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signers, we mentioned: “your customer doesn’t have to know all the nuances and peculiarities of the design process. That is why THEY are customers and YOU are a designer.”

Moreover, the thing, which we have checked in practice, is that communicating with clients you should get not only their wishes but also try to get the ideas and reasons behind these wishes. If you understand why your customer wants to see particular colors, shapes or transitions, it will be easier for you (if necessary) to justify other methods of realization for these ideas which would give the result desired by the customer. The more information you get from the client, the better it is for setting the right direction. Design briefs, calls and Skype-conferences, chat in Slack, brainstorming sessions, moodboards can all form the good starting line for productive work. At this stage, it is highly advisable for designer to get the data about: •


the nature of the product

Tubik magazine issue 2  
Tubik magazine issue 2