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October 2012

Official Publication of The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA

Social Spotlight Calendar of Events October 5 First Friday Playdate Ranch Trails Park 10 a.m. October 6 RaBC Beginners Running Group @ Brushy Creek Park 7am October 12 Friday Playdate Visiting Playground San Gabriel Park 1003 North Austin Ave., Georgetown TX 10 a.m. October 13 RaBC Beginners Running Group @ Brushy Creek Park 7am October 14 T3 5k 8:00am October 19 Field Trip Friday TBD check the Facebook page RBC Playgroup October 20 RaBC Beginners Running Group @ Brushy Creek Park 7am October 26 Foodie Friday Lunch Date Salt Lick Round Rock TX 11:30 a.m. October 27 Annual RBC Fall Festival Ranch Trails Park 11-3pm Copyright © 2012 Peel, Inc.

Volume 4, Issue 10

The Ranch at Brushy Creek’s ‘Olde Tyme’ Fall Festival SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27TH – 11AM-3PM (10:45 COSTUME PARADE LINE UP AND PIE DROP-OFF)

“Ladies and Gentlemen, children (and canine companions) of all ages, come one, come all!” With the crisp morning dew upon us, autumn with all her beauty has finally come once again to the Ranch at Brushy Creek. The smell of falling leaves, pumpkin fields, and apple pie perfume the air and inspire nostalgia for old fashioned fall festivals and county fairs. Please join us this Saturday, October 27th for our very own completely revamped ‘Olde Tyme’ Fall Festival. We bring all the wonderful concepts of a fall county fair to life for our residents, and we are sure you’ll be delighted. We kick off our Festival with a costume parade! Participants will line up at the Ranch Trails Park at 10:45am. And this is not just for children! Get into the festivities of the season and don your best disguises, or better yet, dress your dapper dogs. At 11am, our Renaissance Fair minstrel will guide our canine companions costume parade through Ranch Trails Park, followed by children’s age groups. Adults are also welcome. Judges will be housed in the walk through park pavilion. The parade will continue on the sidewalk to the general pool pavilion area. We have prizes for favorite costumes in every category that you won’t want to miss! (Please note: this will be the only Halloween inspired portion of the day.) The entire Pool Pavilion area and surrounding lots will house so many wonderful educational community displays, costume and Apple Pie Baking contests, caricature artist, craft activities, non-profit service organization concessions and live entertainment. We have SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! (Continued on Page 2) The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - October 2012



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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - October 2012

Olde Tyme’ Fall Festival-(Continued from cover) Event Highlights (subject to change): • Costume Parade - Great prizes (horseback riding, dance classes, food, more) for all categories! • Louis Ontko, Renaissance Fair Strolling Minstrel • Live Band at Pool Pavilion, led by our own Glenn Rexach! • Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Baking Contest, for our scratch bakers (limited to first 12 registrants)* • Master Gardener Display with our own Byron Stephens! • Open My World Therapeutic Riding Center’s Educational Petting Zoo, not just for kids! • R@BC Teen Job Fair Center • Giant 40’ x 60’ Maze, with contests run by our teen volunteers • Abrakadoodle’s fall crafts for ages 2-14, plus festive cheek face art • Heather Joy Thomas, Master black & white caricature artist, our take home gift to you • Fall Photo Area decorated by our own Candace Lambert! • Three staffed Bounce houses, one specifically for up to 4yrs or children with mobility issues • Tented Carnival Games • Local Vendors, including those mentioned above offering special promotions Some of the Featured Fundraising efforts: • Cub Scouts in partnership with our favorite specialty grocer, The Meat House, selling burgers and hot dogs for their camping trip to Waco Zoo • Girls Scouts selling bottled water and cold drinks for their trip to Washington D.C. • Open My World Therapeutic Riding Center selling hot Churros/ Pretzels for a cover to their arena • Fellowship Bible Church Youth Missionary Group selling dipped apples for mission to Guatemala • Vista Ridge HS Band selling Gift Cards to major retailers, grocers, etc. for their trip to New York City Interested? We knew you would be! As always, we always need volunteers for set up, hour slots, and break down/clean up. Please contact Alexandria Reilly if you are available to help in any way: via our Face Book page, cell phone: (845)797-9747, or email: There will be NO PARKING on Church Street, and a section of Ranch Trails for loading/unloading and parade purposes. The pool parking lot is being completely utilized for this large scale event. It’s the most beautiful time of year to walk or bike, and a good excuse to walk off that extra treat. General parking is recommended on N & S Frontier. Please call/email us for Handicapped Parking info. * One last note, please contact me, or my partner Jenny McGowan: as soon as possible if you are not a member of our neighborhood Face Book page in order to register as a vendor or for the Scratch Apple Pie Baking Contest. Also, if you have a neighbor that is an incredible baker but is not on Face Book, please let us know, we want their pies! Copyright © 2012 Peel, Inc.


