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The Outlook - April 2013



“Your Community Faith Based Pharmacy” At Rock Pharmacy our patient is our extended family.

We provide prompt and courteous service. Your Wellness is not just our profession but OUR VOCATION.

134 Menger Springs Suite 1220 Boerne, TX 78006 (inside Methodist Boerne Medical Center)

Mon-Fri: 8AM-5PM Sat & Sun: Closed

FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY: BOERNE, FAIR OAKS, SAN ANTONIO, AND COMFORT. • Vaccines available. No prescription is required. • It is simple and easy to transfer prescriptions to our pharmacy. GIVE US A CALL AND WE DO THE REST. • Diabetic shoes and supplies (Dr Comfort Shoes are available). • Medication, Therapy Management available. • Durable medical equipment and supplies are available. • We can compound your medications for your needs. • We know you by name and personalize your service.


830-357-5052 /RockPharmacy 2

The Outlook - April 2013

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THE OUTLOOK ADVERTISING INFO Please support the advertisers that make The Outlook possible. If you would like to support the newsletter by advertising, please contact our sales office at 888-687-6444 or The advertising deadline is the 20th of the month prior to the issue.

ARTICLE INFO The Outlook is mailed monthly to all Dominion residents. Residents, community groups, churches, etc. are welcome to include information about their organizations in the newsletter. Personal news for the Stork Report, Teenage Job Seekers, recipes, special celebrations, and birthday announcements are also welcome. To submit an article for The Outlook, please email it to The deadline is the 20th of the month prior to the issue.

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IMPORTANT NUMBERS EMERGENCY NUMBERS EMERGENCY................................................................911

Fire....................................................................................... 911 Ambulance........................................................................... 911 Police Dept – Non-Emergency.............................210-207-7273 Fire Dept – Non-Emergency................................210-207-7744


Chief of Security..................................................210-268-9932 Main Gate................................ 210-698-2997 or 210-698-2998 North Gate............................... 210-698-7812 or 210-698-1224 South Gate...........................................................210-698-5323


City Customer Service..........................................210-207-6400 Solid Waste (Trash)..............................................210-207-6428


Cedar Elm Postal Office.......................................210-641-0248


Peel, Inc...............................................................512-263-9181 Advertising............................................

MISSION STATEMENT The Outlook, For The Dominion The mission of The Outlook is to provide The Dominion Community with one source of local news content that is written by Dominion residents. Our goal is to help build the community by connecting local businesses with residents and residents with relevant neighborhood information.

"Be the community."

Dominion residents


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Do you take great photos? Would you like to see your photo published on the next cover? We are looking for great cover photos for upcoming issues of The Outlook. Our deadine for submittal is always the 20th of the month prior to the issue. All photos should be submitted electronically by the deadline date in high resolution (300 dpi) to Portrait (vertical) photos work best. To view other photos submitted please visit TheDominion, and view any of the past newsletters. By submitting your photo you agree to allow your photo to be published in future issues of The Outlook or other Peel, Inc. publications. Call 512-263-9181 to find out how to have your business featured on the cover of The Outlook. The Outlook - April 2013


