom With Pantry Closet, Plenty Of Closet Space, An Incredible Master Suite Large Walk In Closet, Gorgeous Tiled En Suite Bathroom, & Full Size Attic For Even More Storage! This Home Boasts A Grand Brick Exterior With Manicured Lawn, & Specimen Plantings On A Graceful 6,000 Square Foot Lot. You Will Find This All Ideally Located Near LIRR, Public Transportation, Restaurants, Shops, & Merrick School District #25.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Seth Levy 516-528-1737 Phil Schonfeld 516-795-9111 66 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES

South Bellmore Waterfront

Ideally Located On One Of The South Shore’s Waterways, The Prestigious East Bay Peninsula, This Tastefully Renovated Home Offers Gracious Living. Upon Entering The Grand Foyer With Imported Chandelier, You Make Your Way Into A Large Granite Kitchen With Stainless Steel Appliances & Incredible Water Views Through Sliders. Large Anderson Windows Overlook The Water, Letting Natural Sunlight Pour Into The Home Offering Elegant Vaulted Ceilings & Hardwood Floors Throughout. This Home Features 4 Large Bedrooms and 3 Full Bathrooms With Elegant Fixtures & Moldings. Entertain In The Oversized Formal Dining Room Overlooking The Wide Canal. Large Andersen Paladium Windows & Doors Solidify The Grand Nature Of This Waterfront Home. Large Master Suite With New Bathroom and Sliding Doors To Upper Deck. An Incredible Custom Brick Wood Burning Fireplace Complimented By Terra Cotta Tile Floors Warms The Family Room. Large Storage Room, 2 Car Garage, and Additional Bedroom On The Lower Level With A Full Bathroom Leads To A Manicured Backyard With Specimen Plantings, Wood Deck, & Private Boat Slip With Capacity For Large Boats & Shore Power. Additionally Featuring A Video Surveillance System, Full Alarm System, & Paver Driveway. Bellmore School District #7

Price Upon Request

Contact: Seth Levy 516-528-1737 Phil Schonfeld 516-795-9111

Massapequa Waterfront-Old Harbor Green

Magnificent Resort Like Home On A Private Cul De Sac Offering 4400 Square Feet of Living Space Ideally Located On The Open Bay! Featuring 4 Large Bedrooms and 3 Full Bathrooms This Home Offers Space For All. Incredible Master Suite Featuring Vaulted Ceilings, 2 Large Walk In Closets, Sun Room With Access To Rear Yard, and Private En Suite Bathroom With Oversized Jetted Tub, Steam Shower, Dual Sink & More. This Home Features A Large Eat In Kitchen With Water Views, Stainless Steel Appliances, Adjacent To An Oversized Formal Dining Room. Vaulted Ceilings Throughout The Home Makes Entertaining A Breeze Whether In The Expansive Great Room or Living Room Offering Incredible Bay Views and A Wood Burning Fireplace. Relax In A Large Lower Level With A Second Wood Burning Fireplace, Full Service Wet Bar, Full Bathroom With Access Paver Rear Yard. This Truly Remarkable Backyard Offers An In-Ground Gunite Swimming Pool With Waterfall, Outdoor Cabana and Wet Bar, Boat Slips for Two, Private Beach, & New Trex Deck Leading To Every Floor In The House. Additionally There Is A Large 3 Car Garage With Tool Room, Huge Circular Driveway, Garden Area, Large Side Yard & Located In Massapequa School District #23

Price Upon Request

Contact: Seth Levy 516-528-1737 Phil Schonfeld 516-795-9111 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES 67

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott


Take A Look At This 4 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath Masterpiece Of A Home. This Updated And Spacious Waterfront Wonder Features Hardwood Floors Throughout, Granite Countertops And Radiating Floors. Sail Home And Take Advantage Of Your Deluxe Outdoor Kitchen And Lush Landscaping. This Open Flowing Floor Plan Gives You Everything You Could Ask For In A House.


Contact: Brenden Burns 631-664-3564

Brian Feigenbaum 516-589-0939

Dix Hills

Magnificent center hall colonial located on private ½ acre in Country Pointe, a desirable gated community with phenomenal country club amenities. Grand foyer and elegant formal living room with two-story ceilings, palatial-sized dining room, and incredible great room with fireplace and eat-in kitchen featuring high-end professional stainless steel appliances, custom cabinetry, granite counters, and enormous center island. Master suite with dual walk-in closets and spa-like master bath with designer fixtures. 4 additional large bedrooms, two full baths with luxury fittings, tasteful powder room, and a loft/office that could be converted to a 5th bedroom. Tall ceilings, gleaming hardwood floors, and exquisite custom moldings throughout. Community pool, tennis, playground, clubhouse with restaurant, and optional golf course membership. Half Hollows Hills school district. $1,595,000


Contact: John Messina 516-241-0761

Laurel Hollow

Beautiful 4 bedroom 2.5 bath ranch on picturesque flat 2 acres, new roof, new doors, pella windows, new granite S/S kitchen, new 20x30 fam room with cathedral ceilings, fireplace, and radiant heating. Beach & Mooring Rights. Cold Spring Harbor Schools. Star Savings $861.93


Contact: Paula M Johnson 516-661-1004

Laurel Hollow

Spectacular 13 room custom colonial on 2 secluded acres: formal dining room with fireplace, formal living room with French doors & fireplace. Custom cherry kitchen, granite counters, large center island, breakfast area, & adjoining butler’s pantry. Family room with fireplace & double set of French doors. Master suite with attached office, walk-in closets, & luxury master bath. 4 additional bedrooms plus 4.5 bathrooms. Outside features covered portico, blue stone patio, & in-ground salt water pool . Other highlights include a gym/bonus room, billiardsroom, 3 car garage, beach rights, & Cold Spring Harbor Schools.


Contact: John Messina 516-241-0761


Locust Valley

A Private Driveway Leads to this Incredible Family Estate. The Home has been Totally Renovated to Perfection and Features Grand Entertaining Rooms Throughout. There is a State of the Art Gourmet Kitchen with Hampton Conservatory, a Fabulous Master Bedroom Suite with Soaring Ceilings and Sitting Room/Conservatory. Bluestone Patios Overlook a Bucolic Pond on Over 3 Plus Acres featuring an Inground Gunite Pool, an Enormous Guest House with Family Room and Fireplace, Bedroom Suite, Gym, and 3 Car Garage and an Additional 1 Bedroom Cottage.


