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June 2014 - Volume 8, Issue 6

HOWDY WOOD GLEN! Congratulations to Wood Glen resident Will Peckham who, after the votes were tallied for the May 10th election, is the newest member of the Round Rock City Council. I want to remind everyone of the need to maintain his or her home in good condition. Article VIII, Section 1 of the CC&Rs discusses the duty of the owners to maintain their homes. This would cover repairs, such as fixing damaged fences after a wind storm, as well as routine maintenance such as periodic repainting of the house or cleaning of the brick and stone work. The general idea is to keep the neighborhood looking well maintained. In April, our management company, CMA, started identifying areas where a little extra attention may be needed. However, things got off on the wrong foot when, without warning, several residents started receiving letters about mildew stains on the front of their houses. After hearing from several of those neighbors, the Board realized changes were need in the way things were handled. The new plan is for CMA to notify the Board when they identify areas where additional maintenance is need so that we can communicate those things to the neighborhood. This should give everyone some time to get things taken care of before letters start getting sent. Hopefully, this will avoid surprises in the future. I also want to go over how our enforcement process works. Once CMA starts noting violations, a courtesy letter will be sent to let the owner know that something needs to be taken care of. If the violation isn’t corrected, a second letter will follow. That letter could be two to four weeks later, depending on the timing of CMA’s drives through the neighborhood. After that, the owner will have 30 days to correct the problem before a third letter is sent and a fine is issued. At that point, a continued violation results in additional fines about every 30 days until the problem is corrected. Another thing to note is that CMA’s system considers a repeat violation for the same issue within six months

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to be a continued violation. We have seen where an owner has a couple of damaged pickets on their fence that they repaired, and a few months later, a wind storm comes and knocked down another section of the fence. CMA’s system escalates them to a second or third letter immediately after the windstorm, and all the fencing companies were backlogged with all the damaged fences. The board is more than willing to review those situations on a case-by-case basis and make adjustments as necessary. The mildew seems to cause problems primarily on the north side of the house. I guess the east, south, and west sides get enough sun to keep the mildew in check. Unfortunately for those houses on the south side of the street, the mildew stains on the north side of the house are visible from the street. In response to the comments from owners, we put the mildew enforcement on hold. I was told that most of you who received the mildew letters have already taken steps to address the stains, and for that I thank you. For those that may not have taken care of it already, I have instructed CMA to hold off sending additional notices until July to give everyone time to catch up. More recently, CMA observed several garage doors in the neighborhood need to be painted. I have also instructed CMA to wait until July before sending out letters about garage door painting. That should give people a chance to take a look and see if their garage doors need painting. It is probably also a good time to take a look at the rest of the house to see if you need repainting anywhere else. Hopefully, those that need to do some repainting will have enough time to get that scheduled before July. If you plan on changing the color when you repaint, you will need to submit a request to the modifications committee. The form is available on the HOA’s website ( If you don’t quite get finished repainting when July arrives and (Continued on Page 2)

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Wood Glen BOARD OF DIRECTORS President: David Schell................................ Vice President: Matt Baker........... Treasurer: Wayne Solum.............................. Secretary: Lela Section 1: OPEN POSITION................................................... Section 2: Prashant "Nat" Nadkarni.... Section 3: Bob Section 4: David Schell................................ Section 5: OPEN POSITION................................................... Section 6: Matt Baker................... Section 7: Wayne Solum..............................

COMMITTEE CHAIRS Modifications: Prashant "Nat" Nadkarni ................. Pool/Amenity Center: Bob Landscaping / Greenbelt: Karen Social Events: Gloria Gomez......................... Communications: Bob Ant Bait Control Program: Leslie Welcome Committee: David & Elaine

MANAGEMENT CO. Certified Management of Austin (CMA) 9600 Great Hills Trail, Suite 100E Austin, TX 78759, Tel: (512) 339-6962 Fax: (512) 339-1317, Email: Contact: Jennifer English

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Howdy Wood Glen - (Continued from Cover Page) that first letter shows up, you still have plenty of time to get the painting done before any fines start to accrue. Hopefully, we can all get any repainting done well before any fines are issued. In May, we had an informational meeting for those residents who are adjacent to the wall along 3406, and a few other places in the neighborhood. We have worked with Reconstruction Experts to develop a multiyear plan to correct problems in several areas of the wall. Work on the repairs for this year began in May and should be nearing completion by the time you read this. Unfortunately, the repairs are costly and the reserves are taking a substantial hit. I want to warn everyone that we could end up seeing an increase in the assessments for next year. Based on this year’s assessment of $395 and the maximum allowable increase of 8%, the highest we could see is about $426. We will do what we can to minimize the increase while still keeping the association on firm financial footing, but I wanted to let everyone know now so they can plan accordingly. -David Schell


Residents are encouraged to attend to see what is going on behind the scenes and to let us know your concerns. June 17, 2014 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm TBD

