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What is/are Visual Narcotics?


Visual Narcotics

Visual Narcotics is a street art project started about 5 years ago primarily in response to the massive amounts of advertising and other media battling for attention in our public spaces. The name "Visual Narcotics" is in reference to the bombardment of images directed at us by the mass media. Just like a narcotic, these images are intended to make us feel and act a certain way, only to leave our minds numb. The project's main goal is to raise awareness of this phenomenon and to question the influence of our media saturated environment.

“Don’t buy into anything without some question.�

PEELzine 4  

Features ABOVE, Jon Burgerman, Mike Clark (Color Your City), Klutch, me love, 20mg, The Yellow Dog, Zoltron, Stickerthrow, Sticky Art, and m...

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