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J uly 2013, Vol IV, Issue VII

Street work and government affairs issues to be discussed at the Neighborhood Lunch Meeting July 26 Come meet new board member Betty Trent, get updated on waterline work in Pemberton streets and discuss various neighborhood and government issues. If you cannot attend, email Betty at the address below or any Board member about any neighborhood issues you may have. This month we will discuss the schedule and notifications for upcoming waterline work in our streets. The monthly lunches are an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with your neighbors on a casual basis and talk about issues of interest to Pemberton Heights. WHERE AND WHEN: The July lunch will be Friday the 26th Time: 11:45. Place: Russell’s at Kerbey Lane Cost: Each attendee pays for their own lunch by separate check. Contact: Betty Trent at to rsvp. You are welcome to come without rsvp, just ask the hostess for the PHNA table.

July 10th Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Association Meeting Reminder – Upcoming Street Work Presentation Jill Mayfield from the city of Austin will be presenting an update on the city’s waterline work in the neighborhood. This will be your opportunity to find out their schedule and notification process. Neighbors are encouraged to attend and present any concerns to be addressed to the board at each meeting. All board meetings will be at Howson Library (2500 Exposition Blvd) in the public meeting room at 6:30pm For those cannot make the Board Meeting, street work will be discussed at the July 26th neighborhood lunch, see monthly lunch announcement for further info. Save Page 8 for details. Copyright © 2013 Peel, Inc.

Pemberton Heights Profile: Molly Dougherty: Claire Avenue Panther

Many Pemberton neighbors know that Molly moved to Pemberton Heights at age two and that she’s a scion of the Graves and Dougherty families. Her grandfather and father founded the respected and revered Austin law firm of Graves, Dougherty, Heron, and Moody. What many Pembertonians are not aware of is that Molly herself has a remarkable and noteworthy history of activism and commitment to the cause of social justice. Her father, J. Chrys Dougherty, regularly quoted the Bible verse: “To him to whom much is given, much will be required”, and she took that admonition seriously. Molly attended St. Andrews elementary school, O. Henry junior high school, then graduated from St. Stephens Episcopal (high) School. “It was during elementary school when I first felt the twinges of feminism. I loved to play baseball and wanted to play Little League, but girls weren’t allowed.” She arrived at Stanford as the anti-Vietnam War movement was heating up. “Because of the excellent education I’d had at St. Stephen’s, some of my freshman classes were easy, so I had time to take extra-curricular courses on subjects like ‘Liberation Theology’ and ‘Revolution in Latin America.’” In the spring of her freshman year, she joined a campus sit-in to protest the war in Vietnam. After a sophomore year in France, she returned to Palo Alto and gradually became more radicalized. Her junior year she joined a leftist organization, then a white group affiliated with the Black Panther Party (Continued on Page 2) The Pemberton Journal - July 2013



Traffic, Utilities, MoPAC, Zoning and Permits, Governmental Liason

President Craig Vice President Carla Hatler................vice


Security Issues and Reporting, Patrol Officers, Fund Raising, Block Captains

Treasurer Corey At-Large Sasha

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE Neighborhood Alerts, Website, Pemberton Journal

Secretary Betty Trent......................... Co-Chair Corey

BYLAWS AND POLICIES PHNA Bylaws and Policy Revisions

President Craig


Accounting, Financial Statements, Cash Management, Dues

Treasurer Corey At-Large Sasha


Neighborhood Social Events, Triangle Fundraising and Improvements

Secretary Carla Hatler....................... At-Large Sasha



PUBLISHER Peel, Inc......................., 512-263-9181 Advertising...............................

Editor, Betty Trent...............

PERSONAL CLASSIFIEDS (one time sell items, such as a used bike...) run at no charge to Pemberton Heights residents, limit 30 words, please e-mail

PUBLISHER Peel, Inc......................., 512-263-9181 Advertising...............................

