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FAll 2015

Leander seeks volunteers for Bond Task force

The City of leander is seeking members of the community to volunteer for a committee to review and recommend proposals for an upcoming bond election. The commitee with be tasked with reviewing optios for capital expenditures and making a series of proposals to the Council. The committee will include three City Council members— Place 3 Councilwoman Shanan Shepherd, Place 4 Councilman Ron Abruzzese and Place 5 Councilman Jeff Seiler. Council members said they also want to include representatives from the Leander Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center and from the city’s ETJ, leaving 10 other city residents to fill the committee.

City staffers will vet committee applicants and bring recommendations to council in October.

5 Smart Ways to Help Your Kids With Homework

1. Stay positive school-supplies-drawercompartments Photo by Jonny Valiant No matter how irritated you are at Common Core. “Kids want to please their parents and teachers. If you’re negative about homework, they’re put in the middle, and it stresses them out,” says Nichols. Rant to your friends or husband, but never in front of your child.

Council members said they want to fund the projects with city-issued bonds only. The city would also avoid passing any property tax increase to fund interest from bonds, Fielder said.

2. Don’t push to “Get homework out of the way.” Some kids can dive right in after school; others need to play or eat before they can settle. Try a few routines to see what works. Ellen Main, a former elementaryschool teacher and a mother of two in South Pasadena, California, had her daughter practice spelling while on a pogo stick—a letter a bounce. “We’ve done homework in sidewalk chalk. She needed to be active after school and have time with me,” says Main. “This way, she got both, and the work is finished.”

The city may have about $100 million worth of projects for the bond committee to consider, Fielder said Aug. 20.

3. Get an analog clock— and draw on it For elementary kids who aren’t whizzes with telling

Staffers will also assemble a list of potential city projects, such as road improvements, public safety projects, or parks and recreation projects, for committee members to discuss. The list would include estimates of each project’s potential cost, Mayor Chris Fielder said.

time (or sitting still): Use a dry-erase marker to shade a “pie piece” of time on the glass face of an analog clock. “It helps kids understand what 10 or 20 minutes looks like and how much time has passed,” says Nichols. 4. Know when to break the rules A beautiful study space may not work for every kid. “Parents need to be flexible,” says Marcia Tate, an educational consultant in Atlanta and the author of Preparing Children for Success in School and Life. “I had one child who loved a designated spot; another wanted to be near me in the kitchen with a clipboard.” As long as your child proves she can do the work well with distraction, let it go. And take fun breaks. “After every math row, I’ll try to throw a raisin in your mouth!” 5. Farm it out If homework is a constant struggle and everyone is miserable, pay an older kid to be a homework helper. Keep your child on task and answer questions, says Bryson: “Don’t let the battle consume your relationship.”

6:30pm – 9:00pm Got Solicitors? Vista Ridge Pool Officer Elizabeth Conrad

Tuesday October 6th

of the Leander Police Department has given us some information on exactly how solicitors are able to operate inside the city. “The solicitor will have a city issued photo ID card that they are required to have clearly visible on their person when they are soliciting.” Conrad noted. “It will have their name, their company name, and their photo. The permit is issued to the person, not solely the company. The ID card will also show an expiration date and permit number on it.”

Share the Strength! Vista Ridge HOA welcomes you to come share in building the strength of our neighborhood! Our power is in numbers! Be seen, be heard and enjoy National Night Out on a cool Texas evening!

The event is about neighborhood camaraderie, building partnerships in the community and with our public servant agencies all while becoming more knowledgeable about crime prevention. We will have activities for old and young alike along with food and beverages. We are also still looking for

volunteers to help with the event, even if it just for 15 to 30 minutes. Come on out say hello to Leander’s finest public servants and meet a new neighbor even if it is just for 5 to 10 minutes! If you’d like to volunteer please contact Bob McDonald or Marissa Burill.

Below is an example of what this ID card should look like. If a solicitor indicates that thier boss keeps the paperwork or they simply forgot thier ID card you can make a non-emergency call to the Leander Police. 512-528-2800

Example Solicitor Identification

Proposed Activities include: Meeting with Leander Police, Fire Department, and Emergency Responders, Mayor & City Council Food Drive • Art with Focal Points of Leander • Community Groups FOOD





Keep up with what’s happening in Vista Ridge and around the corner.

