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2/14/11 1:55 PM


Jeff Soto



PReVIew eDITIoN 2011

Q: Hey Jeff, how are you? We are stoked to sit down with you; can you tell everyone who you are and what you do?

Q: You recently did a killer collab with The Wild Ones, how did that come about, and can we expect any more from you guys in the future?

could skate around the huge room and it kept things fun and stress free.

A: Well, I guess I make art in some way or form, and I’ve been doing it since high school in the early 90›s. People seem to think I started with graffiti, but I was also exploring oil painting around the same time. I›m kinda like an artist/family guy these days I have two little kids and they keep me busy.

A: Maxx242 asked me to collab with them, and I thought it could be a cool project. I’m surprised it took us so long to work together actually! I am admittedly semi retarded when it comes to fashion, that’s probably the reason. I think we’ll do some more together. I like the direction The Wild Ones is taking, it’s a fun line that I can get behind; I can’t really hang with tough guy shirt graphics.

Q: If you could show your work anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Q: You and Maxx242 have been friends for a while, can you tell us a little about your relationship and projects you are doing together?

A: I don’t know, I think I just have a healthy imagination and have watched too much sci fi/ fantasy movies. I used to paint from my dreams, but somewhere in my 20’s my dreams got really boring. Usually if I’m doing it right my favorite piece is whatever I just finished.

Q: What style of Artist would you say you are?

A: I don’t know, it’s hard to put a name on it. I can tell you I’ve been inspired by things in pop culture- classic skateboard graphics, anime, tattooing, music. My style is probably pop influenced, but I jump around a lot. Q: What got you started in painting; Are there any artists that really inspired you and continue to do so?

A: My dad was watching those “How to paint” shows on cable TV when I was a kid and I wanted to try as well. I had been interested in drawing for a long time and it was a natural progression to move to paint. Some of the artists I was interested in when I started were Andy Warhol, Max Ernst, Frida Kahlo, and all the graffiti writers from L.A. that were making a name for themselves- Hex, Slick, Risk, Dream, Mear... I was interested in all sorts of visual art. All I did was check out books from the library back then. I read a lot. Nowadays I am seeking out the new artists that inspire me through the web and word of mouth, and it seems I can’t find shit!

A: Maxx is awesome man. We met through a mutual friend in high school and we were both interested in graffiti, art and skateboarding. We were two of the better kids in our school when it came to tagging and piecing, so we started a crew together called CIA. We didn’t know anything about the NY graf scene so we thought CIA was unique! We mostly collaborated on graffiti pieces over the years but it’d been a good ten years since we worked together. We thought it might be fun to do projects together but separately, so Maxx242vsJeffSoto was born. Q: What is your favorite venue that you have shown your work and why?

A: I did a museum exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum a couple years ago and I had a huge space to work with. It was close to my studio, so I got to take my time with the installation, it was laid back, I

A: A major museum show would be the pinnacle I would think. We’ll see, I am still young. Q: I have to admit I’m kind of a freak when it comes to art, the wilder and more outrageous it is the more I love it. Your work definitely hits that mark, how do you come up with your designs and what would be your favorite piece you’ve done?

Q: Have you ever seen a piece from another artist and just said damn, that is fucking awesome? If so who and what made it so great?

A:I’ve probably thought that about a couple hundred times the last ten years. I’ve been seeing less and less work that gets me excited the last few years, I’m not sure why, maybe there is so much that is derivative these days?? There are two things I can think of lately that I thought were pretty awesome and fresh1. Rime- I have been out of the graf scene for a decade so I don’t really know what is going on or who the badass writers are. When I saw a half finished Rime piece in Miami a few weeks ago, I was like, Wow!

pReVIew eDITIoN 2011


Shit! That is dope! Maxx was like, yeah man, that’s Rime. It was just icing on the cake that when I met him he was a really nice guy. 2. Regino Gonzales- I have known him for about 15 years, and he just designed a tattoo for me a couple months ago. I had that holy shit! feeling when I saw it. It was an arm piece which represented my family. Looking at it in the mirror back in my hotel room, I got a little emotional thinking about what it stood for and I was so happy to have Regino’s work on me. He is so talented and takes such care with his art, and he’s a true homie! Q: The first thing I notice in most of your work has to be the eyes, No bullshit they get me pumped up for some reason. How do you come up with the ideas for them?

