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The Grapevine April 2013, Volume 7, Issue 4

Dear Sonoma Residents:

Late last year residents were invited to meet with the Round Rock Police Department and the City of Round Rock Services Coordinator to discuss starting a neighborhood watch for our subdivision. As you know, the general population of Round Rock has grown significantly over the last several years and is projected to expand at an increasing rate. While we welcome many new residents, it’s important for us to promote open communications in our community to keep our families, especially children, animals and properties safe. I have volunteered to start a Neighbor Watch Program within Sonoma abiding by the guidelines provided by the Round Rock Police. Our mission is simple – have a network of residents with a simple and quick way to communicate on a variety of safetyrelated issues. These can range from ensuring we all have clearly marked resident addresses for emergency services identification to monitoring speed limits, as well as active crime prevention. On April 20, during the Neighborhood Garage Sale (8-12am), myself and a few volunteers who attended the first meeting will be posted throughout Sonoma to distribute information including: • How to get involved? • Walking the Neighborhood with Sonoma Watch T-Shirts to promote visibility • Painting/updating your street-side resident address • Requesting a speed truck for your street from the RR Police • Current Crime Statistics for our area Please take a few minutes that morning to stop at either subdivision Pool or at the four-way stop by our middle/elementary schools to talk with one of us. Our ultimate goal will be to get contact information for 90 residents (1 per 10 households) to ensure effective communications for the safety of our community. If you have any questions in advance, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: Copyright © 2013 Peel, Inc.

The Grapevine

Official Publication of Sonoma Homeowners Association

YARD MAINTENACE REMINDERS Now that the MOWing season is here, please take a minute to review these yard maintenance reminders. YARD MAINTENANCE – Yards must be kept up frequently enough to maintain an overall decent appearance. This includes: • Mowing front and side yards of corner lots; all backyards must be mowed as well. • Edging sidewalks, driveways and curbs; NO runners should be showing on paved surfaces. • Weed control in grass, flowerbeds and cracks; weed eating at fences, walls and foundations. • Grass maintenance by treating diseased areas and adding sod or reseeding where grass has died. • Trimming hedges and bushes as needed. • Blowing or sweeping up grass clippings after maintenance. • Removing dead plants, shrubs and trees in a timely manner. • Regular watering without violating local voluntary or mandatory conservation directives.

Sonoma HOA Pools Both pools opened in the neighborhood on April 1. There will be no lifeguards or monitors on duty until May 27, therefore, according to state regulations the slide at Barefoot Pool will remain closed until then. Please obey the posted pool rules to ensure the safety of all residents and guests. Have a happy and safe swim season! The Grapevine - April 2013


The Grapevine BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT Donna Kohn.......................... VICE PRESIDENT Doug White................... SECRETARY Carl Anderson........................ TREASURER Will Smith.............................. MEMBER AT LARGE Charles

COMMITTEES POOL CHAIR Charlie LANDSCAPE CHAIR Donna SOCIAL COMMITTEE CHAIR Cyndi Wasserboehr......................

IMPORTANT NUMBERS Emergency.......................................................................911 Fire Department.................................................... 218-5590 Poison Control ............................................... 800-764-7661 Police Department ................................................ 218-5500 Round Rock Hospital............................................ 341-1000 Williamson County Sheriff’s Department.............. 246-1155 Post Office- 2250 Double Creek Road............ 800-275-8777 Blackland Praire Elementry School......................... 424-8600 Ridgeview Middle School....................................... 424-8400 Stony Point High School........................................ 428-7000 Cedar Ridge High School....................................... 704-0100 City of Round Rock Website ........................................

NEWSLETTER Amy WEBSITE............................ Goodwin Management Company

MANAGEMENT CO. Property Manager: Earline Wakefield 11149 Research Blvd. Suite 100, Austin, TX 78759-5227 Voicemail: 512-502-7526 Cell: 512-470-5104 Fax: 512-346-4873 E-mail:

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The Grapevine - April 2013

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Help a Neighbor Out

Please report any broken sprinklers or other irrigation irregularities to This would include any areas sprinkling when you think they shouldn’t or any water coming from sprinkler heads in an improper fashion. Because recent rains have filled Lake Georgetown to capacity, the City of Round Rock has lifted its mandatory once-weekly water restrictions, effective immediately. The City is encouraging its utility customers to follow the twice-weekly voluntary watering schedule. Currently the watering days for commercial property is Tuesday and/or Friday. Residential odd-numbered addresses are Wednesday and/or Saturday. Residential even-numbered addresses are Thursday and/or Sunday. Please remember the weather can and will change and mechanical systems can fail, so we need to use our water resources wisely. YARD OF THE MONTH Our Yard of the Month program is starting up again. Send in your nominations to

Overnight Parking Overnight parking on our streets is becoming an issue in Sonoma. Just a reminder, it is violation of the CC & Rs to park a vehicle overnight on any street in Sonoma. If you, or a guest, are found in violation of this rule, you as the homeowner, can be subject to a fine. Section 3.4 Uses Specifically Prohibited (a) No more than two (2) automobiles per dwelling unit may be kept on any Lot in such manner as to be visible from any other portion of the Subdivision for any period in excess of seventy-two hours. No automobiles or other vehicles may be parked overnight on any roadway within the Subdivision.

