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Volume 1, Issue 1 • November 2013


Thanksgiving Ideas By Sarah Chamberlain

Hi my name’s Sarah Chamberlain and I will be writing the kids section of the newsletter each month. Since this month is November and we are going to have Thanksgiving soon, I thought you might want to hear a few fun ideas for Thanksgiving. Here they are: After Thanksgiving dinner you can play baseball with the leftover rolls. Our family did this once at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house and it was hilarious, so be sure to make extra rolls. Or you could go bobbing for apples. If you like games you could play a game called Thankerchief. Sit in a circle and pass around a handkerchief while saying these words: “Thankerchief, thankerchief round it goes, where it stops nobody knows, but when it does, someone must say, what they are thankful for this day.” I asked a few of the kids in the neighborhood what they like to do on Thanksgiving and this is what they told me. Charity Barlow goes to play with her cousins and eats pumpkin pie. The kids play tag and hide and seek and they eat homemade peach cobbler too. Good ideas Charity! Molly Lewis and her cousins play school and have races. They do fun tricks for each other. And then after that have a dance party. Each year they invite somebody who doesn’t have a place to eat Thanksgiving dinner to their Thanksgiving dinner. They also eat homemade carrot pudding. Yum, sounds good! Be sure to watch the Macy’s day parade and for a fun activity

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while you watch you could make clove apples. Buy about 100 pieces of clove to decorate one apple. You can get the cloves at Winco. Push in the clove but leave most of it showing and enjoy your sweet smelling clove apple. If you like to be helpful you can go outside and find one autumn leaf for each person coming to dinner. Write their name in a Sharpie on the leaf and set it by their plate. People will think this is a very cute idea and might soon do it at their house. If you have a table cloth that is okay with you for people to write on, have each guest sign their name and what they’re thankful for and you can keep it for a decoration for Thanksgiving next year. Do that every year and in a few years you’ll have a collection of signed table cloths from your loved ones. Before it’s time to go home from your Thanksgiving feast be sure to have a turkey gobbling contest. Sit in a circle and have everyone do their best turkey gobble. It will be pretty funny to see what everybody’s best turkey gobble sounds like. Have someone be the judge and give the winner a small prize like a tootsie roll bank. I think we have one of the best neighborhoods ever. I’m glad it’s so well taken care of and I hope we all take care of each other this month.

Spring Creek Ranch - November 2013


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Spring Creek Ranch - November 2013


NEIGHBOR Hello! My name Michael Marcial [mar-see-AHL] and my wife, Rachel, and I moved to Spring Creek in August of 2012. We have really enjoyed the great neighbors and the exciting growth of this community! Rachel and I moved to Utah in June of 2011 from Missouri just after a promotion I had received. The timing couldn't have been better as we had just been devastated by the Joplin tornado. Most of our possessions had been destroyed, but we were determined to get back on our feet. Utah seemed like the perfect place to start our lives over. Rachel is now a math professor at UVU in Orem and has her Masters Degree in Mathematics from Illinois State University. She loves to teach because she is aware of how difficult it is for students to understand and love math. She does a great job and is always being complimented by her coworkers and students. I am the Store Manager of Sofa Mart in Furniture Row by IKEA in Draper. I love my job because I get to meet great people everyday and ultimately I have the opportunity to help others make their house a home. I have a great team that understands that although I'm a goofball, customer service is always first. Alexis René, or Lexi, was born September 11, 2012 and just celebrated her first birthday! She is smart like her momma and beautiful also like her momma. She also gets brownie points, just like her daddy! Right?! Thanks to our wonderful community for the many times you've helped us. We look forward to growing closer to all you great people!

