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December 2013, Vol IV, Issue XII

To Carla Hatler, Nikki Faulkner, Kimberly Comstock, Sasha Edwards, Betty Trent, Jean Mueller, Kathryn Anderson and Sabrina Brown and ALL our Sponsors for making the 2013 Pemberton Heights Fall Picnic a HUGE Success!!! Carla did an outstanding job, heading up a great team. Along with keeping everyone focused and on track, she organized the food, Doodlebug the Clown, the sponsor banner and all of the sponsor signs. Nikki was the star at logistics, arranged all the rentals, the pick-ups and even personally cleaned up Jean’s lot the Monday after. Nikki also arranged the carriage ride sign-up, always a popular sold-out event. Kimberly, Carla, Sasha, Kathryn and Sabrina were champs at getting donations for the food, drink and the silent auction. Sasha made all the members feel special with pre-printed name tags. Kimberly arranged the music (wasn’t Mr. Will and the Band perfect?), the sponsor signs and color coordinated everything including the fall flower table decorations. Betty assisted with the election ballots, the proposed Hartford Playground Park display and the sign-in desk. Thanks to Tina Weinberger for manning a table for volunteers for Neighborhood Watch. 24 more neighbors signed up to be involved. Tina also invited one of our APD neighborhood representatives to attend the picnic. Hope everyone was able to meet our own Officer William Harvey. Kimberly has already agreed to head up the picnic next year, so we are in Great Hands going forward. The accounting is not complete, but we had 72 families join or renew their membership. That puts our membership at 187. Thanks to the generosity of our neighbors, we added over $4200 to the Security Fund for next year’s security patrols and we added another $150 to the Triangle Fund. We also raised $1200 with the silent auction items! Those funds will go to offset the music, the food, the bouncy house and face painting expenses, leaving us more funds from dues for other activities. Thanks to Jean Mueller for allowing us to use her yard, to all the neighbors who shared their fabulous desserts, and to all the volunteers who helped with the setting up and the cleaning up after the picnic. I hope everyone is looking forward to next year! Thanks again to our Platinum Sponsors: AT&T, ABC Home & Commercial Services and Frost Bank; our Gold Sponsors: The Menegerie and Maine Root Beverages; and our Silver Sponsor: Capra & Cavelli. Thanks again also go to our Bronze Sponsors and local companies who donated items for the auction: Kendra Scott, Olive and June Restaurant, P.Terry Burger Stand, Wheatsville CO-OP, Rae Cosmetics, Uchiko, Back Home French Inspired Living, Breed & Company, Blast Blowdry, French& Hayden Blue Avery, Deep Eddy Vodka, Fall Creek Vineyards, Design Time Interiors, Reid’s Cleaners & Laundry, Buddha’s Brew Kombucha, Anderson’s Coffee, Rootin’ Ridge Toymakers, SWEET Home & Gifts, Passion Nail Spa, Teo Gelato and Clarksville Pottery! I hope you will check them all out and if you visit, please let them know what their support meant to us. Thank you, neighbors, for coming out and making our picnic extra special this year! And, again, a BIG THANKS to the Committee, Carla, Nikki, Kimberly, and Jean for making this picnic a HUGE success. We wouldn’t have had it without you!!! -- Betty Trent, Secretary PHNA Copyright © 2013 Peel, Inc.

The Pemberton Journal - December 2013


The Pemberton Journal PHNA CONTACT LIST Security, Traffic, MoPAC, Zoning and Permits, Governmental Liason, Neighborhood Social Events, Triangle Fundraising and Improvements

President Craig Vice President Carla Secretary Betty Trent……………… Treasurer At-Large Sasha


Editor, Betty Trent............... Fax...................................................................... 478-0920

PUBLISHER Peel, Inc......................., 512-263-9181 Advertising...............................


Our Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Association Holiday Carriage Rides will be held Sunday, December 15th between 5:30 and 9:00 PM. The eight carriages (with horses and drivers!) will begin their tours of Pemberton from 1502/1504 Westover at the homes of the Bennetts and Faulkners. What fun it is to see our neighborhood lighted for the Holidays! So if you plan to decorate your home’s exterior this season, you might consider having it ready to be enjoyed by the Carriage Riders the evening of December 15th. Hot chocolate, Maine Root sodas and beer will be provided to enjoy during the evening. Frost Bank will be also be providing water and mini-flashlights for the children. Neighbors are encouraged to bring cookies and brownies to share. We will send you another notice as we get closer to December 15th to request, if possible, that cars be parked in driveways and not on the street between 5:30 and 9:00PM to enable the horses to maneuver the road more easily. Nikki Faulkner

INFORMATION ANALYSIS GUIDANCE Thoughtful Planning and Expert Execution of Your Family’s Goals When Buying or Selling Residential Real Estate.