Contact: Maria Siringo 516-316-8654

Mill Neck

A Fabulous Custom Built Estate, the Builder’s Own, Exquisitely Situated on 3.7 Secluded Acres, in the Prestigious Village of Mill Neck, with a Convenient Commute to Manhattan. This Extraordinary Home Features a Grand Entry with Sophisticated Finishes and Attention to Detail. A State of the Art Gourmet Kitchen with all Top Of Line Appliances. Spacious Family Room with Coffered Ceilings, Wood Burning Fireplace, Beautiful Brazilian Cherry Flooring, Formal Living Room and Dining Room with Fireplace and Library/Study. An Additional Main Level Guest Bedroom.The Romantic and Luxurious Master Suite Features a Spacious Sitting Room with Fireplace and Balcony. The Master Bath Offers an Enormous Walk In Shower, Jacuzzi Tub with Radiant Heated Floors. There are Three Additional Oversized Bedrooms that Feature Full Baths and Vaulted Ceilings. The House has Two Laundry Rooms, One on Each Level; and a Partial Finished Basement with Full Bath and Storage. A Wonderful Bonus to This Picturesque Property is the Handsome New Cabana with a Full Gourmet Kitchen, Spacious Great Room, Full Bath, Laundry Room. and a 10’ Basement which is Great for Storage. A Separate Entry to A Private Guest Suite with Sun Filled Rooms. Three Car Garage. A White Sand Granite Patio Wraps the New Gunite Heated Pool. The Grounds are Amazing, with Weeping Willow Trees, Mature Plantings, Beautiful Perennials and Lush Gardens Throughout this Luxury Treat.


Middle Island

SOLAR COMMUNITY New Solar Community To Be Built! Imagine Having No Electric & No Heating Bills With This Custom Built Home. These Homes Will Be Heated By Geo Thermal Systems With Solar Panels.100% Energy Star! These Amazing Homes Will Offer A Large Master Bedroom with Vaulted Ceilings, a Luxurious Master Bath, and Full Basement. Each Bedroom Is A Suite! 2 Car Garage. Set on a Private Rd Backed By 4 Acre Preserve.


Contact: Brenden Burns 631-664-3564

Old Westbury

A Long Driveway Leads You to a Circular Courtyard, Complimented by a Stately Stucco Mansion. Captivating in Presence are the Gardens with Expansive Terraces, Luxurious Heated Pool, Hot Tub, Surrounded by 2.3 Exquisite Acres. The Entry Leads You into a Dramatic 2 Story Foyer, Granite and Marble Floor. 5 bds, 4.55 bths, Gourmet Chef’s Kitchen and More. A Breathtaking Master Suite in Grand Scale with 15 ft Vaulted Ceilings & Marble Bath. The Lower Level is the Ultimate Entertainment Showplace with Game Room, Hot Tub, Sauna, Steam Room and Wet Bar. Feng Shui Home.


Contact: Ben or Marion Matros 516-647-7488

Contact: Maria Siringo 516-316-8654 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES 69

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Oyster Bay Cove

Great Location for the Most Discerning Buyer! Located on a Quiet Cul-De-Sac, this Lovely Center-Hall Colonial features a Spacious Updated Kitchen with Granite Counters and Center Island, 5 Bedrooms, 3 Renovated Baths and 2 Powder Rooms. Situated on 2+ Professionally Landscaped Flat Acres with an Amazing Inground Pool with Waterfall, Bluestone Patio, a 5 Car Garage, and Ample Room for a Tennis Court,


Contact: John Messina 516-241-0761

Oyster Bay Cove

The Big Oasis In The Estates. Spectacular Grounds In A Spectacular Location. 2 Lush Acres With In-Ground Heated Gunite Pool. Har Tru Tennis Court With A Connected Guest Cottage featuring 1 Bedroom, 1 Full Bath and Kitchen. Wood Encased Floor To Ceiling Windows Throughout For Panoramic Views. Oversized Double Deck Overlooks House and Property. Radiant Heat, Hardwood And Marble Floors, New Kitchen With Stainless Steel Appliances, 2 Fireplaces- 1 Gas, 1 Wood Burning, Southern Exposure With Specimen Plantings and Trees. Total Privacy For Those Who Seek Nature’s Best. Renowned Syosset School District.


Contact: Ira Gross 516-313-7282

Oyster Bay Cove

LOVELY PROPERTY! Stately Circular Drive Leads To This Magnificent 5 Bedroom, 4.5 Bath Colonial Located In Prestgious Oyster Bay Estates! Radiant Heated Floors In The Entry Hall Accentuates The Sweeping Bridal Staircase! Oversized, Open Eat-in-Kitchen!Spectacular Wood Floors & Custom Woodwork Throughout! Whole House Audio! New Basement!New CAC System!


Contact: Andrea Costello 516-457-6451 Michele Gort 516-526-9936


ELEGANT RESIDENCE IN ROSLYN ESTATES § Enjoy this Pristine Residence situated on One of the Most Desirable Streets in Roslyn Estates. This Warm and Inviting Home features Superb Detailing and Quality Craftsmanship throughout and Generously Proportioned Formal and Informal Rooms. Highlights include First Floor Master Suite, Expansive Living Room with Exquisite details and Moldings, Sunlit Inviting Den with Vaulted Ceiling, Banquet Sized Dining Room and Custom Chef’s Kitchen. The Lower Level includes: 2 Dens, Custom Wet Bar, Temperature Controlled Wine Closet, Gym, Sauna, Steam Room, Playroom Plus Full Bedroom and Bath. Country Club Living at its Best… Built-In BBQ, Expansive Bluestone Patio and your own Private Putting Green. Roslyn SD

Price Upon Request

Contact: Andrea Jablow 516-524-7743



LITTLE OASIS IN WOODBURY! Spectacular Grounds in Cul-de-Sac Location with Award Winning Property including Specimen Plantings and Trees also Featuring a Free-Forming In-Ground Pool. Immaculate Farm Ranch On 1.17 Acres. Pristinely Done In The Past 5 Years with Heating System, Hot Air & Hot Water, Radiant Heat, 2 Spectacular Baths with Sauna, Steam Room, and Fireplace. . Hardwood Floors, New Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances, 5 Bedrooms, 3.55 Baths, and 2 Fireplaces. Over 2500 Sq Ft Finished Basement With Media Room, Gym, Playroom And Powder Room. No Expense Spared For The Quality Minded And Particular Buyers.