 $9 Terrace  Level  Tickets  ($11  regularly)   in  RBC  Section  $5  Pre-Paid  Parking  ($10  regularly)

 $3 Hot  Dog/Soda  Vouchers  Stars  &  Stripes  Hat  Giveaway          for  first  2,500  fans!  Group  recognized  on  video  board

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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - October 2012



Pet's Corner - Calming Signals Expert Advice on Dog Behavior

Dogs live in a world of sensory input: visual, olfactory, auditory perceptions. They easily perceive tiny details - a quick signal, a slight change in another´s behavior, the expression in our eyes. Pack animals are so perceptive to signals that a horse can be trained to follow the contraction in our pupils and a dog can be trained to answer your whispering voice. There´s no need to shout commands or to make the tone of our voice deep and angry. Dogs have about 30 calming signals. Some universal signals are used by most dogs, while other dogs have an incredibly rich, more expansive ´vocabulary´. Dogs use this communication system towards us humans, simply because it´s the language they know and think everyone understands. We need to learn to understand the language of dogs so that we can understand what our dogs are telling us. Here’s an Example: Dad learned when he calls Prince he needs to sound strict and dominant so that Prince will understand who is in charge. Prince finds dad´s voice to be aggressive, and being a dog he instantly gives dad a calming signal in order to make him stop being aggressive. Prince will perhaps lick his own nose, yawn, turn away - which will result in dad becoming angry for real, because dad perceives Prince as being pig-headed, stubborn and disobedient. Prince is punished for using his calming signals to calm dad. This is a typical example of something that happens on an everyday basis with many dog owners. By failing to see your dog using calming signals on you, you risk causing serious harm to your dog. Some may simply give up using the calming signals, including with other dogs. Others may get so desperate and frustrated that they get aggressive, nervous or stressed out as a result. Puppies and young dogs may actually go into a state of shock. LEARN SOME TYPICAL CALMING SIGNALS USED BY DOGS

• Yawning • Licking- usually a lick on the nose • Turning away/turning of the head- slightly to one side, turn the head completely over to the side, or turn completely around so that the back and tail is facing whoever the dog is calming. • Play bow - Going down with front legs in a bowing position can be an invitation to play if the dog is moving legs from side to side in a playful manner. Just as often, the dog is standing still while bowing and is using the signal to calm someone down. • Sniffing the ground- Sniffing the ground is a frequently used when you and your dog are out walking and someone is coming towards you, or in places where there´s a lot going on. • Walking slowly - A dog who is insecure will move slowly. If you wish to make a dog feel safer, then you can move slower. • "Freezing" - is what we call when the dog is stopping while standing completely still, sitting or lying down and remain in that position. Very often, a dog will freeze when someone is approaching. 4

The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - October 2012

Also, should your dog be in a conflict situation with a human or dog, and is unable to escape, freezing may be one way to calm the other dog or person. • Walking in curve - Dogs, when given a chance, will walk in curves around each other. That´s what they do when they meet off leash and are free to do things their own way. Let the dog walk in a curve around a meeting dog! • Visit to Learn about Other calming signals Turid Rugaas is an internationally renowned trainer and writer who has devoted her life to dogs, their behavior and their well-being. Send Us your Holiday Photos—ANY Holiday…ANY Pet E-mail your digital pictures and maybe your pet can be a centerfold.