THE OUTLOOK Common Area Landscape Maintenance One of the main functions of the Dominion Homeowners' Association (DHOA) is to maintain the Common Areas. These areas include a collection of street medians, landscape beds, turf areas, natural areas and other open space. Maintenance levels for these areas are as varied as the areas themselves. Some Common Areas are highly maintained and manicured, while some are left as natural areas and receive little or no maintenance. Essentially, the DHOA's Common Areas are divided into four (4) basic categories, maintained at four (4) different levels: Level 1 area is highly maintained and typically found along the highest profile areas of the Community. These areas are usually mowed and edged about once a week, trash and leaves are picked up once a week, shrubs are trimmed as needed to maintain a desired look and mulch is kept looking fresh at all times. These areas are irrigated and treated with herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Level 2 areas are the standard common areas of the Community. These areas receive weekly visits during March-October and twice monthly visits November-February. Shrubs are trimmed once per month and mulch is applied twice a year. Level 3 areas are the non-irrigated greenbelt areas of the Community. These areas receive maintenance twice monthly during March-October and once per month during November-February. Level 4 areas are the fully native areas of the community. There are no services that are required for these areas except when it is an imminent threat to a person or property. Ironically, the highly maintained Level 1 areas seem to be the source of the most concern. These areas often intermingle with natural areas, requiring the association to continually combat weeds and native grasses. The only viable way to treat weeds and native grasses is chemically and mowing. Even with mowing and application of herbicides, native grasses and weeds continue to infiltrate the common areas as seeds spread by vehicles, animals and wind. Some weeds and native grasses grow quickly and to heights well above the turf. Unfortunately, our mowing cycles are such that weeds and native grasses can become apparent. While increasing the mowing frequency would improve the appearance of our common area, this would also result in higher maintenance costs. Our common area has also been greatly affected by the drought conditions over the past two years. Hot weather and minimal water weakens turf or in extreme cases, can destroy large sections of landscaping to include trees, shrubs and grasses. Drainage areas are also a source of periodic concern. Drainage areas often experience sentiment deposit or erosion during heavy rain causing standing water from time to time. While the DHOA maintains drainage areas to minimize standing water, residents should expect for some standing water in these areas. While the Board of Directors endeavors to provide a high standard of maintenance, the Directors are also sensitive to the financial means of our residents. The challenge for the Board and DHOA staff will continue to be to provide the best service possible with the resources available. 4

The Outlook - April 2013

Introducing a New Community Website The HOA Board is constantly striving to give you what you need to maximize The Dominion experience. Our new website does just that! You are now a click away from accessing all of the information you need about our community. Here are some highlights: What's New and Improved: Our Home page now allows you to: • Review past newsletters • Review covenants and policies, bylaws and the strategic plan 2013. • Find HOA staff contact information. • View the HOA Board meeting schedule and minutes. • Communicate with the HOA via email with a simple click on "Contact." • Pay your HOA assessment on-line

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THE OUTLOOK The Chief I thought the residents of The Dominion would be interested to know some background information on our Chief of Security, Joseph DiStefano. Joe or "The Chief" was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He has a diverse background managing Security teams, Human Relations education programs, education initiatives, and employee relation issues. His security experience includes on-site supervision, scheduling, recognition and discipline, training, policy enforcement and development, and customer relations. Before joining G4S at The Dominion, the Chief was responsible for protecting billions of dollars worth of combat assets and managing a fifty-person team in Iraq. The Chief entered the Air Force in 1990 and retired in 2010. His service includes duty as an Airborne Surveillance Technician aboard the Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS). He has operated in real world contingency, alert, and counter drug operations in support of national and United Nations directives. He served for many years as an Airborne and Platform Instructor and Standardization/Evaluation Flight Examiner Also, as an Air Force Equal Employment Opportunity Advisor, he provided equal opportunity advice and service regarding processes, rights and responsibilities, complaints processing, teambuilding,

human relations education, mediation, and other conflict resolution services for all civilian personnel, military members, family members and retirees in his area of responsibility. His assignments included bases in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Nevada, Texas, and service in Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. On a personal note, the Chief has been married for ten (10) years to Belinda and has a nine year old daughter, Sierra. On his limited off time, the Chief's 100 tournament 1st place wins, firmly places him in the "pool shark" category. The Chief is protected by his Chihuahua named Ashley.

Summer At TMI

Learn about our summer athletic camps and activities! Robotics • Band • Soccer • Academics • Tennis • Lacrosse • Football • Basketball • All-Day Activities • Indoor Swimming Lessons • MORE!

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TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.


✓ AllDay C amps ✓ Kid s of A ll Ag es ✓ Boy s and Girls ✓ Op e n to t

he Pu blic

The Outlook - April 2013


THE OUTLOOK First Annual Dominion Classic Car Show You are invited to show your car(s) and/or Customized Golf Cart(s) at our Dominion First Annual Classic Car Show: SUNDAY APRIL 28, 2013 FROM 12PM TO 5PM.

