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March 2013

Volume 10, Issue 3

The Official Publication of the Willowlake Homeowners Association


ST. PATRICK'S DAY Mark Your Calendar MARCH 6, 13, 20, 27



St. Patrick’s Day Humor Two Irishmen met and said to the other, “Have ye seen Mulligan lately, Pat?” Pat answered, “Well, I have and I haven’t.” His friend asked, “Shure, and what d’ye mean by that?” Pat replied, “It’s like this, y’see…I saw a chap who I thought was Mulligan, and he saw a chap that he thought was me. And when we got up to one another…it was neither of us.”

Kidsí Corner The average person’s skin weighs twice as much as their brain.









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Wife texts husband on cold winter morning: “Windows frozen.” Husband texts back: “Pour some lukewarm water over it.” Wife texts back 5 minutes later: “Computer completely screwed up now.” Willowlake Watch - March 2013


IMPORTANT NUMBERS Willowlake All Emergencies................................................................911 Bratton Pools................................................... 281-988-7700 Cypress-Fairbanks Hospital............................. 281-897-3300 Harris County Sheriff...................................... 713-221-6000 Department of Public Safety........................... 281-890-5440 Fire Department (non-emergency).................. 713-466-6161 Center Point Energy - Power Outages Only.... 713-207-2222 Center Point Energy - Gas............................... 713-659-2111 Harris County Animal Control....................... 281-999-3191 Memorial City Hospital.................................. 713-932-3000 MUD #11....................................................... 281-807-9500 Poison Control Center.................................... 800-222-1222 Willowplace Post Office................................. 281-890-2392 Harris County Road & Bridge........................ 281-353-8424 VF Waste Services, Inc.................................... 713-787-9790 Harris Co. Public Health & Environ. Svcs...... 713-920-2831 District 5 Vacation Watch............................... 281-290-2100

MANAGEMENT INFO Randall Management, Inc. Team....................... 713-728-1126 Manager Jane, ext. 11 Asst. Manager Miguel Trevino....., ext. 15 Deed Restrictions Lucy, ext. 18 Collections Jennifer Phillips.., ext. 22 Answering Service After business hours for common area emergencies............................... (713) 850-4729 For information on your homeowner’s assessments, deed restriction violations or questions in general please contact: Randall Management, Inc. 6200 Savoy, Suite 420, Houston, TX 77036 Phone: 713-728-1126 Fax: 713-728-5015

BOARD OF DIRECTORS President - Debi Bon.............................. Vice President - David Treasurer - Nancy Kapell...................... Secretary - Travis Director - Mark Hubenak...............

NEWSLETTER INFO Newsletter Publisher Peel, Inc.......................................................... 888-687-6444 Sales, 888-687-6444 2

Willowlake Watch - March 2013


TRAFFIC ACCIDENT • Check your vehicle occupants for injury • If possible, move your vehicle from the roadway to a safe location. Even if you have a flat tire or some other issue that would normally make the vehicle disabled, try to move it from the roadway. The roadway is not a safe place to be. If you can steer it and it runs, clear it from the roadway! • Check the other vehicles’ occupants for injuries • Contact Emergency Medical Services if there are any injuries • If the vehicles involved are operable and no wreckers are needed, exchange personal information including name, phone number, address and driver’s license number. • Exchange insurance information. Be sure to verify expiration date and get the telephone number(s) for the insurance company. • If possible, take pictures of damage to both vehicles and the other driver’s license plate number in case they decide to flee the accident scene. • Contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 713-221-6000 if: • You cannot remove the vehicle(s) from the roadway • Any party is injured • Any driver does not have a driver’s license • Any driver does not have proof of insurance • Any disturbance ensues • The traffic accident is not investigated by a law enforcement agency, AND the accident resulted in injury or death of a person, OR damage to the property of any one person is at least one thousand dollars $1,000.

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Harris County Sheriff’s Office

Harris County Sheriff’s Office

Willowlake (1-1-2013 - 1-31-2013)

Willowlake (12-1-2012 - 12-31-2012)

Crime Report

911 Hang Up Alarm Local Alarm/Sil/Pan/HU Burglary/Motveh Burglary/Habitation Check Park Contract Check Crim Mischief Disch Fire Arm Dist/Family Dist/Juvenile Dist/Loud Noise Dist/Other DWI Illegal Dumping In Progress Meet the Resident Mud Bldg Chk Solicitors Susp Person Theft/Other Traffic Hazard Traffic Initiative Traffic Stop Vacation Watch Veh Abandon Veh Suspicious Vehicle Stolen Welfare Check

