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January 2013 Volume 9, Number 1 Deed Restrictions Enforced Official Publication of the Willow Pointe Homeowners Association, Inc.


HAPPY NEW YEAR Your Homeowner’s Association Board of Directors would like to wish you a Happy New Year. If you are reading this, you have survived the Mayan ‘End of the World’ date of December 21, 2012, so CONGRATS!!! Many of you reading this are also Y2K survivors so Kudos there as well! With the arrival of the New Year, it is always nice to both look back at some of the things our Community was able to accomplish last year and what look forward to what we have planned for the future. 2012 RETROSPECTIVE Last year, we were able to fill in most of the gaps in our Community sprinkler system…with only a few small areas left to address. While it is tough to notice the difference in winter, hopefully the results will be obvious this summer…especially if we have yet another drought. In a more illuminating project, we have replaced the Halogen lamps lighting the Community signs with LED ones. As the person who volunteered to replace the bulbs, I have been SO happy that the new lights have worked as promised and I have not had to address the lights every other week. And finally, I have been very pleased and gotten great feedback about the One Call Now notification service that we have used as a Community. It has been a great way to quickly get info out and often find out information from other Homeowners that we were unaware of. As an example, we sent out a notification about vehicle vandalism and received responses from others in the neighborhood that were also affected. We were able to pass this on to law enforcement that we had a much larger issue and not a targeted incident and they were able to help bring an end to the situation. 2013: A NEIGHBORHOOD ODYSSEY Pool Hours I would expect pretty major changes to the Community pool hours of operation. We received great feedback from Homeowners about Copyright © 2013 Peel, Inc.

when they would be most likely to use the pool. Greater Houston Pool Management (GHPM) provided us pool usage statistics every hour the pool was open for the entire summer. Combining the feedback and usage data gave us a very clear picture of when people ACTUALLY used the pool when it was open and when they would LIKE to use the pool if it were open. It seems that having more evening hours on weekdays (like opening until 9pm) was well received as well as opening early and longer on weekends and holidays (10am to 9pm). And, there was no outcry of people who said they used the pool on weekdays at 1pm…also the data from GHPM reflects this. The Board will be discussing this matter at the next Board meeting and sending out the proposed hours for prospective Pool Management Companies. Thanks to those of you who responded to the request for input on the Pool Hours of operation. Pool/Park Area This year as the irrigation system upgrades wind down, the Board will be further investigating improvements in the Pool/Park Area. Primarily, the playground equipment is nearing its life expectancy. Combine this with continued need and requests for Community meeting area/building and we may be looking at something of a large scale improvement. Suggestions have included a meeting room/building, splash-pad for pool area, increased parking, and new playground equipment. Any project of this nature may be done, but most likely completed in stages. YOUR IDEAS As always, we are open to suggestions from the Community. If you have ideas for areas of improvement or a specific project, please email us. And please don’t forget that we budget funds for Community activities. If you would be willing to organize an event for the Community, please let us know your idea and we will see if it can be accommodated. Willow Pointe Homeowners Association Newsletter - January 2013


Willow Pointe IMPORTANT NUMBERS Emergency...................................................................... 911 Sheriff’s Department....................................... 713-221-6000 Sheriff’s Department (Business)....................... 281-290-2100 Fire Department (Non-Emergency)................. 713-466-6161 Vacation Watch............................................... 281-290-2100 Poison Control Center.................................... 800-222-1222 Animal Control............................................... 281-999-3191 Commissioner, Precinct 4................................ 281-353-8424 Willow Place Post Office................................. 281-890-2392 Entex Gas........................................................ 713-659-2111 Centerpoint Energy (Power Outages Only)..... 713-207-2222 Allied Waste Customer Service Garbage & Recycle.......................................... 713-635-6666 Recycle/Hazardous Waste Disposal.................. 281-560-6200 West Harris County MUD............................. 281-807-9500 Jane Godwin @ Randall Management, Inc Voice Mail nights or week-ends............713-728-1126 ext 11 Newsletter Publisher Peel, Inc.................................... 888-687-6444

HOMEOWNERS ASSOC. BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Scott Ward 2011 - 2014 Vice President Craig Perez 2012 - 2015 Secretary Brenda Jackson 2012 - 2015 Treasurer Steve Mueller 2010 - 2013 Director Angie Wilson 2011 - 2014 Please contact us at if you have questions, comments or concerns.

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Willow Pointe Homeowners Association Newsletter - January 2013

Annual Assessment Reminder All homeowners should have paid their annual assessment at this time. All assessments are due January 1st and are delinquent if not received thirty (30) days after the due date. All delinquent Owners will receive a notice requesting payment. An interest charge of ten percent (10%) will be posted to the Owners account, together with a $35 administrative charge for the late letter, and an administrative fee of $30 per month for each month the account remains unpaid. As always, all homeowners who cannot pay the assessments by January 31st may setup a payment plan by contacting Randall Management and pay the assessment over a period of three months.