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Pemberton Heights Profile - (Continued from Cover Page) “I dropped out of Stanford my senior year to work full-time with the Panthers. For two years I was a plumber in East Palo Alto, a low-income, predominantly black community. Fixing people’s leaky faucets and delivering their weekly Black Panther newspaper, I saw the conditions they lived in and heard stories of their lives – a real education!” Molly then moved up the road to Oakland and did outreach and fund- raising for the pre- and elementary school the Panthers established to help the poor “throw away” kids living in the area. “I never felt I was rejecting the values I was raised with. Unlike a lot of my friends, I wasn’t rebelling against my parents. My parents didn’t agree with much of what I thought and did, but they always kept the lines of communication open. They always listened. We wrote long letters back and forth. My father even asked me for a reading list because he wanted to understand what I was doing and why. He was and is a thoughtful idealist.” The late 1970’s presented a number of challenges to Molly personally and to the Panther movement. She wound up spending two years in exile in Paris, where she learned to speak Spanish from Latin American refugees. Back in the U.S., she got a job on a documentary film about Nicaragua, which led to a year volunteering with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Eventually she grew disillusioned with the far left. “I saw up close the corrupting effect that power can have.” In 1984 she met a woman doctor in El Salvador. They’ve been working together ever since, providing health and development for the poor of El Salvador. Molly started a non-profit foundation to help with this work. Then in 2003 she founded a program at her old alma mater, St. Stephen’s, for students to do summer volunteer work with the organization she works with in El Salvador. Molly got married for the first time at age 50 to Kip (Richard Pells), a writer and history professor at UT. They met through a video dating service, and on their first date discovered they had the same magazine subscriptions. He introduced her to the world of cats (they now have two). In several ways Molly’s life has come full circle: Back in 1984 she got involved with preventive health care and health education in rural El Salvador, and now finds herself in this same field in her home-based business here in Austin. Through founding the El Salvador volunteer program at St. Stephen’s, she brought her Central America and St. Stephen’s worlds together. She’s back in Pemberton Heights – since 1987 – a few blocks from where she grew up – on Green Lanes, the street with the castle.

The Pemberton Journal - July 2013

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The Pemberton Journal

Pemberton Starts Neighborhood Watch Program Neighborhood Watch is a national program designed to deal with the type of crime most prevalent in Pemberton: auto and home theft. It is grounded on the idea of “neighbors watching neighbors,” and operates through a combination of neighborhood patrols, home security, and education. Property theft is a crime of opportunity. Thieves work fast and look for the path of least resistance. A burglar in a hurry doesn’t break a car window unless he first sees something inside, so removing backpacks, bags, and the GPS before going in at night significantly reduces the chance of a break-in. While vandalism and car burglaries tend typically occur in early morning, home break-ins tend to happen during the day while people are at work. Over 40% are accomplished by breaking in the door; changing the short screws in the door frame strike plate to ones that are 3” long is a simple fix that makes doors far more secure, costs almost nothing, and is done on request by Neighborhood Watch volunteers. Criminal behavior can also be deterred through regular neighborhood patrols. Volunteers commit one hour per week to driving up and down the streets with two magnetic Neighborhood Watch signs attached to their cars. Trained in how to identify persons and vehicles, drivers aim both to see and to be seen, to spot suspicious behavior, but also to let would-be criminals know that this is a neighborhood in which vigilant people are patrolling randomly through the streets. Reported crimes are plotted on a neighborhood map each week to determine where patrols are most needed. Neighborhood Watch programs are non-confrontational. Drivers never get out of their cars and are not permitted to carry weapons. The key to preventing property theft is remaining alert and proactive. Whether it involves replacing a short screw with a long one, driving through the streets with a clipboard and cellphone, locking and emptying one’s car at night, or checking daily on the house of a vacationing neighbor, simple but sustained, low-tech actions can be surprisingly effective in reducing this form of criminal activity. If you are interested in learning more about Pemberton Heights’ new Neighborhood Watch program or in volunteering one hour per week to drive the neighborhood, please contact Tina Weinberger at or at (512) 680-9697. Copyright © 2013 Peel, Inc.

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The Pemberton Journal Pease Park Conservancy Master Plan By Steve Davis