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Crime Report

911 Hang Up Alarm Local Alarm/Sil/Pan/HU Burglary/Motveh Burglary/Habitation Check Park Contract Check Crim Mischief Disch Fire Arm Dist/Family Dist/Juvenile Dist/Loud Noise Dist/Other DWI Illegal Dumping In Progress Meet the Resident Mud Bldg Chk Solicitors Susp Person Theft/Other Traffic Hazard Traffic Initiative Traffic Stop Vacation Watch Veh Abandon Veh Suspicious Vehicle Stolen Welfare Check

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Willowlake Watch - March 2013


Willowlake Tech-Etiquette: Is there an App for Civility? Submitted by Darcy Folsom

In today’s age of apps and gadgets, it’s likely that you or someone you know has benefitted handily from the ubiquitous smartphone in today’s digitally-dependent society. If the question were posed to our current generation, “What item would you never want to be without?” it is fair to say that most individuals living in 21st century America would answer: “My phone!” Without our phones, it is certain that many of us would be lost. We would be unable to text, tweet, phone, email, face time, and even friend or like another individual. Would we really? Is American society becoming so dependent upon these technological devices that we are challenged to even recognize our humanity within? How many young men and women know the value of the age-old adage “Never leave home without a smile?” Is who we were created to be, in such competition with what we hold in our hand, that we have forgotten the simple value of kindness - shared in a smile, of gratification - by greeting another with a genuine handshake? Is it technology that propels our lives, or are we doing our best to prepare our lives to propel the technology that supports them? Regardless of how many apps and buttons and gadgets, and even insurance, we carry on our smartphones, could it be that we have something even better when it comes to insuring our ability to connect with the people we like? Or to be-Friend those to whom we’re attracted, or bring restitution to those un-Friended? Today’s digitally-dependent generation has a challenge before them that none before have known. That is, being able to successfully pair technology with common courtesy. Remembering what our grandmothers taught us about the civilities of life (carried in our hip pockets) may apply more today, than any app could ever provide. But pairing the art of civility with the current age of technology requires practice. The 21st century can only get better as those old-fashioned manners make their way from our pockets to the person next to us. After all, the words we speak are far more significant than the technology that transmits them. Why not polish a few points of etiquette this summer and complement your savvy skills on your smartphone? By doing so, you and your smartphone may just move from merely getting the message delivered, to doing so with principles that shape our character and improve our attitudes about both our electronic devices, and the lives of those who use them. TIP #1 - When you take a call in the presence of another person, you are communicating, “You are secondary; the caller is


Willowlake Watch - March 2013

more important than you are.” If you are expecting a call, let your companion know in advance, and excuse yourself before taking the call, limiting the call to BELOW one minute. Never use a cell phone on a date, unless there is an emergency. TIP #2 - If you find it necessary to use your smartphone while driving, make it a habit to get into your car, buckle up, and prepare your hand’s free device to activate the call BEFORE starting your engine. TIP #3 - Allow your personality, not your PDA to impress others. Avoid using novelty ringtones, and choose the vibrate option as much as possible. TIP #4 - Remove your earpiece when not on the phone. Always keep your phone in a pocket or a purse, rather than laying it on the table next to you. TIP# 5 - When in a public place, refrain from using your ear buds to listen to your favorite playlist. Instead, be prepared to greet those who are near you, looking oncoming passersby in the eye, with a smile and “Hello!” This is not only courteous, but it is also a way to remain sure about your surroundings.

As you travel to the lake or the seaside with friends, consider the value that a few manners may add to the dynamics of your summer relationships. Ask the question – is there something more fundamental than a fancy app, or gadget insurance to satisfy our lack? What have we already been given as a way to connect with the people we like, and those we want to be-Friend? Rather than search your smartphone for the latest apps, ask your companion’s permission to practice with them, as you begin to apply these principles of Tech-Etiquette. These courtesies will both benefit the words we speak and the actions we offer, as we engage those around us with the very acts of courtesy we desire for others to share with us. Practicing the art of civility alongside the technology that propels our lives, I believe we will see our digitally-dependent generation become the one to re-engage our culture with civility and the accomplished principles of common courtesy.