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MEET YOUR HOA BOARD Hello! My name is Wayne Logan, and it's been my privilege to serve the great residents of the Spring Creek Ranch Home Owner's Association these past two years. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to share a few of the great accomplishments we've had over the past couple of years, and things we're planning on in the future; but, before I do that please allow me to share our board member’s names, years of service and roles. I'd encourage you to reach out to any or all of us, with your ideas, suggestions, or concerns. • Wayne Logan (2012, 2013) President Community Engagement Committee Chairperson • Hardy Cherry (2013) Vice President • Richard Montierth (2011, 2012, 2013) Secretary / Treasurer • Luke Chamberlain (2013) Landscape Review Committee Chairperson • Jack Buckley (2013) Architectural Review Committee Chairperson Another great resource around our community is our Property Management Company. Kenny Wilson, of K&R Premier, operates under the direction of the board and is primarily responsible for the collection of monthly dues. Kenny also assists with managing urgent issues within the community that may require intermediation with our landscape company, contractors, governments, and our homeowners. Kenny can be reached via email at With this new newsletter format, we hope to highlight a new board member each month. And, with Annual Elections just around the corner, there will be many more great people to get to know in the months ahead. This month, it's my turn. I love this community so much, and have since the first time I drove through it with my family. We moved from Orangevale, CA to Lehi (Traverse Mountain) in 2007. Once we learned just how beautiful Utah County was, and how attractive Lehi was as a city, we knew we wanted to stick around and raise our family here. As we drove from neighborhood to neighborhood nothing felt quite like "home" until we drove into Spring Creek Ranch. Perhaps it was the beautiful trees, or well-maintained yards; but, whatever it was, it just felt right. So, we decided to rent for a year to see how the neighbors were, and we found that we were quickly welcomed in. In return, our hearts were opened to serving those around us. So, a year later, we bought a home that suited us well; and, that continues to do so three years later. So much has changed since we first moved into the neighborhood; and although there are sometimes critics of change, we're all very proud to call Spring Creek Ranch our Home. Here are few of the things I've witnessed since being on the board, from most recent to oldest. Copyright © 2013 Peel, Inc.

• Approval of a very attractive Park, complete with playground equipment, grass, pavilion, benches, pet waste stations, and parking, all near the wetland along the power line trail. (Fall 2013 & Spring 2014 Project) • Newsletter Re-design (1st Issue, Nov.'13) • Wetland expansion mitigation project. • Power line trail re-landscaping. • Power line trail water mitigation and drain project. • Community sprinkler reparations along established roads & trails (on-going project) • Formation of the Community Engagement Committee, with approved annual budget for activities and community events. • Holiday Lights Decoration Contests • Community Dance at the Tennis Courts • 4th & 24th of July celebrations, including Food, Festivities & Bike Parade • Easter Egg Hunt & Celebration • Block Party Funding Support • Annual CPA Audits • Monthly HOA Meetings, open to the community • Fence guideline clarification decision • Driveway guideline clarification decision • Park maintenance projects (Bark & Weeds) One thing that I love about living here, aside from the great progress we're making, is the prospect of things to come. Currently, we're looking into making improvements to the northend park where the Tennis & Basketball courts are, including more bench seating options, key-coded entry to the multi-purpose tennis courts, new adjustable basketball hoops, pavilions, and some sidewalk games (such as hopscotch, etc.). We are working to create a master tree plan, to help replace trees when necessary; but, primarily to establish new, mature trees throughout the community. Additionally, we are working to coordinate our efforts better with the City of Lehi, as they budget for the construction of a new city park at the far South West section of the community. There is also constant communication between the Board, Pure Now, Inc. (the conservation company), and the developers of the recently prepared area in the South Eastern area of the community. We are confident that our outreach efforts will result in even more beautification and benefits for the entire Spring Creek Ranch community. There are so many things going on all the time here, and I'm sure I've failed to mention some of them; so, please reach out to myself or anyone on the board if you'd like to give a shout-out about something you're seeing in the neighborhood that is positively noteworthy. Oh, One More Thing. As mentioned previously, we will be holding our annual elections very, look for your ballots in the mail, and BE SURE TO VOTE. Spring Creek Ranch - November 2013