Upper Brookville

Custom Built 12,000 Square Foot Colonial Sits on Over Five Manicured Acres on a Cul-desac. The Master Bedroom Suite is on the First Floor with Three En Suite Bedrooms on the Second Floor. Â Stunning Patios off the Large Granite Kitchen and A full Finished Lower Level that Walks Out to a New Gunite Pool , Walking Trails and Spectacular Flat Property. Owner Relocating,


Contact: Francine Eisenberg 516-449-8738

Contact: Ira Gross 516-313-7282

Old Westbury

GRACIOUS & GRAND ESTATE IN OLD WESTBURY Endless Possibilities are yours with this Unique Offering in One of the Most Prestigious Locations in Old Westbury. A Long Private Drive Leads to this Circa 1900 5 Bedroom, 6.55 Bath, Brick Estate Located on Approximately 16 Flat Useable Acres. Over 10,000 Sq Ft of Potential, Right in the Heart of Old Westbury! Land can be Subdivided. East Williston SD.

Price Upon Request

Contact: Andrea Jablow 516-524-7743

Upper Brookville

A Fabulous 5 Bedroom, 3.55 Bath, Classic Colonial Located On A Private Cul De Sac Rd. Gourmet Eat-in-Kitchen With Top Of The Line Appliances, Formal Dining Room, Living Room With Fireplace, Family Room With Fireplace. Beautiful Details. Master W/ Balcony Overlooking Spectacular Park Like Property With Heated Gunite Pool, Tennis/Sport Court, Batting Cage, Two Car Garage, Full Basement W/ Wine Cellar & Gym


Contact: Maria Siringo 516-316-8654


Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Luxury Listings

Shawn Elliott

Brooklyn Mill Basin

Magnificent 6 Bedrooms and 4 Bath Detached Home With All The Amenities! 30’ Grand Foyer, Large Eat In Kitchen With Granite Countertops and Stainless Steel Appliances, Private Balconies, Hardwood Floors, High Ceilings With Tall Windows. Incredible Master Bedroom With Spa Like Bathroom, Private Fireplace, Large Spa Saltwater Pool With Outdoor Kitchen Surrounded By Pavers, 2 Car Garage, Gated Property, & More!

Price Upon Request

Contact: Seth Levy 516-528-1737 Phil Schonfeld 516-795-9111

Laurel Hollow

Beautiful 5 Bedroom, 5.5 Bath Post Modern Colonial with a Grand Foyer featuring High Ceilings & Sweeping Staircase. Fabulous Gourmet Eat in Kitchen with Granite Countertops, Wood Cabinets & Stainless Steel Appliances. Kitchen Opens To Large Family Room with Fireplace. The Master Bedroom Suite boasts a Sitting Room, Dressing Room, 2 Walk-In Closets and Master Bath. A Full Finished Basement with a Bedroom, Bath, Play Area, and Gym. Situated on 2 Acres of Flat Property with an Inground Heated Pool & Large Grass Area. Cold Spring Harbor School District & Laurel Hollow Beach & Mooring.

$ 1,749,000

Contact: Fran Mazer 516-857-0111


Elegant & Stately Stone/Brick Manor Compound Featuring Grand Living Room, Formal Dining & Entry Foyer, 16’ Ceilings, Gourmet Eat-In-Kitchen, Elevator, Custom Details Throughout. 5 Fireplaces, Breezeway Leading To 4 Bedroom Guest Suite. Saltwater Pool, Courtyard Entry, 15 Ft Behind Basement For Horse Rail

$ 3,725,000

Contact: Batul Morbi 516-859-8037

Glen Cove

Completely Renovated Brick Large High Ranch situated on Half Acre. This 5 Bedroom, 3 Bath Home features include Open Floor Plan, Granite Countertops in Kitchen, 2 Wood Burning Fireplaces, Cathedral Ceilings, Oak Floors, Crown Moldings, and a Large Master Suite with Walk in Closet. Additional Amenities include a Surround Sound System, Generator, and Alarm System. The Country Club Yard includes a Gazebo, 18X40 ft InGround Pool, Slate Brick Patios, Bluestone Pavers, and 2.5 Car Detached 30X30 Garage.


Contact: Sandy Chang 516-495-0898

Laurel Hollow

Gracious Stucco Manor Home with Courtyard Entry. 6 Bedrooms, 6.55 Baths. Quiet, Serene Location surrounded by Mature Specimen Trees. Elegant Interior, Breathtaking Fixtures, Elaborate Mouldings, Millwork and Architectural Details. Top-Of-The-Line Amenities. Gourmet Chef’s Kitchen with DCS Gas Range, Sub-Zero Refrigerator, Granite Counter, Custom Cabinetry, Breakfast Area and Fireplace. Large Formal Dining Room, Living Room with Fireplace, and Cherry Library. Luxurious Master Bedroom Suite with Gas Fireplace, Marble Bath and Steam Shower. Expansive Family Room with Cherry Entertainment Center, Fireplace, and French Doors leading outside to the Mahogany Deck and Tiered Paved Patios. Private 800 Sq. ft. Bedroom Suite and Full Bath Over the 3 Car Heated Garage. Full Finished Lower Level with 9ft. Ceiling, Gym, Entertainment Center, Wine Storage Room, 1.5 Baths and Outside Entrance. Whole House Water Filtration; and Music/Sound System. CAC, CVAC. 2.4 Acres of Professionally Designed Irrigated Landscape & Perennial Gardens. Gunite Pool & Spa. Cold Spring Harbor Schools.


Contact: Marla Fischl Casadei 631-875-3433

Old Brookville

This Exquisite 6,000 Square Foot Home is Located on 2 Fabulous Acres on a Cul-De-Sac. Features include 8 Bedrooms and 6 Full Baths, Formal Dining Room, Living Room, Eat In Kitchen with Breakfast Room, and aFamily Room. The Master Suite features His and Hers Closets and a Balcony Overlooking the Beautifully Landscaped Property and Pool. There is a Full Finished Basement which with a Media Room, a Four Room Guest Suite with Separate Entrance and Balcony. North Shore Schools.


