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B May 2012

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Volume 4, Issue 5


May We Mention Cats?

I had to make an unexpected trip back to the east coast last month and stayed at my Mom’s house for a few days. My mother had just gotten a new companion to live with…a cat given to her by a friend of a friend who was going through a divorce. As can sometimes happen, the pet got lost in the shuffle and was headed to be euthanized. Mom adopted the cat and during the adjustment period the cat has displayed some interesting habits. Cats can be a bit quirky, especially a displaced and re-homed cat going from a family with kids to a single, retired person. I found my Mom (she has no computer and no internet experience), a couple of interesting articles at a useful site,, which I’ve already printed out and mailed to her. I’ve given a synopsis of the articles’ information, below: WHY DOES MY CAT ... BITE ME WHEN I PET HER? One minute your beloved kitty is over the moon with pleasure as you scratch

The Social Committee would like to thank everyone for making the Easter Event a huge success! We couldn’t do events like these without the help of volunteers.  This year we had twice as many volunteers as last year and we can’t say enough how much we appreciate the help! - Patti Salzman, Social Committee

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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - May 2012



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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - May 2012

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Preventing Snakebites

By Douglas Heywood With the onset of warmer weather many of • Wear protective clothing i.e. leather gloves, us head outside to complete those unfinished high boots when working or playing in areas projects often left for better weather. This where venomous animals are found. increased activity also occurs in nature, • Make noise. This alerts the animal to your with animals that were dormant in the presence and allows them to move away. colder months now becoming more active. • Use the buddy system and know basic Combine this with reduced habitat from new first-aid. construction and increased recreational use DON’T: and the potential for an unexpected snake • Step over an obstacle or place your hands encounter increases as well. on a ledge. Look first. Normally, animals will avoid humans • Sit or climb without inspecting the area for whenever possible and the same is true of venomous snakes as well. The the presence of venomous snake. fact is that most venomous snake bites occur when we surprise, harass, • Handle or otherwise try to catch a suspected venomous snake. or corner the animal. The best defense against being bitten is to give • Panic. If you are bitten by a snake you suspect to be poisonous these animals a wide berth whenever possible. Venomous animals also remain calm. Keep the bitten body part below heart level, and include spiders, scorpions, fire ants, bees, wasps and hornets. remove rings, watches, and loosen tight clothing. Don’t apply a While we can’t completely remove the possibility of a chance encounter, tourniquet, ice or make cuts and attempt to suck the poison out, we can reduce the chance of being bitten by following these guidelines. instead go directly to the nearest hospital or emergency room DO: for treatment. • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid unsafe habitats. By following these simple steps you can work safely outdoors and • Be cautious near water, as animals go there to drink and hunt. reduce your risk of being bitten by a venomous snake.

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Landscape Committee in Action If you haven’t noticed some of the improvements the Landscape Committee has made, check them out!


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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - May 2012

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Pets Corner- (Continued from Cover Page) her favorite spot and the next thing you know you’re left staring at tooth marks on your arm. “Love biting,” or “Petting-induced aggression,” as it’s termed by feline behaviorists, is a poorly understood topic. Typically, a friendly cat seeks out human attention and sometimes, “like a light switch,” the cat turns aggressive. Despite the perplexing nature of this uniquely feline way of acting out, a couple of possibilities have been proposed to explain why cats might do this: It may be a manifestation of so-called status-induced aggression, in which cats seek to control a situation. There may be some neurologically significant negative stimulus associated with being petted at length that affects these cats in particular. These cats may be especially subtle at letting humans know when they’re unhappy, so that their change in attitude appears more sudden than it truly is. Whatever the cause, the good news is that this behavior does not necessarily mean you can’t interact with your cat meaningfully. Your veterinarian can coach you to recognize the very subtle warning signs associated with your cat’s displeasure before it reaches the biting point. Stay alert and if you notice what triggers your cat…don’t do that anymore. WHY DOES MY CAT ... IGNORE ME? In ancient Egypt, cats were revered and often buried alongside their beloved kings and queens. Today we continue to revere our household cats, yet sometimes, it can feel as if they are treating us more like servants than royalty. Truth is, if your cat gives you the cold shoulder, you should probably consider it a compliment. There’s a little reverse-psychology behind the behavior, too. Sometimes, domesticated felines just look like they’re ignoring you, when what they’re really trying to do is prove just how worthy you are of their inattention. Clever cats know that if they ignore you Difficult cases are our specialty

