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May 2012, Vol VI, Issue V

Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Lunch

The Tree Dilemma Is anything ever as lovely as a tree? Is it ever the right thing to remove one? Austin loves its trees, especially the oldest trees which are considered “heritage” trees. We have a recently passed ordinance that prohibits a property owner from removing trees that are greater than 19” and requires a public hearing to remove a “heritage tree greater than 24.” But sometimes the desire to maintain Austin’s tree canopy and protect our largest trees comes up hard against the long term prospects of an older tree’s condition and property owner concerns. A real estate agent might advise you that a tree on your property is an asset, shading your house, saving energy, providing more street appeal and providing a place for wildlife to live. An attorney might advise you that a tree on your property is always a risk, that it might fall on your roof in a storm, damage your foundation or attract children to climb its branches, possibly resulting in injury and lawsuits. Such is the dilemma facing the new owner of the tree at the corner of Lamar and MLK. A beautiful tree from the street, appearing ages old, with a trunk more than 50” in diameter. Unfortunately this tree suffered damage to its trunk in the same storm a few years ago that uprooted many trees throughout west Austin. A limb fell on the roof of the adjacent building and a huge gash was left to the side (Continued on Page 8) Copyright © 2012 Peel, Inc.

The Neighborhood lunch is quite a success! We will be meeting again on May 9th. Won’t you please join us? We welcome all neighbors (men and women) in the Pemberton Heights area, especially new neighbors! WHERE AND WHEN: The date will be the second Wednesday of each month. At 11:45 at Russell’s at Kerby Lane. COST: Each attendee will pay for their own meal by separate check. CONTACT: Betty Trent at if you would be interested in attending or just look for us at the table with a sign.

Art on the Green

AMOA / arthouse has created a new type of art installation and social event on the grounds of the historic Laguna Gloria estate on 35th St in West Austin. A colorful, playful installation of 9 miniature golf holes is open to members and nonmembers, especially children. A variety of local artists, architects and students have designed the interactive course to allow visitors to experience art thru play. Colorful flags direct the players around the course from hole and hole. Each hole provides information on the artist and the thought process behind the design. The 9 holes are available to play for a green fee of $2 ( children) and $4 ( adults) if you are a member. $4 ( children) and $8 ( adult) if you are not a member. Fees are reduced 50% after 4 pm. Hours are Tuesday 12-8pm; Wed 12-4 pm; Thursday- Sunday 10-4pm. Putters and balls are available with the green fee. Enjoy a fun afternoon, playing miniature golf, while you also enjoy exploring this historic 1916 Italianate estate, its grounds and gardens, alongside Lake Austin. The Pemberton Journal - May 2012



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Thank You A Big

A big thank you to Carolyn and Scott Bryant for making the Pemberton Heights Easter EGG Hunt a HUGE Success!!! Special thanks to our neighbors the Ezells, Klatts and Stewards for donating their front yards for the festivities. Thank you to Sabrina Brown, Brooke Howard, Lauren Fornes and Kristi Moriarty for all their help And thank to all those who dropped off eggs and donated snacks or drinks. The kids had a great time!

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The Pemberton Journal - May 2012

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The Pemberton Journal Free Stuff From The City To

Help Conserve Water Betty Trent, AIA LEED AP


Austin Water wants to help residents measure the moisture content of their soil to better use limited water supplies. They have free moisture meters available at 625 E 10th St between 8 am and 4:30 Monday through Friday. Call 974-2199 WATER HARVESTING In Austin, it seems we have either drought or frog strangling rainstorms. Why not catch some of the water that falls from the skies when it finally rains? All you need are some gutters, a downspout and a rain barrel for collection. You can use this water for potted plants, garden watering or any other use. Plants are generally happier to be watered with rainwater than treated water and you will reduce your water demand. You will also capture water that may just run off your property therefore easing storm water concerns. Austin Water has a program to help you install a rainwater harvesting system. They offer rebates of $.50 per gallon for non-pressurized systems that capture up to 500 gallons. Only rain barrels sold for rainwater collection are eligible. Systems over 500 gallons or pressurized systems will require additional information, equipment approvals and drawings. Applications with a sales receipt must be submitted within 30 days of purchase. Visit for more information.