The Pease Park of today is markedly different from the Pease Park of five years ago. Over 500 newly planted trees of 40 different species dot a rejuvenated landscape in the 44-acre park. The restored Tudor Cottage on the park’s south end showcases a new cedar shake roof. Refurbished concrete picnic tables originally installed by the Works Progress Administration provide a comfortable spot to dine outdoors. A new pedestrian trail and staircase provides better access to the Caswell Shoals area of the park. The reconditioned memorial entry arches greet park visitors with renewed luster. The list goes on and on. The Pease Park Conservancy has funded and executed all of these much-needed improvements to the City of Austin’s oldest public park. The Conservancy, in partnership with the city, is now undertaking its biggest project to date: the creation and implementation of a Master Plan that will guide the park’s further environmental restoration and its preservation as a natural recreational spot in central Austin. The Master Plan will also encompass the Shoal Creek Greenbelt north of the park and extend to the trailhead on West 31st Street. Governor E.M. Pease and his wife donated the parkland to the City of Austin in 1875, inspired by the development of New York City’s Central Park two decades earlier. A little less than a century later, the tireless efforts of Austinite Janet Fish led to the transformation of a bridle path in the greenbelt into the hike and bike trail that runs along Shoal Creek. “Pease Park and the Shoal Creek Greenbelt are precious gifts we should not squander,” said Richard Craig, the Conservancy’s current chairperson and founder of “Trees for Pease”, the volunteer organization that initiated the park’s revitalization in 2008. “A long-term vision for both the park and the greenbelt is the best way to ensure that future generations will enjoy the area’s natural and recreational amenities,” he added. Currently, the Conservancy’s Board is reviewing four landscape architectural firms to formulate and design the Master Plan. Once a candidate is selected, the firm will conduct a comprehensive planning process to create a blueprint that incorporates design, natural resource management, and other elements to enhance and sustain the park. The process will solicit input from surrounding neighborhoods, affected stakeholder groups, and interested parties in the community for consideration in the development of the Master Plan. Once the Conservancy Board approves the Master Plan, the proposal will undergo review by the City’s Parks and Recreation Department and the Austin Parks Board before its presentation to the City Council. Raising funds to underwrite the production and implementation of the Master Plan is the Conservancy’s highest priority. The Conservancy bears a significant amount of financial responsibility for ensuring sufficient monies are available to create the Master Plan and fund the various projects that will comprise it. The organization’s annual gala scheduled for October 24 at the Caswell House will contribute to this fundraising effort. “It will be a challenge to raise these funds,” Craig said, “but I know we can succeed with the help 4

The Pemberton Journal - July 2013

of the people of Austin who love Pease Park and the Shoal Creek Greenbelt as we do.” “It’s up to us to exercise the same kind of foresight that the Pease family and Janet Fish exercised to ensure that future residents and visitors can enjoy this incredible green space in the heart of our city.” Online donations to the Conservancy can be made at www., or mailed to the Austin Parks Foundation, P.O. Box 300369, Austin, Texas 78703. Any gift in the form of a check should designate “Pease Park Conservancy” on the memo line.

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The Pemberton Journal

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The Pemberton Journal - July 2013


The Pemberton Journal

June Board Meeting Actions Save the Date As there is an economy of scale, so there is added benefit to being part of a multiple group. The neighborhood is scheduling a neighborhood-wide garage sale on September 28. If you are considering have a sale to jettison some unused item, consider having your sale on the same date as several of your neighbors. There will be more traffic and more opportunity to be successful.

*Betty Trent was named to fill in the remaining term of Diane Umstead. *Carla Hatler was moved up to Vice President *Betty Trent was named Secretary *Monnie Anderson was named Chair of Government Affairs Committee *Security Patrol hours were increased *Budget was approved, including funds for the October Neighborhood Picnic, Neighborhood Watch signage, 4th of July event, and the September Neighborhood-wide Garage Sale publicity.

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The Pemberton Journal - July 2013

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The Pemberton Journal Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Association

FINANCIAL REPORT January through May 2013 Income

Interest Income Membership Dues Security Donations Triangle Donations Gail's Triangle Total Triangle Donations

0.27 490.00 4,550.00

Total Income Expense


Accounting Bank and PayPal Service Fees Contract Labor - Patrol Dues Misc. Survey Total Misc. Postage and Delivery Triangles Improvements Total Triangles

175.00 307.70 13,737.00 35.00

Total Expense Net Income

16,868.27 -8,603.00

Copyright © 2013 Peel, Inc.