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It’s NOT Fertilizer …It’s Bacteria, It’s Litter


Call nearby Police Station and give them a description of your dog and your contact information (pictures, too, if possible.) Be aware that many folks don’t know how to differentiate between dog breeds – give a description. Create a Flyer with the word REWARD in large print at the top of page, your dog’s picture and your contact information. Make sure the information is large enough so someone can read from inside their car. People will not get out of their car to read the flyer! Post this flyer at: • ALL veterinary clinics in area • Emergency Animal Clinics • Dog groomers • Dog parks • PetSmarts & Petcos; Feed stores • Dog training/spa/daycare/boarding locations • ALL shelters and pounds • Starbucks! (They all have community bulletin boards!) • Schools • Grocery stores • Post offices Depending on where you live, you will need to PHYSICALLY look for your dog at the following shelters and pounds (& any others you know of or find out about): Houston City Pound/B.A.R.C. at 3200 Carr Street Harris County Animal Pound Houston SPCA Houston Humane Society Citizens for Animal Protection Society (CAPS) Montgomery County Animal Shelter Noah’s Ark Special Pals (Every small city such as Bellaire, West U. Humble, Missouri City, etc., have their own animal control; don’t overlook them.) By law they have to give the dog 3 days minimum before they adopt it out or put it down. It’s hard work, but if you want to find your dog, you’re going to have to inconvenience yourself and leave no stone unturned.

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Canine waste is full of bacteria. When left behind in parks, campgrounds, and yards, it threatens our water supply. When it rains, it runs into rivers, streams, and wells. It only takes one irresponsible pet parent to infect an entire area’s natural source of H2O. That’s because different types of bacteria like fecal streptococcus, fecal coliforms (E. Coli), campylobacter and salmonella, which is found in pet waste, can make humans sick. Being prepared to pick up your dog’s pile each and every time he or she feels the nature call is one way to remedy this growing problem. It’s the right thing to do for a number of reasons as explained by Tracy Johnson, Founder of the Pick Up The Pile Campaign. The concerned Austinite was alarmed to see just how many pet parents let this issue go despite city efforts to eliminate public waste. She routinely encounters piles on the sidewalks and recreation areas of the parks that she visits. Rather than keep quiet any longer, she decided to address the problem one pet parent at a time. Johnson’s nationwide campaign went into effect June 1, 2011. Cities around the country will take part in educating the public about the dangers of canine waste. Johnson notes that it’s never been easier to safely conceal and discard piles. A number of products have been designed to help remedy this problem. Even the most squeamish pet parent will have no trouble being responsible once they are introduced to the items Johnson has found online and through pet supply stores. Johnson believes that education is the key to shedding light on this problem. She also thinks the next generation of pet parents will show greater concern for the issue. Find out how to participate by visiting

Willowlake Watch - March 2013



You Can Prevent Frozen Pipes

Crossword Puzzle

During a cold snap, pipes can freeze and break if they are not properly protected. Even a small crack in a pipe can leak 250 gallons (950 liters) of water a day. This can cause ceilings or walls to collapse, soak carpets and flooring, and ruin furniture or appliances. Here are five easy steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of frozen pipes: • Insulate the most susceptible pipes - typically those at outside walls, in crawl spaces and in the attic. Properly seal cracks or leaks in your home to eliminate the drafts that often cause pipes to freeze. • Before winter hits, disconnect outdoor hoses. If you have an older home, you may also have an inside valve to turn off in addition to the outside faucet. • Open cabinets below sinks and open faucets to allow a slow drip. Pipes normally break from elevated water pressure caused when ice blocks the pipe. Rather than pressing against the pipe walls, the ice presses against the water still in the piping. Just a tiny drip can alleviate the problem. • Never use an open flame or torch to try to heat the pipe because you could start a fire. • Set the thermostat no lower that 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 Celsius).

Bashans Painting & Home Repair

The challenge is to fill every row across, every column down, and every 3x3 box with the digits 1 through 9. Each 1 through 9 digit must appear only once in each row across, each column down, and each 3x3 box.


View answers online at DOWN ACROSS 1. Incline 1. Tack 2. Change 5. Giant 3. Small particle 9. Philippine dish with marinated 4. Compass point chicken or pork 5. Night bird 11. Journalist's question 6. Body snatcher 12. Tiny insects 7. Cultivate 13. Cut of beef 8. Volcano 14. School group 10. Change into bone 15. South 16. Musical productions 17. United States 18. Canadian prov. 18. Bottle need 19. Palladium (abbr.) 20. Upset 20. Many 22. Cow's chow 21. Perfect 23. Year (abbr.) 22. Captain (abbr.) 24. Computer makers 24. Institution (abbr.) 27. Brews 25. Swain 29. Sleep disorder 26. African country 31. Parent teacher groups 28. Fast plane 32. Strong rope fiber 30. Pastry 33. Bend 34. Decorative needle case © 2006. Feature Exchange



2006. every Feature column, Exchange and The goal is to fill in the grid so that every©row, every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. Each digit may appear only once in each row, each column, and each 3x3 box.

DIRECTV is rolling out the RED CARPET

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Willowlake Watch - March 2013

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Willowlake Watch - March 2013








Willowlake Watch - March 2013

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