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I AM ZOLTRON... What is the origin of Zoltron? I was playing basketball and this Greek guy with two black eyes and a waxed chest got the game winning lay up. He grabbed the board, slammed the ball at the ground a screamed some inaudible victory howl. A kid that was watching kind of mumbled "Holy Zoltron.." We all laughed. It had to be the company name. Other ideas were, "Genghis Khan Cook Graphix", "Burn Again Christian Press," and "Inebriated Assistant Industries," but in the end I think Zoltron was the right call. What are Zoltron's powers/secret weapons? Can spackle a fence post at the speed of light. What's your paste recipe? 1 part heavy duty wallpaper paste 2 parts clear acrylic faux glaze Some water and elmers glue to texture Ring of invisibility (if applicable)

PEELzine 4  

Features ABOVE, Jon Burgerman, Mike Clark (Color Your City), Klutch, me love, 20mg, The Yellow Dog, Zoltron, Stickerthrow, Sticky Art, and m...