David McCall GRE, SRES 512.736.8103

dvdmccll @ 2

The Pemberton Journal - December 2013

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Betty Trent, Secretary PHNA At the October Board Meeting, the Board approved a $2500 commitment to the Austin Parks and Recreation Department to fund a bench along the Shoal Creek Hike and Bike Trail in honor of Janet Fish. Janet was a longtime Pemberton neighbor who was instrumental in creating and improving the Shoal Creek Hike and Bike Trail. She began creating the trail in the 1950’s using her own funds, extending the trail over the years, and encouraging the city to extend the original trail system. She also researched and documented much of the history which occurred along the creek. After Janet passed away in 2008, the city honored her association with the trail by naming the foot bridge constructed over the creek south of 29th St in her honor. The Board is pleased to have Pemberton add to that gesture.

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Daniel Laden, local student, headed for Harvard Daniel Laden, son of Pemberton Neighbors Stephanie and Larry Laden has been accepted to Harvard. Daniel has not selected a field for study, but is considering law or medical school. Daniel will also be playing for the Harvard Crimson football team as an offensive lineman, the same position he has played at Austin High for the Maroons. We send him all our best for a great year of academics and a chance at playing in a BCS National Championship game! Betty Trent, Secretary PHNA Copyright © 2013 Peel, Inc.

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The Pemberton Journal Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Association



EVENTS 4th of July Reading of Declarat 120.68 2013 Carriage Ride Income 4,505.00 Garage Sale 569.23 Corporate Picnic Donations 1,500.00 Picnic Expense 3,144.22 Interest Income 0.19 Total Events 3,834.13 Membership Dues 5,410.00 Security Donations 12,480.00 INSURANCE TRIANGLE DONATIONS Liability Insurance -2,115.00 Triangle Donations 15,093.00 Total Insurance -2,115.00 Gail’s Triangle 3,225.00 MISC. Total Triangle Donations 18,318.00 Survey 24.00 Unc Deposit 225.00 Total Misc. 24.00 TOTAL INCOME 42,438.19 Postage and Delivery 84.20 Supplies (Business) 39.65 TRIANGLES EXPENSE Water 974.56 Accounting 175.00 Improvements 2,583.37 Bank and PayPal Service Fees 638.21 Total Triangles 3,557.93 Carriage Ride Deposit Expense 600.00 TOTAL EXPENSE 33,087.75 COMMUNICATIONS EXPENSE NET INCOME 9,350.44 Website 231.84 Total Communications Expense 231.84 Contract Labor - Patrol 25,982.79 Dues 35.00


The Pemberton Journal - December 2013

Copyright © 2013 Peel, Inc.

The Pemberton Journal


Construction will soon start on adding lanes and adding aesthetic enhancements along MOPAC. Construction will start at the northern end next month. Construction may start between Enfield and 35th St. by the first of the year. Construction will last until late 2015. Construction between Enfield and 2222 is expected to primarily impact the right side lanes. Construction will occur day and night, however lane closures are expected to occur only from 9 pm to 5 am. No lane closures are scheduled to occur on major holidays, events, football games, and festivals. Frontage lane closures are expected to be limited. A restricted express lane will be a major portion of the project. The express lane will allow emergency vehicles, buses, vanpools and toll paying drivers to bypass congestion and travel faster without

traffic-caused delays from Parmer Lane to Downtown. $5 million in new pedestrian and bike improvements will be included, including the intersections at Windsor and Westover. Bike lanes will be added to both of these streets at the intersections. More than $ 3 million in trees and landscaping will be added along the MOPAC corridor. Sound walls of textured cast concrete will also be added along the roadway at various locations, replacing wood fencing at many locations. Neighbors should anticipate traffic delays once construction begins. Get more information at www. You may sign up for newsletter updates and download the MOPAC app for more current information over the construction period. Betty Trent, Secretary PHNA

You’re Invited to

In the Dog Park Bring your dog and your family to enjoy our exclusive Dog Park and support the Austin Humane Society Sunday, December 15th 2:00pm to 4:00pm DogBoy’s Dog Ranch

Admission to the event is a donation to the AHS. All event profits will be donated to AHS!

RSVP online to learn AHS donation options and receive the following: Pictures with your dog at the holiday photo booth Hot Chocolate provided by Amy’s Ice Cream Free drink ticket compliments of Saint Arnold Brewing VIP parking pass Satisfaction of helping an orphaned pup

Make a difference this holiday season and have fun doing it! Visit to sign up today. Copyright © 2013 Peel, Inc.

