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Logo Design

This design case showed the importance of the tight connection between logo and the other elements of user interface as well as general concept of the product. High attention to all the details provides the result which makes pleasant-looking and efficient design.

Logo for a game application The logo was accomplished for the game app called Snake Battle. The image is based on the concept of the initial letter S woven as a long slick snake. It seems to be quite natural as snake is the main active element of the game and also the part of the brand name. The presented combination features the logo icon with the emblem and the variant of lettering for full game title. The color palette chosen by the designer for the game logo also looks natural: snakes are often associated with different shades of green, while a little gradient and ÂŤneonÂť effect added to the basic color makes it trendy and catchy.

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Tubik magazine issue 2  
Tubik magazine issue 2