Contact: Sandy Chang 516-495-0898 72 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY HOMES & ESTATES

Old Westbury Located in The Heart of Old Westbury, Make Your Way Through The Exclusive Gated Entry Into 2.05 Flat, Manicured, & Private Acres To This Magnificent 7,250 Square Foot Colonial Offering 6 Bedrooms and 10.5 Bathrooms, Gas Cooking & Heat, Radiant Heated Driveway, Tinted Windows, 2 Fireplaces, Open Floorplan, In-Ground Gunite Pool With Large Pool House, 3 Car Attached Garage, Full Finished Basement With Recreation Area, Close To Prestigious Country & Golf Clubs, and Major Parkways. Westbury School District #1

Price Upon Request Contact: Seth Levy 516-528-1737


DAMIN PARK Beautiful Renovated 5 Bedroom 3 Bath Hi Ranch Featuring Designer Kitchen with Granite Counters and Custom Cabinetry with Sliders to Yard, Large Living Room, Formal Dining Room,3 New Baths, Wood Floors, Gas Heat & Cooking, 2 Fireplaces, Surround Sound, Huge Family Room, Mouldings, Panel Doors, New Roof, CAC, Alarm,2 Car Garage with Interior Access, New Pavers, Electric Fence & More! This Home is Set Midblock On A Professionally Landscaped Property Boasting Flat Yard with Gorgeous Inground Pool!


Contact: Fern Altman 516-524-3387

Sands Point

Young stately 7,700 sq ft Brick Colonial with Limestone trims built in 2007 in exclusive Sands Point. Formal living room, formal dining room and den. State of the art gourmet kitchen featuring imported granite floors, two Viking stoves, double door refrigerator, 4 freezer doors, wine cooler and radiant heated floors. Master bedroom with balcony overlooking winter water views. Finished basement that includes a home theater, gym, 2 baths and cool tunnel for wine cellar.  Additional amenities include Waterworks fixtures in all bathrooms, 2 fireplaces, teak floors, built-in intercom/alarm systems and a central humidification system for the main house. Outside, the 2-acre property boasts a heated gunite pool and Pool house with full bath and kitchenette. Courtyard entrance with inlayed stone, waterproofed and hurricane/flood protected home. Professionally landscaped with fruit trees. 4 car garage, completely fenced in property with sensor lighting throughout for privacy and security.


Old Westbury

Set At The End Of One Of The Most Desirable Cul-De-Sacs In Old Westbury, This 7,000 + Square Foot David Chotan Contemporary Of Soaring Ceilings And Walls Of Glass Offers Dynamic Living On 2.14 Luxuriously Private Acres. Cross The Belgium Block Courtyard And Decorative Pool With Fountain To Double Entry Doors, And An Inviting Marble Entry Foyer Opens To Entertaining, Over-Sized Principle Rooms With Impressive Views Of The Back Grounds. Upstairs, Set In Its Own Wing, The Vaulted Ceiling Master Bedroom Has A Free-Standing Fireplace, Fabulous Bath Area, Loft Office/Library, And Private Sundeck. Across A Catwalk Are Three Generously-Sized Family Bedrooms (One En Suite; One With A Loft; Each With Terrace). The Lower Level Is Finished With A Media Room, Playroom, Half Bath, Cedar Closet, And Cabana Bath With Access Out To The Back Grounds Featuring A Country Club In-Ground/Heated Gunite Pool, Separate Hot Tub Deck, All-Weather Tennis Court, Flower Gardens, And Lit Practice Green With Sand Trap. A Feel Good Home In The Renowned Jericho School District.


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HAMLET ON OLDE OYSTER BAY This Elegant and Dramatic Four Bedroom Colonial Home Features a Grand Main Floor Master Suite, Two Full and One Half Luxurious Baths, a Gourmet Kitchen , Soaring Ceilings, Panoramic Windows, Full Basement, and Private Lush Yard Located Within a Secure Gated Resort Community Offering a Restaurant, Health Spa, Card Rooms, Beauty Salon, Indoor and Outdoor Pools, Tennis, Basketball, Kiddie Playground and Concierge Services! Everything You Want In Gracious Living!


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FIRST TIME ON MARKET! Serene and set back 150 ft on flat beautifully landscaped acre. This lovely stone front farm ranch has a HUGE open floor plan. It features a master suite on the main level, 3 Bedrooms, Upper level includes a sitting area. Roof & Siding 6 yrs old. Syosset Schools.

$ 1,260,000

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The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass., showcases the world’s largest collection of artist Norman Rockwell’s paintings and covers for the Saturday Evening Post magazine. Among the highlights are the Four Freedoms, the best of American illustration and, on the property in Rockwell’s picturesque hometown, his studio.





estled in the rolling Appalachian mountains, a few hours drive

College, the outstanding collection of impressionist and Old Master Paintings

from New York, the verdant Berkshires of western Massachusetts

that adorn the galleries are an international draw. Equally inspiring are the

resort region offer an abundance of arts, culture, shopping and

bucolic and mountain views from the serene Stone Hill Center, a newer building

recreational activities and great places to stay.

by the Pritzker Prize-winning Japanese architect Tadao Ando on the museum’s

From contemporary art at Mass MOCA to high-flying performances by the

140-acre campus.

Berkshire Theatre Group of “Peter Pan” at the Colonial Theater in Pittsfield, the

At Cricket Creek Farm, one of the oldest dairy farms in the region, visitors can learn

Boston Symphony at Tanglewood and skiing at Butternut, the Berkshires are a

to make aged raw milk cheeses or fresh ricotta in the farmstead creamery. Besides

treasure no matter the season.

cows, the grass-based dairy farm raises grass-fed beef and whey-fed pork and has a small

Inspiration for the gardener can be found at the Berkshire Botanical Garden.

flock of laying hens. An on-site bakery supplies baked goods to the farm store.

