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Riverpark September 2012

Official Newsletter of the Riverpark on the Brazos POA

Volume 2, Issue 9

LIFE Church - Parenting Teenages Course S

tart the new school year right with an investment in your family. LIFEChurch Fort Bend is proud to once again be sponsoring “The Parenting Teenagers Course” for area parents of teenagers 11 to 18 years. And, simultaneously, “The Parenting Children Course” for parents of children birth through 10 years. These insightful courses include five sessions that cover building strong foundations, meeting our children’s needs, setting boundaries, teaching healthy relationships and long-term aims. Parents also will be learning about the five love languages and how to use these to the benefit of our children during childhood and teenage years and beyond. Response from the parents of teens that participated in first “The Parenting Teenagers Course” held this past spring was very positive saying that they learned more about this challenging time and how to navigate through it with understanding and confidence.  Parent, Marshall McInnis stated, “The content was applicable. I enjoyed the 5 weeks: great investment of time.  I really loved the course”

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The course will take place at Reading Jr. High School on Monday evenings, from 6:30 to 8:45 PM. for five weeks, beginning September 24 through October 22. The cost is $50 per person which includes dinner, practical talks and group discussions. Scholarships are available. Course registration and information can be found at or and click on coming events.

This could be the most significant, loving step you take as a parent, whether your teen is doing well or experiencing challenges. Is it time to invest in your family?

Riverpark on the Brazos - September 2012



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Riverpark on the Brazos - September 2012

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Riverpark on the Brazos - September 2012



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Riverpark on the Brazos - September 2012

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Riverpark on the Brazos - September 2012


SHOW OFF YOUR SUPERHERO Parents this is your chance to brag on your kiddos. We want pictures of your kids doing everyday things, school events, plays, sports, etc. Send in your pictures to be featured in the Fairfield Gazette. E-mail your pictures to Fairfield@ by the 8th of the month.


Riverpark on the Brazos - September 2012

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Riverpark on the Brazos - September 2012







Riverpark on the Brazos - September 2012

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Riverpark on the Brazos - September 2012  

September 2012 edition of the Riverpark on the Brazos newsletter

Riverpark on the Brazos - September 2012  

September 2012 edition of the Riverpark on the Brazos newsletter