ACTIVITIES ANNUAL HOA Meeting Tuesday, Oct. 13th – 7:00PM Leander Public Library

A note from the Liaison

601 S. Bagdad, Leander TX

Friday, September 25th, 2015 7pm - Four Fights Per Pint 8pm - Indian and the Jones 9pm - Billy Strings and Don Julin

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

6pm - Piney Grove Ramblers 7pm - Blue Skyz Band 8pm - Noah Jefferies & Matt Downing 9pm - The Quibble Brothers

Improvements underway at neighborhood entrance


I hope you have noticed some positive changes in our community this year. A lot of great neighbors and committee members have spent countless hours cleaning and repairing Randy Hutchison facilities, hosting social events, beautifying the common areas, and keeping the neighborhood safe. Because of these volunteers the HOA has saved money and Vista Ridge is a better place to live. Thank you to those of you who have volunteered! We have a few projects left to complete before the end of the year and every little bit of help is greatly appreciated. We also have some social events coming up if you’re looking for opportunities to have fun and meet neighbors. The Annual HOA meeting will be held on October 13th. This is your chance to discuss the budget, vote on items that need approval, and elect new committee chairs. You’ll also elect a new resident member of the HOA Boar​d who will act as a community Liaison to the Board. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as your Liaison and look forward to helping the new Liaison transition. Some of the duties include; working alongside ​the management company to ensure our common areas are ​maintained, ​reviewing the financial reports on a monthly basis, identifying capital improvement projects and ensuring they are completed, and ​lastly but importantly leading the group of committee chairs (aka CAG)​, chairing its meetings and having general responsibility for the neighborhood​. The management company handles the legal and financial aspects such as HOA rule violations and annual assessment collection. Our HOA is also nearing a critical period when we will transition from Developer controlled to Resident controlled. We’ll need a strong leader to guide us through this transition. If you are considering running for this position and would like more information on the time commitment or any other question please email me.

The Lawn and Garden Committee has gathered volunteers to start plantings at the neighborhood entrance. After a number of months of waiting on the signal and crosswalk installations to complete work is underway on entrance improvements. Connie White one of the Chairs of the Lawn and Garden committee noted

that all of the plants being put in would be droughttolerant plants which should save the neighborhood about $6000 each year. If you would like to volunteer to assist the Lawn and Garden Committee please email Connie White or Gabe Pope:

Halloween Costume Contest and Parade October 31st – 6:15pm Vista Ridge Pool

Community Services Directory Babysitting Name

General Availability

Contact Number

Lyle Beasley

Evenings/ Weekends


Marlene Beasley



Nadia Fedrick

Weekdays 12-10PM/ Weekends


Tanna Hutchison

After 5PM Weekdays/ Weekends


Tori Hutchison

After 5PM Weekdays/ Weekends


Abby Michalik

Extremely flexible hours


Kendall Reinhardt



Taylor Roberts

Weeknights/Weekends, Flexible during Summer


Paige Stamm

Evenings/ Weekends/ School Holidays


The directory is a place to find neighbors that provide professional or babysitting services. We have made an attempt to verify that each person on this list is a current resident of Vista Ridge. If you find that any information on this page is incorrect or someone listed here no longer lives in Vista Ridge please let us know. Additionally, please contact us if you would like to be added to the directory.

Professional Services Name


Contact Information

Evan Bolton

A/V wiring, design, and install


Bo Bosley

HVAC Services


Marissa Burill

Independent Jewelry Sales/Insurance and Financial Services


Elizabeth Capps

Young Living Essential Oils Distributor

Brian Crooks

Mortgage Consultant


Antonia Esmeralda



Nadia Fedrick

Maid/Cleaning Services


Brian Goldstein

IT/Computer Services

Anthony Gonzales

Mobile Auto Mechanic/Used Tire Sales/Handyman/Lawn Care


Tiffany Hammond

Dog Sitting, Handmade Crocheted Items


Alexis Vo Kwan

Pediatric Occupational Therapist


Lung Kwan

Math Tutoring, ACT/SAT Prep


Jennifer Ligori

Custom cakes, cookies, printables & party planning

Bob McDonald

General Handyman


Gabriella Pope

Dog Grooming

Rich Poulton

IT/Computer Services

LeAnn Urbina

Organic/Natural airbrush tanning


Andrea Wright

Real Estate Floor Plan Services

To the reader: This list is voluntarily offered by the Vista Ridge Community Action Group for informational purposes only. These are members of our community who offer professional services but inclusion on this list is neither an endorsement nor recommendation. No warranty, implied or otherwise, is given regarding the quality of these individuals’ services.

Vista Ridge - October 2015  
Vista Ridge - October 2015  

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