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Hover flies, also known as syrphid flies or flower flies, are bee and wasp mimics. You can tell that they are flies because they only have two wings (bees and wasps have four wings). They can range in size from ¼ to ¾ an inch long. Most are black with yellow markings and wings are held out to the side when at rest. Hover flies are great fliers and are capable of hovering or even flying backward. Adults and larvae are considered beneficial; adults because they help to pollinate plants and larvae for feeding on aphids and other insects. Hoverflies cannot sting. Hover flies have complete metamorphosis with 4 life stagesegg, larva, pupa and adult. Females lay whitish-grey oblong eggs singly near aphids. Larvae are legless and carrot shaped. The larvae may vary in color but most have a stripe running the length

of the back. Pupae are pear shaped and typically found on the plant or soil surface. There can be up to 7 generations per year. Adult flies feed on pollen and nectar and may also be attracted to honeydew which is caused by sucking insects such as aphids, mealybugs and scale insects. Adults are typically found around flowers. Larvae feed on aphids and other small, soft-bodied insects. Larvae move along the plant surface looking for prey. When they find something, they grasp it, suck it dry and discard the skin. Pupae are non-feeding. For more information or help with identification, contact Wizzie Brown, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Program Specialist at 512.854.9600. Also check out: WWW.URBAN-IPM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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ROUND ROCK NEW NEIGHBORS Women Welcoming Women for Fun & Friendship since 1978 Call us about our first Summer Coffee to be held Wed, June 11th from 10:00 – Noon Other Summer Coffees: July 9th and August 13th Members Also Enjoy: Lunch Bunch, Canasta, Movies, Mah Jongg, Walk & Talk, Volunteering, Girlfriends’ Happy Hours, Scrabble, Wine Tasting, Bridge, Day Trips, Foodies for Fun, Book Discussion, Bunco, Mexican Train Dominoes & more! Whether you are new or lived here for years, WE WELCOME YOU!

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June ar Calend

May is National Water Safety Month Ongoing: Volunteers needed to stuff & distribute water safety packets. Ongoing: Colin's Hope Athlete Ambassadors needed. Now-June 21st: Donate $30, get a free Schlitterbahn ticket! Sept. 14th: Colin’s Hope Kid’s Tri! Registration is now open.

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BRING THE WORLD TO YOUR CHILD BY HOSTING A FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT By Vicki Odom If you’ve read the newspaper lately, you know that the world can be a scary place: wars, economic crisis, revolutions, climate change, border disputes, refugees, and protests. So, how do we teach our children about the world, and the variety of people in it, when most of the examples we read about in the press are so negative? One life changing way to broaden your child’s world view is to volunteer to host a high school foreign exchange student. Foreign exchange programs have been around for almost 100 years, and their mission has always been the same – to educate people about different cultures through person-to-person exchange. What better message to pass on to your children? There are quite a few misconceptions about foreign exchange programs – especially around who can host. The biggest misconception is that you must have high school aged children when you host a high school exchange student. Nothing could be further from the truth. “We welcome host families of all shapes and sizes – families with young children, families with no children, empty nesters whose children have left home, single parents and nontraditional families,” says Heather Wells, Senior Regional Director for Ayusa, a non-profit promoting global learning and leadership through foreign exchange and study abroad opportunities for high school students. “The key requirements for a host family are to provide a safe and nurturing home environment, genuinely love children, and have a desire to learn more about a different culture.” Families with young children find that hosting an exchange student provides their children with an especially unique educational experience in the form of an international big

brother or sister. Without even realizing it, children learn about different types of people and different cultural traditions. Volunteer host families provide foreign exchange students a nurturing environment, three meals a day and a bedroom (either private or shared with a host sibling of the same gender). Each host family and student is supported by a professionally trained community representative who works with the family and student for the entire program. All interested host families must pass a criminal background check and a home visit by an exchange organization. Foreign exchange students come from all over the world. Ayusa matches host families with students from more than 60 different countries including Argentina, China, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Japan, Lebanon, Norway, Pakistan, Sweden, Thailand, Tunisia and Turkey. All high school foreign exchange students are fully insured, bring their own spending money, and are proficient in English – and all high school exchange programs are regulated by the U.S. Department of State. Interested host families are required to fill out an application, pass a background check and interview with a local exchange program representative in their homes. Once accepted to a program, host families can view profiles of students to find the right match for their family. Ayusa is currently accepting applications for families to host an exchange student for the 2014-2015 school year. For more information about hosting a high school foreign exchange student, please contact Ayusa at 1.888.552.9872 or by visiting Coldwell Banker the website at: United, Realtors 810 Hesters Crossing Suit 100 Round Rock, TX 78681

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By USPTA/PTR Master Professional Fernando Velasco

