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Inspiring Works These works have been created by individuals around the globe, who have taken it upon themselves to promote a

positive message. These pieces explore various media which interact in their environment. Plywood, styrofoam cups, cut fabric, stickers, wheat paste, flowers, stencils, rollers, crepe paper, and even drawn in the sand. However these pieces were made, they are at the heart of the message: simply reminding us to be a little kinder to each other. If you are interested in more information on making your own piece, and to receive a free sticker pack, visit Top (L-R) 15 Person Piece_Chicago, Illinois, Michael Coleman, Kelly Breslin, Emily Counts, Chris Silva, David Cuesta, Nick Adam, Mike Genovese, Karl Koett, Sayre Gomez, Matt Granstrom, Josh MacPhee, Travis Wiggins, Sighn, Lee Piechocki, Jeremy Schultz Bottom Left Chun1_Bangkok, Thailand Bottom Right Emiko & Hana_Canberra, Australia.


PEEL Magazine 5  

Buff Monster, Eugene and Louise, Killer Gerbil, n/Plywood, Nincompoop, Sesper, Shieko, Slackart, Muti Industries.

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