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Westside at Buttercup Creek

Westside news Volume 3, Number 8

Official Newsletter of the Westside at Buttercup Creek HOA

If you are ever curious about the layout of the neighborhood, what section you live in or where those preserve trails really go, you can just go to the HOA website, www.westsidehoa. org, and click on the “Maps” link in the left column. That will take you to a page that displays a map of the neighborhood including the different sections and phases.

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August 2012

You can click on a colored section to find out the details as well as zoom in and out. In the dropdown box you can also select “Trails and Caves”. This will show you the Preserve trail system so that you can feel confident exploring the preserve on a walk, run or mountain bike ride. Go check it out!

Westside News - August 2012 1

Westside at Buttercup Creek BOARD OF DIRECTORS

President, Darrell V. President, Dennis Domanski..... Secretary, Terra Thomas......................... Treasurer, Travis Director, Natalie Woods................... HOA

MANAGEMENT INFO Kathy Taylor - Property Manager Goodwin Management Office: 512-852-7998 - Cell: 512-934-3736 Fax: 512-346-4873

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COMMITTEES Do you want to help out in the community but don’t have a lot of time? Join one of the following Committees and help out as much or as little as you want. Cave Preserve............. Darrell Communications...... Randy Fence.......................... Ross Burns...................... Landscaping.................Jerry Bordic.............. ............................. Jennifer Fontana... Lighting................... Rand Zumwalt............................................. ............................................... Modifications..........Torsten Weirich Neighborhood Watch....Phil Pool.............................Jay Social........................ Terra Thomas.............. 2

Westside News - August 2012

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Westside at Buttercup Creek Organiphobia By Howard Garrett I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that I still regularly run into people that 5. Inability to admit being wrong. This may be the most powerful don’t really understand what an organic program is. Some people who obstacle. It’s difficult for most folks to admit to a mistake. The bigger claim to be organic don’t even understand it fully. The definition is quite the mistake, the harder the admission. The loudest critics of organics simple. Organic gardening is the practice of improving the life in the soil are those who are the most schooled in using the “treat-theand doing nothing to hurt it. It’s a good time to update a column symptom-with-artificial-products” approach. I wrote years ago about why it is so hard to get everyone to Some PhDs understand nature’s workings, but jump on board a better program. many focus only on their specialty and don’t Why are the majority of homeowner’s, farmers, consider nature as a whole. They can’t see the ranchers, golf course superintendents and landscape entire picture. professionals still using the toxic chemistry approach Today many thousands of large-scale commercial even though the organic approach has been proven so projects, small commercial projects and residential successful on residential and commercial properties gardens are organic and thriving. Yet organiphobia persists. of all sizes? The reason is that these people are Unfortunately, the organiphobes still have majority control. On organiphobes.  Some are literally even afraid of the positive side, toxic-chemical rescue systems are on the decline, and the term “organics.”  Organiphobes have a fear of organic methods are gathering momentum. The reason is simple: The organics for five basic reasons: Natural Way works best. 1. Understanding organic techniques. Organiphobes know how THE BASIC PHILOSOPHY OF THE ORGANIC PROGRAM Stimulating and maintaining healthy biological soil is the key.  It’s to recommend and use the toxic chemical products, but they don’t yet understand the organic products and techniques. These concepts and not complicated – simply avoid doing anything that hurts the life in details are not usually covered in university research nor are they featured the soil and choose only those inputs that benefit the life in the soil in the traditional industry publications. In addition, no comprehensive and that make sense from a horticultural and economic standpoint. 1. Stop using all synthetic fertilizers, toxic pesticides and other organic program is being taught at any major university.Most people have a strong tendency to stay with procedures and products that they chemicals that harm living organisms.  All high-nitrogen fertilizers are bad and nitrogen-only products are the worse.  have dealt with in the past and understand how to use. 2. Build soil health with aeration, compost, rock minerals, sugars 2. Profit from chemical sales. Many people make money from the sale of toxic chemicals. Those whose income is received directly or and microorganism products. 3. Use  native plants and well-adapted introductions, water indirectly from the sale of toxic pesticides and artificial fertilizers are carefully, mulch bare soil and make wise decisions. usually organiphobes. At stake here are advertising money, commissions, PLANTING research grant money, bonuses, kick backs, gifts, basic salaries and cash Bed Preparation -  Scrape away existing grass and weeds; add flow. It’s an understandable situation. 3. Paradigm problems. Paradigms are the boxes we allow ourselves to compost, lava sand, organic fertilizer, cornmeal, dry molasses and be put in and held in. People with paradigm problems are usually not Flora-Stim and till into the native soil.  Excavation of natural soil stupid. Organiphobes not only can’t understand what we’re talking about, and additional ingredients such as concrete sand, peat moss, foreign but they also can’t even see the other options at all. For these people, soil and pine bark should not be used. More compost is needed for organic techniques don’t exist or they aren’t just worth considering food crops, shrubs and flowers than for turf, ground- cover. Add as proper horticulture and agriculture. Such people can’t see how greensand to black and white soils and high-calcium lime to acid significantly the world is changing, nor can they see that working with soils. Decomposed granite, rock phosphate and zeolite are effective nature is much easier and more cost effective than trying to dominate it for most all soils. MAINTENANCE with the toxic chemistry products that don’t work well overall. Fertilizing -  Broadcast organic fertilizer to the entire site 2-3 4. Fear of standing alone.  Most people feel intimidated about going against the grain and being mavericks or pioneers. It is much times per year at 20 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. Foliar feed all plants during more comfortable for them to continue doing what others are doing – the growing season, at least monthly with liquid humate or Garrett even if it is wrong. When adopting the organic approach, each person Juice Plus. High-nitrogen salt fertilizers and products that contain needs to accept more personal responsibility.  Since the majority of synthetic material must be eliminated. Bio-solid products should be people in landscaping, horticulture and agriculture have no formal avoided. Miracle-Gro, Peters, other soluble crystal-type products and training or research in organics, they are uncomfortable with that Osmocote are not acceptable in an organic program. Mulching -  Mulch bare soil around all shrubs, trees, ground much responsibility. If something goes wrong with the toxic chemistry covers and food crops with shredded native tree trimmings to protect approach, which it usually does, the organiphobes can simply say that the soil from sunlight, wind and rain, inhibit weed germination, they are using “state-of-the-art” technology and the failure is not their (Continued on Page 5) fault. Copyright © 2012 Peel, Inc.