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Austin ACE program is looking for students to mentor this summer ACE is a national mentoring program for juniors and seniors in high school who are interested in learning about Architecture, Construction and Engineering. This summer long program introduces students to local firms practicing in Austin and allows them the opportunity to work with professionals on a project. If you have a student interested in architecture, construction or engineering, who might be interested in being a part of the program, please go to www.acementor. org for further information. Students can sign up on line or contact Betty Trent at

The Pemberton Journal - May 2012


The Pemberton Journal PHNA 2012 Balance Sheet

. As of 3/31/2012 (Cash Basis) 4/12/2012 2/29/2012 3/31/2012 Account Balance Balance ASSETS__________________________________________


Cash and Bank Accounts PHNA OPERATIONS Bank Charges 0.00 -3.00 Carriage Rides -80.00 -80.00 Dues Expense -35.00 -35.00 Election 2011 -145.99 -145.99 Gail’s Triangle 8,925.00 4,675.50 Insurance -709.00 -709.00 Membership Dues -50.00 -50.00 Miscellaneous -24.00 -24.00 Postal Expenses -31.00 -31.00 Transfer 1,847.00 1,847.00 Balance Forward 13,586.89 13,586.89 TOTAL 23,283.90 19,031.40 PHNA PAYROLL Bank Charges -69.34 -98.19 Dues Paid Thru 2012 Election 260.00 210.00 Transfer -5,822.00 -5,822.00 Balance Forward 6,153.84 6,153.84 TOTAL 522.50 443.65 PHNA SECURITY Bank Charges -3.00 -6.00 Security Donation 1,250.00 1,250.00 Security Patrol -4,567.50 -6,877.50 Transfer 3,975.00 3,975.00 Balance Forward 29,057.59 29,057.59 TOTAL 29,712.09 27,399.09 PHNA TRIANGLE SAVINGS Bank Charges 0.00 0.00 Interest Income 0.33 0.50 Withholding Tax -0.08 -0.12 Balance Forward 2,003.07 2003.07 TOTAL 2,003.32 2,003.45 PHNA-KAB TRIANGLES FUND Gail’s Triangle 5,000.00 5,000.00 Balance Forward 14,943.50 14,943.50 TOTAL 19,943.50 19,943.50 TOTAL ASSETS 75,465.31 68,821.09 LIABILITIES & EQUITY___________________________ Liabilities 0.00 0.00 Equity 75,465.31 68,821.09 TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY 75,465.31 68,821.09


The Pemberton Journal - May 2012

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The Pemberton Journal

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The Pemberton Journal - May 2012


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Many of you enjoy the triangles throughout our neighborhood and many of you have financially supported the planting improvements and maintenance of several of those triangles. Sabrina Brown and Laura Bennett have been in conversations with the city to coordinate water service to the triangles in order to continue to landscape them. A fund to improve more of the triangles has been waiting for final approval from the city. In the next few years, as the city replaces aging water lines in our neighborhood, they are considering extending the existing water lines into some of the remaining triangles to provide service. Once water is available, planting and improvements may begin. Designs and thoughts about plants, play areas and other elements would be open for discussion. Anyone who is interested in helping with the triangles is welcome to contact Sabrina or Laura.



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The Pemberton Journal - May 2012

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The Pemberton Journal Austin Newcomers Club May Luncheon Folks who have been in Austin for a while are familiar with Sue Patrick’s clothing emporium. She has been in the clothing business in Austin for 37 years and at her current location, 5222 Burnet Road, for the past 13 years. The store is not like any other in Austin. The merchandise includes everything from UT T-shirts to formal wear. Sue specializes in Vera Bradley and Brighton Collection handbags and carries some wonderful clothing lines including FDJ Jeans, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, Foxcroft shirts and Joseph Ribkoff.In addition to great clothing lines, you will find special candles and home fragrances and University of Texas clothing and memorabilia. This is a very popular event, so be sure to make your reservations early.