A: I like painting eyes, and I think when you really enjoy something it tends to turn out pretty good.



Q: If you could collaborate with any person, brand or company who would it be and why?

A: I have a mental list of artists I’d like to collaborate with, people like David Choe, Ron English, DFace, Dabs & Myla, Revok, Dave Cooper... I know I can work something out with a lot of these artists; it’s just finding the right project and getting our schedules to sync. There’s plenty of bands I’d love to work with. Companies.... sure, I would love to work with some movie studios. As far as apparel, I’m just starting to take it all in. It’s a whole different beast than art galleries and walls! Q: If you weren’t doing what you do, what else could you see yourself doing for a living?

A: Who knows. I’ve been working at this most of my life. Q: Do you have any upcoming shows? If so when and where?

don’t have anything planned but I hope to start on my next big body of work this January 2011. Q: Where can your work purchased?

A:Originals are at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC, and my prints and other merch can be found at www.potatostamp. com Q: Any special thanks, comments, words of wisdom or shit you want to talk before we let you go?

A: I always give shout outs to my family and friends so I’ll do something different. I want to say fuck you to anyone who throws trash out of their car while driving. It’s just disgusting. Grow up.

Jeff, thank you for giving us some of your time, best wishes and we can’t wait to see what you deliver in the future.

A:I am taking a little break from showing in galleries. I

PReVIew eDITIoN 2011



Suicide Girls



PReVIew eDITIoN 2011

network followers. Q: How many girls apply a week to be a SuicideGirl and how are they accepted?

Q: Hey Missy how are you doing? Please tell everyone who you are.

A: I’m Missy Suicide, founder of Q: We are big fans of the SuicideGirls but can you explain to the few that may not know, exactly what you do and how the whole concept came about?

A: SuicideGirls started almost 10 years ago in Portland, Oregon when I began taking pinup style photos of my friends who I thought were the most beautiful girls in the world but who were not as prevalent in the media, girls with piercings and tattoos. I showed my photos to a friend and we decided to start SuicideGirls -put the photos online and create a community around the images, where the girls kept blogs and people could interact based on interest. The concept took off, now we have models from every continent including Antarctica, movies, magazines, books and over 4 million social

A: We get over 1000 applications a week, they apply at and their application is reviewed. If they’re selected to move on to the next step, they’ll send in a set of photos at which point they’ll become a “hopeful” which gives them an opportunity to interact with the community and get feedback on their set. If the set is very well received, it’ll be selected as set of the day and they’ll become a SuicideGirl. Q: This is probably a tough question out of the thousands of SuicideGirls, but do you have a favorite?

A: I love each of them in their own way. Total cop out answer.

Q: You guys showcase some of the most beautiful women from around the world, what made you focus on alternative beauty and can you explain what that means?

A: Alternative Beauty is an attitude more than a certain number of tattoos times a

certain number of piercings. The SuicideGirls are girls who chose to live life their own way. Girls who chose to commit social suicide by not fitting into the norm. I chose those girls because they’re who I knew and who I thought were the most interesting. Q: How does it feel to have something you are so passionate about grow to where it is today?

A: Awesome! I can’t believe there’ve been babies born because their parents met on something that I had an idea for 10 years ago. My life has changed in innumerable ways and I’ve had many amazing experiences because of the hard work I put into SuicideGirls. Q: We have the Beauty Redefined book in our offices and it is great, we strongly suggest everyone pick it up BTW. What made you decide to do the book and will you have more?

A: Thank you very much for that. If you buy them from SuicideGirls, I sign every copy! We wanted to create a book that showcased all the beautiful women from around the world so you could see the reach of the phenomenon. It’s a LARGE undertaking. This is our second book, we’d love to continue doing more but there’s no exact release date as of yet.

pReVIew eDITIoN 2011


Q: What makes different from other similar online sites?

A: I think the community makes it different. We have groups for everything from gardening to black death metal, politics to cute overload. People can find other people who share their interests, whatever they may be. Q: Why should our readers become a member of your website?