Upcoming Dog Events DOGTOBERFEST 2012 @ The Domain, Austin Sat, October 20, 2012 10 am - 4 pm DOGADILLO HOWL’OWEEN RESCUE SPOOKTACULAR Hill Country Galleria Amphitheater Sunday, October 28, 2012 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM 4th Annual Austin PIT BULL AWARENESS DAY 2012 @ Republic Square Park, Austin Sunday, October 28, 2012 SNOUT BY SNOUTWEST @ DELL JEWISH COMMUNITY CAMPUS, 7300 HART LANE Sat, November 11, 2012 Noon-4pm BARKITECTURE 2012 @ 2nd Street District. Austin Sat, November 10, 2012 Noon-4pm

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Introducing SoccerZone Lakeline, a

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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - October 2012


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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - October 2012

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THE BULLETIN End of Summer Home Maintenance Tips Submitted by Eric Hegwer As the weather begins to cool in Central Texas, and the brutally hot days of August are behind us, now is the time to take care of all those little items that you’ve been putting off in favor of staying inside your air conditioned living room. Each of these projects is inexpensive, easy, and you can easily accomplish several in a weekend. LANDSCAPING Pull up some weeds, lay down some mulch, and prune back the plants. Hire some neighbor kids to rake the leaves. The end of the summer is also a great time to fertilize for the fall/winter dormant season for native Texas plants. CLEAN GUTTERS AND DOWNSPOUTS Clogged gutters can overflow, potentially causing damage to the wood fascia around your home. Cleaning your gutters is easy, but does involve climbing up a ladder and scooping out some gross stuff. If you aren’t comfortable with heights or don’t know how to use a ladder, hire a pro. Scoop out the dirt, leaves, and debris, and wash everything clean with water from a hose.

BUSINESS CLASSIFIEDS NO TIME FOR HOUSE CLEANING? Paying too much for house cleaning? Call Natalie’s Maid Service for a free estimate at 512-771-3060. Affordable prices * Quality Work *Supplies Furnished * Bonded * Call now for a free estimate and $15.00 off your first clean.

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OUTDOOR PAINTING AND TOUCHUPS Walk around your house and look for any areas that need touch ups, are peeling, or look rough. Carefully scrape or sand the area, prime, and paint with the matching color to complete the repair. CAULKING AND SEALING Check key areas around windows and doors for gaps. Cracks can cause leaks and higher energy bills and can be easily repaired with caulk or expanding foam. Also, check for loose trim boards, and re-attach them as necessary. ASPHALT AND CONCRETE REPAIR To prevent shifting and tilting of driveways and sidewalks, reseal asphalt every two years and fill cracks in concrete with epoxy. Maintaining your home doesn’t have to be difficult. Especially when you catch problems early and fix them. In doing so, you will increase your home’s value and prevent costly repairs down the road. If you aren’t able to do this work yourself, hire a professional or inquire with your neighborhood HOA to see if any able bodied neighbors can help.

SAVE THE DATE! Your Social Committee has some exciting new events coming in 2013 which -believe it or not- is right around the corner! So mark your calendars, book your sitter, and watch for ticket sales to start for the first ever RBC Casino Night! You don't have to be a gambler, the dealers will be happy to help you spend your fake money and earn your way to some fabulous prizes! It will be a fantastic night of food, fun and friends! Details to follow! RBC Casino Night Avery Ranch Golf Clubhouse, Saturday, Feb. 9th 2013 6:30 - 10:30 Join our RBC Facebook page for updates and detailsfor this exciting event!

The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - October 2012


THE BULLETIN 308 Meadowlark St. Lakeway, TX 78734-4717






The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - October 2012

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Ranch at Brushy Creek - October 2012  

October 2012 edition of the Ranch at Brushy Creek newsletter

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