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December 2011

Legendary TIMES

Volume 4, Issue 12

Official Newsletter of the Legend Oaks II Homeowners Association


MONTHLY HOA BOARD MEETING MINUTES - NOVEMBER 7, 2011 FIREWISE PRESENTATION “Ready, Set, Go” will be held Saturday, November 19th at 9am. The presentation is open to the public and will hold at Oak Hill United Methodist Church at 7815 Hwy. 290 West. Nikki Tate asked each board member to share with their outside contacts so we can get a nice turnout. Nikki Tate will be sending out emails to each news station as well as to the Statesman, Oak Hill Gazette and the Chronicle. A resident brought to the board’s attention that behind a greenbelt area off Poncha Pass that there is a mobile home and truck parked. Scott will research boundary line and determine if they are trespassing on our property. The Firewise program primary objective of residents actions to create a 30’ safe zone around their home was again reiterated. CHRISTMAS PARTY The Christmas party will be held Dec. 3rd from 5pm to 8pm. The committee has asked to increase its budget to handle their goal for the party this year. The co-chairs will be bringing back the Carriage Rides and will have new games to keep children entertained while waiting. Budget increase requested was subsequently approved not to exceed $2000. Co-chairs have found food vendors and plan on having live music this year. The postcard will go out to all residents by the end of week. The postcard must be used in order to have the carriage ride. Copyright © 2011 Peel, Inc.

COLLECTIONS The board moved to send a demand letter to all residents that are $500 or more behind in assessments. Nikki Tate will work with Goodwin Management and the HOA Attorney to have those letters to go out within the next week. A short discussion on creation of a fine schedule was discussed regarding collections compliance efforts. Additional research is required to determine feasibility. The right to vote cannot be suspended for a delinquent homeowner behind in assessments effective January 1, 2012. However, Association privileges such as pool and amenity center access may be revoked until the account is in compliance. POOL UPDATE The Board decided that we would like to keep the pool open year round if possible with no closing for Adults. Nikki Tate asked about the effects of winterization in the main pool house bathrooms. Darryl will speak with Farhid to find out if the City of Austin has a policy regarding having working bathrooms if the pool is available for use. OUTSTANDING ACC ISSUES

Nikki Tate mentioned only one ACC request is currently on hold. We are waiting for the resident to provide better details in their landscaping plans. Nikki Tate is also working with the HOA Attorney to have the final decision about the converted garage sent to the home owner for signature.

Wrought Iron fencing, still not allowed in accordance with the current Restrictions, was discussed. The approach at this time is to still deny requests for such an item and wait until after January 1, 2011 when requirements drop from 90% to 67% to make changes. Should the Association NOT be able to secure 67% in approvals, all wrought iron fencing will be requested to be removed as the Restrictions document changes did not pass. Should the Restrictions document pass, residents will still be required to submit an ACC prior to fence replacement if using any materials other than cedar fencing pickets. Again, a fine structure was discussed to bring non-conforming, long-term ACC violations of residents into compliance. Additional discussion and research will be required. A discussion was held regarding boats and how the Restrictions document specifies what is or is not allowed. At this time, the majority of Board members do not wish to allow boats in the backyards of residences, yet will still review these on a case by case basis. Generally, if the boat can be viewed from the street or by any other resident, the boat will not be allowed. (Continued on Page 3)

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Nikki Tate, Board Scott Strance................................... Darryl Pruett..................................... NEWSLETTER EDITOR VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!.................................................... POOL COMMITTEE

Carrie  Caryn  Darryl Pruett..................................... Eric Farhad Madani.................................... Jane Prince Maclean.................................  Jonathon Mayor................................... Leanne Green................................... Maura Thomas............................ Scott Strance................................... Shawn  LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE Craig Powell....................... Darryl Pruett..................................... Doug  Eric Leanne Green................................... Michael Schwartz................................ Robyn Czarnecki..................................... Scott Strance................................... Susan Farley....................................  Vanessa FINANCE COMMITTEE Billy Cameron Van Noy.............................. Darryl Pruett..................................... David Rockwell.............................. Nathan Shilling........................... Russ Scott Strance................................... MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE: ..................................................................................... OPEN RECREATION COMMITTEE: Amanda Hyde, Co-chair........................ Lisa Clemons, Members: Amy Tillman, Nikki Tate, Shari Vars, Vanessa Gallagher LO YAHOO GROUP http://groups.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!.................................................