The Grapevine Sonoma Social Events 2013 The Social Committee has put together another fun filled year of activities for your family. If you are looking to gather with your neighbors or make new friends, come out and be Social! April 20 Neighborhood Garage Sale May 26 Kids Pool Party at Barefoot Pool, 1-4 July 20 Movie at Barefoot Pool, movie will begin at dusk (~8:30) September 21 Neighborhood Garage Sale October 26 Halloween Party at Barefoot Pool, 3-5, petting zoo, train and pony rides December 7 Santa Claus returns to Barefoot Pool, 11-1 Your help is needed to make these events successful…. if you can volunteer your time for any event, please contact Cyndi Wasserboehr at or 512-294-2183.

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The Grapevine - April 2013


The Grapevine

Fire Ant Control Did you know that a queen fire ant can lay as many as 2,000 eggs instructions carefully. each day?  The most effective way to control fire ants is through More information on fire ants can be found at http://fireant. a neighborhood wide implementation of  the proven "Two-Step  Method” each year, conducted once in the fall and once in the spring.  If you have any questions, please email me at landscape@ Step One consists of broadcasting a bait insecticide over your  entire yard.  The worker ants take the bait back to the colony and Happy Landscaping, share it with the queen ant.  She will either die or become infertile.  Some of the bait products currently available include Amdro, Siege, Donna Kohn Logic, Award, Ascend and Raid Fire Ant Killer.  Step Two follows several weeks later.  If there is still evidence of   fire ant mounds in your yard you can follow up with a chemical Fire Ant Facts product of your choice applied directly to each mound.  If you • A queen fire ant can lay 2,000 eggs each day. prefer not to use chemicals, you can pour 2-3 gallons of boiling • Fire ants can move into air conditioners, electrical equipment and water on the mound.  circuit breakers, causing short circuits and fires. The neighborhood landscape contractor, Sunterra, will be treating • Fire ants forage out of underground tunnels that extend up to 100 our common areas the first week of May.  Please try to treat your feet from a mound. property as close to that date as possible.  • Homeowners spend an estimated $7.9 million annually on medical Whatever product you chose to use, please read and follow label treatments due to fire ant stings. Prmrs_66435 _- Rdns Gen Ad #1804 -THIS AD CAN NOT BE EDITED-

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The Grapevine FROM ONE NEIGHBOR TO ANOTHER... Sonoma is a family neighborhood made up of residents of all ages. Please be considerate when parking in your driveway to not block the sidewalk. We don’t want young children, the elderly or handicapped neighbors to have to walk into the street to get around these cars…it is just not safe for them to have to do so! Thanks you for your consideration and for asking your guests to do the same!!

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Saman Akhlaque Sales Representative

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The Grapevine - April 2013


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The Grapevine PUZZLE Crossword CROSSWORD Puzzle DOWN ACROSS DOWN Can 1. College field of study 1. Charge 1. Nativity scene piece 4. At sea bishop 2. Open mouthed 5. Syrian 2. Competition at the Greek 10.Against Maturity 3. Rumormonger 9. games 11. Apt 4. Dogoffood 10. Landing 3. Capital the brand Ukraine 12. Leaves Winter mo. 5. Zealous 11. 4. Symbol 13. Boom Cactus box drug 6. Repose of surprise 12. 5. Expression 14. Choose (2 wds.) 7. Double-reed instrument 13. Allure 6. Emblem 16. Long time 8. Singing 15. African antelope 7. Pickle juice voice 17. Tush 9. Adolescent 16. Polite 8. A ball out of bounds (2 wds.) 18. You 15. Saute 18. Leafy green 10. Twist violently 20. Hey! 19. Move away 21. Marry 14. Ripper 22. Baby's "ball" 21. Toothbrush brand 22. Esophagus 17. Strums 26. Fortify 23. Taken __ (shocked) 26. Woken 18. Slough 29. Groove 24. Negate 28. Goad 19. Ross ___, philanthropist 31. Relating to the laity 25. Treed (2 wds.) 29. Type of tooth 20. Gods 33. Loose gown worn at mass 26. Alack's partner 30. Refer 23. Brand of sandwich cookie 34. Accounts 27. Standing 31. Posttraumatic stress 24. Seaweed 35. Central Intelligence Agency 28. Short substance disorder 25. Cabana 36. Stacking card game 30. Too 32. 27. Blue 37. Sieve Critical 32. Hat