For art lovers, Impressionist and Old Masters paintings are on display at the Clark

The Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield provides an interesting blend of fine art

Art Institute in Williamstown.  

and sculpture with natural science specimens and ancient artifacts including fossil

The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass., showcases the world’s

collections, a 143-pound meteorite, an Egyptian mummy, shards of Babylonian

largest collection of artist Norman Rockwell’s paintings and covers for the Saturday

cuneiform tablets, samplings of early Mediterranean jewelry, and representations of Berkshire ecosystems including local mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects,

Evening Post magazine. Among the highlights are the Four Freedoms, the

plants, and minerals. Also on display, the whole body fur suit worn

best of American illustration and, on the property in Rockwell’s picturesque hometown, his studio.

by Matthew Henson on the first successful expedition to the North Pole, with Robert E. Peary, in 1908 and 1908 and

Between activities, check into the Cranwell Resort, Golf and Spa in Lenox, centrally located between

Nathaniel Hawthorn’s writing desk.

Great Barrington, Pittsfield and Williamstown.

MASS MoCA, a contemporary art complex in North Adams, is housed on a 13-acre campus

The Cranwell has 114 elegantly decorated guest rooms in its main Gilded Age mansion

of renovated 19th-century factory buildings.

as well as cottages with old world charm

The museum has 19 galleries with more

and more contemporary, family-friendly

than 100,00 square feet of exhibition space

townhouses on the sprawling grounds.

and a 10,000 square foot black box theatre

Cranwell’s 35,000 square foot spa offers

accommodating up to 850 seats and

50 revitalizing and soothing services

an outdoor cinema. The latest digital,

and there are indoor and outdoor pools,

fiber optic and new media technologies

a state-of the-art fitness center and

are created and tested here, continually

three restaurants. Evenings during the

expanding and changing the definition of

summer, the political comedy group “The

contemporary art.

Capitol Steps” “put the mock in democracy”

Or you can spend your days hiking, whitewater

at the Cranwell,” cramming fresh material

rafting, canoeing on a perfect lake, or -- in

from both sides of the political spectrum into

winter -- skiing. At Canyon Ranch in Lenox,

an hysterically funny show. Great Barrington, at the gateway to the Berkshires, was named number one on Smithsonian magazine’s

you can stay in the restored Bellefontaine mansion, indulge in spa treatments and reenergize with more

The Mount east front in fall by David Dashiell

list of 20 Best Small Towns in America. Described as “Big city smart meets New England natural in an art-rich mountain

than 40 fitness classes offered daily.

In season you can savor real maple syrup or sip fresh

apple cider at farmers markets and farm stands, shop at a crafts fair,

setting,” Great Barrington is home to Alice’s Restaurant,” made famous by

peruse galleries, antique and quilt shops, indulge in treats at a local bakery or

hometowner Arlo Guthrie. Incorporated in 1761, Great Barrington now has 8600

have a gourmet meal at one of the Berkshires dozens of restaurants. SE

residents and offers family friendly and hip restaurants and shops, family farms, a town park with a gazebo where free children’s concerts are held Saturday mornings in the summer and snow skiing at Ski Butternut in the winter. The well known site of music festivals and the famed summer home of the Boston Symphony, Tanglewood offers music lovers a variety of concerts and musical programming each summer at its home in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. The Pultizer-prize winning author Edith Wharton lived at The Mount, a gilded age mansion and gardens she designed and built in Lenox, Mass, from 1902 to 1911. Wharton is the author of 40 books, including “The Age of Innocence,” “Ethan Frome,” and “The House of Mirth.”  Among her visitors was the author Henry James. At the neoclassical Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, a museum and research center in Williamstown across the road from esteemed Williams

The Pultizer-prize winning author Edith Wharton lived at The Mount, a gilded age mansion and gardens she designed and built in Lenox, Mass, from 1902 to 1911. Wharton is the author of 40 books, including “The Age of Innocence,” “Ethan Frome,” and “The House of Mirth.” Among her visitors was the author Henry James. SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY 77

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Your first choice for interior design and planning of your personal space. Known for her thoughtful and refined approach in expressing the client’s needs and wishes, resulting in beautiful and striking interiors. With over twenty eight years of experience and a member of IIDA, she is well versed in all aspects of design including construction, remodeling, decoration and installation. Projects ranging from New York to Florida, from traditional to modern, country to western, her focus is the comfort of her clients, while creating luxurious and elegant environments.

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The island’s unique microclimate resembles that of Bordeaux. “It’s a quintessential maritime region,” says Bate. “That moderates the temperatures and gives us a nice, long growing season.”

Vintage Long Island: Exploring Long Island Wine Country By Linda Tagliaferro

Forty years ago, Louisa and Alex Hargrave opened Long Island’s first vineyard in Cutchogue. Since then, the North Fork has become home to a variety of vineyards. “Long Island now has over 60 licensed producers,” explains Steve Bate, executive director of the Long Island Wine Council.


The island’s unique microclimate resembles that of Bordeaux. “It’s a quintessential maritime region,” says Bate. “That moderates the temperatures and gives us a nice, long growing season.” Here are four Long Island Vineyards that are among the many reasons why Wine Enthusiast magazine named Long Island one of the 10 best wine travel destinations of 2013.

Shinn Estate Vineyards And Farmhouse When Barbara Shinn and David Page opened Home restaurant in Manhattan in 1993, it was New York’s first to feature an all-local wine list. “My husband and I made friends with lots of winemakers,” explains Shinn, “and when we came here, we fell in love with the region.” They purchased a former corn and rye farm in Mattituck in 1998, planted 20 acres of grapevines, and restored a fourroom inn which has since been named one of the top ten U.S. wine destinations by Food and Wine, among other honors. Shinn specializes in Cabernet Francs, Merlots and Sauvignon Blancs. ”We also make grape and apple brandies eau de vie from grapes, a grappa and a grape vodka.” The vineyard is run sustainably, integrating organic and biodynamic methods into their wine growing and cellaring. This commitment extends to powering the property. “Between our solar and wind power,” says Shinn, “we produce 100 percent of our electricity.”