A: They get access to millions of sexy pin-up photos, one of the most unique and supportive communities on the web and invitations to exclusive SuicideGirl events. Q: For any girls out there wishing they could be a SuicideGirl but are unsure, what would you say to them?

A: Confidence is the sexiest attribute a woman can have. Q: Do you have any celebrities that are SuicideGirls?



A: Zia from the Dandy Warhols is a SuicideGirl and we have a number of celebrity fans, some of whom have shot sets on the site. Q: If you could pick any girl in the world to become a SuicideGirl who would it be and why?

A: The easy answer is Angelina Jolie because she doesn’t live by anybody else’s rules. But the honest answer is the shy girl from a small town who feels alone and wants it most. Q: You are going to be providing some beautiful girls for each of our issues; can you tell everyone what they have to look forward to?

A: You’ll get a taste for what we feature on the site; you’ll see some of our hottest girls in provocative teaser photos. Q: What can we expect from the SuicideGirls in the future?

A: Our 10 year anniversary is

coming up in September so I suspect there’ll be a huge party. Q: Any special thanks, comments, words of wisdom or shit you want to talk before we let you go?

A: Thank you so much for doing this interview with me, I really appreciate it. Please check out and you can message me at Missy, thank you so much for your time and we can’t wait to see what the SuicideGirls bring us in the future. Tell all the ladies thank you for bringing our pages to life!





PReVIew eDITIoN 2011







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PReVIew eDITIoN 2011




PReVIew eDITIoN 2011


pReVIew eDITIoN 2011



Black Sheep

Q: What’s going on Josh, tell our readers who you are?

A: my name is Josh Frazier and I am the owner of Black Sheep, an independent shop located in Charlotte, NC. We’re a skate shop first and foremost, but we also carry a full line of exclusive, hard to find shoes and apparel. Q: I understand you were in the world of finance working the corporate life for the man before opening up Black Sheep. What were you doing and why did you make a change?

A: I grew up skating, but decided to pursue an education instead of the dream of moving to California and becoming a professional skater. I graduated from college and got a nine to five job. I was reasonably successful, but it was never anything that I felt really passionately about. I began working for a small consulting firm, and decided to go back to school to get my masters in business when I was suddenly laid off. I took



the opportunity to save up a few unemployment checks and open up Black Sheep. It was never really meant to be a full time money making gig. It was just something that I felt the local community was missing. Growing up, we never had a shop that took an interest in cultivating the local scene. Fortunately, we’ve been gaining momentum, and I haven’t had to return to the corporate world yet.

profile featured on the Berrics, partnered with Red Bull to throw a major skate contest in Charlotte, participated in the Mountain Dew green label arts shop series, dropped a collaboration wheel with Spitfire, threw a bunch of art events, and more. It’s been hectic to say the least.

Q: We have a staff of skaters, BMX riders and we do a lot of crazy shit while trying to get work done. You are a skater, how often do you get to ride and still run the shop?

A: I think the skate scene in the south has always been really strong, but historically it’s been somewhat under the radar of most of the industry. Raising the awareness has been an integral part of our mission and one of the main reasons we’re here is to support the local scene and help connect the skate community with the industry at large. There’s been an incredible number of pro skaters and talent to emerge from North Carolina over the years—guys like Scott Bourne,

A: I try to roll around a few times a week, but it’s getting tougher to find the time for sure. Being a small business owner is very rewarding, but you never really “clock out.” We’re always trying to step our game up, so that means that we stay very active with events and promotions. 2010 was an amazing year—we had a video

Q: Your shop is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, how do you feel the skate and underground scene is in the South?

PReVIew eDITIoN 2011

Lennie Kirk, Chet Childress, Kenny Hughes, Dan Murphy, Marc Johnson, and Justin Brock are just a few examples. More recently, we’ve seen a lot of action from areas like Atlanta and North Carolina. Overall, I believe the South is gaining momentum and beginning to receive some more recognition. Q: You guys have been open for seven years, which is a fucking huge achievement in this game. How do you think Black Sheep has sustained its success?

A: It’s been a lot of hard work, but we’ve also been very fortunate and blessed. We have had a lot of help and support along the way from our friends, clientele, and the industry at large. As I mentioned, we try to represent our scene in the best way possible, so it’s extremely rewarding to be recognized for our efforts. Q: Black Sheep was one of the finalists in the Mountain Dew Green Label Project, sounds like a cool thing and an honor to be a part of. Can you tell us how that came about?