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Willow Pointe HOA, INC

Willow Pointe


Checking Comm Assoc Banc $ 58,442.38 Checking Prosperity $ 3,743.81 RESERVES Comm Assoc Banc $ 72,608.74 Prosperity M/M $ 3,072.40 M.Stanley/S. Barney $146,242.61 Total Reserves $221,924.14 ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE 2010 Owner Assessments 2011 Owner Assessments 2012 Owner Assessments A/R Collection Fees A/R Lawn Fees A/R Late charges A/R Legal fees A/R Opening Balance

$ 1,773.19 $ 2,688.00 $ 7,326.98 $ 8,497.10 $ 155.00 $ 907.79 $ 7,004.33 $ 19,391.50

Harris County Sheriff ’s Office Patrol Report NOVEMBER 2012





$ 47,743.89

Burglary/Motor vehicle


Total Assets $324,854.22 Pre-paid insurance $ 5,715.36 Total other assets $ 5,715.36 Total Assets $330,569.58

Criminal Mischief




Disturbance/Loud Noise


Local Alarms


Suspicious Person


Traffic stop


Vehicle suspicious



CURRENT LIABILITIES Prepaid-HOA Fees Total Liabilities

$ $

28,275.66 28,275.66

RESERVES Beginning balance $ 210,013.13 2012 Reserves $ 26,304.00 Interest Income $ 480.21 Capital Expenses $ -14,873.20 Total Reserves $221,924.14 MEMBER CAPITAL Prior Years equity Accrual basis equity Total homeowners capital YTD excess/deficit Total member’s equity

$ 74,525.47 $ 19,468.23 $ 93,993.70 $ -13,623.92 $ 80,369.78

Total Liabilities & Member's Equity

Copyright © 2013 Peel, Inc.

$ 330,569.58

Willow Pointe Homeowners Association Newsletter - January 2013


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January 2013 JANUARY 1-8 CFISD Holiday JANUARY 7 Landscape Committee Meeting @ 6:30 pm JANUARY 8 Board Meeting @ 6:30 pm JANUARY 12 Walk the bayou and pick up trash — meet Paul @ the Willow Crossing Bridge @ 8 am JANUARY 21 Martin Luther King Day CFISD Holiday JANUARY 31 Last Day to Pay HOA Assessment with no penalty All meetings are held in the pool meeting room. All Homeowners are welcome to attend any of the above meetings. Please call Randall Management to be placed on the agenda if you would like to address the Board at the meeting. MUD Meeting Information – The normal date/time is 11:30 am the first Thursday of the month at the offices of Attorneys Young and Brooks. The address is 10000 Memorial Drive, Suite 260.

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Willow Pointe Homeowners Association Newsletter - January 2013

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Willow Pointe

Yard ofYard the Month of the Month

The simple fact that we have a Yard of the Month in January is a great testament to the wonderful weather we have here‌meaning we are buried under 2 feet of snow. Congratulations to the family at 10107 Elm Knoll Trail who received first place for the month. Also congratulations go to the family at 10319 North Laurel Branch who receive second place this month.

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Willow Pointe Homeowners Association Newsletter - January 2013


Willow Pointe


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Wednesday, January 30th 9am - 2pm and 6 - 8pm ACROSS DOWN ACROSS DOWN 1. Syllables used in songs (2 wds.) 1. Soft white cheese 1. Charge 1. Nativity scene piece 5. Dress 2. Arabian 5. Syrian bishop 2. Competition at the Greek 9. Time periods 3. Mutton 9. Against games 10. Satan 4. Facet 10. Landing 3. Capital of the Ukraine 11. Tap in lightly 5. Jewel 11.12. Leaves 4. Symbol Adult insect 6. __ -garde 12.13. Boom box 5. Expression Prioress 7. Severityof surprise 13.15. Allure 6. Emblem Today 8. Wispy 15.16. African antelope 7. Pickle juice harmless Chapel 10. Render 16.18. Polite 8. A ball out of bounds 10,000 squared meters 14. Soft drink brand (2 wds.) 18.21. Leafy green 10. Twist violently Cutting tool 17. Lacked 21.22. Marry 14. Ripper Scents 18. Hurry 22.26. Esophagus 17. Strums Small herring 19. Deport 26.28. Woken 18. Slough Two 20. Tic tac's competitor Fish tank dweller 23. Pear instrument 28.29. Goad 19. Ross ___,shaped philanthropist Volcano 24. Alley 29.30. Type of tooth 20. Gods Otherwise 25. Close the door hard 30.31. Refer 23. Brand of sandwich cookie Hold 27. Be substance 31.32. Posttraumatic stress 24. Seaweed disorder 25. Cabana 32. Sieve 27. Blue© 2007. Feature Exchange

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Willow Pointe Homeowners Association Newsletter - January 2013

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Willow Pointe

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Willow Pointe Homeowners Association Newsletter - January 2013


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Willow Pointe Homeowners Association Newsletter - January 2013

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Willow Pointe - January 2013  

January 2013 edition of Willow Pointe Newsletter for Willow Pointe

Willow Pointe - January 2013  

January 2013 edition of Willow Pointe Newsletter for Willow Pointe