long enough, it will actually get them attention. So the next time your tabby turns her back on you, it might actually be a sign that you’re the center of her universe. It all comes down to how cats communicate: The same traits that make felines so endearing -- intelligence, independence, individuality, and a healthy dose of aloofness -- also come into play when cats express their wants, needs, and desires. Unlike dogs, which tend to lavish attention on their owners at any given moment, cats prefer to show their love and admiration in their own way. WHY DOES MY CAT...KNEAD ME? Kneading, or what many veterinarians call “making biscuits,” is an instinctive behavior that begins in kittens shortly after birth. Noted zoologist Desmond Morris coined the phrase “milk treading” to describe the movement of a kitten’s paws against her mother’s mammary glands to stimulate milk flow. This behavior certainly serves a purpose for kittens, but why does it continue into adulthood? Animal behaviorists speculate that an adult cat kneads to show contentment, to calm herself when she’s feeling anxious or to mark a person or object with her scent from the sweat glands in her paws. Kittens who are weaned too early may not only knead, but also attempt to suckle on human skin, earlobes, stuffed toys and even the family dog. In extreme cases, some cats will obsessively suck or chew on wool blankets or clothing while kneading—even eating pieces of the clothes/blanket. Regular kneading is mostly a sign of contentment. If it continues constantly and seems a bit over-the-top, you may need to talk with your vet. Original Articles from by Dr. Patty Khuly, PetsCorner accepts any and all suggestions. If there’s a topic you’d like to see covered, or even better, an article that you’d like to write simply send it to . Thank You!

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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - May 2012



A FOCUS ON PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Pathway to Improved Health

By Concentra Urgent Care Being physically active is one of the most important steps you can sure that their fitness level and any chronic conditions allow them take to maintain or improve your health. When combined with eating to safely perform physical activity. For example, if an older adult is a healthy diet, regular exercise can substantially reduce your risk of at risk of falling, he should do exercises that maintain or improve chronic disease, prevent weight gain, and improve your overall level his balance. WHAT IF I HAVE A CHRONIC MEDICAL CONDITION? of physical and emotional fitness. If you have a chronic medical condition, you should be under HOW MUCH PHYSICAL ACTIVITY DO I NEED? The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has the care of a health care provider. It is important to consult recently published several recommendations related to exercise: your physician about the type and amount of physical activity appropriate for you. Any physical activity is better than no physical activity HOW DO I GET STARTED? • Includes people with disabilities The health benefits of physical activity far outweigh the risks • Far outweighs the possibility of risk of injury or illness and some activity is better than none. Persons who have not been Most health benefits occur with at least 150 minutes a week • Both aerobic (endurance) and muscle-strengthening (resistance) diagnosed with a chronic condition (such as diabetes, heart disease, or osteoarthritis) and do not have symptoms (e.g., chest pain or are beneficial pressure, dizziness, or joint pain) do not need to consult with a health For most people, additional benefits occur when care provider prior to starting an exercise program. • You increase the intensity of your physical activity For more information on total fitness programs in general, you can • You increase the frequency of your physical activity contact your health care provider, your Concentra health specialist, or • You increase the duration of your physical activity SHOULD OLDER ADULTS EXERCISE,TOO? visit the National Safety Council’s Web site at: The same HHS guidelines apply, but older adults need to make resources/Factsheets/hl/fitness.aspx.


The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - May 2012

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Water Safety Walk - Packet Stuffing and Distribution World’s Largest Swim Lesson at Schlitterbahn Colin’s Hope Got2Swim the Pure Austin Quarry UltiFit Challenge #2 at Reveille Peak Ranch Colin’s Hope Got2Swim Lake Austin Colin’s Hope Kids Triathlon

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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - May 2012

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