3,225.00 3,225.00

24.00 24.00 6.20 2,583.37 2,583.37

Romeo and Juliet Nominated by Marion and Lauren Forbes Interpreted by Tina Weinberger Romeo: The first time I saw Juliet, she was sunning herself on a rock. She was a brunette, her arms and legs tanned a warm shade of chocolate, but as the sunlight swept across her shell, it picked up green flecks that glimmered like emeralds. I loved everything about her: her easy glide, the sweep of her tail as she spun around to catch a food pellet dropped from above by Lauren. I would have followed her into a whirlpool. When she noticed me staring at her from the other end of the aquarium she quickly tucked herself in, but I could tell she was studying me from the inside of her shell. Two days later we were swimming together. I had found my other half, my turtle dove, my Juliet. Her parents have selected someone from their clan for her to marry. How could they pick such a reptile? The hexagons on his shell are uneven and he makes muddy waves when he swims. There’s a barely perceptible fissure that makes its way down his shell in a zigzag direction. If that doesn’t symbolize moral decay, I don’t know what does. Stories abound about alligator snapping turtles eating their own. I’ll shellac myself before I see my love turned into turtle soup! Juliet: I’ve always been introverted, the sort of girl who needs to be coaxed out of her shell. Romeo taught me to stick my neck out. He’s all turtle: those muscular arms, that powerful breast stroke . . . who can blame me for being madly in love?! My parents have promised me to another, a cracked, aging tortoise from Old Enfield named Sheldon. There would be a palatial aquarium, trips to the Galapagos . . . but the very sight of him leaves me shell-shocked. I’ll tuck myself in and never come out before I’ll leave Romeo!

The Pemberton Journal - July 2013


The Pemberton Journal Please Renew Your Security Program Contribution

Water Work Street List

For the last few years area neighbors have joined together to fund the PHNA Security Program which provides patrols by uniformed security officers. The patrols are increased during times of perceived higher crime and neighborhood travel. In addition, the Security Program has maintained the Away From Home List which ensures that your home is checked by the Patrol Officers in your absence. Please consider continuing your participation in funding this program or, if you are new to the neighborhood or have not previously participated, joining your neighbors. You may go to the PHNA website,, and follow the Security tab at the top of the page to use PayPal or a credit card to make your investment. If you prefer to send a check, please send it to: PHNA Security Program PO Box 50388 Austin, Texas 78763-0388 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Board. You may also contact 311 and notify APD about any vacancies at your home and be placed on a list for increased patrols by our city’s finest. Together we can improve the quality of our neighborhood safety Thank you!

Home Sales, Pemberton Heights

December 2012 to June 2013 Courtesy of Tina Weinberger Number Sold 8 Avg. Selling Price $1,205,275 Avg. Sales Price/SqFt $362.59 Avg. Days on Mkt. 81


The Pemberton Journal - July 2013

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The Pemberton Journal



July ar Calend

Ongoing: Volunteers needed to distribute water safey packets Ongoing: Colin's Hope Athlete Ambassadors needed! July 21: Colin's Hope Kids Got2Swim Pure Austin Quarry Lake. August 29: Colin's Hope Got2Swim Lake Austin 10K/10 miler. September 8: 5th Annual Colin’s Hope Kids Triathlon

ALERT: 18 Texas children have already drowned this year! YOU can help us prevent children from drowning. Please KEEP YOUR KIDS SAFE around water.

Volunteer - Donate COLINSHOPE.ORG






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The Pemberton Journal - July 2013


The Pemberton Journal Viruses Still Present During Summer Many viruses are still frequent in the summer so good hygiene remains important

Newsletter Article Submissions

-Enteroviruses can cause symptoms such as sore throat and diarrhea, and can even lead to viral meningitis and inflammation of the heart and liver.

Interested in submitting an article? You can do so by emailing All news must be received by the 7th of the month prior to the issue. So if you are involved with a school group, scouts, sports etc – please submit your articles for The Pemberton Journal. Personal news for the Stork Report, Teenage Job Seekers, special celebrations and military service are also welcome.

-Hand, foot and mouth disease, is characterized by ulcers in the back of the throat and a rash on hands and feet. This is common in babies and young children.

Advertising Information

Some viruses present in the summer include:

-Adenovirus, which can cause respiratory problems. -Parainfluenza can cause croup, a loud cough; bronchiolitis, swelling and mucus in the small air passages in the lungs; and bronchitis, inflammation of the main air passages to the lungs. These viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics, but it's important to get enough fluids and rest. Seek treatment immediately for high fever for more than three days, vomiting for over 24 hours, diarrhea, severe headaches or chest pain. Those with weak immune systems should consult their physician if they have any symptoms associated with these viruses.


Event Pictures!!

Do you have a picture of an event that you would like to run in this newsletter? Send it to us and we will publish it in the next issue. Email the picture to ARTICLES@ Be sure to include the text that you would like to have as the caption. Pictures will appear in color online at 10

The Pemberton Journal - July 2013

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The Pemberton Journal - July 2013


The Pemberton Journal






The Pemberton Journal - July 2013

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Pemberton Heights - July 2013  

July 2013 edition of The Pemberton Journal for Pemberton Heights

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