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THE September 2012

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Volume 6, Issue 9

The Talk - September 2012


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The Talk - September 2012

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Timarron Stork Report


If you have a new arrival (baby or grandbaby), email us the pertinent information along with a photo and we’ll publish it in the Warbler. Let your neighbors share in celebrating your happiness! Email info on the arrival of your little one to

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The Talk - September 2012




APRIL 20, 1997 Kelly is a friendly and outgoing young woman. She enjoys playing soccer, basketball and volleyball; Kelly also participates in her school FFA and adores animals. She enjoys swimming and has told her caseworker, that she doesn’t care if it is a lake, river or swimming pool, she wants to swim. With her current foster family, she enjoys going to the swimming pool, shopping, eating out, rodeos, vacation bible school, church, youth group, dances, and a variety of other community and school events. Kelly thrives in any situation where she is given the attention that she needs, but freedom to be a teenager. She would do best in a home where her adoptive parents can give her the attention and proper guidance she requires. Kelly needs a good role model and a structured setting. For more information contact Grace Lindgren at the Adoption Coalition of Texas at (512) 810-0813 or


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The Talk - September 2012

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Thank You! Colin’s Hope would like to thank Peel, Inc. for their continued support in helping prevent childhood drowning. Summer may be over but WE can prevent drownings all year long.

CHILDREN Become a Colin’s Hope DO NOT ATHLETE DROWN AMBASSADOR Train - Raise Pledges Prevent Drownings


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The Talk - September 2012


Crossword Puzzle

Balancing “Good” and “Bad” Cholesterol

Cholesterol is found in hamburger, steak, chicken, fish, and just about every other animal-based food. It’s also a natural substance created by the liver which has both health benefits and health risks. David Joseph, M.D., a Texas -based family practitioner, says people seeking to lower their levels of “bad” cholesterol—called low density lipoprotein (LDL)—can begin by eating less food sources that contain LDL. The three main food sources of LDL in your diet are saturated fat, which is a type of fat found mostly in foods that come from animals; trans fat, found mostly in foods made with hydrogenated oils and fats—such as stick margarine, crackers, and french fries; and cholesterol, which comes only from animal products. “Cutting your intake of these food sources could help to lower your cholesterol levels,” says Dr. Joseph. “Some foods, such as whole grains and whole-wheat products, and nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and brazil nuts, may have a healthy effect on blood cholesterol levels.” Instead of animal-based foods like hydrogenated oils and fats, Dr. Joseph suggests considering things like omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fatty fish like tuna, salmon or mackerel, as well as fish oil supplements, flaxseeds and flaxseed oil.

Sudoku The goal is to fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. Each digit may appear only once in each row, each column, and each 3x3 box.


View answers online at DOWN ACROSS 1. Incline 1. Tack 2. Change 5. Giant 3. Small particle 9. Philippine dish with marinated 4. Compass point chicken or pork 5. Night bird 11. Journalist's question 6. Body snatcher 12. Tiny insects 7. Cultivate 13. Cut of beef 8. Volcano 14. School group 10. Change into bone 15. South 16. Musical productions 17. United States 18. Canadian prov. 18. Bottle need 19. Palladium (abbr.) 20. Upset 20. Many 22. Cow's chow 21. Perfect 23. Year (abbr.) 22. Captain (abbr.) 24. Computer makers 24. Institution (abbr.) 27. Brews 25. Swain 29. Sleep disorder 26. African country 31. Parent teacher groups 28. Fast plane 32. Strong rope fiber 30. Pastry 33. Bend 34. Decorative needle case © 2006. Feature Exchange

THE TALK Understanding Cholesterol For Healthy Living


The goal is to fill in the grid so that every© 2006. row, Feature everyExchange column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. Each digit may appear only once in each row, each column, and each 3x3 box.

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September is National Cholesterol Awareness Month 6

The Talk - September 2012

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Watermelon Lime Cocktail Summertime in the evenings ... watching the sunset, feeling the breeze, enjoying the end of the day.   Put this in your hand and your enjoyment level will increase!   It's light, refreshing and really flavorful!

Ingredients: • 1 C seedless watermelon, cubed • 1 t sugar • 2 oz Vodka {I love Tito's} • juice of 1 lime • splash of beer • lime and watermelon wedge as garnish

Directions: In a tall shaker muddle the watermelon and sugar together until well mixed and very juicy.   Fill a glass with crushed ice then drain the watermelon liquid into the glass {it should fill it 2/3 full}.   Add 2 oz vodka, lime juice and splash of beer.   Mix and sip... delicious!