View answers online at ACROSS DOWN 1. Can 1. College field of study 4. At sea 2. Open mouthed 10. Maturity 3. Rumormonger 11. Apt 4. Dog food brand 12. Winter mo. 5. Zealous 13. Cactus drug 6. Repose 14. Choose (2 wds.) 7. Double-reed instrument 16. Long time 8. Singing voice 17. Tush 9. Adolescent 18. You 15. Saute 20. Hey! 19. Move away 22. Baby's "ball" 21. Toothbrush brand 26. Fortify 23. Taken __ (shocked) 29. Groove 24. Negate 31. Relating to the laity 25. Treed (2 wds.) 33. Loose gown worn at mass 26. Alack's partnerin Central Texas, As the leading provider of health care services 34. Accounts 27. Standing the Seton Healthcare Family is proud to offer a full continuum of 35. Central Intelligence Agency 28. Short care for your family. Our primary care clinics provide a wide range of medical services theToo health and wellness of infants, 36. Stacking card game to improve30. children and adults: 37. Critical 32. Hat

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The Grapevine - April 2013


The Grapevine


By USPTA/PTR Master Professional Fernando Velasco

How to Execute The One Handed Backhand Volley In previous newsletters, I offered tips on how to hit a forehand groundstroke, a two-handed backhand, one-handed backhand, forehand volley, the two handed backhand volley, the serve, and the forehand half-volley. In this issue, I will offer you instructions on how to execute the one –handed backhand volley when players are at the net and have to hit the ball on the fly. In the illustrations, the Manager and Director of Tennis at the Grey Rock Tennis Club, Fernando Velasco, demonstrates the proper form and technique. Photos by Charlie Palafox. Step 1: The Split step: When the player comes up to the net, the player will stop and take the split step by bouncing off the toes at the same time and let the body lean forward to react to the ball. Both hands are on the racket so it can react to either move to the left or to the right. Eyes are focused on the incoming ball. Notice the left hand being on the throat of the racket, not next to the right hand Step 2: The Back Swing: The left hand will guide the head of the racket at eye level and with a short back swing. The upper

body has made a turn and the weight of the body has been placed on the left leg. Eyes are focused toward the point of contact. The right hand is relaxed to allow the left hand to make the proper opening to meet the ball. Step 3: The Point of Contact: As the swing comes forward, the left hand releases the racket and the right foot leans toward the ball. The left hand stretches back to allow proper balance on the point of contact. The head of the racket is slightly tilted up to allow a slice on the ball. This assures good height above the net and will force the ball to stay low when making contact with the court, thus making it tougher for the opponent to return the ball back to the player. Step 4: The Follow Through: Once the ball leaves the racket, the follow through is extended toward the target. The weight of the player is now on the right leg and the left arm is still balancing the body as a “butterfly swing”. The shoulders are still slightly turned and are ready to come back to the split position.

Look for in the next Newsletter: The Two-Handed Backhand Volley 8

The Grapevine - April 2013

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The Grapevine

- Kids Stuff-

Section for Kids with news, puzzles, games and more!

2. Take a good look around. If the playground has lots of trash, such as broken glass, or the equipment looks broken, don't play there. 3. Keep your size in mind. Many playgrounds have some equipment that's for little kids (like 2- to 5-year-olds) and other equipment that's meant for older kids. Use the equipment that's right for your age. If you squeeze yourself onto a swing for toddlers, you might get stuck. Likewise, if your little brother or sister starts climbing something meant for older kids, guide him or her to the little kid stuff.

Do you have a favorite playground? Maybe it's a new wooden one that has lots of tall towers and passageways. Or maybe your favorite is an oldfashioned playground with swings and a seesaw. Playgrounds are fun places for kids because there's so much to do and other kids to have fun with. But sometimes kids get hurt at playgrounds.That's no fun, so here are 10 ways to keep safe: 1. Take a grown-up. As kids get bigger, they like doing things on their own. Going to the playground shouldn't be one of them, though. Grown-ups come in handy because they might spot problems at the playground, they can help you down if you get in a tight spot, and they can help if you happen to get hurt.