Peel,, 512-263-9181, 512-263-9181


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Legendary Times - December 2011

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LEGENDARY TIMES Monthly HOA Board Meeting Minutes - (Continued from Cover ) MAINTENANCE ISSUES Nikki Tate notified the Board that Loyd has stepped down for being the point person on getting bids for the Brick Wall replacement. Nikki Tate has sent emails to Goodwin to start the bidding process and request that we get at least 5 bids within the next 2 weeks for the 4,251 l/f of existing wall. A short discussion centered on full replacement or possibly shortening the wall distance in certain areas. A short discussion centered on the possibility of using Association property insurance for off-set of some cost to the brick wall as being defective in construction. The board moved to send out a letter to all residents warning them to pick up any illegal dumping that has occurred on HOA property and to trim all trees and shrubs located over all sidewalks. Trees should be trimmed at least 8ft off the ground in accordance with City of Austin rules. The board moved to set up a fine policy for any resident that dumps anything on HOA property. The board will provide a weekend large brush drop off in December, most probably located at the pool parking lot. Once the large brush drop off has occurred, the fine policy will begin to be enforced. The Board reiterated they will not tolerate illegal dumping of any materials in Association property. The board moved to have our HOA Attorney send a demand letter to Legend Oaks I HOA for their residents that back up to the Ridge

Being there is why I’m here. Lee Ann LaBorde, Agent 8400 Brodie Lane, Suite 105 Austin, TX 78745 Bus: (512) 276-8252 Hablamos Español

Oak greenbelt area due to their illegal dumping on HOA property. Two bids were received to clear the creek bed/drainage easement behind Ridge Oad. GTL was awarded the bid and the work has been completed. GTL will also continue to provide maintenance of the area so residents should expect to see activity on occasion. LEGISLATIVE UPDATES Our HOA Attorney has provided red-line revisions for all policies that must take effect Jan. 1st. The board had not reviewed the material in time to talk about the meeting. Darryl and Scott will work on all revisions and the board will be ready to vote on all updates at the next (Continued on Page 4) Brush Country Rd.



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Legendary Times - December 2011

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Monthly HOA Board Meeting Minutes - (Continued from Pg. 3) monthly meeting. Nikki and Scott will review all Deed Restrictions and send our updates/changes to Darryl for final review. Once all revisions are complete, the board must decide how to present to the community and get 67% of the votes to approve before changes can take effect. NEW BUSINESS The HOA is looking for a news editor or committee to handle the Legendary Times monthly newsletter. Nikki Tate will send out an email to the yahoo group requesting volunteers. If no resident or residents, the board moves to stop the newsletter at the end of the year. The board would like people to sign up on the yahoo message board to get up to date information. The board understands that we have several older residents that may not have access to a computer so we would like to continue the newsletter but only if a volunteer comes forward. The topic of a bulletin board kiosk type structure located at the mailboxes was brought up and tabled until next year. A short discussion was held regarding spending Association funds to have an updated survey of the Association’s property completed. The primary reason is to assure the Association is taxed for properties it truly owns and not those of the City. The board adjourned until the next monthly board meeting. The next monthly board meeting will be held Dec. 5th at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting at Austin Pizza Garden in the upstairs back room.



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Legends Oaks II - December 2011  
Legends Oaks II - December 2011  

December 2011 edition of Legendary Times for Legends Oaks II