Westside News - August 2012 3

Westside at Buttercup Creek Organiphobia - (Continued from Page 3) decrease watering needs and mediate soil temperature. Other natural mulches can be used, but avoid Bermuda grass hay because of herbicide residue. Also avoid pine bark, cypress mulch, rubber products and chemically dyed wood products. Do not pile mulch on the stems of plants Watering -  Water only as needed.  The organic program will reduce the frequency and volume of water needed. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar per gallon of water when watering pots. Use 1 ounce of liquid humate in acid soils. Garrett Juice can be used in either case. Be careful of drip irrigation systems because with those systems, it is difficult to avoid dry and water-logged spots. Watering from above with sprinklers is usually best.  It rains from above. Mowing - Mow turf as needed and mulch clippings into the lawn to return nutrients and organic matter to the soil. Put occasional excess clippings in the compost pile.  Don’t ever let clippings leave the site. Do not use line trimmers around shrubs and trees. Buffalo grass lawns need less care than other grasses. Weeding - Hand pull large weeds and work on soil health for overall control. Mulch bare soil in beds.  Avoid all synthetic herbicides including Roundup, 2,4-D, MSMA, pre-emergents, broad-leaf treatments, soil sterilants and especially the SU (sulfonylurea) herbicides such as Manage and Oust.  Spray noxious weeds as needed