A: Mountain Dew actually reached out to us to participate in the 1st ever Green Label Arts Shop Series. They partnered with pro skater Paul Rodriguez (Nike SB, Plan B) to select 35 skate shops around the country that had strong ties to their local skate and art scenes, and they asked them to create custom artwork for a Mountain Dew can. The cans were displayed online and people got to vote for their favorites. We actually won the Mid Atlantic region and got to go out to the Dew Series Finals at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Needless to say,

it was a blast! We got to see lots of great skating and hang out with our favorite Pro’s and shop owners from around the country. It was definitely some great exposure for us and an honor to be one of the few shops selected to participate. Q: You guys have won a few awards for your shoe selection and I’m a sneaker freak! What brands do you carry and which are your top sellers?

a ton of guys that support us that we try to look out for. Some of the guys you see featured in the videos on our web site are extremely talented skateboarders that have been repping for years like OJ Farrar, Justin Pittman, Ian Isenhour, Travis Kirkpatrick, Tripp Bartlett, Drew Adams, but there are ton others that we consider our extended family as well.

A: Yes, we’ve been featured on some blogs, and we were just awarded Best Shoe Store 2010 by the local entertainment newspaper. I think we’re all sneaker freaks at heart. Footwear and fashion is such an integral part of skating and self expression. Our clientele is looking for something functional, unique and fashion forward. We have skaters and sneakerheads alike, so our shoe selection is constantly expanding.

Q: From talking to you I can see you rep your city to the fullest. Tell us some things you do for the community and how important do you think it is to your success?

We feature brands like Nike SB, Supra, Vans, Converse (CONS), Adidas Skateboarding, Emerica, Fallen, and Lakai. We’re also in the process of bringing in a few other lines like KR3W, Alife, the Hundreds, and Gravis.

industry. It’s important for us to support the local skate, art, and music scenes. We throw events and feature works from local artists here in the shop and on our shop merchandise. We really try to provide a platform for local talent to show their work and gain some exposure whether it’s in skating, art, or music. We also try to feature the Charlotte “Queen City” crown and other hometown references into our own designs, as well as just promoting local s and putting it out on the national radar whenever we can.

We have great relationships with all our top brands. We’ve been fortunate enough that many of the brands that we work with have chosen to partner with us and work with us on an exclusive basis for our area. Q: Black Sheep has a team of riders; can you tell us a little about it and give them some love?

A: We’ve got some guys that officially ride for us as well as

A: We consider it part of our mission to help connect the local Charlotte scene to the

I’ve met a lot of people that just want to sit around and complain about where they live. It’s real easy just to move



to a big city, but like the old saying goes, “you are your scene.” It’s up to you to make things happen and nobody is going to do it for you. This is what excites me about the South, the opportunity to bring something different, original, and new here. Plus, it’s my home, so I feel an obligation to contribute to the scene in a legitimate way and help build a solid scene here for skateboarding, sneakers, fashion, art, music, etc. We just want to bring some shine and attention to the area, and let people know that there is a rich heritage, lots of talent, and a good quality of life here. Q: What inspires you to keep pushing even when things get tough? Like the economy. A: we’ve been extremely fortunate and owe it all to an incredible amount of support from our friends, customers, and the industry. You’ve also got to have a higher calling and stay motivated by the love for what you’re doing. Q: I have to admit, the name Black Sheep is perfect where did it come from?

A: The name Black Sheep represents someone that is free thinking, does his/ her own thing, and stands out in the crowd. We chose the name because we wanted to celebrate the individuality, independent spirit, and creativity that skateboarding encompasses. I grew up in a time when skateboarding was viewed as rebellious and less popular—to me being a little “different” was a big part of the appeal, so I wanted to



celebrate that. Q: You Guys have had some dope collabs as you mention earlier, including DGK and SpitFire Wheels. Do you have anything in the pipeline you can share with us and if you could team up with any brand, who would you like to work with and why?