This will be held at the Keller Williams parking area. You may arrive by 11AM to set up. You will be assigned an area to show your car. Please bring any accessories you need to show and protect your car. The Trophy Awards will be presented to winning categories, which are listed in our program. You and your vehicle will be listed in the program when you register. There is no entry or attendance fee. The Dominion HOA and its staff and volunteers assume no responsibility for any liability, of any sort, due to showing your vehicles at The Dominion Car Show. If you have questions, please contact: Carole Minton 210.698. 9801 Ted Resnick 210.493.4301 This car show organized by the Neighborhood Outreach Commitee is for Dominion residents only.

ou Y n p nk io rou a in s G ! Th

Barking Dogs Neighbor's barking dog disturbing you? A neighbor's relentless dog barking through the night can strain the nerves, it can make home seem like a place where rest or peace are seldom an option. DHOA staff understands that a neighbor's barking dog can be frustrating to live with, but we encourage residents to address the problem directly with their neighbor first. Sometimes, a friendly chat or letter is all that is required to notify a neighbor his/her dog is causing an issue. Most people want to be good neighbors and will take action to reduce their dog's barking if they know there is an issue. If you decide to leave a letter for your neighbor, be polite and do not use inflammatory words. Also, be specific in your details of the barking times and conditions. This will assist your neighbor in trying to determine why the dog is barking. If speaking with your neighbor has not reduced the barking, the City of San Antonio may be contacted to assist. Animal Care staff responds to barking complaints during the day and night time with 2 to 3 Animal Care Service officers available. Contact Information City of San Antonio (Animal Care Services or ACS): 311

Mark Your Calendar

m ocate u do o D v yo

d l A that a ll im An for a

FREE LARGE ITEM PICK UP Couches, dressers, washer/dryers, dining room furniture, etc...


Out with the old, in with the new! Call us today and we will come and pick up your items for FREE. These items will be sold at our Thrift Store. All funds go to support our spay/neuter, animal adoption and humane education programs.

HCAL is a non profit 501c3 so all your donations are tax deductible. (830) 249-8040 115 W. Bandera (Next to Sonic)

e Fiesta Celebratat t ings Nigh Leon Spr rages ve Food & Be es g l a r fo l a

Friday, April 19th 5:30 – 11:30 pm

Kid’s Area Live Music Dancing Exhibits & Much More

3rd annual Fiesta Celebration in Leon Springs Proceeds Benefit Leon Springs Business Association Community Charities


The Outlook - April 2013

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THE OUTLOOK About Those Roaming Cats TNR or Trap-Neuter-Return is the practice of humanely trapping roaming cats, spaying or neutering them, and releasing them back to the same location where they were collected. The cats are immunized and given rabies shots before they return to their home areas. 1. Roaming cats reduce rodent and snake populations. The roaming cat's supplemental diet consists of mice and insects (including grasshoppers and cockroaches). Contrary to popular belief, they are not very good birders. 2. Roaming cats that have been TNR-ed help keep un-neutered and un-vaccinated cats from moving into an area, thus preventing yowling, fighting, and breeding. 3. Roaming cats that have been TNR-ed have been given rabies shots and standard immunizations, and do not pose a health risk to humans. 4. Roaming cats are naturally inclined to avoid humans, so the risk of any unpleasant encounter is virtually nonexistent.

Leon Springs Utility For sewer concerns in our community, contact Jess Mayfield with Leon Springs Utility at 210-828-0525. If you have an emergency or it is after hours and you need assistance, the answering service will direct you to the employee on call.

Dominion TNR is free. For information about TNR for roaming cats in your area, call the Dominion Animal Advocates Group or DAAG Louann Ledoux 210-854-8055 Lyn Hicks 210-219-9772 Susan Shaked 210-744-1200

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Negotiating Geneva

The Outlook - April 2013


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Our tradition of quality food and service for a wide variety of events. We also offer delivery to make your family gatherings simple and unbelievably delicious. Our friendly drivers unload and display your order buffet style in disposable aluminum containers, making cleanup a snap!