with vinegar-based or fatty acid herbicides. Pruning - Do not “lift” or “gut” trees. Remove dead, diseased and conflicting limbs. Do not over-prune. Do not make flush cuts. Leave the branch collars intact.  Do not paint cuts.  All of this is artificial and hurts trees. Controlling Insect Pests - In general, control insect pests by encouraging beneficial insects and microbes and spraying with Garrett Juice Plus mixture.  Spray minor outbreaks with plant oil products including orange oil, garlic-pepper tea, and essential oils.  Avoid all pyrethrum products, especially those containing piperonyl butoxide (PBO), petroleum distillates and other contaminants.  Controlling Diseases - Most diseases such as black spot, brown patch, powdery mildew and other fungal problems are controlled by prevention through soil improvement and avoidance of high nitrogen fertilizers and proper watering.  Outbreaks can be stopped with sprays of potassium bicarbonate, cornmeal juice, diluted milk or the commercial product Bio Wash. Viruses are controlled with 3% hydrogen peroxide.  Soil Amending - Apply compost, rock materials such as lava sand, granite, basalt or zeolite and dry molasses to all planting area.  Use products that introduce and/or stimulate    beneficial microbes in the soil. Treating Sick or Weak Plants  – Drench the root zone with Garrett Juice Plus and New Plant THRIVE.


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Westside News - August 2012

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Westside at Buttercup Creek June Crime in Westside Preserve By Phil Crochet, Neighborhood Watch Committee Chair

Here we are in the middle of another great summer. If you are As always there are things we can do to decrease our odds of like me you have taken a vacation (or two) and you are enjoying becoming victims of crime so let me mention one such way: some extra time with family. I hope you and yours are doing well do not advertise your vacant home when you are on vacation. but know that a few of our neighbors had their June negatively Most of you know better than to allow newspapers to collect impacted by crime. In future installments of my article I will on your front lawn while you are on extended leave. You also include some details about the various incidents but for now I have know that it is a good idea to hire a house-sitter or at the very only raw numbers. During June there were five thefts, two assaults, least to have someone care for your lawn while you are away. two vehicle burglaries, and one residential burglary within the Lamps with timers are also popular ideas. By doing these things nal Center Parkway, San Rafael, CAthese 94903 • huge 800.505.4150 • 415.924.8722 boundaries of our HOA. While are not numbers, any your home willfaxnot appear vacant and will decrease the chance crime is too much crime especially if you are one of the victims. that it will be burglarized during your absence. One thing If you happen to become a victim of crime, I urge you to people often do not think about is social media. For example, report that incident to the police. Some percentage of criminal do you or your children use Twitter or Facebook to post about acts go unreported for various reasons, usually because the victim an upcoming vacation? Do you post pictures or status updates does not believe making a report will have any benefit. It is true from your vacation destination? I know you have seen such posts that the solvability rate for property crimes is very low; however, or possibly made similar ones yourself. Using your Facebook there are other benefits of making a police report. First, crime profile and the internet it is not difficult for a burglar to discern statistics are used by police for developing patrol strategies, a person’s address. Please reserve posting about your vacation allocating resources, developing suspects, organizing internal until you have returned. structure, and as a basis for additional officers and resources. If you have knowledge of any suspicious activity or crime, Also, it is important to report crime simply to put your neighbors please drop me a line AFTER you call 911. Stay safe and enjoy on notice. So, please report crime when you become aware of it. the rest of your summer.

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Westside at Buttercup Creek

Dental Tips from the Dark Corner of the Mouth


By Darrell Park, D.D.S. When most people think of the dentist, they are most likely refer those to an orthodontist, oral surgeon or endodontist. thinking about a general dentist. Most people have also heard Dental specialists finish dental school just like the general dentist, of other dental related professions, but may not fully understand and then decide to continue in school for a few more years learning what they do or when to see them. more about a certain area of dentistry. The number of additional A general dentist typically went to four years of college and years that they have to go to school depends on the specialty. The then was accepted into dental school, which is another four years. following are some of the more recognized dental specialties. After the four years of dental school, and passing the national and Orthodontists specialize in making teeth straight. Most people regional board exams, you are a general dentist. This means that are familiar with them because they are who you go and see to get you are trained to do pretty much all the basic dental procedures. braces. Some general dentists may decide to call themselves a family Endodontists specialize in doing root canals. Even though your dentist or a cosmetic dentist, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that general dentist may regularly do root canals, some teeth are more they have any more training or post-doctorate degrees. General difficult and may get sent to the endodontist. dentists have the luxury of doing the procedure that they enjoy, Oral surgeons are probably most known for taking out wisdom and referring out to the specialists the procedures that they either teeth, but they do many more surgical procedures in the entire head don’t want to do or don’t feel confident enough to do. Some and neck region. They also place dental implants, a procedure that general dentists may like to do braces, take out wisdom teeth, place is becoming more and more popular for replacing missing teeth. implants and do root_-canals. Others not,-THIS and may to BE EDITED- 7.5 x 5 (Continued on Page 7) Prmrs_66435 Rdns Gen Admay #1803 AD decide CAN NOT