WHEN & WHERE Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at Green Pastures Restaurant, 811 West Live Oak Street, pre-payment $20.00 Reservations are required. 11:30 a.m. socializing, Luncheon begins at noon. For Luncheon Reservations: Email: LuncheonDirector@

Austin Newcomers Club is a non-profit social and recreational organization dedicated to introducing residents to the Austin Community and giving them the opportunity to meet and make new friends. To Join Austin Newcomers Club: Any person who has a zip code beginning with 787 is eligible for a new membership with the annual dues payment of $40.00, membership includes The Welcome Mat, the monthly newsletter, and the annual Members’ Directory. Contact Dotti Thoms, New Member Services, at (512) 314-5100. You are invited to attend a morning or evening Welcome Coffee and Orientation. For more information visit the website at:


Ryan Lundberg Sales Manager

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The Pemberton Journal The Tree Dilema - (Continued from Cover Page)

to learn about the

Roadmap to SucceSSful aging April 16 trip planning: ensuring you are the driver April 23 compass points for charting your course May 7 a financial tune up ensures a smooth ride 10:00 am – 12:30 pm tarrytown united methodist church 2601 exposition Blvd | austin, tx 78703 rsvp by april 12 to melissa perez at (512) 473-4399 or


The Pemberton Journal - May 2012

14624-Tarrytown Successful Aging Series Ad.indd 1

which is not seen from Lamar. An arborist has recommended that the tree be removed due to the possible danger of another limb falling, this time possibly into the street onto a car or onto a pedestrian. The arborist indicated that the tree is decaying fast. A meeting was held on April 12 to discuss the tree, its condition, and options for either removal or care. You may be surprised to learn this huge tree is only about 70 years old, that aerial photos from early 1950 do not show the tree being planted at that time. Its’ seemingly fast growth may be a cause for the weakness of its’ structure and a cause for its’ ultimate demise. Arborists have indicated that the tree may not survive long, despite care and pruning. They stated that cabling the upper limbs is not a viable option and that pruning the lower limbs will not offset the decay that will continue at the trunk due to the storm damage. The heritage tree foundation has offered to care for the tree to postpone its’ demise. The question now is whether that is the best option? Would it be better in the long run ( knowing the tree may only last a few years before it may possibly fall and cause real damage) to see it have another few years or replace the tree now with multiple trees that would provide safer tree cover? With the heritage tree ordinance this has become a very expensive and lengthy issue. The property or home owner is no longer in charge of determining whether a large tree is a danger, an obstacle or an asset. Removal of a tree over 24” will require a public hearing, therefore a public hearing for removal of this tree would have to be scheduled, public input accepted and council action required to make the final decision. The type of care suggested for this tree might cost $700 - $1500 a year. A property owner may not be aware of all of the recent limitations regarding the trees on their property. You may not realize that you may also be held responsible for damage to trees on your property and adjacent properties caused by construction activities. In 2010 a homeowner in Tarrytown was assessed a fine of $40,000 which was reduced to $27,000 after the roots of a protected tree “might have been damaged” by replacement of the existing driveway to comply with city code. Many will argue that all of Austin’s older trees should be protected and that the owner should be required to care and protect them. A property owner may have a different view, worrying about the safety of their children and their property. A property owner may also have limited resources to spend on care and maintenance of a damaged or decaying tree. The heritage tree ordinance has been controversial with property owners since its passage. Many feel it has negatively affected their reasonable use of their property and seceded control over their property rights to activists and city staff. The ordinance may be revisited this year and amendments made to the ordinance. Public input will be sought prior to any final decision. Copyright © 2012 Peel, Inc.