The Pemberton Journal - December 2013


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Updated 11/11/13 Operating Acct


PayPal Acct $3,214.44 Security Program $11,158.70 Gail’s Triangle $3,842.57 KAB Triangle Fund $14,943.00 Triangle Donations $350.00 $56,700.65

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ciao! 3411 glenview ave. | austin, texas 78703 512 467 9898 |


The Pemberton Journal - December 2013

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The Pemberton Journal PETS OF THE MONTH

Butch and Jake | Nominated by Sasha and David Edwards | 2715 Wooldridge DR. | Overheard by T. Weinberger Jake: No! No! Don’t take me! Please, I didn’t do anything! I never hurt anybody! I’m innocent, I swear it! I want to live! I want to live! I want to— Butch: Wake up, Jake! Jake, wake up! You’re having a nightmare. Everything’s O.K., buddy, shake it off. It was a dream. Shake it off, that’s right, take a deep breath. Jake: I was on the List, Butch! They put me on the Risk List at the pound and I was scheduled for tomorrow! And morning was almost here and they came for the Tabby, who was being really brave, but then the Burmese was crying, and the European Shorthair was meowing and scratching, and I didn’t even get to say good-bye to the Abyssinian next door, and then they were opening my cage— Butch: You’re O.K., you’re O.K, just relax, I’ve gotcha, pal, I’ve gotcha. Stay here; I’ll get you some warm milk— Jake: Don’t leave me! I was on the list! I was next! They’re coming for me; I know they’re coming for me! Butch: There you go, buddy, drink some of this. It’s nice and warm. Auntie Sasha made it. Jake: “Lap, lap, lap . . . “ Aunt Sasha: What’s all the yelling about? Butch: Aw, just another nightmare. He’ll be fine. I’m not gonna let anybody hurt my buddy, that right, Jake? Jake: Mmmhmm. Lap, lap, lap, lap . . . . Aunt Sasha: Did he talk about the At Risk List again? Butch: Yeah, same as always. Aunt Sasha: What about you? No dreams? You were six weeks old—a baby. Butch: Jake and I were in the same cage; we looked so much alike they thought we were brothers. I kinda took care of him—cuddled up with him at night until he’d fall asleep purring. Jake always thought he’d be the next one to get adopted. I just faced the stats: 50% of shelter animals go to the

needle. So when they told us that we were on the List and were being transferred to death row, I’d prepared myself, but he just froze and went into denial. “Somebody will take me,” he mewed on and on. Then we were one day away, and he just curled into a ball and looked at the clock. Aunt Sasha, wiping her eyes: I remember the day Austin Pets Alive looked in your cage. Two beautiful, healthy, sweet little kittens. They told us it would be over by sundown the next day. Butch: Why us, though? I never could figure out why you walked straight past the Persian in the main room. I mean, we were already condemned. Most people never even ask about us. Aunt Sasha: Austin Pets Alive ONLY rescues animals on the At Risk List. The ones that will be dead within days if we don’t take them and love them. Butch: Only those on the List? Jake: What about Sophie? She just got on the List today! And a whole bunch of guys we knew just got listed with her: my pal Joey, and the kitten who giggled all the time, and the striped one who chased her tail, and the Bobtail with the bobbed tail and the Siamese with blue eyes—they wouldn’t kill someone with blue eyes, would they? Butch: Jake ...buddy ...What he means is, Sophie and the others— they’re in their cages right now, looking at the clock. Jake: They’re scared, Auntie Sasha. Promise you won’t go look at the others first? Aunt Sasha: Only those on the List. Those are the very best. Jake: I love you, Aunt Sasha. I love you, Butch. Butch: I love you, too, pal. Let’s go back to bed—hey, not too close! We’re men, O.K.?! Aw, what the heck. Sweet dreams, buddy. There are hundreds of beautiful cats and kittens on the At Risk List. All of them are healthy, full of life, and scheduled to die within days. Austin Pets Alive works tirelessly to place them in loving homes. For more information, go to


What is the first thing you do when you spot a police car, sheriff’s car, or any vehicle with official markings? Chances are, you slow down. That’s exactly what happens when a car with Neighborhood Watch signs attached is seen passing slowly down the street. When a volunteer out on patrol stops their car at an intersection and just sits on one side of the street, drivers all around them are far more likely to slow down to the legal & appropriate speed limit, come to a full stop at stop signs, and be more cautious in all their driving behaviors. Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Watch is looking for volunteers to Copyright © 2013 Peel, Inc.

sit in parked cars on streets or intersections traveled by children walking home from Casis M-F around 3pm in the afternoon. They will provide not only an extra set of eyes to watch out for our most precious residents, but by their very presence will create a visual warning to oblivious, drivers who put us all at risk. Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Watch is a weapon-free, nonconfrontational safety program that seeks to brings neighbors together to create a secure, friendly, and more cohesive community. Tina Weinberger, Neighborhood Watch The Pemberton Journal - December 2013


The Pemberton Journal






The Pemberton Journal - December 2013

Copyright Š 2013 Peel, Inc.

Pemberton Heights - December 2013  

December 2013 edition of The Pemberton Journal for Pemberton Heights

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