A: Well, we recently teamed back up with Deluxe Distribution (Spitfire, Thunder, Anti Hero, Real Krooked) on a second collaboration: a Real Skateboards x Black Sheep limited edition skate deck. Spitfire is the number 1 wheel company in the world, and

both the deck and the wheels have been extremely well received. All of us at the shop grew up skating their stuff, so we’re honored to be working with those guys. We have a few other things in the works, but nothing that I can formally announce right now. Obviously, I’d love to work with Nike SB or Vans to design a colorway for a shoe. Each of those brands are American classics, so I think that would be a dream collaboration for us. Q: You are a Berrics Member and have been since day one, how does that help Black Sheep?

A: To an extent, I believe it provides us some added exposure. They traveled to charlotte and filmed a “Field Ops” video profile on us that aired on the site. It’s the largest skateboarding media outlet out there, so once again, it gives us the opportunity to spotlight a little glimpse of what’s going on in Charlotte and the Southeast. Q: What do you see in the future for Black Sheep?

A: We’re really thankful for what we’ve been able to build so far. I just try to take things

day to day and always step things up a little more. You can’t get lazy or complacent with your achievements. Q: Any special thanks, comments, words of wisdom or shit you want to talk before we let you go?

A: We just want to thank all of our employees, friends, homies, the industry, and all our supporters over the years. That’s it. Great questions and thanks to you guys for the interest, support, and opportunity. Josh thanks for chatting with me. You seem like a cool dude, we are definitely going to have to rip some shit up next time I’m in Charlotte.

PReVIew eDITIoN 2011


Natalia Brutalia



PReVIew eDITIoN 2011

Q: Hey Natalia, thank you for sitting down with us. You are gorgeous, can you tell our readers who you are and what you do?

A: Sure thanks; I am a photographer and blogger. I work with The Hundreds & blog for them over at I enjoy taking lots of pictures. Q: How did you get started in photography?

A: I have always taken a lot of photos, especially of my friends bands playing since I grew up going to shows. Then last Christmas I bugged my mom for a legit camera and have been shooting since. I had a feeling it would make me really happy and be something good to focus on. Q: You take a lot of pictures including some beautiful women; do you have a main focus of what you like to shoot?

A: I like shooting beautiful girls, kids and shows. I just like taking photos of people in their element, nothing too fake, to me I don’t want my stuff to look cheesy, I don’t like shooting in studios with lights either. I like candid stuff best. Girls are naturally beautiful, kids are naturally amazing to shoot and bands

don’t even know you’re there. Q: We are all about sexy shit at PeepFlow, who have you taken pictures of that oozes the most sex appeal?

A: Probably Shay Maria (www., dudes love her for obvious reasons, I love her cos she’s amazing to shoot. It’s also fun cos she doesn’t act like she knows she’s a “sex symbol” she’s just a down to Earth awesome chick who happens to make every dude who sees her fall in love. Q: What has been your favorite photo shoot to date and why?

A: I don’t know, I always have a favorite from a shoot obviously, but to say my favorite ever, ever is probably impossible. Q: If you could photograph anyone or anything in the world, who or what would it be and why?

A: Nicki Minaj, and kids in Italy. Q: You do the Meow section for the popular brand The Hundreds which we are big fans of by the way. Can you tell us a little about that and how it came about?

A: I have another blog, that I’ve been updating with other photographer’s work, and

before the Hundreds, some of my photos. My boss liked my previous blog, when I got hired he mentioned he wanted me to blog, I didn’t really thing I was going to, that wasn’t anything I applied for but obviously I was down. A few weeks after I got hired they gave it to me. I knew I wanted it to have to do with cats so I thought of Meow, Just cos I love cats. I photograph girls and put them on there aside from my portfolio, I also do a Right Meow feature interviewing random awesome photogs, models, artists, etc. And then I just photograph my life, it’s weird, I didn’t think anyone would care to see what I blog, but I’ve gotten a lot of love. Q: How do you feel Streetwear Fashion and photography go together?

A: I don’t know anything about fashion or streetwear honestly. I just don’t really care about clothes, which is probably weird because of where I work. But it’s not something that interests me, I just care about photography and music. Q: Do you have any big plans for your work in the near future that you can share with us?