The Modern Game: The Top Spin Backhand In previous newsletters, I offered tips on how to execute the basic strokes for players who are just beginning to play tennis or who want to resume playing. I am now offering suggestions on how to play the “modern” game mostly geared towards players who are happy with hitting the ball over the net and controlling the point with consistency. These players may be already playing for leagues or tournaments and are looking for more “weapons” on the court. In this issue, I will offer instructions on how to execute the Top Spin Backhand. This shot is used when a player is presently hitting the ball long and out. The ball will be aimed high over the net and hit with power. The ball will have a “top spin” so that when the ball hits the court, it will take a big hop, forcing the opponent to fall back close to the fence, or to hit the ball on the rise. In the illustrations, Tyler Duncum, one of the top players of the Grey Rock Tennis Academy, shows the proper technique to execute this stroke. Tyler is coached by the Director of the Tennis Academy, Darin Pleasant. This shot can also be executed from the service line as an “approach shot” to the net. Step 1: The Back Swing: When Tyler is pulled wide to her backhand, she makes a quick turn of her upper body and takes her racket back. The head of the racket is now at waist height, her shoulders are turned, the left hand holding the racket, and her right hand changing to the “continental grip”. She has loaded her left 6 Wood Glen Property Owners Association Newsletter - June 2014

hip to help her drive her weight forward. Her left grip is relaxed and her wrist is “laid back” to allow maximum point of contact. Step 2: The Point of Contact: The success of a top spin shot is keeping the ball on the strings going from low to high in a 30 degree angle and accelerating the racket head around the outside of the ball. Tyler started the swing high and “looped” it to allow the head of the racket to drop down. She will be brushing around the outside of the ball as she makes contact with it. Her right shoulder is almost opening and her weight has now been shifted toward the front. Step 3: The Follow Through: In order to get maximum control and power, Tyler is keeping her left arm almost straight as she extends through the shot. She has “snapped” her left wrist and her right hand helps with the stability and power. She has now allows her left side to transfer forward towards the net. Step 4: The Finish: Tyler’s upper body acceleration is creating a high finish over her right shoulder. Her legs are already in position to recover back towards the middle of the court. Step 5: The Ready Position: Once Tyler returns the ball to her opponent, she goes back home (towards the center of the court), to be ready for the next shot. Her knees are slightly flexed, she is in a good athletic stance and her eyes are focused on the oncoming ball. Look in the next Newsletter for: “The Modern Game: The Forehand Approach Forehand Volley” Copyright © 2014 Peel, Inc.

Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle CROSSWORD PUZZLE Crossword Puzzle

ACROSS DOWN ACROSS DOWN Dawdle Dens 1. Dawdle 1.1.Dens ACROSS DOWN Permanant 'hello' Permanant 2.Hawaiian Hawaiian 'hello' 1. 4. Charge 1. 2. Nativity scene piece Brew Brew 3.City City 5. 10. Syrian bishop 2. 3. Competition at the Greek 11. Brand Brand of of adhesive adhesive strip strip 4. 4.Replace Replaceaastriker striker 9. Against games 12. Charged particle 5.5.Spring flower Charged particle Spring flower 10. Landing 3. Capital of the Ukraine 13. A Nissan 6.6.Music Nissan car car Music 11.14. Leaves 4. 7. Symbol 14. Parallelograms Parallelograms 7.Lure Lure 12.16. Boom box 5. 8. Expression of surprise 16. Male Male cat cat 8.Type Typeofofcar car 13.17. Allure 6. Emblem 17. France France & & Germany Germanyriver river 9.9.Cheese Cheese 15.18. African antelope 7. 15. Pickle juice woman 18. Father Father 15.Married Marriedwoman 16.20. Polite 8. A ball out Strontium (abbr.) 19. Wing 20. Strontium (abbr.) 19. Wing of bounds (2 wds.) Animal oil 21. Jewish religious 18.22. Leafy green 10. Twist violently 22. Animal oil 21. Jewish religiousleader leader Part of a min. 23. BB player Kareem __ Jabar 21.26. Marry 14. Ripper 26. Part of a min. 23. BB player Kareem __ Jabar Saudi __ Public disorder 22.29. Esophagus 17.24. Strums 29. Saudi __ 24. Public disorder Singer Bing 25. Groggy 26.31. Woken 18. Slough 31. Singer Bing 25. Groggy No. eggs in a package 19.26. Blemish 28.33. Goad Ross ___, philanthropist 33. No. eggs in a package 26. Blemish 34. One-celled water animal 27. Writer Bombeck 29.34. Type of tooth 20. Gods One-celled water animal 28. 27.Racoon's Writer Bombeck 35. Southwestern Indian nickname 30.36. Refer 23.30. Brand of sandwich cookie 35. Southwestern Indian 28. Racoon's nickname Raving Baseball's Nolan 31.37. Posttraumatic stress 24. Seaweed substance 36. Raving 30. Baseball's Nolan Hallucinogen 32. Scene 37. Hallucinogen Scene disorder 25.32. Cabana © 2007. Feature Exchange 32. Sieve 27. Blue © 2007. Feature Exchange

View answers online at

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