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Westside News - August 2012

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Westside at Buttercup Creek Dental Tips - (Continued from Page 5) Many oral surgeons are also medical doctors, meaning that after they finish the four years of college, and four years of dental school, they then do medical school and then train in oral surgery. They go to a lot of school. Pediatric dentists are similar to the general dentist, except that they obtain extra training in order to specialize in working with children. General dentists will often refer children who need extra attention to the pediatric dentist. Periodontists specialize in all the tissues of the mouth. They work a lot with gum tissue, but they also place dental implants and perform a variety of other procedures. If you have any questions about any of these, don’t hesitate to ask your general dentist the next time you are at the office. Over the past several months I’ve covered a variety of dental topics, but I’m confident there are people out there that have questions about other dental related things. So here’s your chance to ask some questions and get some answers. Email me your dental related questions at, and I will post your anonymous question along with the answer. It can be about anything dental, including but not limited to procedures, education, research, controversies, products, etc… I’m looking forward to some great questions. Don’t let me down.

Article X

of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Westside at Buttercup Creek

Section 32. Burglar Bars and Window Treatment Each month a section of this Article will be reviewed to help homeowners be better informed. The complete set of Bylaws and CCR’s were given to you when you closed on your house, but can also be found at the HOA website which is Section 32. Burglar Bars and Window Treatment. No external burglar bars shall be permitted on the windows or doors of Living Units without the prior written approval of the New Construction Committee or Modifications Committee, and notice is hereby given that it shall be the policy of such Committees to give such approval only in rare and unusual circumstances. Interior burglar bars shall be screened by drapes or other window coverings so that they are not visible from the street adjacent to any Living Unit. No aluminum foil, reflective film or similar treatment shall be placed on windows or glass doors of any Living Unit in such a manner that such foil, film or similar treatment is visible from the street adjacent to such Living Unit.

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Westside News - August 2012 7

Westside at Buttercup Creek



Westside News - August 2012

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Westside at Buttercup Creek

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Westside News - August 2012 9

Westside at Buttercup Creek Do You Want To Be On The HOA Board Of Directors? Two board positions are up for election this year. As a member of the HOA board, you will have the opportunity to meet with the other board members once a month to discuss the matters of the HOA. The election takes place at the annual meeting which will be on October 8th if we have at least 40% of our HOA members attend in person or by proxy, or November 5th if there were not enough attending the October meeting. Any homeowner in the HOA can run for a board position. If you would like to run for a board position, you must submit your info (a short write up about yourself and why you want to be on the board) to Kathy at Goodwin Management (kathy. and to the Westside News Editor ( no later than August 10th so that it can be included in the September and October newsletters. At the annual meeting the candidates will have a few minutes to present themselves before voting.


Westside News - August 2012


Event Pictures!!

Do you have a picture of an event that you would like to run in this newsletter? Send it to us and we will publish it in the next issue. Email the picture to westsidenewseditor@ Be sure to include the text that you would like to have as the caption. Pictures will appear in color online at

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Westside at Buttercup Creek



Colin’s Hope Upcoming Events

August 30: Colin’s Hope Got2Swim Lake Austin September 16: Colin’s Hope Kids Triathlon

Volunteer - Donate WWW.COLINSHOPE.ORG

Thank you to all of the volunteers and community partners who gave of their time, resources and talent this summer to help us raise water safety awareness to prevent children from drowning. We have made such an incredible difference! As the summer comes to an end, please continue to keep your children safe in and around the water. Put multiple layers of protection into place to prevent children from drowning. Drowning is Preventable.






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Westside at Buttercup Creek 308 Meadowlark St. Lakeway, TX 78734-4717






Westside News - August 2012

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Westside at Buttercup Creek - August 2012  
Westside at Buttercup Creek - August 2012  

August 2012 edition of the Westside at Buttercup Creek newsletter