3/7/12 10:33:43 AM

The Pemberton Journal

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The Pemberton Journal - May 2012


The Pemberton Journal



Colin’s Hope Upcoming Events Calendar

May-June: June 14: June 16: July 21: August 30: September 16:

Water Safety Walk - Packet Stuffing and Distribution World’s Largest Swim Lesson at Schlitterbahn Colin’s Hope Got2Swim the Pure Austin Quarry UltiFit Challenge #2 at Reveille Peak Ranch Colin’s Hope Got2Swim Lake Austin Colin’s Hope Kids Triathlon

Volunteer Signup - Register COLINSHOPE.ORG







The Pemberton Journal - May 2012




The Pemberton Journal The 4th Annual

Colin’s Hope Classic Golf Tournament Submitted by Carrie Wilkin

The 4th Annual Colin’s Hope Classic golf tournament was held on April 18th at the beautiful Flintrock Falls golf course in Lakeway. This event is always a special one for the Austin-based, non-profit foundation, as it was the very first event that Colin’s Hope hosted after setting out on its mission to raise water safety awareness to prevent childhood drownings. This year as every year since its inception many loyal golfers teed up to spend their day in support of the charity’s mission, kicking off swim season with a great reminder of how to swim safely and enjoy the water this summer!! Today, nearly four years after the founding of Colin’s Hope, many ask about the “success” or “impact” of the foundation. Defining “success” with a vision like that of Colin’s Hope: a world where children do not drown, can be a challenge…when the loss of even one child’s life is too many. However, the impact on our community that Colin’s Hope has had is something that can begin to be measured now, and its accomplishments are many! Colin’s Hope has become the face of drowning prevention in the Austinarea and has made a name for itself in Central Texas, statewide and even nationally. This year the foundation received the Member Agency of the Year award and the Innovative Program of the Year award from Safe Kids Austin for its drowning prevention work. Colin’s Hope also co-chairs the Central Texas Water Safety Coalition Board and holds a place on the Safe Kids Austin Board. The charity’s message that “drowning is preventable” can be found all over our community during swim season, including Reagan billboards, more than 80 Peel, Inc. community newsletters, radio spots and numerous local TV interviews. Colin’s Hope hosts several events that are now well-known and much anticipated, including the Kids’ Triathlon and the Got2Swim open water swim in Lake Austin. These events draw lots of publicity and connect the foundation with its target audience: children, their parents and the swimming community. Olympic swimmers Brendan Hansen, Garrett Weber-Gale and Kathleen Hersey continue to support Colin’s Hope and, together with Nitro Swimming, hosted a Colin’s Hope Got2Swim clinic Copyright © 2012 Peel, Inc.

in January to both raise funds and teach children better ways to swim safely. The foundation’s list of community, statewide and national partners has grown exponentially. Colin’s Hope grows stronger, smarter and more influential through its partnerships with organizations like Schlitterbahn, Pool Safely, Safe Kids, the YMCA, The Expedition School, World Water Park Association and the City of Austin, just to name a few. But there is no better way to see the impact of Colin’s Hope than through its annual Water Safety Walk. In its first year in 2010, Colin’s Hope distributed 5,000 water safety packets containing information on water safety and drowning prevention, including its 7 key water safety tips and a Water Guardian badge. In 2010, 50,000 packets were distributed, and the 2012 Water Safety Walk will reach 75,000 homes! Distribution of the packets has been focused in the zip codes identified as having the highest incidence of drownings in the Austin area, and, since the information was delivered, the number of drowning deaths in many of these areas has DROPPED TO ZERO! Now THAT feels like success…because if even one child is safe and alive today because of its efforts and the impact that Colin’s Hope has made, isn’t that exactly what the foundation set out to do? Fortunately, they get to keep on doing just that…protecting children and keeping them safer in the water…through the support of the golfers, sponsors, prize donors and volunteers who generously donated time, energy and money to make the 4th Annual Colin’s Hope Classic another tremendous success. Prizes were awarded for the top 3 scoring teams, as well as for longest drive, longest putt and closest to the pin, however, the real winners on this day were the children and families Colin’s Hope works to protect! The founders’ son, Colin Holst, drowned in an Austin-area public pool in 2008 at the age of 4. Colin’s Hope was started in his honor and, on tournament day, he was remembered time and again… as everyone agreed it was, as Colin used to say, “the best day ever!” The Pemberton Journal - May 2012


The Pemberton Journal






The Pemberton Journal - May 2012

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Pemberton Heights - May 2012  
Pemberton Heights - May 2012  

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