A: Um I just got an agent, so that’s pretty cool, my website is up and running. My plan is to hustle, that’s what I’m doing. My goal is to travel and take photos and support myself with that. So I’m gotta work my ass off until then. Q: In your Meow section, it looks like you love to get out on the town, what do you like to do for fun?

A: I love to get out of LA for obvious reasons. I like to go to shows, I feel off if I don’t

pReVIew eDITIoN 2011


shoot every few days. I like to lay low, I suck at partying and enjoy working and going to sleep early. That’s probably not what you wanted to hear. I enjoy kicking it with my cat. Q: Where do you get most of your inspirationfrom for your work?

Q: Any special thanks, comments, words of wisdom or shit you want to talk before we let you go?

with that, stay positive, weed out the negative, and laugh at life.

A: Um, I love my mom. One day I’m gonna buy her a house. Words of wisdom; fuck what anyone thinks. Figure out what makes you happy, go

It has been great to get to know you better Natalia and we can’t wait to see more from you. Keep it sexy! Thanks.

A: Natural beauty that females so effortlessly possess. It’s nuts, guys just perv on beautiful girls but I truly appreciate the beauty in them, it’s nuts. Guys aren’t like that; maybe that’s why I barely have photos of dudes. Girls are beautiful like art. And they should be appreciated as so. So I guess I’m inspired by the natural pretty things in life, girls and kittens.



PReVIew eDITIoN 2011



Q: Hey guys, what’s popping? Please tell everyone who you are?

A:Sup, it’s your boy, DBD. Creative Director and Founder of Sprayground Bags located in NYC. Q: How did you get into the graffiti game?

A: My journey into bags began after looking into the market and seeing so much repetitiveness such as a row of black bags and an occasional repeat pattern…so I thought that was it! I would create a bag that compliments the wardrobe of the street, action sports and music crowd. It was time to change the game. Personalization on tees has become a hot trend in the past few years. I decided to do it on backpacks and market it to graffiti artists because their creative high comes from tagging up subways, and a backpack looks like the face of a subway. Graffiti artists creativity has been stunted due to the crackdown and arrests of artists who tag up subways. So when I created the first ever blank bag competition that gave street artists a new outlet of expression which reminisced the days of tagging up a subway, it was a huge success! Thus becoming the stepping stone of what Sprayground is today. Q: Have you ever been arrested or chased by the police for tagging?

A: No, that’s so cliché.



PReVIew eDITIoN 2011

Q: Sparyground does some dope bags, including Backpacks and Duffles. What other products can we expect to see from you?

A: Everyone loves the bags so I will just continue to grow the future collections because it’s gonna be doper than dope. Q: What gave you the idea to do the popular “Hello My Name Is” as a backpack?

A: All great things in life are simple. And many can be expressed in just a few words. When designing a bag I start simple…I think how can I make this bag and turn it into a conceptual art piece that transforms the bag into a new wearable item that people will relate to.

of creativity are a gift. But you have to use ones tools to search and achieve that creativity. For me it’s nature and music that puts me in that hypnotic trance. The creative process starts with that initial spark of inspiration. After that, it’s like a mathematical equation of just putting all the pieces together to get the total sum. From researching and studying what my contemporaries are doing, to how I can make it different and better in this world of craziness.

Q: We have seen this bag worn by a lot of celebrities, can you name a few and why you think it’s so popular?

A: It has been worn by Bruno Mars, Kanye, Rihanna, Eminem and Kid Cudi to name a few. I would say it’s popular because everyone can relate to it. When you wear the bag it makes you feel independent. Q: How did the sexy as fuck Megan Daniels become a model for you?

A: I saw MD at some club in Los Angeles last year and asked her to model for our photoshoot. She dug the product and I dug her… Q: We have to ask, how nice are her Tits?

A: Very Nice! High Five! Q: Are there any artist that you look up to and really inspire you?

A: I believe you have to be a master of your own destiny and design based on how you view the world. Those bursts

City, so it’s not hard to find inspiration but what really gets you hyped about being in the city that translates to your work?

A: I love that you can go up to anyone in NYC and have them do anything for some free swag. Because at the end of the day everyone is a crackhead in the concrete jungle.

Q: What other design work does Spraygound offer?

Q: Collaborations are all the rage; can we expect to see any from you in the near future?