4. Don't go too high. Many playgrounds have tall stuff to play on, such as towers or open passageways between equipment. Don't climb higher than you feel comfortable, and feel free to ask your grown-up if you need help getting down. Never climb up the outside of equipment, or hoist yourself up on the roof. The view might be cool, but it's a long way down. 5. Look out below. The best playgrounds put down special surfacing material, such as mulch, wood chips, sand, gravel, or rubber matting. These surfaces can help soften a fall, but that doesn't mean you won't get hurt, especially if you tumble from a high spot. 6. Swing safely. Kids often get hurt at the playground because they get hit by someone on a swing. If you're swinging, watch out for people who

might be getting too close.And if you're walking around the playground, don't get too close to the swingers. 7. Use your head. Sometimes you'll see kids going headfirst down the slide or maybe two or three kids will get on a piece of equipment that's only meant for one. Or some kids might start goofing around and trying to push each other off a swing or off of a high spot. If your grown-up sees you doing this, he or she will probably say, "Knock it off. Someone's going to get hurt." It's true, so try to use the playground equipment properly. And if you get stuck, or don't know how to get down from something, call your grown-up over so he or she can help you down. 8. Report problems. If you see graffiti (when people write or paint on stuff), a broken swing, or find any other problems while you're playing, tell your grown-up. He or she can report the problem so it can be fixed. 9. Clean up. If you bring a drink or snack to the playground, clean up your trash before you leave.When you do, the park will look nice when the next kid comes along to play and you will have shown that you're a good playground citizen. 10. Have a great time! How can you make a good time at the playground even better? Bring a friend and only complain a little when it's time to leave. Reviewed by: Steven Dowshen, MD Date reviewed: May 2008

This information was provided by KidsHealth, one of the largest resources online for medically reviewed health information written for parents, kids, and teens. For more articles like this one, visit or  ©1995-2006. The Nemours Foundation

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The Grapevine - April 2013


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Grasscycling is the natural recycling of grass by leaving clippings on the lawn when mowing. Grass clippings will quickly decompose, returning valuable nutrients to the soil. Grasscycling saves time, money, and protects the environment. Mowing time is reduced since the bagging and disposal of clippings is eliminated. Grass clippings add beneficial organic matter to the soil, which provides free fertilizer and produces healthy, green lawns. Grasscycling reduces turf grass fertilizer and water requirements, which can minimize runoff entering storm drains and help conserve water. Additionally, raising the mowing height in the summer encourages deeper roots and protects grass from drought and heat damage. Grasscycling also reduces the amount of yard waste disposed in landfills. Research has shown that lawns can generate approximately 300 pounds of grass clippings per 1,000 square feet annually. This can be as much as 6 1/2 tons per acre each year. When you blow your lawn debris such as leaves, grass clippings and dead foliage into the street, not only is it against the Round Rock City ordinance on environmental procedures, it looks unsightly and can clog up the drainage system in your neighborhood.

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By Concentra Urgent Care Accidental injury is the number one killer of America’s children, taking more low-medium or less than 120˚ Farenheit. Mix hot and cold water in the lives than disease, violence, and suicide. Prevention is the cure. It’s estimated bathtub, and test it on your forearm before putting children into the tub. that by taking these and other simple precautions, almost all (90%) of these Never leave the room while they are bathing. accidental injuries can be avoided. • Keep toilet lids closed and locked, and doors to bathrooms and utility rooms • Childproof your home. Look at every room as your child would. Ask yourself closed when not in use. Put razors, curling irons, and hair dryers out of reach. what looks interesting and what can be reached. Get down on your hands • Avoid exposing children to potential poisons. Lock up potential poisons and knees, and check for small things children can choke on. out of children’s reach, including cleaning supplies, pet food, medicine, • Use the back burners on stoves, and turn pot handles to the back. Keep vitamins, beer, wine, and liquor. Read labels and follow directions when children away from the stove or microwave when cooking, and don’t serve giving medicine to children. Know which houseplants are poisonous and hot food or drinks to them. Keep knives, glasses, and scissors where young keep them where children can’t reach them. kids can’t reach them. • Install carbon monoxide detectors in every sleeping area and test them • Cover electrical outlets that are not in use. every month. Make sure heating systems are vented outside and checked • Keep guns locked, unloaded, and where kids can’t reach them. every year. • Take precautions to avoid fire in the home. Install smoke alarms on every • Prevent serious falls. Keep furniture away from windows. Install guards or level of your home and in every sleeping area. Test them once a month. stops on windows that are not emergency exits. • Plan several ways to escape from each room if a fire starts. Practice the fire • Install safety gates at the top and the bottom of stairs. Never use baby walkers. escape plan with your family. Identify a safe place to meet outside. • Keep emergency numbers by every telephone. Call 911 if a child is choking, • Lock up matches, lighters, and gasoline. Keep space heaters where kids can’t collapses, can’t breathe, or is having a seizure. If you suspect a child has been reach them and away from curtains, beds, and papers. poisoned, call 1-800-222-1222. • Never put electrical cords under rugs • Keep first aid supplies on hand. • Always supervise children while they are in the bathroom, and follow For more information about preventing child injury, you can visit the Safe other important bathroom safety guidelines. Keep the hot water heater at Kids USA Web site at:

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