Fall Events At The Vineyards

Castello di Borghese Vineyard & Winery When Ann Marie and Marco Borghese first vacationed on the South Fork, they didn’t know the North Fork existed. “But then the stars were lined up,” says Marco, “and we heard this vineyard was for sale.” Ann Marie, originally from Delaware, and Marco, from Tuscany, had lived in Philadelphia for over 20 years. “We were in the garment and commodity business,” he explains. “It was much faster than the wine business. We were attracted to the change of pace.” What made them think they could produce wines without previous experience? “Being crazy is one of my attributes,” says Marco. “I figured it couldn’t be that difficult. I was kind of wrong, but we managed.” Marco is literally a prince among men. “My family has the title because we had a pope in the family centuries ago.” The property was the original Hargrave Vineyard that started the North Fork’s winemaking industry. “The same grapes that were there when we bought it are still here,” says Marco. “We planted new ones, but not new varieties. We have Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. Borghese started in 1998, “But the Hargraves started the vineyard in 1973,” says Marco, “so we’re celebrating our 40th year.”

BEDELL CELLARS 36225 Main Road, Route 25, Cutchogue, NY, (631) 734-7537 Open weekdays 11-5, weekends 11- 6. VIP tours by appointment.

Sparkling Pointe Attorneys Tom and Cynthia Rosicki have always had an affinity for sparkling wines. When they learned of North Fork land for sale, they purchased it and their tasting room opened in 2009. “Sparkling Pointe is the only New York State winery exclusively producing sparkling wine,” explains general manager Mike Falcetta. “Our bubbly wines are made in the traditional French method, but we’re not in France, so they aren’t called ‘champagne.’” They utilize the three classic champagne varietal grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. After going through a special press and subsequent fermentation in large steel tanks, “We blend Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, take the still wine and reintroduce yeast and sugar. We bottle it in the same bottle that you drink it from today, and a crown cap creates an airtight environment. A second fermentation goes on inside that bottle.” Their 2003 Brut Seduction ages for over 8 years. “It develops a more golden color and tiny, tiny bubbles,” says Falcetta, “and a doughy, bready, toasty consistency, almost a creamy texture at the end that comes from long aging.”

SHINN ESTATE VINEYARDS 2000 Oregon Road, Mattituck, NY, (631) 804-0367 Weekend tours, $20, include fourwine tastings. Tasting room hours: 10:30 -5, Monday - Thursday, till 8 on Friday and Saturday, till 6 on Sundays.

Bedell Cellars In the 1990s, Chip Bedell founded the vineyards bearing his name. “He was a pioneer who helped put Long Island wineries on the map,” says CEO Trent Preszler. “Wine Spectator magazine featured him on their cover and called him ‘Mr. Merlot.’” In 2000, Michael Lynne, then president of New Line Cinema, bought Bedell, “because he believed in Long Island’s potential to become a world-class wine producing region,” says Preszler. Lynne was also executive producer of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and sits on the Museum of Modern Art’s board of trustees. Part of his private contemporary art collection is displayed at Bedell. Signature wines are Merlot–based blends, a Chardonnay-based blend and a Sauvignon Blanc-based blend. A Bedell Merlot was served at President Obama’s inauguration. “It’s the first time in history for a Long Island wine,” says Preszler. SE

CASTELLO DI BORGHESE Route 48 and Alvah’s Lane, Cutchogue, NY, (631) 734-5111 Vineyard tours and wine tastings year round by reservation.

SPARKLING POINTE 39750 County Road 48, Southold, NY, (631) 765-0200 Daily wine tasting events, chocolate pairings, and local food pairing menus. Tasting room open daily 11- 6.



Our Favorite Restaurants with Great Wine Lists By LINDA SASLOW

“A bottle of red, a bottle of white. Whatever kind of mood you’re in tonight....” Billy Joel Here are some of our favorite restaurants with great wine lists. And maybe we’ll order a rose, too. Cheers!

HENDRICK’S TAVERN 1305 Old Northern Blvd., Roslyn (516) 621-1200 For 30 years, restaurateurs Gillis and George Poll have known how to get it right. At Hendrick’s Tavern in Roslyn, their newest venture, the Poll brothers deliver culinary excellence and a great selection of wines. The list includes more than 150 choices of reds. For fall, Perry says that wines from the Beaujolais region of France are a must. “With the grapes just picked, you feel like you’re drinking grape juice!” A blend of eclectic and modern, the decor at Hendrick’s Tavern includes historic touches such as the original eighteenth century floors. Its cuisine is a mix of comfort food, prime steak house staples and seafood dishes with a unique flair. Perry Papadakis, the general manager, describes Hendrick’s Tavern as “a little bit of everything.” Choices range from small plates like the eggplant & zucchini chips or Kobe beef hot dogs—perfect to enjoy at one of the tavern’s three bars, to the 48-ounce bone-in Rib-eye steak, for two or three. Whether you’re up for a small plate or a larger main course, the ideal complement is the fried Brussels sprouts. “Once you start eating them, you can’t stop!” Perry insists. For dessert, go for the sticky bun—a heated cinnamon roll, drenched in syrup and topped with vanilla ice cream. If that doesn’t push your buttons, you can’t go wrong with the chocolate layer cake or homemade coconut cake. CITY CELLAR WINE BAR & GRILL 1080 Corporate Drive; Westbury (516) 693-5400 With its high ceilings and towering glass fronted floor-toceiling wine cellar, City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill creates an inviting and sophisticated NY metropolitan vibe. Selecting a wine is an adventure. “We try to make it possible for our guests to try different wines from every corner of the world, by offering many by the glass in either 3 or 6 ounces,” says Ronald Johnston, the general manager. Special premium choices from the “cellar selection” include Far Niente Chardonnay 2010 from Napa Valley and Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 from Alexander Valley in Sonoma. The menu is “American Modern,” created by taking original dishes—everything from comfort food to gourmet dishes—and adding a modern twist,” Ronald says. It could be steaks and fresh seafood, served with flatbreads and sliders, or mac and cheese embellished with lobster…or a sirloin served with bone marrow. Among the favorite choices for main dishes are Chilean sea bass topped with lump crabmeat, horse radish crusted filet mignon, and spiced Togarashi tuna, served rare. When it’s time for dessert, the daily crumble—alternating from peach to pineapple to Granny Smith apple—takes center stage. Another house specialty is “cake in a jar”—a choice of brown butter, shortbread or s’mores, or a platter of all three—actually served in a jar. 82 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY

ROTHMANN’S STEAKHOUSE & GRILL 6319 Northern Boulevard; East Norwich (516) 922-2500 With an in-house sommelier, Rothmann’s boasts a spectacular wine list, updated weekly. New features include Chehalem “3 Vineyard” white, Dutton Goldfield Chardonnay, Fronton de Oro, “Tinto” and Tenuta DeI Pianali. Rothmann’s is also especially proud of its expanding Bourbon and Whiskey menu. But it may be its rich history, and not just the fabulous bar, that differentiates Rothmann’s from other steakhouses. Housed in a building that dates back to 1820, the steakhouse first opened for business in 1907, purchased by husband and wife, Charles and Franziska Rothmann. Franziska agreed to do all of the cooking until they served their first 100 Sunday dinners, after which they would hire a chef. As word of her topnotch cooking and Charles’ hospitality spread, what was known as ‘The House of Eats ” became a favorite among social and political groups. One of Rothmann’s earliest patrons was Teddy Roosevelt, who rode to dinner on horseback with his family. These days the popular chophouse prepares fabulous steaks as well as sushi, lobster, fish, all easily paired with wine. For appetizers, manager John Sherry suggests the Togarashi dusted rock shrimp, or the Big Daddy sushi roll: shrimp tempura, avocado, mango & red tobiko. Popular entrees feature nine varieties of steaks, including the Bone in Rib Steak, kobe burger and the Porterhouse for 2. For dessert, it’s tough to decide between the Gelato trio sliders (including an oatmeal cinnamon raisin cookie, topped with cinnamon gelato) and the deep fried brownie, covered with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce. So try both.

RARE 650 650 Jericho Turnpike; Syosset (516) 496-8000 The wine list at Rare 650 offers a choice of 650 labels, spanning more than 12 countries, with sommelier Gregory Schwab on hand to help with the selections. “We like our wines to shift with the seasons,” Gregory explains. “Fuller bodied, aged white Burgundies and German Rieslings go with heartier food and cooler weather. With our reds, fuller bodied Pinot Noirs from the Sonoma coast and Cabernets from Napa and Washington State find themselves on tables more frequently than in the summer.” “Change” is the buzz word at Rare 650. Managing partner Arthur Viana explains it this way: “We’re always searching for new ideas, concepts and innovations to distinguish ourselves from every other steakhouse out there.” In that spirit, Rare 650 blends the best of prime steaks and sushi with the addition of Mediterranean seafood, creating an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and comfortable—with live music Wednesday through Friday. Aside from the prime dry-aged steaks and chops, another main course highlight is pan-seared halibut served with artichoke potato puree and lobster tamarind broth. For starters, Arthur loves the balsamic glazed slab bacon with warm Buratta cheese, and the rare Kobe roll (Kobe beef and avocado, spicy tuna and with king crab on top). If you have any room left, don’t miss the Chocolate Wow: chocolate mousse with white chocolate filling and dark chocolate cake, covered in chocolate ganache. Yes, wow! KYMA 1446 Old Northern Boulevard; Roslyn (516) 621-3700 When you step inside Kyma, you are enveloped by the flavor of the Greek islands. “We want to bring you to a sun-drenched seaside town in Greece,” said Reno Christou, co-owner of the eatery that specializes in Greek Mediterranean seafood. What you drink is as special as what you eat. Besides a selection of 80 wines by the bottle from around the globe, Greek varieties abound, with bottles displayed on shelves in alcoves in the dining room. Upcoming seasonal Greek wines, available by the glass, include a Moschofilero white, and a fabulous red blend: Agiorgitiko Costa Lazaridis. Two giant pots filled with lemon trees greet diners at the front door, leading to a room adorned with white washed walls, brick archways and a lofty planked ceiling, In one corner, a decorative display of seafood on ice beckons. The food fest starts with the signature Kyma chips: paper-thin slices of crisp zucchini and eggplant that can be dipped in tzatziki sauce, or the Mediterranean grilled octopus, served with onions, capers and a red wine vinegar. The entrée specialty of the house is the whole fish—a choice of Branzino, black sea bass, Dorado and a few others on any given day. For dessert, taste the Ekmek Kataifi: a layer of shredded phyllo topped with a semolina custard, pastry cream and toasted pistachios. And be sure to try the Galaktoboureko: a custard wrapped in phyllo. SE




Owner Reno Christou, Shawn Elliott, Manager James Ragonese

Connie and Scott Feiner Paul Meringolo, Debbie Meringolo, Bruce Haber, Michele Haber

Erika Bitetto and Alexandra Kish


Saturday Night at Kyma

Greek Delights

Lauren DeFranco and Hillary Walsh

Lisa Zeiger, Jill Cohen, Ben Hassan, David Cohen

It’s the place to be on a Saturday night. Or, for that matter,

done.” “The Mediterranean diet is always healthy,” adds Reno,

a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or any other night of the

who was previously a partner at Limani and honed his career

week. With its serenely cool white decor, whitewashed

at upscale Greek restaurants from Ontario to Manhattan.

wood plank ceiling, white brick arches, white wooden

tables, comfy couches, and Greek earthenware, Kyma, a

fish like branzino or black sea bass, and legumes such as

six-month old Mediterranean restaurant in Roslyn, is the

‘horta’ or the restaurant’s signature stack of skinny eggplant

North Shore’s chicest new restaurant.

and zucchini chips. Other highlights range from a tender

Perhaps that’s because the fashionable Greek restaurant

grilled octopus appetizer to a classic Greek tomato salad

makes diners feel, even on the shrub-enclosed patio, like

with cucumbers, peppers, onions and olives. For dessert,

they’re far from Old Northern Boulevard.

Reno’s favorite is the rich and sweet yet pleasantly light

“This could be South Beach, the Hamptons, Santorini

Ekmek, a base of shredded phyllo topped with a semolina

or the South of France,” says Reno Christou, 41, one of

custard, pastry cream and toasted pistachios.

the four owners, describing the all-white seaside decor as

Beyond the food, Kyma offers a cozy way to dine. In

“a little transporting. You are supposed to feel like you are

Greece, Reno says, “dining is quite social.” Among the 110

away.” Two of his co-owners, Yanni Chatiris and Christos

seats, plus 30 bar stools and 20 lounge tables at Kyma are

Panayiotopoulos, are also the owners of Ethos Gallery

a host of couches “chosen for comfort” in the style he calls

51st on First Avenue in Manhattan. The fourth owner is

“social banquet dining.” In other words, Reno explained,

Merkourios Angeliades.