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The Talk - September 2012




308 Meadowlark St. Lakeway, TX 78734-4717









The Only name yOu need TO KnOw in TimarrOn real esTaTe

1405 Bentley Court • $850,000 Golf Course Home/Attached Apartment

Available Timarron Residential Real Estate


1215 Chadwick Crossing 1719 Byron Nelson Pkwy 1436 Eagle Bend 1724 Byron Nelson Pkwy 1204 Clubhouse Ct 1203 Earlston Ct 409 Oak Ridge Ct 1516 Byron Nelson Pkwy 1319 Eagle Bend Dr 1301 Eagle Bend 413 Bryn Meadows 1310 Chadwick Crossing 1405 Bentley Ct 7308 Thames Trail 1305 Province Ln 412 Bryn Meadows 807 Fairwood Ct 1342 Province Ln 7300 Thames Trail 1375 Bent Creek Dr 7304 Braemar Terrace 1405 Montgomery Ln 615 Logans Ln 1661 Byron Nelson Pkwy 611 Regency Crossing 524 Villa Crossing 704 Aberdeen Way 1409 Waltham Dr

$2,600,000 $1,875,000 $1,850,000 $1,475,000 $1,435,000 $1,375,000 $1,250,000 $1,250,000 $1,199,000 $1,125,000 $1,000,000 $899,900 $850,000 $825,000 $799,900 $799,800 $750,000 $750,000 $729,800 $695,000 $689,900 $679,850 $674,900 $664,900 $649,900 $638,000 $629,900 $625,000

502 Villa Crossing 7213 Thames Trail 1407 Kensington Ct 7208 Thames Trail 1700 Thames 1421 Montgomery Ln 518 Northwood Trail 802 Aberdeen Way 1426 Montgomery Ln 613 Regency Crossing 630 Chandon Ct 727 Inwood Dr 809 Caroline Ln 803 Caroline Ln

$625,000 $599,000 $589,500 $574,900 $559,000 $539,000 $525,000 $497,900 $497,000 $475,000 $459,900 $435,000 $432,500 $409,000

Sales Year-to-Date Call me to find out how the value of your home compares. 1708 Byron Nelson Pkwy 1430 Byron Nelson Pkwy 1600 Byron Nelson Pkwy 1208 Chadwick Crossing 1311 Chadwick Crossing 1413 Eagle Bend

Sales Year-to-Date 1715 Byron Nelson Pkwy 404 Oak Ridge Ct 1632 Byron Nelson Pkwy 1334 Eagle Bend 1205 Province Lane 402 Atherton Circle 1215 Bent Creek Dr 1644 Byron Nelson Pkwy 1640 Byron Nelson Pkwy 1644 Byron Nelson Pkwy 1340 Bentley Ct 1329 Province Lane 614 Fairway View Ter 403 Atherton Circle 1624 Byron Nelson Pkwy 7216 Braemar 1202 Lansdowne Ct 7204 Majestic Manor 115 Creekwood Ct 1205 Lansdowne Ct 1907 Caspian 1355 Bent Trail Circle 805 Aberdeen Way 1374 Bent Trail Circle 2007 Caspian Lane 1420 Bent Creek Dr 1421 Sandstone Ct 215 Creekway Bend 607 Aberdeen Way

709 Aberdeen Way 1485 Bent Trail Circle 1450 Bent Creek Dr 1434 Waltham Dr 603 Regency Crossing 901 Aaron Way 718 Aberdeen Way 1315 Regency Ct 1343 Province Lane 1204 Barlow Bend 2217 Collins Path 614 Regency Crossing 513 Villa Crossing 601 Rustic Ridge Ct 706 Wentwood Dr 1307 Regency Ct 904 Aaron Way 1413 Montgomery Lane 601 Northwood Trail 2213 Collins Path 1116 Longford Circle 728 Bryson Way 1122 Longford Circle 1320 Regency Ct 729 Greymoor Place 125 Creekway Bend 612 Logans Lane 830 Silverwood Dr 714 Wentwood Dr

1400 Kensington Ct 320 Glenrose Ct 811 Caroline Lane 809 Heatherglen Ct 503 Everwood Ct 1360 Bent Trail Cir 1008 Hanover Dr 802 Durham Ct 1422 Kensington Ct 616 Logans Lane 1412 Kensington Ct 325 Highland Oaks Cir 702 Heatherglen Dr 710 Nettleton Dr 702 Inwood Dr 805 Durham Ct 600 Regency Crossing 702 Bryson Way 939 Midland Creek Dr 808 Saxon Trail 700 Aberdeen Way 600 Northwood Trail 807 Oakcrest Ct 934 Midland Creek Dr 712 Heatherglen Dr 923 Midland Creek Dr

As reported by NTREIS as of 8/20/2012 This is not intended to solicit property currently listed for sale by another broker.


The Talk - September 2012

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Timarron - September 2012  
Timarron - September 2012  

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