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The Outlook - April 2013

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PM 9 The Outlook -3/7/13 April 2:40 2013

THE OUTLOOK PERSONAL CLASSIFIEDS Collectables for Sale - Selling my collection of Lalique, Baccaret Erte Bronzes, Sehring Bronzes and many pieces of art work unframed. Other antique items available. If interested, please call Jackie at (210) 698-7071 Puppy Trainer and Sitter/Walker - Looking for a qualified puppy dog trainer. Smart, lovable Sheltie female puppy with a not so smart Mommy. I prefer for the puppy to be trained in my home at the Cottage Estates. I am also looking for a young student for puppy sitter/walker for my 9 month old Sheltie. Please call Sylvia at (210) 363-0883. Furniture for Sale - Two custom made chairs, purchased from Stowers 28" x 48". Like new condition, silk fabric, solid maple wood arms/legs. Stylish addition to any room, $499.00 each or $900.00 for the pair. OBO, for more information call Gill at (210) 349-3493. Dining furniture for Sale - Beautiful Henkel Harris mahogany dining furniture including 6 Chippendale side chairs, 2 Chippendale arm chairs, sideboard, and double pedestal dining table. Great condition. $12,000. OBO ($30,000.+ new) for more information, please call (210) 698-2901. Items for Sale - Vintage American Antique Armoire 45" Wide X 80" Deep $800.00 Southwest Style Framed Artwork - 42" Wide X 53" High $450.00, 38" Wide X 53" High $400.00, 45" Wide X 80" High $750.00 For more information, please contact Ed at (210) 827-1451 for appointment. Items for Sale - Custom made furniture grouping - excellent condition - barely used - mostly admired. Plush chenille sofa w/pillows - 2 oversize club chairs oversize round cocktail table-arm chair - tuscan style bench - lg potted palm,

Olhausen black laminate accu-fast pool table - Harley Davidson high-top table w/2 stools. Come see... all offers considered. For more information, please call Stacee at (210) 698-6980. Item for Sale - Contemporary glass top coffee table, heavy wrought iron with patina finish, 34" wide, 46" long, 20" high, $500 OBO. Contact Mike or Wendy at (210) 687-1974. Golf Cart for Sale - Completely refurbished, 4 passenger E-Z-GO electric golf cart. Seldom driven and in excellent condition. Well priced at $3000. Please call Nancy at (210)213-4613 Golf Cart for Sale - E-Z Go Freedom SE 20077, Champagne Color Powerwise Charger QE - 36V Cart in good condition with normal wear for a 2007 model No dents or cracks Original tires in good condition Everything works as it should. Has had regular monthly maintenance since purchase One seat for two people 6-6v batteries purchased 3-20-2010 have had light use Cover in good condition, Center basket behind seat, lights on front bar, brake and tail, folding front wind shield, rear view mirror Contact Ron at or call (210) 865-5252 - $1,995 cash For Sale - Brand New ornate mirror 4ft. high by 3ft. wide with attractive design, List Price (tag on mirror) is $2400. Will sell for $1200. ( From Louis Shanks) For more information, please call Anna at (210) 698-1194 or (210) 260-0606. Car for Sale - 2009 Maserati Quattroporte with only 21,600 miles Color: New Green New Sand Interior Wood Trim, Hands Free System, Nav., Audio HD, CD, Bluetooth Phone, IPod, MP3, Rear Camera, All Upgrades. $69,900, Call Mike at (210)863-5237

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Our lodge-like interior with river rock décor provides a soothing, natural aesthetic. But it’s the things that you don’t see that are most impressive. Our rainwater catchment system, solar thermal heating, radiant floor heat, and recycled building materials help reduce our carbon footprint.

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The Outlook - April 2013

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The Outlook - April 2013


THE OUTLOOK 308 Meadowlark St. Lakeway, TX 78734-4717







The Outlook - April 2013

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The Dominion - April 2013  
The Dominion - April 2013  

April 2013 edition of The Outlook for The Dominion