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Special Cargo Unusually shaped cargo, perfectly shaped solutions.

Our unique quayside offering provides customers with use of specialist equipment to help with any cargo which is out of the ordinary. Whether it is specialist construction vehicles, large and heavy engineering parts, generators, equipment or machinery we can help you handle the load. Peel Ports have the expertise and facilities to provide tailor made solutions to get your cargo from ship to site whatever it is! Added value services: • 250 tonne floating crane in the Port of Liverpool - Cross docking experience for quick moving cargo - Specialised equipment to handle all types of cargo - On-site security - Rail connections between Scotland, Liverpool and the Midlands - Onward water connections via the Manchester Ship Canal Unlimited crane lifting capability


Our strategically located network of ports that can handle special cargo GLASGOW



North Sea

Irish Sea Dublin

Liverpool & Manchester

Great Yarmouth



London Medway

English Channel

Why not contact us to discover tailor-made solutions for your business? W: peelports.com/commodites/project-cargo Peel Ports Group | Maritime Centre Port of Liverpool | Liverpool | L21 1LA


Mainland Europe

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Special Cargo Flyer  

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