A: We have a superstar lineup for the next future collections… Look out for a Cope bag in our Spring Collection.

A: Currently just the sick line of bags…but I am working on a new project of “Original 1 ok a kind painted bags by DBD”. Q: Are there any big plans for Sprayground in 2011?

A: Just be the most badass designer and innovative bag company in the industry.

Q: If you could collaborate with any brand, company, or person who would it be and why

Q: Any special thanks, comments, words of wisdom or shit you want to talk before we let you go?

A: I think Lady Gaga, not because of her music but because she thinks above and beyond and I like to do the same. Her outfits are crazy and it would be fun to design a kickass bag to match her outfits…a meat bag could be

A: Stay free and do what you love. Hey guys, thanks so much for sitting down with PeepFlow. We look forward to what the future holds for Spraygound and hopefully we can get to chat again.

Q: Spraygound is based in New York

pReVIew eDITIoN 2011






PReVIew eDITIoN 2011

Q: What’s up Marek, can you let everyone know who you are and what you do?

How did you come up with the idea to use porn stars for models on the shirts?

A: Owner, Founder, creative director

A: Working with porn stars was not an idea that we went after. We needed a tax write off one year and went to a porn convention and sold shirts there. The girls loved it and wanted to be on our shirts and the rest is history.

Q: How did you get started in the fashion industry?

A: I started my clothing line, no internship, had an idea and went with it Q: How did the TITS name come about?

A: It’s an acronym for two in the shirt, cleaver so I trade marked it.

Q: We love them all; do you have a favorite out of the girls and shirts so far?

A: Brittany Dailey, Deuces Q: Do you have any good stories that you can share with us about the girls, maybe from a photo shoot or hanging out together?

A: (Big Smile and laughs) At the Rosa Acosta shoot we actually ate all 30 of the cookies that were used in the shoot. Q: Has any of your staff ever had some real fun with the models?

A: Real fun, YES (Big smile and laughs) Q: If you could get anybody you want to pose for a T-Shirt, who would it be and why? Q: Can you give me a brief rundown on the Two in the Shirt brand and what you stand for?

A: We use girls’ body as a focal point we put sex on shirts. We DON’T do 1000’s of logos and we never will. Q: What other brands, companies or people have and continue to inspire you and your brand?

A: Jay z, eminem are artist that inspire me. Other brands that I like Crooks, imaginary foundation, RVCA. Q: Ok now that the BS questions are out of the way, tell us about the girls!

A: Megan Fox, she is the finest women on the planet and the most untouchable. Like I say all the time “Megan, you know where you can find me, but I cant find you.” Q: How do your collabs come about and what lets you know if the cobranding is a good fit?

A: Whoever we collab with has to like the brand already and we have to like what they do. Good collabs that we have done are based off of use already being fans of each other not just doing something to make a quick $1.

pReVIew eDITIoN 2011


Q: Is there a company from any other industry that you think would be cool to team up with?

A: I would like to team up with hustler and penthouse. Also Carls jr. with their marketing it makes sense they have hot chicks market there big burgers. Q: We are a huge fan of companies that step up and do good things; can you tell us about your TITS for TATAS to support Cancer Research? Sounds like a cool thing.

A: Pain in the ass. We have wanted to do this for some time now but have not had a big enough staff to bring it to life and realistically we still don’t. We have a goal of



raising $20,000 which we have confidence that we can do. We will continue to do this each year and it will get better and better. Q: Where do you see the “Streetwear” industry going in the future as a whole?

A: Toilet Q: Do you have any plans of expanding your range into denim, footwear etc. like we see some of the other “streetwear” brands doing?

A: NO! We will stick to accessories. We won’t lose focus on our bread and butter which is tees and accessories. We are two in the shirt not two in

the jeans. Q: What can we expect from Two In The Shirt for 2011?

A: More dynamite collabs elevate concept bar and more spoof videos. Q: Any special thanks, comments, words of wisdom or shit you want to talk before we let you go?

A: Stay original. As the Haters come watch your money grow at a fast pace. Marek I want to thank you for your time and the great insight into the TITS Brand, I hope we can talk again in the future and good luck with everything.

PReVIew eDITIoN 2011

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