Spring Creek 1st Annual Meet with Santa and Tour of Lights Mark your calendars! Santa Claus is coming to Spring Creek! Have your child sit and talk with Santa all the while having professional photos taken for the memories (special thanks to Helga Laing!!). Who’s got the best holiday light show? Don’t forget to turn on your lights for the 1st Annual Spring Creek Tour of Lights on the evening of December 13th! There will be prizes awarded to homes for the Holiday Lights Contest. Old and young alike, there’s nothing better then looking at wonderful holiday lights. With the addition of so many new neighbors, there’s bound to be some great new competition! The Community Engagement Committee will map out a route for the hayrides to

follow on the best decorated streets. So don’t hesitate…DECORATE! Friday, December 13th, 6pm – 8pm Santa will be expecting your visit at 1394 S 740 E. The hayride will load and depart at the park next door. We are hoping everyone can make it out to enjoy a jolly good time with old and new neighbors. There will be hayrides, carolers, hot cocoa and Santa himself! If you are interested in volunteering for this event please contact the Community Engagement Committee at or for more details visit www.springcreek-hoa. com. We are in need of carolers, drivers, hay, portable fire pits and more.


Noah Allen has completed his Eagle Project! He raised enough money at his Bat Banquet dinner to build 6 large bat houses. He spent a Saturday building the houses. They have been painted black. The Batman symbol is on the front of each of them painted in glow in the dark paint. They have been attached, back to back, to back on 21' poles. Noah spent another Saturday to install the bat houses. They are installed and cemented it. They should last for a long time. You can't see them from the trail because we ended up installing them closer to the lake. They are South of 2100 S. This was a big project and Noah is happy with the outcome and hopes that the bats will find the bat houses and use them. They will eat lots of mosquitoes which will help our entire neighborhood. Many, many thanks to everyone who helped make this project a huge success! 4

Spring Creek Ranch - November 2013

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Talk to your neighbors, then talk to me. Luke Chamberlain, Agent 225 W State Street Lehi, UT 84043 Bus: 801-766-1224

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*Discounts vary by states. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL Spring Creek Ranch - November 2013


HOA Reminders • T h e t e n n i s c o u r t s a n d bathrooms are now closed for winter. They will re-open again next spring. • HOA dues can now be paid via ACH drafting (contact K&R) • Monthly statements can now be emailed (contact K&R) • N o g rave l d r i veways o r "horse fences" permitted • No Dumping

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Spring Creek Ranch - November 2013

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Teenage Job Seekers Name

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Doe, John....................... 15..........•.......... •.........•................... 111-1111

*-CPR Training

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Attention Teenagers

The Teenage Job Seekers listing service is offered free of charge to all Spring Creek Ranch teenagers seeking work. Submit your name and information to by the 10th of the month!



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Spring Creek Ranch - November 2013






… MEET OUR TEAM … The A Team with Alicia Terry has been working within Spring Creek Ranch assisting buyers, sellers, builders and developers. Our Team is uniquely qualified to help you with all of your real estate needs throughout Utah County as well as in the Spring Creek Ranch area. Our Lender, Marci Pipes, has been in the mortgage industry for over 16 years. Security National Mortgage Company has been consistently one of the top 3 mortgage companies in the state of Utah. We have a full range of loan products including: FHA, VA, USDA, Utah Housing and Conventional. We strive to create a “concierge level” experience second to none. Our goal is to retain our clients for life.

Final phase of Spring Creek Ranch! Grab your lot today! They’re going fast! We are excited to announce that Spring Creek Ranch has a new section of development just opening! There are 53 beautiful lots available to build an amazing new home for your family and friends. Our Team has partnered with some great custom homebuilders for you to choose from, or you can bring your own! For lots in other areas, or for other homebuilders, check out our website

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Spring Creek Ranch - November 2013

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Spring Creek Ranch - November 2013  

November 2013 edition of the Spring Creek Ranch newsletter

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