“Eat, drink and be merry.” SE

Kyma’s staples include olive oil, grains, grilled whole

It’s not just the great ambience and “A” crowd clientele Mark and Ronda Segal, Shawn Elliott, Stephanie Antel, Dr. David Antel, Sephanie Werner, Mitch Werner, Melissa and Steve Williams

that’s the draw at Kyma. It’s the food, healthy and “simply


Reno Christou and James Ragonese

Allison Gaiman and Jane Rivkin Stanley Hochman, Bob Dillman, Miryl Rever

Vicki and Pete Worrell

Reno Christou, George and Helen Strifas 86 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY

Richard Locke, Susan Teeman, Jodi Locke, Craig Geller, Shari Geller, Jeff Zund, Ruth Zund, Butch Teeman

Nancy Vukosa and Maya Vidaich

Drs. Lewis and Olga Bazakos

Susan Teeman and Richard Locke

Angela Tsuker

Pavlos and Barbara Koudellou, George & Tara Zaverdas Tina Lelay, Maria Aronov, Geselle Puccio, Francis Haghighi

Ashley Tilton and Matt Sternverg

Kara Levy, Bonnie Steinwolf, Jill & Brian Miller and Chad Steinwolf

Dustin Capriglione and John Agnello

Maria and Guss Laskaris, Nitsa and Jimmy Skuludis

Rich Levy, Ross Pirowskin, Robin Levy, Jamie Pirowskin

Dr. Gary Levine and Carolyn Parker

Randy Pullman, Mark Hader, Susan Hader, Judi Pullman

Pavlos and Barbra Koudellou, George and Tara Zaverdas

Howie Eleman, Reno Christou

Adam Miller, Matt Sadofsky, Marcie Sadofsky and Meri Miller

Robert and Mimi Ross

Chef Chris Kletsides and crew

Shawn Elliott and Mitchell Slavin




I’ll bet that flying--to you--means roughly what it does to me. Battling seat-pockets that eat knee-space. Emptying your inner life into plastic trays. Far above the clouds another better world exists: It’s a paradise of infinite legroom and no one around to pat you down pre-flight. In fact, as a passenger in a private jet, you call the shots, even when it comes to buckling seatbelts. Celebrities and Romney-class politicians know this well. And so do I--since a business-owning pal let me fly a JetSuite Embraer Phenom 100 from Providence to New York. The fare for this 40-minute jaunt, says my friend between yawns, is $3,100 plus tax. I yawn, too, since I’m not the one paying. A low, late-afternoon sun peers suspiciously at me as I check in at the Providence airport. Just past an air cargo outfit and the ‘Horizon Flight School’ is a desk used by Irvine, Calif.-based JetSuite, a private jet charter company that partners with Singapore Airlines. Just to see what would happen, I’d phoned up customer service beforehand and demanded to leave an hour earlier than scheduled. ‘Not a problem, Mr. Mandel,’ came the reply. ‘Not in 88 SHAWN ELLIOTT LUXURY

private aviation.’ An airport sign hawks jet fuel at today’s price of $6.18 per gallon. ‘HAVE A GREAT DAY!’ it adds, but according to Joe Holley, Jr., my JetSuite co-pilot who has just walked in, that’s ‘not exactly cheap’ as jet fuel goes. However, Holley and pilot Mark Maziarz don’t need a fill-up. The pilots carry my bags outside and ask if I want to snap some photos of the Stingray-sleek Phenom before climbing aboard. Though compact--there’s room for four adults--my personal aircraft sports a pair of fat jet engines on the fuselage up near her tail and a rakishly sloping nose. ‘Aren’t we forgetting something?’ I ask, while ducking inside. ‘What?’ says Holley. You know,’ I say. ‘The whole security thing. Showing you my liquids and gels?’ Holley just grins. ‘That’s for aircraft over 12,500 pounds. We’re about 2,000 pounds lighter than that.’ ‘If you say so,’ I reply. Once inside the Phenom’s luxury cocoon of leather seats, wood-grain side tables and halogen lights, I am asked for my weight: 178 pounds. I am not sure if he’s kidding, but Holley tells me he routinely

adds 10 to every passenger claim. We taxi past two FedEx planes. My weight must have passed muster since we are suddenly in acceleration. No delays here. As if the Phenom were a balsa glider, we are up and banking over Narragansett Bay. The Phenom has acres of legroom. I stick my feet up on a facing seat since no one else is aboard. I don’t see any barf bags, and the ceiling is free of plastic overhead bins. No flight attendant has forced me to put my briefcase away or turn off electronics. Once we’re up, I play with the plane’s XM Satellite Radio and my Bose noise-cancelling headphones. Nice, but who needs them? There’s barely any in-flight roar. The mini-bar is right behind the open cockpit. I rummage through drawer after drawer. Grey Goose Vodka? Check. Bombay Sapphire Gin? Got that. I pour myself a single-malt scotch, add some ice, then add another mini-bottle of scotch. The rear of the Phenom hides a toilet (it’s topped with an upholstered seat) and there’s a cabinet jammed with snack boxes. Feeling magnanimous, I offer some Famous Amos cookies to the pilots. I am the boss up here. My wish is their command.

Could I fly with a pet if I wanted? I could. Could I bring guests? That’s fine, too. Are there any rules at all? I begin to wonder ‘Joe,’ I say between bites of cookie. ‘Are we on a really tight schedule? Any chance of a spin around the Manhattan skyline?’ ‘Too close to landing,’ snaps Holley. ‘Unlikely air traffic control is gonna go for that.’ ‘I’m from New York,’ I insist. ‘Just one flyover near my apartment building.’ Holley sighs. He shakes his head and radios this in. In seconds, there’s a crackly sound from up front. ‘It’s a no,’ says Holley. ‘Sorry.’ In truth, I’m not that disappointed. I raise my scotch and give a silent toast to the Phenom’s silver-and-white right wing. As we begin our descent, a ray of sun juts out between banks of clouds. The part of Long Island we are flying over is orange. Now it’s gray again. Now it’s pinkish red. We are cleared for landing. The Phenom shudders, tips and straightens, and settles into its downward swoop. I’ve held on to my drink. I still have my feet up. And in the distance, I can see my skyline after all. SE


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